Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episode 12 & 13 - Occupation / Resistance

Well kids, we made it through season 1 of Terra Nova!  How did we fare?  It wasn't the worst show in the world, and naturally far from the best.  But, I was entertained in any case.  Season 1 will be known for its over-the-top acting, intentionally (hopefully) cheesy dialogue/moments and spectacular High Definition scenery.  But, for the most part it was a feel good show that entertained.   I wouldn't be upset if it returns for a season 2, but as I have stated previously, I probably won't return to blogging about it.  At least not full episode recaps.  But, just for kicks we'll do it one more time!  After we recap, I'll once again talk about my future blogging plans as well as that big life change for me that will affect us all!  (well me more than you!)  As far as the finale goes, it was action packed and probably the most entertaining episode of the season.  And there was tons of cheese sprinkled all over the episode, just how I like it!  Anyway, let's get into the recap.

Whew where to start with this one.  It's a 2 hour episode but I think we can sum it up a lot more quickly than that.  Basically, Taylor and Jim have prepared the colony for the worst as Lucas is planning to return with the Phoenix group who will threaten this great new civilization they have founded.  We get a glimpse of the future where Lucas and #2 (he eventually gets a name but calling him #2 in my head grew on me while watching) plotted their evil takeover.  Lucas and #2 were overacting to the extremes in this episode and it was highly entertaining for all the right and wrong reasons.

"I'm gonna buy my own dome!!" 

Anyway, back in the past, Taylor and crew thought they had everything accounted for, but sure enough, Josh's involvement earlier this season was used to the bad guys' advantage.  The bad guys sent a few 11th pilgrimage people through including Josh's true love Kara.  Josh wanted Jim to be on the lookout for Kara since he couldn't be there himself.  So Jim went out and hugged her.  Everyone ended up being distracted when an unwilling suicide bomber was sent through next destroying the portal thingy.  This allowed the paid-for military bad guys to arrive at some different location in the past and occupy the Terra Nova colony while Taylor and crew were decommissioned.

Jim was knocked unconscious during the suicide blast and woke up back in the colony but things look quite different.  The Terra Novians have become hostages to Phoenix group.  Jim wakes up disoriented and with a nagging pain in his ear from the blast.

Basically, we are shown that it is no longer paradise in Terra Nova.  But for some reason, I just never got the feeling that they were really in danger.  Maybe it was the over-the-top villains plotting, scheming and maniacal laughing at every turn.  Maybe it was that no one really seemed to be suffering under this new reign except for a few complaints about security lights here and there.  But, I guess we saw enough to let us know that they need to do something about these bad guys.

We found out that Kara died in that blast and Josh blames himself for that.  Just when you think he'd get even angrier at Jim he blames himself and gives him a big bear hug.  (probably belongs in the cheese section)

Meanwhile, Mira and Lucas are very interested in talking to Jim Shannon once he wakes up.  But no one alerted them to his awakening.  And Jim has had time to get up to speed with Elizabeth and Malcolm.  The whole "acting" deaf with a limp thing was pretty hysterical (for the wrong reasons naturally).   But this bought him more time to get some allies in Wash, Malcolm and Elizabeth and start the revolution.    Oh duh, and no legs guy!  Taylor had set up camp somewhere out in the wilderness and sent coordinates to their location via bullets that they shot some of the bad guys with.  Who thinks of these ideas?!

Anyway, Jim used no legs guy and Malcolm to set up a distraction and hitch a ride out of the colony.   He also learned about Lucas and number 2's plan to blow up the land and get to the golden oil of the gods or whatever they called it.  To show just how bad they were, #2 guy shot a plant-o-saur in the head.  Cue the fake tears folks!

Maniacal Laaaaaugh!  (Anyone see The Muppets?)

So, there is no time for pleasantries as Taylor, Jim and Riley have to get right to work and stop one of these bombs from going off.  It's a nail biting affair where we never feel any suspense and know Riley will get the bomb turned off.   Lucas commands the bomb be set off even while they're still getting out of the blast radius.  But no fear, Riley solved the issue and diffused it!   Lucas gets so mad and yells out Sawyer's "Son of a Bitch!!!" that he needs to relieve tension by making it rain bombs with his super bazooka.  Naturally, not one of them hits our heroes!   Thus, the resistance begins!

