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Fringe: Season 4 Episode 19 - Letters of Transit

Well, my friends, this is one weird, wacky and AWESOME show!  As anticipated, this season's "19th" episode took us on a wild ride and made us question a lot of things about the "future" of the show.  It seemed like this episode was just randomly plucked out of what would be a season 7 of Fringe.  (or season 26 for that matter)  First, let me get my WOW out of the way because of course it's deserving of it!  Second, I just want to speculate at what the brains behind Fringe are doing here.  They had always envisioned a 7 season show, but with the ratings so low they may have known that time is short and are speeding up the plot a bit.  So, while the remaining 3 episodes of this season will close up this season's plot as they always planned, they used episode 19 as a chance to give a sneak preview of where the show was/is heading.  (We still don't know about renewal)   Maybe season 5 and 6 would have gotten us to 2015 (considering the show follows a calendar year pretty much) and we would have seen Walter encase the team in amber.  Maybe a season 7 would have taken place 20 years later when they finally take the world back.  But, we have already been told that this episode was a preview of what a shortened and final season 5 may look like.  So maybe they showed us where the plot is going and we'll be leading up to that in a fast-forwarded story in season 5 (as well as continuing that 2036 plot).   All speculation of course. They could have always planned to show us this peak into the future in season 4.  We have seen other peaks into the future too.  With an infinite amount of timelines, nothing is certain.

But, my intro paragraph is way too detailed in speculation and we haven't even recapped yet!  So, let's get to it!

 Fringe Case of the Week
They came from the future.   At first, they only watched.  Arriving at key moments in human history.  We called them OBSERVERS.  But in 2015 they stopped watching... and seized control.   Citizen uprisings proved bloody and futile.  Those who survived became known as "Natives."  In an attempt to show their allegiance, some Native factions became "Loyalists" and were marked by the OBSERVERS.  The original FRINGE TEAM fought the invasion but was quickly defeated.  FRINGE DIVISION was allowed to continue at a reduced capacity, but only to police the Natives.  The resistance was quickly overcome.  
No sense in trying to recap that in my own words, the show did such a good job explaining and setting the scene in 2036.  Walter explained it further later on in the episode and it's very TERRA NOVA - like as well as our predictions for what THE EVENT was going to be about.  September (still alive?) had told Walter that in 2609, the Observers had finally ruined the planet.  They poisoned the air and water and the planet became uninhabitable.  So, the Observers have traveled back in time to first observe, and then take the planet back from them.  And now we know and we'll dissect it more down below!

But, here we are in a totalitarian-style Earth.  The year is 2036 and the Fringe team have been downgraded to a police force of sorts to keep the natives in line.  There is an observer called Captain Renmark (or Wenmark or something like that), who has been assigned to keep an eye on Fringe Division.  Broyles is still in charge and looks pretty awful!  But, then again, it has been 23 years!

There are 2 agents, Etta and Simon Foster (DESMOND!) who go about their daily job, but with a secret objective of finding the Original Fringe team.  There was no record of them actually dying, but they are assumed to be.  Etta is very determined to prove that fact wrong.  Walter had been working on a device (also referred to as a beacon. hmmm, we've seen a beacon before.  A couple times) to rid the world of the observers once and for all.   But, they need his help in completing the device.  There was this guy, Rick, that was working with the two of them that ended up getting killed by a loyalist.  But, not before he showed Etta what he found.  And that would be Walter encased in amber!   Basically, Walter intentionally put the Fringe team in amber knowing the battle was lost for the moment, but they hoped to live to fight another day.  We obviously don't know the full circumstances around the "amberization" but that's what makes me speculate that present day events would lead us to that (i.e. season 5, please let there be a season 5!).

Etta is able to get her hands on some old tech at Fringe division (from a guy that is not happy on what they're doing.  I actually speculated for a brief moment that maybe this guy is Mr. X but that doesn't really make much sense.  But you know, in case it is, you heard it here first!).  It was some crowd control gun that they used as a wand to break Walter out of the amber.   Walter is free!  One problem.  He was so close to the Amber blast that he suffered brain damage! (more than he already had??)  So, they get a little sidetracked and have to dig up Nina Sharp for help.  Naturally, she's shocked to see Walter who has barely any recollection of Nina.  Nina, suggests that they try to utilize Walter's missing brain pieces that William Bell removed all those years ago.   Of course, Massive Dynamic is now shut down, but Simon is feeling risky and suggets they go into the Observer-packed arena.

They do come across some non-observer military-like loyalist guards (you could tell by the marking on their face) and they used some Jedi-Mind tricks to get past him.  (See walterisms below)   Note that they do refer to Walter as Etta's grandfather.  

Broyles, by the way, is made aware of Etta/Simon being in restricted territory, and is forced to activate their trackers.  But, they do find Walter's brain and are able to inject it into his head, while some light comedy ensues.

We pause and get a quick backstory on Simon.  His parents were part of the resistance and they were killed in 2015.  He was in college at the time and saw TV footage of people all over the world being put down like dogs.  It was referred to as THE PURGE (ahh, LOST).  Etta makes mention that she was 4 years old the last time she saw her parents.  (woaaa, just made a connection and we'll discuss down below!)  

When Walter wakes up he is very much aware of what is going on and asks for a quick update.  He talks about who the Observers are and how they took over and about their ally, September.  He also realizes who Etta is.  But, not too much time for chit chat because they have to escape Massive Dynamic.  Of course, Walter knows about a hidden exit out of the room they're in!  And then he sets up some anti-matter to disintegrate Massive Dynamic.  WOA!!!

Aren't you a little short for an observer?

Walter remembered exactly where he and the team were ambered and brought Etta and Simon there.   After an optimistic speech from Simon about making their own future, they get to work.  They free Astrid from the amber the same way Walter was freed.  But then the wand got busted.  Oh boy!!  It was foreshadowed earlier that any other attempt to tamper with the amber would cause it to re-solidify on one of them.  They knew they were being hunted and were short for time, so Simon did the only thing he could. He sacrificed himself to get Peter free.  (of course, we didn't see it was Peter at the time)    One other thing to note, William Bell was in the amber too!  Walter did not look too happy to see him!  We'll discuss more below.  So, now Simon is encased in amber.  I guess if they're going to revisit 2036, this works out in case Henry Ian Cusick's show SCANDAL is renewed and he can't get back.  But surely, he could come on for an episode or two!

Broyles comes to the scene in the aftermath and realizes what is going on.  Finding a half eaten piece of red licorice puts a slight smile on his face!

