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Summer TV 2012 Discussion - August

This LOST rewatch discussion is really taking over our summer TV talk!  Which is totally fine with me.  We're having a blast doing it!  As of this post, some of us are in season 4 and some in season 5.  So, check the previous 2 posts for discussions around seasons 1-5 as well as this one for seasons 4- 6.   I can say, that I personally think the show holds up in quality.  And I think a majority of the questions we had can definitely be answered by several different pretty concrete ideas based on how the show ends.  I am enjoying approaching the show this way.  We also have been discussing other summer shows such as Breaking Bad, True Blood, Episodes, Newsroom, etc...  Feel free to join in!  Stay tuned for another post this month where I'll discuss the fall TV slate and try to figure out what I'm going to write about this year.  (Fringe and The Walking Dead will still be covered.  I'm pondering Revolution for a new show.  But of course, there are other returning shows that could beg discussion as well.)

So, join us for the continuing LOST Rewatch, Summer TV Talk or else I'll see you in the FALL!


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MJ said...

Parker - wait until he's fully walking and running around - then you'll have even less time. Instead of recaps for fall you might have to make it more comments than recaps. ;-D Excpet Fringe. LOL

Namaste - If I ever do another re-watch (which i'm sure I will) I think I will count how many times both Ben and Sawyer get beat up. LOL Cause I will count Sun hitting upside the head with the oar. LOL Seeing them in the Dharma photos is always fun. I always wanted to see the how/why that Ethan becomes an other. Sawyer/Jack with their differing leadership style conversation was great - agreed. I think we eventually joked about if Cesar actor had a DUI and got cut out of the story - cause again I really felt his character actually had a real purpose in the story. OMG - squirrel baby is coming ! Run ! LOL

He's Our You - Sayid asking for the next flight was funny. When I see the actor who plays Oldman I always remember him as Larry from Newhart. Drugged up Sayid is fun - too bad he didn't have that stuff when he was an interrogater - would have saved his knuckles ! Stubborn Sayid - should have gave the false confession or taken the escape Sawyer offers him ! I was and still am conflicted about Sayid killing young Ben. I see both sides of that argument. And both agree and disagree with what Juliet and Kate do about it - which is yet to come of course.

That continuity thing I saw - it's the actual scene where Jack and Kate are in the car and see Claire's mom in the hotel doorway. It's raining and Jack is very wet when he goes to talk to her. Then Kate is thinking back to that exact scene and it's not raining. Doesn't matter though.

Whatever Happened, Happened - another fave ep. I never wholly agreed with everything that Cassidy says cause I do believe a large reason Kate took Aaron as her own was for Claire too, and maybe some guilt at not saving Jin. But whatever. The Miles and Hurley show is always fun - and Hurley's reaction when he actually bests Miles is classic !

Dead is Dead - Love how one of the reasons Charles is banished was having our Penelope ! That whole thing seemed a little lame to me both then and now. But whatever. Ben gets beat up again - this time by Des. And no - his hesitations when he saw Charlie is not redeeming to me. Ben's face when he sees Locke is fabulous. And Locke making sure Ben gets his judgement is awesome. Great acting by both actors. 'Alex' telling Ben he must obey Flocke!

Some Like It Hoth - See Bram kidnapping Miles before he goes on the freighter. And it's Hank from BB ! Forgot that. More Hurley and Miles fun - this time with a dead body and Hurley sticking his nose in Miles business. LOL.
hey Daniel - where you been ? ;-D

The Variable - Confirmation that it was Widmore who faked the plane seen on ocean floor. SO - does Charles have Daniel actually go to the island to be cured (since it is his son after all) or is it just like Eloise and he has him go there because he's part of the plan. RIP Daniel ! 'I am your son' very reminiscent of 'Luke I am your father'.
I never got the point of Eliose's apology to Pen - guess it's all part of the stuff we never learned about her.

Follow the Leader: Sawyer getting beat up again ! All good - til they hit Juliet ! Damn you Phil! Hurley failing his 'time test' - forgot that bit. Poor Juliet - Kate is like a bad penny she can't get rid of. Though I still love Kate, never had any problems with her. Is this the first time that she actually doesn't 'follow the Leader' though? Oh - and is the the one where Richard says he watched them all die (our peeps in 1977) ?? Cause that sure doesn't happen. But Ben was absolutely in AWE when Locke took them to where Richard will remove that bullet. Loved seeing Ben shocked.

MJ said...

Had to break them up !

The Incident: I had my box of tissues ready for this one ! Hello Jacob, nice to meet you, and our first 'loophole' conversation.
Seeing them all getting touched by Jacob - Hurley and Sayid being the only ones touched after they had returned from the island. Damn you Juliet ! Sawyer might still have a fondness for Kate - but he loves you, you are meant to be together. Bernard and Rose are always fun - forgot that they always show up in time for the finale. LOL Hurley riding in and rescuing Jack and Sayid was a great call out to his prior Dharma van rescue. So yeah - I was blubbering like an idiot again. LOL And Ilana - your timing sucks ! And jacob - he knows Flocke is MIB but taunts Ben anyway! They're coming - thought this was going to be the start of that great war we never got - LOL

Mike V. said...

MJ - I responded to your Smokey/MIB comments on the July post in case you're interested. I am determined for you to see this the right way! lol

Parker - Oh, this kid is ahead of his time already. He's crawling and starting to talk! I guess having 2 geniuses for parents helps that along. :-) lol kidding! But yeah, definitely shorter recaps in the fall with less (or no) pictures. Fringe being the exception! lol We'll see how things go!

I have only made it up to He's Our You but I'll read all of your comments anyway as always! lol I have some additional speculations that I may have figured out this time around too.

Namaste - I think there are youtube clips out there of Sawyer and Ben getting beaten over and over again. They definitely got the worst of it! lol I think there's another youtube clip of how many times "WHAT??" is said by all of the characters. It's pretty funny. lol

LOL on Squirrel baby. And agreed on Caesar. I really just think they tried to throw us for a loop with that one. He was a fairly big casting having just been in 300 or something.

He's Our You - When I see the actor who plays Oldham I always think of DEADWOOD and how many deadwood actors/actresses ended up on LOST (similar to LOSTies on Justified...which of course stars the main actor from Deadwood lol) Well Sayid didn't actually "KILL" young Ben. He tried to! But I always took this whole thing to be a similar trend with season 5. Our LOSTIES set up a majority of the conflict they eventually deal with in 2004. Sayid made Ben become the man he eventually became by shooting him as a child and having his "innocence" taken away. Locke told Richard to visit him when he's born....and of course THE INCIDENT. As for being conflicted with it...I dunno! It definitely was a controversial thing to do by shooting a child. And of course, at the time people thought this might change the timeline even though the producers had been very clear that you can't change time. lol

Anyway, I had always been confused about the people that were shooting the Oceanic 6 with Tranq guns and were after them. I thought they were Widmore's peeps or Ben's peeps and it never really added up. The more I think about this now, it was probably Ilana's doing. Jacob went to Ilana and asked her to do him this favor. He needed his candidates back on the Island. Little did she know that Ben was going to get most of them back on his own. So, in the end, Ilana only had to worry about Sayid. That's what makes sense to me at the moment anyway. lol The LOSTIES were never in any REAL danger since they would just be tranquilized and brought back to the island. (of course, that's dangerous as it is!) Of course, they had Kate's address when Sayid killed the guy in the hospital. And Kate's name was crossed out by Jacob because she became a mother. So, bringing her back to the Island wouldn't really fit the theory. UGH! lol

Whatever Happened Happened - Agreed on everything you said. I'll have more to comment when I watch it again. But love the Hurley/Miles show! (dude, talk to me more about time travel lol)

Dead is Dead - It was silly to banish Charles for that. but it was more than that. He had a life "OFF" of the island which I guess was frowned upon. But it wasn't Jacob that made the rules. He left that up to the OTHERS to figure out the way of things and stayed hands off (trying to prove his theory that Men could be inherently good lol). I guess my point being is that this was Ben's EXCUSE to banish Widmore. And of course, just to be clear. Smokey (aka MIB) took the form of both Locke and Alex to aid in his LONG CON. He told Ben not to try and kill his own self. Hence why Locke and Alex don't appear on screen at the same time. And all of these people where the Man in Black's soul which was the makeup of the smoke monster. (Non Negotiable!! lol)

Mike V. said...

Some Like it Hoth - Oh crap, I think I've been calling Bram "Bran" because of Game of Thrones (finally finished the 5th book this morning btw!!) lol I remembered Hank from BB.

The Variable - It was probably both things with Charles's motivation. Afterall, at the end he does say "he's my son too" which would seem to indicate he knew what would happen. Of course, "Luke, I am your father" is the most misquoted line from Empire Strikes Back. It actually his never said. Vader talks about how Obi-Wan never told Luke about his father. Luke says he told me enough. he told me you killed him. Then vader says "No, I am your father!!" Sorry, couldn't resist! LOL But yeah, very close requoting!

Eloise probably apologized to Pen because she knew Des had to go back to the Island. I'm a little vague on this but I'll be rewatching soon enough. lol

Follow the Leader - Kate goes against Jack in season 4's premiere by going after Naomi and taking the SAT phone. If that's what you meant. lol As far as Richard seeing everyone die....Well, if he witnessed any of the incident (off camera), he would have seen the LOSTIES one second and see them disappear the next. If the bomb actually went off, then he would have assumed they all died in the blast since they weren't there when things settled down. (they time traveled back to present day after they fulfilled their fate being part of THE INCIDENT)

Loved seeing the other side of the scene with Locke and Richard. Love that the same compass is passed back and forth in an endless loop. They intentionally wanted the compass to have no origin. lol And of course, once again this is the SMOKE MONSTER/MIB feeding Locke words that he has to die to save everyone. i.e. one more candidate off the list.

The INCIDENT - All good points! Yep, we thought "they're coming" was in reference to the war but it was the CANDIDATES. And we can't say that wasn't the intention from the start since all of Jacob's flashbacks show him touching candidates and ensuring they come to the island. (once again, Kate was included in this but she also WAS a candidate originally. Only taken off the list when she became a mother)

So, have I convinced you about Smokey/MIB yet? lol I'm telling you, this is FACT not speculation! I even wrote the blog recaps from that perspective.

MJ said...

Your way or the highway, eh ? j/k ! I'll go back to July and look.

True - Sayid didn't kill Ben - but he meant to. That's the conflict I have should he or shouldn't he have tried to kill a boy who'd done nothing yet ? i see both points of view on it. But - i think it's really Juliet/Kate who caused Ben to be who he becomes - they save him by bringing to the others.

Interestig with the peeps chasing Kate and Sayid - I was never curious I guess. I put it down to just one of those things that Lost neve explains.
Yeah - I did know that that Star wars phrase is a huge mis-quote. But since they had already made the star wars comparison to Miles & his dad with Luke and Vadar....

No - you have not convinced me cause I'm going by what I have watched so far.

Gotta go - meeting I gotta get to.

MJ said...

'Where did the Roger Workman comment come from? Wasn't that a season 3 thing? lol ' - Vincent the dog brought back an arm - they followed him and found the Dharma van that had Roger in it.

Mike V. said...

Vincent/Roger Workman - I know literally where it came from! lol I meant why did you bring it up. I thought that happened in season 3! We are talking about season 5! lol

My way or highway - That's just it, I'm not saying it's MY way. I'm saying it's THE way and not up for speculation. I am pretty sure it is assumed as FACT. If you don't believe me or still don't agree just look up smoke monster or man in black in LOST Pedia or the Lost encyclopedia. lol I'm sure they'll say the same thing! Come on, if I'm so sure about something are you really going to question it? lol (please don't bring up Annie = Sarah, it's just too painful lol)

Gotcha on Sayid. Oh he completely intended to rewrite history so he did intend to kill him. Should he have? Eh, I dunno. Yes, Juliet/Kate caused Ben to be who he becomes but they did it so a little boy wouldn't die. And he was going to die because of Sayid. And Jack did nothing when he could have saved an innocent boy and have him not become "BEN"....they're all at fault. I don't think I take either side in this debate. I just enjoyed the drama that came out of it! lol

Peeps chasing Sayid, Kate, Hurley - I put it down to one of those things never explained either. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense it was because Jacob was trying to get them back. But with Kate not on the list, it doesn't make as much sense as I thought. Not ultimately a big deal. But it is kinda strange that we never knew who was posing the threat. lol

I was just messing with the star wars quote! lol

On convincing: Well then prepare yourself to be convinced!! lol (and you're going on what you've watched so far in the REWATCH. You HAVE already seen it. lol)

By the time you have rewatched the entire series. I intend for us all to have the same opinion on at LEAST who Smokey is! lol

btw - also watched Whatever Happened Happened, but was also commenting on it above so we're good!

Mike V. said...

LOST: Okay, watched Dead is Dead and Hoth this morning.

Already discussed it a little bit above, so I just wanted to focus on a few things.

Dead is Dead: That expression was used since season 1 when it came to LOST, which made Locke's "Resurrection" perplexing in season 5. Coincidentally (or intentionally), so did the whole challenging of the "Whatever Happened Happened" time travel philosophy that they were so adamant about in interviews and podcasts. Of course, we find out that both of those expressions are upheld in the end. Of course, this still baffles me about what happened to Sayid in the final season. I guess Ben was on the verge of death too when he was brought to the Temple/Fountain, but Sayid was actually DEAD for like 2 hours then he just sat up. They say in the show that MIB brought him back. I dunno. It's all very strange. Maybe I'll pick something up this time around. I've probably watched season 6 the least of all of the seasons outside of the final episode which I've watched several times.

It's great that Smokey as Christian told Sun and lapidus to wait for himself to come back as Locke. And then Locke "goes away" when Ben goes to summon Smokey in the mud toilet bowl. (Of course, Locke/Smokey/MIB may have been going to check on Claire and the squirrel baby since he was Claire's "friend" lol)

Nice to see Ben being honest for once when he tells Sun that seeing Locke alive scares the living hell out of him. Of course, at the time we weren't sure he was telling the truth. And of course, Locke disappears again to "get rope" when smokey appears to ben and then takes the form of Alex and tells him to not kill Locke (HIM). Great stuff. and the whole smoke scene was just emotionally powerful stuff. As bad a person as Ben is, you can't help but feel bad for him there a little bit. But his emotional moment really happens in his season 6 redemption episode "Dr. Linus"...

Some Like it Hoth: Great episode also. I noticed this time that baby Miles was wearing a DHARMA ONESIE just like Parker! (no paci in the middle of it though, just "DHARMA" lol) Love Hurley's rewrite of the greatest Star Wars movie of all time (ESB). He made Chewie, the sidekick (a la Hurley until the end) more of the hero. lol He probably would have rewritten the original Star Wars (ANH) to give Chewie a medal with Luke and Han just like they did on the MTV Movie awards. Ahhh good stuff.

We never really knew what they did with that dead body at the Orchid. They hadn't uncovered that donkey wheel yet so it's not like they could have transported him to Tunisia or anything. Maybe they just buried him down in that deep hole where the Orchid station was. Of course, Sawyer's Con is slowly unraveling now which is exciting to watch. (no thanks to Kate and Miles who forgot to erase that tape when Chang showed up)

So that's about it for now. But, I must add more proof about Smokey = MIB to my argument/fact. lol When you rewatch season 6 it should become really clear to you in the season premiere as I already mentioned. But, it should also be clear when MIB/Locke goes to visit Sawyer in DHARMAVILLE. For the first time we get to see things from Smokey's point of view as he flies into Dharmaville and scopes out what Sawyer is up to before taking the form of Locke and teaching him all about candidates. And, for the record, in case the question comes up for why smokey doesn't take any more forms in season 6 other than Locke...Ilana says that he is stuck this way now. She never says why, but it's clear that once Jacob died his ability to become anyone else changed. (as we saw him take the form of Christian and Alex in season 5 BEFORE Jacob died)

I refuse to give up! :)

MJ said...

Holy crap - Grimm premiers 8/13 !!! I forgot they had an early premier. Hope it doesn't ruin their ratings !!

Arm - I just made a comment that they love their severed arms on this show and we'd had 2 of them You asked what was the second besides Montaund.

On Smoke/MIB - I think we will all agree by the end. But I'm watching with new eyes and only some pre-conceptions, and no going nuts on details that I now know will mean little or nothing . Plus - I haven't watched it all 3 times like you. so I'm going on memories of 2 years ago ! LOL So for now I'm just going with what they have shown or told us.

And I did watch the first 3 or 4 last night (think 4) - forgot the premier was 2 hours ! I will jot my thoughts (and tears) later and come back here. But work calls now

Mike V. said...


GRIMM - I think NBC's whole point on the August premieres is to cash in on the Olympics promos. So, their hope is to IMPROVE the ratings. lol If it's doing well on Friday nights, I think it should do okay Mondays in august. lol

ARM - ohhhhhhhhhh.....duh. lol My bad! Montand's arm definitely was mentioned first then in season 1, and then just visually shown in season 5!

Smoke/MIB - Totally understand. I just thought that reveal was pretty unforgettable! Then again, I was just listening to a podcast this morning with some BSG writers as they were about the comment on a S4 episode they wrote and I was having a hard time remembering the details of BSG! So, I can understand that it might be the same with LOST for other people, not to this nutcase (pointing to myself. lol) I guess my philosophy with the rewatch is to JUSTIFY things we've seen based on how it concluded while enjoying the show without any worries of mysteries. lol So, I'm trying to fill in some holes that we thought were there that maybe aren't necessarily there! So I think our approaches are just a tad different. lol

That S6 premiere counts as 2 eps of the 17 btw! Actually, they may have done 18 hours for season 6. I remember now. Even though they were only contractually obligated to do 17, they asked for another hour and then even asked for another half hour for the finale. So the final season was 18.5 hours. lol (minus commercials of course) That finale blog was a doozy! It took me my whole day off to write!

Justified - finished disc 2. Met the crazies that threatened Raylan's ex's husband. And there was that football player that tried to be all tough and ended up getting the crap beat out of him. It was hysterical at the end when all of these idiots shot each other. lol Wish I could remember all of their names, but chances are you wouldn't either! There was also the hostage situation in the marshal station. The prisoner guy was actually another Deadwood cast member. lol Good times.

Loving the show! Will have disc 3 by Friday! (hopefully with the rest of season 1 on it)

MJ said...

Once they say the Christian IS Smokey then i will agree with your amusement with telling Sun to wait for himself to show up. LOL

Ben - that's just it - this time I'm not feeling any sympathies for him at all. Watching back to back makes him a worse character. LOL I DO remember that Jacob let the people make their rules and run things as seen fit - and Ben was nothing but a liar and manipulator. Did he get suckered ? Sure - but I'm not feeling bad for him at all this time around.

LOL - i saw that onsie on Miles and laughed - then had to explain it to the husband. LOL

yeah - Miles not erasing that tape was pivotal in the whole collapse of that con. Made james start acting like leader jack ! LOL

Whew - had a go-live this am at work and have been swamped. Will get back with my thoughts so far on S6 !

Justified - there's this one guy that is involved with the ex's hubby (Gary) - actor is Jere Burns I think ?? Pay attn to him - he'll be back. This show seemed to have a way of having chars that you think are not important and then you don't see them for awhile and thent hey come back and matter. LOL

Mike V. said...


Christian/Smokey - Yikes, that's near the END of season 6! lol But the conversation DOES happen. Claire and Jack talk about it and Jack and MIB/Smokey talk about it. And of course, the BLOG talks about it! :) Of course, at the pace you're going, you'll be there in no time! lol

Ben - yeah I get where you're coming from. I think he was always supposed to come off that way though. But kinda in the fashion that he's a guy that does really bad things for the RIGHT reason. (or for a greater good) Doesn't make what he does right. Of course, killing Widmore is just flat out out of revenge. But, at the time I just knew it HAD to happen. lol I think hit this point home in the series finale when Ben stays behind in Sideways land. But, since you have forgotten all of this (or choosing to forget), I'm talking a foreign language! :)

Nice on the Miles Onesie! lol good point on James ending up REACTING to things by the end of season 5.

I hear you on being swamped at work. It happens. Take your time on your S6 thoughts, we're not there yet anyway! lol

Mike V. said...

LOST: Watched The Variable and Follow the Leader.

I jotted down 2 things to bring up before I try and crazy analysis.

Hurley: You guys were in 1954? Like...Fonzie times? lol

And then when Locke (MIB) said "we're almost to the plane"...Ben asked "WHAT PLANE?" in total shock. Ben should know the island pretty well for having spent most of his life there. And we saw evidence of him in the Pearl Station, so he should have seen the beach craft that crashed there. So, that was just a little bit of a weird reaction. But, whatever! lol

Yeah, I see nothing wrong with Richard's "I saw them die" comment based on the fact that they were all at the swan site one moment and gone the next. There is a chance that Richard was witnessing the event. Of course, we'll never know what REALLY happened immediately following that event. If there was an atomic explosion most if not all of the Island would have experienced that and people would have perished. But maybe somehow the electromagnetic energy calmed the power of that bomb. And of course the bomb was pretty low into the ground, so maybe that helped too. Of course, I'm no scientist so I can't really explain this with any confidence! lol I can say that it is one magical island with unique scientific properties so maybe things just react a little differently there!

