Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer TV 2012 Discussion - July

So, our discussions got a little intense in June so I'm going to break these out into monthly posts. True Blood, Breaking Bad, Episodes, Newsroom will be among the summer shows discussed. But, a few of us have embarked on a rewatch of LOST (finally)! We're having a good time having a discussion of the show and reflecting on the series as a whole while rewatching. We're all at different points (end of season 1 to 1/3 into season 2 as of this posting), but the more the merrier if you're interested! Otherwise, stay tuned for more info on what I'll be covering in Fall 2012! See you then!


ge penny said...

I didn't set my ambition to be a luddite, but, here I am. Where is the rewatch of Lost being discussed?

Mike V. said...

Huh?? Lol confused on that first comment. :) anyway we started it in the previous post and will continue it here as we go through. Pretty informal. We just update where we're each at and talk about it.

Mike V. said...

LOST: Okay, so I'm afraid to ask where everyone is on the show because I'm sure I'm way behind. lol Just got to season 2 this morning. Finished Man of Science/Faith and started Adrift (also infamously known as the "WAAAAAAAAAAAALT!!!" episode)

I remember at the time how cool I thought it was that we got different perspectives of the Hatch entry from Jack, Locke and Kate in 3 episodes. I think even then I realized they were milking things for all they were worth but was totally fine with it. I'm still fine with it, but it's a clear sign of things to come when they were really stalling.

Funny thing though...I know that Kate was always screaming over Mama Cass from the vents to try and get Jack's attention...as I think we see in the beginning of Orientation (S2E3), but this may be the first time that I actually heard her yelling Jack in episode 1 when Jack was looking all around with his gun. It's faint, but it's there. Nice touch. lol Only took me 10 watches to catch that! :-)

Season 2 was when we, as a lost community, really started the microanalysis of the show. But they egged us on with throwing DHARMA Logos (even on the digital shark!) and 108s everwhere. And cryptic questions like "are you him?" had us speculating to no end. lol Remember Desmond's photo?? I think I may have speculated then that the girl in the picture was Sarah...(of course...my Annie = Sarah theory just couldn't be topped once I came up with that one. lol)

Season 2 may be the roughest to rewatch...but it still signified the start of many people's obsessions and it will be fun to see what we can dig up POST Series Finale!

BTW...loved in the finale how poignant the first big scene between Locke and Jack becomes after we know the trajectory of Jack's journey from start to completion. It was the first Man of Science and Man of Faith debate. I always called back to this scene so I knew it would be poignant but just watching it and thinking ahead to where the show went...was really cool. "I don't believe in Destiny"..."yes you do, you just don't know it yet"...."we were brought here for a reason" blah blah blah...good stuff! Jack's tale through the 6 seasons is really awesome. He even became one of the most hated characters for many in the middle of the series (not me).

Also...the Hurley/Arzt conversations in the finale were great. Sure, Arzt blowing up was hysterical...but "Leslie's a bitchin name" was classic too. lol That humor in a serious drama is sorely missed on TV these days!

In hindsight...it's amazing to see we had such a fantastic season of television BEFORE characters like Desmond, Ben and Juliet were introduced.

BTW...another inspiration for doing the emails/starting the blog was the backwards talking WALT. The radio station I listened to was able to decode it but I wanted to share that information with people I knew.... I looked it up again on lostpedia...they never really clarified what was said but I think it was like "don't push the button, button is bad" or something like that. We never did get an answer to why/how Walkt appeared to Shannon and how he was soaking wet. We also don't know how "taller ghost walt" appeared to Locke either. But with knowing Walt is SPECIAL and the time properties of the island...the fact that Walt had crazy real dreams of people that sort of came true....I guess we can just say that weird things happened when he is around. Funny thing though....Damon and Carlton say there was nothing more to tell about Walt....but on the blu-rays when you finish a disc...pictures come up with unanswered questions of LOST. After Walt's episode in season 1.....one of the questions was "Why is Walt Special?" LOL Funny because Darlton's answer eventually was..."he just was special"...just like MIB was special and Locke was special... Doesn't bother me, but I do find it funny!

Mike V. said...

TRUE BLOOD: Finally watched True Blood also btw....weird weird episode. I was half asleep too so I'm not sure I know exactly what happened! lol But I know there was a visit to Fairy Land and Sookie/Jason's parents were murdered. There was a traitor on the AUTHORITY council or whatever....i assumed it would be the kid since he'd be the least suspected. lol Eric/Pam stuff was touching. Sookie and Alcide finally started doing the nasty...and of course Bill and Eric would be there watching! lol Good times.

EPISODES: I know the 2nd ep is available on demand/online but I haven't watched it yet. 1st episode was still as funny as the first season was. Matt had a very Joey-like line when what's his face was yelling at him about how inappropriate his relations with the boss's blind wife are. He said "I miss this"....that same kind of scene happened between Joey and Chandler in season 8 of Friends when they were throwing a post wedding bachelor party for chandler and monica accidentally bought him a hooker. lol

Still haven't watched Newsroom or Weeds...not really in a rush either. BTW...read a review for the premiere of Breaking Bad...it's all positive. Can't freakin wait!!

Leslie said...

LOST – I watched through S2E6 “Abandoned”. We’ve met the tailies now, and went through Hurley being worried about his new job of being in charge of the food in the hatch. When Hurley tells Locke he doesn’t want to do it, Locke says, “We all have our jobs. I have to convince people to keep pushing a button every 108 minutes.” Bernard finds out that Rose is alive, and they start off on the hike to unite the two groups. Ana Lucia has some anger issues! We learn that the Others took some of the tailies. Sun loses her wedding ring, and we see how she and Jin first met. Shannon sees wet Walt and is upset that Sayid doesn’t believe her, until he sees him, too. And, then it ends with Ana Lucia shooting Shannon. I think that brings me up to when your blog posts start.

Mike V. said...

Nice Leslie! I just went and read through a few of those old blog posts. They are so awful! Unformatted and just ramblings of a crazy person. (that would be me. lol) But, they were designed to only be read by a few people..(i.e. those emails I was sending out. lol) I enjoy reading the old comments though to see the evolution of theories and just the blog in general. I had some good (almost accurate) smoke monster theories pretty early on. Good stuff. lol

I may read them a little more closely when I get into some of those episodes again. Don't think there's any way I'll be catching up to you or MJ but as long as I'm in the ballpark we'll be fine!

Mike V. said...

Well, I got a little further yesterday and this morning than I thought I would. :-) But I'm sure I'm still behind! I'm up to "WHAT KATE DID" and have a few old recaps to read. lol

Once again, I'm still perplexed by the Horse that was off island and on island that Kate is seeing. If we knew that Smokey could take the shape of animals like boar and horses then MAYBE it could be explained. Or if Jacob somehow brought the horse there. Or Jacob WAS the horse...i dunno! lol But in terms of symbolism it's still a nice touch. Mirroring between Sawyer making peace with his demons (the boar in s1) and Kate making peace with hers (kinda).

More Black/White symbolism in human form with Eko and Locke (both men of faith) coming together with 2 pieces of film. Always loved Eko's story here...especially when Locke says "when you said the beginning, you meant 'the beginning'" lol

With Ana Lucia, you can tell they really tried to humanize her between The Other 48 Days and her flashback episode Collision (one of my first iTunes downloaded episodes...I've seen it many times lol)....but something just didn't click with the audience and that character. I'll admit, I did feel a little bad for her this time when we find out that she was shot in the field and lost her baby. Maybe it's the whole "being a parent" mindset in the back of my head. lol

Got Eko's episode coming up...I remember when it first aired I was in Miami for a wedding and missed the live airing. I couldn't even recap it! This would be the only time that I didn't get a recap posted in time for discussion. Of course, there was rarely any discussions back then anway. Sometimes I'd have to coerce friends and my girlfriend (now Wife) to make posts on there. I think once the onslaught of you LOSTIES showed up, though, they got a little gun shy on commenting. lol But I didn't mind...because the site then fulfilled its mission becoming a place where LOST fans could gather and have intelligent discussions about the show!

2nd to worst episode ever is coming up too with Charlie's FIRE + WATER. Maybe with the way the series ended, I'll find more relevancy this time around. Doubt it...it was pretty rough! I wasn't a fan of Charlie becoming a bit of a villain for a bit. Didn't suit him.

That's it for now! Gonna suffer through those first few recaps I wrote. Ironically, I think Fire + Water may have been my first decently organized blog post. lol

Leslie said...

LOST – I’m just one ahead of you, Mike, I got through The 23rd Psalm with Eko’s backstory. As for your previous comment about your first blog posts being “unformatted and just ramblings of a crazy person”, is that opposed to the later longer, formatted ramblings of a crazy person which is why we all enjoyed reading your blog??? lol

I noticed Ana’s comment to her group,“This is our life now; get used to it.” Such a contrast to Jack’s moving “live together, die alone” speech. I liked when Kate was coaxing Sawyer to take his antibiotics, and Jack goes, “Didn’t learn the whole whisper in the ear thing in medical school.” Then, there’s Hurley giving Jin the thumbs up when he and Sun came out of their shelter in the morning, and of course his, “So, Rose’s husband is white; didn’t see that one coming.” And, Kate giving Sawyer the hair cut and telling him that everyone loves him now, and his reply was, “Bullpucky”. Ah, good times!

Mike V. said...

LOL, yep you pegged it exactly! At least they were more organized! Of course, I got past the unformatted part of it and found that they actually still were readable and some interesting points made. Even if some were inaccurate. One of the posts pained me so much that I had to make a comment to make some corrections for any future readers! :-) lol

Nice point on the Ana vs. Jack philosophies. And the antibiotics scene was always a quality one. You know Jack hated witnessing it but at the same time he was impressed! In my "crazy ramblings" i did manage to comment on Hurley's thumbs up and the Rose's husband's white in the original recap. LOL always loved those lines!

Nice that I'm almost caught up! May work from home this afternoon, so I may be able to catch a couple more eps. Doubt I'll watch any over the weekend though so I'll fall behind again! MJ hasn't been working the past few days so she is most certainly on season 4 by now!! lol

Leslie said...

I've read your old posts on these first few episodes in Season 2, and they are still worth reading! When I watched originally, I would watch the episode (usually live - pre-DVR days), and then read your blog the next day and go back and watch the episode again on the old VCR to see the things I missed! That has already happened in my rewatch when your post said we saw Sayid in the background on Kate's backstory, and I missed that.

Mike V. said...

Ahh...I was thinking I should have told you guys to keep your eye out for that! I saw it right away when I was watching the ep. lol Of course, (broken record), I've seen these eps tons of times. :-)

Glad to hear the recaps are still readable! lol

MJ said...

Breaking bad http://www.tvguide.com/News/Breaking-Bad-Premiere-1049668.aspx

Lost - NO ! Not season 4 LOL. I was actually pretty busy and didn't watch as much as I thought. I finished season 2 though. Meet Henry Gale, Bye Ana, Bye Libby - goodbye hatch ! And welcome back Desmond.

Funny - I didn't feel the stall until season 3. Even though they have shown somethings several time, I enjoyed the other perspectives. My only quibble with S2 is that they talk about starting an army and then never show anything about it. They talk about fighting back - but then don't. Ana finally says it - you poeple aren't frightened enough. My recollection of them in the cages and all that is what I've been thinking would be the hard watch. I remember that dragging out horribly.

Though it does feel that they are making Charlie bad just to give him something to do. I loved Ana's leadership being so different - but their lives on the island were so different. The Tailies lived in constant fear and it shows in their harsh outlook.

Been to four hatches now, got the mysterious map on the blast door. Wow - how we poured over that thing. And we went nuts when we saw orientation for pearl and Candle had 2 hands - and called himself by another name. LOL

I find it strange that Sayid also saw Walt right before Shannon died. Why did he also see him ? And Sawyer seeing the horse too !

And now Hurley has had his hallucination too.

I'll hold off saying some other stuff til you guys get to the end of the season.

True Blood - hey - now they have a smoke monster ! LOL They need to give the Chancellor something to do besides making speeches and killing that one kid !

Mike V. said...

MJ - Thanks for the BB link, I'm still psyched for the premiere! Watched Talking Dead last night and Episodes...but not True Blood. My wife has to get caught up (fell asleep last week lol).

LOST - Well, I knew you'd be further than me!! lol But, I actually didn't do too bad. I just finished "THE WHOLE TRUTH"...so I think Lockdown is next. Yeah, the "stall" isn't too apparent in season 2. I just think they would have done things differently if they had a defined plan of when the show was going to end. But that didn't come until the end of season 3 when they had already set the wheels in motion "hoping that they'd get that end date"..lol The whole "starting an army" thing is bizarre in hindsight is kinda bizarre...but it all led to the mistrust between Locke and Jack...and the little quibble between Kate and Jack. Secrets being not shared between the "A-TEAM" lol

I never was bothered by the first 6 episodes of Season 3. To me, it was like a little "mini-series" before the onslaught of non-stop episodes started. (if you remember season 3 was broken into a 6 episode pod and then a 16 episode pod in the winter/spring...so it was designed that way intentionally). I think when you rewatch it...you'll find that the episodes weren't really that bad. But yes...they (producers) always refer back to those 6 episodes as when they were officially stalling. They literally had their characters locked in cages as they, the writers, felt they were locked in cages unable to move forward as well. I've heard them say that line so many times I have it memorized like most of the show!! :)

But, obviously, the back end of season 3 is when things really get cooking and why I have the minority opinion of season 3 being maybe my favorite season. If anyone recalls, I contributed to that TUMBLR project defending season 3. I was going to link to the TUMBLR directly, but when I googled it, the LA Times article that referenced me came up first. LOL http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2010/05/the-lost-weekend-jacob-on-the-winedark-sea.html

(amazingly, season 5 is also in the running for favorite season for me on pure "re-watchability"...it's a really good season of dramatic television.)

CHARLIE - I had read in interviews with Charlie where it seemed implied he didn't like his storyline in season 2 either. He asked for something important in season 3 even if it meant that it led to his death. Well, we did get some bona fide great storytelling there and Charlie's death will always be the most memorable and emotional for me! (though watching the struggles of Jin and Sun to rekindle their relationship throughout the series only to die in the final episodes is pretty heartbreaking to watch...having the full knowledge.)

Mike V. said...

Hatch/Pearl/Candle stuff - ahhh memories...yep you're absolutely right! lol

EXACTLY!! (sayid/sawyer/walt/horse).....they went ahead and proved these things weren't in people's heads...they weren't hallucinations...but they never really answered WTH was going on there. lol Walt was special, that is their answer for any weird things around Walt that happened...fine...but how was he appearing to Shannon and Sayid and Locke (season 3)?? And why did he look older to Locke!?!? (besides the fact that the actor aged. I'd be fine with that answer if Locke didn't refer to him looking taller and Sawyer repeating it as "Taller Ghost Walt" lol) And the crazy Black horse...no idea. I can only think Jacob was behind it somehow. I don't know why MIB would be behind it...and we have seen nothing to prove that he could take the appearance of horses...especially ones that didn't die on the island.

Right...hurley and the "hallucination"....I did start to think in hindsight, that David might have been a ghost since we know hurley can see ghosts. We know Libby's ex-husband's name was Dave....and there was a connection between Libby and Hurley....so it's possible that David was a ghost. It's also possible that David was smokey...but then David would have had to die and be on the island. Then again...Richard's wife was not on the island and he took the appearance of her at one point during Ab Aeterno.....but then that defeats the whole purpose of them needing to bring Locke's body back to the island for him to take his appearance. And why was Eloise Hawking so hell bent on helping MIB?!?!?! (oh crap...i'm opening up all my favorite plot holes lol)

Couldn't help but read part of your TRUE BLOOD comment...but I have no idea what it means! So I'll find out when I watch I guess! :-) lol

Leslie said...

Mike, before getting to my LOST update, I happened to catch a Great Performances on PBS that was a Billy Joel concert from Shea Stadium. I saw that it replays Thursday at like 1:30 a.m. I guess 2:30 your time. I know you're a fan, so I wanted to mentioned it in case you haven't seen it and want to record it.

LOST - Got through Ep 18, Dave, on Season 2 and reading your blog along the way. Loving this show all over again! Some highlights - Michael has gone after Walt; Hurley is hanging out with Libby; Charlie had his "Aaron's in danger" freak out; Sawyer cons them all with Charlie's help; Henry Gale shows up; Claire recovers some of her memories, and they find the medical station; Sun is pregnant; Locke gets caught under the door and sees the map, and Henry had to input the numbers (or did he?); there's the mysterious food drop; they confirm "Henry" is a big old liar; Hurley confides in Libby and then gets kissed (awww!), and we find out Libby was a patient with Hurley. And, we get some more backstories on our characters along the way.

Several great laughs from Hurley and Sawyer along the way as always! Hurley saying, "Libby's kinda cute, you know, in a I've been terrorized by the Others for 40 days kinda way." And, Hurley's "you gonna put the lime in the coconut" line to Sayid. Sawyer at the computer saying he was "this close to the high score on Donkey Kong." Also, Kate asking if she should get the ruler out when Jack and Sawyer were playing poker. Loved Sawyer going after the tree frog! Between the boars and the tree frogs, this guy is tortured! But, Hurley got back at him when he went off and started punching Sawyer and shouting all the nicknames he had called him.

Then, we have "Henry" saying to Jack & Locke, "You people have some real trust issues." And, what did that remind me of, but "Oh, hello kettle? This is Monica. You're black" lol

The mythology on this show was intriguing and took it to another level, but we wouldn't have cared if we didn't get caught up in these people's lives and could relate to them all in some way and feel their struggles and want to know more about their journeys in life. Corny, but true! And, there was always a mixture of intense storytelling and moments of comedic relief. I've yet to be disappointed in my rewatch. OK, granted the Fire + Water episode was probably the worst episode to this point in Season 2, but I'm still enjoying it all.

Mike V. said...

Don't have time to comment on LOST right now (i know...blasphemy!! lol) but I wanted to respond to the Billy stuff. Come on Leslie, I already have that concert on Blu-ray!! lol

But seriously, thanks for the heads up anyway! One time Idol comment on this blog too. I heard Adam Lambert might be in the running to replace JLo as a judge. If this happens...90% chance I'm out!! lol

Mike V. said...

Okay, back for a few minutes so I'll get to the LOST stuff!

LOST - So, you probably already passed the comment i made this morning on one of the season 2 eps (whole truth maybe?) where I made fun of myself for being enamored with the Video iPod. Such cutting edge technology back then and it's a relic now! lol

Good summary of what you watched! I still need to watch Lockdown in my rewatch, but I can tell you for sure that "Benry" was most definitely lying to Locke about not inputting the numbers. Considering we see what happens in the s2 finale when the button isn't pushed, it's pretty certain that Ben entered the numbers. Ahh the food drop...remained a mystery until the Series Epilogue on the season 6 dvd/blu-ray. lol Apparently, people had pieced it together without the need of the epilogue, but I thought it was nice that they covered it anyway.

Ahh...I'm not at that scene where Hurley flips out on Sawyer yet...but I remember loving it. I think it was Jin's laugh that sealed the deal! lol All the other lines you refer to are classics!

Nice Friends reference too!! lol Ben doesn't really have trust issues though...he trusts himself and himself only!! lol Of course, he does send Goodwyn to his certain death for jealousy of his relationship with Juliet, and puts Karl in a cage to keep him away from Alex, but who's counting?!? lol

Totally agree with your overall analysis of the show. They struck a fine balance between character development, chemistry between the actors and overall mythology. We would not have cared about what was going on on that island if the characters didn't make us care. I've been loving my rewatch too. And on a rewatch, you don't sit around wondering what's going to happen next or trying to solve puzzles....you just enjoy the show for what it is. (which I know is another broken record comment of mine) My point being, if this show was just 6 seasons questions and answers without the engaging story and characters, it would not be rewatchable at all! Of course, I'd argue it might not have been watchable in the first place!

Fire + Water is definitely my 2nd least favorite episode of the series. The least favorite comes in season 3, but it wasn't enough to make me think any less of the season...which I thought was fabulous. 3 words: Bai Ling, Tattoo. (I lied, 5 more words lol. Stranger in a Strange Land :-))

Surprised I didn't fall further behind you 2 after this past week and couple weekends, but I'm still far enough behind! I'll try to keep up as best as I can!

Leslie said...

I should have known you had that Billy Joel concert covered. I thought there was a chance you were even there in person since it was one of, or the last, concerts held there. But, on the off chance you didn't, I wanted to tell you. :)

I did notice your comment about the video iPod back then, but hadn't seen your update this morning. I also noticed your girlfriend, now wife, saying she didn't get excited about the podcasts that you were clearly obsessed with! lol

Yes, I know "Henry" was lying about not inputting the numbers, but I was stating how things were at the point I got to instead of talking ahead with what we learn later. And, if you only trust yourself, you have trust issues, plus I had to throw in the Friends line for you! lol

Mike V. said...

Billy Joel - Oh I know...and I appreciate it! I would have loved to have gone to Shea for the concert, but I don't get up to NYC too often. I actually don't think I've ever been to Shea (i.e. the enemy's old home turf lol)....I went to old Yankee Stadium one time before they tore it down. (Billy played there too...have the dvd lol)

LOST: Ahh yes...Shanna did love the show, but was not much on investigating with a microscope like I was! lol Though, i did play the podcasts a few times when she was around and she did laugh every now and then. I still torture her with talking about Damon Lindelof's latest tweets. That dude just cracks me up, I can't help it! lol She still humors my LOST obsession every now and then. I haven't even shared with you guys pictures of my son in a DHARMA ONESIE! He was crying in one of the pics. I was going to post in on Facebook with a caption..."he just told me out of nowhere that 'We Have to Go Back'"....LOL Anyway...my point was...that was a Christmas Present for ME last year. :)

I figured that's what you were doing with the Henry thing...and of course, since we're talking about this series in hindsight at the same time, I felt obliged to fill in the blanks! lol As for the trust issues, yeah....I was kidding. By the time I was done that paragraph(after citing examples), I ended up agreeing with you that he had trust issues! lol

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Just saw this referenced in an EW.com article about comic-con and had to share it. Eddard vs. Jaime with Lightsabers!! lol


Leslie said...

Parker in a Dharma onesie?? Hysterical! And, so cute, I'm sure! :)

Mike V. said...

It has a pacifier in the center of the logo. :-) lol If I can find a way to share a pic here, I'll do it. Just in and out of meetings right now!

MJ said...

Wow - lots of comments. I am so swamped at work yesterday and today. Will try to catch up with all of them.

No new Lost last night - did the S2 extras from DVD. Phase 1 - 3 with Candle. Funny stuff.

Funny though that your second most hated was fire + water - I liked the ep. Thought it gave alot of real insight into Charlie and his need to take of someone. It's def not a fave - but not hated.

Mike V. said...

MJ, I never said Hated! lol I said 2nd least favorite. :-) You'd find me hard pressed to say I hated any episode of LOST! lol

My favorite Charlie episode was GREATEST HITS (s3) by far. Could be in my Top 10, but that might be a stretch. lol

It's not an unpopular opinion that I have either with Fire+Water. That and Stranger in a Strange land are widely reknowned as "least great" episodes of LOST. Some people think Expose was pointless, but I actually thought that episode was really fun. lol

Enjoy catching up on the comments! I can never stop rambling about the whole series whenever I get on a roll. lol I finished S.O.S. this morning so still a few to go in season 2.

Got Shanna caught up on last week's True Blood, so we'll watch this past Sunday's episode tonight I'm guessing. lol

Mike V. said...

SOA Teaser! (haven't watched yet)


MJ said...