The revived Fringe team and Etta are on a train heading who knows where.   Astrid makes reference to how important Bell is.  Walter makes comments of what he did to Olivia (which we'll speak of below) and essentially said it's unforgivable.  But, still they needed Bell for access to something.  And that's when it's revealed that Walter sliced off Bell's hand and brought it with them, saying "we have everything we need."  OUCH!!

We then see Peter for the first time and he apologizes to Etta for Simon promising to do what they can to get him out.  Etta looks at Peter and asks if he knows her.  Peter slowly comes to the realization that this very well could be.....why yes it's Henrietta (note, female version of Henry!), Peter and Olivia's daughter!!  The child destined to be born.  A child of great importance, per September.  They embrace and the train heads off into the night.


They surely left that open for story continuation which makes me think this is not a variation of the future which we'll never revisit again.  Very much like LOST's flash forward at the end of season 3, it led to a season where we have to follow the present day story to catch up to what we know about the future story, yet we still need to continue the future story as well.  That's where I think this is headed, and I couldn't be more excited!

I have lots of thoughts on the episode.  Some of them might not make any sense, but bear with me.  I think I have to watch the episode like 10 more times, and most likely will have to keep coming back to it as we continue through the rest of the series.  I can see now how they could have gotten 7 seasons out of this story, but that is not to be.  So, we'll have to make do with what we can get. And hopefully that is at least 12 or 13 more episodes!   Let's dive into the analysis!

Glyph Code - QUAKE - Interesting, I don't see how an earthquake plays into anything.  Maybe it has something more to do with the upcoming 3 episodes to close out the season.  But, we did see that FUTURE and SIMON became relevant in this episode (which were 2 previous glyphs).  Not sure about "DREAM" though.  Thanks Fringepedia as always for the screenshot! 

Observers Spotted! - Duh!  They were everywhere! 

  • "These are not the droids you're looking for.  Move Along." - Enough said!
  • The whole conversation around Walter's brain and monkey feces and the confusing them in the conversation was a good time. 
  • Walter stole candy from a kiosk after his infamous Star Wars quote. 

Food of the Week
  • Red Licorice of course!  And apparently historians have noted that it was Walter's favorite.  Nice. 

  • And this could be a Walterism but since it was food related you have to love that since he knows he was in amber for 20 years, he mentions it must be why he's so hungry! 
  • There was a request for Ring Dings too! 
  • Walter stole candy from a kiosk after his infamous Star Wars quote. 

Observations of the 2036 world
  • Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center as I believe it's going to be called) still stands as we get a shot of the future New York skyline. 

  • Different opening credits are always a good time.  Here's some screenshots of an Observer ransacked world.

  • There's no more coffee in our universe either in 2036, only coffee chews!  Very strange that there's such a large focus on coffee in this show! 

  • Nina is confined to a wheelchair (with a bionic hand too, but we'll get there) and works at the Ministry of Science.  Massive Dynamic is no longer in operation, but we've discussed that above already. 

  • Observers like to drink water these days and Broyles isn't too thrilled about "hydrating himself" through a flask.  He'd much rather prefer some liquor! 
  • The Observers have the ability to wipe people's memories and/or read natives' memories in order to find out their true objectives.  But somehow, Etta has the ability to block them out of her mind.  Results of a cortexiphan-induced mother? 

Questions/Additional Observations
  • It's tough to tell if everyone's rebooted memories from Peter's disappearance at the end of season 3 have been repaired to the original timeline.   But, what throws me off is that Nina once again had her bionic hand.  I don't think the Reboot Nina has one since she used her physical hand to bring Walter and Lincoln to the cortexiphan.  Meanwhile, MEANA does have a bionic hand.  Of course, we didn't spend much time with our characters so we had to interpret everything a crazy Walter was saying.  He did make a comment that said the Fringe team did save the world once, but not without great consequence.  This made me think that he was referring to Peter in the machine.  So, maybe Walter did eventually regain his memories.  Who knows?  But, the fact that "Henrietta" was born most likely means that the "RIGHT" pairing of Peter and Olivia had a child and the cross-universal breeding of Henry does not exist anymore, per September's comments earlier this season.  So, I guess it's all just a big question mark for now still.  Hopefully, intentionally! 

  • Speaking of the other universe, there was no mention made of it existing or not existing.  Our last peak into the future was a version where it was absolutely destroyed.  That doesn't seem to be the case this time.  So, it will be interesting to see how that factors into THIS version of the future. 
  • Did we meet Mr. X in this episode?  The man that supposedly killed Olivia?  (and for that matter, is Olivia even dead?)  We did meet a very "amberized" William Bell and Walter was not to thrilled to see him.  His reasoning?  "You remember what he did to Olivia."  My first thoughts were that he was referring to the LSD (19th) episode from last year where Bell used soul magnets to stay alive in Olivia and they went in to to her brain to retrieve her.  But, Walter was pretty excited at the time that Bell was back.  And of course, did that even happen in this rebooted timeline if they didn't get their memories back?  Ugh..   And how on earth is William Bell alive!?!?! Did he find another way to come back?  Or is this once again a result of the rebooted timeline?  I forget if we were told again this season if Bell died or not.   In any case, Bell's memories were merged with Olivia's mind in that  LSD episode last year and that's when we met Mr. X.  So, that means Bell knows Mr. X, right?  Or Mr. X is a part of him.  I don't know.  I guess Bell could somehow be involved in Olivia's "death" if it even happened, but I don't know if I buy him being Mr. X.  There was a guy earlier in the episode that may have been able to pass as being Mr. X but I don't know why he'd be in 2036.  
  • More speculation on William Bell.  We were told he died in a car accident, but this could also be ALTERNATE-William Bell.   I guess we'll see.  It will be interesting to see if Leonard Nimoy will come out of retirement for one last outing as Mr. Bell! 
  • So, I wonder if all if all of the Observer's interactions in trying to prevent Peter from existing was to prevent Henrietta from being born and forming the resistance against them. (and ultimately succeeding?)  I guess that's kind of what September was getting at.  And maybe if September never interfered in the first place, none of these events would have happened to lead to any kind of resistance.  Walternate would have cured his son, would Walter have ever found any other motivation to cross over and cause the whole drama that proceeded after? 
  • BTW, does anyone else think it's hysterical that key events in the Fringe Universe have happened in Back to the Future related years?  Walter crossed over in 1985 to save Peter, the Observers took over the world in 2015.  Coincidence!?! 
  • Not really a question, but I just had a eureeka moment that probably everyone else figured out much more quickly.  Etta mentioned she was 4 years old the last time she saw Peter and Olivia.  We don't know exactly when Peter, Walter and Astrid (and William Bell) went into the amber but it would seem to suggest it might be a little after 2015.  It also seems to suggest that Olivia might be pregnant very soon.   And one additional suggestion, I don't think Olivia will be dying any time soon by the hands of Mr. X.   Etta has to be at least 4 years old before she would be getting killed.   Of course, unless Olivia isn't the mother but that's highly doubtful.   (and for the record, I didn't think Olivia would be dying this season.  Next season?  Well if it's the last, all bets are off.)
  • I'm sure the memento that Etta has around her neck plays a significant role to why Olivia is not with them (yet?) in 2036.  It looks like a crushed bullet, but I don't know for sure!

