Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall 2012 TV Kick-off!

Hello TV Addicts! It's been a long summer of TV blogging hibernation.  But, we obviously haven't been too quiet around here.  With summer catch-up TV and LOST rewatches there has been plenty to discuss.  (See the 3 Summer 2012 Blog posts to read up, if you're bored.  But, alas, we are once again embarking on a brand new television season!  A lot has changed in my personal life, as I alluded to last year.  With my son getting older and more mobile by the day, my spare blogging time is getting smaller and smaller!  But, you guys know I can't just quit talking TV cold turkey.  So, I will still find ways to discuss.  As for super-elongated recaps?  They may be a thing of the past (until LOST gets a reboot or somehow returns 10 or 15 years down the road or something).   Anyway, I wanted to discuss my plan in this post for at least the FALL portion of the TV season.  As always, the plan is detailed after the jump!

Returning Shows
  • Fringe (RECAP!) - Obviously, I will continue with Fringe until its conclusion.  There are 13 episodes left and I intend to give it the full blogging treatment.  I'm super psyched for its return!
  • The Walking Dead (RECAP!) - Season 3 has the show looking better than ever.  I'm definitely sticking with the recaps.  These recaps have always been pseudo short, so no big change here.
  • Once Upon a Time - With former LOST writers as the showrunners, hints of their predecessor have been very apparent.  And it seems like season 2 is going to take us deeper into the rabbit hole!  I'll keep monitoring this one, but we usually do discuss this one on a weekly basis in a different show's recap.  Yeah, we're not really organized here.  But on a blog called "TV ADDICTS" blog, would you really expect us to be?
  • American Horror Story - Lots of discussion last season on this one.  With a brand new plot this year, it's anyone's guess how interesting it's going to be.  You can bet we'll be discussing.
  • Grimm - Season 2 has already started and it's still improving each week.  No recaps for this one, but definitely will discuss.
  • Sons of Anarchy - Whew, season 5 kicked off last night and it was a doozy.  I did start doing "quick" recaps last season on this because I just couldn't resist.  If an episode affects me that much this year and I have the time, I may dedicate an occassional post to it.  But you can sure bet that it will be the first topic of discussion in these comments here!
  • Homleand - Awesome awesome show.  I'm positive it will be discussed.  Probably not recapped.
  • Dexter - After a sub-par season last year, it ended with quite a shocker.  I'm thinking season 7 will get the show back on track and start heading towards a season 8 conclusion.  Discussions will happen, I'm sure!
  • Revenge - Caught up on this this past summer.  Great great night time soap that evolved into something greater.  It has a pretty intense backstory that is getting as complex as possibly another ABC Island drama that once existed! Now, there's no way to directly compare the 2 but I'm definitely excited for this one to return.  Sunday is a pretty packed night so I may be catching up on this one later in the week.  But discussions will still ensue!
  • etc... There are tons of other shows that I watch and I didn't even get into the sitcoms.  There's a good bet they'll come up from time to time in the comments!
New Shows
  • Revolution (NBC Mondays at 10 - Short RECAP!) - Ok, I think it was pretty obvious that I'd be covering this one.  It fits the mold of FlashForward, The Event, Terra Nova, Alcatraz.  Of course, if that's any indication, maybe I should steer clear! Anyway, with JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke (Supernatural) involved, it's tough to stay away.  Power goes out, 15 years later there are struggles for "DIFFERENT" forms of power.  And a band of rebels embark on a mission to save the world.  Sounds like fun stuff!  The pilot is already available on Hulu and online, but I'm waiting for Monday the 17th to watch!  I'll definitely dedicate separate posts to this one.  But the size of the recaps will depend on the amount of time I have!
  • ABC: Last Resort, Nashville - I'll probably be checking these out.  Heard great things about Nashville.  Not really the type of show we'd usually cover here but good drama is good drama so we'll see.  Last Resort is filming in LOST's old location in Hawaii.  It's sure to be packed with action and drama, so we'll see what happens with that one.
  • FOX: The Following - Kevin Bacon's new thriller.  I really have no idea when I'll have time to watch all of this stuff, but I'm hearing promising things about this one too.
  • etc...I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting.  So, let me know in the comments if there's anything else I should include!
So, if you're keeping track.  We'll continue to recap 3 shows (Fringe, The Walking Dead and Revolution) as well as discuss many others.  We'll see how we'll change things up in the winter/spring.  I hope everyone will continue to join in on the discussions and keep this TV Community thriving!  Let me know if there are any FALL shows I missed that we should be discussing.  Other than that, get to talking TV and I'll see you next week for the first Revolution Recap!


