Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 1 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model - 11

Hello Fringe loyalists! We're back for one more round of awesomeness and it's thanks to the extreme loyalty of the fandom that this 13 episode final arc was allowed to happen.  I have read that these 13 episodes will act like one giant movie bringing the saga/series to a close.  You know what that means.  No more "Monster of the week" Myth-a-lone episodes that Fringe excelled at.  We are embarking on a serialized Fringe adventure to bring the 5 season long mythology to a close.  And, obviously, we're focusing on those crazy Observers and their takeover of the world.  (in their past, our future)   The first episode out was pretty darn entertaining, and I'd like to label it with my trademark WOW!

But enough of my rambling, let's dive into this recap!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 2 - Chained Heat

Welcome Revolutionaries (Revolutioneers?  Revolutioners?) to our 2nd recap of the power outage show!  So, what's the verdict 2 weeks in?  Well, I'm still interested by the premise.  I still like where they're going with it.  But, the same issues I had last week are still there.  There are some pretty weak cast members that are playing major roles in the show.  It might end up being a drag on the show.  Some of the lines we are getting are skating along "Terra Nova cheese" level.  I may have to reinstitute the "cheesy lines" segment at the end of the recap again.  So, it's a mixed bag but it's still entertaining for now.  So, we'll stick with it!

I keep thinking I'm going to stick to a quick recap, but it doesn't look like I really know how to do that! I'm going to keep trying though.   I think all we really need to do is highlight the key things to remember from each episode.  So, when time is short for me that's what I'll do.  But for now, another wordy recap.  So, let's jump right into this!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  Welcome to the new likely failed experiment known as the "Revolution Recap"!  No, I'm not saying the show wasn't enjoyable, because it was.  But, we've been down this road before since LOST has left the airwaves.  Flashforward (while LOST was still airing), The Event, Terra Nova, Alcatraz have all come and gone leaving us with 1 season each.  While LOST did bring us 6 seasons of great storytelling (and yes, some will still debate that final season), it tested the patience of viewers.  Many shows have tried to crack the impossible code that LOST cracked in achieving mass recognition by the world and earned much discussion on the internet.  (Obviously, or we wouldn't be reading this right now)  In this day and age, viewers are very likely to tune in and watch a pilot episode, see if they like the premise and then start bailing in droves in the coming weeks.  The problem with shows like this, is that it takes way more than 1 week to figure out if it has any legs.   I always argue that, while the LOST pilot was pretty darn amazing, we didn't start seeing the potential of the show until Locke stood up, and Charlie and Claire got kidnapped by The Others.  So, patience is the key folks!

Now, REVOLUTION!  I thought the pilot did its job.  It set up the premise of the show and introduced us to the characters we'll be following.  I do wish that they could have gotten some better acting jobs, and maybe even some better dialogue for the actors to work with.  But, the cast needs time to gel and figure out the characters themselves.  It also felt a bit rushed.  A lot had to happen in these 40 something minutes of television.  I would imagine the pace will slow down in the coming weeks (some people may not agree that this would be a good thing).   Okay, so I've mentioned in my Fall Kickoff post that my time is limited these days.  So, I'm not going to go into incredible detail in this recap.  If one day it earns the right to get LOST-level analysis (or even Fringe-level analysis) we'll reassess my time management skills at that time!

So without further adieu, let's dive into the brief recap of Revolution's pilot episode!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall 2012 TV Kick-off!

Hello TV Addicts! It's been a long summer of TV blogging hibernation.  But, we obviously haven't been too quiet around here.  With summer catch-up TV and LOST rewatches there has been plenty to discuss.  (See the 3 Summer 2012 Blog posts to read up, if you're bored.  But, alas, we are once again embarking on a brand new television season!  A lot has changed in my personal life, as I alluded to last year.  With my son getting older and more mobile by the day, my spare blogging time is getting smaller and smaller!  But, you guys know I can't just quit talking TV cold turkey.  So, I will still find ways to discuss.  As for super-elongated recaps?  They may be a thing of the past (until LOST gets a reboot or somehow returns 10 or 15 years down the road or something).   Anyway, I wanted to discuss my plan in this post for at least the FALL portion of the TV season.  As always, the plan is detailed after the jump!