Yeah - still swamped here and still not caught up on comments. have a late meeting in 10 mins.

last week's episodes - I could not believe what Merc's wife did ! LOL All I'll say is wait til you see this week. And I can't remember the character name but ya know the chick that is in charge of comedy but always has the face that she just bit into a lemon ? (blonde w/long hair) She was hysterical this week.

Mike V. said...

LOL, I mentioned above that I've seen both Episodes. Just didn't see True Blood yet, but planning to watch tonight. (of course, since you haven't caught up with comments you wouldn't know that!! lol)

Yes...don't remember her name either...but love that character. My wife was just annoyed with her this past week, but I don't think she remembers her from last season. lol Too funny. Merc's wife...hysterical stuff. I figured she knew about Merc and other girl and that's why she did what she did...confirmed in "episode" 2 when they did the nasty. Good stuff. The show is really funny. Not even sure what to point out about it, but I'm usually laughing all the way through. I just love how they keep butchering this show more and more and now it's failing but somehow they'll keep it on the air. Good times!

Btw..another SOA article on EW...this one with some Kurt Sutter scoop on season 5. :)


Mike V. said...

TRUE BLOOD - Finally watched! Yes indeed there is a smoke monster. Kinda weird, kinda cool. lol Definitely enjoying this season more than last year so far. Tara as a Vamp is a good time. Nice reboot for her character. Buddying up with Jess...good time until they got heated over Hoyt. Sookie hanging out with her boys was hysterical and creepy all together...and RUSSELL's BACK! Good stuff. As for the chancellor doing nothing but speeches...look out..in the previews he's wearing an "athletic fit" polo!!! Talk about game changer! :)

LOST - I've watched up to part II of Live Together Die Alone. Will try to wrap that up tonight and get into season 3 tomorrow. Definitely moving at a quicker pace than I thought I would...but that's thanks to the joint watching that's going on here! lol

Michael's whole storyline is a bit rough. I know it's meant to be, but the excuses he came up with to get Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate to go with him were awful...and Jack bought it hook, line and sinker. lol It took Sayid to figure out Michael is compromised for them to figure it out. And they had Klugh's line that they'll be mad enough anyway to try and cover their tracks. Oh well..not a big deal! lol

Did anyone feel like Walt's voice was overdubbed from before his voice might have changed? He definitely looked like he hit puberty in his brief scene in "3 Minutes".... And I always loved how that scene was never 3 minutes but they named the episode after it anyway. lol

Always loved the Jack/Sawyer scenes about being "Caught in a net" and Sawyer telling Jack that he's his only friend on the island when he confided that he "screwed" Ana Lucia. Ahhh good times.

The Marvin Candle Videos...you know..i always thought I was confused by the dates on the videos and that Chang's arm was missing in an earlier video. But the dates check out. Pearl was filmed before the Swan video. Pearl was 1980 and Swan was 1982. Of course, we saw Chang's hand get smashed in 1977 during The Incident so something is messed up. But with all of their manipulations with time travel...who knows!?!? lol

Mike V. said...

Speaking of The Incident. I know I brought this up relentlessly when defending "Whatever Happened Happened"...but it is pretty cool to rewatch season 2 knowing that the LOSTIES were the direct cause of The Incident. It's one of the reasons many of us knew that we would not be rebooting the timeline in season 6 and makes for a much cleaner plot loop.

I wonder if Desmond ever read his Charles Dickens book before he showed up at that church in the series finale. :) lol Guess it doesn't matter, since the whole point of the plot device was that Penny left a letter in the book to save him at his most desperate hour. (naturally, I haven't rewatched that part yet since that's in part 2 of the finale! but i figured I'd comment anyway lol)

I still think Dave = Libby's David. Why would they go out of their way for Desmond to ask Libby what her husband's name was if it wasn't? Just makes sense. I just wish they would have provided more clarity to that story. Why was libby at Santa Rosa? Was Dave a ghost appearing to Hurley? I'd go a step further and suggest that Dave was on that balcony that collapsed when Hurley went out there....but Libby commented that David got sick before he died. Oh well...guess there's no sense trying to connect the dots since they never made any attempt to! I still can't believe they didn't try to provide closure when they brought her back in season 6! But, I guess they had a bigger story to tell with the Sideways world.

Hmmm...what else? The Dreams...I still didn't know why the dreams were happening on the island. I had speculated that it was the smoker monster's doing in my finale blog and always had that in the back of my mind. But we have seen no indication that MIB had those kind of powers. It seemed like it might be part of his long con to get Locke and Eko to be following these dreams to some certain outcome. But...I'm going to resolve that the Dreams are just part of the package of the character of THE ISLAND.

On LOSTpedia, Carlton Cuse was quoted from a DVD Commentary in "The Man Behind the Curtain" (season 3). I think without that quote is our answer on dreams:

"The thing that's cool about the Island is that the Island can sort of conjure up these images of great importance from your life. Then the characters on the show have to sort of deal with the consequences. Those visions often provide tests, and those tests are right along the axis of what is most important for the character."

That's all I have for now!! lol

Leslie said...

LOST - Mike, you got ahead of me! I'm just through Two For the Road when Ana and Libby were killed. Nothing much to add except it was fun to see the Rose and Bernard backstory especially knowing how it ends. And, Bernard had a good line to Eko when he was trying to recruit him for the sign building, "I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick."

Also enjoyed Sawyer and Ana Lucia, especially when Sawyer realized she had stolen his gun. And, when Ana said she'd kill him if he told anyone, and he said something like, "Well, I guess that takes cuddling off the table." lol

And, had to laugh at one of your statements in your blog about "JATE", and you said, "It's things like this that make me hate my obsession with pop culture." lol

Mike V. said...

LOL...Nice! That sounds like something I would have said. :-) Of course, I guess I have to be ashamed of myself because I certainly got on the "Darlton" bandwagon when talking about the brain trust of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse! lol

Agreed on the Rose/Bernard backstory. It was nice to see in hindsight. They have a pretty nice story throughout the run of LOST. And never really got involved in any of the conflicts. Just enjoyed life on the island. I love how she knew she was healed because she saw Locke in the wheelchair off island. The Sawyer/Ana stuff was great too...agreed! I'll have to go back and read my recaps for the past few episodes. I've been slacking! lol

MJ said...

Just trying to catch up on all the conversations I missed. Man - I should be so far further than I am. Me and the hubby both got just swamped with work - and that long weekend off wound up being very busy. I'm still just finished S2 ! LOL

Lost - Funny I did not see the black/white symbolism with Locke/Eko til you said it. Duh !

Just saw on the bonus features S2 how that Dharma logo on the shark wound up way more visible then they intended. Best bonus - the Sawyerisms. LOL

yup - Sayid in Kate's story, Sawyer in Kate's mom's diner, Kelvin in Sayid's story, See the real Libby in Hurley's story, Libby and Des meet (won't say more), all those great little things that had our brains going at 100 miles an hour. LOL

Don't know that I have a fave season - maybe after this re-watch I will.

Sorry - have no recollection of TUMBLR at all.

Yes - SUn and Jin with the ups and downs really means something knowing what will be. Seeing Jin so happy she is preggers ! Also see so much more foreshadowing than we ever could have known at the time - just little comments here and there that now know have real info or meaning to them.

Don't think Dave was a ghost as he was there in the hospital long before the island. I think it' just one of those things that will never be answered.

i had forgotten just how much we - at first - hated henry gale/Ben.

Leslie - agree on all the lines you mentioned, and LOL on "Oh, hello kettle? This is Monica. You're black" .

True Blood - purposely left it vague in case !

Whew ! Only upd to 7/9 yet. Will get to rest later. And I know there are some links there that I haven't read yet. But damn - I'd have watched Billy Joel too if I'd read it in time. LOL Oh well

Leslie said...

MJ, you still can record Billy Joel. It's on again tonight at 1:30 am, I guess 2:30 your time. :)

I'm watching LOST on Netflix, so don't have those DVD extras to view. :(

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Nice to hear we're all around the same place again!! Maybe this will work out afterall!

Glad I could oblige with the Black/White Eko/Locke thing. I believe I even mentioned it on the blog back then (you know..when no one was reading lol)

I remember that feature about the Shark. Just another revelation about how we may have looked way too deep into this show than they originally intended. The digital effects team were just having fun...and it turned into a massive analysis...and probably ended up turning into the Hydra Station. lol If I have time I'll look at some of the features again too. But, I may just want to keep plowing along!

You know you can stop avoiding spoiling episodes that we HAVE seen before, right!? I already was talking about Libby and Des above! :-) lol

Yeah..it's tough to pick a favorite season...but I just remember having a really fun time watching season 3 and enjoying the answers starting to come at a rapid pace. (in the 2nd half)....then to be blown away by that awesome finale (my favorite finale and 2nd favorite episode of the show....come on...THE CONSTANT has to win, right? lol) ...it was just awesome. And season 5...you'll see. It's just such a fun season that moves at a pretty rapid pace. And once you're not constantly trying to figure out the time travel stuff all the time and just enjoy the drama of the show...it's just really well done! But, the time travel stuff did help my enjoyment factor. lol

TUMBLR - I participated in an experiment during the final season of LOST that collected a bunch of people that talked a lot about lost and gathered 815 sentences from all of them. I think I was constrained to like 8 sentences for my portion. There was all LOST numbers involved in the math that went into it. I defended season 3...and then this guy at LA Times found it and quoted me. And then you posted a comment on that LA Times article! lol Doc Jensen referred to the LA Times article which made me indirectly referenced by the Doc himself. lol It was a high time for me and my silly little blog. :)

Sun/Jin -agreed, nothing to add!

Dave - Jacob was watching the 815ers long before the Island. He didn't "TOUCH" Hurley until he gave him the Guitar case on his 2nd trip back. Walt's specialness happened BEFORE he went to the Island. I don't see how Hurley's ability to see ghosts couldn't have started PRE-Island either.

TB - that's cool, I commented more later! lol

Sorry about you missing the Billy Joel thing! But there definitely is a DVD/Blu-ray out there. And I'm sure PBS will air it again! (as Leslie mentioned...i see that now!)

@Leslie - you might be able to find some of those extras on YouTube!

Mike V. said...

CBS Fall premiere Dates:

HIMYM 9/24! BBT 9/27! I think I'm going to drop 2 Broke Girls. I watched a majority of season 1, but the show is pretty bad! lol I laugh occassionally, but not enough to justify keeping it on the list. I need to trim some fat the days and that's a prime candidate! :-) (I'm sure it'll still record though lol)

Never caught up on POI and probably won't. If Emerson and O'Quinn stuck to the original plan of doing a show together, I wouldn't have been able to pass that up! I will check out Terry's new show on ABC though (666 Park Avenue).

And after already seeing Masterpiece's Retelling of Sherlock in a modern day setting (and they have done an amazing job with it)...I have no interest in seeing the American version of ELEMENTARY with Lucy Liu as Watson! lol

Anonymous said...

With BB coming back this weekend I am now so overbooked on sundays ! Tues or Wed (can't remember) is bad too - but sunday is horrible this summer !

Ok - didn't mean to change your meaning by using 'hated'. Leslie said worst so far and you said 2nf least fave - I just paraphrased alittle.

LOL on Shea/Yankee stadium. My family growing up in Bklyn were always a divided camp. Parents took us to mets games - cause the tickets were cheaper - but half of us were yankee fans. LOL

True Blood - LOL on the polo ! yeah - loved tara and jessica being all BFF until douchy leather Hoyt got involved.

Yeah - the dialog and writing were def not great witht he Micheal thing. Made me sad watching him sail away - knowing what would be.

Loved the continuity in 3 mins when Michael says Who's James Ford though.

Leslie - thanks for the Joel info !

I know it's not technically spoiling - and you have seen them so many times - but i'm being a little surprised by things I forgot until I see it again and felt Leslie probably is too. SO that's why I'm being careful. But you're all caught up with me now. LOL I'm starting S3 tonight.

Oh - I remember Tumblr now ! Wow - we were just crazy about it all. My hubby is like your wife - watched the show but hated my magnifying glass of details and meanings. He's already stated that he's enjoying watching it without me constantly going back and looking at stuff - or pausing to discuss. etc etc.

I'll probaby check out Elementry as marc will want to. @ Broke girls is bad - but cracks me up.

I'd love to see little parker in that Onesie !



Now I'll look at the SOA links.

HBO finally reaired S1 Boardwalk - taping this week. So then I'll watch 2 on demand. Ugh - I wanted to check out Boss too. I just might not get to Fringe this summer. Might have to wait til next year when I'll then have them all. Dang !

With my unplanned slowdown on Lost, plus I watch Closer and Burn Notice which have come back, plus not Breaking bad - I think I am screwed. LOL

MJ said...

OMG - I want Sons back now ! Right now !

MJ said...

Guess we all forgot. Dave was an imaninary friend and the name of Hurley's dad.

Leslie said...

MJ, I watch Closer, too! Haven't seen this week's episode yet.

I think Mike should do a LOST rewatch post and put in Parker's pic. :) I can't believe I'm the one behind now on our rewatch! Gotta get busy! Should finish S2 tonight. It doesn't bother me about talking ahead on LOST. You're right, unlike Mike who can quote the episodes, I am being surprised by things I forgot, but it doesn't spoil it for me.

Interesting on the Revenge link that they refer to the "allegedly pregnant" Amanda. I figured she was really pregnant, but not by Jack.

I saw that Netflix will finally have Season 6 of Dexter in August. I'm behind on that, but read enough to know about the Debra thing.

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm guessing that Anonymous is MJ. lol

Totally hear you on the packed Sunday. I'm having problems now....let alone when BB starts. And then think about the fall with ONCE, Revenge, Dexter, TWD, etc... (I don't even think my 4 tuner TiVo will be able to record everything from 9-10! lol Especially if I ever catch up on Boardwalk Empire)

Oh I didn't mind you saying "HATED" - I just wanted to clarify that hated is a strong word for me! lol But yeah, they are the most reknowned "worst episodes of LOST" (the 2 I mentioned)...but they're not awful. Well...Stranger in a Strange Land is pretty awful. I don't even think I could muster up a WOW for that one even when I felt required to do it every week! lol

Agreed on continuity and "Who's James Ford"...good stuff!

You may continue to avoid spoiling if you like! lol Even if it's for Leslie's benefit. As I've mentioned...I have these episodes memorized! lol

Nice on the husband comparison to my wife. I'm sure she'd love watching it again like I am too....but all I get is the eyeroll every time I say I'm going to watch another episode! lol She's seen it once...that's enough for her. With a lot of other shows...I totally agree! But this one was special.

If I have a napping family when I get home, I may get a chance to start season 3 tonight too..but it will probably be tomorrow morning. :)

Yeah...Broke Girls is entertaining in a bad way...but I just feel i have to cut the cord on something! lol

I keep forgetting to share that onesie pic! If I could upload it from my phone that would make things a lot easier! lol I might be able to just email you guys if I still have your email addresses..I'll look. :)

Saw the Revenge news but didn't watch the dex promos yet...thanks for the links!

I still have season 2 tivo'd of boardwalk...and have been spoiled on what happens in the finale. But I may still watch it eventually. Boss, never had an interest but let me know what you think! I thought you were being pretty ambitious with getting to Fringe too! But...it might still happen. lol I might plan another rewatch next summer for that too pending the final season holds up. I'm sure it will! (even if it's without Jeff Pinkner)

Totally hear you on SOA!!

@Leslie - I wrote all this MJ stuff like an hour ago but got interrupted at work before I could post! lol While a rewatch post with my son's picture on there would be hysterical....there's just something weird about posting his picture on the internet that seems strange to me! (outside of facebook of course lol)

MJ said...

LOl - didn't realize I went anon for that one !

Yeah - haven't watch Closer yet either. LOL

Ah - I caught that 'allegedly pregnant' too.

I trust Facebook the least out of anything ! LOL

Huh - we maybe be watching Boardwalk S2 together. I know it ended with a shocking death - and knwo the character name - but it means nothing to me cause I stopped S1 after like 2 eps. LOL

Hey - got a meeting to go to then Im outta here but I can't believe none of us mentioned that stupid Hurleybird ! And our first mention of Razinski ! ;-D

Mike V. said...

Okay, you both have the picture in your inbox! :)

allegedly pregnant is definitely interesting! lol

There's lots of privacy features on Facebook...it's better than it used to be, but totally understand! lol

Possibly on Boardwalk. Yeah, you know the name of who gets killed (as do I)...so once you watch a few eps of season 1 you'll be shocked about who it will be! lol

So funny...I watched Kelvin mention Radzinsky this morning, and totally didn't even picture season 5 Radzinsky when he said it. Silly me. :)

Ahh the Hurleybird...finally answered in the season 6 epilogue! lol Genetic mutation experiment of DHARMA. lol Good times!

Mike V. said...

Another thing I wish they found time to answer (no..not the outriggers...though I still wish that!)

Hurley's voice on the Numbers Transmission that Rousseau eventually replaced with her transmission. Jorge confirmed that his voice was used for the numbers...but they never closed the loop there. That would've been awesome if they did! lol

Mike V. said...

Finished season 2! Not much to comment since I did most of my commenting yesterday. Awesome storytelling, nice climactic sequences. Nice purple sky. lol

Started season 3 and am 3 episodes in. So I watched "2 cities" "glass ballerina" and "further instructions"....I think these episodes are just less frustrating now that the picture is complete. I wasn't frustrated the first time around either though. Always loved the opening scene with unveiling the civilized domesticated others and seeing the plane crash from another perspective. We see Jack's emotional downfall begin (of course, it began prior to the crash...we just didn't know it)...and we learn the reason that Christian turned back to drinking in the first place and inevitably losing his job as Chief of Surgery....(Jack's misdirected jealousy...which we had suspected Christian of being Sarah's man when he named Ana Lucia Sarah...but she was probably just helping him cope with his addicitons)

They were definitely stalling in these episodes, but I still found them entertaining. You can definitely see the introduction of Nikki and Paolo was just so blatant...and it was because there was no one left on the beach to have conversations with at the time. lol But the Desmond prophecy stuff gets introduced in episode 3.....the whole building the runway stuff starts...which seemed pointless at the time but played a pivotal role in seasons 5 and 6. The Sun/Jin drama continued.... Sun killed an OTHER. And I always loved the Red Sox scene with Jack and Ben. Oh and JULIET! What a great addition to the cast. Love how she tased Sawyer in one of their first scenes together, but eventually they'll fall in love. lol Good stuff.

BTW...Comic-Con has begun. Stay tuned for random links coming your way! I'm sure eventually I'll need to post the Fringe, TWD, maybe GoT panels. lol

Leslie said...

LOST - I'm slacking in my duties....had a later start than expected last night, so I only got 2 episodes in. Still have the 2 hour S2 finale to watch.

Nothing much to add except that I felt so bad for Hurley when he found out about Libby and apologized for not taking care of the blankets. And, then the exchange when Sawyer confided in Jack about Ana Lucia saying, "You're about the closest thing I have to a friend, Doc."

Mike V. said...

Don't worry Leslie, you won't fall to far behind me! lol Just realized I have a lot going on today and tomorrow so I may only be able to squeeze in one more episode before the weekend! lol

And yeah...those scenes were rough and a good time respectively! lol

MJ said...

Good point on Hurley's voice !

You'll all probably catch up to me this weekend. What i don't miss - ferreting out all those literary hidden meanings.

So by now we all might be done with S2 ? Live together Die Alone - our first Charles Widmore ep. And Penny! My heart smiled when I saw Penny. We learn the cause of the plane crash. Locke 'Guess I was Wrong' - classic. Forgot how clumsy the Charlie/Claire friends again thing was handled. And our Portuguese friends 'I think we found it'.

It occurred to me over several of these eps - I don't remember how Jack has a kid if he and Sarah are divorcing. I just can't remember - how odd that is. LOL

Had a good night last night - got 6 watched for Season 3. My recollection was that they were annoying - but I didn't feel that way last night !

Meet the book club, Welcome to Otherville, and Hydra station! LOL I remember hating Juliette, but now I just can't do it. I'm seeing why I hated her though. LOL And now that song Downtown is stuck in my head again ! Who knew where it would all go when we see Jules shoot Sawyer with that electro dart that first time we watched ! And oh - we were so nuts about Kate's little date with Ben - and how badly cut her wrists are when she gets back. Don't think we ever learned what happened though.

Next ep we confirm Sun's affair - and we get jae's suicide. Not much really happened except Sun killing Colleen in my opinion. And Kate/Sawyer working the chain gang thing for a runway. Jack finding out the Sox won the series was fun though. Sawyer's 'how dare you' cracked me up.

Next up we get naked Des, and we get the first hint of Des's talents, not one and the same thing. LOL Hurley's disbelief that the hatch implosion tore all clothes away was such a wink to all of us who would be like - huh ? What possessed them to make Des naked from the implosion is beyond my understanding ! Not sure if the first time around I was struck by the irony of the Man of Faith almost hit by the Jesus stick though.
Locke's hallucination was just full of great stuff (Charlie/Claire/Aaron - they're good for awhile, not Hurley, Sayid/Sun/Jin - Sayid's got it, Des and stewardess' - he's helping himself, Ben as TSA, Eko - they've got him) I'd totally forgotten this while hallucination, so very creepy. I actually made the husband rewind and I got a 'you are not going to start obsessing' comment! LOL Hurley almost getting stabbed was very reminiscent of how Shannon got shot. Interesting that the 'they' who had Eko was a polar bear ! The whole commune thing is so weird really - and i think I thought that the first time. But - never realized that the guy from Shameless/War of the Worlds was the actor who plays Eddie. Guess the whole point of this story was Locke being labeled as easily coerced and not a hunter. As for Nikki and Paulo - I'm not even going there. I didn't mind them or the way they were inserted as they were always there - but I know so many did complain about it. I'm past that part of it. And I love Kiele Sanchez as an actress. ;-D

MJ said...

Every man for Himself- Another Sawyer con showed, but Ben is really the better con man this time. Sawyer trying to keep his heart rate down with kate changing was hysterical. And we see #8 bunny. But we do learn about little Clementine. And we get some 'I love yous' too. Des has another vision.

Cost of Living - Bye Mr. Eko. Wish you'd have wanted to stay with the show. I had forgotten the 'you owe a church' to explain why Eko was builing one on island. Very funny that Locke makes fun of the fact the the usual 'go' group is mostly gone and now anyone can come. Kinda lame with Nikki poinintg out that with that many tv's what else can they monitor - but was surprised to see Patchy, didn't think that happened this early in the season. And i had totally forgotten all about Juliett and her cue cards.

'I Do' How could I ever forgotten that Nathan Fillion was on Lost ?!! And that Kate was ever Monica with that horrible wig. LOL
I'm sure we went nuts about John seeing that message on the Jesus stick. Jack conveniently gets out and sees Kate and Sawyer and then does surgery. LOL

Oops - just read that Leslie has not finished yet. LOL Jeez - I have just wrote waaaay too much - itmade me split it.

Looking forward to some Con fun.

Leslie said...

MJ, LOL - Don't worry about it! I'm like you, I'll still be surprised! I've forgotten a lot of details. Now, I'm curious about Nathan Fillion myself. Really like him! :)

Mike V. said...


LOST - Totally with you on literary meanings. All I did when blogging was try to capture the names of the books and then link to wikipedia. I just didn't have time for it. Though, there were several recurring commenters in season 6 that just would not drop it! lol

Not sure how much I'll be able to watch this wknd, but I'm sure I'll get 2 or 3 in at least. lol

The Charlie/Claire scene directly after the implosion was really bizarre. Never understood why Charlie was joking around so much. But, I thought they handled the rekindling nicely. Charlie brought the immunization shots to Claire...and then at Libby/Ana's funeral, Claire was overcome with emotion and grabbed charlie's hand. THAT was when the "friends again" stuff really happened. She sealed the deal with a kiss in the finale. But yes...that scene was bizarre.

