Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fringe: Season 4 Episode 18 - The Consultant

Welcome back Fringe-dom!  We had a decent episode last night that resolved some questions that have been growing over the season.  But, mostly it was basically a setup for things to come.  It actually seemed to be a mostly Alterna-Broyles centric episode which is probably a character we never thought we'd spend too much more time flushing out.  But, the episode was very effective in helping us sympathize with his predicament.  Anyway, let's get into the recap!
Fringe Case of the Week
The case ended up being directly tied to the mythology and there wasn't much of a case to "SOLVE" per say.  It didn't take long for the teams in both universes to come to the conclusion that David Robert Jones was messing around with the universes!  

We witnessed 2 specific samples of his power and a tease of a 3rd.  One, a plane crash OVER THERE caused the dopplegangers of the passengers OVER HERE to die in similar manners.  We saw the angry boss in a board room fly up against the ceiling and back down on the table right before he was going to fire a guy.  And we hear about the pilot suddenly dying in his apartment.

The next we see Jones' henchman get out of a cab OVER HERE and leave a special device on the floor.  A woman gets in the cab and all craziness breaks loose.  The cab ends up going in the river and we see her doppleganger fly across a store and start spitting up some very disgusting water.  The device showed traces of that "amphilicite" mineral (or however you spell it) that Jones mined earlier this season.  You know, the stuff that is able to blow a hole in the universe.

Jones made sure a TEST was initiated in each universe and he succeeded.  His final mission was for Alterna-Broyles to place a device on the machine OVER THERE on Liberty Island.  We essentially find out that OVER THERE's Broyles is not a shapeshifter, but rather someone whom Jones had leverage on. If you recall last season, when Olivia was drugged to be Fauxlivia (but remembering who she really was),  she was working a case that involved that Broyle's disabled son, Christopher.  He had a condition that essentially made him blind.  But Olivia saved his life from a crazy killer that had threatened him once before.  This made Alterna-Broyles side with her in getting her back to her own world when she promised she would do everything she could to save both universes.  Of course, this led to the death of Alterna-Broyles via Walternate who used his cut-up body mass as a way to get Fauxlivia back.  Of course, none of that has happened now in this rebooted timeline.

Instead Jones has been providing some kind of medication that has cured Christopher and made him a normal kid.  He got picked first in a basketball match and there's even a girl that likes him!  I don't know how any father could resist seeing their son that happy.  Yet, the line was apparently drawn for this Broyles when Jones asked him to place a device on the machine.  He wasn't happy that lives were lost (Lincoln, and someone else??) because of his actions.  He turned himself in to OUR Broyles on Liberty Island and found himself a cell next to Meana.

But, the big reveal, is that Jones has plans to cause both universes to collapse.  What's his motivation?  No clue, but I think we all kind of expected something like this for Jones's end game.  Why else would he need so much of that mineral?  Anyway, it was a good setup for probably where we'll start our finale arc in episode 20.  Episode 19?  Well, that just looks spectacular and seems like it will rank up there with the 19's of the past!

Glyph Code - SIMON - Interesting.  Simon Says?  Simon the old toy?  Simon Cowell?  The only thing I can guess is maybe Mr. X has a name now.  You know, the guy that we met last season that Olivia knows is destined to kill her.  Or, it could be the name of Henry Ian Cusick's (Desmond!)  character in next week's episode.  But, Mr. X would probably be more relevant to this season's story.   In any case, thanks fringepedia as always for the great screenshot!   
Observer Spotted! - He was present for Jones' meeting with Alterna-Broyles.  

  • Shouting at Astrid for driving like a daredevil even though she went the speed limit. 
  • Gushing over Peter and Olivia's budding romance.  

  • Walter getting questioned by security at "THE BRIDGE" and asking him if he's on any medication.  "Several, mostly recreational."  Nice! 

  • When Fauxlivia offers him a place to stay for the night, he promises to refrain from sleeping naked! But that gown/robe was a Walterism all to itself!

  • Wanting to bring a casserole to Fauxlivia to help mourn for Lincoln, but he's not permitted.  Yet, he did bring a severed hand.  

  • Walter referenced how he didn't sleep well because they most likely hadn't discovered Memory Foam over there. 
  • And the grand finale, "Anything is possible even Santa Claus."  Amen, Walter.  Amen! 

Food of the Week
  • The mention of the casserole was one, of course. 
  • But scrambled eggs and toast with Fauxlivia was the big winner!  We now have a Walter food reference OVER THERE! 

