Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episode 12 & 13 - Occupation / Resistance

Well kids, we made it through season 1 of Terra Nova!  How did we fare?  It wasn't the worst show in the world, and naturally far from the best.  But, I was entertained in any case.  Season 1 will be known for its over-the-top acting, intentionally (hopefully) cheesy dialogue/moments and spectacular High Definition scenery.  But, for the most part it was a feel good show that entertained.   I wouldn't be upset if it returns for a season 2, but as I have stated previously, I probably won't return to blogging about it.  At least not full episode recaps.  But, just for kicks we'll do it one more time!  After we recap, I'll once again talk about my future blogging plans as well as that big life change for me that will affect us all!  (well me more than you!)  As far as the finale goes, it was action packed and probably the most entertaining episode of the season.  And there was tons of cheese sprinkled all over the episode, just how I like it!  Anyway, let's get into the recap.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episode 11 - Within

Hello Terra Novians and welcome back for more recapping!  This season is building up to one climactic showdown as we close in on the 2 hour season/series finale next week.  Mostly what I read seems to indicate that we'll at LEAST see a season 2 of this show to help justify all of the work that went into producing the show (location, effects, various rewrites, etc...).  And based on how the series has evolved over this half order, I wouldn't be upset to see it return.  Of course, I wouldn't be jumping in my boots either (no, I don't own any boots so that could be tough anyway).  I think a 12-13 episode season order suits this show well.  Not sure how it would fare over a 22-24 episode full season.  I could envision lots more cheese than we ever witnessed in those middle episodes this season!  Anyway, those little seeds of mythology that have been planted from episode to episode are finally taking front and center stage in these final episodes.  And they have to be the strongest that the show has produced yet.  Don't worry, I still found some hidden cheese gems in there.  But, on the other hand with Zoe getting absolutely no lines and maybe 10 seconds of screen time it's tough to find a lot of cheese!  Fortunately, Josh and Maddie are still up to no good!

So enough of me rambling about anything under the sun, let's get recapping!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sons of Anarchy: Season 4 Episode 14 - To Be (Part 2)

Whew, I'm exhausted after this season folks.  High stakes, high drama, high caliber acting, awesome twists.  Kurt Sutter messed with our heads and divided the fans of this show into 2 groups.  1.) Those who thought the show would take the ultimate risk of killing off a lead character in the middle of a show's run.  2.)  Those who just KNEW there would be some twist that would force that same character to stay relevant for 1 or 2 more seasons.  I hate to be someone that rubs things in people's faces, so I'll just say that!  But, all the little hints were planted along the way that this story was far from over.  And Kurt Sutter did an interview that posted immediately following the finale that goes into his very detailed thoughts for how things play out from here.  I swear this guy could be a distant relative of mine because I was basically thinking the same way!  Anyway, I salute Sutter, the cast and the entire crew of Sons of Anarchy on a job VERY well done this year.  This is how TV should be done!  Between this and season 4 of Breaking Bad, I just don't know how television gets any better (well, having LOST still be on the air might do the trick!).  So, let's get into my quick thoughts about the episode and open the floor for discussion.  Here we go!