Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fringe: Season 3 Episode 11 - Reciprocity

Hello my "weaponized" friends and welcome back to another fresh serving of Fringe Recapping!  If this is what we are in store for every Friday, there will be no more complaints from me for the big move from Thursdays.  What an outstanding episode!  The best part has been that the past 2 episodes seemed to be 100% based on moving the mythology forward.  Like I've said before, I rarely complain about the Fringe "Monster of the Week" episodes because they tie in so nicely to the show.   But, I think the producers are at the point where they know they are playing to the fans of the show and not looking to expand their audience.  If the networks are on board, this can be a pretty liberating feeling!  No need to force a procedural story into the mix if it doesn't warrant one!   Then again, there was a case to solve this week, but it turned out to be VERY relative to the show's central story.  And I must say that it was a BOLD direction for the show to go.  But here I am throwing my chips in to the center of the table.  I'm all in, Fringe!  Let's see those cards!

This episode revolved around Peter and his relationship to the almighty Universe Destroying Machine.  Decryption of Fauxlivia's (officially dubbed by Walter) computer is continuing on in hopes that they will unravel Walternate's agenda.  Peter and Olivia's story advances in a positive direction as we suspected last week, but there is lots of darkness still looming!  Oh yeah, and there's a mystery killer on the loose knocking off Shapeshifters.  But, clues were dropped throughout the episode to let us know that this storyline would tie the rest of this paragraph all together in the end.  Let's bring on the recap!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fringe: Season 3 Episode 10 - The Firefly

Greetings Universe Hoppers and Observers alike!  It brings me great pleasure to be able to recap Fringe once again.  Things have looked pretty bleak over the past couple months with Fringe's inevitable move from Thursday night.  I have finally convinced myself, as many Fringe fans have, that Friday night may possibly be the best night for the show.  Yes, the same night that has been the "DEATH SLOT" for so many sci-fi shows that have preceded it.  And the irony does not escape anyone that the FIRST Friday episode of Fringe has the word "FIREFLY" in it.  I, myself, have still not gotten around to watching the TV Show Firefly nor the entire movie Serenity, but I know it has a very loyal fan base who are still recovering from its cancellation (yes, it was also moved to Fridays).   But, here we are, a day after the first Fringe Friday.  How did we all do? Did we find time to watch?  I must confess, I couldn't watch live.  Friends called me out, I went to dinner and kept looking at the time wanting to be home.  Got home at 9:59 and started the TiVo.  (I still don't really understand how same night DVR delay ratings work but I always convince myself that if I watch it the same night I'm included in the ratings!  And no, I don't have a Nielsen box)  Fridays are going to be tough, but I have faith that FOX is going to give Fringe a long leash for its dedicated fans.   And if the coming episodes are as good as the one that we just had, I can see my Friday struggle between a social life and Fringe continuing!  If the Mrs. is reading this, she's rolling her eyes and looking forward to future Fridays, I know it!  (Note: as I was writing this up, I received a tweet that the ratings INCREASED from the fall numbers last night.  If they stay up, we can definitely look forward to a renewal.  GREAT NEWS!!!)

Anyway, Great Scott this was a good episode!  Very heavy indeed, something definitely wrong in the future with the world's gravitational pull.  If I had to rate the episode in terms of electricity, I would give it a 1.21 GIGAWATTS!   Why am I quoting Back to the Future so incessantly?  Because Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown, Professor Plum - you know, the classics) was a very special guest star!  There were enough subtle references to Back to the Future to make any geek's brain explode.  It was good stuff.  You need to pull in the big guns if you want to attract a Friday crowd!   Besides having Doc Brown by our side for this risky endeavor, there was plenty of OBSERVER goodness, course correction for LOST fans and Peter/Olivia/Altlivia drama to keep us all thoroughly entertained all hour long.   And Walterismns....I love me some Walterisms.  But we'll get to it all in the recap below.  Let's go!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I Met Your Mother: Season 6 Episode 13 - "Bad News"

Hello TV Addicts and happy New Year! I know it has been awhile and we are still in a bit of a TV hiatus, but I feel compelled to write about last night's How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM to the more obsessed fan). One of my favorite things about HIMYM is that they are always able to tie in punchlines from previous episodes in this season or from 5 seasons ago and the fans will remember and appreciate it without hesitation. This episode did a great job at utilizing that tactic while still setting the stage for future events. That is when the show fires on all cylinders. I didn't mind the past couple seasons where the critics and fans were crying for the show to end, but I can clearly see that the quality of the show has greatly improved this season and is reminding me of its season 2 glory days. Anyway, I just wanted to jot a few things down about the episode and see if anyone else out there watched and has any thoughts. Sorry folks, I know it's not Fringe, The Event, Walking Dead or even LOST but I like me some good COMEDY too! So, while we're waiting for our serialized TV to return this is what you get!  Let's dive in: