Sunday, August 6, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 8/6/2017 to 8/12/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is the place to discuss all non-recapped shows for the week.  I'll see you in the comments!


MJ said...

Humans - finished awhile ago - think I forgot to post ? I was shocked at first when it seemed they killed Anita/Mia - but then they pulled the trigger on awakening them all. Yikes. And the one who is a cop lost her 'mate' and now has a synth kid. Alot of crazy stuff happened this year.

Vikings - still haven't started. Life has been a bit crazy lately. LOL Not looking likey that I will get to Gilmore Girls. Probably not Leftovers either. Still have Iron Fist and then Defenders when it drops besides Vikings and Underground. Plus current stuff that is taping. Husbands eye surgery def put us behind. LOL

MJ said...

Ugh - forgot Orphan. Not 100% caught up but just saw the one where Mrs. S died ! I was devastated. I needed a tissue. And Ewww with Rachael and the eye. LOL So I guess with 2 eps left (1 on my DVR) all that is left is to rescue Helena and finish the take down of Neolution.

Mike V. said...

Humans - yeah the cop dude dying was pretty shocking. The whole season was "meh" to me. lol Never got too excited about it!

Crazy Life - I hear you, I've been on a slow TV binge this summer. (doesn't help that my treadmill is still busted. Waiting on the repair guy to get back to me) We're watching Santa Clarita Diet now with Olyphant and Barrymore on Netflix. Pretty humorous. lol

Orphan - Yeah S dying was pretty rough. That was last week when I was hesitant to say anything. All I have is the series finale left Saturday! I'm sure I'll watch by next Tuesday. lol

MJ said...

Orphan - have 1 on DVR that I will watch tonight then the finale as well this weekend.

Santa Clarita - sigh - that is on my list too.

Mike V. said...

The Last Jedi -

in case anyone is interested. Fall Movie Preview is coming out for EW and Breznican has the scoop on TLJ. Lots of stuff shared. (but still mostly spoiler free. Some mild plot details and character circumstances revealed)

MJ said...

Will have to check it out this weekend. No EW here at work

Orphan - Up to date. I was so upset when I thought Helena's suicide attempt would work. Glad old lady and Mark got theirs ! Funeral was so sad though

Mike V. said...

Orphan - yeah those are things you can swing in the penultimate series ending episode. If Helena attempts suicide you assume she's a goner. Funeral was definitely sad... in hindsight it was nice that they had their last FUN night together at the art gala. Surely in the finale we'll have one more shot of all the clones together (Whoever survives at least)....they did that in the season 2 finale but don't remember them doing that since.