MJ said...

SOA: Since on the other page you said you'd seen it - holy crap! What an episode. Tig's daughter getting burned up like that. This show is just phenominal. And Tara/Gemma stand off over Gemma not watching the kids any more. The Gemma/Jimmy Smits stuff was good too. But Clay - he's still playing his games, deciding on his own to tell the council that he killed Piney and that Op shot him - was all to make Jax look weak and dishonest. Surprised he's keeping Gemma secret though.

Checked out the second Go On and the first New Normal - both have some promise.

Mike V. said...

I'm caught up on Go On and saw the first New Normal as well. Agreed! (And of course the assistant on Go On was the girl from Terra Nova lol)

SOA - Such a great ep. The whole TIG/Daughter thing was so painful to watch. But executed very well. I read the interview on EW with Kim (Tig) explaining how he prepped for the scene. Crazy stuff.

Agreed on the Gemma/Smits stuff. I always get nervous when I see Smits is involved on a show. Wasn't a big fan of him on Dexter or even in the Star Wars prequels. lol But, he seems to be bringing it to this role! I thought Perrineau played Pope in a understated way that worked well too. I've already read that people don't think it's a believable performance. I think he'll do well with it. And we'll probably slowly see him lose his cool and start screaming WAAAAALT by the end of the season! lol j/k

The stand-off on the kids with Tara/Gemma was good too. And we're seeing Tara continue to evolve into the new Gemma, even with her appearance.

Clay is definitely up to his games. He even said that Piney pulled a gun on him first. That's not how it went down, is it? I can't remember! And yeah, I think that was a little additional confirmation to Gemma's involvement in JT's murder. We just assumed it before, based on things said, right? When that comes out in the open, JAX will most certainly lose it. lol

Ope was selling his bike too! Oh man...why can't everyone just get along!?!? lol (yes, I know the answer. Because that would be a boring show!!)

MJ said...

Go On - oh yeah ! I knew that chick was familiar.

Soa - I like Smits - felt it was his story on Dexter that was not so hot. LOL When he called himself a companionator ! And stated that Gemma was the one who ordered the two whores - I was cracking up. LOL on Waaalt. I liked his performance just fine - thik he's going to be a very dangerous guy. I agree it was understated - but I think we will find that this character is so bad that he doesn't have to wear it like a badge or yell about anything.

Tara - agreed. She's smoking pot and then shutting off the baby monitor cause the crying is ruining her buzz. Plus carrying the gun. Guess she's now giving up her career as surgeon too - which I'm sure has some bearing on the changes she's going thru.

Hmm - I thought Opie was selling his dads bike. I'm not sure now. Opie sure has suffered for this brotherhood - first Donna then his dad, plus the time he did for them too.

Mike V. said...

SOA - Ahhh maybe it was Piney's bike. But I'm not sure now either! lol

True, it was his story on Dexter. And yes, the minute he called himself a Companionator, he sold me on his role in the show! lol Gemma ordering the ho's hysterical too. Crazy that she got so wasted/high that she blacked out and had one ridiculously crazy night. lol

That's what I assumed about Pope too. He's a quiet kind of evil. It makes it even creepier that way.

Turning that baby monitor off was nuts, considering I'm going through that phase with Parker right now (btw...we have an excellent picture of him in an SOA onesie last night lol I put a caption on Facebook saying "you guys are letting me stay up to watch too, right?") Fit his expression perfectly. lol Anyway, can't even imagine turning off that monitor, even if we're tempted to!