Differences OVER THERE/Rebooted Timeline
  • Fauxlivia had never heard of Sherlock Holmes.   Though, it was funny that Walter mentioned him Holmes having a penchant for Cocaine.  Maybe he's confusing him with the blockbuster movie's leading man? 
  • Was it me or did anyone else find it bizarre that there was a "PLANE" crash OVER THERE?   I mean, I guess we never ruled out the possibility of planes existing, but it seemed like Blimps were the main form of air travel.  Fauxlivia's ex even took one to "North Texas" to fight measles or malaria or whatever it was.
  • Also, I didn't pick up on it last week but when OVER THERE's Lincoln got shot he mentioned "I've been blown up before".   But his blowing up happened in season 2's finale when Olivia intentionally crossed over with a bunch of cortexiphan kids to rescue Peter.  The girl, forget her name, set Lincoln on fire.  We still don't know the details in this rebooted timeline of why Olivia was OVER THERE in the first place (and switched with Fauxlivia), but it wasn't to rescue Peter.  And they weren't even up to speed on cortexiphan cases in the rebooted timeline if my memory is correct.   So, is this A.) a continuity error, B.) Lincoln remembering the original timeline prior to his death. C.) There's still something not adding up with this rebooted timeline and we should expect some additional closure.    I'm hoping for C. 
LOST Shout-outs
  • Besides the fact that there was a plane crash and someone slammed against the ceiling just like in Oceanic flight 815, the list of potential moles that Alterna-Astrid looked up had 108 names on it. Nice. 

Fauxlivia's Search for the Mole
  • We open this storyline with Lincoln's funeral where Faux is determined to bring him to justice and figure out who the mole was.  None of the 108 names checked out.  She talked to Meana who wasn't much help, even though she was offered a reduced sentence to name the mole.  She hinted that things were only going to get much worse (hinting at the destruction of worlds)   Still interested to know what this version of Nina is.  Alternate Universe Nina?  Alternate Timeline Nina?  Shapeshifter?  I am trusting the producers that these answers are coming! 

  • When Walter's expertise were needed OVER THERE on this case, it also led to Walter sympathizing with Fauxlivia's loss of a partner and wanting to help her track down the mole.  (They had bonded in an earlier episode this season in our universe)   
  • Walter, helped comfort a drunk Fauxlivia with some of his infamous eggs, and then helped her realize who the mole truly was.  Someone with enough power to cover things up.  The dog that did not bark.  And of course, it led to another Walterism about him still being upset about Nixon. 

  • Fauxlivia used their hunch to get Meana to essentially confirm that Alterna-Broyles is the mole.  She and Lincoln chased him to Liberty Island where they thought he'd be carrying out his mission only to find him turning himself in.  Something tells me Faux wasn't too happy with the man that indirectly caused Lincoln's death.  

Other Highlights
  • Walter Over There as "Consultant".  It was just fun to see him interacting with Fauxlivia and crew. Bring the "Walter Flare" to the Over There scene.  And in the end, he made a heartwarming comment to how fond he's grown to that universe and asked Fauxlivia to look after it.  awww
  • The Astrids working together again.  Our Astrid brought the other one some coffee and her smile lit up the room.  

  • Olivia and Lincoln have a brief discussion when Walter is sent through the bridge.  Olivia mentions that Faux is lucky to have her help.  Everyone is just being so civilized aren't they?  
  • Lincoln is determined to stay until they bring his and Faux's partners' deaths to justice.  So basically, until they get Jones.  And then, we'll just see if Lincoln feels more "at home" in this universe vs. the other one with Olivia back to her season 1-3 (and now some of 4) self.  

Well, I was able to write more about that one than I thought I would.  It was a good episode, but not one that requires too much dissection I don't think.  I'm really looking forward to next week's episode to see what they have in store for us.  It may very well be our last "19th" episode.  If we get a 12/13 episode final season next year, maybe we'll be lucky to have a "9th" episode that is similar.  Anyway, based on articles I've read and referenced in last week's recap comment section, this episode sort of hints at what a season 5 of Fringe could look like.  Very interesting.  I don't want to speculate too much on the previews because I know some people don't watch them.  But, it. looks. CRAZY!!! 

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings, let's continue to discuss all things television in the comments below and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I recapped Terra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz and am continuing to recap Fringe.
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  How I Met Your Mother, The River, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Awake. Previously discussed: Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, etc...  Feel free to join in!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you in the comments of any of these blog posts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
If I think back to alterna-Broyle's attitude this season, he always seemed to have twinge of guilt or reluctance when he was doing those questionable things that made us think he was a shape-shifter. Most of the shape-shifters revel in their role.

I'm not sure about your Holmes comment. I haven't seen the recent movies but in the Arthur Conan Doyle stories the character also had a penchant for cocaine.

I thought one of the most interesting moments of the season was the discussion alterna-Broyles had with Walter. Apparently Broyles is a better man than Peter's "father" too.

Even though Meana said alterna-Broyles was a pawn in the grand scheme of things, she seemed pretty unhappy/worried when she saw him being led to a cell.

And yes, you did hit the million dollar question, what possible motive could Jones have to destroy both universes? Are we sure Jones isn't from the Observer's "world/timeline/universe/(whatever)"?