Jim brings back some transponders that Taylor set up.  He asks Josh to start working back at Cocktails and dreams in hopes to get some intel from drunk soldiers and BOOM.  Ambush after ambush sends us into quite the Rocky Montage of seeing how many upset Lucas faces we can get.  If only they played a little "Lucas with the Lid Off" to accompany the montage.

Lucas gets so upset that he ends up in the bar and upsetting Josh.  "Did you lose someone in this whole thing?  Buck up and buy a new girlfiend!!"   Then Skye shows up (who is now like a sister to Lucas since they shared the same father figure).  It gets very Luke and Leia in there when Lucas starts getting flirty with her.  Josh, naturally, is over Kara like it never happened and is defending Skye now.  He goes in for the thwacking.  And he gets in a few good shots on Lucas!  (as Jim would later say, he just did what everyone else wanted to do for awhile)  But we knew this couldn't end well.   Josh got the crap beat out of him (and then Lucas did what we all wanted to do for awhile).  This sends Skye to get Jim and more whoop-assery goes on.  But we knew that while Jim is quite the fighter, he couldn't take them all on.   So they both get captured.  Skye's influence frees Josh.  And Elizabeth worked on getting Jim freed.  She pretended to drug #2 with some deathly parasite so that he would free Shannon.  He plays right into it and then demands the cure.  Of course, he was never given a parasite and the "CURE" was a sedative that knocked him out.  I'll admit it, I actually laughed at that whole part with good intentions.

This sends the Shannon family into Exile.  Wash helps them get free but at a cost.  She has to create a diversion which gets her caught.  But she does give them parting words that I won't even pretend to remember what they were.  It was a very explicit message to Taylor.   Cue EXPLOSION, CUE Shannon's escape from the colony and to Taylor and crew.  Wash gets caught but refuses to give any intel.   Her final words were "You have your father's eyes" which was enough for Lucas to shut her up for good.  RIP Wash!  You were enjoyable but definitely the most expendable.  You will be somewhat missed!

Taylor is gutted when he had to let Wash go down to save the Shannons.  But no fear, Zoe was there with just the right words and hugs to say!  Jim also gave Taylor Wash's final words to him.  It was regarding a mission they had on an island back in the day. (no not THAT island)  There were 2 bridges going in and they blew the bridges as their only means of winning the battle/war.   The metaphor being that they need to cut their ties with the future and find a way to survive.   You gotta love Taylor rallying the troops and us.  "Oh we'll survive, but first let's kick some ass!"   Yeah TAYLOR!!!

So, I figured this would play out that Jim would end up being in the future, blowing up Hope Plaza and then getting stuck there as a cliffhanger.  But, they didn't go that bold!  But there was more trickery of Lucas and crew to get Jim into the future.  Skye manipulated him into thinking that she was over Taylor too.  But it ended up being an ambush.  They stole one of the vehicles scheduled to be transported back to the future and threw Jim in there with a surprise.   They sent him throw the portal and then Malcolm blew the gizmo opening up the time fracture to send whoever returns to some other location again.

In the future, we hear how the Phoenix Crew is very interested in what is in the "Bad lands" of Terra Nova.  Apparently, whatever was supposed to be in Jim's transport was the valuable intel.  But instead, Jim awoke the T-Rex type Dino he had stashed and we got DINOSAURS in the FUTURE!!!  Good times.  Jim manages to take out all of his villains.  #2 lets an old guy get eaten only to delay his own eating which Jim gets to witness.  He plants the bomb and then does the ol' "Run away from the T-Rex as the place is blowing up" thing.  And of course Jim makes it!!!  Why wouldn't he!?    Hope Plaza is GONE.  No more future, right?   Eh, we'll see.

The Phoenix Crew is all bummed so they flee the colony and head North.  Everyone else celebrates the return to normalcy and their newfound freedom.  1000 people who will restart civilization.  As Taylor says, a nice round number.