MJ said...

That was an adorable pic ! He's gotten so big Mike.

There's some info out there for next seasons Justified - I read it and it will spoil something you haven't seen yet, so be careful.

MJ said...

Oh - read these 2 things online earlier.

Clay: with his oxygen tube and marginal role within the club, he has ironically taken Piney's place

SAMCRO is vulnerable. It seemed like a small bit of business midway through the episode when the club welcomed a couple of new associates (one of them played by former Hell's Angel Chuck Zito) from a Sons chapter that's disbanding. But the episode ends with them busting in on Unser and beating him down before robbing him (the prosthetic leg of one of the Nomads is a giveaway). It's the latest in a string of home invasions in Charming (as noted in the paper Nero reads), and it can't bode well for the rest of SAMCRO.

I have no recollection of a prosthetic leg - and I had no idea who they were.

Mike V. said...

Thanks about the pic! He IS huge! It's so crazy how fast they grow. I knew that going in, but still nuts. lol

Thanks for the heads up on Justified. We still have like maybe half a season to go. lol

SOA - Oh yeah, ever since I saw the previews with Clay and the oxygen tank, I thought of the mirroring between him and Piney.

Wait a sec, those were the new SAMCRO guys beating on Unser?? I didn't catch that at all. I didn't know who they were! lol BUt I would agree they're definitely vulnerable.

MJ said...

That article inferred they were the new Samcro guys. How the fake leg was a giveaway beats me ! See what I did there. LOL

Mike V. said...

lol...yeah nice one! Interesting on the leg. Maybe at that meeting in the club room there was a shot of a dude with a fake leg. I didn't catch it if there was.

BE - Finished that last episode and started a new one (not finished...i'm on a weird schedule! lol) The commodore just had a stroke which is causing concern for Nucky's brother. It seems like Jimmy's buddy and Jimmy's wife are forming a bit of a bond too over painting. I got the vibe there might be something more going on there. But, I guess I'll find out!

MJ said...

BE - ah - things are about to start turning. Def get some more insight on Jillian (Jimmy's mom). And Eli stuff is coming too.

being careful here - but after that trip to NY and Jimmy gambled and the incident in the park happened. Has Roth had the sit down with a local thug/mob and made Lucky Luciano and Myer Lansky unhappy yet? Cause that leads to some stuff too.

Mike V. said...

BE - Yep, that's happened and I think they showed it on the "previously on" to the episode I'm currently watching. So, I'm guessing something's gonna happen soon! lol

MJ said...

Cougartown - I don't watch it but know you do. Sure you've seen this already - but just in case

Mike V. said...

I actually did see it but forgot to watch it! Thanks! lol Love that they snuck in Community's ABED in there (Community and CT have a mutual love for each other's show and always do references/cameos on each other's shows). And there were a couple SCRUBS cast members in the video too. (as both are Bill Lawrence shows) Good times!

Mike V. said...

Not a huge shocker but EPISODES has been renewed!

Kelly said...