I am surprised that Walter hasn't gotten any old memories back, I really thought that might happen.

Anyway, I am with you on looking forward to the "famous" 19th episode. I've been searching for Fringe news every couple of days hoping for word of it's 5th season. They sure like to drag out their decisions.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Bill, I questioned myself with the Sherlock Holmes comment. Lol had a feeling I could be wrong there.

And I meant to bring up the Walter/Broyles scene so I'm glad you did!

On my phone now so I'll respond more later but thanks as always for your comments!

Mike V. said...

Sorry for the delay Bill! After my blogging is done, it's tough to get to a computer on the weekends to respond. And while I thought an iPad would help me respond with more mobility...the keyboard just doesn't cut it for me! lol more in-depth response:

You're right, Alterna-Broyles did seem to have a bit of guilt when he did whatever he did. I don't know if I agree on shape-shifters reveling in their role. Remember that whole episode in season 2 (i think. might have been 3) where the shape shifter had spent so long living a life, he fell in love with his "wife" and "kid" and didn't want to complete his assignment? I think Newton killed him in the end. Of course, those were the original shifters. We haven't seen too much with these 2.0 shifters.

Already commented on the Holmes thing...when I was writing my little joke, I was thinking "I don't know enough about Sherlock Holmes to be commenting on this!" lol

And yeah, the A-Broyles/Walter conversation was great. Walter said he wouldn't go back and change anything...where Broyles turned himself in...and both were trying to "save their sons"...

Agreed...meana did seem worried about Broyles being locked up.

I don't think we're sure about ANYTHING when it comes to Jones. We know that he died in the original timeline due to Peter stopping him from crossing universes. We don't know if this Jones is in THIS timeline because Peter wasn't around to stop that from happening. Are you suggesting Jones might be from the future? That would be interesting and might explain why he has a Nina with a robotic arm...if he's meddled in other timelines. Also...his interest in the machine which we already know can affect time...could play a part in that. (besides the fact that he wants to destroy existence. lol)

Yeah...I mean...I like what they've done all season showing that Olivia and Walter and the whole world are better having Peter in their lives. (let's not get in a tangent that Olivia may have been happy with's not my point!! lol) But I'm with you...I would hope that Walter would get his memories back too. But, maybe he doesn't need to. There's still a few episodes left...anything can happen.

All I know about season 5 is that it's still "likely to happen"....I don't think the ratings matter much at this point. The DVR stats prove that the fans have stuck with the show. Maybe that translates into DVD/Blu-Ray sales...and WB is definitely interested in getting 100 episodes for syndication. Before Fringe returned after the hiatus to really low numbers, I think it was all but a sure thing that they'd get renewed for 12/13 eps. But the ratings may have them (Fox and/or WB) questioning things. I'm still optimistic. But, I think this is one show that I'd actually pick up comic books to see the conclusion if needed! lol Last year we learned about the season 4 renewal with maybe 2 or 3 weeks left in the season. Sometimes we don't hear about this stuff until AFTER the end of the season. So, I guess we'll see!

As for speculation on ep 19. They did say this is a hint of where things could be going in season 5. So I'm going to make one early speculation based on the previews. Skip if you don't want to see!!!

(war against the observers?? That would seem like a logical way to finish the series.)

I'm ready for Mad Men and GoT talk! And anyone watching Grimm...just watched the Man in Black episode. Have 4 left to catch up (of course then one will air on Friday so I may be behind again lol)

MJ said...

I enjoyed the angle that the deaths there were then similar here.

Very interesting that Alt-Broyles was not a shifter as most of us thought, but they wimped out by not have a version of Broyles be bad. Hopefully they keep Meana bad!!

Like you said, this was setting up the final 3 eps - but him wanting to implode both universes is interesting. So is he planning on getting out to a third one ? Too soo to say I guess.

Right before they said it I questioned that he can't bring a casserole but can carry a hand !! Too funny. And loved that robe.

Good point about a plane over there - I did not even notice it.

After reading that article you posted late last week I'm agreeing that they will be anwering alot of our questions. And I also want 'C'.

Bill - agree, now looking back you can see Alt-Broyles in a different light. I was also wondering if Jones isn't from the Observers time and maybe he's out to stop them or ruin what they are doing

I'll be back for G of T talk, I'm watching Grimm but can't remember which one was Man in Black. Oh wait - duh - you mean Titus Welliver. LOL Mondayitus

Mike V. said...

@MJ - you also want C?? lol ....whoops..I had the monday-itus too. I remember now! lol (I listed out a,b and c options lol)

So, you want Meana to stay bad, but you're hoping Jones ends up being good? lol (i.e. trying to stop the Observers) I didn't think about him trying to escape to a 3rd universe/time or whatever....I just figured he wanted to end existence as we know it...period. lol Of course it would only be in THIS other timelines would continue to exist (based on what we've been exposed to on this show). So, it does make sense that he might try to escape. There was an interesting scene where he said he would miss TEA or some drink that his henchman brought him.