You remember all the analysis that was done on one of the portugeuse guys looking like Jack Shephard? People thought it was a flashback or a flashforward for while. lol I never thought it looked that much like him. Ironically, we did get a bearded Jack Shephard in the season 3 finale. lol

I told you you'd enjoy those first 6 of season 3! (you're welcome lol) They really weren't that bad in the scheme of things. It annoyed me that people got so frustrated. But, I guess I was playing the "patience" game at the time. I knew there was no end date announced and I was willing to trust Darlton on where they were going with the story and the pace at which they wanted to do it. The bigger annoyance to fans I think was that their favorite cast members were all over the island and not in one place (and we see in season 4's premiere...this was addressed...of course..they split up pretty quickly after that). We also hadn't warmed up to Ben and Juliet as characters just yet. So in hindsight, it's fun watching. Maybe the first time around it was weird for people. I warmed up to Juliet right away though...she just had a way about her. I know I'm not there yet, but she'll be getting to her INXS Music Video soon to ask Jack for help. lol (in case that sounds like a foreign language...just look up "need you tonight music video" on youtube lol)

Kate and the wrists - I remember really looking into that a lot...and always thought we never got an answer. I finally figured out how stupid I was for not realizing it was the cuffs that cut her up! (maybe it's that I've watched enough shows and read enough books in the meantime where people's wrists are chaffing from the cuffs now to be smarter about it lol) Even Tom said, "they cut you up pretty bad, didn't they?"....he was referring to the cuffs...not other others!! So silly of us! lol

Mike V. said...

Sawyer's attitude during the whole captivity episodes was fantastic. That alone was worth the plotline! lol I love the scenes you mentioned and also him figuring out the fish biscuit thing. "figured out your complicated gizmo"....Tom "only took the (polar) bears 2 hours"....LOL Awesome!

Des - I don't get the nakedness either...but Hurley's comment "so the hatch blew off your clothes?" was worth the confusion! lol Locke's hallucination was awesome...I loved it the first time and still do! I'm still chalking up these visions to the ISLAND as a character and not MIB/Jacob interference. It's the only way to explain them. (and I'll go back to Carlton Cuse's quote I referenced above for support!)

You know what other connection I made this time around? The name of that episode "Further Instructions" was a callback to when Eko wanted to go to sleep and await further instructions in the "?" episode. Good stuff. Funny on your rewind stuff! I actually watched an episode with my wife this time around (she was busy in her phone so I figured...why not? lol) ....i caught her laughing at that whole fish biscuit scene! lol

I think I had mentioned way back when that Steve from Shameless was Eddie in LOST. Again, I made this connection due to many rewatches. :)

The funny thing about Nikki and Paulo was that even Damon/Carlton and the rest of the writers knew it wouldn't work for many before people had even seen the episodes. So they were already writing them out of the show before people started complaining. Yet, most fans think that it was them that got them written out of the show. lol They really didn't bother me as much as the masses, but it still was odd. I chalked it up to how they inserted ARZT at the end of season 1. It didn't feel too odd that time around. More comical than anything. And even in season 5 they introduced FROGURT even though he had been referred to in season 2 and then in one of the webisodes between seasons 3 and 4. lol

Haven't watched the other 3 eps yet. Loved the Every Man For Himself ep the first time around too...but yeah..not much to comment on. lol I remember the whole church thing with Eko. Of course, previously he had said the ISLAND was telling him to build the church. So, some mixed stuff there. But, I guess someone else could have told him before and the island reminded him. I remember people (well...not sure about all people...friends of mine) thinking that Patchy was going to be Jacob when they saw him on the TV. And I also remember totally shooting down that idea and never buying into it. lol And obviously I didn't forget about the cue cards with my INXS comment above. :) Surely, I made that comment in the original recap too! lol

I'm surprised you forgot Fillion was on LOST, but it was just one episode, so not TOO shocking I guess! Definitely went nuts on John seeing the North 3:16 or whatever it was. lol Or was it LOOK UP John 3:16 something like that. It was convenient for Jack...but I think it was also part of The Others' (ben's) whole plan. They wanted Kate and Sawyer to cozy up to each other. And that door was left open for Jack to get out and see that TV. I think it was all a plan to get Jack to do the surgery. And he did.

I'm sure Leslie will cope with being "spoiled" on these episodes if she decides to read! lol I've already commented on some of it too!

MJ said...

was on EW and they were talking about what tv stuff they were looking forward to seeing most - check this out


MJ said...

LOL on the recurring commenters.

OMG - I totally forgot that whole thing that some thought the portuguese guy was jack. Too funny

LOL on the I told you ! You're owed it.

Nope - I got the INXS thing - I've seen it. I called it her cue cards. I remember liking them having the character of Jules on the show - but not liking or trusting her - and that was fun
. I remember yelling at Jack not to trust her. LOL At this point she is just as manipulative as Ben and i trusted her not at all. And when she first joins our castaways i didn't trust her either.

Cuffs - but that's just it. Sitting there having a little lunch with cuffs on does NOT cut you up or bruise you. Ben had her tighten them - but not so tight as to cause pain. Only if they are being yanked on or if you're hung from them would they mark you. Case in point - Kate had no marks from the cuffs on the plane. No - they def inplied some sort of roughness had gone on - then never revealed it.

yeah - fans just never realize that by the time you are watching a show they've already made the next 8 of them - so our comments could not be that impactful that quickly. I'm not saying it was the most brilliant writing to throw them in there - but we were getting other new characters and I didn't mind it. yeah - i laughed at the mention of Frogurt!

Locke's thing was like Look North John 3:05 I think. Kinda like 'at dawn look to the east' from Gandolf. LOL

yeah I'm a big Fillion fan - but totally forgot his little Lost ep. Can't wait for the Firely thing at Con.

Mike V. said...


Thanks for the link. I actually think that was in the "Comic-Con" issue of EW because it felt like I had already read it! lol

BTW, Pop Candy is looking for a substitute blogger while she's out on Maternity Leave. I submitted my email resume'. lol We'll see what happens!

Agreed, we definitely couldn't trust Juliet in the beginning, but I still loved the character! Great addition to the cast.

Cuffs - I think she had the cuffs on all day...so I don't know what they did after breakfast but eventually they're going to cut her up, right?? lol Probably doesn't matter exactly what she was doing. I don't think she was tortured though. Ben had promised Michael he wouldn't hurt his friends. Then again, Pickett does try to kill Sawyer. And he does get beat on quite a bit! lol I really think we just looked too much into the Cuffs scene...and on this rewatch I finally understood that. Maybe you need one more rewatch! :)

Nice Two Towers reference! I still haven't watched Firefly...somehow I think I'd be under whelmed after all of the hype I've heard. lol Then again, I thought Avengers rocked so I might just be in Whedon's wheelhouse and not even realize it. lol

MJ said...

i never heard of Pop Candy - but you're great at blogging.

LOL on one more rewatch !

Firefly - there is the possibility of the underwhelm. It's a great show and the one movie was fab. But it's not an 'in your face' type show, not exciting type of tv. Just great characters and writing that makes you really love the good and the bad of each character.

MJ said...

Hey - something that puzzled me. When Eko goes back to the plane looking for Yemi he seemed shocked to not find his body. Didn't Eko previously take yemi and burn him ?

Also - Jack had a great line - to Jules I think 'I'm not big on mysteries'.

We're long past this ep but I can't remember any of us commenting on the ridiculous commercial that Drive Shaft got fired from. The pacifier on parker's onesie reminded me. LOL

Mike V. said...

Pop Candy is a blog on USA Today's website. I check it out on occasion. I doubt I'll get picked but I thought I'd give it a shot! lol And thanks for the props! :)

I'll check out that Eko thing when I rewatch. Believe it or not, it's a little fuzzy. But, it is the first time we confirm that Smokey can take the form of dead bodies...so we're probably meant to tie that scene with Christian's body not being in the coffin either. I guess even if he burned the plane, there would be some kind of remains of Yemi's body. I figured he left Yemi in the plane and burned the plane.

Good Jack line indeed!

Funny you mention something ridiculous from my 2nd least favorite episode of LOST and one that you said you didn't mind much! lol Nice on tying it to Parker's onesie! lol If I could get the soundtrack to "You All Every BUTTIES" I so would buy that! lol

I guess the significance of that scene would be that the band was desperate for money, so they were "selling out" to cash in more on their one hit. But...the diaper commercial was a bit ridiculous! lol

MJ said...

Yeah - the commercial was ridiculous but I wasn't saying I didn't like it. It was supposed to be horrible - like you said showing how desperate they had become. It cracked me up.

Watched 5 more last night - Portland, Flashes B4 Yr Eyes, your fave - stranger in strange land, Tricia Tinaka, and Enter 77.

I probably will get a few watched tonight but then I'll be gone most of saturday and sunday night - well that will be all True Blood and Breaking Bad now ! ;-D

I'll come back later with some thoughts of last nights watch - some of my faves were in there.

Mike V. said...

Yes...it was funny! (the commercial) lol

WOW, if you think I'm going to catch up to you this weekend, you're crazy! That is a ridiculous pace. lol I'll be out most of Saturday as well...and I doubt my wife will let me watch a bunch on Sunday but we'll see what's going on. lol I have 15 minutes left of Cost of Living right now. And btw...I'm still loving these initial 6 episodes. But, I totally agree with your assessment on some of the faves being in that bunch you just watched (again, another reason why season 3 could be my favorite). Definitely Flashes is a favorite, Tricia Tanaka on the mere fun the cast was having was AWESOME.....Portland and Enter 77. And Stranger in a Strange Land is the collective Lost community's least liked episode. There's actually an article out there that thanks Bai Ling for being on LOST because it ensured an end date for LOST. lol Pretty funny stuff...(http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2009/08/how-bai-ling-saved-lost.html)

I'm so excited to watch those episodes!! But for right now...Cost of Living - the whole Smokey thing is definitely intriguing this time around. We know Yemi is the man in black/smokey...we knew he was smokey then (well, we strongly believed he was)....but I did forget about those visions of other people Eko saw as well....that coincided with his flashback. Is Smokey somehow projecting images of these people too? If so, then maybe he IS behind the dreams and it was all part of his long con of finding the loophole, killing the candidates and leaving the Island. Definitely loose ends there that can still be speculated upon. lol

I had theorized back in the day that when Smokey scanned people that he could use those images to conjure up these dreams. Locke dreamed of Yemi after Eko was scanned (etc...) I still like thinking of the Island as a character though. But I don't know how the Island would benefit from helping Smokey's ultimate end-game. Oh well. lol (Oh, and I'm not to the end of the ep though but Smokey says "you're next" to Eko and he whispers it to Locke. All of those people that were in that group when Eko died...were impacted by Smokey in their deaths....(except maybe Desmond. I forget if he's there when that happens...i'll know in 15 more minutes of footage). But Nikki/Paulo...listen really closely when those bugs bite them. There is a tika tika sound. I think Smokey was around. Sayid (well that thing is very confusing anyway...but the second time he died it was on the Sub -> Smokey).....Locke -> conned into leaving the island. Ben kills him. Anyway...not fool proof, but interesting!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on those eps. I may do some "working from home" this afternoon, so maybe I'll sneak in a couple more eps! lol

Mike V. said...

BTW HOMELAND is another Sunday show this fall. Yikes lol.

Anyway, they didn't post the actual trailer but it was aired at Comic-Con. Here's TV Guide's synopsis of the s2 trailer


I tried to find it on youtube but I just found teasers with season 1 clips. lol

Mike V. said...

First 2 minutes of Dexter Season 7 (comic-con). Can't believe they would release that, but I think I'm going to have to watch. lol


Leslie said...

LOST - I'm falling farther behind! What can I say, it's been a rough week! Although, I am reading the old blog as I go, so that slows the process a little, but it's totally worth it! I did finish S2, but that's it. Just one comment to add about Penny's letter to Desmond saying, "All we really need to survive is one person who really love us." Awwwwww! :)

I don't have much going this weekend, so I should be able to get some episodes in, but MJ's going so fast, I don't know if I can catch up to her! I'm missing out on the conversation! I did notice a comment on the finale post where a new watcher was viewing for the first time this year and reading your blog as she was going along, and it made her feel like she wasn't watching alone....that's kinda cool! :)

Mike V. said...

Yeah, MJ is on a tear. I don't think we'll keep up with her. But you may catch up to me this weekend! lol (or pass me again)

I'm glad you're religiously reading the blog and enjoying it! I can't keep up with it but that's cool someone is. And yeah, I love when people keep commenting that they're still reading. There is one poster called LOST FAMILY that pretty much commented throughout their viewing experience and I debated with them a little or "teased" a few non-spoilery things along the way.

As far as the conversation goes, I'll talk about any episode of lost at any time so don't worry about that! lol I'm sure MJ would too. And good point on Penny's comment to Desmond. Obviously, another thing she said to him was "with enough money and determination you can find anyone"...a hint that she was looking for him on the Island. Which we saw at the end of season 2, again at the end of season 3, and finally at the end of season 4. But it also all leads to that beautiful moment in Season 4 of THE CONSTANT. Their relationship for having so little screentime in comparison to others....is so powerful. And I dare anyone not to cry during that infamous phone call scene between them. Whew...that SCENE should have won an emmy! lol Hell, even an OSCAR!!! (i know i know..that makes no sense but it was that good!)

MJ said...

Very interesting - don't think I ever put it together that Smokey told Eko you're next and all those people were affected by Smokey in their deaths !

oh boy ! I'd forgotten that Homeland will be sunday - but Breaking Bad will be done by then I think.

I was bad - I watched those 2 mins of Dexter already. Couldn't help myself. And I did read about Homeland. I can't imagine how the CIA woule EVER let Carrie back in - but hey - it's tv ! LOL

Marc and I were just talking last night during Flashes about the whole Xmas eve thing to come.

Yeah - I'm really pushing myself to get Lost in cause I have other stuff I wanted to watch this summer. But - I will have to clear some DVR this weekend - other shows piling up on me. SIGH And this is why - though i want to - I have not gone back the the lost blog - I just can't find the time. WOrk is sooo hectic right now - which is when I would have read the blog. Oh well.

Meet Rachel - Juliet's sister. And our old pal Richard Alpert and Ethan are there to recruit Juliet. Still love how they killed him with a bus cause Jules said they only way he'd let her leave her lab was if he was killed by a bus. Can't remember - but do they ever really explain Rachel's illness? Cause I was left again feeling that if she is so sick she should not be getting pregnant. Crazy room 23!

Next was Flashes B4 yr Eyes - when the show really went crazy and full out sci fi. LOL And we find out that Desmond really blew it with Penny back in the day (chick perspective LOL). Our first MacCutcheon whiskey ? Eloise Hawking - no you can't have that ring ! Man, I remember the boards really lit up after this ep !

Stranger in strange land - you are a great man, a leader - and that makes you lonely, frightened and angry. I know alot hated this ep but I liked her reading of Jack. Locke is always told you are not great, he's easily conned. So I think it was good to hear Jack being told you are great and a leader, besides his dad always telling him he's not good enough. The manipulations of jack by Ben and others were pretty obvious in this one - tkaing Jack out while handcuffed Jules goes in, walking her past the cage. The funniest was Cindy, the 2 kids all looking at jack in the cage like it's a zoo.

Tricia Tanaka - Ah our Dharma van ! And Roger Workman. LOL Not much to say - it was a fun ep but we really don't learn much of anything. Lots of good lines though.

Enter 77 I wasn't thrilled with this one, made my Sayid look bad. LOL Loved Rousseau - the reason I am still here is because I avoid these situations. I'd fogotten patchys name was really Mikhail - just always called him patchy. This one confused me at first cause what was being said wasn't what I recalled - but then realized patchy was lying. But he/they really does have a truce - with those other others is my recollection. Bye Mrs Klu - that actress had the two shortest scenes in history of Lost I think. Totally forgot all about the Ping Pong match !

MJ said...

Fringe fans at Comicon

Mike V. said...

Sunday Night TV - Yes Breaking Bad will be over, but Walking Dead will be back. So the night will be as follows: 8:00 - Once, 9:00 - Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, 10:00 - Homeland, Revenge. I don't know about you, but Breaking Bad being over doesn't help out very much! lol

Dexter/Homeland - I watched it too! Was a good time! I'm sure Carrie will get back into the CIA just like Jack was always called back to duty in 24 (same writers afterall. lol) Can't wait!

Ironic - Work is when I would have WRITTEN the Lost blog! lol (in the early days...then I just started sleeping less so I could write them!)

I thought Rachel had cancer??? maybe not. And yes..the crazy bus accident. That was nuts. And we still really don't know how that happened! Just like we don't know how they got Anthony Cooper to the Island so quickly. But whatever! lol

Everyone's perspective...of course Des blew it! Even he knew that! lol Yep, that's the first MacCutcheon of many on various shows! The boards lit up...not my poor blog. :-( Was still a few more episodes to go before that happens! Ahh Eloise...how confusing a character you were. What were your true motivations? Why did you help the Man in Black get Locke's body to the island? (maybe she was being used just like ben was by MIB) And how did you know about those stinkin Red Shoes!?!? lol

Stranger - We always knew Jack's tattoo episode was going to come up eventually. It was teased in seasons 1 and 2...and Darlton always said they were going to make Matthew Fox's tattoo a part of the story. So they did. It just seemed so anti-climatic when it happened. Bai Ling being in the show didn't help things. She was so bad! lol And the whole Cindy and the kids thing...what were they doing!?? lol "we're here to watch"....lol crazy. Then the whole "OTHERS GOVERNMENT" thing....we never saw that on the show ever again. It was so random. And Juliet gets marked too. Just a bizarre episode. Thematically...yeah the whole Leader thing for Jack made sense. Still not my favorite episode. But I'm sure I'll get a couple good laughs when I watch it!

Tricia Tanaka - Loved that episode! "You do not look fat in those jeans!" "skeletor!!!" "redneck...man.../ touche'" lol

Enter 77 - I think I remember when I blogged this one that I mentioned he was lying but there was probably SOME truth to what he was saying. (Mikhail)...but I could be just remembering that in hindsight. lol Ahh yes, the Ping Pong match..i knew it was coming up but forgot which episode it was in. The no nicknames from sawyer thing was fantastic. lol

Thanks for the Fringe link...i'll check it out!

Mike V. said...

Just saw a tweet from comic con. Walking dead premiere is 10/14 at 9pm eastern time!

Mike V. said...

Twd trailer!!! Awesome!!!

Mike V. said...

ONCE comic con scoop


Mike V. said...

FRINGE panel scoop and final season trailer! Looks fantastic.


Mike V. said...


Might be overlapping info but figured I'd share too.

(btw just watched par avion in my lost rewatch. Might get 2 more done before work tomorrow at the most. Can't wait for bb tonight!!)

Mike V. said...

SOA COMIC CON and premiere date announcement (9/11!)


And possible prequel series. Hmmm

Mike V. said...

Whew, lots of Comic-Con scoop over the wknd! There was also GoT stuff, but I decided not to share since it's more exciting for book readers. (14 characters have been cast...and they all look pretty dead-on for their roles. Exciting!) There were also articles about the ONCE panel too...not sure if I linked to that. There was a trailer that made it known that CAPTAIN HOOK will be arriving for season 2. So I guess we're just going all out DISNEY and not necessarily sticking to Fairy Tales. lol So there is a chance we may be visiting Neverland too. Cool!

BREAKING BAD - Not sure if anyone watched yet but I have to say at least 2 words....."MAGNETS BITCH!!" lol Well maybe 3 more. "I forgive you" WOW!!! What an awesome way to return. I was with Jesse right from the beginning of that debate about the laptop. I kept thinking why don't they just break in and run a magnet over the hard drive and wipe it out. The electromagnet was a better "TV" way to do it! lol Plus, it felt very Season 2 and Season 5 finale of LOST-ish! lol Great stuff. Tons of stuff to talk about but I'll let others chime in. I wanted to mention the flash forward to Walt's 52nd bday. Since this is the final season, they opened with this to seemingly make things come full circle (my favorite things in final seasons. Mirror back to the first season and reflect on where you started and how far you've come. Again, why I thought season 6 of LOST was near perfect in that respect) Walt had hair once again and it would appear that the cancer may have returned. He took out prescription pills in the bathroom and let out a few subtle coughs. And of course, he bought a gun...apparently the guy that got it for him was the same guy that sold him his first gun in season 1. I didn't pick up on that. Anyway, I don't know if we'll catch up to that scene in these first 8 episodes or if they gave us a sneak peak at the 2nd half/series finale. But, I'm excited to find out! Also nice to see Hank walking again!

(LOST next)

Mike V. said...

LOST - Okay, I didn't get in those 2 episodes but I did watch THE MAN FROM TALLAHASSEE (and I'm not gonna check the spelling on that. lol)

Going through these episodes after all is said and done is actually refreshing because you can kinda of take some of the stuff that Mikhail and Ben said at surface level instead of trying to read more into things. So Mikhail probably did partially tell the truth about some things. i.e. How he came to the island, their communication with the outside world. Using sonar to travel back and forth with the Sub until the hatch blew out their communications. (I'd assume Jacob helped Widmore get back with his Sub by telling him where/how to find the Island. He did tell Hurley they'd find another way to get there when Jack smashed the Lighthouse)

I'm still confused how they brought Anthony Cooper to the Island. Ben spoke of the metaphorical Magic Box. But he also told Richard to fetch him. Later Cooper will talk about how he got in a car accident and was brought into an ambulance and then he woke up here. I guess it's possible that Jacob helped bring Cooper there but I doubt it. It seemed like Richard hadn't talked to Jacob in awhile when he brought "Flocke" there in season 5. But we know Richard could get off of the Island (as could Tom...but he may have used the sub). Maybe Jacob imparted to Richard some magical way of leaving the island quickly and summoning people back to it. I have no idea how. Maybe the lighthouse but we saw no evidence that Jacob used the lighthouse to travel back and forth. I guess that's one of the mysteries that will be debated forever. But clearly, Richard and Jacob had to have a fast/easy way to leave and return to the island. And I doubt it was by turning the donkey wheel! lol

Great eps that I watched though. Already discussed a lot of them since MJ is ahead! But, I'll discuss them again if you're caught up Leslie!

Got the grand EXPOSE' episode next.

Mike V. said...

Well, I had to get in 10 comments before someone else commented! lol So I thought I'd just comment on one thing. MR HECKLES was on Breaking Bad last night! (ran the junkyard....and yes...a Friends reference lol)

MJ said...

Lost: I got all the way thru Man Behind the Curtain, but couldn't finish the season unfortunately. Ran out of time.

Cooper was brought with the Magic box Mike ! LOL But yeah - they never really do explain him being there. And I'd forgotten what a little lackey Richard was at first. In my mind I always think of his as more powerful and important a character. And i forgot how bad his wig was when he meets young Ben. ;-D

To go back to the point of 'you're next' from Smokey to Eko - Locke is there and he is not killed by Smokey - he's killed in LA by Ben.

Did you watch the Talking Dead over the holiday weekend?

Good point on Sunday night ! Boardwalk and Dexter will be DVR'd by me probably and wathed during the week. We shall see - some shuffling will still happen before Sept on the nets (not HBO or SHowtime).

I've seen some Comicon stuff - but was busy this weekend so certainly not everything. Thanks for the links - I'll check em out.