Already mentioned the compass hand-off which I loved. (a mobius loop or something like that, I think darlton referred to it as)

Loved Chang's quizzing of Hurley to find out if they were from the future. And the one that stumps him (well they all did lol) was the one he was afraid of at the initiation. (Who's the president of the US)

As I mentioned before, the card memorization that Dan was doing early in season 4 was finally explained in The variable when we find out all of his time travel experimentations on himself caused him some severe brain damage and memory loss. It also is a call back to The Constant where Dan is wearing protective gear around his whole body and Desmond asks "what about your head?" ...and Daniel just laughs it off. lol Nice closure to that.

Would still have loved more back story on Widmore and Eloise instead of us having to piece it all together ourselves. Widmore mentions he had to sacrifice his relationship with Penny for the Island. But why? He was banished by Ben/The Island because of his "off island life"....did he spend too much time trying to get back that he didn't spend time with her? or did he ruin his relationship with Penny because of his involvement with Desmond in keeping them apart and pushing him to the Island? I guess that makes the most sense. And of course, sending the freighter to kill everyone on the island (which would have included Desmond) couldn't help reconcile any relationship with Penny. lol

I know we've mentioned it before, but the LOST casting department always did a fabulous job at casting younger people that look exactly like their future counterparts. 1977 Charles Widmore is a great example. And of course, child Ben and child Kate (which we meet in the season 5 finale). Don't get me started on Richard. I mean the younger versions of him look nearly identical!! :)

Nothing left to do now this season but meet and kill jacob and blow up the island! And do an embarassing Skype interview with Tampa News. lol (I will say that my commentary in that interview ended up being pretty spot on even if I sounded crazy at the time. lol)

MJ said...

Ok - 2 days of Lost watch by the time I could post this. Work is crazy lately. Now will try to read all your posts from yesterday. ;-D

LA X - ugh - how could I have forgotten that they make us watch Juliet die twice ! Didn't cry the second time, but did cry when he tosses the ring, saying some of us are meant to be alone (I know - that's the next ep but figured I'd just write about the Sawyer angst one time). Sawyer's anger and pain were just brutal to watch through out. Juliet's words 'go dutch on coffee' and unspoken with Miles' help 'it worked' - I got chills from it.

Really strange to watch this season over again - what was once considered to be the sideways is now, in my mind, the hereafter or afterlife, but we didn't know that then.

Interesting that Shannon is not on the flight (since dead on island but Charlie is). And appearing/disappearing Desmond - boy we went nuts over all that I'm sure.

Amazing the little things you forget - Bram thinking he's so clever in his little ring of ash.

What Kate Does - Shame on you Kate, kidnapping a pregnant lass ! Kate's face in the hereafter when Claire says Aaron was classic. And Ethan Goodspeed is there - forgot that, and that he uses Goodspeed.
I still don't know how Sayids results on that test are failing - but whatever. LOL Just going with it.

But - forgot how painful crazy Claire's wig is to look at LOL.

The Substitute - Ah, recruitment. And that crazy a** ladder. and happy & lucky Hurley sends Locke to his employment agency for a new job in the hereafter. Seeing Locke and Ben reminded me of something that is to come - their little coup!

Interestingly - I looked up something about the Substitue (the character lennon's name) from a wiki site for lost and they say "The Man in Black, in the form of Locke, attempts to recruit both Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) and James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) for his quest to leave the island. " Assuming that they wrote this in real-time when the ep aired - guess not all were ready to state that Locke was Smokey just yet. But I agree that he is, but we've seen eps that this wiki hasn't written about yet. Flocke 'don't tell me what I can't do' to young Jacob - good times ! And the lame each candidate has one of the numbers thing. Loved Frank's 'weirdest funeral ever' line.

MJ said...

Lighthouse: Hurley trying to read the writing on his arm was hysterical. And listening to Jacob and telling Dogen he can do whatever he wants. Priceless ! Finally - Jack's son. I kept remembering him having this kid - but could not remember how it came to be. Duh! It's his hereafter life !

Sundown - This one confused me. I've been going on the assumption that what we are seeing 'sideways' is really what they all saw their lives would have been but they are actually dead. Why would Sayid see Nadia married to his brother ? I know he says he didn't deserve her, but still !

RIP Dogen and Lennon. Why killing Dogen allows Smokey in still makes no sense to me, but I just go with it. Ben looked truly frightened when he saw what Sayid did.

Dr. Linus: This was a sweet ep really. And yes - Ben did the right thing this time, but I'm not feeling it this time around like I did last time. Bean also confesses on island why he killed Jacob and while it was fab acting by Emerson, still not feeling empathy with Ben and his rememption. Forgot how creepy that scene with Jack and Richard was with the dynomite. And Miles getting the diamonds !

MJ said...

Recon - How fun that was, James as a cop and Miles his partner. Still chasing Sawyer though, and still trying to catch a running Kate. LOL. Flocke (MIB) talking about his own mother being a nutjob. I think this is also the one where he states that he's not a dead guy - he had a body and it was stolen. Always laugh at James' plan to steal the sub after Kate points out he can't fly the plane - cause he can't drive a sub either.

Ab Aeterno - Can't remember what Ab Aeterno means - something eternal maybe. Everyone says Isabella on the boat was Smokey - but you clearly hear Smokey outside the boat when Isabella is still at the bottom or that ladder and she gets got. So I never could agree that Isabella was smokey. This was also where they toyed with us - brought up all over again the hell and dead, etc. Ilana has more faith in Jacob than either Locke or Ben put together - she should be a candidate. I'm not even going to bother to go into how we saw the Black Rock from the beach as Jacob/MIB watched it in beautiful weather and then this huge storm takes it ashore, miles inland. And the great 'the island is a cork' metaphore.

I get the whole MIB thinks people are bad and Jacob believes people are good. I get that Jacob did not want to interfere with people on the island so had Richard as a go-between. What I don't get - how is it that Richard didn't seem to know that Jacob has been gone for a long time. Very chilling though when MIB says he will just kill Jacobs replacements too.

My husband and I could not help laughing remembering while this season of Lost was on both MIB and Jacob had been and were on Supernatural too. MIB played a Horseman of the Apocolypse War and Jacob was Lucifer - the devil himself. Everytime they'd say this isn't hell, I'm not the devil we'd be like - no, that's your other gig. And where'd they get that wine !?!

The Package - Totally forgot Sun running from Flocke and hitting her head and then could not speak english. Guess they wanted to give Sun something to do/say besides I want to fing Jin. Of course it totally bring to mind when she ran from what she thought were others and hit her head on the tree too. And forgot that in the hereafter Sun and Jin aren't married but are secret lovers - don't understand why that would be. Why would they change that ? And Mikhail loses an eye again ! LOL Ben - why won't you believe me Ilana - cuase you're speaking' Too good. MIB has been playing at taking the high road and being noble - but he finally shows his true colors when he basicly tells Claire that she can kill Kate after they have left the island. But what a great moment - Jin seeing little Ji Yeon for the first (gulp and only) time. Widmore's 'everyone will ceae to exist if MIB leaves the island' - a pretty big statment that seems rather random really.

man - the actor playing Sayid should have gotten an Emmy - he really seems so empty and cold. What a great job.

MJ said...

Ben - agree that he felt he was doing things for the greater good. His contention that he was the good guy. Widmore too - he thought he was the good guy doing what needed to be done for the greater good. yet they are enemies - oh the irony !

I know Ben chooses to stay behind ;-D I think seeing all so back to back just has me feeling not as generous with Ben this time. I do know that he genuinely feels bad about what he did - but that's not enough. At least that's what I'm feeling now - maybe Emersons fab performance (I remember it is fab) will blow me away all over again.

Have stuff to do this weekend but will try to finish Lost. I still have S2 of Boardwalk to finish and I wanted to check out S1 of Boss.

Grimm- agree that NBC is trying to give it an Olympics boost - but I was worried that regular viewers might not know it's back since it's so early. I don't watch Olymoics any more (used to) except for opening and closing.

Mike V. said...


LA X - So, now are you going to pretend that you don't know what Sideways is this time around since you haven't technically had it explained on the show yet? lol (well reading what you said later in comments I got my answer. Inconsistent!! lol)

Because, I absolutely would probably tear up knowing that Juliet just experienced the candy bar/vending machine scene with Sawyer when she was thinking her final thoughts. "It worked" is what she says when the candy bar drops down out of the vending machine.

The way I look at sideways is that it's not "exactly" the afterlife just yet. I think they each experience it in their final moments before death (which is why I think claire said "Charlie?" when she faced a near death experience in season 5). This would explain why Juliet was thinking "it worked" and why Jack may have a bit of a smile on his face when he dies (besides Ajira 316 leaving the island too). I think when they "move on" they become one with the SOURCE on the Island. (hence the bright light that consumes them) And I think the GHOSTS that we see henceforth throughout the show are the dead that have MOVED ON (outside of the ghosts/whipsers on the island). Since there is no "WHEN, HERE" per Christian in Sideways this would all seem to pan out.

But yes, it's definitely interesting to rewatch it all after knowing. I've done it once but looking forward to doing it this time with seasons 1-5 fresh in my mind. I think it was the perfect way to mirror back to season 1 to provide closure to the series (this along with revisiting all of the sites on the island that we visited in seasons 1-5). Try to keep those things in mind as you watch! lol

In hindsight, I don't think there was any rhyme or reason to who was/wasn't on plane in sideways. Maggie Grace (shannon) had a scheduling conflict for that shoot and couldn't get free until the series finale. But, they just explained all of those casting issues with the fact that there were some 'differences' in this "non-crash" story.

And yeah, we totally went nuts with Desmond being on the plane! lol and if he was/wasn't wearing a wedding ring. lol

The whole Bram/ring of ash thing was nuts. lol Of course, this is when we can start to piece together who was in that cabin in season 3. we saw the break in the ash in season 5's finale (which was probably at a different place than where Locke and Ben crossed the circle). So, it was smokey in the cabin this whole time...manipulating Ben and then eventually Locke. (and MAYBE Hurley. Not sure what the moving cabin was all about. But Christian was in that cabin when he saw it. So it probably was smokey)

I meant to mention that Ethan does use Goodspeed in sideways when you were wondering why his name was different in season 5. lol

As I mentioned, and you'll probably see when reading those comments I made recently. The whole Sayid thing still perplexes me. I'll see if I come to a different conclusion this time around. lol

LOL @ Claire's wig.

Substitute - So now that you saw smokey show up to DHARMAVILLE and then turn into MIB/Locke, will you finally agree they're all the same person?? lol (ahh, I see you do agree now. lol) I'm pretty sure if we read my recap from those eps, I was already on board with it. The big questions for me were on Christian Shephard and if he was smokey or ghost (gets confirmed later) and the Cabin stuff (which had to just be pieced together afterwards. We had all the info at this point).

At the time, I thought the number thing was awesome, but it really was just a silly way to try and tie it all together. And didn't make sense. Agreed, Frank's line was fantastic!

BTW...sorry if I was being short on some of this stuff. I'm on a conference call and trying to pay attention to both! LOL Crap, I saw you just posted a bunch more. Gonna have to get to that later!! LOL

Mike V. said...

Okay, have a bit more time before my next mtg. lol Wow, you're almost done! Maybe you'll get to Fringe afterall! lol

Lighthouse - Funny you couldn't remember when Jack's son came into the picture. lol And agree on the Hurley stuff. I remember loving that episode. And how Jacob was like an Obi-Wan to Hurley in season 6. lol

Sundown - Yeah, I think all our theories about what Sideways was "supposed to be" go out the window. lol I think we're just supposed to note that things are slightly different than their actual lives and they need to remember dying before they can move on. But, at the same time, most of them have the same characteristics that they had in their lives. Most of them seemed to be in better places. (Sayid being an exception) I dunno, maybe I'll have different theories when I watch again. Like I said, I've watched this one the least! lol I guess Nadia might be married to his brother because Sayid needed to find out his true love was actually "Shannon"....of course, there was lots of debate and disagreement on that. Considering Sayid says that his marriage with Nadia was the happiest time of his life (in season 5), it's a fair debate. lol

I think the whole Dogen killing thing was probably one of Jacob's Rules he made up. If they could put a rule in place that keeps smokey banished to the island, this seems like it would be a piece of cake! lol

Dr. Linus - Loved the ep. One of my faves of season 6. I hear you on not feeling it for Ben. as I mentioned, it was really just the "START" of his redemption path which went way into his death/dying moments where he decides to stick around for awhile. And a lot of his redemption happens on the island working with Hurley (post show). Loved the Jack/Richard scene and the Nikki/Paolo callback...(with Miles getting the diamonds being a nice touch. Since he does get off the island, he'll be able to put them to good use!)

Recon - Yep, at some point MIB/Flocke/Smokey says that he lost his body. It may have been this one, yeah. This was one of the weaker episodes of S6, but I still loved it. The whole buddy cop thing seemed like it could have been a spinoff show. lol Funny on the Sub/Plane stuff. I think I remember us all joking about that then too!

Ab Aeterno - (yikes, gonna have to consult the blog for that translation. I'm 100% sure I did cite it. lol) Good point on hearing smokey above. Since we never actually saw Smokey turn into human form, I just figured that this was something smokey could do. make sounds at a distance while appearing as a human. Why would Ghost Isabella be lying to Richard? It had to be smokey. And this is where I have to get into my "why did Locke's body have to coe back?" stuff. and I think we resolved that with the simply put, "to freak everybody out" lol

I think the common agreement (and I didn't agree with this until AFTER the show ended) is that the ship that MIB and Jacob saw at the end of season 5 was NOT the Black Rock. IT was just some random ship of people Jacob was bringing to the island for his ongoing experiment with human kind. The Black Rock came at a different time. Of course, this would also explain MIB's haircut when we see him in Ab Aeterno. (not that we have ever had consistent hair or anything lol) Yep the Island Cork analogy was when they finally answered "what is the island" ....metaphorically of course. lol Darlton said they used to use that cork analogy in the writer's room too. And they actually felt a sense of accomplishment when they were writing that "OMG, we're actually going to tell them!" lol

Funny with Supernatural! Where did they get the wine? Well, we know Jacob can leave the island so I never really questioned that! lol But hell, maybe he made his own. The dude is 2000 years old or whatever. Maybe he wasn't building a tapestry the whole time! lol

Mike V. said...

The Package - The whole sun losing her voice was bizarre. Reminiscent of Locke losing his voice in season 3. I'm sure there was some metaphoric reason to it...but none that I feel like diving into! lol Again with sideways, I think they changed Sun and Jin's story just to spice things up and make us question it. But it also leads to a sweet revelation in the finale when they REMEMBER. I think the differences were intentional so that it made them have to REMEMBER who they really were and remember they died.

Loved Mikhail losing an eye again. "couse you're speaking" nice. lol Forgot about that. Yeah, the Jin/Ji Yeon picture taking definitely takes on more significance after the fact. Considering Jacob talked to Widmore personally, he might know something about smokey leaving the island that we never really found out. We were led to believe there would be catastrophic consequences to Smokey getting off the island. But it was left to our own interpretation to what it would actually mean. Of course, Jacob may not have really known what would have happened either of MIB left the island. He just knew he had to keep him there. So, it's really a matter of them all THINKING it's important to stop him. I guess. I dunno. lol

Naveen Andrews did do a good job in season 6. He actually may have been nominated (he was nominated in previous seasons but I think Terry O'Quinn or Emerson won instead). Of course...considering we don't even understand what was happening to him in season 6 (how the hell was he alive!?!? lol), maybe the Emmy peeps would have been confused too! lol

Gonna get to your last comment now.

Mike V. said...

Good point on Ben vs. Widmore. Both of their motivations were the same. lol

I totally understand your viewpoint on Ben, as mentioned several times above! You have to just remember that he has plenty of time to redeem as #2 to Hurley and in Sideways (of course, time doesn't exist there) before he moves on. So, we're not meant to really forgive him for everything by the time the show is over. But he was on the righteous path by the end.

Ahh, Boardwalk and Boss. Maybe no time for Fringe afterall. lol

True on Grimm's viewers. But anyone that has a DVR (most people these days) will catch on quickly enough! I guess we'll see if it's a good strategy or not soon enough!

I've actually been watching a lot of the Olympics this time (and ratings are off the charts). First Summer Olympics as a married couple. I didn't realize my wife was so into them! LOL So, my LOST viewing has slowed down to like 2 a day. I'll still be done pretty quickly! (a lot quicker than I originally thought. lol)

MJ said...

It kept making me break them up - that's why there is many. LOL

I'm not pretending on sideways - so I guess I remember it wrong ? Uh-oh!

My recollection of sideways is that it didn't really happen in life - but in their hereafter = this in their imagining after they are dead. To be clear - I know all on the island happened, I'm talking only the sideways. In other words - kate did not help Claire get to a hospital, Sawyer did not become a cop - these are the lives they pictured they would have had or liked to have.

MJ said...

We had just so much conjecture when we watched in real time that this time I wanted to just take it as they gave it, plus knowing some of it from memory. This was part of my not obsessing. ;-D Worked for the most part.

jack's son - I know right ! how could I forget that ? Weird.

Pretty sure Aeterno was eternal.

LOL on the 'to freak everybody out' - at first I thought you were testing me - what lies at the foot of the shadow/why did Locke's body have to come back !!!

But who says Ghost Isa lied to Richard ? I don't recall that she says she is smokey, so what do you mean ?

Good point - things different - and mostly better - so that they remember. That's why I don't think any of it is real - it's almost a 'what could have happened' - like a dream they are each having. Then the will realize that they are dead and ahve been living in 'hereafter' and once jack gets there they all (mostly) go on together. that's my recollection.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I'm well aware of the posting limits of blogger! Drives me nuts! lol But I feel your pain.

With the pretending: I was kidding because for the rest of the series you were saying that you were waiting until things were revealed on the show before accepting it as fact! But with sideways you actually are thinking ahead! But I get what you're saying about the "non-obsession" aspect! lol

Basically what you're saying is true. Sideways is after they died. Everything else happened during life. But, I interpret it a little more specifically to be happening in their dying moments. I only say this because of the reactions of Juliet and Jack at the end, and partly based on Claire's reaction after Sawyer rescued her from a building that just exploded. As for it not happening or not being real...."IN LIFE" yes I agree, it didn't happen while they were alive. But, all of the events in sideways DO HAPPEN, just on another plane of existence. Any questions you have on sideways are answered in Jack and Christian's little chat at the end of the series finale. Jack: "Is this real?" Christian: "I sure hope so. I'm real, you're real, all your friends in there are real"...etc...

As for the sideways world being the lives that they each pictured they'd have. That I'm not so sure of. And we probably can come up with our own interpretations to that. But you're probably right. Because, in the end, they may have intentionally created something "OFF" about these lives they had to help them remember what they needed to remember.

Ab Aeterno - Still haven't looked it up, but you're probably right. Maybe FOR LIFE, or live forever or whatever. Would make sense with the episode being about Richard. lol Looked it up in the actually translates to "Since the beginning of time" ....ahhh

Naa, no test here. I'm actually referring to a conversation we had earlier in this rewatch. Basically, it's me trying to reason through the Smoke Monster's "RULES". And Isabella was the one that made me start questioning if the body needed to be on the island.

Why would Isabella tell Richard that she's smokey if she IS smokey? MIB is trying to con Richard into killing Jacob. And trying to convince him that this is hell and he has to kill the devil was the way to do that. (At least I think that was part of the conversation) More proof is...why would Richard be able to see Isabella on the Black Rock if she was a ghost but in 2007 when Hurley is talking for her, he can't see her? That seals the deal right there.

Again with Sideways - you're right but I still think it's technically "real". The conversation with Christian clinches it. I just assume in the final 10 minutes of a show like LOST, you have to accept that anything being told to you is the TRUTH! lol Sideways HAPPENED, it wasn't a dream. It was an experience shared by all of them. I just think there was a bit of crossover between the LIVING world and the Sideways world and they get these "flashes before their eyes" in the moment before they die. It lasts maybe a second in the time that we know, but could last forever in a place where time doesn't exist. The fact that they cross over would help explain how Desmond experienced being there before dying and possibly why Claire said "charlie" when she came out of that explosion. It's all philosophical and open to our own interpretations. But that's kind of how Matthew Fox explained it on the Jimmy Kimmel show that followed the episode.

MJ said...

Ugh ! I cried for almost 3 hours saturday watching the finale.