Whew, who would have thought an hour's worth of television could provide that much insight on where a show is headed?  And the crazy thing is, we have to return back to the David Robert Jones plot of today!  We have 3 more episodes to wrap up the season and my guess is they will cover that arc and bring closure to the season.  But the prospect for things to come is just awesome!  Please, FOX/WB, do the right thing here!  I have a lot of faith that they will.  That's all she wrote for now, but I'm very interested to hear what everyone else got out of this episode!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I recapped Terra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz and am continuing to recap Fringe.
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  How I Met Your Mother, The River, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Awake. Previously discussed: Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, etc...  Feel free to join in!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you in the comments of any of these blog posts!


Mike V. said...

Finally, Fringe's ratings went up! They're not spectacular, but maybe it will be enough to get Fox and WB to speed up that renewal for a final season!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
A stellar recap. You are asking all the right questions (and I was asking the same).
I watched the episode twice already and will probably watch it again.
There are so many inconsistencies related to timeline and questions to paradoxes that I don't want to even get into it that deep (actually I just don't have the energy, I've had a really bad week). At least we know that the Observers aren't good guys and that they have an agenda (September being an exception).

Now I feel even more that we are going to get screwed on this show going it's full run. But I will still be happy if the network grants them half a season to give a condensed version.

Take care,
Bill B

Mike V. said...

Thanks Bill!

Yeah, I hear ya on getting screwed. At the same time, if you think about it...the plot developments from season to season aren't astronomical. There are so many "cases of the week" that they tie around small plot developments. I don't know if there'd be a reason to doubt that a half season 5 would be any differently, but if they stuck purely to plot advancement for a half season, I think they could tell the whole story they wanted to tell. Granted, time would have to move at a quicker rate. (i.e. we'd need to see 3-4 years worth of stuff to get to 2015/2016 and then jump 20 years and see the conclusion (if that's what the objective is).

But you're right, I think we confirmed that September was the exception to the rule on The Observers. We know what their agenda was now.

As for paradoxes, I'm with you. It's too much to think about. I will say that our characters seemed to be acting like "their old selves" (i.e. season 1-3 selves)...even Nina Sharp who was 24 years older. She seemed to be the Nina we always knew. But, I just don't know. Either they're going to clear it up or just leave it all purposefully vague. lol

I guess even if they give us a condensed version of their vision, they could still branch out into comics to further flesh out what their vision would have been. (i.e. to fill in any blanks) They said if they were cut short on television, they most definitely would do a comic to close things up. But, I say do it anyway! lol We already have seen that the Fringe folk look pretty decent animated, why not drawn?

And I'd even go one step further...I don't know how financially successful it would be, but how about a movie to close things up!? I think there are more fans of Fringe than it seems based on the Friday night viewership. A movie might do decent enough to at least pay for itself. And the fans would definitely snag the blu-ray/dvds! That's just an optimist's dream though. I doubt that would ever happen.

The best we can look forward to is a half of a season. But I would trust these writers to make it exciting and close it up well. I think if they start jumping around in time (a la LOST) to finish the story, they can pull it off. We'll see what they have in mind!

Thanks for the comments Bill!

Mike V. said...

" I don't know if there'd be a reason to doubt that a half season 5 would be any differently"

Whew, sometimes my mind gets ahead of my typing. lol I meant that season 5 would probably revolve around "weekly cases" too....

Mike V. said...

Sorry, I keep commenting on my own recap but I keep thinking of stuff!

Another reason Etta could be "special" outside of the cortexiphan that may run through her veins could be that she is a child born by 2 people of separate universes, per our previous discussions. This never would have been made possible had September not accidentally been caught discovering the cure for Peter. Basically, it just ties the whole damn show together beautifully! lol

Mike V. said...

OK, last comment I promise. (The wife and kid are out of town, and this is what I find I have time for!! lol Translation: I'm very bored!!)

I can't take credit for this but saw it on a comment (alias: starman) on Doc Jensen's EW recap:

"One thing no one has mentioned about this episode is the tie-in with Season 2, episode 3 (Fracture). In that episode Colonel Raymond Gordon was using human bombs (remember Project Tin Man?) as weapons against human couriers who passed information to the Observers. At the end of the episode he told Broyles that he didn't know where the Observers came from, but he knew that they were studying us, collecting data, and were planning a war against us. No one took him seriously at the time, but it turns out in at least one possible future, the guy was right!"

Nice catch indeed. Probably would have caught that on a 3rd rewatch. :-) lol

Anonymous said...

Now I will have to re-watch that episode. I could have watched this episode 10 times and never made that connection.

I agree that they could unfold the arc in half a season but I am sure there'd be a lot less to talk about afterward. They would pretty much have to lay it out in front of us without making us piece together little hints in the stand-alone eps. Once again, I would be cool with that, as long as we get good closure.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Oh, I didn't mean I'd pick up that "past tidbit" from rewatching the current episode. I meant with rewatching the series a 3rd time. lol

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how they'd approach a half season order to wrap things up. How ever they do it, I'm sure it will be of the highest quality!

Mike V. said...

I'm hooked on the Doc Jensen recap comments section this weekend. Here's another interesting idea for how season 5 would go down, and Jensen responded to it.

"Aldrisang | 1 day ago

This is obvious people... the BEACON is not going to be used to destroy the Observers outright, it is to COMMUNICATE with the past, to warn the team while they still have time to prevent this timeline's occurrences from happening.

Jeff Jensen | 1 day ago

I think you're absolutely right. So maybe next season, we'll see the Fringe team in the present (2012-2013) receiving messages from the 2036 Fringe team, who, using the Beacon, will direct them on how to avert Observergeddon., "

Mike V. said...