GRIMM - Yep, sure did mean Titus Welliver. lol Loved that Hitler was wearing those crazy coins in the old film footage and it mirrored the chief's dream of coming out of a window to a street full of minions waiting to do his bidding. Pretty intense stuff! lol

You know what's really exciting about me catching up on Grimm? Once I do...that means it's time for the LOST Rewatch!! There's nothing standing in my way..unless someone tells me it's worth it to watch all of the Ringers or Person of Interests that I've missed! lol

I look forward to the GoT talk!

MJ said...

G of T
Brilliant what Tyrion did to out the informant - saw it coming by the second guy - but it was brilliant. Loved his response to Cersei when she comes a-bitchin too. It should make her feel bad for Sansa now that her own daughter can be in that position soon - but it won't. LOL But he seems too smart to actually think that offering Shey a scullery maid job would go over well. Wonder if he purposely offered a really lowly job to make hand maid seem better ??

Is that actress who plays Brianne really that tall, or is it the camera angle/stand on box thing like in LOTR when they show them all crossing that first mountain top ??? Can't believe there is a woman in the kingsguard though.

What is Deepwood Motte ? Guess just a town/city we haven't seen yet? Loved the name Sea Bitch though ! LOL I know this is fiction but I think of it as olden days and are you telling me they use the word bitch. LOL

But very generous of Renly's wife to invite her brother in to get the party started. Yikes.

I've already forgotten - why does the Night's Watch need Craster ? And was that baby given to a wilding or a white walker ?

Sorry to see the guy who saved Arya killed though. But who knew (according to last week and this week) that the Night's Watch doesn't even have to answer to the Kings Guard !?!

MJ said...

I don't necessaryily think the observers are bad - do you ? I think they have made mistakes by accidently interfering and then made it worse by trying to course correct (hehehe) but I never thought of them as bad. But yes - I want Jones to be the anti-observer perhaps.

Kelly said it i think about Alzatraz - it's good to have bad guys just be bad sometimes without trying to redeem them.

Grimm: have you gotten to the ep where the asian guy and his partner are affected ? That's the only way I want to say it without revealing anything. I know it was a few eps ago but not sure how many back.

I'm figuring on starting Lost in June. Want to check out Boss season 1 - but that will be quick.

PofI - I don't watch it, but the husband does. It's more procedural, seems to me, than anything.

Ringer: I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but it is def a cheesy and over the top show. It def has some twists to it, and the ep titles alone make me LOL literally.

Revenge is the one you need to maybe check out.

Mike V. said...

I'll do the quick ones first.

FRINGE: No, I don't think the observers are necessarily bad. But I think September has the Fringe team's best interest at heart where the rest of them do not. That much seemed clear to me this season. I really think Jones is a "BAD GUY" with no redeeming qualities. lol

Grimm: The episode I watched this morning had the Chief and partner affected by the coins. I haven't seen the asian guy affected yet. lol I'm sure I will this week!

Next show: POI, those are my
thoughts too. I think I'm going to delete them off the DVR. Ringer, I just don't see it being renewed. I'm sure i would have enjoyed them but from a time perspective, I'm going to probably ax them off the DVR (maybe read the ep titles before doing so lol) . Revenge, come on..keep up! I already told you that's a summer show for me and the mrs! My LOST rewatch will be done on my own time...i.e. TREADMILL morning! lol Since I'll probably be only doing an episode a day for 5 days a week...It's going to take awhile!

Mike V. said...

G of T: Yeah they handled Tyrion outing Pyrcelle (or as James Hibberd calls him...Grand Maester P lol), fantastically on the show. All of that stuff happened in the book, but the editing to make it all appear as one scene was fantastic. And then hearing Cercei mention Dorne allowing us to make the connection to Pyrcelle was great. I think the connection we're supposed to make is that Cercei was forced to marry Robert instead of for love...causing the whole mess that we're in now. lol (of course, i don't think anyone would have approved her marrying her brother!!)

As for Shae getting the handmaiden job...definitely different than the books. She eventually does end up in the Red Keep and getting a job (remember, I mentioned she was halfway scross King's Landing for a majority of the book)...but it wasn't as Sansa's handmaiden. Now, I accidentally did read that she does eventually get that job. Of course, just saying that is kinda spoilerish for me AND I'll just stop there. lol I think Tyrion's only motive is to keep Shae alive. King's Landing is a dangerous place. If Tywin Lannister or even Cercei ever found out about her, it would be bad news....let alone the perception of the publing in King's Landing which is already a bit of a mess. (they need to reflect that on ths how soon)

I don't know if Brienne is really that tall in real life, but she did seem gigantic (LOTR style lol)....perfect casting though. She's a fan favorite character.