Breaking Bad : I did get that in. Was a good ep. I read that the thing with the bacon was done in Episode 1 when he turned 50 by Schyler - nice shout out with that - but i did not remember. Weird that this is the 5th year of the show but only 1 year has gone by? I don't think I ever realized that. LOL on the 'flash forward' comment - they were very obviously showing that he was sick again though. Besides the 'I forgive you' there was the also very chilling 'because I said so'. How funny that Jessie is the one who thought of a magnet - the old Mr. White would have been so proud !

Let me know when you have watched True Blood. I was quite surprised last night.

Leslie said...

I got some LOST watching done this weekend, but am still probably behind MJ, and Mike, too! I got through Ep12, Par Avion. You guys already covered most of the stuff, but a few thoughts:

We had some more episodes starting ith the signature eye opening in this first half of the season. Liked our first view of Othersville with the book club. All seemed so normal! Sawyer figures out how to get his fish biscuit even if he was slower than the bears. :) Damn fail safe key knocked off Desmond's clothes, but Hurley to the rescue with a tie-dyed t-shirt that looked like a dress on Desmond!. lol

Since I'm reading the old blog as I go, I noticed after one of these first episodes that Mike resorted to guilt to get people to comment! Guess that falls under "be careful what you ask for"! :)

Loved the whole story with Ben "implanting doubt" in Sawyer with the fake out with the bunny and the pacemaker, and then watching how it changed Sawyer to the point that he was telling Kate to put her clothes ON!

Then, we have Kate and Sawyer having their romantic night in the cage, Sawyer telling Kate he loves her, and Jack seeing them on the monitor. I forgot that Ethan was with Richard Alpert when recruiting Juliet, and at some point Ben said Ethan was their surgeon.

That whole Flashes episode was when things really got crazy! Desmond and his visions of Charlie dying, along with his flashes of his time on the island. I remember my mouth falling open when I first heard Mrs. Hawking talking about the island and him pushing the button and all.

I loved the Tricia Tanaka episode! It had some great laughs with Hurley and Sawyer and even Jin! Hurley being all nonchalant when the skull came off, "Oh, we'll get that later." Sawyer to Jin, "Somebody's hooked on phonics!" And, then teaching him the 3 things every woman needs to hear. Sawyer calling Hurley "Jumbotron" and Hurley's "Red....Neck....Man" comeback. Hurley was so proud of himself that he had hope and got that van going, and Shambala was playing on the 8 track! As Mike would say, good times! :) I'm glad Sawyer only lost his nickname calling for one week in that ping pong match!

When learn that Christian is Claire's father, although she doesn't evven know his name. And, Desmond saves Charlie again by capturing that bird, and he explains to Claire about his visions. Kate and crew get over the sonic fence to save Jack......from tossing around the football with Tom! What??? (Yeah, I know the answer, but I remember that being my reaction the first time around.)

MJ said...

Lost - yeah I think I was a lurker for awhile on the blog.

Still laughing at myself with Juliette. Cause I can remember I wa so positive she was a baaaaad person. And she kinda was. It's not til later that we fall in love with her. I know I kept screaming at Jack - what are you trusting this b**ch !! She planned the whole 'left behind' and I think she really was going to help Ben take some of the women.

Leslie - have you watched The Closer yet? I'd forgotten how much I love my Brenda Leigh ! LOL I can't figure out who the mole is - my husband is sure it's Pope.

I'm a little sad - Eureka on the SyFy channel ends tonight forever. It's a silly little show but I've been watching for years, and there's pretty much no fanfare for it whatsoever. It's pretty much the last of any SciFi left on that channel now.

Leslie said...

LOST - Yeah, it took quite awhile before I commented on the blog. Back then, that was new to me! :)

MJ - Yes, I watched The Closer. I've thought the mole may be Pope, too, because that would be so unexpected, but he has really lost patience with her tactics. That attorney guy she's chasing is a cold, creepy guy. From what I understand, after these final 6 episodes, it will basically keep going with Capt. Raydor in charge of the major crimes division with most of the same detectives on board.

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm going to respond to everything but after Lunch. Just have to point out a few things in the meantime.

TRUE BLOOD - Yes I watched, yes I enjoyed! And let's talk more later.

LOST - MJ, you have to go back and reread what I said. I don't think I said Smokey directly killed everyone. But their deaths were directly OR indirectly caused by him. Smokey told Richard to tell Locke that he's gonna have to die. Smokey as Christian told Locke that "i guess that's why they call it sacrifice" before he turned the wheel and left the island. Locke was about to hang himself when Ben found him there. Ben killed him out of jealousy but Smokey still needed Locke's dead body to return to the Island. And somehow he must have communicated that to Ben or Eloise in some kind of con. There are holes...but smokey still caused the chain of events that led to Locke's death. (but Desmond WAS present when Eko died...so that it was probably just a blanket statement from Smokey that he's out to kill everyone. lol)

I did watch Talking Dead over the wknd....thought I mentioned that but I might not have. lol (and of course, I shared the link to the 4minute trailer for season 3. Looks fantastic!)

I'll write more after lunch!

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm back! I'm going to hit what I missed in the last comment.



Wow, Man Behind the Curtain. At first I thought you were up to the same ep as me..but that was Man in Tallahassee. lol Great ep though that you just watched.

And yes...the good ol' Magic Box. lol I still love in season 4 when Locke asks Ben if that little room in the Orchid is the magic box and Ben just looks at him. lol

Sunday Nights: Yeah, I'll definitely be watching ONCE, TWD and probably Homeland on Sunday nights. Everything else I'll have to catch up on probably with Revenge taking first priority. You could be right about the networks shuffling things, but I don't think they're going to move ONCE or Revenge. We'll see.

Breaking Bad: I think I do remember the bacon from the series premiere now that you mention it. MORE MIRRORING! lol I think the 52 in the flash forward would signify that at least 2 years will have gone by when all is said and done. But, I guess it makes sense that only a year has gone by so far. Depends on Skylar getting pregnant. Was she already pregnant in the 1st season? I forget. If you think about it we went through 4.5 seasons of LOST and the present day chronology of the show was all in 108+ days (the Oceanic Six left the island on day 108)...we eventually jump 3 years later to catch up to the flash forward timeline. BB seems to deal with the more immediate "real-time" day to day issues...one issue leading to the next. Just like LOST in that respect. So, the timing kinda makes sense. Though, not sure if Hank would have rehabilitated so quickly having said that. Funny to compare it to Mad Men where there is almost a month between each episode of the show.

True Blood: Fun and interesting episode. It's been awhile since I remember finding an episode actually intentionally funny. lol Ironically, I can't remember the jokes that I was laughing at. When what's his face was talking about a Smoke Monster terrorizing him though, that was pretty darn funny for multiple reasons. (including the LOST history. lol) So, I guess wearing a Polo shirt may have not been a good thing for the chancellor after all! I didn't think they'd bring Russell back just to kill him so quickly so I figured the app wouldn't work. That was pretty funny in itself. But, did they actually kill the chancellor? It didn't seem like the showed his full death scene so maybe something else is still going to happen. But, he's probably toast. Sookie/Jason and the fairy storyline was great. When Sookie went in and then Jason started yelling at the fairies...he said some funny stuff. lol The Obama Supernatural haters were at it again and they recognized Hoyt. Hmmm. Loved Eric glamouring Alcide...hysterical. And Bill I'm guessing just pretended to glamour Sookie since she can't be glamoured anyway. Or maybe he doesn't know that. I forget.

Okay, that was comment one...now I'll read Leslie's! lol

Mike V. said...


LOST - You're just one ep behind me!

Loved the Sawyer fish biscuit stuff. Cracked me up. And the hatch blowing off Desmond's clothes was fantastic too! lol

Yep, I never expected the Internet to catch wind of the blog (was happy that you all did)...I started the blog just for people I know to start discussing the blog like they did in the emails. We'd respond back and forth all of the time. And once it was posted online, no one wanted to comment. So, I'd start guilting people into doing it. And that consisted of a couple friends at work, my girlfriend and my brother! lol It is fun to read in hindsight though!

Yeah, good stuff with the "pacemaker". Loved when Sawyer poured the bucket on his head. lol

Ethan was like their "go to" OTHER to keep showing us since we knew he WAS one of them. And of course, they were trying to fool us in that first Juliet episode to make us think we were on the Island, but then it was Miami (cue Oceanic plane to fly across the scene. lol). Good stuff.

Totally with Mrs. Hawking. That scene blew my mind. I'm sure in the blog I referred to it as Neo meeting the Oracle. lol The time travel stuff was confusing on the show, but the stories were so cool. And ultimately, I think that's why they told those stories. They even said that before. In the writers room if someone ever said "wouldn't it be cool if we did ____?" And if everyone agreed, then they'd tell that story. I don't care if that caused problems for closing plot holes, they told some awesome stories! lol

The Tricia Tanaka episode was fantastic. That is an episode that ONLY could have happened before an end date was announced. You couldn't have many of these episodes but season 3 was the place to have them. They were on the island long enough where they weren't trying to get rescued, the characters had formed a bit of a family, there was a break in the drama for a few episodes for the beach crew and they just were able to have a few moments of fun. And man was it awesome. This and the camping episode were fantastic! Of course, that camping episode led to other things and there was the undercurrent of Charlie dying in both of those episodes. But still...just awesome stuff. The lines, the nicknames...great stuff!

I love in Par Avion how that woman that we saw in the season 2 Ana Lucia flashback ended up being Claire's Aunt instead of her mother. I think the only reason they did that was to throw off a lot of theories that we had just met Claire's mom. lol But, of course they had to put her mom in a coma too so it worked out. And of course, that bird never got found by anyone. If they had more episodes, they probably would have threw in an episode where the Oceanic 6 had told their lie, but the bird got found and it was contradicting to the story they had woven together. OH BOY! Oh yeah...we all freaked out with Jack and Mr. Friendly/Zeke/Tom tossing the football around. It was nuts!!!

@MJ - That's funny, I didn't realize you were a lurker. I think you were among the commenters on that one day where everyone linked over from EW.com. (later in season 3)

It looks like BRIG may have been the first comments explosion (30 compared to 600 in the series finale lol)


As for Juliet...she had me at GRILLED CHEESE. :-) lol (but yeah, we still had our suspicious)

MJ said...

Closer - yes I've heard the same with Raydor. Guess if we knew who would not be on any more we might know our mole. LOL

Lurker - my recollection is that I lurked for awhile, but yes I did hear about you from EW. Then when i would only occasionally go to EW I would keep mentioning your site ! ;-D Then I stopped ew all together - until they started Totally Lost - I loved that.

As for Smokey and Locke's death - that's a pretty tenuous connection even for indirectly causing it. I just don't see Smokey in it - but that's ok.

Think I'll just start commenting with you guys - so even though I'm ahead in watching we will all be closer with our comments. More fun that way.

True Blood - yeah I laughed when they used the words smoke monster too. Well - I believed he was dead, though I was glad not to kill Russell. But come on - they made such a big deal of Meloni coming on taht he should not be dead yet. Eric and the glamoring wer funny - but did Sookie somehow reversea that ? Was Eric trying to piss off Roman though? He just refused to say he agrees with the authority. Salome tried way too hard to keep interrogating Russell - way too hard. So Russell is on neither side, interesting. Loved the obama masks though.

BB - just strange that I never realized that more time had not passed. I think Schuyler was just pregnant at the start.

Lost - 'had me at grilled cheese' - very good ! ;-D

Leslie said...

MJ, Mike is good at commenting with both of us no matter where we are in the story....he's like a LOST savant! :)

Yeah, good line with the grilled cheese! lol I've also noticed that Juliet is a good cryer. Her eyes well up with tears a lot. And, am I totally crazy or do we see Claire's mom later....maybe in Sideways world, or am I making that up?

Oh, finished Season 1 of The Killing without knowing the killer which I knew was gonna happen. I don't remember, did you guys watch the 2nd season, and was it worth it? I have them on my DVR, and I know from previews that they did reveal the killer by the end.

Mike V. said...


I don't see it as a stretch at all. MIB needed a loophole to kill Jacob. LOCKE was a major part of his long con and part of the loophole. He needed Locke dead to use his body. He needed to be Locke to convince Ben to kill Jacob. Some of what I said is speculative (the Hawking stuff...because we have no idea), but I feel like Smokey was toying with Locke for a majority of his tenure on the Island. (and Ben for that matter) MIB told Jacob in the 1800s some time that he would find the loophole, and then he spent the rest of that time (to 2007) trying to find a way to kill Jacob. When flight 815 crashed, he started scanning the survivors to figure out his strategy. He found Locke in the jungle when hunting boar and didn't kill him. (couldn't because he was a candidate, but he scanned him and figured out what makes the man tick and used that to his advantage) The fact that Locke was a candidate is the perfect reason for explaining why it had to be such an elaborate con to kill Locke and how he couldn't directly kill him. It was a loophole in itself.

I know I rambled for awhile there, but I'm so sure of it and I need everyone to agree with me! lol :-)

That's cool on the commenting. I'm fine with you commenting ahead, but agree that it's fun when we're all in the same place.

True Blood: Apparently, I'm not the only one that wasn't sure if he died yet. The TV Guide recapper isn't convinced. lol (i didn't read his recap, just saw a tweet) I agree about Meloni. I didn't think he'd die so quickly. He seemed pretty prominent to the season. That's why I'm looking at the fact that he didn't just explode when he died but changed colors and was still moving when the camera cut away.

I think Sookie has the ability to read people's memories and I think the person sees those memories as she's seeing them. So when she was doing that, Alcide saw them as well.

I can't even follow this whole religious war thing going on. I figured Russell was on the other side. Did he say he wasn't? lol Oh and do you think it was Russell that killed Sookie's parents? Someone had a thirst for her blood from that bandaid. Interesting...

LURKER - Ahh, maybe I just assumed that when people started commenting in BRIG, that was the first time people actually clicked over from EW.com. lol

Mike V. said...


The Killing: I only watched like 3 eps of the first season and fell behind. Then I heard the uproar about the first season finale and never got back into it. I think MJ stuck with it to the end. I heard the end was decent, but I also saw tweets that said it wasn't worth the wait. So, I guess it just depends. You're this far in, you may as well finish! lol

LOST - yeah, my sickness should be cause for concern! lol BTW, G4 is going to start airing the entire LOST series 4 episodes per night. I got an email from someone who wanted me to put it on my blog(s). (i get tons of emails like that) I had been wondering why no one was trying to air it in syndication. I know it wouldn't do as well as a procedural or a sitcom...but come on....it's LOST!! lol

We do see Claire's Mom again in the season 4 finale. It's when Jack finds out he has a sister! And yes, Elizabeth Mitchell rocks! So glad she's going to be on Revolution!

Mike V. said...

True Blood: BTW...saw the interview on TVLINE.com with Meloni. They don't leave much to the imagination. lol


Mike V. said...

HIMYM - 9th season in negotiation. We've discussed all of this before but still interesting. Lol


Mike V. said...

LOST: Okay, last night and this morning, I watched Expose', Left Behind and One of Us. It was hysterical last night. Parker was restless and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for once wasn't working to calm him down. So, I gave up and turned on LOST. The dude sat up in bed was totally engrossed in the Expose' episode. LOL I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to have to be watching a lot of Nikki/Paolo! lol Anyway, the point is, this kid is definitely my son! :-)

I always liked the expose' ep and it hasn't diminished. Nikki/Paolo didn't bother me too much either, but I loved that they went out in style. lol And I'm pretty certain that Smokey took the form of that spider and paralyzed Nikki leading them to be buried alive by their own people. So...I guess if Smokey could take the form of a spider, maybe there's a chance he could take the form of a black horse too. But Smokey hadn't scanned Kate until the "Left Behind" episode, unless he somehow did it in the pilot episode.

Left Behind/One of Us was all Juliet centered and just fantastic. They found a way for us to want to love Juliet but somehow still not entirely trust her. We see Smokey's weakness for the first time (the sonic fence). Kate becomes aware that Jack knew about her and Sawyer in the cages. Kate meets Cassidy in flashbacks. One of Us is a great episode with Juliet's arrival to the island in flashbacks. We never really know if Ben was lying about Rachel's cancer returning in the first place or if Jacob did cure her. Ben never talked to Jacob until season 5, so if anything Richard would have had to talk to him. And of course, there's the whole miracle curing of Sarah in season 2. Did Jacob do that? or did Jack actually perform a miracle? Anyway, that's all pretty vague and it doesn't matter in the scheme of things. Ben manipulated Juliet and got her to stay. We learn for sure that Mikhail was the one in charge of gaining intelligence on the 815ers. We had gotten a clue in Enter 77 when there was Sayid information laying about.

I'm sure there's more to discuss but I'll leave that to everyone else! :) Still enjoying my run through the series and season 3 is still living up to my memories. There was a lot of fun, a lot of answers, and a lot of plot movement. With the episodes coming up, it only gets better!

EPISODES: Watched it last night. HYSTERICAL once again! I absolutely believe that all of this is possible to happen at a Hollywood funeral. lol Loved all of the drama between the 2 brits and the reveal that he slept with the ageless wonder. (yikes, I can't think of any of their names!) Also loved that this ageless woman's parents are in their 90s. lol Girl that makes the funny faces had a good line too talking about movies Matthew Broderick has been in. "Inspector Gadgeeeeet???" lol Ironically, I had just watched the end of Ferris Bueller on one of the HBO channels right before I put episodes on. Good stuff!

MJ said...

I thought it was Claire's aunt we see again ? But I'm no savant ! LOL that would crack me up if you had to watch Nikki and Paolo all the time.

I finished the season last night. Will spend a couple of days now catching up on the DVR. Another show I like, Leverage, is back and I haven't watched it yet.

Man From Tallahassee - Cooper brought to island - Magic black box still cracks me up. I can remember at the time we were all like whaaaaat? Felt like this was the first real mental duke-out with Ben and Locke though. ben to Jack - 'I'll let your friends go after you leave by sub' which is his convenient way of lying without lying which is Ben's specialty. LOL

Expose - I had forgotten what a great job they did making Expose so wonderfully cheesy (like Charlie's commercial). Razzle Dazzle ! But no - I did not heard the monster when the spiders came. Charlie comes clean to Sun - thus starting his redemption. And we all know what that will mean. SIGH.

I'm not even going there with did Smokey scan and who he scanned. I consider the Smoke Monster one of the things they should have clarifed and did not. This was one of the obsessions that I will not bite into again. LOL Get it? Bite into ? ;-D

Left Behind - kate's mom promises to not tell on Kate this time, but will next time, which we already know happens when she visits her in the hsp. Great continuity ! Do they ever explain how Jules (a fertility doc) has all those moves she put down on Kate ? LOL Oh - and another Smokey can't get thru those Banyon trees - we were so sure that had to mean somthing. LOL Another Juliet lie - they really had me hating this woman the first time around. Hurley making Sawyer be nice was funny though.

One of us - How Juliet came to be on the island. This is where we really learn that not only is Jules lying - she doing it on Ben's orders. I so fell for it originally. LOL I know I was mad at jack - just cause she wants off this island too doesn't mean you can trust her. So - ok - this will be the last time I mention how much I mistrusted her first time around. Getting repetative. It's just amusing me to remember how strongly I felt about Juliet.

Killing - I watched season 2 Leslie. It was actually a better season than 1 - better pacing, especially watching back to back. I fell behind several times and enjoyed my mini marathons. Who the killer is was very interesting too.

TruBloood - Russell didn't say he was or wasn't but he made fun of both sides and their belief in Lilith. Said he kills human for fun and said stuff about both sides I can't type here. LOL

I'm on my 3rd or 4th Boradwalk S1. That treasury guy sticking his hand in that wound for info - gross ! LOL

Haven't seen Episodes yet.

Leslie said...

Great! Now even Parker is ahead of me on LOST! lol I didn't get to watch last night.

The Killing - Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna watch the 2nd season. I'm glad to hear the pace is better, but in the first season with an episode basically being a day, I can understand why they didn't have the killer in 13 days.

Mike V. said...

Okay, well here's what I said, "I love in Par Avion how that woman that we saw in the season 2 Ana Lucia flashback ended up being Claire's Aunt instead of her mother."....So, yes we did see Claire's Aunt again. lol

Enjoy the break from LOST...after watching Through the Looking Glass, it's nice to pause and reflect. I mean...WOW what a cliffhanger and twist that was! Probably my favorite twist ever, even if I had speculations with that RAZR phone that Jack had in the "flashes"...lol I just thought it was a prop error! lol

Tallahassee - Agreed with everything you said. While it really started in season 2, this is the first time we see Ben in his true form manipulating Locke and the start of a relationship that we had hoped would carry on past LOST into a new show! lol

Expose' - I didn't hear the monster either because my son was crying at the time! lol I even tried to pause it and wait him out. But that "tika tika" sound is there and very faint. And yeah, I noticed too that Charlie started his redemption path. But, at the same time, it was the most emotional and significant death on the show (I think) and in one of the best episodes of the show so it was worth it! Of course, I guess it could be argued that Jack's was pretty emotional too....still get choked up thinking of "life and death" starting to play when Vincent comes out of the jungle to lay next to him. (oh right...Paolo...i love how they referred to him as the "wolfgang puck of Greece" or something in reference to how Rodrigo Santoro had been called the "Brad Pitt of Brazil" off camera. LOL I may have messed up those countries!)

Nice on the "bite" comment. lol And yeah...you're right about Smokey. They gave us an answer but it was still pretty vague. I guess my approach is, I try to figure out the best solution based on the evidence provided. lol

Left Behind - Yep, always loved that continuity with Kate's mom. They never explained how Juliet became a super OTHER. They never explained how any of THE OTHERS had this ridiculous endurance. There must have been a self-defense/fighting class in Othersville and it was required training or something. lol Good point about the banyon trees too. That's one I'M not going to touch! lol I meant to mention the Hurley/Sawyer stuff too. Loved that.

One of Us - It was tough not to fall for it. They did a good job! But that "i hate you" coming in the next episode changed everything! And they still made people want to like her from the flashbacks and the grilled cheese! :) This is the season people really started getting down on Jack. I didn't get it. I mean, it was intentional on the writers' part. It was all part of his journey. But, I just assumed in the end he'd be the hero everyone expected him to be. So, I just was patient with it. lol You can keep mentioning the Juliet mistrust. It's interesting to look back in hindsight. But, once again, it's an example of how they could turn a "disliked" character into one of your favorite over time. I think LOST did the best job with this. I think their only semi-failure was with Ana Lucia. (and I even came around a little on her)

True Blood - Ahhh lol....I probably missed a lot of it. Had the volume down a bit. Another Parker fit. It's been a rough couple of days. :) Might have to bust out the Nikki and Paolo again tonight! lol

Boardwalk - Whew...it's gonna be tough for me to remember what happened on that show, but you can keep me posted! (until you start season 2 of course lol)

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - got a good laugh out of the Parker comment. lol Take your time with LOST!

Anonymous said...

Killing - I did not realize until I started S2 that each ep was a day, so I agree - would have been dumb to have the killer in 13 days - real world doesn't happen that way and their intent was to be more real than most cop shows.

Yeah - I remember people whining about Jack too, but I liked where he went. He's not a hero from tv show that never errors, never gets tired of it all - they made him how most people would be if in the situation. Fallable.

No - I don't feel that I wanted to like Juliet yet. Everytime I'd start to want to - they'd show that she was manipulating for Ben still. I knew she didn't like Ben in like her fist ep - but she kept doing his bidding any way - so the 'I hate you' was nothing. It's not until she proves she is not following him any more that I remember starting to like her. Cause so far she has been proven to lie every time. But I think that after Looking Glass she actually does stop following Ben and telling her lies so that it's possible to move forward with her as one of us. And then of course become a fan fave

MJ said...

