Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 - Genesis

Hello friends and welcome to the next blogging experiment!  That's right kids, we're gonna give this crazy Terra Nova show a shot right here at the TV Addicts Blog.  We're going to see how everyone responds to the show in the ratings, on the blog and judge my personal enjoyment of the show on a week to week basis and see if it is indeed worth the trouble.  But, right out of the bat, I gotta say that I highly enjoyed the 2 hours we got to spend in Terra Nova and with the Shannon family and crew.  There is no doubt that the production levels are right on par and probably exceed those of the pilot of our favorite show LOST.  Both had similar high budgets and fancy locales to shoot in (Hawaii vs. Australia).  I won't compare the acting just yet, as we need to see if this cast evolves over time!  Anyway, Terra Nova's pilot was a high octane drama that planted the seeds for some crazy conflicts, big reveals and opened the doors to a family audience.  Yes, this does mean that there were plenty of opportunities for intentional cheesy dialogue.  But, the lines never went past a chuckle for me and my eyes remained unrolled for most of the 2 hours!  My worry is that they spent so long on this pilot episode (2 years was it?) that they won't be able to keep the thrills up on a weekly basis.  But maybe most of that time was working out the kinks in order to be able to provide the thrills consistently.  We'll just have to wait and see.  But for the Series Premiere, I say bravo and bring me some more!

As with most series premieres, I tend to not do a traditional recap as we are just being introduced to characters, there is a bit of world building and just hints of conflicts to come.  There isn't enough information to start the mad theorizing just yet.  Plus, it was 2 hours and I just can't see me writing a full fledged recap for a 2 hour series premiere of a show that none of us are THAT invested in quite yet!  So, let's see how the recap goes and we'll see what it evolves into over the coming weeks!  Join me after the jump!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fringe: Season 4 Episode 1 - Neither Here Nor There

Hello Universe Hoppers and Alternate Timeline lovers!  Welcome back for another season of Fringe recapping!  I, for one, am thrilled that it's back!  I lifted the restrictions on the use of this word in last season's finale and I still feel confident that I made the right choice.  WOW!!!!  Fringe has returned and his not skipped a beat.  They left us with one of the most mind-boggling cliffhangers in TV history and it looks like they're going to keep us in a bit of suspense for a little while longer.  That said, they did alleviate some of the tension for fans who were scared that one of the cast members may have been erased from the cast permanently.  And they did this quite quickly.  It was never a question for me, for a lot of us.  Ever since that cliffhanger, I've been just trying to figure out HOW they'd bring him back.  Surely, there would have to be some loophole that would trigger memories.  And, while it's a bit more complicated than that, that would certainly seem to be the route they're going.

So, it's been a long summer and we're back in full force for the new blogging season.  If you missed some key announcements that I made that could affect future blogging in 2012, please take a look at this post.  And stay tuned to the end credits for information on my other blogging ventures this year!   Enough commercials, let's get to the recap!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall 2011 Television Season is Here! My Blogging/Viewing Plans.

Hello fellow blog readers!  Welcome to the new television season!  An exciting time to be sure.  And, I have not changed in my commitment to provide in-depth recap/discussions on some of our favorite shows (and potentially comedic recaps on new shows that never quite captured our attention).  We have had some successes (LOST, Fringe, Walking Dead) and some blunders (FlashForward, The Event) but I think we've found a way to find the fun in all of our adventures.  I aim to continue that goal in our new television season.  There are tons of new shows to look forward to but I am only one person with growing responsibilities outside of blogging.  So, I have chosen a select few shows to venture onward with.  And I will list them very soon.  But first...a big announcement!!

I thought the TV Addicts family would like to know that Mrs. TV Addict and I are expecting a Jr. TV Addict-in-training to arrive early this January!  As you can imagine, we are beyond excited!  And, I'm sure many of you are probably excited for us.  But, maybe there's a hint of worry about how this will impact the blogging come 2012.  And honestly, I can tell you that I have no idea but I can imagine DRAMATICALLY!  In the below blog entry, you will see I have committed to quite a bit of recapping.  That said, after my years of dedication to having TIMELY recaps maybe everyone will understand if there are some delays in the new year.  Afterall, I will be training my eventual blogging replacement!  In all seriousness, anyone that knows me by now probably knows that I will have a problem quitting discussing TV.  So, the timing of blog posts may change but I'm sure I'll find a way to talk about SOMETHING every now and then.  So let's approach that with a "wait and see" approach!  And for now, I'll accept your congratulations! (just kidding)

Okay, enough with the announcement of important "REAL LIFE changing" events, let's get on to TV discussion!  After the jump, I will discuss the new shows I will be recapping and the returning shows that I will be resuming the recaps.  And then, I thought I'd talk a bit about the shows that I will be watching and the shows that I love but just do not have time to blog (but would be HAPPY to discuss at any time).  Here goes nothing!