No clue what Deepwood Motte is....when was it mentioned? It's not a very important place, if it was. Not yet at least. lol Sea Bitch is fantastic. lol James made a great comment in the EW recap on that too. He said he'd definitely christen his boat with that name in a second (if he had one) for the language. I's definitely in the books mixed up with some different choice terms (i.e. breaking fast for breakfast, and SUPPING for dinner/supper). Did you ever watch Deadwood? Do you think they talked like that back then? lol That show was hysterically awesome. lol

The whole Renly/Myrcilla (sp)/Ser Loras stuff was hysterical. None of that is really in the books. It's all alluded to but again...none of them are POV characters. Catelyn was our way into this we met Brienne, watched that fight, and then had some conversations between Renly and Catelyn. But, the relationship between Ser loras and Rently is hinted at. So the marriage is obviously for show....and I guess we could guess..for a child as well. Very interesting take for HER though on the show to be all about it. lol

Mike V. said...

Craster provides shelter to the Night's Watch North of the Wall. I only remember them being there for maybe a chapter in the books. I think they're stretching that story out a bit over a few episodes to keep Jon Snow on the screen at all times. lol The baby was definitely given to a white walker. The interesting conversation to me was between Jon and Mormont (old bear) where Jon was scared sh*tless at what he saw. But, I thought they already saw one at the Wall when that dude rose from the dead and went after Old Bear. I thought that was the same as a White Walker....but maybe not. I dunno. lol It is crazy though that this whole battle for the crown is occupying the 7 kingdoms when there is a much larger risk out there blooming. The White Walkers and all scary things up in the North....and there are Dragons out in the east. The saga is called a Song of "Fire" and "Ice" afterall. lol

Yoren was a great character, more exciting in the show than in the books, but it was a good time. They really are speeding up Arya's storyline...but the more exciting arc coming up for her is in Harrenhall anyway. (that's where they were heading at the end of the ep)....note a key scene...she gave one of those prisoners in the cage an ax. Jaquen (I think that's his name).....another fan fave. That is all I will say.

But the show has definitely been a good time this season. Enjoying the interpretation as well as the liberties the show is taking.

Mike V. said...

Saw HIMYM (and Smash, if we even care anymore). Loved that they finally paid off a setup from last season and did it well. I saw it coming halfway through the episode but that's because I just recently watched that episode. lol The rest of the episode was fantastic too. They're on fire this season. Won't say anything else until someone wants to discuss it too! lol

AUStarwars said...

Fringe: thought it was a good eps and good to see that Alt-Broyles is not a shifter..though i dont think there was any way to not assume that was the case before this eps.

GOT: You are confusing "walking dead" with "white walkers"..Jon saw the dead rise, but some of the "white walkers" are more intelligent undead..there is a hirearchy to them similar to other types of fiction (im not gonna go all "D and D" on you, but i wouldnt lump them all together)

next weeks Fringe looks amazing..and im not sure it involves time travel...but with Desmond in, im guessing it does

Mike V. said...

FRINGE: Yeah, I think people are just saying "in hindsight" you can look at the way Alt-Broyles was acting a little differently. At least, that's how I looked at it. lol

(SLIGHT SPOILER DISCUSSION - based on preview of Friday's ep)
On next week's ep...yeah, I don't know if it deals with Time Travel either. It might just take place in one of the various future timelines. My guess would be the "observer" timeline.

GoT - I'm not confusing anything. I just thought it was interesting with the way Jon reacted to the "white walker" at Castle Black and to the "white walker" that seemed totally different to him beyond the wall. But, I will take your word for the hierarchy since you're further along in the books. lol (I'm reading a Snow chapter in ASOS right now...that's all I'll say on the blog. lol)

Leslie said...

Mad Men – I couldn’t believe that Lane and Pete had a fist fight in the conference room! Crazy! Lane really called Pete out! And, Don stayed true to Megan and didn’t partake in all the “activities” with the other guys, and then scolded Pete for his actions and told him to treasure what he has. Has Don really changed? Enjoyed the whole dinner in the suburbs and Don’s snazzy sport coat! The part with Pete thinking he fixed the faucet, but then Don showing him that he only made it worse was funny.

Roger had a couple of comments that were interesting like when he said to Ken, “When this job is good, it meets every need. Believe me, I remember.” And, he cracked me up when Lane challenged Pete and Roger said something like, “Cooler heads should prevail, but am I the only one who wants to see this?” Then, Lane kisses Joan?!? I loved how she handled that.

MJ said...

I thought Deepwood Mott is where Greyjoy's sister was heading? Thought that's what I heard. No - never did watch Deadwood. Didn't have the premium channels then.

I thought you had said WHitewalker for the baby - but I thought Jon told Marmont it was a Wilding ? I probably heard it all wrong. But yeah - Jon killed a whitewalker I thought last year.