Oops - wasn't supposed to be anon ! LOL I had a popup meeting reminder that I tried to get rid of and I accdiently hit post !

Probably really won't talk Boardwalk - was just shocked by the Teasury guy and what he did to get a name. LOL

Leslie said...

LOST - Just watched two episodes last night through Expose' (or as we now call it - Parker's fav). :) Just a couple things....after Locke was pushed and was in the hospital, the physical therapist came in to get him into the wheelchair for the first time, and Locke was saying he couldn't, and the PT goes, "I don't want to hear about what you can't do." Thought that was interesting since that became his tag line.

Then, couple of good Sawyer and Hurley lines (they do get the best one liners)...Sawyer asking Hurley if there's a forensics hatch he doesn't know about when Hurley got onto him for messing with the "crime scene". And, Hurley saying to Desmond, "As far as super powers go, yours is kinda lame, dude."

Mike V. said...

Sounds like you did some good catching up Leslie! I'm on my phone and in all day training so I probably won't have much to say today. Just wanted to update. Watched 2 more eps. Catch 22 and D.O.C. Both great eps! I'll probably have more to say tomorrow. Lol

Leslie said...

ONCE may be going to Oz...one of my all-time favorite movies! :)


MJ said...

Well - I went and read the Lost blog for the finale of S3 - and it was very familiar. Then there i was posting ! LOL I'm sure I'd read your blog for several weeks before posting though.

Leslie - yup - Locke always says 'Don't tell me what I can't do'.

I've not watched any more Lost yet - been catching up to other things.

Have a goodnight all! Leslie - 101 here today - a cool day for you Texasn - brutal for us east coasters. LOL

Leslie said...

MJ, the more you're watching other things, the more chance I have to catch up! :)

Wow! Anything over 100 is HOT everywhere! We're only at 97 right now, and humidity is high, too! Stay inside and COOL! :)

MJ said...

Catch 22 - Des was a 'brotha'. LOL What a crazy life this guy lead when you think about it. But we get to see him meet Pen. And get a clue to nothing when we see Mrs. Hawking's pic with the friar on his desk. And we get our first parachuter ! I had to laugh that Des or us could think for 2 mins that it was actually Pen that would parachute in rather than someone she's hired.

D.O.C. - or the is it Jin's or Jai's baby episode. So sad to learn that it was really Sun who put Jin on the path he took with her dad - I'd forgotten that. If only she had told dad it was her shame she was covering up - what could have been different ? Welcome back Mikhail! I forgot he was not killed. i knew we saw him again - but somehow thought it was in flash back or something ! LOL Reveal of the plane was found all on board were dead. I'm sure we went nuts on that one. My recikkectuib us tgat we got some lame Widmore did it thing. I don't know if I am right - will se with the rewatch, but I feel that Widmore himself was never really explained. We shall see. And i hope that we made fun of the fact that while you arent' sure you can trust Jack, you have a person who could be key to your rescue and you don't tell the doc who needs to treat her? Really ? And the great Hell theory raises it's ugly head. Good times !

Will probably start Season 4 tonight. Only 13 or 16 eps I think due to that writers strike.

MJ said...

Heard that Mad Men and AHS tied with most Emmy noms - 17 each. Surprised that AHS had so many.

Mike V. said...

Okay, back at my desk today for some LOST (+anything else) chat! Before I state anything on LOST, here are the Emmy Nominations.


No Fringe Love as expected. No Community Love (a little unexpected after all the other awards it got before the Emmy noms). But Breaking Bad is up for Best Drama...as is Homeland. For some reason, while BB should win, I'm thinking Homeland wins it this year. Mad Men should not win. It has had 4 years straight, and this year seemed a bit off (even though still good). Game of Thrones is a long shot. And Downton Abbey could be an underdog surprise. You never know. (just saw your latest comment...I think AHS went for Mini-Series instead of Drama now that it's officially an anthology series. Kinda not fair to other mini-series but oh well lol)

Pretty funny that Idol didn't even get a nomination for Best Reality show. lol

Started Justified - 2 episodes in. LOVE IT!

LOST next!

Mike V. said...

LOST: Okay, I have watched up to and completed Greatest Hits in season 3 of LOST. Just have the awesome 2 part Through the Looking Glass finale to look forward to. I'll probably watch tomorrow on my day off. (going to Dark Knight Rises Midnight tonight thanks for some very persuasive friends. lol)

Another precursor comment. Season 4 had 14 episodes (hours) due to the strike. The original 3 year deal was for 3 16 episode seasons to close out the show (48 hours aka...2 regular seasons). But, the strike screwed it all up. They did 8 hours pre strike (meet kevin johnson) and then found a way to collapse the rest of their plot into 6 hours (3 of the hours being a 3 part finale). They asked for the additional time to make the finale 3 hours. I think it was originally just going to be 13 hours. Anyway, they still stuck to their 48 hour deal and made season 5 and 6 "17" hour seasons. Pretty interesting how they worked that all out. lol

Now the comments.

@Leslie - lol on Parker's fave! Also nice on the tag line. I have loved in this rewatch every time I've heard someone else use John's tag line. Jack said it once, and Ben just said it in one of the episodes I watched yesterday (to John). lol Good stuff!

Totally agree that Sawyer and Hurley get the best one liners! And loved those lines. lol

(Thanks for the ONCE link too. I'll check it out. Neverland AND Oz eh? Looks like there may be no limit to where they can go with this show. Kinda cool! Also, doesn't surprise me they'd want to visit Oz since they were writers/producers on LOST too. lol)

@MJ - Way to go on checking back in on the blog! I also noticed you commenting on the BRIG episode which is the first episode I noticed people coming over from EW and the internet in general. I guess there's a chance you were reading before that!

East has been brutal but nothing will compare to the 105 I faced all 4th of July weekend in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. (heat index 117)....it was dreadful!

Catch 22 - Always loved that Des was actually a "brotha" lol He definitely had quite the path that led him to the Island. And yes...the Hawking/Friar relation never panned out...unless it was just to say that Desmond's life was carefully being watched by Hawking. I had to think about the "FIRST" parachuter comment. I forgot that 4 other FREIGHTER FOLK parachute on too. lol I remember when they first took the mask off of Naomi that the popular thing to say was that it looked like SANJAYA from American Idol (yep...that's how long ago this season was. lol). I'm not sure if he had been booted yet but it was becoming a big deal that he HADN'T been booted. So when he showed up on the Island we were all just like "oh that figures!!" lol It is funny that Des actually thought that Pen would chute on the island. Of course, if she really wanted to see her long lost love she might have. Of course, we all know that Naomi is from "NOT PENNY'S BOAT!" lol It's interesting to watch Ben's motivations to stop that rescue from ever being reached now that we know what awaits them on that Freighter.

Mike V. said...

DOC - Definitely didn't forget about Sun's truly dark natured side, but was definitely sad to watch it again. As I've mentioned...their whole story just takes on a very tragic tone when you know what awaits them. Heartbreaking! You really forgot Mikhail wasn't killed? lol He could never die! It become a highly discussed topic. He's the one that drowns Charlie! poor guy (but obviously you remember that now. lol) And it was after he got harpooned and survived that too. lol We definitely went nuts on the plane thing...and of course, purgatory rumors started surfacing again! lol Yep, Widmore planted the plane. And he did explain why he did it but it still didn't make any sense. There definitely are "conveniences" built into some of the answers that get provided. I know another one is why the Oceanic 6 lied. A lot of people never buy into Jack/Locke's excuse for lying. Of course, Widmore planting the plane is kinda along the same plot. Widmore wanted people to think these people were dead so everyone wasn't looking for the Island. (or something like that)....he wanted the Island for himself. So, if the Oceanic 6 came clean ....then their friends wouldn't be safe. Lots of holes to poke into that one! lol

BTW...what is a "recikkectuib us tgat"??? lol (check your post again)

And yeah...not trusting Doctor Jack...funny stuff! I always thought that too, but not sure if I commented on it or not. Leslie will let us know! lol

Next - MY COMMENTS! lol

Mike V. said...

Of course, I watched Brig, Man Behind the Curtain and Greatest Hits too. BRIG is another one of my all time favorites and another reason why I can't believe people ranked season 3 as the worst season of the show. The whole Conman link between Locke/Sawyer was a huge theory people had since season 1 and they paid it off big time. Sawyer slowing finding out who this man was and his link to Locke was just AWESOME television and absolutely gut wrenching to watch. Great stuff. Man Behind the Curtain - definitely interesting to watch this one after having more answers from season 6. I still can't figure out if Ben's Mother (i.e. red head from True Blood and Michael Emerson's real-life wife Kelly Preston) was a ghost or a smoke monster. I'm leaning towards ghost since the body wasn't on the island. And Richard specifically asks if she died on the Island. The thing is....there's still that one problem of Richard's wife showing up as both Smokey AND a Ghost in Ab Aeterno in season 6. Sure, smokey scanned Richard so maybe that was enough...but then what was the point of bringing Locke's body back to the Island??? I just had a brainstorm -

The point of bringing Locke's body back was for everyone to believe that the Island resurrected John Locke. Maybe it's possible for Smokey to take the form of any dead person regardless of if they're on the island or not. It just is a little creepier when they are on the Island (Yemi, Christian, Locke, Alex). It would make sense that MIB had started his manipulation of Ben as a child and that he/she was outside of the sonic fence. Of course, it wouldn't explain the part where Ben saw her outside the window. Ugh... We do know for sure now that SMOKEY was occupying Jacob's Cabin. There was a breach in the ashes which we find out in season 5's finale when Bran, Lapidus, Illana (whatever her name was) go to the cabin. So Ben never met Jacob but was being manipulated by Smokey. We must assume that the LISTS came from Richard's meetings with Jacob... Of course, if Richard knew where Jacob was all of this time, why would he be so chocked when Ben was going to take Locke to see Jacob? He must have known it wasn't actually Jacob they were going to see.

Oh well...and of course, Ben shoots Locke through the place where his kidney had been taken out. He will stay there until he sees Taller Ghost Walt!

GREATEST HITS - another one of my faves. First time around, I really thought Charlie was going to die in this episode and not the finale. They had set it up so much with his flashbacks being his "best moments/greatest hits"....whew...and when he leaves the DS right to Aaron after knowing how important of a family heirloom it is??? Cue the tears!! Great stuff. Loved his goodbyes to Claire and Hurley....(yeah whatever man...love you too lol) All set up for the best season finale this show has ever had. Can't wait to watch it again!

MJ said...

LOL. 'My recollection is that' guess my fingers moved over. too funny

Episodes: meant to say about last weeks - the bobble heads bobbing along as Matt and Merc's wife was hysterical. never realized his last name is lapidus. This week - it is so wrong - but I could not stop laughing about the deaf girl.

MJ said...

Justified - I don't even remember back to the early days. Cery rich characters - pay attention to even ones that seem like small parts, they tend to come back around.

Agree that Ben's reasons to stop them from calling the boat are a lot more interesting with knowledge of what is to come.

No - I forgot Mikhail came back to life ! i shouldn't have - I now remember so much conversaton on whether it really meant that they can't die or something despite him saying the charge in the fence was low. I knew Charlie drowned but totally forgot it was cause of a grenade being set off on the port hole. I'm so ashamed of myself ! LOL

hey - I like that theory - they wanted everyone to be freaked out by Locke's supposed resurrection. I have never been clear on when it was Jacob, Smokey, ghosts - or if I had any clarity I've long forgotten it. But Ben never meeting Jacob? I thought he had but that when Jacob stopped talking to him it was smokey manipulating the great manipulator. I don't know - you have the advantage of multiple watches, I'm going on memory.

Man Behind Curtain - Forgot about Carrie Preston playing Ben's mom as well. Bye Mr. Linus ! jacob's cabin ! help me! Wow. LOL. Cold Mr. Linus - shooting your competition and leaving him for dead just becaus you are jealous that Jacob talked to him. I'm not even trying to figure out smokey vs ghost. The lack of clarity on those was one of my peeves.

Greatest Hits - Loved this ep so much i looked up that episode takes place on December 22, 2004, 92 days after the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. We randomly saw Danielle getting dynomite in Man fr Tallahassee - were we supposed to tie that to jack asking her to get some in this ep ? Probably not. I have to admit - I was very choked up with Charlie's top 5 and leaving the ring - just knowing what is to come. And I forgot the Evil Queen from Once was in this ! LOL I was more choked up in this ep then when Charlie actually dies in the next.

Leslie said...

I heard ya'll got some bad storms up there yesterday, but at least it broke the over 100 heat!

LOST - watched 2 more - Left Behind and One of Us. I remember not trusting Juliet either. I thought she was up to no good. You guys covered it, but have to mention a couple of Sawyer's lines....can you tell yet that I really like Sawyer and Hurley's humor? Sawyer being nice, "Your baby's not as wrinkley (sp?) as he was a couple weeks ago." Then, "Well, if it ain't 3 men and a baby...I count Hugo twice."

As for the blog, on Left Behind, Mike said it best (as always)...."This is when the show works best, combining the mystery, suspense and feel-good elements into one episode."

Mike V. said...


I figured that's what it was. Just couldn't let it slide without a comment! lol

EPISODES: My wife and I definitely googled those bobbleheads to see if they were a real thing. I don't think they are. But it was hysterical! lol Yeah the Lapidus thing is a good time. Oh god...the deaf thing was hysterical. Matt just wouldn't stop making the sounds! lol And of course, the blind wife almost fell into the grave...that was pretty funny too. lol

Justified: Thanks for the tip. I was surprised when the guy from the Shield (Boyd??) got shot in the first episode...as I've heard that he has been doing some emmy worth stuff on the show. So, it wasn't too shocking to see that he survived the shot. lol I recognize Olyphant's (don't know his name too well yet) ex-wife from Dirty Sexy Money (underrated show...loved it! lol)... The redneck girl that loves him and confessed to killing her husband in the first episode is hysterical. I'll keep you posted on my run through it. It'll take some time with seasons 1 and 2 because we're netflix discing it 1 at a time. lol

LOST - Eh...don't beat yourself up about it. It happens! (not with me, but with the lesser folk who watched this show. KIDDING!! lol)

For the 1 year anniversary of the finale...I broke down the who was Smokey vs. Christian stuff using the encyclopedia and tried to put it to bed. I think it's pretty clear for the most part. There are some questionable things like the Smoke detector and Christian's appearance to Jack off island (encyclopedia writes this off as Jack seeing things. That's convenient! lol) Or christian on the freighter. But, I'm guessing that was GHOST Christian, even though he was wearing the same outfit that MIB chose to wear on the Island post suit. lol Ben confesses to Sun in season 5 to never meeting Jacob (maybe the finale, but maybe the Follow the Leader penultimate ep to the finale). This is when he is freaked out at Locke having risen from the dead. His whole reason for killing Jacob was the fact that he never got to meet the man yet Locke got to go right to him when he requested it to Richard (us not knowing it was FLOCKE).

No...i think it was officially answered. It definitely was Smokey in the cabin. Season 5's finale with the break in the ash was the attempt to answer that. And for most of the Christian appearances on the island, it's pretty clear that it was smokey. There's just those 2 exceptions. As far as who was Jacob. Jacob appeared to be very hands off on the island until the final season. He made appearances OFF island to start naming candidates and summoning people to the island. But, all of the manipulation ON ISLAND was Smokey....or somehow the Island itself.

Mike V. said...

Greatest Hits - Makes sense that it was 12/22...since THE CONSTANT was 12/24 and wasn't long after it! lol We saw Danielle getting the dynamite in BRIG...and yeah...we didn't know what she was doing until Jack ordered the tree blown up. lol Always loved how Locke just let Danielle get the dynamite while he waited for Sawyer to kill his father. lol Oh riggght...I forgot that was the same actress...and here I was thinking it was the actress from that show that aired one summer and took place in the 70s. It's all the same actress! lol

I think I was equally choked up in this ep and Looking Glass when he actually dies. It was rough stuff!! lol Definitely not choked up at Claire being over his whole death in about 10 minutes in one episode. lol But you know...Short Season..gotta move the pace! :) (the Charlie Pace...lol)

@Leslie - It stormed...but we kept the heat. Ugh!! lol

LOST - LOL loved those Sawyer lines. Loved when Sawyer tried to get the whole camp to like him for the vote. Good stuff. Nice quote of that crazy Lost Addicts Blog blogger too. :) He tended to repeat that line in several recaps!!

MJ said...

Justiefied - meant Very rich characters. Man - my typing sucks today. ;-D Boyd is a fab character - was only meant to appear in recurring state the first season as he didn't want to be on another series so fast - but he winds up staying around. It's not a spoiler to say he's still around. Olyphant is Raylon Givens, can't remember the ex's name is Winona. I love the red neck chick - her name is eluding me. They surprised with where they go with her eventually.

Lesser folk! Good one. And the pace too.

Well since you are off tomorrow I'll post about the finale for monday then.

Through the Looking Glass - Could they not just cut the cable on the beach ? Just saying !! And our first flash forward ! Yay ! Hurley to the rescue ! that was so great. And Sawyer 'this is for taking the kid' was so awesome again. I think this is really where we start to see Ben's downfall. We found out that Jacob isn't talking to him - but now to Locke. We know that he's supposedly never lied to his people (just manipulated), yet he has to admit he's lied when Mikhail catches him. Alex now knows he lied about being her dad - though she suspected as much. Not Pennys boat - so sad ! Bye Charlie. And Jack tells Kate he loves her - in a crappy off-hand way, but he says it.
I still had goose bumps when Ben gives the order to kill Jin, Bernard and Sayid. Minkowski ! Poor Locke - no one at his funeral. We have to go baaaaaack. LOL

Those were excellent Sawyerisms !

No luck on this side of the river. Pennsy got some but they died right as the hit the Delaware river and I got nothing ! My lawn is crunching when I walk on it.

Mike V. said...

Justified: Naa not a spoiler, I was pretty sure he was still on the show. Raylon Givens...that's it! (he'll always be Seth Bulloch to me though. lol) Looking forward to watching more episodes. I know it's not a comedy, but I was cracking up those first 2 eps. So, I expect the white trash/redneck comedy to continue! lol

LOST: I'm off tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll find a computer. :) Great summary of Through the Looking Glass....If only I could have written recaps that way! :) Agreed, it's definitely the start of Ben's downfall...or maybe even his path to redemption (still a ways to go...and most of that probably happens while working with hurley after the series finale. lol) Good point on the cable....lol Never thought of that. Unless the cable didn't provide power to the station and maybe just held it from sinking into the ocean??? lol (i dunno...i'm grasping for straws here) I wonder if the Looking Glass station was within the Island's radius for when it starts moving through space and time as well?? lol I'm sure it is. (especially if Jin was after jumping off the freighter! ) Agreed, Jack's "I love you" comment was very awkward and off-handed. We start seeing the Sawyer/Juliet chemistry in this ep too with their mission to head back to the beach. (still get the chills when I watch that Ben death ordering scene as well).....but sawyer/juliet's first hint of something more doesn't really happen until the season 4 finale when Sawyer walks up on the beach to her shirtless. lol

Best Twist Ever with "we have to go baaaaack!" :) I'm sure I'll comment more after I watch...considering it's my 2nd favorite LOST episode ever. :)

MJ said...

Justified - you'll def get more laughs. I knew Olyphant from Live Free and Die Hard as well as Scream 2 - but i guess you're talking about Deadwood ? I don't know about all seasons - but the last one EW talked to the showrunner after each ep aired, was very interesting.

Have a good weekend !

Mike V. said...

Yup, talking Deadwood. Great show! But he's been in lots of stuff. Die Hard is one of them...he was also the villain in Gone in 60 Seconds. lol

I think there's been 3 seasons of Justified. I have the 3rd season tivo'd and ready to go once i get through seasons 1 and 2. Maybe I'll look up those EW interviews if I think of it. Thanks!

You have a good weekend too!

Leslie said...

LOST - watched 2 more - Catch 22 and D.O.C. I love that in my rewatch this show can still create tension and excitement when I'm watching even when I know how something comes out....like Charlie NOT dying in this episode. Have to mention something from the blog when Mike was explaining about this being a test for Desmond kinda like when Ross was willing to drink the fat for Rachel! LOVE it!

DOC - Yep, Sun did have some dark stuff going on. As for Juliet, I think when she left the message for Ben at the end, and then added the "I hate you", I started to think she was just caught up in Ben's manipulation and was just doing what she had to do to get herself off the island. Still didn't trust her yet. I think ya'll already talked about that.

Have to point out a couple of my favorite Sawyer lines...guess this reflects on my warped sense of humor...."Do you need for me to make you a mix tape?" And, "Are you two arguing over who's your favorite Other?" lol

Mike V. said...

Finished season 3 (just now). Had myself a good cry. Lol can't talk much right now but maybe later. I see your comment leslie! Lol

2 things I just had to get off my chest.

RIP Charlie!! :-( (still rough to watch)


we have to go baaaaaaaack!!!!! :)

MJ said...

I loved the mix tape comment - and the fact that he finds her a cassette tape too. LOL

Well - I gotta get a life apparently cause I finished the shortened fourth season, I was bad and stayed up to 1am saturday to finishe it. Still enjoying my rewatch. I'm thinking that i won't be able to get to Fringe despite how hard I have tried to get Lost done quickly - but we shall see.

I'm almost to the end of Boardwalk season 1 too.

I watched BB and TB - will wait until I see you comment on either though.

Mike V. said...

WOW, MJ...impressive! I had a pretty busy weekend but I still managed to get to THE CONSTANT this morning. Still my favorite LOST episode of all time, still brought me to tears. That phone call may be the most perfectly executed scene of television...EVER! The episode itself is pretty perfect as well.

Don't have many comments this morning on LOST. Gotta do some work stuff, but maybe I'll get to stuff this PM. I'll respond to Leslie's comment though. lol

You can slowly see in rereading those recaps that I certainly was a FRIENDS obsessor! (obsessee?? lol)

Great Sawyer lines and I made a note to myself this morning to mention a great Hurley line in EGGTOWN. Kate tricked him into revealing Miles' hidden location and then he said "you just totally Scooby Doo'd me didn't you?" lol Great stuff!

I enjoyed season 4 the first and 2nd and 3rd time around, but now that we have some answers from their 5th season flashbacks, it's nice to see all these once mysterious moments with them. Daniel memorizing cards with Charlotte totally makes sense now. All the confusion around time and even PAST Daniel's note to Future Daniel about Desmond being his constant. Still confused around Miles's ability to communicate with a dead person in his first flashback since he needs a body to find out how they died. But whatever! lol And Frank...whew...I missed frank in those first 3 seasons! lol

Keamy may have been one of the best villains on the show and he just entered the picture in THE CONSTANT. There were no redeeming values in him so it was easy to root against him!

Obviously the Through the Looking Glass finale of season 3 was great too. Not many comments other than the 2 things I said earlier though. It's just a well executed, intense and emotional finale. Everything takes on more meaning knowing who is in that coffin and everything that happened to Jack to get him where he's at. Taller Ghost Walt still doesn't make sense to me but I did love when Sawyer asked Locke.."what, like a GIANT??" LOL Even when there was ridiculous questions and mysteries, we had Sawyer and Hurley keeping it real. Always loved that. Still do!

I lied and said some stuff about LOST! :) (doesn't take much to get me in the mode!)

We finished Disc 1 of Justified last night so we could mail it back for Disc 2. So, I only watched Breaking Bad. (no True Blood or Episodes....we'll get to that tonight) But Breaking Bad was awesome! I had heard the first couple eps were pretty slow, but there was still so much going on. Loved that they followed up on the Ricen stuff. Love that Mike had a little story. Looks like there was a large conglomerate (sp) involved in Gus's operation so things have gotten more interesting there. And that woman that ordered the hit on the 11 + Mike has access to Metholynne (sp again lol)....her scene at the diner was hysterical. Loved Mike's trickery at the house when that dude was trying to kill him.

