Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer TV 2012 Discussion - August

This LOST rewatch discussion is really taking over our summer TV talk!  Which is totally fine with me.  We're having a blast doing it!  As of this post, some of us are in season 4 and some in season 5.  So, check the previous 2 posts for discussions around seasons 1-5 as well as this one for seasons 4- 6.   I can say, that I personally think the show holds up in quality.  And I think a majority of the questions we had can definitely be answered by several different pretty concrete ideas based on how the show ends.  I am enjoying approaching the show this way.  We also have been discussing other summer shows such as Breaking Bad, True Blood, Episodes, Newsroom, etc...  Feel free to join in!  Stay tuned for another post this month where I'll discuss the fall TV slate and try to figure out what I'm going to write about this year.  (Fringe and The Walking Dead will still be covered.  I'm pondering Revolution for a new show.  But of course, there are other returning shows that could beg discussion as well.)

So, join us for the continuing LOST Rewatch, Summer TV Talk or else I'll see you in the FALL!