I totally loved my re-watch. I had been so concerned I would not. Sitting back and just watching without obsessing was so enjoyable. And I realize now - most of what I felt cheated out of was stuff that we the fans jumped on as being so important and i guess the EP's and writers never did.

But even better - my husband enjoyed it all so much more ! yay! Towards the end of Lost he was kinda over it all but kept watching to just finish it out. Now I'll be able to talk him into re-watching again in a few years. LOL

Ok - got stuff to do today at work. Will come back and discuss more.

also - watched TB, Newsroom and BB so fell free to comment. Didn't get to Episodes though

Mike V. said...


Happy Monday everyone! Okay, so I finished season 5 over the wknd and started season 6. I'm through "What Kate Does" and loving it all over again (yep, even the weak "what kate does" ep lol)

Okay, so THE INCIDENT: In other words, we get a glimpse into Jacob's involvement with the 815ers since early on in their lives. He hand picked these guys to be his candidates for replacement. It's a safe bet this "touch" is what helped prevent them from being injured in the crash of flight 815. Of course, people like Sayid and Hurley weren't touched until AFTERWARDS when they left the island. Not sure if that means he selected them later and they just happened to be on flight 815 and didn't get hurt. But, I'm not gonna over analyze that. lol

Of course, I already knew going into the Incident that we were not going to reboot time. I fought hard for my stance during season 5. And yes, maybe showed a little doubt every now and then, but pretty much felt the producers would stick to their guns. It was still an awesome episode to watch and we got to experience The Incident that was talked about since season 2 first hand. And to find out that the LOSTIES were directly responsible for a lot of it, well that's pretty cool too. The funny thing is Miles brings up this point himself near the end of the episode. "Maybe the best thing to do is nothing at all? Glad you all thought this through." lol

Was great seeing Phil get stabbed by some magnetically charged metal poles right when he was about to take out Sawyer. Not so cool seeing Juliet fall again. I also was getting all teary eyed. (Of course, I did when she really died in S6 too. But, I'm thinking ahead to what she was experiencing at the time) We see Jack assuming the John Locke role of blindly following what he believes the Island is telling him to do. Of course, it turns out to be the right thing in the end but it was a tough price to pay with losing Juliet.

Then there's Jacob/Smokey. I'm convinced now that this was NOT the Black Rock that we saw in the s5 finale. Just another ship and Jacob was luring them to the Island for his "ongoing experiment". Just like he brought the Egyptians there before them and they probably built the statue and carved lots of hieroglyphics around the island, maybe even built tunnels. Of course, if he didn't bring the Egyptians, then maybe the mother or her predecessor did. I know it was never the intention of the producers to tell us this, but I think an Island origin story would be a cool thing to do...maybe in book form, comic form or even a movie. Of course, due to the split fanbase at the end, not sure a movie would do too well. lol

Anyway, this ship came after MIB was already stripped from his body and he was trying to find a way off the island. It's when he makes a promise to Jacob to find a loophole, which is why it's essential to tell for our story. The story of the Flight 815ers and their adventures on the island. (the same reason the "across the sea" episode was essential to tell. Because it directly impacted them, even though it was thousands of years before them)

Mike V. said...

LA X - The Flash Sideways is losing no significance to me knowing how it ends. As I've repeatedly mentioned. I'm all about mirroring to bring a show to closure. So to show these folks as strangers again but yet see them come together in surprising ways over the course of the season, it was pretty cool. Plus, most of the characters are a lot like when we first met them so it brings things a bit full circle. Jack saves Charlie's life on the plane and he asks "am i dead?" which is the ultimate irony of it all. lol The one thing that really threw us for a loop with this storyline was the island being underwater. They led us to believe the bomb worked. And maybe in this sideways world they created it DID work. But, the point was that the island was out of the picture so it didn't impact any of their lives. Except Ben and his father who we find out were on that island at one time (during the dharma initiative) in this plane of existence. (I think , i'll have to wait until i rewatch that episode)

So Juliet dies but she is thinking "it worked" when she dies. And of course, when we get to the finale, we'll see that she says "it worked" when she and Sawyer fix the vending machine in the hospital and the apollo bar comes out. And that is the moment when they remember everything. So this would seem to indicate that Juliet was experiencing the Sideways world AS she was dying. It was probably less than a split second in REAL TIME, but that seems to be how it works. Same thing happens to Des (who is special of course) when he gets zapped by the electro magnetic stuff....he was barely unconscious for a second but he seemed to be gone for a long time. And we can guess that this happens to Jack as he's lying there with Vincent. And there's the Claire and Sayid thing, but I'll get to that in a second. I have new theories!!

BTW...the scene with Smokey/MIB and Ben talking about Locke's last was chilling. And amazing acting by Terry for us to actually believe in him talking about John Locke that he was another character now all together. Just crazy good acting. But, that's another benefit of having Locke's body on the island. MIB was able to scan Locke's body and learn of his final moments. He probably couldn't do that when he portrayed Isabella since he only scanned Richard. (just thoughts, nothing concrete)

Anyway, so it was cool seeing the OTHERS in Turbans again. They cracked me up the first time and still do. Great seeing Hurley assume the leadership position in his comedic way and Miles joking about it. Then there's the Sayid thing. The spring was not clear (we can assume it was when Ben was put in there). Dogen's hand didn't really heal when he cut it and put it in. But they throw Sayid in there anyway. He dies, then hours later comes back. We've been taught Dead is Dead. yet he dies. Moving on to next ep

Mike V. said...

What Kate Does -
It was cool seeing Jack defend Sayid by swallowing that pill, but we learn the others were trying to poison him. Why? Because he has been "INFECTED" and "CLAIMED" by Smokey and the same thing has happened to Jack's sister. HMMMMM Maybe we talked about this back then, maybe not. But, I've been obsessed about Claire saying "CHARLIE?" when she woke up in the dharma house after it exploded. We also had those weird comments from Miles about Claire. She says "i'll live" and Miles says "i wouldn't be so sure about that"...we see Miles staring at Claire and Sawyer gives him a restraining order. These could all be chalked off to nothing but it seemed to be indicating that something is different about Claire. And the fact that she leaves Aaron in the jungle and follows Smokey (Christian), well that's a good sign that something is different. Then Creepy Claire in the cabin was a bit weird too, right?

Okay, so what if Dead is Dead for most of the time. But what if Smokey does have the ability to raise the dead? "the same thing happened to your sister" he indicating Claire died and then came back infected? She did seem to experience a moment with Charlie (possibly in Sideways world). Also, we saw Rousseau's people get infected by Smokey. Or at least her husband. Maybe he died too and was brought back infected by Smokey.

The thing with Claire and Sayid, though, is that even though they were "brought back" and had a darkness in them, they both seemed to beat it in the end. Sayid sacrifices his life for the rest of the candidates and Claire...well she realizes that this guy (smokey) is up to no good and leaves with kate to be with Aaron.

So in a world where they had strict rules of people dying being dead, it's weird to talk about these people dying and coming back to life. But, I don't really see any other explanation for it! They died, Smokey somehow brought them back and they were sorta off/evil for a bit. Of course, Claire's craziness could be chalked up to being alone for 3 years raising squirrel babies. I dunno. But, I at least had to throw this theory out there using every fact we know about this show.

The rest of the ep was a good time. Kate's sideways story was a weak one as everyone says about most of Kate's episodes, but I enjoyed it. It's great seeing her bond with Claire again even though Claire should have not wanted to be anywhere near this crazy lady who had her at gunpoint. Something was familiar there and they were meant to help each other. Kate even gave Jack a puzzling look from the cab like he recognized him. She did steal his pen on the plane, but it seemed like something more. Arzt and Frogurt get some cameos which are a good time. Sawyer helps out Kate on the elevator and has a good line about the "confidential code".

Mike V. said...

OMG and totally forgot to mention, that scene with Jack and Locke in the "lost and found" or wherever they are. TEARS!!! They totally were helping each other out and Jack told Locke he could fix him. I mean, I got all emotional at the head nod they had in part 1 of LA X when Jack was getting off the plane (which of course mirrors the head nod that Jack gives Locke getting on flight 815 in the season 1 finale Exodus). Ahh, LOST just did the little things so well. The character moments, they nailed them.

Whew, so that's probably enough for now. I have a feeling I'll be finishing this LOST rewatch by the weekend. Very excited about it! But, I'm fully confident in saying that this show totally holds up over 6 years and they did not blow the end. Sure, I have a few more episodes to watch, but I'm loving it just as much as the first, 2nd, 3rd, 10th time I've watched them!

MJ - I see you just posted and finished! I'll respond once I finish copying/pasting this in and posting! lol (watched BB, only part of TB (, and still way behind on Newsroom. No Episodes for me either)

Mike V. said...

@MJ - In response to you finishing the LOST Rewatch. Can I say "I told you so" now? lol The show totally holds up and was one of the best dramatic pieces of television in history, right? Okay, maybe that's a stretch (not for me), but it was just an awesome show from start to finish. And totally agree about that next comment, I've been saying that since the end. A lot of the questions we came up with were never really questions at all. It was just because we had so much time to think about things. That is why the finale had impossible expectations that no mortal human could ever live up to. (Believe I've said that a few times too) I'm glad there's another person out there that can spread the good word about the legacy of this show now! It totally baffles me that people are still complaining about it! lol And glad your husband loved it too! My wife absolutely loved the finale (not sure about the whole final season), but she has no interest in rewatching it all again. lol So, I'll be doing this on my own time. Of course, when Parker is old enough it's happening!! lol

Yeah, so I'm 20 minutes through True Blood. From what I've seen it was on the path to being better than some of the previous episodes. The season got really weird again and fast! Loved that Lafayette referenced Whoopi Goldberg in GHOST, because I was saying the same thing last week. lol I'm sure we'll finish the ep tonight.

Breaking Bad - WHEW. Another awesome ep. I knew when the showed that one shot of the pool early in the episode that we'd have to be revisiting it. If not in this episode then this season at some point. And then Sklyar goes and drowns herself to get the kids away? WOW. Of course, it was all intentional and that heated argument they had was fantastic. Walt bragging about how much of a genius he is and Skylar acknowledging that she has no shot against him until the cancer comes back. OUCH! Great stuff. Loved the family dinner and Hank and wife (brain fart on her name) talking about the cheating on the way to the house. Loved that Walt bought Jr. that car again and he got himself a new car too. So along Pontiac! We've known you for almost 5 years and that's enough! (of course, just 1 year on the show) Then there's the whole Wrong shoes lady (can never remember her name) and the GPS plant. That was a good time. And Jesse giving Walt the watch. Poor was such a sweet moment if Walt wasn't using him and hasn't screwed up his life at every turn. Their relationship really started off as a Father/Son type bond, and Jesse kinda is still buying into it after a season of friction last year. But Walt is way beyond that now. Just flat out creepy. And I think it's safe to say that the cancer was probably back in that flash forward scene on his 52nd bday. I assumed so with that subtle cough, but now Skylar referenced it coming back too. Of course, I'm not going to say that this show is totally predictable or anything! There could be plenty of twists ahead as always. Great stuff!

Mike V. said...

Justified - Finished season 1 last night! It was fantastic. The whole shootout in the finale with Boyd, Raylan and Ava stuck in the cabin was fantastic. So many great lines that I can't remember. But something about Boyd being pissed that they killed his father (mr friendly) even though he came to kill him too. lol They were just shooting out some joking lines while their lives were all in danger. Good stuff. Of course the season ended with the great Brad Paisley singing his song about Harlan. (You'll never leave harlan alive) It was the first song I thought of when I found out they were in Harlan in the first place. I was thinking "man, that should be the theme song of this show" and of course, they played it eventually. Not that I'm expecting you to know Brad Paisley songs or anything! But, the Mrs. and I are big fans. lol (and he's supposedly in the running to be a new Idol judge. Just when I thought I was out....they pull me back in!!!)

Other big moments: Raylan and Winona sleep together and Ava witnesses it. Knew that would happen eventually, but still crazy! Raylan's dad agreed to be a rat, but then writes his Juliet/INXS notes to Mr. Friendly to say he'll feed them crap. And of course, Mr Friendly's attire throughout the final episodes of the season were just fantastic! Especially the shirt of american flags he was wearing when he got shot. lol The head Marshal guy is a fantastic character too. Nothing in particular to call out, but just love his rapport with Raylan. lol

Sent the Netflix disc for season 2 this morning, but we have a couple free credits for episodes on Amazon that expire next week so we may get the first 2 eps. lol

Leslie said...

LOST – I fell WAY behind you guys on the rewatch, but I finished S4 this weekend. What a ride! Revealing the story on the Oceanic 6, meeting the freighter folks, the great episode “The Constant”, hearing the two stories of Ben and Widmore staging the crashed plane, having a moment of sympathy for Ben when Alex was killed, the rules being changed, seeing Locke being born and more of ageless Richard.

S4 finale - We see the O6 finally getting off the island and that press conference. How did they believe that baby was only 5 weeks old? Sad that no one was there for Kate or Sayid. Loved it when Sawyer went with Jack saying, “You don’t get to die alone” and then later jumping off the helicopter and then popping on shore with Juliet. Selfish Sawyer did some growing on the island even looking after Hurley, Claire and Aaron (and putting the restraining order on Miles! lol) . Ben moves the frozen wheel, the island disappears and the chopper goes down. Then, the boat appears, and we get the long-awaited reunion with Penny and Desmond! Awwww! And, we learn Locke was in the coffin, and they all have to go back together. CRAZY!!!

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Not a problem on being beind. That just means you have more than us to look forward to! lol

All great moments that you mentioned in that first paragraph!

S4 Finale - yeah, they cut off that one press guy really quickly when he started asking about the logic of Kate being pregnant. Of course, he was also asking about her being a fugitive too. As for the baby being 5 weeks old. They were on the island for 108 days. the baby was born about 40 days or so in I think. So, I guess Aaron was 9 weeks old? Maybe it's possible. Parker looks a lot older than he is! He has gotten so tall! Someone actually was there for Sayid (Nadia), but he just didn't see her until after the press conference. But yeah, the reunion moment was pretty rough for them. But it was nice Hurley brought Sayid over to his parents. lol And yes, Sawyer definitely grew up on the island. He even refers to it in season 5, but more about his 3 years spent in Dharmaville with Juliet. But, he was starting to show signs before then too.

All the other moments were great too!! I remember when I theorized about that crazy donkey wheel and it being frozen in season 4...but it wasn't frozen before or after (when it was skipping). It made me wonder if the Dharma Initiative or Charles Widmore froze the wheel into place so the island could be found. lol Who knows? Of course, the DI had a way of finding the island with the lamp post station.

Are you still reading the recaps as you go? I had to bail on them. I mean, I know I wrote them and all, but I wrote way too much to be sifting through after each ep! lol I'm glad some people still do it though and it's useful to them! Granted, I'm rewatching now and still finding tons to say. I probably could have posted these rewatch posts on the LOST blog. Maybe I'll sum up my thoughts and post something eventually. But I doubt I'll get around to it! lol

Anyway, enjoy season 5! It's one of my favorite seasons to rewatch. And as you can see between the July and August posts, I had plenty to say about it in hindsight! LOL

MJ said...

Yes - you are now entitled to "I told you so". ;-D

TB - agree it's been weird and slow. Def not as slow last night. Of course now they are moving towards the finale.

BB - have to say that as soon as she walked over the the pool I knew where they were going. Chilling though. And waiting til the cancer comes back ! Holy crap!
I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that only 1 year has gone by in these past few seasons. I never knew that until this year. Holy crap. Agree on the cancer will be back, they pretty much told us that, but also agree with you - nothing predictable about this show.

Justified - finished season 1 ? My bad ! I don't know why I thought you had done S1 and were on S2! That's why you haven't met the Bennets ! LOL Sorry bout that. LOL and the INXS/Juliet reference with Raylan's dad. Season 2 is even better than 1 - so buckle up for that ride.

Boardwalk - am about 6 into S2 now.

Leslie - I cried all over again when Des and Pen reunite! O6 - At least Sayid gets grabbed by Hurley - poor Kate just stands there holding Aaron.

Mike V. said...


BB - Yep, nothing else to say. Ooh wait..i do have somethign! The ricin cigarette. Walt put it in the wall, right? Surely, that's going to come back. And we have seen that Skylar has been chain smoking lately. she picked it back up last week, and the house was full of smoke when Walt got home in yesterday's ep. Maybe, Walt may be forced to off Skylar at some point. They have foreshadowed it with the whole Fredo-like "i forgive you" scene in the premiere. But, something tells me things won't go that smoothly for Walt. Walt seems to be getting Jr. into bad habits lately, as well as his daughter watching scarface. lol What if Jr. decides to bump a cig at some point from his mom and it turns out to be the deadly ricin cig? That would be nuts right!? And ultimately prove Skylar right in wanting to keep her kids clear of this mess. Exciting stuff!

Justified - Not a prob. lol I probably said something like "i finished disc 1!" and you thought I meant season 1. :) I have heard season 2 is the best (probably from you. lol) so I'm looking forward to it!

Boardwalk - I'm thinking I might tackle that after I finish LOST. I got the blessing from the mrs. to go ahead and watch without her! lol

Mike V. said...

Scratch the Cigarette idea. lol The ricin was never intended to be smoked. Durrr.. But the fact that that ricin is in the wall makes me think it's not out of play yet!

Leslie said...

Mike - Yeah, I still have been reading your old recaps as I go along. I only scan the comments after it caught on so much by S4 and there were so many. I noticed MJ was a major contributor after she found it. I remember it took awhile before I posted something. I noticed in S4 there was a war going on between a couple of posters which I'm glad I missed the first time because I usually only read the day or two after the episode. Just an FYI - Since I know you always tried to keep the blog PG rated, you may want to check the last post at the end of Cabin Fever. But, how could you not get addicted to your blog when the S4 finale has the "Holy Frozen Donkey Wow!!! rating! Cracked me up again seeing that! lol

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up Leslie! I'll check it out. I got spammed with some weird comments every now and then and I tried to delete any vulgar posts but maybe one slipped through! lol

And nice on the Holy Frozen Donkey Wow. lol Forgot I said that! :)

Mike V. said...

And yes, there was the war between ADDICT and CDSTEDMAN. Forgot about that a bit too. lol That was one of the big wars and then in season 6 there were a couple commenters that sometimes wrote more than I did and that got on people's nerves! lol

Leslie said...

MJ - Did you see The Closer last week? Don't want to say anything specific until I know you've seen it, but the ending sure surprised me. I also read that we learn who the leak is tonight. I know we thought about Pope, but after last week's episode with Gabriel's girlfriend, I have a feeling it's something with them, but maybe not intentional on Gabriel's part because the girlfriend was very outspoken. Just 2 episodes left.

MJ said...

Leslie - I DID see Closer last week - though not last night. I was so shocked that her mama died. So sad. Especially since her mom wanted to tell her something and Brenda put her off. I wonder if that will factor into her leaving ? Excited to hear about the mole. I hope it's not Gabriel ! I like him.

OMG - I forgot all about Addict and Stedman going at it. I remember commenting, but asking alot of stuff too. I wasn't good with all those literary references we all thought were so important.

Lost - found an interesting thing on the web about the finale. Supposedly by one of the writers of Lost. WIll have to try to find it again. Explains exactly what I think the ending means. Cause you and I Mike are almost 100% in agreement - I think we just say it different.

MJ said...

Ok - found the link. I remember reading this a little time after the actual ending.

Mike V. said...

For the record, I never thought the literary references were important! lol That's why I didn't spend much time analyzing them. I'd just link to them and let the people that wanted to go to town. There was a dude in the final season that kept bringing them up and I wanted no part in discussing it! lol I think at one point I may have lost my cool on it.

I always took the literary references to be "in the ballpark" of what is being discussed on the show at the time and also probably favorite books of the writers of the show that they wanted to get some publicity. Turns out, that was mostly the case. lol

I'm gonna check out that link! May have read it before too. Thanks! BTW, I think we're exactly on the same page. I just like to go into specifics of WHEN I thought the sideways was happening when each person died/was dying. I think there's enough evidence in the show to support it was happening in their final moments or even people getting glimpses of it in near death experiences.

Then of course, I have my whole theory about the source and them becoming one with the source when they finally "MOVE ON"....but I'll see what they say in the link. lol

Watched Substitute and Lighthouse this morning. Loved them again too! I'll discuss more after I read that stuff.

Watched True Blood and Episodes. Episodes was a good time, but a little sad too. lol TB was better than usual. Who would've thunk the old sheriff was behind the Obama's?? And Jason was at an all time comedy high. "Maybe they're wearing the masks so they can hide their identities" LOL Good times. And Bill, WTH is going on with that dude!?

Watched S2E1 of Justified. Finally met the Bennetts! (sp)...Creepy family! Not only is Faraday in there but BRAM is too! lol And the mother, I know she won an emmy for this season and I already can tell why. She is creeping me the hell out. When she guided that dude through his demise, that was just crazy stuff. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

Mike V. said...