And then Walt is just one creepy dude! I thought he was going to find a way to threaten Mike into joining the team (you may have a change of heart...or whatever he said). But, his creepiness around Skylar is just crazy! And poor Jesse feeling guilty for almost shooting Walt when it actually was Walt that caused all of the crap. Whew....lots of intense stuff going on!

And Hank is still hot on the trail. Love this show!

(justified was great too. Up to the episode where we meet Raylan's Dad who is also Jack Shephard's grandfather. We also met his aunt. He's got one wacky family! lol)

Leslie said...

LOST – Here I am still bringing up the rear! :) Finished Season 3 – watched Brig through the end. Just a few comments…

Brig – Really intense stuff with Locke getting Sawyer to come with him under the pretense of killing Ben only to find out it was the “real Sawyer”. Some great acting by Josh Holloway in that scene.

Man Behind the Curtain – Learned more about Ben youth and that he wasn’t really born on the island and more daddy issues. And, our first glimpse at the ageless Richard Alpert. Ben takes Locke to see Jacob who hears “help me” which sets Ben off and leads to him shooting Locke who goes into the pit of skeletons from the purge. I noticed that Shambala was playing in the van when Ben and Roger were in it which is what was playing when Hurley got it going again.

Greatest Hits – Des with another vision and this time Charlie has to die. More talk that the plane, and all the bodies, had been found. What a head scratcher that was at the time! Jack’s plan to “blow ‘em all to hell”. Loved when Rose tells Bernard to say, “I’m a dentist; I’m not Rambo.” Charlie takes on his role, and writes his top 5 for Des to give to Claire….awwww!

Through the Looking Glass – Our first flash forward with Jack and his fake beard. I think MJ mentioned the evil queen being in the Looking Glass. I felt bad for Hurley, but he showed them and came to the rescue! Such an emotional scene with the grenade going off, and Charlie writing “NOT PENNY’S BOAT” on his hand…all in show motion with only the music playing, then they go to Claire in the jungle and Aaron starts to cry all of a sudden. Then, back to Jack and his fake beard telling Kate, “We weren’t supposed to leave. We have to go back!” CRAZY!! Loving this show all over again!

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - You're really not that far behind me! Season 4 won't take long at all. lol (of course, neither will 5 or 6 really.)

Agreed on Brig intensity. Love that episode. Man Behind Curtain - I heard Shambala as well. I've always wanted to go back and see if it stops and starts at the right place to see how attentive they were to details like this. But, I just don't have the motivation for it! lol I'm sure I could google it and find something if I cared enough! :)

Greatest Hits - All great stuff mentioned. Of course, I still am a "little" peeved that Claire never ended up getting on a helicopter with Aaron. I know some people speculated that Desmond may have told a little fib, but I believe Desmond actually saw Claire getting on that chopper. But, we have seen Desmond's visions altered even though time itself cannot be altered. So...there is a chance that by MIB kidnapping Claire in season 4, he altered Desmond's vision and it ended up being Kate who went home with Aaron. I'm going with that! lol

Looking Glass - Oh yeah...feeling bad for Hurley was all part of the setup for him to be a hero....and who didn't cheer the first time we saw him run that OTHER over (fun fact - that other than got run over was in one of the Justified episodes I just watched. lol He didn't survive on that show very long either! lol) Yeah...there isn't much else to say about Charlie's Death scene...it was very emotional and perfectly executed. That life and death theme that Michael Giacchino composed always gets my waterworks going! lol When you get to season 6 blog recaps...if you decide to plow into those hundreds of comments, you'll probably stumble upon a comment of mine where I eerily and accurately predict the final moments of the series. lol i need to hunt that comment down myself. Also the one where I throw out the idea that the Sideways world has something to do with the Ghosts we've run into during the show. lol You know...if you throw enough theories out there, some are bound to be partially right! lol

Welcome to season 4 Leslie!

BTW - Speaking of Fringe (MJ mentioned earlier), if any of you have Amazon Prime, Fringe was just added to Instant Video streaming! I'll probably still pick 4 and 5 up on Blu...but I thought it was cool that they were added. (West Wing too...but I doubt I'll ever go back and watch that one..even though I'm sure it's great!)

Mike V. said...

April 24, 2010 in Last Recruit Recap (a month before finale):

"anyway...i think in the end...we'll still be LOST and so we will cut to the BOOM LOST.....but it might not BOOM....it might be one of those softer endings....where we have the Michael Giacchino "Life and Death" theme playing (my favorite!) and we're seeing a montage of how everything ends....and then just as that final note plays.....the screen turns black...and the LOST title comes up.

THE END. ahhhhhhhh perfect...and even more perfect if it's focusing on Jack's eye as he closes it mirroring him opening his eye to the Island in the first shot of the series premiere. "

I'm not saying I wasn't vague in my ideal ending for the show, but it was still RIGHT ON! lol

Can't find the Ghost prediction, but I'll look later. :)

MJ said...

Well I'm not remembering the clarity that will come about the cards and Daniel. But I'll get there.

BB: that was one heck of a suicide ! Jessie was phenominal this week when he thinks he found the cigarette. i loved how that chick went to the diner and was trying to act all slick but then gives the waitress so much trouble with her weird order that how could the waitress ever forget her ?!!

I found it very interesting that Mike decides not to kill her cause I really thought he was, and to go into business with Walt. I'm wondering if he thinks that if he's inside he can find a way to bring Walt down? I dunno. Schuyler looks just horrible - depressed and terrified at the same time. That was so creepy when he was trying to snuggle with her.

But the creepiest was Hank's face when his boss was talking about grillin the way that Gus taught him, going on about him being right under his nose. Was it me or was Hank giving those words alot of thought ??

I was amazed to hear the Walt is in debt. But I guess with the money Schuyler gave Beneike and buying the car wash as well as paying for all Hanks physical therapy it's gone.

Justified: Raylon's family is a S**tshow! People from the 'hollers' of Kentucky must have loved being portrayed this way. I can never see how this guy became a Marshall - how they'd have him! LOL But his aunt who married his dad was one of the few good influences in his life - and she's a little messed up too.

MJ said...

Brig - and Locke's dad was the one who really kicked teh 'we are in hell or purgatory' thing in to high gear again.

Greatest Hits - i agree with you Leslie - Des saw the chopper thing and they never were able to make that pay out.

LOL - West Wing was great ! But yeah - not the kind of show I'd watch over. I'll be putting Fringe bluray on my Xmas list.

Bonus Lost stuff - loved the booklet made to look like the in-flight safety plackard ! too cute.

I'll probably take few days off from Lost now to catch up to some other stuff. I'll keep checking back with you guys for discussion

Mike V. said...

Okay, well I mentioned this on May 7th (The Candidate Recap) but referred back to an earlier comment that I must've missed. This will work though. So funny that I said I put it there just so I could claim I thought of it...and here I am trying to claim that I thought of it! lol Here it is:

"I once threw the theory out there that maybe these Sideways LOSTIES are the Ghosts we've been seeing...the ones that have been visiting Hurley. I don't really know how they'd pull that off...but I like to keep the concept out there in case it turns out to be at least 1% right. Then I can claim it for my own! :-) lol Never really flushed that theory out....just had my 1 sentence theory! I really think the Sideways is more than that...but if anything could explain the Ghosts in an interesting way...that certainly would be interesting! Based on reading this week's EW...Jensen (who must have witnessed some of the finale) is agreeing with the producers that the sideways story was definitely essential to tell. We'll see!

MJ - looking at your comments next!

Mike V. said...


Yes, you will get there with Daniel. lol

BRIG - True about Locke's Dad bringing up purgatory again. It felt like they brought that concept up every once in awhile to tease us every now and then. Even Sayid talking to Ana Lucia in season 2 "what good would it do to kill you if we're both dead already?" lol

Greatest Hits - That was me btw (not Leslie) that brought up the Chopper thing. But then, I came up with my justification for it..naturally. lol

S4 Blu-ray - Yeah, not sure I noticed that before, but I'll check it out. (in-flight safety thing) I think season 4 is when they had a special of Michael Giacchino putting on a LOST Concert in Hawaii. It may be season 5 though. In any case, I recommend it. It was really good, and I hope one day he brings that tour on the road! Surely, he'd come close to his hometown and put on a concert!! (As I've tirelessly mentioned, we went to the same high school. lol)

BB: The suicide was ridiculous! I mean, saw it coming a mile away, but what a way to go out! lol Jessie was great this week, agreed. I actually had a feeling Mike wasn't going to kill her just because he was taking so long to do it and listening to her ramblings forever. But, it was still a very tense scene! I don't know why, but I thought that Skylar scene was going to end with Walt 'having his way with her' lol Hmm, didn't realize Hank's look with the boss. I just had the feeling that the boss was probably going to resign after failing to catch on to Gus and feeling like he didn't do his job. Guess we'll see! You may have caught something big!

Oh Walt is absolutely in debt! Skylar gave pretty much their entire earnings away (and yeah the other stuff you bring up are good points too). There's an interview with Gilligan on EW though. The car wash is a lucrative business and they'd be very well off with it. But it's not enough for Walt. He wants "STACKS" of money!

JUSTIFIED: lol...definitely a S___Show. lol Looking forward to seeing more of it!

MJ said...

Yeah - I guess I didn't realize how much he had really so didn't realize Skyler gave most of it up. Yeah - i also thought he was going to insist on some sex with the wife. I felt Mike held off cause of the kid - reminded him of his granddaughter. Loved the 'flying pig'

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I forget if we knew it was all of the money, but it was enough that he knew they couldn't make a run for it and live off the money for awhile. (remember Walt's maniachal laugh as he found out the money wa gone? creepy!!) Then of course, last week he asked Jessie for a loan because he didn't have any money (hence the $40,000 debt).

As for Mike not killing her, you're probably right it was sympathy for the girl. Even Ben couldn't kill Penny because of little Charlie! lol

Mike V. said...

Watched TB last night. Didn't get to episodes. That baby has been wearing us out! lol BTW - True Blood was just bizarre! lol enjoyable but bizarre! Loved them getting drunk off of the biblical lady's blood and heading onto bourbon street. lol

LOST - I started to watch The Other Woman last night, and fell asleep. (of course, not the best episode or anything. But I always enjoyed it. lol) I finished it this morning and watched Ji Yeong and am 3/4ths through Meet Kevin Johnson, the last Pre-Strike episode. All good stuff. Loved the trickery in the Ji Yeong episode and the clues "year of the dragon, jin's ancient cell phone" that his story was a flashback. Love Bernard and Jin's fishing trip. Juliet resorting to all time lows to keep Jin and Sun there. All good stuff. Sayid complaining about Lima Bean dinners. LOL (I remember commenting on the blog about that one. Like he had so much better food when he was on the Island!) The whole "Ben vs. Widmore" and the fake 815 plane is heating up. Of course, knowing it's Widmore this time around for sure is an interesting way to watch it. Tom tells Michael that Widmore didn't want anyone else to know about the Island so he planted the plane. We can pretty much take that at face value now. Still doesn't explain why Jack and crew had to lie when they left the Island. But, it's all good! Of course, they would have been perceived as insane if they told the real story and then gave coordinates to an island that wasn't there because it disappeared in front of their eyes! lol

The whole "island not letting you kill yourself or die yet" thing started. We had seen it a couple times with Jack trying to kill himself and Michael as well. Now, if this is because they are candidates or the Island truly isn't done with them...who knows. I think the same thing happens during a season 5 episode where Sawyer gets shot at in the 70s by one of THE OTHERS and it seems like the bullet went right through him without hitting him. lol

And of course, there's the whole coming and going from the Island. Tom says "Some of us" can do that. I guess Tom could have taken a boat and did exactly what Michael did to leave the island. As far as getting back. Maybe he knew the coordinates so he could do that. Maybe that's why the donkey wheel was frozen. Maybe Ben did it so they could come and go from the Island as needed. (not sure how Jacob did it though...since he was doing it before AND after the Island was moving) And also not sure how Richard got Anthony Cooper there so quickly. But, the beauty of these mysteries now is...we're never getting an answer so it doesn't matter and wasn't supposed to matter! (maybe lol)

That's it for now!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - http://tvline.com/2012/07/23/how-i-met-your-mother-michael-trucco-season-8/

MJ said...

TB - yeah a bunch of drunken vamps in N'Orlans ! But what was up with godrick showing up ? And Eric seeing Lilith - then once Godrick showed up he could not see Lilith ??? pam and tara are great together - Pam almost had a real moment there, til Tara hugged her. Guess all those people last week were wrong when they said Roman didn't die - Roman is truly dead. And I think we all knew as soon as that Fae told Sook her powers were finite that she'd be trying to get rid of them.

MJ said...

My take on the O6 lying about those left behind was that their lives would be put at risk again if Widmore sent more men to get the island. More of them would die. It's Sayid's reason for eventually doing Ben's wet work - Ben convinces him to kill the Widmore guys so that his friends left behind are safe. Of course, First Ben let's Sayid think that he himself has volunteered to do this to get Nadia's killer.

Why do you think that Cooper was brought to the island so quickly? I never felt that when Ben says 'bring me the man from Tallahassee' that Richard literally went to talahassee and got him.

MJ said...

I wrote my thoughts on the eps as I watched them so I'd remember when you and Leslie caught up - did we not discuss the early ones for this season ?

The Beginning of the End - Hello Daniel. Ben's face when he realizes Hurley saw the cabin is just priceless. I'm still shocked by Jack actually pulling that trigger on Locke. And our first time hearing 'Oceanic 6' - such fun. I totally forgot that Hurley's interrogater was AnaLucia's partner. And our Fringe buddy - Mr. Abadon. But I have to admit - I did forget that it was Hurley who started the 'we have to go back'.

Confirmed Dead - Hello Frank, Charlotte and Miles. I don't recall the explanation of why Daniel cried when seeing the crash on tv by the end so I think this was one of those unresolved holes. And our desert polar bear. Good times.

The Economist - Sayid takes Naomi's bracelet, then offers to retrieve Charlotte without bloodshed. Since I watch a bunch at a time I can't remember but i think this is the one where Kate laughingly rubs it in Jack's face when he's asked to no go with them to Otherville. Daniel's time experiment. And kate switches sides - for a short time any way. Frank - that wasn't our deal but he was a pain so let's go! Too funny. Ah yes, Assasin Sayid.

Eggtown - Locke is losing it - can't 'commune' with island and is, as usual, letting Ben in his head. 3.2 million - remember when we thought that had to be so important? Kate's trial, nothing surprising there. Still say that was really weird probation though.

The Constant - Always loved this ep. And yes - I teared up again. Sayid goes into MacGyver mode yet again and jerry-rigs the radio so Des can call Penny. And we meet our furry Eloise ! Wonderful, faithful Penny - gives crazy ex-boyfriend her number to get him to go away, yet never does change it and is waiting for his call in 2004 ! And hello Keamy.

The Other Woman - The Tempest station. I totally forgot that Leary's wife from Rescue me was in this. Leslie - you'll of course recognize her from Ringer which I think you watched ?!? Ben loves Juliet - ick! Finally get the Purge after it being mentioned a few times prevous. Jack now taking Juliet on his jungle treks, Danielle and Charlotte are stopping the release of more gas.

Ji Yeon - Boy they really fooled us with this one ! We all got suckered into believing that Jin ws getting this Panda for Sun and his new daughter. So sad at the grave with Hurley. Oh Juliet - you are so lucky that you revealing Sun's secret did not ruin their marriage. I would so not have forgiven you if it had. Really should have known that Jin would be gone soon as he really took a big redemption step in recognizing that Sun cheated on the horrible person he'd been - not him now.

Here we get Widmore's people saying that Ben faked the crash recovery. Sayid recovered very quickly when he first saw Michael - but oh boy once they were alone.

Meet Kevin Johnson - wow - Michael was only gone 1 month before he's heading out on that freighter ! Guess 'the island won't let you die' was not fully explained either. That's the kind of stuff I wanted - why both in Ny and on the freighter guns that had nothing wrong with them would not fire and let Michael die. And Miles is shown here as having more talents than just talking to the dead. He seems to know that Kevin is not his name, and that could be put down to instinct or a hesitation on Kevin's saying his fake name - but later Miles will tell Charlotte he knows she's been there before, leading us to believe that he has some medium-like ability with the living as well. Confirmation that Tom was gay - that was such a weird little factoid they made up about Tom really. LOL Loved the continuing manipulations by Ben - giving Michael a fake bomb just so he could say "I don't kill innocents". RIP Danielle, Carl and Alex !

Mike V. said...

TB - No idea what is up with Godrick showing up. And one was white and one was red. It was like having the little red devil and white angel on your shoulders. LOL But yeah, could only see one at a time. I just assumed it was in Eric's head...and maybe Lilith was in their heads also. The blood was making them see things that weren't there. But I could be wrong. Pam/Tara is one of the surprise hit storylines of this season. Love everything going on there. Couldn't care less about Lafayette's story. It's so bizarre. Then there's the whole smoke monster thing. And Sookie trying to get rid of her fairy powers (yeah, I'm sure Jason will stop her). Jason flipping out on Jessica and her plaything was pretty funny. lol "i never f'd no cow!!" LOL

As for Roman, yeah, I posted a link last week after we discussed/debated it. An interview with the actor saying he was definitely dead. lol It did seem like they left it open with the way they edited the scene though.

MJ said...

Cool on HIMYM ! I remember at the time we all wanted more of ole Sam from BSG. I was surprised that Fairly Legal even got a second season, never mind if it will have a third. I checked it out S1 and gave that up.

Mike V. said...


O6 lying - yeah, that's what they kept saying, to keep everyone safe. And that's definitely why they did it. But they moved the Island! How would Widmore possibly find it and send more people? Maybe eventually he would. But Widmore didn't find the island again until Jacob told him where to look. (and that's when Widmore changed allegiances) And still, how would Jack and crew lying about things cause Widmore to not want to kill everyone on the Island? Because they didn't reveal the secret island to the public? Widmore would still want to get back. I know Doc Jensen always complained about it being a weak excuse for the lying and I think there were others. It didn't detract from the story or anything, but there definitely are a few holes in the logic!

Cooper tells a story in BRIG of how he ended up on the Island. He said he was in tallahassee in his car and then got rammed into a median, put into an ambulance and woke up on the Island (and thought he was dead), the first thing he saw was John Locke. Do you think Cooper was already on the Island when Ben asked Richard to get him? So you think they caused a car accident, brought him to the island and kept him unconscious or hooded for days/weeks until John came to OTHERSVILLE and they pulled the hood off of his head?

Good idea on writing comments and saving them (i wondered if you were doing that before. lol)

Beginning of the End - All good points, nothing to add! lol

Confirmed Dead - They actually resolve the Daniel thing. It's not a clean resolution, but we do revisit that scene and it has something to do with memorizing the cards. As far as his reason for crying, no they don't really explain that. Unless somehow, with all his experimentation, he visited his future consciousness where he was already on the Island and Desmond being in both his past and future was his constant to stick him back in time. lol (stretch) Polar Bear - the logic here with the help from the epilogue "The New Man in charge". Polar Bears were experimented on at Hydra for awhile, but then brought to the main Island and the orchid station. One of the bears turned that crazy donkey wheel and ended up in tunisia! lol

Economist - you're right about Kate's comment to Jack. It was a good time. Ironically, Jack tells Kate to go on that mission. lol Daniel's time experiment was crazy! I remember the first time we saw that and had no idea what was coming afterwards! And yes, FRANK was an awesome late addition to the cast. So glad they kept him around and he made it off the island in the end! lol That is probably one casting that they had a long term plan for. They were building that runway for a long-term purpose and they knew they needed a pilot for the final season to fly people off of the island. That's just my guess anyway.

Mike V. said...

Eggtown - We did get an answer to why it was $3.2 million. Widmore/Naomi offered him 1.6 to go to the island, so he wanted double from Ben. lol (sorry for the spoiler you already knew about! lol) As for importance beyond that, yeah I'm sure we discussed some crazy ideas! lol The biggest shocker (that probably many of us predicted) was that Kate had Aaron. The case was kind of silly and the probation ridiculous, agreed. The worst part is, it didn't even matter in the long run because she got through airport security to leave the state with no problem! lol

Constant - I love Sayid's MacGyverish comment..."I need a minute" when the control room is in disarray. lol The rest of your comments pretty much match up with mine. We both loved the episode and it was perfection! lol

Other Woman - Yep, Andrea Roth makes an appearance. And if you recall, this is the episode that triggered my Annie = Sarah theory because she told Juliet "You look just like her" and Ben had told Jack that Juliet looks just like Sarah back in season 3. lol Ahh I thought it was fool proof! Love how she showed up with the Whispers in the jungle yet the answer to the whispers is "dead spirits" even though it usually surrounds the arrival of OTHERS. Something didn't add up there either! Unless, the whispers were warning of THE OTHERS. I thought her character was a ghost the first time she showed up though.

Ji Yeon - Should have known Jin would be gone in season 6? or that he would "FAKE" be gone in season 4? lol But yes, Jin definitely did an on island redemption big time.

Kevin Johnson - Agreed on the "island not letting you die"...was never truly explained. I chalk this stuff up to the Island actually being a character on this show. Some of it could be chalked up to Jacob labeling these people as candidates. "touching them may have made them safe for the time being".....how else would they survive the plane crash with superficial injuries while others perished as most would? It's either Jacob's touch, or the Island's ultimate plan for these people. Agreed on Miles having extra abilities. Unless he just somehow was a good poker player and could read Michael's bluff. lol But yeah, good point with the Charlotte thing too. They definitely made it seem like Miles had more abilities. Of course, maybe he sensed a common bond with Charlotte since they were both born on the island. The Tom being gay stuff was hysterical. And RIP Danielle and Carl. You're a little early on the ALEX RIP! lol (1 episode. :))

MJ said...

But how could the O6 know that Widmore couldn't find the island after it was moved ? He found it this time ! They don't have all the tidbits of knowledge that we do get. I'm not sure they themselves ever understood that the island actually moved, and what the hatch blowing really meant, or the electro-magnetism. They barely knew who Widmore was. So for them it's just that of the world thinks no one is alive then no one can tell Widmore any different since his freighties are all dead too. But really it's also a convenient way for Ben to manipulate them into keeping the existance of the island a secret too - like Michael had to lie.

The swiss cheese effect in the O6 lying was not an issue for me, there were other things that were on my list.

Cooper - yeah I guess I do. I never took it that literally that Cooper awoke and Locke was there - but yes I think Cooper was there awhile. It sure seems like he has lots of time to come up with all kinds of thoughts of hell and purgatory - so i don't think he literally woke up 1 minute before Locke walked in.

LOL on you figuring out my scheme. I'm lucky I remember the eps from last night, I'm gonna remember 2 weeks later to talk with you guys - not the deets anyway.

MJ said...

Yeah - the bear turned the donkey wheel! LOL

Oh yeah ! 1.6 mil - I forgot.

You mean Annie = Sarah obsession? LOL Notice I didn't bring that up ? j/k. I never agreed with you on that one Mike - sorry ! Be told Jack Jules looked like Sarah as part of the long con he was trying to play on Jack.

Once we time traveled I was so SURE the whispers were going to be echos of the survivors themselves.

Oops - did I spoil Alex dying for you ? ROFLMAO !

I bet you are a fan of that movie Rudy ?!? if yes you will like the newest Newsroom.