Long time no see! Things have been crazy in the ol' Kelly world. Got a new job, which keeps me VERY busy but I LOVE it! It's in aviation, which is what I graduated college for- 8 years ago, hahaha.. better late than never though! Also met a new man and we're doing great.. almost got shot at my old job (long story, thankfully I got my new job less than a week later), and dealing with a posible pending divorce in the family. But all in all, things are great! Haven't had the time to watch TV but I'm itching to get into this season! That said, OMG SOA! Tig's scene with his daughter- gut wrenching! I agree that Perineau's portrayal of Pope is understated, but that's why I think it's more powerful than other people may think. He's obviously proved that cooler heads prevail, and by killing Tig's daughter that way (and having the gang leader(s) killed without a thought, he has proven that he is a VERY dangerous guy! Oh, and yes- that was Piney's bike that Opie is selling. MMMMmmm Opiiiie.. haha! Yes, Clay totally lied about how Piney was killed. And LOL on Gemma with the two "ladies of the night"! Can't wait for more! Never saw that prosthetic leg before.. hmm. And did anyone mention that SOA was (or is likely to become) the highest rated in FX history? YAAAY!
Walking Dead- finally got into that show recently when AMC did a marathon of al of the episodes. So I'm all caught up and ready for the new season! Can Lori please be killed already? Sheesh, she's annoying!
Hooray on Episodes being renewed! I came in on it this past season (switched to Verizon and we get i for free now) and I like it a lot :)
Can't wait for Once Upon a Time and Revenge- now on the same night, right? September 30, where are you?!?
The previews for AHS are so tease-worthy, it's not fair! Oh and hey, the guy from FlashForward is on it? Haha nice :) That'll cancel out the rage I feel after hearing that Adam Levine is on it (that guy really grinds my goat, haha!)
Grimm- OOOOOOOOOOOH I'm sooooo loving this show. When the season premiered, I was like, "ok, I remember loving it last season after the first few shaky episodes, but do I really want to continue?" Five minutes in I was hooked again, and I am loving every bit of this one. Nick's becoming more bad-ass, and I love how he's settling into his Grimmness.
Looking forward to Revolution, I'll give 666 Park Ave a try but only because of Terry O'Quinn. Was gonna stop watching The Office but now i'm hearing it's the last season, so I'll just stick with it til the end. Last Resort? Why do I not think I've heard of this one? I'm so behind, I can't browse the internet all day like I used to at my old job, hahaha!
Hmmm... is there anything else? Apartment 23 and Modern Family are my comedies (though I'm kinda getting sick of Modern Family- gasp!), so I guess that'll fill my weekly chuckles. I need to see a schedule of premieres, jeez!
Hope all of you are doing well, and I loved that pic of your little one, Mike! I think I "liked" it on FB too ;) Hope all is well with everyone, I've missed you! haha!

Mike V. said...

Hi Kelly! Definitely long time no see. Sounds like things have been going pretty well for you! I've seen occasional updates on Facebook and it looks like you're having a good time. All good stuff. (And yes, you did "like" Parker's SOA pic. lol)

SOA - I didn't mention anything about the ratings, but that's pretty awesome! I listen to this silly podcast of TV critics (Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan) and they were bashing the show pretty hard. Really annoyed me. They thought the show became less believable and lost the whole "stakes matter" intensity when they let Clay survive last season. I think the fact that Clay has become marginalized and essentially the NEW Piney is a better punishment for him. But he's going down swinging! Agree on everything else you said, obviously! lol

TWD - Congrats on catching up! Season 3 looks to be the best yet, so can't wait until October! So funny how many people hate Lori. I loved that actress on Prison Break, so she doesn't bother me too much. lol (the show seasons 2-4 of Prison Break took care of the "bothering me" situation! lol)

Episodes - Another great one you caught up on! Be careful with that free stuff. I loved Fios for the first 2 years and now I'm getting charged out the rear! And to switch to any new plan it's MORE expensive. Drives me crazy. I want to upgrade to their faster internet package! lol

ONCE/Revenge - Yep, same night. And also the same night as eventually TWD, Dexter, Homeland and 666 Park Ave. It's going to be a fight in my house hold on what shows we'll actually watch. Especially with the Parker contingent! I'd say TWD is a must because I'm blogging. I'd also fight for Homeland (probably to little debate). And ONCE airs uncontested, but that's 3 shows and very tough to do in our new family situation! lol

AHS - Yeah, Ralph Fiennes brother IS in season 2 of the show. lol He's also the stare of Shakespeare in Love. (bigger LOL) And yes, the short lived FlashForward. The whole Adam Levine thing is bizarre. My wife already told me I'm on my own for this season. Guess it'll be a morning treadmill show. Hope it doesn't scare me OFF of the treadmill and I break a leg or something! lol

GRIMM - Oh yeah...season 2 has been on fire. They amped up the intensity and the mythology and it's a good time! Can't wait for more!