Other Big Plot Points and Future Questions
But things don't end there.  They left enough loose threads for us to question what a season 2 of Terra Nova would look like.  But the hysterical thing is, instead of us figuring out the questions on our own, they had a conversation asking each other questions.  It felt like a LOST Addicts Blog for dummies or something.   The Phoenix crew was heading north to the Badlands.  Jim knew that there was something in that transport that they were sending to the future.  So, Taylor's people retrieved it.    It was the statue off an 18th Century ship's bow.  It made them wonder:

  • Taylor: "What else is out there?"  
  • Jim: "What's more important is, why did Phoenix head out there immediately?"

Well, they had just been through such trauma so obviously they didn't want to think about it right now.  So, maybe some other time they'll wonder about it.   We could speculate now.   Perhaps this fracture in time had opened up in the past before?  Maybe there is another means of returning to the future from the Bad Lands?  Maybe the REAL "others" live there?  Maybe the Bermuda Triangle had a time fracture that sent all lost vessels/vehicles to Terra Nova too?   Maybe not.  I have no idea.  It's so vague it could be anything!

Another big thing I forgot to mention was the whole Taylor/Lucas fight.  Lucas broke free from his capture and slammed Skye's head to the jeep.   Taylor and Lucas got in quite the brawl.  In the end Lucas after being so gullible with Skye, put on the fake-out to Taylor.  He blamed himself for his mother's death.   Taylor fell for it hook line and sinker and ended up getting stabbed.  But before Lucas could finish him, Skye showed up and shot him convincingly several times.  Yet he still managed to get away!  HUH!?!?!

We also learned what happened in Somalia.  They were captured and Taylor had to choose one person to live.  He chose his son and his wife's death was slow and painful.   Lucas felt as if he was blamed ever since then for her death.  The dude is just flat out crazy!  If there's a season 2, looks like he'll live to see it.  

But the show ended on a happy Shannon note, mirroring the pilot episode, as they sat out and watched a meteor shower that Maddie predicted and Zoe verified.  Awwww.   How lame did that meteor shower look?   It was like going to 1/4th light speed in Star Wars or something!


Cheesy Lines/Moments of the Week
There are so many, that I apologize if I can't get them all in here.  You're welcome to include your favorites in the comments! 
  • Wash told Taylor to "Can the Cheddar" at one point.  Any reference to cheese belongs here! 
  • Taylor standing on the Jeep as he goes off to war.  

  • The Phoenix soldiers at the bar who just earned a free tab.  "Drink up Boys!  There's thirsty work ahead of us!"  
  • Pretty much everything that #2 (oh yeah, his name was Weaver) did.  He was so disgusted with being in the past with all of these creatures.  His paranoia, his laughter, his lust for money and power.  But his best quote came in the future when he returned with the oil.  "Today you're rich, tomorrow is just gonna be stupid!"  

  • Mark and Maddie didn't disappoint in this episode.  Lots of kissing, "I love You's" and Jim walking in on them kissing.  Classic stuff. 

  • When Lucas tortures Jim he pulls out a taser gun.  Jim's response?  "Cool toy!" 

  • Zoe to Taylor "If you ever need another hug, just ask."   Ugh, too cutesy!!! 

  • Taylor returning home with his battle wound and chest exposed complete with leather jacket.  Don't get me wrong.  Very bad ass but total cheese fest! 

I'm sure there were many more, but that's where I'm going to end this thing!  It was fun to blog this show, but I feel like my time and writing will be needed elsewhere.  Alcatraz premieres 1/16, Fringe returns 1/13 and Walkind Dead returns in March.  I do plan to cover these but as I have mentioned, that little one is on the way and he's coming really soon!  So, I'm not sure if covering those January Dates will be in the cards.  I will try my best.  As I have mentioned in comments, I will keep people posted on what's going on and make a small announcement on the blog so people don't think I've disappeared for good.