Ugh, I wish there was a way to EDIT comments so I could just add to my thoughts instead of posting 8 different comments and make it look like I'm talking to myself! lol

I forgot to add one thing. The code that Simon used to get into Massive Dynamic was 092112. If you put that in date form, it would be September 21, 2012....probably the Friday that would be the season premiere of season 5. At least that's what the twitterverse is saying! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
I had to kind of laugh at the reaction of the onlookers when the entire Massive Dynamic building disappeared. They just kind of looked up like we would if an airplan had a banner behind it. Mildly interested but not shocked. I guess in 2036 that must be a common occurrence.

Good point that the Fringe Team may be sending back information through time to themselves in the past. That's the beauty of time travel, anything is possible. Kind of reminds me of "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure".... "We'll just remind ourselves to hide the keys here when we go back in time" LOL.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Awesome reference to Bill and Ted. Man I loved that movie growing up. I even convinced myself that I liked Bogus Journey too...but it didn't hold up very well! lol (I have heard rumors that there is talk of a 3rd one in the works...maybe it would take place in the "future" aka the NOW present. lol)

The onlookers of Massive Dynamic was a good time. Of course, they were mostly observers so they just reacted the way observers do anyway. Mostly emotionless! lol I don't think the use of anti-matter is a regular occurrence in the future, but you never know!

BTW, I also forgot to take notice of Walter's behavior change when his brain was reinserted. He was all business and did some pretty ruthless things within minutes of his brain being restored. (i.e. cut off william bell's hand) The fact that Walter is not the Walter we know and love in 2036 might be a good sign that this is yet another future we might want to try and prevent. I like the idea of sending messages back to the past to warn the present Fringe team of the pending Observer Invasion.... Also forgot to note that this may be what September was referring to when he said "they are coming"....

Whew...I think my comments on this blog may be longer than the recap itself! :-)

Other Wknd TV - I watched GoT and am caught up on Grimm. Didn't watch Mad Men or ONCE since my wife wasn't home. May not get to them until tomorrow or throughout the week. Sorry! But you guys feel free to discuss.

Kelly said...

Watched GoT and thoroughly enjoyed it! Still am fuzzy on character names, but Joffrey is such a douche! LOL!! Tyrion is friggin' awesome, he's gotta be my favorite character. And WTF was with that red lady giving birth to the smoke monster, lol! Stay away from the Dharma Initiative, jerkhead!
Didn't watch Once, wound up staying out last night cuz it was raining way too hard out here. Will probably catch up on my DVR tonight. Gotta watch Grimm, too.

MJ said...

Fringe was brilliant friday ! Such a fab show.

'September (still alive?)' I doubt it cause Walter referenced that they did something horrible to him. I was thinking Etta was Ella at first - but the timeline didn't fit as Etta said she was 4 in 2015. Of course if Etta was 4 in 2015 then Olivia's getting preggers pretty soon ? Hmm - not adding up. I knew she looked like Olivia - but still did not think it was her daughter when they lied and said Walter was her granddad.

Was it me or did older Nina look better than current Nina ?? LOL. So advanced and yet they can't make her arm work right? Guess it was just a way to show us the hand. I long ago gave up trying to track the story by her hand. ;-D And I loved Walter's attempts with the Jedi mind trick - too bad he didn't do the hand motion too.

I laughed at the purge comment. First GofT with the 'smoke monster' then the purge !! And good ole Desmond to the rescue again !

The fact that they freed Peter and there was no Olivia - is that telling since Sept said she dies in every timeline ??

Walter carrying around Bell's hand was hysterical. But I agree - how was Bell alive to be amberized? I thought alternate Bell was dead when Bell first started crossing over ?

I too realized that Henrietta was the feminine of Henry, nice touch Fringe. So now we are left to wonder if Etta being so important per Sept is because in the future she would free Walter and Peter?

That was cool that they put in the Freedom tower ! And yeah - Etta being able to block those observers from her true thoughts without them knowing she is blocked was very interesting. Godo thinking Mike on maybe her talent comes from being of both universes. And I did not remember that from season 2 at all !

G of T - Kelly beat me to the Smoke Monster comment I see. LOL

I'll hold off on Once til everyone has watched - but they fooled me.

Am caught up on TVD too - but I have a meeting in a few so will come back to that later, as well as more G of T - cause I have a question on it for ya Mike.

MJ said...

WTH ! No HIMYM this week, or Modern Family. Rats !

Any one check out the new show on Showtime Girls ? I hated it.

Kelly said...

You mean the HBO show Girls? I liked it, actually. Though I fell asleep watching it last night, lol..

MJ said...

Yeah - that's it Kelly. I think you are younger so it would appeal to you more. I wanted to smack the b***h for complaining that her parents wouldn't continue to support her 2 years after graduating college. LOL

Fringe - also loved the line from Desmond “Well I’ll be a toe on a foot in a grave!”

Mike V. said...

Sorry everyone! I was swamped this afternoon with meetings! Here we go!

@Kelly -

GOT Tyrion is definitely one of the best characters in the book and show. And Dinklage already has an emmy under his belt. He should be getting another one unless John Noble can finally win for Fringe! But yes, a common joke this morning is definitely SMOKE MONSTER related with Melisandre's Shadow Baby lol This was shown much earlier in the show than in the book. I think they're merging a couple storylines together. So, I'm not saying what's coming next!



Etta wasn't 4 in 2015...she was 4 the last time she saw her parents. I wrote about this in the recap! lol Yeah, I think Olivia is gonna have to get preggers very soon unless it's another accelerated pregnancy like last season. lol But I think the Amber Event was in 2016....since it was "20 years later" So they fought back for awhile before resorting to the Amber. I assumed Etta was their kid for most of the episode. But I had read speculation beforehand.

When I asked if September was ALIVE, I meant back in 2012. Not in 2036. He never had that conversation with Walter that we have seen, so I thought that might imply he's still alive after that gunshot.

I think we're meant to assume that Olivia is dead and William Bell is related in the death. But they never clearly said she died. So we'll see!

I also mentioned in the blog that we were told Alternate Bell was dead but maybe it was a lie, or maybe in this rebooted timeline he's still alive. Or maybe in this rebooted timeline Bell is still alive. Maybe he didn't have to help cross them back over to this side since they weren't there for Peter originally. I have no idea!! It's all still very confusing. lol

It might be why Etta is important. She could be important for many reasons. Being part of the resistence, or maybe helping prevent that timeline from happening all together by sending messages back in time through the beacon (see one of many theories in comments lol) We'll see! (hopefully)

Yeah, always cool to see the Freedom tower on the show. We got a glimpse of it in last year's future also. Good stuff!