MJ said...

mwant 'he told Jack'

MJ said...

meant 'meant' . Sheesh. Really fat fingers today. ;-D

Mike V. said...


Widmore found it THIS time, I'm guessing, due to Desmond blowing up the hatch. (just like Penny did) Penny would have informed Jack and crew about that on their little boat trip. But they all saw that island disappear. Hurley even brought up that argument in early season 5 and Jack says "they'll think we're crazy!" They may not have the tidbits of knowledge we have, but surely with that collective group of people, they could have figured out what was going on enough to figure out if they needed to lie. Good point on Ben too though. Neither Ben nor Widmore wanted the existence of the Island to become public knowledge. Of course, getting right down to it, neither did Jacob or the protectors before them. That SOURCE needed to be protected from "MAN". And it took Jack's life to fix the broken island in the end.

The lying thing was never an issue for me either, but I could definitely see the holes. Not gargantuan holes, but there were holes! lol You did some good justification though!

Cooper - I guess it can be justified that way the way I justify things sometimes. lol But, I always thought there was more to it. I wasn't necessarily saying that Cooper literally woke up right before Locke walked in. But I figured he was recently captured (like that day) and brought to the Island and then he was hooded so when he did wake up he couldn't see anything. And then the first thing he saw was Locke when they pulled the hood off. Of course, if he was injured in that accident, he would have needed time to recover. I dunno...I guess once Ben learned more about Locke they may have snagged him then. That kinda makes sense. lol

And yeah, it was some pretty impressive knowledge to be dropping days/weeks after you watched!! lol

Well, obviously I don't agree with the Annie = Sarah theory either! lol I just had fun bringing it up all of the time. Maybe the FIRST time I brought it up, I was serious. But after that, not so much! lol It was just funny that everyone was talking about Juliet looking like someone else! lol But are we even clear on who Harper was referring to? Was it Annie that she looked like? or maybe Ben's mother whom Harper had never met and Ben may have only seen pictures of and ghostly visions of? lol

Whispers/Time Travel - yeah, I always liked that theory too. Also, an explanation for why Locke was losing the ability to walk near the Pearl Station/Nigerian Plane was because Ethan shot him there in the past. I liked that connection, but it wasn't really an answer.

Alex Spoiler - LOL obviously not, but I was just pointing out it didn't happen in that episode! lol Of course, that was one of my biggest blogging blunders. It was clearly foreshadowed in that episode and the one before that Keamy and crew been brought to the island. And Ben even mentions to Alex that if they knew who she was, they would use her to get to him. But when Alex comes out and says "I'm Ben's daughter" I still didn't make the connection in the blog to Keamy's crew. I thought it was the stealthy OTHERS that we never really saw once we met the OTHERS in person in season 3. LOL Whew, in hindsight it would be painful to read that recap!! But, I still would have liked to know how The OTHERS were so stealthy when they seemed to be normal civilized people. Maybe, it's just from knowing the jungle/island so well.

I loved the movie Rudy. Not sure why you would assume that, but I did! lol I'm 3 eps behind on Newsroom but I'm sure I'll get to it eventually! Is Sean Astin in the episode? lol Or was there just a similar scene? Naa, don't tell me!

Leslie said...

I'm so behind you guys on LOST and what did I do yesterday but make it worse by watching a few episodes of The Killing to clear some space on my DVR. I invested time in that, and I want to know who the damn killer is! :)

MJ said...

Newsroom/Rudy - I kinda thought you would because you seem to like emotional scenes and resonance.

Hey - how was Batman ? With the horror of Colorado no one is actually talking about the movie. I know some critics weren't thrilled - but what do they know !

Leslie - I've got no life this summer so I've been able to watch way more than even I thought. Way more. LOL I've been catching up on my DVR these last 2 nights too.

Actually Juliet does look more like Ben's mom then she does Sarah !

Yeah - once we got to know Tom I'd like to see him being stealthy. LOL In one of the bonus features the woman who plays Jules made a joke about how she'd like to know how a fertility doc learned so many moves

Mike V. said...

Lol on Elizabeth Mitchell's comment. How is this for irony? Andrea Roth (Harper) was cast for a role in REVOLUTION, and Elizabeth Mitchell was cast to replace her! LOL Crazy stuff.

I thought Batman was an awesome movie. Maybe a notch below Dark Knight but that is the pinnacle of super hero movies. lol There were some unbelievable plot points, but it doesn't detract from the movie. Very entertaining and the 2:45 flies by! lol Great wrapping up of a trilogy too. The shootings were obviously horrific. What a nutjob.

Didn't watch any LOST last night. Caught up on episodes and weeds. Episodes was great as always!

And gotcha on Rudy. You would be right on your analysis of me! lol

MJ said...

Oh boy! I read that Modern family had most of their adult cast renegotiating their salaries - but apparently it's gonna get ugly. Hope this won't lead to a delay in the show returning

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd check in and say that I've been lurking and keeping up with your LOST rewatch observations. I am rewatching it vicariously through you all... LOL.

I chose to rewatch Fringe instead and hope that the Season 4 bluray arrives with enough time before Season 5 starts. I just didn't have time to commit to LOST and thought a Fringe rewatch would be more beneficial come September. In my Fringe rewatch I am finding all kinds of hints (small things characters say that aren't discussed in detail) that allude to later revealed facts that are important in many cases.

I thought I'd pass on this latest Fringe news update. It appears John Noble and Blair Brown are under the weather and they've halted production for a few days...


Anyway, enjoy the rest of your LOST rewatch and summer. Remember not to spend too much of it in front of the tv (even though it's might convenient when the temps get over 90).

Bill B

Mike V. said...

@Bill - Good to hear from you! I don't blame you in not taking part in the LOST rewatch, but I'm glad we could entertain you! lol Don't worry, any episode I've been watching has been when I would have been indoors anyway. (morning workout, right before bed, while I'm working from home...shhh on that one :))

But Fringe, I'm all about rewatching that too. I did it last year and found the same stuff you did. It's a very tightly knit plot and you can tell that they had a pretty good idea where they were going with the story from the beginning (or they're very good at making us think they did. lol).

I'll probably rewatch the whole thing when it's all done. Enjoy that watch! Sucks that they're under the weather. But, I'm sure they have plenty of time to make that premiere date!

@MJ - Thanks for the MF link. Gotta love these crazy negotiations.

MJ said...

Revolution - I'm excited for it. And Kripke (as evidenced by Supernatural) really does believe in giving answers.


i just wish they'd stop calling everything the next lost. I just want good shows - genre or not. Nothing will ever be the next Lost, as nothing will be the next chuck or the next Fringe.

Mike V. said...

Agreed MJ. I'm excited for it too and saw the same comments from the TCA. It's logically the top candidate for my blogging efforts. Ugh, 10:00 on mondays though. Gonna be rough!

Leslie said...

I stuck with The Killing last night and just have 3 more episodes left until I find out who the killer is! Plan to finish tonight and then get back to LOST. MJ, you're right that the second season has a better pace to it, and there's also not as much filler stuff. I've enjoyed this show, maybe more since I've watched it back-to-back. Didn't have to wait between seasons.

Mike V. said...

Hmm, maybe I'll eventually run through The Killing on Netflix. :) lol

I'm halfway through Cabin Fever, but was running late for work so I had to stop. Richard just visited Locke for the 2nd time and left when Locke took the knife. Another thing to note is Keamy tried to shoot Michael and couldn't. And of course, Jack got sick when he was getting close to leaving the Island.

I'll write more later...have a meeting in 2 minutes! lol

MJ said...

Leslie - glad you are enjoying it.

No new Lost - probably tonight though.

Episodes - finally watched it, loved what they did to the name Lapidus. And Joey's stalkers name too.

Mike V. said...

EPISODES: LOL - took me a second to remember the 2 names, but once I did I know why you didn't write them! lol But, definitely laughing again thinking about it!


Shape of Things to Come - Awesome episode. I remember assuming that when Ben showed up in the middle of the desert that we would be seeing the events leading to that moment in the season 4 finale. I had friends that disagreed with me and though that it happened when he went into his cave to summon the smoke monster. (Yep, not sure why I associate with thinkers like that! lol)

Ben lied to Sayid about how he got off the Island, saying he took Desmond's boat on a bearing to Fiji. And Sayid bought it even though he saw the Island disappear. lol Of course, they didn't know what it meant that it disappeared.

The whole "RULES" discussion started when Alex was sadly shot by Keamy. "He broke the rules"...and for 2 years after that we tried to figure out what the rules were! Loved that chilling final scene with Widmore and Ben in London (actually shot in London). Ironic that Charles actually ordered Alex's death as an infant and Ben wouldn't do it and now Charles is blaming Ben for Alex's death.

Something Nice Back Home - Charlotte knows Korean, Jin exploits it! Jack slowly goes crazy in the future. Sees his dad. Definitely not the smoke monster based on season 6's defined "rules"....could be a Ghost, even though Jack can't see Ghosts. The encyclopedia chalked it up to Jack seeing things. Maybe true, but weak explanation! Charlie told Hurley to tell Jack that he would be visited....and then he sees his father. Maybe it was continued manipulations of Smokey since Smokey appeared to him as Christian on the island. So Jack thought if anyone would visit him it WOULD be his father and started seeing things. Of course, since Jack eventually saw dead Jacob there's always a chance he could have seen his father. Oh well, the more confusing one happens in the season 4 finale when Michael's about to die.

Cabin Fever - (half of it) Okay, so Locke has the dream. And Ben says he used to have dreams. I'm this close to just saying that Smokey was able to manipulate people's dreams. Ben was being falsely led by Smokey, as was Locke. They lead Locke to the cabin, where Smokey (disguised as Christian) is there instructing him to move the Island.

Eh who knows? lol I don't know why I still try to resolve these things!!

Other than that, the episode was chock full of awesomeness (of course, I still haven't finished rewatching it, but I remember).

Might be able to finish season 4 by tomorrow. We'll see!

Leslie said...

Finished The Killing last night. Just had to do that to clear up some DVR space. I liked how it was all revealed in the end with the interesting twist that I didn't see coming. This one was definitely better when you could watch back-to-back.

LOST - season 4, here I come! :)

Mike V. said...

ABC Premiere schedule. Ugh, I forgot 666 Park Ave will be Sundays too. Way too much! lol


Mike V. said...

Justified - started Disc 2! Watched episode 5 or 6. The one with the Hitler paintings. And Boyd has info on Raylan's dad. Don't know what it is yet. And the ex-wife is showing a smidge of rekindling interest in Raylan. lol Still enjoying the show! (LOST sighting: Goodwyn was in this ep. He was also in the Dark Knight Rises...as was Richard reprising his role as mayor)

LOST: Watched the rest of Cabin Fever and finished There's No Place Like Home parts 1-3. And I even watched Season 5's Because You Left this morning! I'm on a roll.

I started discussing Cabin Fever earlier so I'll leave it at that for now. I'll respond more when anyone else talks about it! :)

No Place Like Home was just as good as I remembered it. I started bawling like a baby the minute Penny popped her head out of the boat and Desmond saw her. Whew...gets me every time. Then party pooper Jack has to elaborate on the lie.

Yeah...so I, brace yourself, sorta "forgot" that the lie Jack and crew told was a bit of a lie itself to cover up for the real reason that Jack decided to lie. It was Locke's idea to lie to protect THE ISLAND. That was the bigger concern than protecting the friends. But, Jack probably convinced himself it was to protect his friends and convinced everyone else in doing so. Even Miles comments in season 5 that it took Widmore 20 years to find the island the first time, so they're not holding their breath for him to return. Yes, Jack didn't know Widmore was actively looking for the island for 20 years, but Penny might have known. And they all sat down to discuss their action plan and traveled for a week before they were discovered. In any case, I think the lie stuff holds up. I know critics and some fans complained about it and I thought they might have some valid arguments. But, I think it works.

Christian on the Freighter - I think we can put this one in the books. It was definitely GHOST Christian. The reason I say this is because there were whispers surrounding his appearance, and we confirmed what the whispers are now. Of course, Christian wasn't trapped on the island in the end either. Unless, by Jack returning and redeeming himself and saving the island somehow freed christian. And maybe Walt had to return to do something to free his father. (Huh, just thought that up as I was typing but it might have some validity to it) The only gripe I have about ghost chrisitian is that he is wearing different clothes that matched Smokey's new attire on the island. I would think he'd still be in his suit and sneakers. But, maybe I'll have to watch for Michael's ghostly appearance in season 6 and see if he's wearing the same thing he was when he died. lol (I'm guessing probably not)

Season 5 kicks off with Pierre Chang running into Daniel Faraday in the past. Of course, they had no idea how they were going to get to that point by the end of the season so having Daniel walk in in disguise and carrying that cannister ended up being an inconvenience. So it looks silly in THE VARIABLE when he grabs the hat, walks past Chang and then puts the cannister down and runs right after him. lol But it's all good! We also never got to the "comic-con scene" where Daniel was filming Chang talking about time travel or something like that. They just couldn't make it work.

Gotta love shirtless Sawyer asking tons of questions and knocking on the hatch declaring himself the Ghost of Christmas Future. lol Gotta love Hurley off island saying he needs a cool codename like Jeremy Bentham. Gotta love Frogurt being slowly introduced to the show (even though he had only appeared in a webisode previously).

Mike V. said...

Oooh...and I remember I went on and on about The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham when Locke runs into Jack and in the next scene he is killing himself. How Jack's beard wasn't totally grown in yet and blah blah blah. Ben asked Jack when did Locke visit him. Jack said "about a month ago"...the answer was there and I totally missed it. So a month elapses before Jack buys that ticket to Sydney and Locke kills himself. One thing that never added up was when Ben asked Jack in the season 4 finale if Locke told him he was off the island. Jack confirms that he did. I'll have to double check in Life and Death of JB, but I don't think that comes up in the conversation. But, maybe Jack found out some other way. Of course, Sayid knew Ben was off the island and so did Sun.

We see the start of the Sawyer/Juliet bond. Amazing what they pulled off in a few episodes to have us buy into that relationship.

And of course Daniel makes contact with Desmond through time since the rules don't apply to Desmond. We get that word "SPECIAL" again. Desmond is special, Locke is special, Walt is special, MIB is special. Desmond even noticed the bright lights surrounding them when the LEFT BEHINDERS were about to flash to another time. Ethan does not notice this when he has a gun at Locke. So this would go to show that Desmond was "SPECIAL" before he turned that hatch key. He was destined to play a role on this island. I like it.

As I've mentioned before. I've rewatched season 5 a few times. And I've enjoyed it more each time. There's just something about how they laid out the season that it's just an entertaining thrill ride from start to finish. Of course, season 4 was great too, but it got interrupted by the strike. The post strike episodes are an awesome little mini-series. Not sure where I'm going with this, but I'm just really excited to be watching it again!

MJ said...

Killing - I know ! I was shocked that it wound up being aunt Terry too ! I kinda did alot of back to back eps as it would linger on ny DVR for 2 to 4 weeks - it was enjoyable that way.

Sundays in fall - ABC is almost must see this year ! I don't have much else on reg nets - but cable will be another story on sunday. And football too if they are good teams.

Justified: So I'm trying to remember the order of things. Boyd has already gone thru his whole holy thing, and his dad has been dealt with ? And now you've met the Bennett clan ? They are awesome !!

I'm swamped today so will have to catchup on lost later. Did watch a bunch of S5 last night. Bye Charlotte- RIP. I'll read the comments later.

MJ said...

Oh - and I finished S1 of Boardwalk too.

Mike V. said...

Justified - None of that sounds familiar to me, so I'm guessing I'm not there yet. Boyd is in prison and did some research for Raylan on his father. He said he has information that could put him away forever.

Boardwalk - One more episode and you'll be caught up to me. lol (only made it one into season 2)

LOST - Nice, watched THE LIE on my lunch break so I'm chugging right along. lol As always wknd viewing will be a bit unpredictable!

Mike V. said...

Not a huge shocker but FYI, AMC cancelled The Killing officially.


MJ said...

Justified - damn ! Sorry. Tried to be vague in case you hadn't seen it yet.

Killing - yeah - not shocked. too bad though - if they hadn't lied about the ending of season 1 more would have stuck with it.

The Shape of Things to Come - Loved Bernard secretly knowing morse code ! Too funny. Forgot all about the phone ringing and giving them the alarm - their faces are just classic. Hey - a red shirt dyed wearing a red flannel shirt. LOL Smokey on command was awesome - and perhaps another unexplained thing. Of course this time when Ben wakens in the desert with a parka that is ripped we know darned well how that injury happened. And Widmore's comments that all that Ben had was his, 'boy', and that he'd be taking it back makes some sense now too. LOL Agree on the irony of Widmore with Alex.

Something Nice Back Home - ah yes - appendicitis. You go Jin !And Juliet does her first real act of kindness by telling Kate Jack doesn't love her, he only kissed her cause she wasn't Kate. Sawyer's 'restraining order' on Miles cracked me up all over again. I remember all our theories about Claire and that explosion ! jack and Kate actually seemed happy for a short time. "You're not supposed to raise him.", Jack seeing Christian - good times. not going there with ghost vs smokey ! LOL

MJ said...

Cabin Fever - another person hit by a car. And visits from both Richard and Abadon. Forgot about good ole Horace.
To his credit - you do see that sayid feels guilty for giving up Michael once the capt. tells Keamy about him. The last of semi-normal Claire we see for a long time is my recollection. I hate to say it but some of our theories about dreams and such are better then what we were left with.

There's No Place Like Home - Ah Nadia ! And tough Sun. and jack gets a half-sister. LOL Twelve year old saltines cracked me up, as did Locke not knowing that flower. Love this ep - the Ben and Locke hour when they are in Orchid and Locke just keeps asking him stuff. Too funny. But Ben is so very chilling with his 'so!'. BIG hole - whoever moves the island is forced to leave and can never return. I was still mad at Sawyer for jumping from the helo damnit. Bye Michael - for real this time, and yay! Penny to the rescue. I was balling too. Forgot Kate's creepy Claire dream.

Interesting that you think Jack lied to the other O6 cause he didn't them them that Locke asked them to lie ?

I got some of Season 5 watched already but i'm out of time to read your comments and also make some.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mike V. said...

No Worries on Justified. None of it made sense to me anyway so I'm good! lol

LOST: I'm through JUGHEAD now but I'll save my comments till next week. Got a busy Monday so I may just be responding and filling in the blanks. lol

Shape of things - Ahh yes, loved the phone. Good stuff! I think the Smokey stuff was explained but you have to do a lot of the work yourself. lol Smokey was toying with Ben during his whole tenure on the Island. Ben mentions in season 6 that he thought he could summon the monster but it turns out the monster was summoning him. So, when he flushed that mud toilet, I don't think it really summoned smokey...but he made Ben think it did.

Something Nice - Totally remember the Claire theories too. But even Claire said she was "seeing things"....and when she woke up she saw "CHARLIE"....My guess it was a Near Death experience and she got a flash of the "flash sideways" Maybe it was even the moment when the find each other. I dunno. They knew where they were going with the show in the final 3 seasons, so there's a chance they could have hinted at that. OR...the "seeing things" could have been her seeing Christian Shephard (off screen) and then she sees him again at the end of the ep . But I like my flash sideways idea. lol

Cabin Fever - Agreed on Sayid's guilt. I noticed it too. SEMI being the key part of that phrase with Claire. She was totally creepy! lol We had some great theories on dreams. And some of them may be partially right because we never got a bonafide answer! lol

No Place Like Home - Saltines...yes, hysterical! Love when Sawyer tries one too lol And Locke with the flower too. And Jack kind of wanting to stay and explore with them. I don't think it's a hole with Ben making that comment. Ben is infamous for lying, why would he stop lying to John at that moment? He lied up to the moment before killing him.

With Jack and the lie. I don't know what I think. But the fact is, Locke put the idea in Jack's head to lie. So part of him had to agree with Locke. Maybe it wasn't necessarily for protecting the Island but maybe it was. Locke was insistent with Jack that he knew he was brought there for a reason. And the look on Jack's face when Ben and Locke were going into the Orchid was priceless. In the back of his head, he was going to miss things like that. He was just in denial about things, and still in denial when Hurley and Locke started saying stuff to him about going back. It wasn't until Locke dies that he turned the corner and the stuff in the back of his mind came to the forefront. (I'm thinking this through as I'm typing btw...lol) So, yeah...I think Jack was kinda lying to the other O6, just like Locke suggested he would need to.

It's definitely fun to look at this stuff in hindsight and try to apply reason to it considering how things ended. But, it's also a little frustrating since things aren't very clean cut. But, that was the intention of Darlton. They wanted the show to still be able to be discussed long after it's end date. (Of course, intention and excuse could be the same thing here lol. It really would have been impossible to answer everything clearly and have it make sense.)

Mike V. said...

Have a great wknd to you too!

MJ said...

Justified - Duh! I should have realized that you had not met the Bennets cause I know you would have mentioned one Bennett in particular ! You'll understand once you see them. LOL The actor totally will erase the much loved character we once knew his as !

lost S5 - I'm up to 'He's our You' and 'wasting away in Dharmaville' LOL Margaritaville on my mind since they announced it was coming to AC. I'm also remembering the Totally Lost's - and missing them :-D

Watching back to back like this - damn that Ben Linus is E V I L. I'm not so sure I will llike Ben in the end like last time.

Not sure it was alie - or a big plot hole but Locke tells Sawyer he's levaing the island and bring the others back to stop the time jumping - but bringing the O6 back has nothing to do with stopping the jumping.

And another non-pay out - Widmore tells Locke that a war is coming and Locke has to be there so the right person wins. I really don't think Widmore meant Jacob v MIB war - so another hole in my mind.

Boardwalk - meant to say I had been shocked that the Commodore was Jimmy's dad. And that that agent killed his underling ! Dang !

Ok - gonna try to catch up to all the comments now.

Mike V. said...

Justified - ok I'll let you know lol. Still dealing the crowlers. The sheriff (dude from the killing) was involved. And Boyd's dad is Tom/mr friendly!! Lol

Lost - don't have much time but I figured I'd say a couple things. I don't think Locke was necessarily lying to sawyer. He may have honestly believed he needed to bring them back to stop it. It was all mib manipulations. Of course Jacob needed them back too so who knows. Can't flush out my thoughts endlessly right now :) lol

Yeah I think we all expected a bigger war. If you remember widmore had different intentions before Jacob visited him (off camera) and he returned to the island. It may have been a writing convenience for that to happen though. I'll write more when I'm at a computer. But I'm through jughead!

MJ said...

I'm off monday so this will probably be my last post til Tues - so I'll post some comments on what I watched and hope that we get in sync this week sometime since weekend are when I get most Lost done, but early week is DVR time for me.

Totally agree with your comments on Sawyer and Jules and how quickly we fell in love with them as a couple. I was even feeling annoyed along w/Jules now (for me) that Jack and Kate are back ! Like - back off Kate ! LOL

Because you Left - we find the pocket of power at the Orchid. And Daniel in Dharma jumpsuit brought a bif smile to my face. Yemi's plane, Ethan shooting Locke in the leg ! Richard remiving the bullet and giving him the compass - good times ! Plus we get the 'why did Richard visit newborn Locke - cause Locke told him to! And we started with a record skipping and then Daniel explaining the jumps like a record skipping. And hey Mike - when little Parker wakes up in the middle of then night isn't the first thing you do is put on a song ? ;-D Daniel - go tell my mother...
Always love the 'wet team' of Sayid and Hurley.