Revolution - I know I'm already fighting a losing battle blogging this one. I've heard there is pretty wooden acting and characters that we won't care about, but a show can always improve from the pilot. Plus, these are the same critics bashing SOA. There is hope!

666 Park Ave - Yeah, I'm really not looking forward to this one, but similar...I have to check out because of John Locke!

The Office - Oh yeah, as soon as I heard it's the final season, I instantly got excited again. Greg Daniels, the original showrunner, has returned and has some great ideas for the final season...including getting to know the documentary crew. The first episode back is already getting rave reviews. If they can somehow convince Michael Scott to make a cameo in the series finale, I'll be very happy to forget the past season! lol

Last Resort - Yeah, I don't know much about it, but I do know Shawn Ryan is the showrunner (previously of THE SHIELD infamy) I didn't watch The Shield, but he's a pretty smart guy so I'm looking forward to seeing what he's going to do. But Thursday will be a tough night.

Modern Family - How dare you get sick of that show! lol Sure, it's not as unique as it was in season 1, but it's still hysterical. And the Gloria twist is bound to cause excitement this season. Apt 23, I don't think I ever finished watching the season 1 eps. lol But maybe I will!

Everything is going well here! Glad to have you stopping back in for a visit! (You missed the LOST rewatch discussions!!! lol) I'm looking forward to Fall TV as well!

MJ said...

Hey Kelly ! Welcome back.

TWD - agree with Mike - I also liked the actress from Prison Break - so I guess I kinda felt more like they were writing crappily for her. It was her kid we all hated. LOL Also agree that S3 looks to be awesome.

last Resort - I'll check it out but don't know where they can really go with it. It's about a Nuc sub and they refuse some order and just go park themselves somewhere and seceed of some thing like that. There was a movie years ago that was similar (Not Red October).

Thrilled that Eps will be back. If you've now just gotten SHowtime you should check out Homeland S1 - S2 is just about to start and it is a great show. Blew me away last year.

SOA - thank god no one else seems to know about this fake leg. That article said it was so obvious who they were due to that leg and i had no recollection of it at all.

I'm still loving Modern Fam, and apt 23 - and of course HIMYM! I'll look at the new comedies but think most will be lame. And I have a guilty pleasure with Raising Hope - it cracks me up. The little girl is too funny.

Mike V. said...


Last Resort - I believe you're referring to the Tony Scott (RIP) directed film Crimson Tide with Denzel and Hackman! lol Truthfully, I really didn't know where they could go with LOST either and that became my favorite show of all time. Sometimes the best shows come out of impossible to figure out scenarios. lol But, I know what you mean.

Totally agree on Homeland - was one of my faves from last year if not my favorite NEW show.

SOA - You know...I think critics got to preview the first 2 episodes so maybe they've seen something we didn't already and forgot WHEN they saw it. lol If so, he's losing his job! lol

Ahh yes, HIMYM! Can't wait for that to come back and can't wait to find out when the END date will be so they can start focusing on closing up the story. Raising Hope, always have meant to watch but just haven't. It's on netflix so maybe one day.

Mike V. said...

Revolution tonight! Hope it's good. Of course, I'm not expecting TOO MUCH from the pilot. Just a setup that lays the groundwork for a good show!

Boardwalk Empire - Didn't watch S3 premiere yet, but figured I'd give an update. Just watched a really gruesome and cringe-worthy episode. Eli and Nucky got in a fist fight. Eli came clean about the Commodore. But, I guess Nucky wouldn't have him. And he ended up killing some dude with a wrench in his garage. Mask dude went out into the woods and tried to kill himself but a dog saved him. And then he came back to help Jimmy cut someone's scalp off. (EWWWW!! lol) But it would seem like Jimmy's mom is pulling the strings right now. (Heard her whole rape story in the last ep....which I'm guessing is how Jimmy was conceived)

All in all...very entertaining and glad I'm finally watching it. lol

We watched another Justified over the wknd as well. But it was friday and I forget exactly what happened. OHHHHH....Glenn? Winona's husband is dead!! WHAAAAT!?!? Crazy stuff. I think we have like 5 eps left. And I saw Jeremy Davies won an Emmy for his "Guest actor" role this year. Weird that that was handed out in the ceremony that predates the actual Emmys (this coming sunday).

