Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fringe: Season 4 Episode 22 - Brave New World Part 2

Welcome, Fringe Fandom, to the final recap of the season!  We were treated to quite an awesome hour of television.  One that the producers thought could have sufficed as a series finale if it had to be.  Now having seen it, I can see what they mean.  But, obviously, there were plenty of loose ends from episode 19 as well as a few tidbits in this one to have us salivating for the next step!  But, they went all out in this one and it was AWESOME!   I'm going to share a few links here that contain interviews with the producers on where things may be going.  I may be referring to them in my commentary below.  Basically, it sounds like they are very excited to bring us a 13 episode "no filler" season that brings great conclusion to their 5 year story.  I figured as much, but it's great to hear it from them.  Here are the links:
Give Me My Remote

Okay, homework done?  The show definitely ended on a quieter, happier note this season than the last 3 (of course it didn't seem so at one point!).  But, it is just the calm before the coming storm.   We were treated to a preview of that storm in episode 19.  And we'll speculate at the end on how we think season 5 will be laid out.  But for now, we need to bring this season to a close!  Let's do it!  Oh right, and of course the episode earned a well deserved "WOW!!!"

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fringe: Season 4 Episode 21 - Brave New World Part 1

Hello my friends!  Welcome to the season 4 finale part 1 recap of Fringe!  We had another crazy episode on our hands.  Of course, it's only half of the story that will be told so we're kind of left hanging for the big conclusion.  But, WOW, didn't see that twist coming!  I guess we should have after the future vision we got a couple episodes ago.  But, the advantage the writers had was a logistical thing with a certain "retired" actor returning that somehow they kept secret from the media (or at least me).  Anyway, it led to things taking an unexpected turn in the final moments of this season, let alone series.  I'm guessing this recap might be a little lighter than usual as we will have more to dissect after part 2 airs next week.   But, you know me, I do like to ramble on about things.  So, let's see where this thing takes us!