Other big shows premiering in the winter/spring:  Touch, Awake (very excited for both of those), Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Shameless just to name a few.  Very excited for all of them!  Blogging them?  Maybe not, but surely will discuss in the comments pending I'm up to speed.  

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a happy new year!  I will be back at some point, maybe in a different, more abbreviated form but I will find ways to post.  Thank you as always for following my ramblings.  I hope you have enjoyed them and I will see you all next year! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz
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  • Alcatraz premieres Monday January 16th on FOX with a 2 hour episode.  Show your JJ Abrams and Jorge Garcia  (Hurley!) support and check it out! 
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Dexter, Chuck, among others.  Feel free to join in!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: AlcatrazAwake and Touch.   I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


MJ said...

I haven't watched the finale yet, still haven't watched last weeks either. I'll catch up this week hopefully, maybe even tonight.

I only finally caught up on Dexter - Mike be careful on the web as you don't want to know how the finale ends. !

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the warning MJ. I think it's already too late though. Ausiello tweeted something yesterday that kinda let me know. If it's the case though it sounds very weird and awkward! Lol. We may try to catch up this week since its gonna be a slow one!

Kelly said...

I thought Terra Nova's finale was pretty awesome! Of course, there was some gouda, some cheddar, and some brie, but it felt like it was the show it should've been all season.
Love the Muppets reference! "Maniacal laugh!" Yes, I saw it, and yes I loved it! So Mike, are YOU a man or a Muppet? lol..
OMG Taylor standing on the jeep as he was going into war? TOTAL CHEESE! I definitely laughed out loud on that one! But I totally loved it. Taylor's cheese is a fine cheese, I like to pair it with a nice white wine and nibble on some crackers. Seriously, if there's a season two I'll watch just for Taylor.. he's the only one I really care about on this show anyway, lol.
Also on my cheese list? The name "Hope Plaza".. I mean, it's been mentioned many times before in the show, but it was repeated so much in the finale that the cheese was just smooshed in my face. "Hope Plaza"? Ugh, why stop there? Why not call the portal "Follow Your Dreams Avenue"? LOL..
Kara dying right away? Hmmm.. methinks that although she most likely IS dead, there's also the possibility of her MAGICALLY being alive (maybe because they bad guys had her held captive) and then coming back right as Josh and Skye get together. But I hope I'm wrong, because that would be annoying. Mostly because I don't care at all about Josh (or the rest of the Shannon kids), and I also hate forced love triangles, lol.
LOVE Malcolm! He has a Gaius Baltar comedic thing going on, I love it. I was quite entertained when he blew up the portal and then got all "OMG" about it. And when Bobby No-Legs had his wheelchair "malfunction" I love how Malcolm was all, "Oh come on! The guy's in a wheelchair!" Lol..
It was really great to see the show come out of it's overly family-friendly format. There was a lot of violence and allusions of violence.. much more than they've done before. It's like they finally started catering a little more to adults (cuz, you know, we're a blood-thirsty bunch, lol). The plantosaur getting killed (aw, poor Mr. CGI Dino), Malcolm telling Jim about how they put his assistant's head through a window and let him bleed out, #2 getting eaten and thrashed about (same with the other fat cats in Hope Plaza), Wash getting shot and killed, Jim being tortured.. It wa surprising that they went there, even though other shows go way beyond there. For this show, though, it felt like it was a little more grown up. That's a good thing.
Maddy and Mark making out.. ugh. Too awkward. Made me uncomfortable. 'Nuff said.
You are totally right about the dialogue at the end- they totally spelled it all out, it felt totally forced. But ignoring that, it raised some pretty interesting questions in case there is a season 2.
Not sure if anyone saw the EW.com recap, but they held a "Give Taylor and Eyepatch" contest, and the results were pretty funny. Here's the link:
I love the one with Taylor hugging the dinosaur, lol
Here's another link from the EW.com recapper about six ways to save the show- I pretty much agreed with them all:

Mike V. said...