I did notice Arya giving the guy who had talked to her the previous week the axe.

HIMYM - that was hysterical that her sex dream was of Ranjit ! Did not see that coming at all.

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Mad Men - The fight was hysterical! Agreed...the whole thing with Don "judging" Pete was pretty crazy. Pete was probably in the right there. Those blazers were hysterical. I'm sure all the women of the world swooned when Don took off his shirt to fix the faucet. lol Agreed on Roger's one liners...fantastic....and lighting up a smoke during the fight was icing on the cake. The Lane kissing Joan thing was nuts! Lots of stuff happened in an hour. But still...that fight just escalated out of nowhere...fantastic!

A friend of mine was reading a Mad Men blog somewhere and said that there have been hints planted this season for a potential Pete suicide. I don't know if I buy it. But there was Don sketching a noose during a meeting, mention of Pete's rifle still being in the he's just totally depressed. We'll see I guess! I just don't think it's that type of show. lol

@MJ -

GoT - Ahhh gotcha...Deepwood Mott is probably where Asha/Yara is heading. I don't think it's an important location to know exactly what it is except that it's in the North somewhere and part of Balon's overall goal of taking the north while Stark is fighting the southerners. But, I'm sure there is a big history of Deepwood Mott that I will learn all about when I get the season 2 blu-rays! lol

The white walkers most definitely are the ones who are getting Crastor's boys. the word "wildling" was mentioned during that exchange but it was by Mormont (Old Bear). He talked about what Wildlings are afraid of. Crastor = a Wildling. Basically any human north of the wall is considered a wildling. I talked to AUSW offline and I agree with him...there are probably different levels of intelligence in these white walkers. He doesn't know anything from reading the's just general theories going around.

HIMYM - Definitely hysterical about the Ranjit dream....but didn't the final scene pretty much negate that that's who the dream was about? Maybe Lilly just let Marshall think that's who it was about because she was embarassed about what it really was? (can't remember the exact quote that future ted said the dream was really about lol) The whole Robin getting famous thing and still being involved with the other 4 even though she didn't interact with them all was great. And Ted's text to her was a nice touch. Barney's trying to compensate for his GF being a stripper was a good time too. And a great way to get the green dress back into the fold. lol Looking forward to the final eps this season!

MJ said...

Ah ! I think that eluded me - that Crastor is a wilding. Guess they have their own caste system cause he seems 'above' the chick that now hangs with Bran. I guess I thought they were all just roaming or something.

HIMYM - Hmm - I'm not remembering what Ted said about the dream now. I'll have to look at it again. Maybe something about animals ? I remember Marshall coming to the conclusion that her dreams were about great dads then Ted saying something about animals. Dang! WIll def check it out again.

Def enjoyed the green dress and all the 'nights'.

Agree it's been a great season so far

Mike V. said...

GoT: I think it all depends what side of the wall you're on. Osha has fled from North of the Wall because of what she has seen. (something tells me the same thing Jon just saw). I don't know if Crastor would be treated any differently south of the wall...but I dunno. lol The people of the 7 kingdoms clearly don't care what's going on beyond the Wall. They are in blissful ignorance in their days of summer/autumn. This is clear when Cercei ignored the warnings from the wall and Tyrion tried to give them serious attention. The Starks and people of the north are an exception to not caring about news from the their motto is "Winter is Coming".... But at the same time, I don't think they care too much about wildlings. For the Night's Watch, they have to rely on the wildlings to some extent when they are traveling beyond the wall. Craster gives the watch Quarters for their men as long as they dont' mess with his daughters/wives. But yeah...maybe there's a caste system. lol I know a little too much from reading more in the book and from a chapter i just read in book I'll leave it there! :)

HIMYM - Yeah...I thought there were animals...maybe cartoon whatever it was it was absurd! lol I'm glad some of us agree it's been a great season. The ratings dropped to a season low last night (something I immediately attributed to nicer weather...which is most likely the case since a lot of shows were down) and this inspired lots of comments on EW about how the show has lost its way. I'm so far on the opposite end of the spectrum with my opinions that I can't possibly see any rational thought process that would lead them to think that way! lol

MJ said...

The Starks oabviously don't care about the wildlings since one of them is hanging around Bran. Of course there are no adult Starks there to object either.

HIMYM - agree on the weather causing a dip in ratings. I still think it's an excellent show but i think some are getting tired of the games. But not me.

Loved the Inception line too - something like Barney had been trying to Inception Lily for 5 years and Marshall says movie has only been out for 2 and Barney says what movie !!

Oh - and from earlier - I'm lucky I can keep up with what I'm gonna watch this summer - never mind what you are gonna watch. LOL

We just got the bluray GofT S1 - probably won't have time to check it out til summer though

Mike V. said...