I forget, what did I mention from season 2???

GoT - Yep, James Hibberd discussed the smoke monster in his EW recap too. Good times!

I'm caught up on TVD as well. Very steamy scene with Damon/Elena. lol

HIMYM - come on, you knew there weren't many eps left! And also, the finale is an hour and is airing in May, so they have some weeks to kill. lol

GIRLS - I saw the first one and was 50/50 on it. I caught a little of last night's and it seemed funnier. But, I don't think I'm on board for the long haul!

FRINGE: Simon/Desmond's quote definitely was a good time!

I'm ready for your GoT questions when you return!

Mike V. said...

Maybe these HIMYM season finale pics will hold you over. lol,,20589571,00.html

Anonymous said...

Something I realized yesterday but just got a chance to comment on....
Why no female observers? At least I didn't see any. I guess it would be hard to tell if they were hairless and wearing hats and men's suits though. Wonder what happened to women in the future.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Interesting point Bill! Never really thought about female observers. Maybe 600 years into the future, mankind has evolved to determine that women are not needed! lol (obviously kidding!!!)

We do know that the observer August had strong feelings for a female in season 2. I forget if he was in love with her or not. But he did die for her.

Well the wiki isn't very clear on it either. Apparently, he didn't know why he was saving her.

Of course, I guess there could be females in the Observer's future, but they have not been sent back in time to do their dirty work. In 2036, they're definitely not ALL in that time. Broyles makes a comment about that dude pulling a crap detail when he came from the future.

So, maybe they just haven't brought women back. Or, I guess observers may not really have a sex. They may have evolved to not need males and females. I dunno! lol

Well, I think I've thoroughly exhausted any part I can contribute to this conversation. lol Good question Bill!

MJ said...

Ok - when I said she was 5 by 2015 I meant that was also the last time she saw her parents - and I was off by 1 year, you are correct that it's 2016. Still a very tight schedule to meet now.

Sorry - didn't realize you meant 2012 regarding Sept. In hindsight I think Walter said what happened to him was 'interesting' not as threatening as i remembered.

The S2 stuff was from one of the comments you posted from EW.

Excellent question Bill on why all observers are male. Hmmm.

HIMYM - you are right - but i don't have to like it that they give us 1 ep then repeats again. LOL Thanks for the pics - i shall check them oot (as Robin would say).

G of T - well obvisously you can't say much about smokey without being a spoiler - but that had to be one of the quickest pregnancies in history.

Who were the people holding Arya and the smithy ? Were they the Kings kinghts who killed Arya's protector ? Cause they were not very knight-like !

Kelly said...

Oh man, well yeah- I had no sympathy for her for whining about her parents cutting her off financially. My parents haven't paid for me for anything in a very very long time, I've been totally financially independent since a few months after I graduated college. But aside from that, I really like the show. And her mother was on Freaks and Geeks! YAAAY! Makes sense, since Judd Apatow is a producer, right?

Mike V. said...

FRINGE - Well the Observers invaded in I originally thought that was the last time she saw parents, but then I thought about it a little more. I just figured you made the same mistake I did. agreed definitely a tight schedule. But then again...only a half season to go most likely. :)

Ahhh...right the S2 stuff. My brain was fried by the end of yesterday! lol

HIMYM - Totally understand! And nice Canadian accent there! lol

GoT - You're right, can't say much. But yes, it was even quicker than Fauxlivia's pregnancy! lol

I don't know exactly who those people were that were torturing the people in Harrenhall....but the one guy is referred to as "The Tickler" in the books. They are in the employ of the Lannisters as you did see Tywin Lannister arrive to stop the torturing. But no, I wouldn't say they are all knights. The guy was questioning them about a group of people who are dead-set on killing The Mountain which was King's last orders prior to Joffrey taking over. And if you recall, Ned Stark gave the orders to kill Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain, aka the Hound's brother) when he was King regent for a day (while Robert was out hunting his last hunt). The man that was given the order was Beric Dondarrion. And he's basically the man they're looking for. And the Mountain is definitely with the Lannister squad. It's very confusing, and actually reading book 3, I'm just starting to understand it. The timing was actually good with this episode airing. lol

GIRLS - yeah, Judd being a producer is definitely the part that's appealing to the show. But the show is written by the main girl on the show. I think she gets a producer credit too. Keep us posted if it gets funnier. Maybe I'll watch them eventually! lol

MJ said...

G of T: Holy crow - Joffrey was really out of control this week. Can't wait for Tyrion to see what he did to the hooker - or what he had the other one do to her. I had totally forgotten about Cersei and her cousin.

I actually read somewhere that those guys torturing were kinda hired guns for the Lannisters. I totally forgot that The Mountain was the one who beheaded the horse, and that he'd been ordered killed.

I'm assuming they will actually get to some point with Dany soon - at least now she is not just roaming the desert. I know, I know - they are moving her into position - but it's been dull.

OMG! Arya is going to be serving Tywin ! Surely someone will figure out she's a Stark. Though not only is she a female but she's a kid - they probably don't really know what she looks like. LOL

The questioning by 'rat' was pretty gross though.

So is this medic chick that was chiding Rob sticking around ? I'd think so since they spent quite a bit of dialog with her. Unless they only wanted to point out that he has no desire to be King.

Once: Gold says he's only broken one deal and we learn it was with his son ! So sad. What a fickle town that now they are throwing MM a party ?!? And the Not so Charming prince had a point about why he did sorta believe that MM was guilty - but he's still a jerk. He needs to really start laying on some charm before I'm back on the MM/David train. Seriously - this guy lacks any charm.

I for one totally thought the biker was Bae ! Wonder what this disease will be ? I know alot of speculation is that he is Pinocchio.

Anyone else think Emma should not have shared her plan for taking her son back ? Just saying.

I have a meeting in 3 mins - will get back to you on TVD - I just watched the last 2 back to back - and damn ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Still didn't watch ONCE yet. The fam is back tonight, so maybe I'll get to ONCE or Mad Men...but I still have stuff from last Thursday to watch! Good thing the season is drawing to a close. Won't have too much to catch up on if we stay behind a bit. lol

G o T:

Yeah the Joffrey scene was crazy. That scene was NOT in the books as he was not a POV character. But the scene where Tyrion rescues Sansa is. I'm not sure if there will be any follow-up to Joff's actions, but we'll see! I do love the added scenes that they do. Especially Robb's storyline. He was not a POV character in the book either. But we did learn about his story AFTERWARDS when he tells it to certain POV characters. I don't want to say when I read it because I might be unintentionally spoiling something! lol But it's cool how much homework this team did when adapting the series. It doesn't matter where in the books things happened, they're telling a chronological story. I like it!