Hmm, not sure if I ever read that before but it does sum up things really well. Not sure if I buy that this guy was on the writer's team or not. But that would be really cool if this was always JJ's vision for the end. JJ always defended the end of LOST, but he never took credit for it either. And I know lots of people blame Damon for dropping the ball and if JJ stayed on board it would have been a totally different show.

Anyway, it all seems pretty accurate except for one thing. Des and Penny were in that church too. They were introduced in season 2. Sure, Desmond turned that hatch light on in season 1 but we never saw him! lol And we heard about Bernard but we didn't meet him in season 1. Also, we MET Ana Lucia in season 1 when Jack and her have a drink before getting on Oceanic 815. But, I get the gist of what he's saying there. lol

I also think Michael would have the opportunity to be freed to move on once he reconciled with his son on the island. And since Walt was heading back there, that's probably what was going to happen.

One thing that he/she kind of breezed by or kinda answered was the "was the mother the smoke monster before MIB?" Based on what he/she said, the answer was no. But the fact that that whole camp was destroyed and all of the men killed showed some "supernatural" ability. So I dunno.

But yeah, all of this basically fits in on the conclusions we came up with. It's just minor details in the "specifics" that could be changed. But like the anonymous dude said, some things were left open intentionally for interpretation. But, the way he explained things ties things through all 6 seasons very well. Thanks for the link!

Okay -> back to the specifics. lol

Substitute -> I forgot Sawyer sees Kid Jacob here too. He asks MIB who he was. Pretty crazy. And I think this is the first time that Sawyer and Richard meet in the present day. But Richard doesn't seem too surprised to see him. Last we heard, he thought Sawyer was dead. lol Still don't know what to make of dead/risen Sayid and if Claire went through the same thing. I guess we could say that a Smokey infection may make someone "APPEAR" to be dead even though they're not and then that would uphold the "DEAD IS DEAD" manifesto. lol Or else, we have to assume that Smokey can raise the dead. Which would kinda make no sense. Why would he want to resurrect Sayid if he was a candidate? To help him kill the other candidates?

Mike V. said...

Lighthouse -> So, I know we were talking about how silly associating the numbers with candidates was. But, I did briefly have a brain fart and forget that each number was associated with a degree on the lighthouse wheel. Now why the numbers that caused so much weird stuff to happen would be associated with the 6 remaining candidates? That, I couldn't tell you. But, I think we all know this is one crazy island!

Loved the Hurley/Jacob scenes and the Hurley/Jack scenes. Loved that they found Shannon's inhaler which paid off a comic-con question by Hugo himself. It was a planted question, so they probably knew they were going to answer that in season 6 anyway. But it was hysterical. Like that they "revisited the caves, the beach and the barracks" over these opening episodes. Before the show is over, we'll revisit the hydra station, the black rock and we opened on the hatch site. i.e. all the infamous locations during LOST's run. Like one giant walk down memory lane. And we still discover new locations too. (The Temple, The Lighthouse, The Source Cave, the Candidate Cave)

Loved Jack's flash sideways with him reconciling with the demons of his past with his father. And he did this by reconciling with his imaginary son. Very touching scene at the end between him and David. And of course, the sign in the conservatory said "Welcome All Candidates!" lol

A lot of people thought that these sideways scenes wouldn't be great the 2nd or 3rd time around since we knew what they were about. But, I totally disagree. They are absolutely essential to the story of LOST. I love them.

Mike V. said...

New extended Revolution Trailer. Haven't watched yet, but figured I'd share!

Leslie said...

LOST - Thanks for sharing that link. I can't wait to get through the last 2 seasons! I've said this before, but the characters make this show for me and going on their journeys with them. The mythology makes it really interesting, but it's all those connections that I find intriguing.

MJ - I had to watch The Closer last night, so let me know when you see it. Kyra did a great job in that last scene last week when she found her mother. It was gut wrenching and SO sad!

MJ said...

I actually enjoyed the Sideways MORE knowing that they are actually dead and this was another reality - perhaps a 'this could have been my life'. Most of them were happy - so what's not to like. Jules had a child, and an amicable divorce. Claire got to decide on her own to keep her child. james was working with a good friend and got to have a purpose and be a good guy, while still looking for Sawyer. Locke got to have a relationship with his dad and still have Helen, and then decide to control his fate by agreeing to the surgery. etc etc.

Thanks for the revolution thing - will check it out

Mike V. said...

Definitely more enjoyable. I totally agree. I knew I loved season 6 as I was watching it the first time (and the 2nd or 3rd time when I got the blu-ray lol). But watching it back to back after seasons 1-5 is very rewarding. I have gone on and on about how much I love rewatching S5. But I've rewatched this season the least. It's pretty darn entertaining itself!

Everyone was so hung up on answers, that they didn't take time to enjoy the final season. I did my best to do so but even I got caught up in it every now and then. They really put a fabulous show together. I just wish more people could see that. Oh well, their loss! lol

MJ said...

Yeah - I rmember alot of peeps hating Sideways. I didn't understand it - but I did not hate it.

Watched Episodes by the way - some good friends stuff went on.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I know I've been posting some wordy stuff lately with my season 6 lost commentary and some things may have been "lost" (pun intended?). But I did watch Justified S2 Premiere, Episodes and True Blood. Made some comments this morning above somewhere. lol

Episodes - Friends stuff was cool, but a shame that they couldn't get anyone to do a cameo. I actually joked right before it happened with my wife and said, "watch it be Gunther or something" I was cracking up when he popped on the screen!

MJ said...

Good one on gunther !

Some 666 Park footage - hmmm - soapier than I would have thought.

Hmm - didn't see your TB I think. Pam is in trouble now ! Yeah - Bill has def drank too much 'kool aid'. Can't believe he set Eric up like that. Was also surprised to see the old sherriff - and what the hell did his wife keep wearing ! LOL I was not happy when Russell and his new toy took little Emma/baby Huskie though !

BB - good point about the ricin not meant to be delivered in a cig - but wholly agree that we are not done with the ricin.

MJ said...

Grimm promo !

MJ said...

Leslie - you sure were right in your comments about the 'mole'. But I just knew it could not be Gabriel. And good for Provenza for being the first to stand up for him too.

I watch Falling Skies and our boy Locke is supposed to be guest starring for the next 2 weeks.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the GRIMM link. Great promo! Actually pretty excited for Monday to watch it.

I'll check out the 666 Park Ave stuff too. Don't really know what to expect from that show. But, I heard it's nothing like what the original trailer made it out to be. So we'll see!

TB - Totally forgot to mention that final scene with the baby wolf stealing. Not cool! lol As for sheriff dearborn's "wife" that really his wife? Isn't that just some lady that he started shacking up with after he retired? I think there was a scene early in the season where Andy was telling him how he has a wife and why was he with this monster of a lady. lol He was probably being used by her for this "obama" cause they had. And I have no idea what she was wearing! lol


Sundown/Dr. Linus - I always wondered if Sayid stabbed Smokey before he said "hello sayid" if it would have killed him. Because later on we'll see MIB kill mother with that dagger and she never said a word. Of course, we still don't know if she was ever a smoke monster. That Sundown ep was always a creepy one. Claire and Sayid were both bats*** crazy. lol Seems like they were building towards a Shannon reunion even in this episode watching it in hindsight. Sayid said he didn't deserve Nadia, so maybe that was true in his "life" as well. He mentioned to MIB/Locke what he wanted died in his arms. It was always ambiguous to if he meant Nadia or Shannon. It seemed that he had more of a connection with Nadia, but he met Shannon on the Island. And supposedly the Island was the most important part of these people's lives. It's a stretch to think that he loved Shannon more than Nadia, but I guess I can buy it! lol

Always love the sideways scene with Keamy and Omar. It was pointed out to me in the podcasts that Keamy never takes a bite of the eggs, so I watch for that every time. Cracks me up. lol

Dr. Linus there were some gems of lines. First was the whole Ben promising that Sayid killed Dogen and Lennon because he was standing over their bodies with a bloody dagger "so, yeah I'm pretty sure"...and then Miles finds out Ben killed Jacob. "he was standing over his body with a bloody dagger, so yeah I'm pretty sure" ...great stuff. lol But the big foreshadowing line was Ben's first sideways line in his school teaching talking about Napoleon's loss of power (which could be compared to Ben's sideways persona)....then he says "he may as well have been dead!" LOL Good stuff.

Still love Ben's start into the path of redemption, even if his road towards that start was pretty brutal. The episode is still really powerful for me. Love that Miles got Nikki/Paolo's diamonds, but we've discussed that. Love that the reason Frank missed flight 815 was because he overslept. lol Love the Jack/Richard/Hurley Black Rock stuff. Love the reunion on the beach. And of course...widmore has arrived! Still loving season 6 and have found no degradation in quality from the previous seasons!

Mike V. said...

Network Channel Premiere Dates

Leslie said...

MJ - Yeah, I felt bad for Gabriel. He looked so hurt. He's not gonna be in the new show, so I hope they don't kill him off or anything next week. Brenda is sure having a rough time lately. I wonder how they will wrap things up for her.

MJ said...

Closer: Gabriel's not in the new one? Hah! I purposely avoided seeeing much about it cause i said to the hubby that whoever isn't in it was the mole ! LOL I was right. Yeah - he looked so hurt that this chick would meet him in his church and sleep with him and all that - just for that info.

TB - maybe she wsn't the wife then, maybe the 'dragon' ?

Sundown - hubby and I said similar about Nadia. That here in hereafter he had her in his life but not in the way in his real life that he always wanted. WOuld have been a tell for us that Shannon would be his awakner - had we known it would happen LOL

Dr. Linus - yeah the 'over the body with bloody knoves' was fun. Ben losing power seems more to point to current island Ben - sideways Ben doesn't have power to lose.

MJ said...

I have found this to be the best site for tv schedules and dates. In a few weeks the cable premier dates get announced and this site is updated constantly. Has almost every show you can think of listed, and is updated for winter 2012-2013, spring 2013, etc.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link MJ. I was just sharing the EW one because it was posted. I usually use Mittovich's that he posts on eventually!

TB - I think she WAS the dragon. I think someone actually called her that. lol


Sundown - Touche' lol

Dr. Linus - I think the "power" thing worked on several levels. What you said worked for the episode to tie the Island events and Sideways events together. But his one liner about "may as well be dead" was most certainly a tip off for rewatches on what sideways really was. lol Similar to Charlie's "Am I dead?" comment. And then of course in Recon the whole Little House scene with Michael Landon and his daughter talking about death. (yep, watched Recon on my lunch break! lol)

Recon - I guess we can assume that Smokey killed the Ajira peeps on Hydra island now. He made a comment to Richard at the end of season 5 that they'd have to deal with the people that came on that plane after they go see Jacob. Widmore would have no reason to kill those people. Of course, when Sawyer made a comment that he killed all of those people and left them in a ditch that sounded more like THE PURGE with the DHARMA Initiative. And, I'm pretty certain that Widmore probably ordered the purge and Ben partook in it with killing his father. But it doesn't really matter in the long run. And of course, as we mentioned earlier and I remember joking about in the original recap, sure they can't fly a plane...but no problem! They can just drive a sub off the island. That's easier!! lol

Of course, eventually we see that Sawyer's plan was to force the sub driver (pilot?) to take them. lol

Still enjoying the season 6 ride!

MJ said...

Recon - yeah but it was fun to say how ya gonna drive the sub too ! Agree - Smokey prob killed the Ajira red shirts.

Mike V. said...

Go On: Watched the sneak peak after the olympics last night. Actually, wasn't too bad! Wasn't great either, but for a pilot it showed potential. I'll always give these "FRIENDS" vehicles a chance before I blow them off. Except Web Therapy...never got into that Kudrow one. lol


Ab Aeterno: Still love this episode! Wine analogy scene is fantastic and it only gets built on throughout the rest of the season. I think the show itself confirmed that the first Isabella sighting on the island was Smokey. Jacob told Richard, "That was not your wife". LOSTpedia also is going with the assumption that it was smokey. Obviously, the 2nd sighting in present day is actually Isabella's ghost because only Hurley can see her. We also have a clear scene of smokey scanning Richard and then a subsequent scene of Isabella showing up to him. Since smokey scanned him, he could appear as her. That's the new assumption I'm going with on this rewatch. The body doesn't need to be on the island. Having the body on the island probably gave access to their memories so he could impersonate them better and it also freaked out Jack with Christian appearing (when the body was on the plane, if "chrissy" in Sydney ended up approving it. lol) and freaked out everyone with Locke since his body was on the plane too. Flocke says several things that only Locke would have known. Like "a wise man once said war is coming to this island" to Widmore. Sure, Widmore said it but Smokey didn't scan him.

I remember the first time I watched the ep I was still too focused on comparing the ship at the end of season 5 to this ship and then still couldn't figure out how the statue was destroyed and how it got into the middle of the jungle. This time around, I thought it was pretty clear to see how high up the ship was and the "crashing" sound it made when it supposedly hit the statue. With the black rock up that high, of course it would travel inland. And, I'm still just assuming that this other ship at the end of season 5 was a different ship. And maybe there just were no remnants of that one over the years. And if it is the black rock...well maybe the Island conjured up one of it's "day turning into night" storms and brought it in. And then smokey conjured himself up a new look with his haircut. lol Doesn't matter in the scheme of things I guess!

The Package: Loved Jin seeing Ji Yeon's pictures. The Jack/Sun conversation was great except ultimately sad because Jack doesn't keep his promise to get them on that plane. Unless we count sideways where he absolutely gets them as far away from the island as possible. lol (Unless they become one with the source which is kinda on the island!)

Loved Frank's "don't talk about bacon" lol And Desmond has returned!

Can't wait to watch the next couple (Des and Hurley eps!). Still have a lot of work to do to get this show watched by the end of the wknd!

JUSTIFIED: 4 eps into season 2. Bennett family is pretty nuts. Love that Jeremy Davies is playing a not so bright guy after playing a genius on LOST. lol Trying to think of some highlights from the episodes. Boyd dragging that dude along the road with his car when he's trying to be better. The whole Oxy Bus thing. The dude impersonating Raylan Givens to steal the Oxy. Hysterical. (can't think of his name) Raylan and Winona trying to work their relationship out but the current husband getting in the way. Black Sean from Rescue Me had an episode where he was just beating the crap out of peeps and shooting them. He was nuts! lol Anyway, enjoying the show. Going to try and finish disc 1 tonight and send for disc 2! I have season 3 tivo'd so that should go a bit quicker.

MJ said...

I never checked out Web Therapy - probably should. I knew Go On would have the preview - but i didn't want to watch olympics so...

Justified - oh yeah ! forgot black Sean was in there. have you heard of the 'apple pie' yet ?

Lost - I just kinda laughed this time at the supposed tsunami/rogue wave that would put the boat inland. Just go with it now.

Mike V. said...

Actually "Go On" was listed on DVR listings at 11:04, so you didn't need to watch the Olympics to record it. lol But, I'm sure it will reair in September.

Justified - Oh yeah, Apple Pie was very present in the first episode of the season when the killed that girl's father. She also promised Raylan a bottle for himself. lol It's just creepy when she says it. I was even nervous when she give the girl some cider. lol

LOST - I think the crazy 100 foot wave was fairly justifiable given the crazy properties of the island. Of course, why we never saw something like that before...I dunno. lol And I'm sure in an ideal world, they wish they had the budget to show more of that Black Rock storm and the ship from a further distance out crashing into the statue and the statue crumbling. But, with TV limitations, this is what we get! Of course, it's still appropriate to laugh at said limitations. Kind of like those CGI Submarine shots everyone always made fun of, but I saw no issues with. lol

Mike V. said...

TWD: Looks like the whole "escape from Atlanta" storyline will be included on the Season 2 Dvd/Blu-ray. Unfortunately, I won't be buying it. lol

Leslie said...

Can I just say that I think it sucks that Netflix sends the "rental" version of the DVD's now that don't have the bonus features, and started doing that AFTER they raised their rates awhile back? Come on guys!

Mike V. said...

Hmm, that's weird. The Justified disc that I just got in the mail most definitely had extra features on it. Maybe it's on a case by case basis?

That said, I may bail on the disc plan once I finish Justified season 2. I just don't use it enough. Just too easy to rent digitally and cheap enough to do redbox where I don't have to deal with mailing. lol

Leslie said...

Case by case? Are you saying I don't deserve the extras???? lol Did you watch the bonus features? Because on most of the last DVD's I've received this year, the features still appear on the menu, but when you click on them, it explains that you have the "rental" version and must buy to view. Maybe they haven't made the switch entirely yet, but more times than not, I get the rental version these days.

I am looking forward to starting S6 of Dexter when it is available next week, while still finishing LOST, of course! :)

Mike V. said...

LOL, no that's not what I meant. I meant on a Show by Show basis. lol But no I didn't try to access the features. I'll have to check it out and see if that happens. That's pretty crazy if so. Those studios really cracked down on Netflix after awhile. A lot of them don't even release their new releases to Netflix for 30 days now. (same as Redbox)

Mike V. said...

NETFLIX - Okay, so I finished Disc 1 of Justified season 2 last night, and checked out some "deleted scenes" features. Nothing was disabled! lol I'll try to check on each disc to see if it's consistent.


Happily Ever After - Love this episode (broken record, I know). Desmond awakens and then becomes the catalyst to wake everyone else up. His little scene with Penny was fantastic. His scene with Dan was great too. Of course, it led us down the false path of MAYBE thinking the bomb blew up. But, even though it didn't it kind of was a cool scene to look back on with the theme being "there are no reboots"...this sideways life wasn't "SUPPOSED" to happen. And the life that did happen, MATTERED. Cool stuff.

Everybody Loves Hugo - Another great one. The reveal of the whispers this time around didn't seem as heavily handed. Sure, it was a pretty bizarre reveal considering the whispers usually surrounded THE OTHERS, but I've written some stuff during this rewatch to try and justify that. lol Of course the fact that Michael says "we're the ones that can't move on" was a big hint of things to come. Some other things that stood out.

Bruce Springsteen callbacks galore - Didn't catch them the first time around until a commenter pointed it out to me. Now it's all I can think about. Spanish Johnny's is the name of the restaurant which was a character in a Bruce song called "INCIDENT at 57th Street". It's on the same album as Bruce's first hit "Rosalita" which was the name of the girl Hurley was supposed to meet.

Sawyer commenting on Locke's whittling - "You talk to wood now?" LOL Good stuff.

I was upset initially that they didn't find a way to reveal why Libby was in that institution. There was obviously a story they initially were going to tell there, probably in season 3 before they decided to add her into the Michael shooting. Maybe Libby's reason for being in the institution was similar to why she was there in sideways. Maybe she was having glimpses of Hurley from her sideways life and she checked herself in. Though, the fact that she had a husband named David that died and hurley had an "imaginary friend" named David leads me to think there was more story that was intended there. Oh well!

MIB/Locke's comments to Desmond at the well were a good time. Not sure if I connected all of the dots before. But, this is the indication to where "MAN" became power hungry and start trying to "steal the source/energy" from the island and started causing the island to be "broken"....The light was going out from all of the digging and man's greed. Of course, we know that MIB assisted some of those people in digging and throwing that donkey wheel into a pocket of energy. But, we also know that DHARMA did some digging of their own. I guess this is meant to indicate that many visitors upon visitors all became attracted to the same thing on the island. And now the light was going out. Of course, when Jack "FIXES" the island at the end, the light is restored. And when all of our friends "MOVE ON" they are consumed by an all powerful light. I still like to conclude that these "lights" are one in the same.

Certainly I can finish the series this wknd! We'll see.

MJ said...

Justifed - I could not remember when they actually introduced the apple pie so didn't want to say too much. The actress who plays Maggie Bennett is just phenominal, as is the little girl.

I've never tried Redboxing a series before. I would think that the monthly disc fee would be cheaper in the end than paying 1.20for each redbox disc though. I gave up the netflix streaming - they had such limited content that it wasn't worth it for me once they wanted to charge 8 bucks a month on top of the discs. Then I just went and got the premium channels - they all come to HBO or Showtime at some point.

yeah - Des and Pen at the stadium was fab. I know i was disappointed about the whispers the first timea cause i really thought all along that they meant something bigger, esp once they time travelled. But I'm over it now. ALso - whish they had elaborated on 'we' can't move on. Who else ? Keamy ? Mikhail ? nikki/Paulo? Could have been cool.
Not a big enough Boss fan to catch any of that - but now that you are saying it it reminds me of Billy Joel actually. 57th street, and didn't he have a song Rosalita's eyes? Or was that Rosalinda - hmmmm!

From something I read Hurley's friend David was due to Hurley absent father David, who as we know came back. Agree though - felt like there was more to tell about Libby - but doubt she was glimpsing Hurley in the real world like she was in sideways. Just another mystery left open.