GoT - Osha (the wildling hanging around Bran...and of course..TONKS from Harry Potter lol) - was a prisoner of the starks after she and her cohorts attacked Bran and Robb in the woods (Theon saved them). And for awhile, she was in shackles in Winterfell...not sure if she still is or not. Guess we'll know when we see her! lol She's definitely not a welcome member of the community or anything! lol

HIMYM - Yeah, I'm not tired of it at all. But I think knowing that it's all moving towards a conclusion is what lets me savor the moments we're getting with the cast. I still think they may renew it for an extra year, but they said they'd only do it if they had enough material to do I trust them.

Agreed - The Inception line was hysterical. lol

I was just kidding around with "keeping up" with my schedule! Obviously, I don't expect anyone to do that! lol Revenge/Justified are on my summer list. We'll see how things go!

Nice on the GoT Blu-ray...definitely worth the purchase. I'd actually recommend watching all of the special features (History of Westeros and all that stuff) FIRST...then watching the season again. Things will make so much more sense to you it's crazy. And that's coming from a book reader! lol It's just the way it's all presented. Very well done.

MJ said...

I knew you were kidding ! Just wanted to acknowledge it.

Thanks for the 411 on watching the extras first.

Don't know if anyone watches Simpsons any more but I do - and this past week's ep Beware Cheating Bart totally made fun of us Losties ! They had 2 or 3 parts that were just hysterical about a show called 'stranded'.

HIMYM - I rewatched and Ted's voiceover said the dream was Frankenstein and the teacup from Beauty and the Beast - which we all know is Chip ! LOL

Am swamped today so don't know if I'll get back here - sorry Kelly if you're looking to talk Ringer finale - I'll try though

Mike V. said...

No problem on the GoT advice!

Damon Lindelof tweeted about the LOST/Simpsons thing but when he did the episode was already almost over, so I didn't get a chance to tivo it. I've been hoping a YouTube video would spawn out of it and I'm sure one has. lol Thanks for the ep name, i'll be sure to check it out somehow! lol

HIMYM - I wasn't far off with an animated character! LOL That's hysterical though...and good job looking it up!

Kelly said...

MJ, I saw that Simpsons episode! I was LMAO-ing a lot!
I shall wait on Ringer talk, but I enjoyed the episode and wouldn't mind a season two :)
So I've been watching Game of Thrones because the guy I've been seeing has HBO and is a big fan. I watched most of season 1 in a marathon they played the day season 2 began.. while I'm definitely confused, since I haven't seen every episode, I am definitely enjoying it! I don't know if it's me, but it seems as though this season is more "chatty" than last season. It's still awesome though. There was an SNL skit last Saturday about GoT, did anyone catch it? I thought it was funny :) I still am not clear on everyone's names, but I'm sure I'll get familiarized with them soon and will be able to chat with you guys about it.
One more month til most of my shows are down for the summer. I'm sooo looking forward to free time, lol!

Mike V. said...

I saw the SNL sketch Kelly. (yep, I still watch that show. lol) It was hysterical. The crazy thing is that they don't add too much "sexposition" that isn't already in the book. But I'm glad you're watching!

The 2nd book was very chatty for most of it. Don't worry, things will get exciting in a non-talky way before you know it!

But, I'm already 100 pages into the 1000 page book 3 and it's already pretty awesome! Still talky, so I'm sure there's a lot of setup, but most fans have agreed that book 3 is the best material so far in the series. I'm looking forward to finding out why!

Kelly said...

I guess the writer's a perv, hahaha! Good to know it'll get more exciting.. not that it isn't exciting already! It just didn't hold my interest that much on Sunday.. but that could be because the guy I've been seeing and I have been more into each other than TV, haha..

Mike V. said...

Yeah, every minute in that world is exciting for me. lol And it's cool to see how they interpret the books and even add scenes/storylines that never could have taken place in the books based on the point of view characters in each chapter.

But yeah...things are about to get crazy in this joint!

As for George R.R. Martin and his perv-ness. It's quite possible! lol I mean, I've seen plenty of interviews with this guy and I can just picture him writing these very detailed scenes in the book and it makes me wonder if they aren't certain fantasies in his own head. lol I's not like it's thrown in there for no reason (same with the show). It's part of that world. All this talk of bastards, illegitimate offspring and marriage of houses and all that stuff. Naturally, it all revolves around "bedroom activities" and plays a large role in the story.

Enjoy revenge tonight...I'll be trying to catch up this summer!

Oh and I have 2 more eps of Grimm to catch up (but then the Friday one I'll n eed to watch too). they just met the "spice girl" lol the sister of the murdered "spice guy"...looks like she might be a potential love interest for Monroe...and I think I just read she got signed on to be a series regular next season. Good stuff!

Kelly said...