Yeah the Cersei/Lancel thing certainly came back to bite her a bit! lol Loved how Tyrion spun that scene to his advantage. that was also in the books almost word for word. Great stuff!

Yeah...hired guns for the lannisters makes sense. And yep, that's The Mountain alright!

I almost went into a whole theory about who Jon Snow's mother may be (I haven't read it in the books yet and I don't think it's been revealed through 5 but there certainly are some solid theories out there), but I didn't want to accidentally give away things from what I have read. Let's just say this for now....I think Ned Stark is going to end up looking more honorable by the end of the series (there's no evidence to support this yet from what I've read...just a gut feeling). I don't think he ever fathered a b*stard but due to the circumstances of war and everyone involved, he did the honorable thing and claimed Jon as his own. Which raises the question, WHO are Jon Snow's parents, not just his mother! If you want to hear more about the theory, I'll share it....but for now I'll just leave it at that. lol

The Dany story is a very very very slow burn. And there wasn't much of her story in book 2, so they're really stretching it out. There are some interesting things coming up though. But I think her story has OVERARCHING importance to the entire saga. It's just gonna take awhile to get there. She does have 3 baby dragons afterall! lol

My guess would be that Tywin has never seen Arya before. And if he did, it's been a long long time. He knew she was a girl but that's about it. I don't want to say much else, but there are some surprises in store for Arya's arc. It's a good time! The questioning by rat was NOT in the book, but there was some kind of torcher via the "Tickler"...and no, he didn't tickle people to death. lol

Mike V. said...

Medic Chick - Tough to say (and talk about for fear of spoiling! lol), but I'll try my best to be vague. As I mentioned above, this wasn't really in the book. But there are developments that are talked about afterwards. I will say this, the name that the medic said she was, that character was never mentioned in the book. But there is a chance she's lying about who she is. So, we might be getting a story alluded to in the books, but detailed out into a much larger arc for Robb. I will point out that it will be difficult for Robb if he ever were to find a romantic interest on the road. Afterall, he is promised to one of Walder Frey's daughters. You know, Finch from harry potter who's castle blocks the bridge at THE TWINS. Robb and Arya were promised to some of his children in order for Robb's army to pass through. Should make for some interesting stories, wouldn't you say!? lol

TVD - My problem with talking about the show is I always forget what happened! I don't know why that is. If there wasn't a "previously on" to remind me, I'd be lost! lol Of course, the whole Originals dying and their bloodline story is pretty cool. lol Ohhhhh right!!! Young Eloise Hawking killed Claus's sister and took her body! lol It's all coming back to me. That was nuts!

Leslie said...

Once – Interesting symptoms August was having, and who did he call and tell that “we need to accelerate the plan”? At least we saw that Gold does have a soft spot for his son. It was really sad to see what he did to him though. I was surprised that Gold went to talk to the doctor about his son. That sure exposed some vulnerability. Funny that everyone thought he was there to collect the rent.

MJ, I had the same thought with the party for MM. They were ready to hang her and now they were all partying together! David was all about apologizing to his women last night. I was surprised Kathryn took it as well as she did. And, Sydney confessing to everything and taking the fall for Regina??? It was a dramatic moment when Emma calls Regina a sociopath, but agree that she probably shouldn’t have said that she was gonna take her son back. Some things you should just keep to yourself! lol

Mike, will be happy to discuss Mad Men when you get to watch it.

MJ said...

G of T: I know - my husband wants to see those dragons and keeps saying so ! LOL Hmm - very intriguing on Ned claiming Jon for his own when he might not be. I can only imagine what the 'tickler' would be. Yes - I DID remember that Catelyn promised Jon away - that's why I wondered if the medic were staying around to make it all nice and soapy ! LOL Forgot that Arya was promised though - so thanks for that reminder.

Sydney confessing was sad - and expected. But he's the man in the mirror that she looked into so he's in love with her.
Rumor is - and that is only rumor - that August is Pinochio and that is why his legs were 'stiff'.

TVD - I also forget! I put it down to that they keep sorta doing the same stuff over and over - and that I have too many other shows with ongoing mythology to follow and my pea-brain can only retain so much.

yeah the whole kill the maker kills the offspring if they are originals was a surprise ! Should have seen it coming - their mother was really not happy with all that she had created so something that kills all vamps and not just her kids makes sense. But how have all Klaus's siblings not just killed him themselves ?? He's constantly threatening to coffin them again. But mom taking over Rebecca ! Sweet !

Damon's torture was harsh - quite the week for torture (this was from a few weeks ago but I watched this week).

But I got totally lost with the who turned who - I just took what they said for being right.

I think I've gotten spoiled by shows like SOA, BB, Fringe - they don't keep treading water, cause I feel TVD keeps doing that. They keep bringing us the the edge of the scooby gang getting the baddies then the baddies get the upper hand and then neither side's main characters kill eachother and they all regroup and go round again. No - the great shows build up the momentum in a steady pace - not up down up down. Elena wanting to rescue Damon instead of going after Finn, Rebecca letting the Salvatores go instead of just having someone get the stakes and killing the brothers - just filler to get us to the next scooby plan.

And they still haven't found a real use for Jeremy or his character ! Didn't see it coming that Kohl would be there though.

But yes - quite the scene for Elena and Damon. Love that Damon is determined to not create a 'bump'. And how hard must it be to sit there listening to a ghost talk to you and you can't answer her ? LOL

Grimm: Congrats on getting caught up. The asian guy just eating all that weird stuff like couch foam was a good time ! And the partner being all love sick. It's a strange show - very procedural but lot's of scifi and mythology. I can't even begin to get all the races names right - can't even pronounce some of them. LOL What puzzles me is that Nick is able to see behind the facades of all these creatures - but not his captain. I'm sure there will be a reason though. Wish his wife would get clued in though - as a veterinarian she would probably be useful. I was VERY surprised Nick was willing to let Ian go this past week though.

SOA creator doing a reality show

Whew - I had alot. But I've been typing it up over the whole day yesterday when I had a chance.

Mike V. said...

G ot T: Yeah, believe it or not it's not all for budgetary purposes with the dragons not being shown. They weren't really featured much in book 2. lol But I'm sure budget is partly to do with it. It's going to take time for them to grow and be a threat!