Good luck with finished this weekend !

MJ said...

meant 'finishing ' LOL

Mike V. said...

Justified - Agreed on Mags and the little girl. I know the actress that plays Maggie won the emmy that year. Biggest thing I saw last night was Boyd blowing up the dudes at the mine. That was hysterical. lol (only because they thought they had outsmarted him with having an extra battery)

Oh, I don't think I'd redbox a "TV series" I just meant Movies. Usually we don't plan ahead enough to know what movie we're going to watch on the wknd, so we're either browsing around on Amazon or iTunes to see what we can rent ondemand and stream to the TV. If we actually have some motivation, we might check out a redbox. We don't do this often, so it's still probably cheaper than paying 9 bucks a month to just let a disc sit in our house. There is definitely a benefit for watching TV shows that way, but I don't do that very often either. That's why after I'm caught up on Justified, I'm thinking of cancelling the disc plan. I definitely still use the streaming. They have tons of stuff these days. Of course it's still limited, but there's plenty there that we've caught up on over the years. Of course, I have amazon prime now too and it streams to my PS3 and iPad now. They have similar content. So, I may have to consider that as well.


I never thought we needed specifics to WHO are the whispers. Yes, it could have been cool but I just assumed it was people over the thousands (millions?) of years that people have been coming to the island that are stuck there. I figured Keamy and Mikhail were not among the whispers considering they were in the sideways realm. Of course, it depends exactly how you picture the sideways stuff works. Were the non-815ers (plus Juliet, Desmond, Penny) just figments of their imagination and not really there? Or are they also dead and living out their sideways paths? I just assumed they were all dead and in this sideways realm. Especially with scenes like where Desmond says he's not taking Daniel with him. And the fact that ben "woke up" but didn't go with them. And that they weren't bringing Ana Lucia with them. They were all there, and seemed to be following their own sideways paths too.

The funny thing is I have that Bruce album and didn't pick up on the references. lol But yes Billy Joel had a song on 52nd Street called "Rosalinda's Eyes". Rosalinda, I believe, is the name of his sister. lol

Oh yeah, I doubt it too with my "Mental Patient Libby" theory. lol I was half kidding! And yes, it was definitely a mystery left open. And not really important in the scheme of things. I just hate loose ends sometimes! Of course, Damon and Carlton would respond to that with "life has loose ends". Which, I know, is a bit of a cop-out, but I'll let them have it! They did weave together a pretty brilliant tale.

And thanks!

MJ said...

You see this Fringe contest ?

That article I referenced earlier alluded to only passengers that we met in season 1 were at the church, and then a few of the loved ones along the way that had real impact on their lives (Des, Jules, Penny). Makes sense.

LOL - I just remember being soooo positive that those whispers were going to be them hearing themselves in some time bleed thru once they time traveled. Especially when Sawyer saw kate helping Claire !

MJ said...

FYI - I was clearing DVR last night and on one show I saw Victoria from HIMYM and Awesome from Chuck.

Mike V. said...

MJ, yeah I commented on that article above somewhere. I didn't see the part where they said anything beyond the "season 1" people. So I mentioned Des, Jules and Penny not technically being from season 1. (bernard either lol) But it definitely does make sense. But regardless of who was in the church...I was just saying that I think that sideways realm was for EVERYONE that dies. But they have to find their own connections before they move on. And since we saw Keamy there, he probably wasn't a whisper on the island. Then again, I still think Walt going back to the island would be a chance for him to free him from his whisperness. lol So...who the hell knows!?

Totally agree with you with the time travel...we all thought that would answer the whispers mystery. But, no such luck! lol

Did some more LOST watching on my lunch break! (such a slacker!! I need to get this show finished!) Watched The Last Recruit. Another great ep. Of course, I forgot that MIB specifically calls out that he could look like Locke BECAUSE they brought his body back. I'm back on my Isabella questioning. How could smokey be her!?!? lol Her locket did come to the island, so maybe that was part of it. And the fact that he scanned Richard. Definitely overthinking this and have been for years. The fact that Locke's body came back made it a more convincing case for MIB to portray him as "risen from the dead" he inherited his memories which made it even more convincing. That's the best I'm gonna be able to do! lol

And nice on your DVR cleanup observations! lol

Mike V. said...

"I still think Walt going back to the island would be a chance for him to free him from his whisperness"

Free MICHAEL, not Keamy. Obvious, I know...but when I reread what I wrote it sounded like I was referring to Keamy. lol

Mike V. said...


Well, I finished up LOST on Friday night! And of course, once I'm at the end I don't feel like there's much else to say that I haven't already. lol But I absolutely loved it all again. The episodes leading up to the end and the end itself. I still thought Across the Sea was fantastic even though lots of people hated it. I'm convinced that the mother was a smoke monster entity too (before MIB). They left it ambiguous, but there's enough evidence to support it. Plus when I looked it up on LOSTpedia they said Damon or Carlton was quoted saying that the destruction and killing of all of those people would have been pretty difficult for the mother to do in human form all by herself. lol So they pretty much hinted towards it. And of course she was killed by being stabbed with the knife before she could talk. Of course...the fact that the mother had human remains when she died (EVE) is different than MIB. But she was also protector of the island too. so who knows? Oh

All of the sideways awakenings were awesome again. Charlie and Claire's gets me every time. Sawyer and Juliet....Sun and Jin. Whew... tearing up just thinking about it. I still think the fact that they kept referring to electromagnetism as a "bright white light" in the episode leads us to think that the light that consumes them in the church is the same light. They become one with the source of life death and rebirth when they "move on".....and then of course their ghosts are around to visit the living and guide them on their path. (all of Hurley's visitors -> Charlie, Ana Lucia "libby says hey", etc...) That's all just my interpretation of it though. They could have just moved on to Heaven or whatever afterlife is in store for whatever faith you prescribe to. Obviously left open to interpretation. lol

I'm sure i may have more to say about it if I think a little more. But I did want to mention "The New Man in Charge" which I obviously watched after the end. Watching it this time around after discussing it several times on the Lost Blog, I was surprised at how many answers they actually fit into those 12 minutes. lol But the one thing I'm not sure I even thought about until this time around was the fact that they were driving around in a brand spankin new DHARMA Van and were going to seemingly "drive back" to the island. It really cracked me up this time. Maybe, while it was a funny little inside LOST joke, they were actually providing us one more answer on one method of getting to and from the island. Unless they found a DHARMA fan at one of the off island stations in mint condition. lol

I think I'm finally sold that maybe Anthony Cooper had been on the island for awhile. I still think it's weird that he said the first thing he saw was Locke. But it would make sense considering it looks like Richard didn't have any special ways to leave the island either. (he was very excited to get on that plane in the finale.) He must have used the sub before it blew up to get to and from the island. But not sure how he did it to visit Locke in the 50s. Anyway, maybe Jacob invented his own way off of the island just like maybe hurley did with the crazy dharma van. Or maybe he traveled back in time to get a brand new van, recorded the numbers that we never saw him record and then drove the thing 88 miles an hour and just showed up at Santa Rosa to pick up Walt in the present day. (before you think I'm serious, just know that I'm not! lol)

Anyway, my point is that I have no point, but I really enjoyed that epilogue this time around. It was just a fun little addition to the show. A great show that holds up very very well. I'm going to do my best to convince some of the naysayers I know to give it one more whirl on a rewatch and see if they change their minds about the end. But, in truth, not everyone is as crazy as us in wanting to rewatch old shows! LOL

Mike V. said...

I watched Breaking Bad last night and OMG it was nuts! Great great episode with a humdinger of an ending. I'll talk about it in a bit. I'm gonna be awhile on TB and Episodes. The Mrs. and the little guy have been on a trip over the wknd, so we probably won't be catching up until later this week. Justified s2 disc 2 should be here soon as well!

MJ said...

I balled for almost the whole Lost finale all over again. LOL

I didn't watch BB - had company all weekend and went to bed early last night, but I watched True Blood. LOL - we did opposites.

I know that I will watch BB tonight though - so feel free to comment and I'll check back tomorrow.

Mike V. said...

Well, I knew if I watched TB without my wife, she would never catch up on it. I'll force her to watch BB! lol But she'd want to anyway. The show is so damn good!

Yeah that LOST finale is so good. I was a puddle for most of it again. lol I'm already going through withdrawals from having no "new" LOST eps to watch. lol I almmost resumed Boardwalk this morning, but couldn't get myself to do it. lol So, I'm catching up on Wilfred now. It's a silly show but it entertains me! lol (started season 2)

Leslie said...

LOST – I know y’all are finished, but I got through 9 episodes of S5, Namaste. All the flashes; whatever happened, happened; Locke has to die, Hurley sees Ana Lucia, Latin is Others 101, the language of the enlightened (lol), Daniel says they need to bury Jughead, we meet young Widmore & Hawking, Dez & Penny’s baby is Charlie (awww!), Sawyer sees Kate deliver Claire’s baby, Jin is alive (and confused), we meet young Danielle, Jin tells Locke to lie to Sun and gives him his wedding ring, Locke goes down the well and Sawyer is left holding the rope, Christian says John was supposed to move the island, Jack puts his dad’s shoes on Locke. lol Frank says, “We’re not going to Guam, are we?” Locke goes on his mission to get them all to come back, is gonna kill himself, but Ben does it for him. Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin settle in to Dharmaville. Kate, Jack and Hurley become Dharma recruits while Sayid is a prisoner. Sun and Frank are in 2007 and talk to Christian. And, back in 1977, a young Ben takes a sandwich to Sayid. WOW!!!

Mike V. said...

"Christian says John was supposed to move the island" (i.e. The Man in Black/smokey says. lol Crazy Long con!) Sun and Frank are in 2007 and talk to the "Man in Black/smokey"! Great to watch it in hindsight with knowledge of what they were doing!

You know, since Locke was a candidate I wonder if he wouldn't have been able to kill himself. Jack couldn't, Michael couldn't. I think Ben HAD to kill Locke or it wouldn't have happened. And it was all a big long con of Smokey to make it happen. Good stuff! Never really thought about it until now.

I'm jealous you're still not finished. Those were all great moments. Really love season 5. But I was surprised how much I enjoyed season 6 on a rewatch too. Such a fabulous show that we were lucky enough to experience and can continue to experience over and over again!

Leslie said...

Hmmm...Richard even said Locke had to die, so I don't know. I definitely defer to your knowledge of this show. I don't know if I missed it, but did anyone ask Ben why he showed up on the plane all bloody and with his arm in a sling? I know he had called Jack before to get Locke's body. Then again, they were used to seeing him beaten up, so maybe no one was curious. lol And, I loved it when Sawyer was talking to Jack about how he was gonna think before acting, unlike Jack when he was in charge. I mean, he's head of security now, come on! lol

Mike V. said...

Leslie - For the Richard telling Locke thing....I know you're not to the point in your rewatch yet that I'm about to talk about and I don't know if you want me to re-spoil it. But if you don't mind then just read the next paragraph. If not, skip to the next one! lol

Richard did tell Locke he had to die. But it was MIB/Smokey who appeared as Locke that told Richard to tell Locke that. (Season 5: Follow the Leader) :) It was one big elaborate con of Smokey to start killing some candidates and get the rest of the candidates back to the island so he could kill them. (after he took care of Jacob of course)

I thought about Bloody Ben on the plane this time around too. I wondered why no one asked him about it. lol Good stuff. Jack asked him on the phone what happened but Ben didn't say. Of course he probably would have lied anyway. lol The funny thing with Sawyer's comment is, in the end he ended up having to react like Jack too when things got crazy! But it was still a good time. Hell, he never resisted a chance to get a jab in at Jack. He told him Locke was right about the freighter people at the end of season 4 (even though most of the people with Locke got killed). And then even in the SERIES finale he says Locke (MIB) was right when the whole Island starts falling apart. Ahhh that Sawyer. lol

MJ said...

"We're not going to Guam, are we" never fails to crack me up. Wow - you are really rolling now.

Hmmm - you might be on to something Mike. But - that is if it is true that Jack could not due to island's mysticism/magic like Michael. They never actually say that Jack couldn't due to magic rather than he could not bring himself to do it or that he stopped to help that acccident.

Revolution - another clip

Closer - I'll be sure to watch tonight Leslie and hopefully we can talk tomorrow.

Mike V. said...

Hmm, I dunno MJ. I think they pretty much answered the Jack not being able to kill himself in season 6 with the whole dynamite standoff with Richard. Basically, the island wasn't done with him yet because he had something he had to do. He was "Supposed" to take the leadership role on and kill Smokey. He tried to kill himself in the middle of the night by jumping off a bridge and a car just happened to drive by and give him something else to fix? Should we be mistaking fate for coincidence? (I reversed that on purpose lol) That accident happened BECAUSE it prevented Jack from killing himself. Even if he did jump, he would have been fine somehow. lol Just like the bullet would have bounced off of Michael's head if the gun didn't jam. Just like Sawyer got shot at in season 5 and it looked like the bullet went right through him. (that one may not have been intentional, but it sure seemed like it lol)

I'll check out the Revolution clip later, thanks!

Mike V. said...

Totally fogot Grimm is on tonight! Since I have the place to myself, I actually may watch it! lol

MJ said...

Yeah - gotta watch Grimm !! I['m doing Grimm, BB, and Closer tonight for sure.

S2 of Boardwalk - I have just the finale left. Been a good season, better than one even.

I totally agree about Jack with the dynamite - it was also to illustrate how he is now man of faith, he has faith that the island will not let a candidate die. But with Michael it was expressly stated that the island will not let him die, no one else had that statement said out plain like that. So yeah - it could be construed that jack had that same deal - but it's still assumption and guessing. That's all I meant - it's all in how you want to look at it. But even during the first watch I never did think that that bullet appeared to go thru Sawyer - it just went past him.

Mike V. said...

I stand by my points. lol Michael was used as an example. There were plenty of other examples. Tom used the term "the island is not done with you yet". That same phrase was used for several characters. So, the same rules were in place by association! lol We speculated during the show about this stuff too. Illana was immune until she told the people that they were candidates and then BOOM, she blows up. Ben even goes out of his way (i.e. the writers went out of THEIR way) to bring it up.

It was very apparent in the show. If they were going to take time to spell that out for every character we would have missed a lot of other plot developments! lol The simple fact that people survived that plane crash with superficial injuries is enough of an example that the island had an agenda for many of the passengers. (i.e. Jacob touched them....we never saw Jacob touch Michael, but we can probably guess that it happened) There were more candidates than just the remaining 6 at the end. That's who we focused on at the end because they were the only uncrossed names.

Good to hear about Boardwalk. I'll get to it eventually! S1 was just so slow that it takes a lot of motivation to hit play on an ep! lol (kinda like how people thought the first half of TWD Season 2 was and I didn't lol) I'm still fired up that I know a spoiler from the finale. You'll know soon enough and will probably be able to guess what I know! lol

Mike V. said...

As for Sawyer, I really didn't think twice about it until we started getting into a discussion on the blog about it. Sawyer made a crazy look like he thought the shot was gonna hit him and it just didn't. But, that one definitely is up for debate.

The Jack/Michael/Illana/Locke etc... stuff I really think that is less assumption and more of an ANSWER they tried to provide. I do remember Darlton talking about it on a podcast. Maybe after Meet Kevin Johnson. But I could have sworn they called back to Jack on the bridge and how it was a similar thing.

Back in season 1, Sayid made a point to bring up how could they possibly have survived that plane crash. So that was definitely a mystery we were supposed to be wondering about. And it was probably one of the biggest mysteries of the show. They survived because they were brought there. They survived because they had a purpose to fulfill. And they couldn't die until they fulfilled their purpose. Some people had worse purposes than others with that logic though! lol

Mike V. said...

I keep thinking of more stuff. The Oceanic 6 plus Desmond and Frank survived the crazy helicopter crash into the ocean too! lol

MJ said...

I hear ya - but just don't agree. I won't make the assumption that Jack could not physically die just because Michael could not. I think of Michael as special/different since he made a deal with the devil/leader/others. And I don't assume that all on that plane were candidates or brought there. Some just had tickets on the wrong flight ! LOL

Grimm - what a great ep! Fabulous show - gave so much information.

BB - OMG! I can't believe that guy (can't remember name) killed that kid. Cause did he really see anything ? Jessie was just beside himself. And Walt - bugging his brother in law ? And very clever to tell Hank how Schuyler doesn't love or trust him - get his side out first. had to laugh - Hank could not get out of that office fast enough.

MJ said...

Also menat to say about BB - another week where Jessie is the idea guy and smart. It's more than him just being sober and clean - they really are going out of their way to show him as a smart person.

Leslie said...

MJ - Did you watch The Closer?

Mike V. said...


LOST - I totally agree that not EVERYONE on the plane were candidates. But, there was a wall with a lot of names that once were candidates and a wheel in the lighthouse with names also. Lots of these people were candidates. For the record, Michael's name WAS on the wall and the lighthouse dial.

Obviously there were people that were on the wrong flight and maybe they benefitted from the fact that so many candidates were on the plane and they survived because of it. But, I'm still absolutely certain that the fact that the "island was not done with them" was because they had a purpose to serve on the island. That would mean Jack and Michael had a similar reason for staying alive. They could die sure, but if they tried to initiate it themselves it couldn't happen. (Jack tried to jump off the bridge, he also lit the stick of dynamite. Michael drove the car, got interrupted by friendly, and the gun jammed) Illana wasn't a candidate but she was touched by Jacob and had a purpose to serve before she died. The fact that Ben brought the comment up in Everybody Loves Hugo was clearly telling us that there was a common thread among all of these things.

And for the record, Locke was stopped by Walt from killing himself too because "he had work to do".

I guess you're entitled to not agree, but I am entitled to know you're wrong in not agreeing! lol I guess this will be my new thing to try and prove since you're finally on board with Smokey=MIB=Christian! lol

BTW, while I was trying to search the web for info on this, I ended up finding Damon and Carlton ranting off a couple of confirmed answers of what was smokey and what wasn't I vaguely remember this podcast. lol

"Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse played a word association game with regard to the status of certain characters and creatures. The responses are as follows: Ben's mother = apparition; Sawyer's boar = animal; the spider that killed Nikki = monster; Hurley's bird = no comment; Dave = figment of imagination/apparition; Yemi = monster; the cat in "Enter 77" = coincidence; Walt = person (off the island), an apparition that may not be Walt (on the island), and also monster-related; the horse that Kate saw = undead, similar to Christian Shephard and Yemi."

Weird that they suggest that "Taller ghost walt" may not have been Walt. They didn't say he was smokey though. lol Maybe it was the ISLAND making sure John stayed his path. But they did confirm the Horse may have been Smokey since it was "similar to Christian and Yemi". They also confirmed Ben's Mom wasn't smokey. Interesting. lol

Gonna comment on everything else now.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Was awesome! They really did give a lot of info. I loved a lot of stuff in the ep but the one thing that comes to mind right now is when his mom opened a few drawers and got a secret compartment to open. And Nick says "that was cool". lol

Feels like they're going to really dive into the mythology this year which is kinda cool. But, I'm sure they'll take a Fringe approach with having Monsters of the Week as well. The opening intro for newbies was clue enough for that. They're going to try and mask this thing as a procedural as it dives more and more into an ongoing story. lol

I saw them advertising a free ebook during the show, so I downloaded it to my iPad (also available for Kindle Fire and iphone). Very impressive. They provide lots of information for anyone who really wants to read up on this stuff. I could see myself referring to it while watching an episode if they bring up one of those Vesen names. lol

BB - Okay, you need to stop everything you're watching right now and immediately start Friday Night Lights if you don't recognize the dude that shot the kid. That will forever be LANDRY! lol (of course, Coach called him Lance. lol) But yeah...WOW. I can't believe he shot the kid either. I figured that beginning scene would play into the ep somehow, but I had totally forgotten about it by the end. Not sure if the kid saw anything, but I'm sure even Walt would have hesitated on killing the kid. How about that Heist scene though? It was so intense. They did a great job with it. Yeah that whole scene with Walt and Hank was nuts. We just had no idea where it was going and then got awkward real fast! lol Good stuff. Love this show. Can't believe there's only 3 left for this half season.

MJ said...

Leslie - i sure did ! I liked it. I know some didn't but I thought it was great. Very actiony for that show - could not believe when she jumped into that elevator and started slapping the crap out of that guy ! Very touching in the end when they gave her the bag full of ring dings ! Glad she's taking Gabriel with her since Flynn and Julio will probably never get past it all.

MJ said...

Nope - not going to get me with this one. Michael was special and cheated when he left. If the producers want to leave so much open to interpretation then i'm going to interpret. Jack did not kill himself due to his own need to be a fixer. I don't believe the island intervened. I did once - but i thought the island had special powers other than just the electro magnetism. They didn't want to tell me what those powers are, so then I don't know. And I don't mean the stopper on evil thing - for years we thought the island really could do or affect so many things that never paid off. But I'm happy with my beliefs now that i've watched it all again without looking for all that stuff that was unimportant to the end story.