Yes on spice girl! lol.. She's definitely got the hots for Monroe, and I think it's adorable! I was happy to learn that she's coming back as a regular.. now Nick has a team working with him, like Buffy and the Scoobies, haha!
I've been loving Grimm lately, it's really coming into it's own. I was worried about it's future, but it's great two know that there will be a second season. And David Guintioli is on my list of 5 people I would get to sleep with if I was married, lol..

Mike V. said...

Nice on "THE LIST"...I always think back to the Friends episode with Ross's laminated list and Isabella Rosalini. lol (sp) Of course, if David is the main guy, he's pretty interchangeable with Brandon Routh wouldn't you say? lol

MJ said...

Hi all.

Kelly - yeah the character names on G of T can be very confusing - mostly because some of them are made up and some are similar to eachother. LOL

I don't watch SNL any more so missed the sketch. Have to try to find it on you tube.

Ringer - I was disappointed that Bridget and Sibhoan did not met up ! I thought for sure they would in the apartment. And the big picture is slashed and bloody ! Horror of horrors. LOL The ep had it's usual holes - like the cop escaped jail ? really? He should have been in the cell next to Daniel from Revenge. I don't think people escape Rykers ! And the penthouse has another exit? Cause Sibhoan couldn't escape Badaway since he disabled the elevator so how'd Bridget and Machado get it and Sobhoan get out after Badaway was killed? Good times. Loved Andrew showing up at his own party with his overly creamy/rosy face and outing his wife's affair right in front of everyone! Knew that wedding at the beginning was a dream though.

Revenge - Victoria now has a bohemian lover ? LOL I thought Amanda's dad was the great love of her life, she fell back into bed with this guy like she couldn't live without him.

Mike V. said...

S2 of AHS setting revealed!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the AHS info, Mike! Can't wait!
OMG I just looked up Brandon Routh- wow, what a resemblance! haha! I love that episode of Friends, I've been working on my list for a while now. Thankfully I don't have to laminate it yet, lol! Jason Segel is also on that list. Ever since I saw Freaks and Geeks I've loved that man, hahaha..
I usually don't watch SNL either, but it was randomly on and on that particular sketch last week when I was at a BBQ. I've been trying to find it, but no luck as of yet.
Yeah, I was annoyed that Bridget and Shiv didn't come face to face too.. at least Bridget knows she's alive though. Not that it'll do us any good if there's no second season! Was it confirmed that Malcolm is dead? I remember Machado and the other guy talking about it but I was unclear on what was said. Wasn't really paying attention at that point for some reason.
Revenge was a bit slow in my opinion. It's setting everything up for some crazy goings-on later, I know.. but it didn't hold my interest like other episodes. Can't wait to see where it's all going!

Mike V. said...

Hell, I'm straight and Jason Segal would be on my list! lol That dude is awesome! My list is ever evolving too and certainly not laminated. lol

Kelly said...

oh yeah, MJ- I had read before the finale of Ringer aired that 3 characters would be dead by the end of the episode. Bodoway was one, the guy who escaped prison (ugh)was two... who was the third?

Kelly said...

Looks like you won't be seeing that sketch, MJ! Some sort of copyright issue. Article says that Gawker has the sketch, but I couldn't find it on there. Boo!

Hey, who WOULDN'T have Jason Segel on their list, haha! He solidified top position as soon as I heard he was doing the Muppets (I'm a HUGE Muppet freak).

Kelly said...

oh snap I found it! Hurry, before it gets taken down, haha!

Mike V. said...

Desmond teases Fringe episode 19!

Mike V. said...

Tv guide teases episode 19!

MJ said...

Hi all ! Thanks kelly - got to see the SNL sketch !

AHS - not very much info that we didnt know - except that xxx is running the place. Being vague purposely for those that don't want to know.

You guys are too too funny with your lists.

Ringer - 3 deaths ? Hmmm, can't come up with a third either. They did confirm Malcolm is dead - surely the couldn't count him as the third ? But when did Henry get his own kids back? last week he was denied supervised visits. LOL

Raising Hope ? Any one watch that? I love this show and felt the finale felt like a series finale but read they are coming back next year. Very funny show - and the cutest kid on tv !

Revenge - yeah they are definitley settting up the final episode run.

have a great weekend everyone !

Mike V. said...

I've heard Raising Hope is a great show, and I may try to catch up on netflix. My tivo records it every week, but I end up deleting it. lol (saw the pilot and enjoyed it)

AHS - agreed, we pretty much knew it already. It was really just confirmed and yes...SO AND SO leading the place was a nice bit of intel to learn.

So excited about FRINGE tonight! Of course, I'll be watching Game 5 of the Flyers/Penguins first at a friend's. Hopefully, I'll still have my wits about me to hit play on the TiVo and watch some Fringe tonight! Otherwise, early morning viewing then blog! lol (I know, way too much detail than anyone needed to know there! lol) GO FLYERS!