The Lie - Flaming Arrows ! Hey - that's 2 stations. RIP Frogurt, and many red shirts. Funny that Frogurt almost has a bigger role in the mobisode then the actual show. Someone call the FDA - this butcher is storing human remains with our beef ! LOL
Sun's deliver of forgiveness to Kate still rings false to me. Such a sweet scene when Hugo's mom tells him she believes him though does not understand. And the crazyness that is Hurley with the hot pocket and believeing Sayid not to believe Ben and giving himslef up ! Forgot Ana pulls Hugo over though.

Jughead - Welcome to the world little Charlie. Des promising Pen that Charles will never now they are there - then promptly going to his office. LOL I know not in the way I just wrote tht - but basicly. I wanted Des to walk over and take 3 fingers of MacCutcheon damn it ! ;-D Forgot Daniels old girlfriend - and the start to trying to make Widmore seem less bad. Was so fun to meet Charlie and Ellie. Forgot all about the latin though.

The Little Prince - We see Jack and Kate go visit Claire's mom and find out she is not behind the maternity test - but why is she still in LA ? And - I'm going to flash forward here since I've already seen eps after this - its raining hard when Jack gets out of the car to go to her hotel room but a future ep when kate bring Aaron there reshows this scene - and it's not raining ! LOL Wow - I rarely catch continutity errors. Damn you Ben for hiring that lawyer !!! Another floor on the elevator to hell for you. This time we of course understand how Charlotte is sickest even though she's been there the least time, and how she knew of the well. But I had forgotten Sawyer seeing Kate and Claire when Claire was in labor. I forgot the Ajira water bottle in the outrigger - but totally thought of you Mike and all the effort you put into trying to track those darned boats ! And all of us trying to figure out who was shooting at them from the other boat. But we get our Jin back! What a huge reveal that was at the time. Love how Darlton showed us what Danielle had told us. Frustrates me though that they can be so good at putting the bow on some thing - and yet left so much open! SIGH!

I watch these eps in groups and then later try to write my thoughts on each. But I'm not sure that all the time jumping is making my recollections right about which ep had what and who a little jumbled. Oh no - I have time sickness without the nosebleeds! I think this time I waited too long and watch too many - so sorry if my comments might be with the wrong ep really.

Ok so got some stuff to do. Might not get back til Tuesday. Just ahve to say that when the title 'Le Fleur' came up on my screen last night it made me so happy! I think I have 5 left to finish the season- hoping to do it tonight before the glut of must see tv on sunday night. Namaste all !

MJ said...

Justified - think you meant Crowders. Mr. Friendly is not our only Lost friend - that is all I will say.

Locke - can't remember now if someone told John that bringing the other back would stop the shifting ! But you are right about their being an ulterior motive to get them all back.

I'm out! Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Mike V. said...

Oh I've already stumbled upon several "LOST" friends in Justified and I know that Jeremy Davies is in season 3. lol (Faraday) And yeah I meant Crowders. :-)

LOST - I'm halfway through L&D of Jeremy Bentham. Definitely found some subtle answers I was looking for (naturally, based on some speculation lol). But I'll have to elaborate later. I have meetings a lot of today with a few breaks in between. I'll try to use those breaks to catch up on comments!

Breaking Bad - Loved it as always. Loved that gilligan put in a clip of Scarface since he's always compared Walt's journey to Scarface. Also loved that Walt says "Everyone dies in this movie, don't they?" ....Foreshadowing or a little humor due to the comparison? lol Tons more I liked but just don't have time to write right now!

Didn't watch any other Sunday shows yet. It's getting tougher by the day to keep up with Parker! Hope that doesn't spell doom for recapping come fall! :-( lol

I'll catch up later!

Mike V. said...

Okay, didn't get as much time as I would have liked during that "break"...might not be till the afternoon that I can comment. But I did want to share this (haven't read it yet)

HIMYM: http://tvline.com/2012/07/29/how-i-met-your-mother-spoilers-season-8/

Mike V. said...

Okay, I may have to respond in phases because of these crazy meetings. (and seriously...who schedules a meeting during LUNCH? There should be a law! lol)

LOL on "back off Kate"...at least they never tried to put Kate back with Sawyer. There were times where she followed him or he followed her and there was enough flirtation for Juliet to be motivated to reboot time (just a small thing lol), but they never had another "intimate" moment. lol

Because You Left - I definitely play songs for Parker all of the time! lol We started with some Billy Joel when he was really young and it quieted him right up. Then we got stuck on the Mickey Mouse phase for a bit where he was mesmerized by those clubhouse songs. Now, unfortunately, it's just some inappropriate LMFAO songs that do the trick. lol But it is hysterical to watch! (Naturally, reminds us of when Ross sang "Baby Got Back" to Emma to get her to laugh on Friends lol) All of the stuff you mentioned was top of my list too!

The Lie - LOL on "flaming arrows" stations. I love how Frogurt got a pass from the larger collective LOST fandom when Nikki and Paolo got criticized so much. He was even more annoying than Nikki/Paolo...but the fact that he got a flaming arrow to the chest helps things! But yes, his Mobi-Episode definitely gave him more screen time. lol

Jughead - Didn't get as teary eyed this time around on the reveal of little Charlie's name. But I remember loving that reveal. So perfect since Charlie got them back together and lost his life in the process.

(PAUSE for my Meeting lol )

Mike V. said...

And we're back! So this time around (and I'm sure I did it last time around), I'm still trying to figure out how on earth Penny and Desmond sailed from Oxford/London to Los Angeles. That is a hike on some very questionable waters! lol Did they sail through the panama canal and go that way? lol Crazy stuff. Funny on wanting Des to take some whiskey! Ahh yes, Theresa. I remember us trying to link that Theresa to Boone's babysitter Theresa, but it was probably just a coincidence in naming. As far as making Widmore seem less bad, I dunno. I think he was supposed to seem like a villain until he showed up on the Island and announced he was there to fight SMOKEY. He made it very clear that Jacob came to him to make a personal request. I think this is when the motivations changed. (as far as Eloise, I have a theory about that now but I'll get to that at the appropriate episode)

The Little Prince - We found out Claire's mom was in LA because she sued Oceanic and she was there to get her settlement. I don't think that is a continuity error. It's not raining later that night when Jack, Kate, Sun, Ben and Sayid all meet up at Slip 23 at the piers. Kate takes aaron then, then loses him in a grocery store and then it's not until the NEXT night, when she brings Aaron to Claire's mother. So, I'm not sure why that would be a continuity error. Of course, I wonder if it was in the script that it would be raining or if it just happened to be raining in Hawaii that day when they filmed the outdoor piece. lol

And yes, it is clear this time around to see the order of people getting nosebleeds. Charlotte (born on island and lived there longest), Miles (born on island and was probably there longer than Oceanic crew...maybe not Juliet though. hmmm), Juliet then Sawyer. Oh well, I'm sure it's not an exact science. lol Ahh yes that crazy outrigger scene. so upset we never saw the other side of that battle. They clearly had something in mind, but just couldn't get to it. I think I had read that it was a planned season 5 storyline they couldn't get to. But I think they totally could've fit it into season 6 since it was a future storyline. The problem was, and Damon addressed this, it wouldn't have really resolved any season 6 storylines in the process. So, it was kinda a loose end that really didn't solve anything except to show the other side of that. I think in Jorge and his girlfriend's Podcasts of season 6, Jorge mentions he remembers reading in a script who was in that other outrigger, but then it never got filmed. He never ended up answering that question, but I think he mentioned it might have been MIB as Locke. As far as showing us the Rousseau stuff, agree it was awesome. Love out Montand lost his arm (and that he was a violinist on top of that lol). Oh...and I also think (this time around), that Montand may have been dead, and Smokey as Montand was the one yelling up for everyone to come after him. Never really considered that the first time. Of course Robert got the "sickness" kinda like Claire (and maybe resurrected Sayid) from Smokey. And his gun jammed just like it did on Sayid when he tried to shoot rousseau. And of course she mentioned it jammed on Robert back in the day. Great stuff. Of course, while they put a bow on that they also introduced Hurley saying the numbers on the transmission that led Rousseau there. But, I'm also wondering if we get confirmation that Jin was the candidate over Sun because Rousseau was shooting at him and totally missing. And of course, Sun became a mother which Jacob seemed to be partial towards.

Mike V. said...

Locke and the timeshifts - Nope, Locke made that up on his own. Richard told him he had to bring his friends back. He didn't say how or why. I don't think Locke had any idea that when he turned that wheel it would stop the shifting. But, theoretically, things really didn't get fixed until everyone came back and participated in the INCIDENT that they were always a part of in the first place. So, yeah, Locke needed to bring them back to fix that problem even if Sawyer and Juliet were content there. I doubt Jin was! (even if he died, he still got to see pictures of his daughter and be with Sun one last time. lol)

No problem on jumbling. it didn't appear you did! I'm still loving this run through season 5. I still think it's my favorite to rewatch! I have a couple more to comment on below:

This Place is Death - okay, so I'm back to the Smokey stuff. We'll skip past the part where Locke is talking to Smokey/Christian in who knows what time and Smokey of that time is omniscient to the whole plot (it would appear that they were in Tawaret Statue time when he fell to the ground...but maybe time is of no matter down in that deep hole near the source. lol (kinda like sideways) What I really want to talk about is what was Eloise's motivations to send everyone back? We don't know for sure since it's off camera. But we do know that Christian Shephard/Smokey tells Locke that he needs to see Eloise Hawking once he gets all of them. So, we can only assume that MIB worked his LONG CON on Eloise too to make her a part of this scheme to get everyone back. And it seems like the whole concept of "recreating the events of oceanic 815 as best they can" may have been a lie. I take this from MIB's tone when he tells Locke "it must be all of them"....I don't think I've watched this scene fully since completing season 6. But, you can totally tell now that MIB wants to bring all of the candidates back so he can kill them. He cannot leave that island until Jacob is dead and all of the candidates are dead so he may have come up with this mumbo jumbo story that somehow he relayed to Eloise. Maybe that's the reason Eloise isn't on the island either. Besides raising Daniel off of the island, maybe smokey talked her into leaving the island for this specific purpose. So, not really an answer, but an interesting idea to link the pieces together. In any case, MIB/Smokey's intentions seem quite clear. He also didn't mind Locke having to die, "I guess that's why they call it sacrifice".

And I think we have already discussed and sorta agreed that maybe the fact that Locke's body had to be on the plane wasn't so that Smokey could appear like him (since he has appeared as dead people not on the island), but to freak everyone out that he has risen. Or maybe he was really needed as a proxy to get back. I dunno! Don't care, it works for me! lol And RIP Charlotte of course.

I'll discuss L&D of Bentham when I finish the ep! And yeah, can't wait for LaFleur either. Just love this season! Whew, that was a lot of typing. lol

Leslie said...

LOST - Just a quick check in for me....got some craziness going on in my world, but I did get through 6 episodes of Season 4 through The Other Woman. Will be back to read what you guys already said on those episodes and add my 2 cents worth.

Mike V. said...

Sounds good Leslie!

BTW, I know we're getting on the large side for commenting, but I'm going to try and milk this through tomorrow and start a new post on 8/1. lol

Mike V. said...

Okay, I finished Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, LaFleur and Namaste! All great stuff.

Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - So, I thought I put to bed the whole issue with Locke in the hotel right after the scene with Jack with the info that Jack said it was a month ago when he saw Locke. But, why would Locke still have the bruises and cuts from the accident on his face. Sure there might be scarring, but it looked fresh from the car accident! lol He still had a cast too, but I can't imagine that leg would heal very quickly. But, just a minor issue. I think we have to accept that the suicide/murder scene happens a month after he runs into Jack. The Abbadon stuff always felt rushed but we have FRINGE to blame for that. And, based on how Fringe turned out, I think this was a good sacrifice for LOST! lol I guess we did know he was working for Widmore since he was handing Naomi out assignments for the Freighter 4 (lapidus, Miles, Charlotte, Daniel). And he would have known about John Locke since Widmore met him years ago in the 50s. So, maybe it wasn't too rushed. There's still the issue that jack acknowledged that Locke told him Ben had left the island. That never happened. But, whatever. Sayid could have told him if they were still talking. Doubtful that Sayid would have told him anything about Ben but it's cool. lol But the episode in general is awesome. Locke failing time after time to convince people to come back and ultimately leading him hopelessly to killing himself. Only to be stopped by Ben who just wanted info, and then killed him out of jealousy. Yikes! I already mentioned, we have to assume that Eloise Hawking was roped in by MIB's "ultimate long con" to getting the O6 back to the island. Of course, she had her own motivations since she knew the O6 had to go back. Because she met Jack and Sayid in 1977 right after she shot her son. She was just playing out the motions. Hmmm...so maybe Smokey didn't have to con her at all. Maybe he knew enough being on the island that Eloise would help them get back. I dunno. Smokey probably also knew that they would be coming back too thanks to the wonderful time traveling they all did. He definitely knew about Jin in the 80s since he attacked Rousseau and crew. Yikes, I'm rambling again. lol Moving on.

LaFleur - Awesome episode as well. Great seeing how they got from point a to point b through flashbacks/flashforwards (You can call them either! lol). Weird watching Doug Hutchinson (Horace) in this show knowing that he married a teenager. lol Anyway, I think they made it pretty clear that when Locke falls down the well he falls out of the time travel craziness. That well wasn't dug yet by MIB and his viking crew or whatever. lol They went way back in time, saw a shot of Tawaret (so it was at least after the egyptians were there. Never got that story!!) But Locke was somewhere else. Then, he set the wheel straight and it made Sawyer and crew flash one more time to 1974. Of course, this wasn't permanent as they just had to stay there until The Incident happened and their friends returned. We see Ethan born before the pregnancy issues happen on the island. This, along with info in the epilogue confirm that THE INCIDENT is what caused the pregnancy issues on the island. A huge electromagnetic event. (They had issues with the polar bears and their pregnancies near the Orchid.) We meet Radzinsky and Phil and are reintroduced to the word "hootenanny" lol And of course, we see Sawyer and Juliet truly bond in a few scenes. The clincher was the scene where he convinces her to stay. Their facial expressions alone sold it.

Mike V. said...

Namaste - Flashed back and forth between present day and 1977. Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sayid arrive in 1977. My wife always loved to bring up Kate's awful hair in that scene of their arrival. lol So naturally, it's all I ever see. Nice little reunion. Nice jab at Jack making him a janitor and then putting him in his place as the new leader of the group. lol In the present we see the plane crash/landing, it turns from night to day...we hear the numbers and finally get the runway payoff. (well half of the payoff. The 2nd half is in the series finale. lol) Sun whacks ben over the head with an oar. We see glimpses of the Shadow of the Statue people before they reveal themselves. (i.e. Bran and Ilana) And of course, they totally fooled us with the Caesar character. We figured he'd be a bigger threat, but ended up being nothing. But we're not there yet. Lapidus and Sun run into ol' Smokey as Christian in New Otherton. We even speculated then that it was smokey because we saw SMOKE when the door flew open. They find out that their crew is in 1977. yikes! Of course, we know now that the reason Locke wasn't on Hydra Island until a day later was because he was appearing to Sun and Lapidus first. And of course, Claire is somewhere else at the moment taking care of her squirrel baby. And Sayid finds a purpose to his return to the island when he meets young Ben.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I just love this season!

(also, watched Episodes. No True Blood yet)

MJ said...

Justified - oh you'll be meeting Jerey Davies before Season 3 ! he's one of those Bennets.

'we do know that Christian Shephard/Smokey tells Locke that he needs to see Eloise Hawking once he gets all of them' - do we really know it's smokey? I thought it was MIB ! Interesting thought you had that Eloise is off island cause she was tricked into leaving - which is what Widmore keeps saying. Eloise's story not being explained was one of my biggest disappointments. Her character with Des was so cool - then they just leave her out there dangling with the whole - all must go back' . but isn't part of Eloise's motivations that she had Daniels journal and since he wrote it happened she was trying to make it happen ?

'Hootenany' is what made me miss the Totally Losts. LOL I'd forgotten what a total jerk that Radzinsky was, and what a whiner Phil was. Do they ever explain why Ethan's last name isn't Goodspeed ?

What is it about severed arms and this show ? LOL This is the second one. And Locke injures his leg - again! Bye Locke ! I still laughed at Sawyer holding a rope leading to the dirt. So typical of Ben to take Jin's ring which was supposed to be proof that Jin is dead to keep Sun safe and he then use it to prove he's alive to get her to come back. Loved comment by Eloise when Sun asks if Ben lied 'probably'. I'll say it again - watching them back to back is making Ben even more evil to me.

Don't think you mentioned 316 - Do they ever really explain why Sun is not taken to 1977 like the rest of them? I don't think they do. I still kept waiting for one of them to walk into that pendulum in the Lamp Post. ;-D Ben 'Who cares' about all the other passengers. Classic Ben. and Frank 'We're not going to Guam are we?" Good times.

Have to laugh, both Ben and Kate told Jack to pack for island life - yet he wears a suit. All so Darlton can fool us for 10 secs into believing that seeing Jack wake up in his suit was a replay of the pilot. Too funny!

When watching this ep I def feel that Ben was being genuine when he talked Locke down, and then Locke says he knows about Eloise and Ben seems to just snap. In a later ep though Ben plays it like he always was going to kill Locke and just needed the info from him. I don't know if the writers changed something later but if it was all a fake that Ben wanted Locke to not die then that was some seriously brilliant acting.

MJ said...

HIMYM - cool stuff ! Though I'm not sure there were that many things they told us. LOL But most shocking to me - I had no idea they were thinking of going beyond this year, I thought this was the final year. Very interesting. Not sure they should - I feel like they'd be draggin things on a bit too much now that they have gotten closer to the end.

BB - I was LOL when Mike just kept taking money off that pile ! And schuyler losing it ! Walt was brilliant how he told Marie Schuyler is guilty over cheating. And getting Jessie to convince himself to dump his girl. Damn!

Gotta get back to work - not quite caught up on your comments yet but will try to before end of day and the new August Comments comes out. ;-D

Mike V. said...


Justified - Fantastic! Haven't watched any more yet. Sunday TV really slows us down during the week. lol


We absolutely know it's Smokey. And it looks like you have some Faraday-like Time Travel sickness from watching season 5. You do realize that MIB = Smokey, right?? lol MIB was running the long con of all cons through 6 seasons of LOST. He portrayed Christian Shephard on the island in every scene EXCEPT when telling Michael he can go (on the freighter. That's my theory at least). He portrayed Yemi, Alex, Locke, Isabella and maybe Ben's Mother. That was ALL the smoke monster. This is not even up for debate. How could you think Smokey and MIB are 2 different entities after seeing season 6??! lol Eloise's story not being explained was definitely a disappointment, but I think there are enough clues to fill it in without actually seeing it. We also get some more of it in Daniel's backstory. I think it can be a combination of MIB/Smokey conning and her knowing that these people will go back because she sees them in 1977. She puts daniel on that path to go to the Island, even though she knows that she kills him. And she mentions to Widmore that she did it FOR THE ISLAND...or something like that (not at THE VARIABLE yet, so I'll have to pay attention when I watch again). And yes, she had Dan's journal and she was trying to make it happen. Though, you have to think she focused so much on Daniel being a scientist that maybe she was hoping he'd find a way to break the cycle.....which inevitably led to the incident. lol

I do miss the Totally LOST's too. Did not forget about Radz and Phil. They were awful, but in the best way possible. And Phil definitely gets what's coming to him! lol Radz, well we know what happens to him even if we never see it. Thanks for the story Kelvin! And no, they didn't explain why Ethan's name isn't Goodspeed. But maybe he changed his last name when he became one of the OTHERS. Or, he lied to Hurley when he took the census. I think that's the only time we get his last name, unless Richard mentions it to Juliet in one of those flashbacks.

What's the first severed arm? Not sure why I can't remember. But, I think Montand's is the first one because Rousseau mentions it in season 1. Damon Lindelof always joked about Montand losing his arm on the podcast, how he always wanted to tell that story. So, we finally got it in season 5, but lots of people couldn't wait to see it! Absolutely on Ben. Of course he's evil! But they made no secrets about this in the series finale when he decides to stay behind in Flash Sideways land. He knows he did awful things in life PRE-Hurley #1/Ben #2 days and wants to ammend before he moves on. He starts on his path in his season 6 episode, but still slips back when he kills Widmore. But that HAD to happen. They had been building up to that since season 3.

Mike V. said...

I may have forgotten 316 but I thought I covered it above. Oops! lol I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to why Sun didn't go back to 1977. I think one of the reasons was simply to keep Jin and Sun apart until the final season. Another dumb explanation would be "because she was never involved in the Incident" lol so she couldn't be there. Funny on the pendulum! The Frank and Ben lines were definitely classics!

I don't think Darlton were trying to fool us with the suit thing (well, maybe a little)...I just figured they were trying to mirror Jack's initial arrival to the Island. Wakes up in a suit and is already called into action saving people. It was funny that he wore a suit though. lol

Good point on Ben being genuine. Maybe he didn't realize how long it would take Locke to cough up the info. But, you're right. It may have been similar to when Locke "heard" Jacob (AKA Smokey/MIB or it might actually have been Jacob that time. Probably not lol). Ben got jealous because he didn't hear it and shot Locke. So then, Locke knows about eloise so obviously someone had to tell Locke about her....so he got jealous again. But at the same time, he did get lots of information about next steps too. So it all works! lol

HIMYM - I posted a link a month or 2 ago that they might go on another season. I always knew it would be 8 or 9 seasons. They were just in a unique situation a couple years ago when they got renewed for 2 seasons so they could map some stuff out. But that didn't necessarily mean season 8 would be the last. The shocking thing was that they might not turn down a 10th season if it came to it. I think they definitely need to start wrapping things up. They said they wanted to know when it was the final season because in the first episode of that season they want to do something shocking. (that was in the last interview lol)

BB - All of that stuff was great. I totally knew what Walt was going to tell Marie before he did it. It was perfect. lol Lots of people are speculating that the ricen cigarette may be saved for Sklyar herself since she's picked up smoking now. Of course, it might accidentally fall in the hands of Walt Jr. Or maybe somehow get inhaled by the baby. That would be some pretty tragic stuff!

Take your time on the comments. I'm going to be in meetings most of the afternoon so not sure if I'll get a chance to respond or not PRE-August posting. lol

MJ said...

I was never totally clear on who was or was not smokey. I know that Flocke is MIB in The Incident. Besides - I think they made it up as they went and made it work for them by the finale - cause it doesn't always make sense.
I've only seen S6 once remember - but I don't recall that when we just met MIB in the Incident for the first time when Black Rock was sailing by that MIB wasn't a man? Jacob did have a brother.

Vincent brings an arm from Roger Workman and the van LOL .

Ok - I've finally finished my thoughts on the rest of S5. WIll post it in August though !

Mike V. said...

Well, sure they made stuff up over 6 seasons as they went along, but I think they were pretty clear with who MIB was and who he has been after the conclusion of the series.

MIB = Smokey. His "soul" (if you will) was ripped out of his body when Jacob sent him into the Source. He thus became the Smoke Monster. It is speculated that the MOTHER was both Smokey AND Protector before that. (evidence: the ruined camp near the WELL in "Across the Sea")

When we meet MIB in the season 5 finale, he is already Smokey. He is trapped on the island and wants to find a loophole to kill Jacob and his candidates and get off the island. We find out FOR SURE that he is smokey in the season 6 premiere when he (previously as locke) turns in to smokey and kills Bran and some of the other people Ilana brought with her. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that"

Like I said, there are many things still up for debate. This is definitely not one of them. They absolutely made it clear MIB = Smokey. Maybe when you rewatch season 6 you'll agree. lol

Where did the Roger Workman comment come from? Wasn't that a season 3 thing? lol See you in the August comments!