Weird that while they say similar to Christian and yemi they said undead too.

Grimm - yeah the secret compartment was fun, reminded me slightly of the Nick Cage movie whose name is eluding me about the Oval office desk. Am I right that they have just told us that the capt is one of these royal families ?? Agreed - they will not drop the procedural, but that's ok too.

BB - no - never watched FNL - I'm too far removed from that age to watch teenage angst. It's all I can do to stay with TVD ! LOL I was yelling at the tv telling Jessie to just stop it already when Walt was saying keep going! I've alredy decied to start buying BB - I think this show will be one hell of a rewatch. Back to back I think the tension ratcheting will really be felt. And Schyler is getting more chilling each week.

Read an article that they felt that Walt and the chemical chick seemed to have some chemistry. I didn't pick up on it though

Leslie said...

MJ - I liked it, too. Yeah, it was intense at times. When the killer made that comment about her mother, I thought, uh oh, he's gonna go after her now because she's too close. They left it open for her and Gabriel to make an appearance every now and then, and I think Fritz is still going to be around. I didn't watch the new show yet.

Mike V. said...

LOST - I can understand where you're coming from but I respectfully disagree! lol There was a common theme they were trying to weave together about the Island having a specific plan for each person. And once that plan was fulfilled, then that person could die. Maybe saying the "island" intervened with Jack's suicide attempt is a little much. But, I still think if he tried to kill himself, it wouldn't have happened. Same with Locke. The source of the Island has a strong electromagnetic charge but it definitely had more powers than just pulling metal towards it! lol I mean, this is the same Island that cured Rose of cancer and gave Locke the power of his legs back. And it was an island where people healed very quickly. Sure, it seems like Jacob was able to channel some of that energy by reviving Locke after his fall (but still kept him paralyzed) and healing Ilana from whatever mysterious injury she had in her flashback. But the island definitely was a special place. But, if you want to go by what they didn't tell you that's fine. lol If I ever stumble upon Damon and Carlton talking about the whole "island not letting you die" conversation, I'll be sure to share it.

You have to keep in mind that conversation I posted was when season 4 was airing. So, they probably weren't ready to come out and say that Christian was the smoke monster. That really wasn't confirmed until season 6. I think the fact that they said "similar to yemi" who they confirmed as smokey may confirm that the horse was smokey too. Since we know Christian was.

GRIMM - National Treasure, I believe you're thinking of. lol Hmmm...I may have missed them saying that the captain is one of the royal families, but that's probably a safe bet that he is.

BB - Ugh...I can't believe FNL has that stigma. Trust me, it has nothing to do wtih TEEN Angst. Sure, there's some of it since it revolves around high school football but it is not a 90210/TVD type show. It is an amazing drama. And, I'd rank it up there with LOST of one of the best dramas of our time. I bought my mom season 1 for christmas once and when she finally watched it she was so hooked she shared it with my grandmother who loved it also. Kyle Chandler (the coach) is the main character and his relationship with his family and his team. It doesn't totally revolve around the high school kids. Sure, some of them are main characters but they do graduate and life goes on in Dillon, Texas. Really, Dillon, Texas may be the main character of the show. I can't speak highly enough of the show. Anyway, I highly recommend it and please do not ever compare it to Teenage Dramas again! lol

Yeah, me too with yelling at Jesse. I was definitely biting nails. It was such a relief when they finished the job that the gunshot just put my jaw to the floor. It was so crazy! Skylar definitely is getting chilling. And she's still smoking in every scene! I read someone theorizing that she's trying to accelerate the cancer returning. lol Totally agree on the rewatch. Though, I may not buy the show. It's streaming on Netflix so I'll just watch it that way! plus I own season 3 on Amazon because there was no way we were waiting over a year to watch it after we breezed through season 1 and 2 on our first viewing! lol

Definitely didn't pick up on the chemistry between Walt and chemical chick. But, that character is starting to grow on me. lol

MJ said...

Leslie - LOL I didn't watch the new one yet either. I actually like the actor who played Fritz and wish they had found more to do with him.

BB- I kinda like Lydia too (name just came to me). Considering her situation she's kinda ballsy.

Grimm - as i feared, putting on early and a different night/time did it no favors. UGH!

FNL - maybe one of these summers when i have nothing else to marathon I'd check it out. i knew all about Chandler and Britton - but still thought it revolved around a bunch of the teens - and yes - very much thought it was a smalltown 90210. LOL

Mike V. said...

BB - Ahh right, Lydia. Yeah she definitely is ballsy. And keeps finding ways to stay alive. lol

Grimm - ratings weren't good I take it? There were some that didn't know it returned (from reading comments on EW). One person deleted it from their DVR thinking it was a rerun. lol

FNL - I think NBC was "HOPING" for a smalltown 90210 because in season 2 they tried to spice things up a bit and it backfired. Of course, it was a strike season so their one bad plot-line was dropped pretty quickly. lol The problem with FNL is that it really fit no specific genre and was completely unmarketable. It was just a great piece of work that couldn't find a large audience. Thank God DirecTV stepped in to give it 3 more short seasons. 3 EXCELLENT seasons. Awesome awesome show.

Mike V. said...

From what I'm reading, the Grimm numbers were actually pretty decent in comparison to its usual numbers. I read it's the 2nd highest number they've ever gotten. With it being in the middle of summer and on a different day of the week, that's not too bad. I wasn't expecting some shocking 12 million viewers type number. lol It did win the night against its competition.

If it could continue to air on Fridays with those numbers (probably will be less), that isn't too shabby! I guess if any "new viewers" end up becoming new Grimm addicts and follow it to Friday, it's a win. But, they obviously ran the risk of annoying returning fans who didn't realize it was back and once they do catch onto it being on Monday will get annoyed when it's on Friday again. lol

But, they really have to give Revolution a shot after THE VOICE to cash in on that carryover audience. Of course, besides people like me I'm not sure what type of people out there watch both THE VOICE and a show like Revolution. Then again, same goes for The Voice and Grimm. lol

And of course, do carryover audiences really matter in the DVR/Digital Streaming era? If it does, it won't for much longer.

Mike V. said...

GRIMM - I saw the EW column that said it was disappointing numbers too. But, I also read that Grimm will be reairing every Friday in its normal slot during this experimental run. Not sure exactly what that means for viewer retention but at least the people that missed it will have a 2nd chance to see it/record it!

MJ said...

Grimm - I felt that NBC expected an increase in numbers and when that didn't occur it made me nervous.

When I read your comment about putting Revolution right after Voice I was going to say that even though it could get carry over viewers it could also alienate some. You have a point about does carry over really matter any more - but I still know people who don't use a DVR right. I have a co-worker who didn't set up BB as a series and then forgot to tape it 2 sundays ago. I told her AMC repeats it several times over the week. She then complained it's not ondemand on Fios (which is wrong). Days later when I asked her she still had not watched or taped it. She's not stupid - is quite tech savvy really (is in IT with me) but she just can't be bothered. Scheduling a show is not a priority even though she likes the show. So there are still some old schoolers out there that really do just watch what follows a fave show probably. Nothing surprises me any more. LOL
And yes - Grimm from monday is repeated friday. But again - idiots that don't know how to set their series properly would get it recorded.

MJ said...

I meant would NOT get it recorded. LOL That's what I get for calling them idiots.

Leslie said...

MJ - LOL! I know what you mean about "those people". I got a friend to finally watch the first season of The Walking Dead, and he really loved it. Then, last month when AMC aired the marathon of S2, I told him so he could record it. When I later asked if he got it recorded, he said he didn't because he was too busy that weekend. Too busy to program the DVR??? Good grief! Then again, this same friend just figured out he could pause live TV, so talk about old school! lol I don't know how I would survive without my DVR anymore.

MJ said...

Too funny Leslie.

Yeah - I love my DVR! I would give up my laptop and cell phone before i gave up my DVR I think.

Mike V. said...

LOL, all good stories there.

Of course, the more and more I read is that one day we'll be heading to an all streaming society. I think that's a very long ways off. Instead we'll have people doing it all sorts of different ways so measuring a show's viewership will have to change as well as monetizing the show. Because let's face it, 3 minutes of commercials between segments of an episode isn't really viable in the long run.

Cable companies are eventually going to have to compete with these streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. Because their prices are flat out ridiculous. Most people can view the stuff they want to on 9 bucks a month. The thing keeping broadcast TV alive for now are LIVE events and first runs of these shows. (you can't stream them until the next day usually) But, it won't be long before SOMEONE cracks the code on streaming live events. Even APPLE has been experimenting it lately on their APPLE TV device.

But, totally agree. There is still a large population viewing the old fashioned way so there is still some relevancy to the traditional form of scheduling shows. It will be interesting though if the trends ever change. Like say Netflix (who will be premiering the return of Arrested Development) gets more first run TV shows. Their plan is to release whole seasons all at once. It totally changes the water-cooler aspect of TV. It changes the way we discuss the shows. It would change the way blogs like this would operate too! lol Of course, will blogs even exist in this utopian (or non-utopian) future? lol

Ahh technology. It's a blessing and a curse!

MJ said...

Strange coincidence - I went to watch a show last night that i had taped on a delayed viewing and was missing the first couple of mins. So I just went to on-demand to watch it. It was torture ! LOL They had like 3 sets of commercials and FF was not allowed. I haven't watched a commercial in years ! And - like an idiot it wasn't until the end that I realized I'd only missed the first 5 mins and could have then just gone to my DVR recording and not had to sit thru the commercials. LOL DOH!

I think there will be one thing that will hold off 100% streaming and that will be that they will insert commercials into those broadcasts that we can't bypass - similar to what I was stuck with last night. And I hated it, so why would I give up being able to record and skip ? I know streaming now does not have the commercials but realisticly I know that they will eventually !

Major Crimes: Have you watched yet Leslie? Wasn't bad. I like the actress who plays Raydor so I keep trying to like the show. It was kinda slow. They went out of their way to say this is not about getting that confession in the end (not the Closer) and how they would do things differently - which was dull. So maybe future eps will pick up the pace some.

Mike V. said...

Funny story and good timing for this discussion! True, the ads are a problem but that's on the websites and hulu. And not sure if you subscribe to Hulu plus if they still force you to watch commercials?? I'm not a subscriber.

But with Amazon Prime and Netflix there are absolutely no commercials, or if you buy your episodes. Yes the free streaming has commercials. And the only way to watch "NEW" content and stream it, is to suffer through some commericals. That is, besides the new shows that are coming directly to Netflix like Arrested Development's 4th season.

I don't think by any means they have perfected the model yet. But one thing's for sure. The DVR has already done its damage for any future models with advertisements. The average consumer of these new products won't stand for commercial interruptions anymore! They have to find a new way to get their advertisements into shows. The awful product placements are one way but maybe there are others. And of course, broadcast networks just overlay advertisements all over their screens during episodes. The worst in recent memory was the V countdown during a final season episode of LOST! lol It was in all of my screenshots!

I guess there's nothing to do but wait and see!

Still haven't watched any of Sunday's shows. My wife was home last night but I had to rewatch Breaking Bad with her, and I had absolutely no issues with doing that. It was so good! I'm out tonight, so could be doing some catchup over the wknd!

Leslie said...

MJ - Nope, haven't watched Major Crimes yet. Probably won't until the weekend, along with more LOST! Gotta get that finished this month. :)

I HATE those overlay ads, but if that's a price for all of the advantages of a DVR, I can accept it!

MJ said...

yeah - this was free on demand so was stuck with the commercials.

Funny - i was going to ask if you'd watched Episodes yet. I only just watched last night.

MJ said...

HIMYM new season pic ! Oh my !

MJ said...

And new Dexter promo - that reveals quite alot I think

Mike V. said...

Nice...I just came on here to post that stuff! Day off today so I'm running a little late on my pop culture news. lol

Mike V. said...

GoT - You probably saw this too and it doesn't mean much to you since you don't really know Mance Rayder's character in the book. But you may know Ciarin Hinds! (sp)

Great actor, but it's definitely not who I pictured for the role. lol I'm sure he'll do great with it though! (not sure if I mentioned but I'm finally all caught up on the 5 books!)

Mike V. said...

I hadn't watched the Dexter trailer before I posted a comment. But, WOW! Looks like things might get back on track this season. Of course, the stuff they're showing looks like stuff I would've pictured for a final season. Everyone connecting the dots to cases over the years that point to Dexter. Of course, maybe those events will play out over 2 seasons and then they'll call it a day! lol

HIMYM - I'm sure it's all a tease. lol

Mike V. said...

Fringe teaser!

Mike V. said...

Jeff Fahey (lapidus) to guest on revolution.

Mike V. said...

Another fringe promo. Looks like we may get some flashbacks to the old present (ish) time. Lol

MJ said...

Wow - you finished all 5 books ! Congrats. I did read who got the rol but yeah - means nothing to me as i don't know the character.

I just saw Fahey on a show I watched saturday. No beard, cut hair - was weird. LOL

Fox on demand has some tidbits of their new shows - gotta say that I was impressed by several. Mob Doctor looks better than I thought. Goodwin Games for midseason looks like some quirky fun (had the chick Barney is now engaged to in it) an the Following looks great ! Mindy Project will be a perfect fit with New Girl.

Gotta go - did NOT watch BB, TB or Episodes. Will probably watch tonight though.

Ill check out the Fringe link.

MJ said...

Oh - also - Boardwalk Empire - even though I knew who died in the finale it still blew me away how they did it.

Mike V. said...


B.E. - Yep, I know who dies too which has really had me slacking on catching up in season 2. And probably what convinced Shanna to not even want to watch it! But, I'm gonna get to it. Your words are encouraging! lol

GoT - Thanks for the congrats! It actually was quite an achievement to read those 5 thousandish page books! Took me like 1.5 years? lol I took a big break during book 2 and really didn't resume until I went digital (Kindle/iPad). Mance is definitely an interesting character. I'm sure what's his face will do a good job with him. Still can't picture it though!

Nice on Fahey. lol

The Mindy Project is really all that I've seen anything for so far with the FOX shows. I've heard about Following though. (is that the kevin bacon show or some other former movie star in a TV show? lol) I'll have to keep an eye on the other ones.

I'm caught up on BB and TB (i.e. watched last week's and this week's). also watched last week's Episodes but will probably watch the new one tonight. I'll wait to comment until you're caught up! But for last week's wife so called that he was calling the stalker. I should've called it, but I figured he was calling Merk's (SP) wife and Merk was going to pick up. lol Still enjoying that show!

Leslie said...

LOST – Finished S5 this weekend! Another great season! Just some highlights…..

Ben tells Sayid he’s a killer, and then Sayid gets his chance to shoot young Ben. Jack refuses to help Juliet with young Ben. Hurley’s checking his hand to see if he’s disappearing, and then he and Miles discuss time travel. Great scene! lol Loved Ben’s face when he woke up and sees John, “Welcome back to the land of the living.” Ben says John being alive “scares the living hell out of him” since dead is dead. Ben is judged by the smoke monster. What lies in the shadow of the statue? We learn about Miles and dad Dr. Chang. Hurley says Miles is just jealous because his power is better than his. Hurley writing Empire Strikes Back. Dez survives being shot by Ben. Daniel comes back with a plan. Widmore is Daniel’s dad. “Your mother is an Other?” lol Eloise sent Daniel back knowing she would shoot him in 1977. Jack wants to follow through with Daniel’s plan to set off the bomb. Locke tells Ben he wants to see Jacob so he can kill him.

The Incident – We finally get to meet Jacob and the MIB. We see Jacob touching everyone. That guy gets around! Ben admits he’s never seen Jacob. John tells Ben that HE gets to kill Jacob. We finally see Rose, Bernard and Vincent living happily on their island paradise. Kate, Juliet and Sawyer go to stop Jack from setting off the bomb, but they finally get on board with the plan. Jack drops the bomb, but it doesn’t go off. Sawyer says, “This don’t look like LAX.” Juliet gets pulled down with the chains, and Sawyer tries to save her. Tears were flowing! Ilana and crew show up at the beach, and Richard knows what lies in the shadow of the statue. They show everyone Locke’s body. So, who’s in with Jacob? Uh oh! He found the loophole! Ben stabs Jacob. John kicks him into the fire. Juliet hits the bomb, and all goes white! WOW!!!!!

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - You're getting there!! I wish I was watching it again already. lol

Just filling in the blanks in the highlights (of course, I can't resist!)...Ben sees John but he's really seeing Smokey. And then he is judged by Smokey as he was lured there by John/MIB/Smokey in the first place to be judged. All part of his elaborate scheme to get Jacob out of the equation and get rid of the candidates!

I love that Hurley/Miles time travel scene as well. Could watch it over and over. lol

Ben admitting he's never seen Jacob starts to lend itself to the idea that Jacob was not in that cabin in season 3. Of course we kinda get the idea in season 3 that Ben has never seen Jacob when he didn't hear "HELP ME" and John did and Ben shot him as a result. lol Anyway, it was MIB the whole time in that cabin. And of course BRAM/Ilana confirm that at some point in the finale.

Poor Juliet....that was a rough scene to watch...even the umpteenth time! lol

Good highlights! Ahh season 5, it was a good time. Enjoy the final season! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the rewatch!

Leslie said...

Mike - Yeah, as you've figured out as we've gone along, I do my highlights like I'm seeing it for the first time. We didn't know yet what the deal was with John, but I noticed Richard mentioned how different he seemed, and John explained it by saying he now knew his purpose.

I know I've said this before in my rewatch, but I love how this show still creates that excitement and tension as you watch even when you know what's gonna happen. Great storytelling!

I know we talked about how we all didn't like Juliet in the beginning, and it took awhile to trust her, yet in the end, it was really sad to see her go. She and Sawyer finally had a good thing going. As an actress, she is really expressive with her eyes. Your heart just breaks for her when she tells Sawyer that if she never meets him, then she won't have to go through losing him. Awwwww!

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Yeah, I know what you were doing. I just like to fill in the "and now since we know all of the answers let's see if we can figure it all out in the rewatch" blanks for everyone and for my own sanity! lol :)

Agreed the storytelling was top notch on this show and among the best ever seen on Network TV, at least.

And Juliet/Sawyer was one of the great unintended surprises of this show by far. It seemed like they were gonna keep that Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle going right until the end, but I think they stumbled upon a happy accident and perfect solution to their dilemma in Juliet! Of course, I think we all knew it would be Jack/Kate in the end even if it was for a brief second and then eventually an eternity. lol

Mike V. said...

Revenge S2 Promo -

(haven't watched yet)

Mike V. said...

September (and some of October) Season/Series Premiere and Finale dates.

MJ said...

Following is the Bacon show - looks pretty dark.

Eps last week - i thought he was gonna call the english chick ! LOL. This week's was interesting - all I'll say.

BB - OMG! I loved that they harkened back to that whole ting with the company Walt got bought our of - but it's not like making meth is a legit business to build an empore from. And that dinner ! I'm feeling almost that the guy who killed the kid will be groomed to replace Jessie in Walt's mind.

TB - so all season long we've waited for a 'war' and it's going to be 1 ep ? This show needs better plotting or timing or something.

Saw one promo for Revenge - show her tied up under water. LOL

I can't remmeber what show now but they said the promo was almost too spoilery so I didn't look at it. Did you see the fringe one ?

oh god - I lost it when Juliet died ! I really did - both times. And i hope I'm not ruining it but you'll see it again at the premier of S6 !

'Agreed the storytelling was top notch on this show and among the best ever seen on Network TV, at least. ' Hmmm - it comes close but don't know about best - oh wait - B5 was only sorta network. Started on 17 I think back when it wasn't a major channel. Same for SG1 LOL

Mike V. said...

I'm sure I'll set the Season Pass for Following. I think I'm going to have a lot of shows that I'll be watching weekly in the mornings on the treadmill. lol It took us a long time just to watch 30 minutes of TV last night with Parker fussin! lol (Episodes) That's not a regular occurrence but yikes. lol

So I'm all caught up on Episodes. Funny that you thought he was calling the English chick. (Can't remember her name either) This week's was definitely interesting. But next week's finale looks to be over the top hysterical. lol Can't think of anything to really call out from this week, but I did enjoy it.

BB - Yeah, they definitely did a callback to Walt's company. Loved Jesse's comment about the empire not being something to be proud of. And yes, the dinner...hysterical!! Him talking about microwave lasagna was priceless. Todd/Landry might be a replacement in Walt's mind. I'm sure Walt is looking to expand his resources and start outsourcing BLUE to his competition for a marked up price. We'll see! But, the big question is, will he just let Jesse and Mike walk? I'm sure he has a way to keep Jesse roped in...or something will happen to keep him roped in. I wonder if, in the end, Jesse is going to find out somehow about all of the manipulation Walt has done in his life and it's going to bring the 2 to an ultimate conflict. You'd think something like that has to happen or if not, Hank will be involved. I had listened to a podcast interviewing Vince Gilligan and he wouldn't answer the question on if Jesse will find out the truth. He was very vague but he was much more clear on Hank learning the truth. He thinks that payoff is expected. Can't wait!