When I just read a chapter in book 3, I went to (you can set settings to where in the book vs. tv show you are so you don't get spoiled. pretty crafty! lol) and read some analysis on the chatper. It brought be back to stuff I forgot from book 1. It wasn't featured in the show but it seems very important in figuring out Jon Snow's parentage. It was all from conversations between Robert and Ned...and then inner monologues from Ned Stark while he was in the dungeon of King's Landing. I'm sure they'll have to cover it on the show at some point, but I'm surprised they haven't yet. If you want to know, let me know!

Tickler - yeah, I'm not withholding information....i just forget how they were tortured in the book! I don't know if they went into description. But Arya referred to the torturer as the tickler. lol

And Catelyn promised ROBB away, not Jon. :) But I'm sure that's what you meant. lol And no problem on Arya.

Still haven't watched ONCE, but I did watch Mad Men! I'll comment further for Leslie below. lol

TVD - Read all your comments, but not much to add! lol Agree that the show definitely treads water more than other shows you mentioned. I think the reason it does is because most people are tuning in for the romantic "will they/won't they" aspect of it all. (the teeny boppers...and my wife! lol) Yeah....Jeremy really is a waste of a character...i thought shipping him off across the country was a good way to get rid of him! lol

GRIMM - Oh yeah...when Wu and Hank (?) were possessed or was hysterical. Definitely very procedural, but there is a running theme to the whole thing so that keeps it interesting. It was good Treadmill bait. lol Now that I'm caught up, I'll probably watch each one on a Monday on the treadmill. Ahh good point on Nick not catching on to the captain. Can't believe that never puzzled me! lol I'm sure there is a reason. And yeah...the wife needs to be clued in. Or Hank. One of them. They should do it Chuck-style, where one person finds out each season changing the dynamic of the show. I'm still not sure how he got by without explaining to Hank what happened when he woke up with Monroe there. He knows monroe!! But yeah, interesting on him letting Ian go (aka...Liam Pace from LOST lol)....I'm sure there is more to that grand CIVIL WAR going on that will come back into the fold.

Saw the thing about Sutter....doubt i'll watch! lol

Still avoiding my LOST rewatch for the moment, and I picked up SHERLOCK on Netflix. Very well done show! I'm through the 1st of 3 episodes. I heard season 2 is starting soon...or maybe it already did.

MAD MEN - Really good episode! Always love when a story follows different characters from the same point in time to show what led to that point. Peggy, Roger and Don's stories were all very interesting. Peggy with the dude in the theater!!! WHAAAT?!!?!? lol Roger and Wife agreeing to separate while on LSD and wife forgetting. classic. lol Loved that roger was so excited about it. Definitely a door opened for him and Joan which means it probably won't happen on this show. lol And then the Don/Megan debacle. Don really loves this girl! pretty crazy. But they are a pretty destructive pairing. It will be interesting to see where they go with it all!

Leslie said...

Mad Men – I know . . .great episode! It’s almost like Peggy is turning into the old Don, and Don is just like a lovesick puppy, more like Peggy used to be. Just a personal note, the movie Peggy went to see, “Born Free”, was one of my favorite movies as a kid, but it’s a family movie and not at all appropriate for the crazy things going on in the audience! lol

Roger and Jane’s storyline was hysterical! Going to a dinner party at your psychiatrist’s house and taking an LSD trip!!!??? Roger was so relieved afterward.

Loved Megan’s line when she told Don to make her a schedule so she would know when she’s working and when she’s his wife. And, in Don’s defense, the orange sherbet at Howard Johnson’s was a big deal back then. He just wanted to share the experience! lol

Great at the end when Cooper calls Don out saying he has been on “love leave”, and then Roger comes in announcing it’s gonna be a beautiful day!

MJ said...

LOL - yeah - meant Robb. I think I'll wait to see if they cover the Jon Snow heritage before I ask you - but I'll come back if they don't !

Grimm - dang ! Did not catch that Ian was Liam ! Man !

Don't know that I'll watch the Sutter thing either - just thought it was interesting.

Sherlock - did not watch but the husband did, he loved it. Heard it's back in May. I'm looking to try to to catch both seasons of Dowton Abbey before they come back

I'm def saving Lost (and now fringe) for after all shows are done - so June I guess. Will probably do Supernatural too.

I still haven't watched the recent Smash yet - maybe tonight.

MJ said...

Oh - and Boardwalk Empire ! I started it originally then quit - but the husband stayed with it and keeps raving so I will try it again.

Mike V. said...


Mad Men - Good call on Peggy/Don switching roles....even Peter last week was being a bit of a Don. Interesting stuff! I was wondering what that movie was, but totally agree...I don't think that business should be happening at ANY kind of movie! lol

Yeah, I thought Howard Johnson's were probably big back then too. But Orange Sherbert is STILL delicious! I was listening to a podcast this morning and they were comparing it to someone setting up the perfect date but the person it was set up for not being impressed at all. In her defense, she felt like she was letting the team down by going. Loved that Don said there has to be some benefits to being married to him. lol yikes. That stuff don't fly in the office these days! (of course, I'm sure it happens more subtely than that. lol)

Cooper's assessment of Don was great at the end. Kind of summed up the season so far. He needs to get back into Business Mode!


GoT - Sounds good. Although, the thing I was gonna talk about might not have anything to do with Jon's heritage....just could be a clue towards it. But you're right..I'm sure they'll cover it on the show when it is necessary. Surely, George has revealed to the producers anything they need to know about the unreleased books so they can build towards it when they need to. lol

Grimm - I had a feeling you didn't catch it, or else you probably would have mentioned it! lol I think I had read something that mentioned a LOST alum was in the episode. And I thought they were talking about Newton from Fringe (who was also in the ep) and it was a typo...then I realized it was Liam! lol

Sherlock - Sweet...I can definitely catch up on Sherlock then. I wish I had BBC HD though. It's rough watching those BBC shows on Standard Def when the Netflix versions look so much better! lol Abbey - Yeah...I've been stuck on season 2 for awhile, but we'll probably watch them this summer too.

You're going to do a Fringe rewatch this summer too? Nice...enjoy it! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it the 2nd time around. Actually, I just rewatched the Fringe pilot again this past wknd (had it on one of my streaming services so I just put it on...and got sucked in lol). I really have to do supernatural too....but the amount of seasons is intimindating!