That's about it for now!

MJ said...

Def looking fwd to Revolution.

BE - that fight with Nucky and Eli was so great ! And Nucky saying he'll take him back but he had to get on his knees and beg ! Poor Eli - shouldn't have bet against the family ! LOL Jillian (jims mom is def trying to lead her son. have you gotten to the one where Jimmy remembers back to his time in Princeton ? I was glad the guy with the mask did not kill himself - but he's so alone. I remember the scalp - but not who had it done. LOL

Justified - maybe it's Gary ? Not sure either. was glad they got rid of him, he was an idiot. LOL Didn't hear he got the award early - but good for him.

Mike V. said...

BE - Haven't seen the Princeton stuff yet. The guy that got "scalped" was one of the old dudes that gave the commodore the money for his operation. He told Jimmy they should be showing the elders some respect. And of course, Junior Soprano was one of that crew of old fogies. lol

Justified - Yep, it's Gary...not sure where I got Glenn. lol (Probably because there's one on Mad Men and Walking Dead and probably other things. lol) But yeah, he was a pretty annoying character!

Just looking at my schedule tomorrow and it's pretty darn busy. Not sure when I'll be writing anything about Revolution! lol But, I'll get something up eventually!

Leslie said...

I'm gonna check out Revolution, too. I also caught up on the first couple of episodes of Go On and The New Normal. I really want Go On to be good because of Matthew Perry. Not sure yet about The New Normal. I try not to make quick judgments on new shows and give them a chance.

And, although I'm behind, I finished the last season of Dexter with the whole thing with Debra. I know y'all talked about that. I'm curious where they take that this season. May have to catch at least the first couple episodes online just out of curiosity to see where they go with it. It's strange with the characters, then also knowing that they were married and divorced in real life since meeting on the show.

I'm ready for all the new stuff to start! :)

Mike V. said...

Hi Leslie!

Good to know we'll all be checking out Revolution! As with the comedies, I'm with you. I want Go On to be a success. The 2 eps have been decent, and they're short enough to keep up with them for awhile before deciding to stick with or give up! New Normal, I watched pilot, haven't gotten to 2nd ep yet. I'm always skeptical with Ryan Murphy programming. lol (Glee, AHS, never watched nip/tuck)

Dexter - Yeah, season 6 was pretty rough with Deb's crush and all. Supposedly, they're not backing down with that. But, if the trailers for season 7 are any indication, Dexter is BACK! Looks really good, and hopefully it's setting up for a final season 8. That'll be another one that'll be tough to keep up with on the day it airs. I think I'm only going to have time for Once, TWD and Homeland once October rolls around. (And Revenge with a quick Monday catchup lol)

Ugh, this will be my most challenging TV season yet with the little guy around. He's totally worth it though! :-)

MJ said...

BE - oh yeah, Uncle Jun ! LOL I remember the scalping now. Jimmy is really starting a power trip - and we all know where that leads him. Wait til you get to the princeton recall.

Dexter - Deb as the captain or Lt or whatever she was promoted to was good fun though. I think this season will be seriously messed up - and fun.

Ditto with Go On with what you both said.

New Normal - I liked it. Ellen Barkin's lines were very funny. We'll see where they go with it.

Ok -hopping over the the post I saw for Revolution then

Mike V. said...

BE - looking forward to it! Wasn't able to watch anything this morning because of that silly revolution recap! lol I really don't have time to write as much as I did every week. lol We'll see how things go.

Dex - Yeah, that was definitely the best part of the season. And agree on the new one! Still love the cast, so this new plot should go over really well.

New Normal - Ellen Barkin seems like the matriarch from Arrested Development. But, she's still funny. I'll catch up eventually on it!

Enjoy the Rev recap! lol