TB - Oh come on, you know that all serialized television works that way. They always build up to one episode that has the actual "WAR" or "battle" lol I'm not going to argue with you on True Blood though. The show's pacing is definitely not at the top of its game! But I thought the past couple episodes were decent.

Revenge - I think that was the same promo. lol

Fringe - I think I posted one or 2 Fringe promos. There's been a few of them now. So, I'm sure I've seen whatever one you saw. lol

LOST - Yeah, I wouldn't count B5 or SG1 but I didn't watch them either! lol I was talking the Big 4 (including Fox) networks where most of the shows are pretty formulaic. LOST kinda broke that mold and became something pretty special! There was a good podcast I just listened to that had a couple of well known LOST recappers (Mo Ryan and Ryan McGee) rewatching LaFleur but ending up commenting on LOST as a whole. Look up "Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan" in Google or iTunes and I'm sure you'll find it if you're interested. Pretty good overall conversation of the show and why it was so special and why it's so difficult to duplicate

Grimm - I watched this morning. Another great ep! Don't want to say anything until I know I'm in the clear. lol

MJ said...

Eps - only thing mildly interesting was Carol possible getting Merc's job !

Bb - part of me says yes - he'll let them walk but then he has people out there who know who he is that he can't control. Like the legacy guys Mike keeps paying. But that was my thought - that he'll pay them 5 mill each to leave and keep quiet. Then take the new guy to be the new Jessie to help him cook. Didn't think about what you are saying - have these competitors become your distributors basicly.

TB - if it wasn't for the Pamisms I might have left. LOL It's more than just building to the end - it's being at the end and then it's 'that's it? We shall see.

Grimm - nope - had to watch all the sunday shows last night. LOL Probably get there tonight though.

Mike V. said...

Eps - RIGHT! I knew I forgot something big. Yeah, I think it mainly setup for a big blowout in the finale, but we'll see!

BB - Yeah, I really think it's going to head that way. Walt wants an Empire. I know it's not the same thing as a Monopoly but it's similar in terms of total dominance. They have a superior product so why not supply it to everyone and they all reel in the dough? Of course, something is bound to go wrong with a "perfect plan" like that on Breaking bad! lol

TB - Ahh...I see what you're saying. The Pamisms are pretty fantastic. lol But, I think everyone is feeling a little bit of "HUH?" with the show these days. It's pretty darn bizarre. And I'm saying that about a show that accepts Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters and other "supes" as normal. lol

Grimm - No problem, mum's the word until then! :)

Mike V. said...

TWD is EW mag's cover story this week!

MJ said...

TB - LOL ! Yeah - there's hardly any humans left.

Grimm: So do you thing Mama Grimm recognized that that was Nick's boss leaving Adalind's mom's house ? that was a little squirrely that Nick was basicly able to convince the FBI to just accept they got their guy and not push any further - it was their own kind that was killed afterall. And - cops guns are registered to them, so when Nick turned in that second gun how'd they not know it's not his usual ? Unless the one he tossed was not his cop gun ! Loved that whole ride home scene - and Monroe's girlfriend hugging mama ! LOL Too funny. Andy yay! they confirmed my suspicions from the premier that capt is royalty - a bastard prince apparently. Great scene with the capt trying to purify too.

Mike V. said...

TB - Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous! I guess as long as Jason Stackhouse remains human we're good. lol

Grimm - I kept wondering if she was going to tell Nick about her boss. I can't remember if they have shared a scene together yet or not. I don't know why she wouldn't tell Nick that she saw a man leaving the house though. I'm sure it'll resurface. And considering she hasn't left town yet, maybe she'll be doing some more investigations on her own.

Yeah the whole thing with Nick avoiding getting caught was a little dodgy. I wonder how long he's going to keep his secret from Hank at least. It seems like they're setting up eventually for him coming clean this season to him. Yeah the Monroe/Girl/Nick's Mom car ride was a great scene. I really gotta learn these names! lol And yes, it's cool that the captain is royalty. What's not cool? ANOTHER amnesia storyline on television! LOL I'm sure there will be some kind of reason for it. Maybe because the captain kissed her, she has some kind of bond to him or something. But, ever since Teri Bauer lost her memory around hour 12 of 24's first season, I get a little eye rolly over amnesia plots. lol Claire losing her memory on LOST, Sarah losing her memory on Chuck (and I definitely interpret it as her regaining her memory at the end lol)'s just too convenient sometimes! But whatever lol.

Justified - Finally started disc 2 of season 2. Watched 2 back to back episodes that dealt with a bank robbery and the money that Raylan's ex took from the evidence room. Crazy stuff! Surely, the chief/captain guy figured out what was going on there when he saw Raylan guarding the door and the ex coming out of there. lol Great episodes though! And what's his face from Walking Dead season 2 (Hershel) was the main bad guy in the bank robbery. Was great watching the 2 old guys in a slow paced chase at the airport. lol

MJ said...

TWD - cool covers.


Grimm - she's stayed pretty hidden, don't know if she has seen Nick's boss or partner even. According to promos next week Hank might be getting some info sooner rather than later.

Hank is such an uncommon name - yet 2 shows have them. I never remember Monroe's girl's name ! agree on the amnesia - so obvious a plot any more. But lol on the 24 call back !

Justified - yeah, Raylan's capt is def suspicious is all i will say, how crazy was that of her !?! That chase was funny - I remember that.

Mike V. said...

TWD - Yeah, I'm getting pretty excited for it to return!

SOA - I've seen a few previews on TV and on sites, but I'll check this one out to. Definitely psyched for this to return!

Grimm - Yeah, I saw the promo but we've been fooled before with that stuff! lol But, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened at some point this season. It could still be a secret from everyone else but at least Hank would be in the loop to help him keep his cover. Or maybe Nick finding out about the Captain will happen first. We'll see!

Funny about the name Hank being on 2 shows. lol

Justified - It was really crazy of her! lol When I first saw her just bringing a hundred dollar bill to the bank, I was baffled. But of course she explained eventually that she took the whole thing. Good times! Really enjoying this show.

Mike V. said...

Justified - Well, the captain definitely knows and Raylan knows it. He got assigned a security detail to the lady from HUNG. lol (ironically, Mags was on Hung too and I only watched the first season and couldn't "bare" anymore. lol whew...that was a bad joke!) Anyway, lots of drama went down with the Bennett family. There was a town hall meeting where Mags probably earned her emmy. lol And then she announced a Whoopty Doo! They had a party and everyone had a good time (ish). But the girl definitely put 2 and 2 together that her dad was killed when she saw Bram wearing the watch. And of course Bram was feeling all neglected by his mama so he snorted some stuff and was all out of it. Long story short, he choked faraday (but didn't kill him) and then had an all out brawl with Raylan at the mine shaft. Girl pointed a gun, Raylan took the chance to shoot bram and he fell down the shaft. Yikes. We were guessing all sorts of scenarios in that 20 minute span of who was going to end up dead. lol

Mags ain't too happy right now!! So anyway, we have 4 more episodes of season 2. But they're on disc 3 so I'll have to wait for Netflix to ship it. And then season 3 is on the TiVo! Great show!

Oh right and Boyd is in cahoots with Mags. Of course he is!! lol (or he's just pretending to be to figure out what she's up to). And right now my prediction is the little girl is going to end up killing Mags, but we'll see!

MJ said...

Hung - didn't even get thru the whole first season. LOL

Justified - glad you are enjoying mine (and others) recommendation! Mags was great at that town hall - but she has a few more scenes to come. Boyd is always in cahoots with someone. Hmm - I can't remember my seasons now, is Boyd dating yet ?

I wondered at the time, is a whoopty doo the same as a hootenany ? LOL

I have 'no comment' on your prediction.

Mike V. said...

Hung - Don't blame you! lol

Justified - Yeah, it's definitely a good time! I figured Mags would have some other stellar scenes to come. As for Boyd dating, unless you count some seeming flirtation with Ava, then not really. (he asked her to dance at the Whoopty Do lol) And yeah, I think I thought about the hootenany too! I also thought of "Hoop Dee Doo Revue" which was some show at Disney World back in my youth. lol Oh my bad, I googled it and it's still there! LOL

As for my prediction, I would hope you'd have no comment! lol

MJ said...

Yup - been to the Hoopty Do Review my self back in the day. LOL

Lost: ok Mike - is this Parker's room ? LOL Watch the video, then end shows more than the pic does. Very funny.

Mike V. said...

Yet another benefit of Twitter! I saw this nursery weeks ago. :-) lol But sadly no, it's not Parker's room. lol

So we couldn't wait for Justified so we bought a couple episodes and I had the final 2 already tivo'd. We still have to watch the finale but we saw some crazy stuff already! lol Ugh, I'm awful with names but Faraday blew Raylan's Aunt away. And then Raylan caught him but they were all free by the end of the episode. So it's the remaining Bennets against Rylan in the finale. Gonna be a good time! I still think that girl will kill Mags! Oh yeah, and Boyd and Ava are an item now. So crazy. lol

Mike V. said...

AHS - New art/screenshots:

BB - WOW! This show is just incredible. Walt's manipulation of Jesse is crazy, but Jesse still tried to walk seeing how demented the man is. Hank is closing in. And then Mike. There are no happy endings. I was thinking back to that episode earlier in the season where Walt said that Mike would have to "go" and when he saw the gun in the bag, I figured out it would end. But to see Walt regret his decision and start panicking. I didn't see that coming! They are showing him become this maniachal man, but they clearly are showing that while he thinks he is in control of the situation, he most definitely is not. I guess our Mid-season finale will deal with cleaning up that mess of a crime scene he just made. But, who knows with this show!?

TB - I really have no words. lol It was an entertaining "LITERAL" bloodbath of a finale, but the show is just beyond crazy now. Andy has 4 illegitimate insta-kids. (my "LIGHT" just broke! lol) The entire Authority has been wiped off of the face of the earth. Bill died and was reborn as a god??? lol Oh boy. Surely, there will be some redemption for his character eventually. And maybe for a slight instant, I thought they really killed him off. lol Jason was once again the MVP of the episode with his vamper kills and ghost talking to his parents (Hello TVD!). lol

Will watch the Episodes finale tonight. And hopefully more Justified! (gotta see how season 2 ends!)

MJ said...

Justified - it was so sad when they killed Raylan's aunt. She was really his one true anchor in that family. I thought Boyd and Ava started dating in S2 - but wasn't sure. That is an interesting relationship.

BB - OMG what a great ep! I was surprised that Walt was a little shocked/horrified by his shooting of Mike. But was glad that he called Mike to warn him. And poor MIke - having to abandon his granddaughter at the park. Yeah - that was very clever of Hank to figure out to follow the lawyer. hate that we have to wait til next year. But the meeting in the desert - say my name! was just crazy. And Jessie just walking away without the money - that Walt def did not see coming.

Mike V. said...

Justified - Yeah it was pretty rough. Those Bennetts be crazy!! lol Yeah, Ava seems pretty hardcore now that she's with Boyd. I guess I'll see more of that in S3. And maybe the S2 finale. lol

BB - I was reading the recap on EW, and apparently they set up the whole abandoning his granddaughter with earlier conversations he had with Lydia. Better to have the child think they were abandoned rather than to see them get arrested or shot in front of them. Pretty crafty! The "Say My Name" stuff was priceless. Vince Gilligan said that by the end of this show we will not be rooting for Walt and we will end up hating him. I have always despised some of the acts that he has done before, but always am rooting for the team to get away with whatever they're trying to pull off. This might be the first one where I am truly starting to feel like our support is about to be shifted in another direction! As for waiting till next year, we still have one more episode next week! Of course, it's Labor Day wknd, so I'll probably be watching on delay. lol

I take it you didn't watch TB or were just as speechless as me? lol

MJ said...

Oops - forgot to talk about other things. LOL

TB: great ep I thought. Agreed on 'my light just broke' and Holly with 'no umbilical cord' too. The chick dying by Sam shifting from inside her ? Pam and Tara lip-lock ! Jason was great. I had a split second myself where i was like holy crap they Killed Bill! But no - Bill is the new Lillith. But what is up - us women had to see Lillith fully naked all season but when it's Bill it's fromt he waist up ?!? What's up with that !
This season has certainly been the goriest that I can remember - except for SVU guys death. And loved the bar scene with LaFayette and the girls before the birth. DId you catch the drunk lady at the bar ask Andy if they had done it in the woods ? They did - 2 seasons ago when they had that whole orgy thing cause of the Meynard - I think it was a meynard.

I also will be watching Episodes tonight.

MJ said...

Justified - yeah I thought they'd have a hard time topping S2. S3 was def good, and very different than season 2 though.

BB - snap! I did not pick up on that foreshadowing at all.

MJ said...

True Blood extra scene. My co-worker and i commented earlier that we were surprised by the lack of Worlow menion - but he was mentioned in this cut scene

Mike V. said...

TB - Yeah it was good on a "ridiculous" level. I was thoroughly entertained. I just like to comment about how crazy the show has gotten. lol Pam/Tara liplock was interesting. I didn't think Pam would be into it too, at least right off the bat. I totally did not think back to season 2 with Andy and the drunk lady. That's hysterical! lol And funny that they didn't go full frontal on Bill. lol That's HBO for you. But, GoT season 1, Theon was more than happy to show his stuff. lol The bar scenes with LaFayette and crew were hysterical! I saw the EW link but I haven't checked it out yet. Maybe when I go home. I'm sure they didn't resolve who he was in a deleted scene, right? lol

Leslie said...

LOST – Old news for you guys, but I’m about half way through S6. Recon was the last episode I watched. We start all of the flash sideways and see some familiar faces on the plane, but our friends are still on the island. And, in sideways world, we see reflections and that our friends paths crossed whether they were on the island or not.

Jacob tells Hurley to take Sayid to the temple, and it appears the spring didn’t work, but then he wakes up. Dogan says Sayid is infected with the darkness just like Claire. Hurley asks Sayid if he’s a zombie. lol Crazy Claire appears looking a little ragged. Flocke takes Sawyer to the cave where we see all the names and numbers of the candidates to replace Jacob. Jacob appears to Hurley again with instructions to take Jack to the lighthouse. Claire thinks the temple people have Aaron. We see more names and numbers on the wheel in the lighthouse. Jack is not too happy that Jacob has been watching him. Dogan wants Sayid to kill Flocke/MIB – evil incarnate. Sayid ends up killing Dogan. Miles tells Ilana that Ben killed Jacob. Richard connects with Jack and Hurley. Hurley asks Richard if he’s a cyborg or vampire. lol The 3 go to the Black Rock where Richard wants them to kill him because he can’t kill himself. He is so over Jacob and his plan. Ilana has Ben digging his own grave. Widmore is in the sub. Flocke tells Sawyer he’s the “smoke thing” and sends him to Hydra to do recon. Claire tries to kill Kate. Flocke tells Kate his mother was crazy and now Aaron has a crazy mother, too. Sawyer meets Zoe who takes him to the sub to meet with Widmore. Sawyer has a plan.

AHS – It is looking pretty creepy again for this season!

MJ said...

TB - nah - they didn't resolve it but someone in the elevator was sure surprised when the name came up.

I read the EW review of TB and was really surprised that they did not see it coming that Rev Newlin was not himself ! Like really ? I thought it was Sam though for some reason so was surprised when it was Luna. But I thought it was fairly obvious that Newlin was one of the shifters.

Lost - that whole thing with Sayid totally creeped me out the second time around again. Oh - and Ben digging his grave still had alot of tension to it even though we know he doesn't die.

AHS - almost seems like it's going to be more creepy this year.

Mike V. said...


LOST - Nice summary of where you are! lol The Cyborg/Vampire line was pretty hysterical, I do recall. You're making me want to rewatch the series again!! (or maybe just season 6. lol)

AHS - Agreed!


TB - I didn't read the review but that was so obvious it was someone else. I just assumed it was Sam though too, not Luna. Should have known since there was still a fly hanging around. I guess I just assumed that was Luna. lol

MJ said...

TB - well thank goodness. All my coworkers laughed at me for thinking it was Sam - they thought it obvious it was Luna because of the way she picked Emma up. Thought i was the only one who thought it was Sam, but that reviewer had no clue. LOL

Episodes - won't say much - not much to say really though - til I know you've watched. Quite zany though.

Mike V. said...

TB - Yep, you weren't alone! lol And that recapper was an idiot. Of course, I have definitely seen a decline in quality of content on a lot of news sites (entertainment or otherwise) these days. Definitely a different world in the social age. I guess bloggers like me are partly to blame! lol Of course, if one of these sites would hire me, they wouldn't have this problem! lol

Episodes - I definitely watched and loved it. Awful face girl was on fire. "You gonna eat your olives???" lol The fight was hysterical, of course they showed a lot of it in the preview. It was nice tha the Brits got back together. My recording cut off during the credits so I didn't hear that one dude's full report. Did what's her face take the job taking over for Merc? Or did they not mention it?

GRIMM - Watched this morning and loved it. Really glad I stuck with this show. Won't say anything else till I know you watched.

MJ said...

Eps: Mine cut off too ! I can't get this out of my head 'just pop it' LOL I hope Carol does take the job. But Carol and Bev were hysterical on their walk when threatening eachother. And Merc trying to piss on matt.

Agree on these reviewers - sometimes I think they don't even like the show they review

MJ said...

Forgot - did you watch Grimm ?? Last week's promo did not lie.

Mike V. said...

GRIMM - Guess you didn't read the bottom of my last comment! Yes I watched, was waiting to see if you did! lol

Really good episode and no the preview did not lie. I guess the fact that what's her face doesn't remember Nick right now keeps things a little mysterious and allows for Hank to become part of TEAM GRIMM. lol I like it. I loved how he just punched the dude down when he turned. I wonder how slowly they'll go with uncovering that world. Like if he'll see the trailer next week or if he'll be introduced to Monroe and what's her face. I really need to learn these names!! lol

But the fact that it's not a full on amneisia storyline definitely makes it better. It'll be interesting when she runs into the captain too. But like I said, the show is pretty darn entertaining and I'm glad I stayed onboard!

MJ said...


Mike V. said...

Thanks for the TWD link! Makes sense to me. lol

MJ said...

Grimm - guess i forgot that I read it. LOL I read an article where they ask the actor how long til Hank is in Aunt marie's trailer - he wouldn't answer. ;-D

Liking how the amnesia just being about Nick really makes it all so suspicious too. The whole scene where Hanks sees the girl, the girls sees a grimm, etc was great. And our buddy Jacob was on !

Not liking next weeks promo though.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Duh...forgot to mention Jacob was on! lol And I read the same articles you did. (Gotta love EW. lol) Agreed that the scene was really good.

But, I totally forget the promos for next week! Oh wait, now I remember, the MONROE-MANCE. LMAO! You can't put too much weight on a cheesy promo. I'm sure the episode will feel nothing like what they made it out to be. CW does that crap all of the time. lol

Mike V. said...

AHS - This week's EW cover story

Who's Who -,,20624933,00.html

JUSTIFIED - Watched "Bloody Harlan"! Season 2's finale. WOW, crazy crazy stuff! So I was half right with the girl killing Mags. lol She had full intent to and may have initiated some of the events that led to her poisoning herself with the Apple Pie. The crazy shoot-outs and Ava getting shot were ...just that...crazy! It was nice the calvary came in to help Raylan or he would've been toast. And Dickie (Dicky? Faraday lol) survives! Didn't see that coming. Looks like he may have a cameo or 2 in season 3 as well. And of course, season 2 ALSO ended with Brad Paisley's tune about Harlan. I'm guessing this will be a recurring theme every year. lol As long as someone from Harlan dies in every finale that is. lol Good stuff! Can't wait to watch season 3 but we're going to get the FALL TV onslaught soon. We have till January, so I'm sure we'll manage. lol

Still can't motivate myself to watch those Boardwalk Empires. I think the problem is I'm trying to get psyched up to watch it on the treadmill and that's just not going to happen! lol

MJ said...

You said that about the promos last week that Hank would find out - and he did. Looks like next week Monroe's girl gets hurt. Rosaly might be her name. Totally agree that TVD does that though.

Justified - yup, she wanted to kill Mags but was stopped. Agree - that cavalry really did come just in time. Was surprised at the time that Dickie would be the last Bennett standing as well. Like I said I worried that S3 could not live up to S2 - but it was good in a different way. Had another great baddie - Neal McDonough (think I'm spelling it right).

LOL on Boardwalk. Season 2 went pretty quickly, lots going on. Season 3 looks to be really good - if one can believe the promos.