I watched was aight. lol I hope the retoolings will eliminate/reduce unnecessary characters and make the show live up to its potential!

(Starting to think...if I'm rewatching LOST this summer, I wonder if I should write about it occassionally on the LOST blog. lol I just don't think there's going to be much to discuss that we haven't discussed already!)

Mike V. said...

Boardwalk - still have season 2 on my tivo but I read a spoiler about how it ends. UGH! (damn comments! on different shows no less! lol) But, I'd like to catch up on that too.

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Yes, HoJo's (Oh yes, that's what they called them) were a big deal! I understood why Megan was angry at Don. I think part of her motive in getting together with Don in the first place was to help get her foot in the door for bigger things at work. I remember her telling Don in the very beginning that she wanted to do what Peggy did. But, she's a classic example of the women from that time who wanted to be the good wife, but also had ambitions to get out of the secretarial pool. Can't blame them considering the way they were treated. Not to mention that Don drove off and left her there before they had even checked into their room. What did he expect her to do?

Mike V. said...

ONCE - Finally watched! It was a good one. Good theories going around and conversation about MM's party and the whole pinnochio thing. Yeah, I have no idea who August is. We still don't even know if he's from their world, do we? He just needs magic to be cured.

The person August called to put the plan in action, I just assumed was Henry since they were in the next scene together. lol

I think Emma is so confident in her plan to get her son back, she WANTS to let Regina know so that she will still be beaten even with the knowledge. But yes, definitely very Bond Villain-esque to reveal the whole plan so that it can be thwarted. (Awesomely called out in the Austin Powers series. lol)

As for Prince Charming/Uncharming or whatever. I'm still not getting all of the hate. Sure, he did some ugly things but it's all under the pretense of this curse. If He and Snow knew who they really were, of course he'd believe her and wouldn't question her. But there is something clouding their memories and causing them to do things that they normally wouldn't do. Even MM referenced this in the episode. Something keeps coming in their way and thwarting THEIR plans of being together. I think it's all part of the curse. So, I just haven't really been able to judge people other than the Regina, Gold, Emma and Henry so far. But that's just me. :)

Curt Sminkey said...

Butzo! Looks like Fringe was renewed for a 13-episode 5th season. Lets go to Walio's to celebrate!! . . . oh wait.

Anonymous said...


Cool. We fans will be in for a real treat next fall. The story will have to advance fast and furious.

Thank you FOX for giving those of us that were faithful to the show some respect.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Just saw it too! Woo hoo. Kevin Reilly gave a nice writeup. 5th and final season!!

Mike V. said...

So I was writing from my mobile device yesterday when I heard the news and read Curt and Bill's comments. But very very excited!! I think we were all optimistic of this happening, but to have it done and know that we're going to see the full vision for Fringe is beyond satisfying! No more walking on egg shells or being annoyed by the ratings. It doesn't matter, the show will live on as a complete story. One that we can share with people for ages and not tell them...."but don't get too hooked, because there isn't an ending!" lol

I hope on the season 5 blu-ray/dvd they include the alternate ending to season 4 to see what they would have done. lol

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more to say in tomorrow's recap!! THANK YOU FOX, WB and FRINGE TEAM! (right, because they're reading this lol)

Mike V. said...

Forgot to mention how cool it was that they already had a trailer ready to go for season 5 (see bill's link to the tvline post) No new clips (I don't think. maybe some from upcoming eps this season)....but still chilling!

MJ said...

Lost - yeah my hope had always been that in re-watching we'd see stuf that we didn't before but with the way it ended that's now not too much of a possibility.

Supernatural is def alot of eps to watch. And still going from what I hear.

Fringe - Awesome !! They were starting to make me nervous. Hope it comes on in Sept and the don't make us wait til Jan though. LOL Agree now we can just enjoy the ride - it's how we all felt about Chuck too when they told us in advance we'd get 1 final half season to close the books.

Once - good point about that we don't even know if August is from the Fairytale world - we are just assuming that !

As for Prince Un-Charming - I wouldn't call it hate ! But for me he's tarnished the whole One True Love thing. While they don't remember their past most of these characters still act like their former selves. So that is why I call him Un-Charming. He chose to lie to both women - and that has nothing to do with the curse. For me - it's taken some of the romance out of it. Right now it's not the curse or circumstances causing them to be apart - it's the way he has treated the whole situation and the women involved. The romantic in me disapproves very much. LOL

Rented MI Ghost Protocol - was excited to see Sawyer again - and was shocked that it was for 3 mins. We did see more later, but def not enough. But Josh sure did look good !

Mike V. said...

LOST - Yep, they pretty much told us to MOVE ON, but we don't want to! lol Like I've said before. I enjoy just rewatching it because it's great dramatic television. The first or 2nd times through I was always taking notes, looking for clues or hints to what was coming or things to discuss on the blog. But then, when I'd just rewatch a season or few seasons, I just marveled at how well they executed the show. Maybe I'll stumble upon a few things on a rewatch, but yeah...probably not. And I'm okay with that! lol I'm also okay with what Fringe has done too in that rewatching episodes DOES allow us to see things we may have not pieced together before. They really have told a story that dotted its i's and crossed its t's...the only thing that's still throwing me off is this whole rebooted timeline! lol

SUPERNATURAL - I guess you mean that it's probably getting renewed again, right? Wasn't it like the first 5 seasons that were one big story and then they just kept going afterwards? lol

FRINGE - The problem with it coming on in september is the whole MLB playoffs interrupting it. But, I could see them doing a Terra Nova with it and airing it with breaks here and there. I'd love a straight through run of the 13 eps though. I want them to take their time with those remaining eps if that requires a May finale date, then they should take it! And agreed...this is very much like the Chuck approach....And it's very similar considering WB owns both shows.

ONCE - I actually never thought August was from the fairytale world UNTIL this past week's ep. lol Now, we can see that there are cases where people (person) left that world prior to THE CURSE. So, I can see him being one of these characters now. Guess we'll see if the pinnochio theory has any credibility to it!

Well, maybe they're going the whole Jack Shephard approach on us to Charming/UnCharming. lol They made Jack a very unlikable character in the middle of his arc (I never stopped believing in him!! lol) ....but it was only to show him rise again and become the hero he was destined to become. They may be showing Charming at his worst only to show him rise again from the rubble of rock bottom. :-) lol The HOPELESS romantic in me approves! lol

MI: Ghost Protocol - Yep, he was not in it much at all!! lol I think my wife said the same thing when he showed up on screen (about looking good lol)....but the movie was AWESOME!