Soa is back on the 11th ! Getting excited for that. But I can't believe that football is back one week from today. Crazy.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Rosaly sounds right.

Justified - I'm assuming Boyd will still want revenge on Dickie when the new season starts. But of course, Dickie will be in the slammer. lol I did see Neil McDonough in the previews at the end of my reaired Season 2 finale that I had tivo'd. lol Liked him in Band of Brothers and even DH back when I watched. lol

Boardwalk - I have nothing else to watch right now, so I'm going to have to get to it sooner or later! lol

SOA - I'm psyched too!

Just did my Fantasy Football drafts, so the reality has set in for me. NFL is back!! lol Go Niners! (and maybe a hint of "go eagles" lol)

Mike V. said...

Fringe Promo #3!

MJ said...

Hey now - not those eagles ! LOL

I'll check out that link

MJ said...

Oh boy ! What they doin to our Walter !!!

Mike V. said...

Hey, I only said a "HINT" of Go Eagles! lol They are the home team afterall. :) But, yeah I bleed red and gold. Too set in my ways to change now! lol

And no idea on the Fringe stuff! But, I'm still delighted we're going to see the events that led to the Observer invasion in the first place and not be 100% in the future for the entire season. lol At least, that's the impression I'm getting. It could be like 5 minutes worth of footage for all I know! :)

Mike V. said...

Jorge is coming to ONCE!! (for at least an ep lol)

Mike V. said...

AHS Promo -

Justified - Watched season 3 premiere. Boyd found his way into prison to get to Dickie! lol Quinn from Dexter was a guest star and was totally creepy. But, Raylan got the upper hand on him in their standoff by pulling the table cloth and avoiding the icepick. lol Fantastic.

Neil McDonough was crazy in the first ep already killing a couple peeps. The death toll in this episode alone was off the charts. Crazy!

Still the same great Justified so far. Looking forward to more!

MJ said...

They ain't my home team - I live in Jersey. LOL j/k.

I saw both those promos too.

Justified - wasn't that tablecloth thing great !?! Loved that.

I'm being careful here to not say too much but what Boyd did once he got to Dickie - well that just surprised me.

S3 is where I found on EW each week after the ep aired they talked with somone - showrunner or EP or director - can't remember - and they talked about each ep and what was done and why. Was highly interesting. For instance - they discuss how the whole thing with the table cloth came about.

Mike V. said...

I grew up in South Jersey, I know who their home teams are! LOL


Tablecloth scene was fantastic!

Definitely tread carefully, because Boyd hasn't done anything to Dickie yet! Dickie just saw that Boyd was in prison at the end of the episode. lol

Ahh thanks for the EW reminder. I'll try and look that up!

Leslie said...

Hurley on ONCE - very cool! Plan to finish my LOST rewatch this weekend.


Leslie said...

LOST - I finished my rewatch! It took me longer to get through it this summer than you guys, but I enjoyed every minute of it! What an incredible show! Definitely my all-time favorite drama. No contest. Great writing, great storytelling and some wonderful acting! I also read the recaps all the way through my rewatch....of course, not all the comments. That would have really slowed me down! Mike, your recaps hold up just like the show, but you already know that since there are first-time readers still commenting. Your passion, insight and humor enhanced the LOST experience even the second time around! And, I have to add that going through the rewatch with you and MJ added to my enjoyment, and I didn't feel like I was doing it alone (see what I did there!) lol

I was always in the camp of loving the whole journey of this show and how it all ended. I never was hung up on each mystery being answered. While I enjoyed all the mysteries and mythology, the universal themes were very, forgiveness, resolution, reconciliation, redemption and finding your purpose. As Hurley said, "You can't let other people tell you who you are, dude. You have to decide that for yourself." Understanding and accepting that whatever happened, happened and letting go of the past, but taking responsibility for your actions. Realizing that even though we sometimes feel alone and are flawed, we aren't really alone, and we need others in our lives as much as they need us. None of us get through it alone and sometimes we need to ask for help. Our connections with those in our lives are most important. And, as Jack said, "If we can't learn to live together, we're gonna die alone."

Now I'm ready for the new TV season to get started! :)

MJ said...

Congrats Leslie ! And LOL on 'going it alone'. Wow - can't believe the blog is still getting new comments - how cool. I've already said as much but I was surprised how much I enjoyed my rewatch. This time around I didn't need to examine each and every thing said or done and it enabled me to jut enjoy it more.

Mike - JERSEY being the operative word.

Been off for the long weekend - but I watched BB finale. OMG. Will wait until I know you have watched.

Agree Leslie - really waiting for some new tv now.

Mike V. said...

LOST - Congrats Leslie! It's best to savor that show so you did it the right way. Not that there's any wrong way to watch, but I just got on a roll and ended up having some extra time that I didn't think I had and flew through it! lol Glad you're on the same page as me with "ALL-TIME Favorite Drama" but there is lots of competition out there for that title among all TV watchers. But, LOST was just a special experience for me that I never really felt when enjoying my way through any other show. And the fact that we had this BLOG community made it all that much sweeter! That's great that you kept reading the recaps along the way. Well, I figured they held up for 1st time readers, but it's interesting to hear it from a RE-Reader/Re-watch perspective! lol I appreciate the kind words as always and I totally agree that re-watching with this "group" was definitely a fun thing to do! And yes, I caught your little Christian Shephard to Jack comment there from THE END. :-)

Totally agree with everything you said! Sure, it's a little sappy and heavy handed and and may seem like an interesting message to be getting out of a show like LOST, but those signs were there for 6 seasons that this is what the show was all about. Yes, they were on this crazy island that led to some crazy adventures and such. But, it was always learning about these characters and their relationships with each other that propelled the show forward. Sure, I got hung up on some mysteries and loved discussing them. There wouldn't have been a reason for the blog otherwise! (other than keeping stories straight for everyone with all of the flashbacks, flashforwards, easter-eggs and many many concurrent storylines lol) But, I never got hung up on big questions like "What is the Island?" or tried to solve it all with one big ridiculous theory. I remember people sending me links to stuff like the TIME LOOP theory (which I still think people believe is accurate lol...and maybe to an extent it is but not 100%) and then there were the "it's the Bermuda Triangle, it's Atlantis, it's purgatory!" theories. The one answer that would resolve ALL of LOST that some people hoped to get in this final season. We even got an answer to "what is the island" and that wasn't satisfactory to everyone. Crazy. lol But I felt that they answered enough of the mysteries to say that they did their job and held up their end of the bargain. A lot of it can be filled in with some work on our part, which we proved through this rewatch. There are very few loose ends with the show unless you don't want to try and figure it out.

But yeah, that was always PART 2 of my enjoyment of the show. Just watching it and knowing that I'm watching some of the finest dramatic work that will ever have been put on TV was what kept me going from week to week and what still makes me miss it today.

I guess we'll see if our opinions change the next time we rewatch! :-)

@MJ - Yep, on occassion I'll get a comment on some random recap of someone saying how thankful they are for the blog and that they're watching for the first time and feel like they are part of the first time experience. And sometimes I still comment with them through their first viewing, without spoiling. lol Pretty crazy how it still holds up! (guess I'll have to keep paying 10 bucks a year to keep the URL. lol Not that I ever dreamed of stopping!!)

Mike V. said...

Jersey - SOUTH Jersey is Philadelphia, get over it!! lol

I've watched BB, Grimm and one more ep of Justified. And I'll comment on it next. But yeah...BB was awesome!

NEW TV - I think it's a foregone conclusion that my commentary will be required on REVOLUTION. I just don't know what form the commentary will take! And with SOA starting up again, whew...I don't know if I'll be able to resist that too! lol Maybe some quick paragraph posts to kick of a discussion will be good enough. We'll see! lol

Mike V. said...

BB - So, we had a loooooong day Sunday and lots of beverages were consumed in, where else, JERSEY!! lol So, when we got home at like Midnight, Shanna seemed up for watching BB so I wasn't going to refuse. She fell asleep 1 minute in, and I was in and out through the hour but definitely caught most of it and THE END!!! We rewatched last night and I caught so much more. What a way to cap off the mid-season!

Walt's first shower they showed the Walt Whitman book on the back of the toilet with some foreshadowing there.

Loved the scene with Walt and Jesse reminiscing on the good ole' RV days before the SH** hits the fan. Seemed like Walt truly missed his partner and those days. "We had the money, why didn't we buy a new car??" "inertia" lol

Loved the Godfather II call-out with the hit on the 9 guys in a 2 minute time period. Walt/Michael Corleone just pacing in his dining room/house while the hits were taking place. Crazy stuff.

And then he made those piles and piles of cash. Love how they didn't give it a number and just showed how freakin much money was there. lol

So here's the big question, Walt got the MRI and they showed him in the bathroom afterwards. The bashed in towel dispenser...was that from season 1 when he found out he had cancer? Anyway, that's not the big question. The big question is...did he bow out of the business because he found out the cancer is back? They left it open to interpretation since they didn't let us know if it was back or not. But, he also seemed bored at what he was doing. It seemed too routine and like there wasn't much challenge left to it. There was a line back in season 1 that said something like "you can't break bad and then go back to living your life the way you used to" definitely paraphrasing, but I wonder if that's what he's going to attempt to do here. Enjoy what time he has left before the cancer takes over. In that flash forward scene to his 52nd bday, he was coughing and taking pills, so we can only assume that it was back then.

And now we can close in on why he bought the gun and was in new hampshire. Is Hank after him? Because Hank absolutely cracked the code while on his THRONE (well, really WALT's throne). lol And was that Walt Whitman book from a previous episode? And who is G.B.??? (the signature on the note in the book)

I still think there needs to be some kind of showdown between Walt and Jesse. And maybe with Hank putting the pieces together, Walt will need to bring Jesse back into the mix since his involvement would be exploited too.

It's going to be a fantastic final 8 hours though. I hate that we have to wait until next year!!

Mike V. said...

Got the answer to my "paper towel dispenser" question while reading EW's recap.

"This realization is triggered during Walt's visit to the oncologist's office, where he sees the still-dented towel dispenser that he punched to death in "Four Days Out." That's the second-season episode in which he found out that his cancer was in remission, eliminating any moral justification he may have had for staying in business."

Mike V. said...

Ohhh right...the WW Book is from Gale!

MJ said...


I had to read EW to verify where that book came from too. I totally had forgotten. Saw the foreshadowing but couldnt remember to what. LOL Didn't get the significance of the fly either, but I did remember the towel dispenser for some reason

And jsut when Walt was willing to say he's had enough and wants out !

Side note - have you seen the promos for a CW show for mid season called The Cult ! Whew that looks good.

OK - BB. Glad that Walt gave Jessie his money - but what a scene! And that Jessie felt the need to have a gun in his pocket to let Old Mr White in. And that montage of the killing was just fab. Loved the use of the song Crystal Blue Persuasion - dating myself saying that LOL.

I agree that his cancer is back for next season - but I don'tknow about now. They showed that time has passed cause Holly is walking - or starting to. I think that Skyler's -how much is enough?' got to him. Reminded him of why he started it. But you are right - open to interpretation. I wonder how much time will elapse between last night and where we pick up ? Cause I did not feel that his cancer was back last night (oops - I watched last night so really mean sunday LOL). Between Skylers comment and seeing that towel dispenser I think it reminded him of a few things. And the fits too - now that EW reminded me of the other ep and his obsession with the fly - agai to me just points to him remembering when they started, why they started and the real goals.

I'm wondering if the new Jessie (?Logan maybe?) and using his mobbed up family will have a cost down the road.

I'm def going to start buying this show on DVD. I can see me watching this again and def seeing more stuff.

Already started buying Fringe and decided to rewatch that next summer since I didn't get that done this year.

MJ said...

Oh - and am watching Grimm tonight. Am a day off from the long weekend.

And you KNOW what I'll be watching wednesday - my Giants start blowing their season. LOL I'm loyal but know my team.

Mike V. said...

BB - I definitely remembered the fly. That episode was great in season 3. And people had brought it up this season because of Walt cooking in pest-ridden homes. I always argued that their cook lab was sealed off in a tent so it was still "CLEAN". lol

Yeah, i forgot to bring up Jesse having that gun. Very intense stuff. I had never heard the song, but I totally knew the name of it once they said it and thought it was fantastic use of it in the show. lol

Just to be clear, we're still in the same season next year. :-) I know it's all semantics, and I'm sure that's what you meant but I'm gonna say it anyway! And yes, I noticed the passing of time. He didn't go to the MRI until the "3 months" later part of the show. I think someone even said it's been a couple months, ALMOST 3. I could go either way with him already having the cancer already. But yeah, it'll definitely resurface eventually either way. Yeah, it makes sense that Walt was reflecting...and I don't necessarily think you're wrong. But don't you think the cancer returning would be a huge wake-up call reminding him why he started too? lol

I also read some commenter's analysis that they think Walt intentionally left that book in the bathroom because he needs Hank to find out all of his accomplishments. His ego requires that people know what he has done. Hank always gets the credit for bringing down the bad guys, and that has always bugged Walt since the first season. Kinda makes sense, but I don't think he intentionally left that book there for Hank to find.

You mean Todd, right? (or Landry for the FNL fans of the world!) Yeah, I don't think you can get involved with people like that without consequences. I guess we'll see in the final 8!

BB is definitely going to be a good one to own. Of course, as long as I have Netflix/Amazon Prime, there's no need for me to buy them. I'll just keep the current 8 on my TiVo until they're available streaming.

My Dad just gave me back season 1 of Fringe, he still has season 2. But, I definitely will get them all as well. Of course, they just got released to Amazon Prime too. One day, we will live in a physical media-less world! lol

I haven't heard about THE CULT on CW, I'll have to check it out. If anything, maybe another morning run show. lol

I'll hold off on Grimm comments, but as predicted, the previews were worse than the show actually was. It was another solid outing. And we're off the air until the end of September when we return to Fridays!

Well, at least your Giants are defending champs so they have a bit of a grace period to return to glory. This year is feeling like a return to glory for a certain Bay area team! :) And we'll see about those crazy local birds! lol

MJ said...

HIMYM - you probably already saw this....

I know that it is the same season - but if you make me wait that long for new eps - it's next season.

Yeah- I don't think Walt left that book on purpose either. Interesting if Schyler did though! - But I doubt that too.

Grimm - yeah Rosalie was def not as sick as lead to believe. Loved the Monromance though. And the pig/plumber coming over when Juliet called - that char cracks me up. Good ep - but did not realize it's off til end of month, knew it would move back to fri butnot be off for couple of weeks.

MJ said...

Some BB commments from Gilligan

Mike V. said...

BB - True, but thematically the 16 will work as one season. Opening it up with that flash forward did a good job in setting that up. Of course, they won't even start filming the final 8 until January so I guess it technically will be produced as 2 separate "seasons". lol Eh, call it whatever you want!

I don't think Sklyar knew Gale, did she? I'm sure it was just one of those loose ends that Walt's ego allowed him to forget. I mean the note has Gale basically praising him.

Grimm - I read an interview with the actress that plays Juliet and apparently that plumber dude is a local Portland actor and he nailed his first appearance so they have kept having him come back. That's a pretty cool story. I also didn't realize they actually filmed in Portland! As for it being off for a month...that just makes sense since they started so early. They'll have to somehow get back on schedule with the rest of the fall TV slate and end in May just like everything else!

Revolution - I haven't watched it yet, but the pilot is available on NBC's website, and also their various mobile apps. If there was a method for me to blow it up on my TV, I probably would've watched it yesterday. Usually they make these things available through iTunes and Amazon we'll see!

Mike V. said...

BB - interview with gilligan

MJ said...

I'll have to listen later to gilligan - thanks


Yeah - I saw that Revolution is avail but will wait for my nice 50 inch tv ! LOL

BB - oh - don't know if I mention it previously and I'm too lazy to check but when Walt lifted his hat up in the diner and I saw that Ricin I got a chill. Lydia is one smart cookie though

Leslie said...

Hey Mike - Question about Netflix and Amazon Prime. How do they compare as far as content available and how soon things are released? I only have Netflix (and no premium channels), and I've wondered if I would benefit by adding Amazon Prime.

I haven't heard about The Cult either. Are you guys planning to check out 666 Park Avenue?

Mike V. said...

@MJ - it's not an audio/video interview, it's all in text. lol And he strongly hinted that the MRI was in the episode for a deliberate reason. But he wouldn't spoil and say that the cancer is or isn't back. So, it could be the reason is exactly what you said. To trigger some nostalgia about how he got where he was. But, you'd think if that was the case, Vince would have come right out and said it. lol

I'll check out the TVD preview!

I feel the same way about revolution. Though, I do have one more option. Hook a 50 foot HDMI cable from my computer to my TV (i did it for THE WIRE LOL) But, I'll probably wait. I'm sure Parker will be all over that cable running across the floor! lol

BB - Yep, I forget if you mentioned it either but the ricin under the hat was nuts! I read someone say that with the ricin being in a wall socket and Walt's daughter just starting to walk, there could be an accidental ingestion of the ricin! (of course, lots of us have been speculating at an accidental ricin usage all season lol)

@Leslie - Right now basically Netflix still is the king of streaming content because they've been doing it longer. But Amazon keeps making big deals all of the time. They just made a deal with EPIX to get rights to some big movies. (eventually The Hunger Games will be streaming on Instant Video, maybe even The Avengers.) Amazon has FRINGE, Netflix doesn't. So there are some differences. The cool thing about Amazon is, that if it's not available on prime, you can still purchase per episode or rent a movie through them and watch it in the same application (that's how it works on my PS3. On my iPad, you have to take the extra step to go onto to buy or rent the show but then it will appear in your app. That's Apple's fault! lol)

The cool thing with Amazon prime is that it's $80 a year and this gives you instant video, but it also gives you free 2 day shipping for anything they personally sell. It sometimes doesn't even take me that long. I'll order something today and it'll be here tomorrow. You basically don't need to go to the store for anything anymore! (exaggeration) On top of that, if you have Kindle, you have access to their immense Lending Library and can borrow books for free. (Hunger game trilogy, 7 Harry Potter books are pop culture examples of what is available in that library) So for me, it makes sense to have both for now. But, I can see one day totally getting rid of Netflix if Amazon keeps adding content the way they are.

As for how soon things are available....well it's still basically the same on both. Hulu is better for catching up on TV shows the "next day". But for something like Breaking Bad, I would guess the new seasons wouldn't be available until a couple weeks after the DVDs are released for that same season.

That probably didn't answer your question because it's really a judgement call! You can probably go on and see what's available on Instant Video using Prime.

666 Park Ave - Of course I plan to watch! But, with it being 10pm on Sunday I don't know when I'll end up watching the eps. My sundays are packed! lol

Mike V. said...

MJ - I actually didn't see you posted a BB link also earlier. The comments are very similar to the EW link but the EW was more in a Q&A format. lol

And I hadn't seen the HIMYM promo and now I've watched on mute! Can't wait for it to come back!

MJ said...


yeah - after reading yours I thought the same. LOL

666 Park - def intend on checking that out. Hope it's more supernatural then desperate housewives though. LOL

MJ said...

Can't remember if either of you watched Touch - but they say an unaired ep from last year is on 9/14, and that this coming season will be more actiony - infusing some jack bauer i guess. LOL

Mike V. said...

I read about the fringe promo but I'll watch later, thanks!

Touch - I have 8 episodes to watch from last season. Not a big priority though. lol I have enjoyed what I watched. action + kiefer is always good!

Boardwalk - Actually finally watched episode 2 of season 2. It was a good time! Chalky was in prison getting harassed and ended up turning the tables by the end of the episode. Schroder (sp) saved Nucky's money and ledger from the feds. Jimmy played poker in NYC.

MJ said...

Boardwalk - yeah Chalky in that jail was a good time. Did not see coming what did then. I can't remember if same ep but think its an ep coming soon - see some of Chalky's home life and family. Schroeder - is it margaret? - yeah she's quite clever this season. See a bit more of her kids too.

touch - def not a priority ! LOL But if they are upping the action quotient this year, then it could move up the ladder.

MJ said...

Boardwalk - oh - and there is something shocking about the agent. Can't remember if S1 or S2 so I'll wait for you to mention it. I watched the 2 seasons back to back so I have trouble remembering where one left off and one began sometimes. I also can't remember if you've already met Jimmy's best budddy - a fellow veteran. Can't remember his name either. LOL Think they met in season one though and would still be with him.

Mike V. said...

Boardwalk - Yep, I was drawing a blank on the name. It's Margaret! (or Rowena Ravenclaw in HP7 Part 2. lol) The Agent...there was a bunch of stuff with him last season. He got with Nucky's ex at one point and he killed that guy in the baptism river thing. Not sure if there's anything else yet!

Then Jimmy's friend with the mask...I've met him. Didn't see him this season yet I don't think though.

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