Yeah Kelly, I thought the episode was really good in comparison to what it has been. Agree that it finally went to where it should have been this whole time. Sometimes my true feelings for the show get lost in my "teasing" recaps. lol But, yeah I'd be thrilled for another season of Taylor and Shannon fighting the good fight with their bad-assness and cheese. lol I did see Hibberd's recap and LOVED the eyepatch pictures. They're hysterical. Had a hard time picking my favorite. lol I totally feel like Hibberd took a page out of my recapping stylings for his own. Whenever I do read his recaps, I crack up. But you can tell that he enjoys the shows he's watching...just busting on them with some light-hearted humor. He did the same with Game of Thrones and it was hysterical. ANYWAYS...lol

I'm gonna guess that I'm a Muppet of a Man! lol So glad Jason Segal brought back those crazy muppets. That dude has some serious skills.

Taylor Cheese IS fine cheese and I wouldn't want it any differently! Love everything he does. He's almost a super human at this point and that's how I like my Terra Nova leaders. lol

Funny stuff with Hope Plaza and follow your dreams avenue!! Totally agree on the cheese rating! (or is that cheese grating? lol)

I'm gonna say you're probably wrong about Kara coming back to life. They drug that subplot on all season and just decided to kill it in the end. That's my guess anyway! Though it would be totally hysterical if she came back to life. lol But, I would not accept it unless Commander Taylor used his magic hands to perform the miracle resurrection!

Like the Malcolm/Baltar comparison and I totally see it. Malcolm definitely came a long way after his initial introduction as a jealous ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth's. I love the Terra Nova alliance of No Legs, Boylan, Skye, Reynolds, Taylor and the Shannon family. lol (and of course I'm sure Riley and Dunham would take a bigger role next season with Wash gone).

I think they struck a much better balance with the semi-darker tone and less "kid appeal" stuff. But I'd like to see it get a little darker. Maybe make the camera-work a little grittier. Things seem a little too polished and perfect still. And I agree with Hibberd (he posted another column on how to save Terra Nova)....there never seems to be any real threat of danger from their dangerous surroundings. They need to get that atmosphere into the show. I think now being cut off from future supplies and stuff we can sort of get that LOST vibe going where these people are trying to survive in this dangerous and mysterious place. Not EXACTLY LOST vibe, but part of the feeling that made that show so awesome in the first place. My hope is that's why they decided to blow up the portal. But, with the trip to the "BADLANDS"...something tells me there's more technology that can be harnessed there. Or it's just a "graveyard" of things that have fallen through time fractures throughout OUR Earth's history. We'll see!

I'm pretty sure the show will be renewed for 10-13 episodes next season. It sounds like they're close. So, we'll see where I am in a year's time and if I'll have time to throw down some comments on this one!

Thanks as always for your humorous comments Kelly!

MJ said...

Hah ! That's what you get for being on Twitter ! LOL J/K ! In good fun you've teased me about NOT being on T - so I had to give it back.

Awkward is not the word. LOL

Mike V. said...

Oh I knew you'd use that to your advantage for being anti-twitter! But that's the risk you take for getting real-time updates on stuff. I expect more out of Ausiello!! My problem is, I subscribe to SMS Texts for certain people I follow because I want the most real-time updates I can get. Ausiello is one of them. He made a comment in passing and it confirmed suspicions from what I had already accidentally read. lol

I got spoiled on Boardwalk Empire's finale too but that was from reading comments in a Game of Thrones article on ew.com. How random!!! lol

BEYOND Awkward maybe? lol I'm going to pretend that I still don't know what it is and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. But, I still don't know the circumstances around it so maybe that will surprise me. But there is a sort of irony around the whole thing when considering the off-screen actors involved and their own personal lives. lol That's all I'm saying! I need to catch up!! lol no TV shows tonight and I'm off the rest of the week so maybe we can catch up!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I also posted the ways to save the show link under the Pirate Taylor link.. I definitely agree with his points. I hope they continue with what they did in the finale. I agree that them being cut off from the future will give more of a sense of danger. Like, watching Elizabeth get the bullet out of that soldier? Um, why am I not a doctor from the future? Looks so easy! So hopefully next season they'll get into the nitty-gritty of the land and maybe have more casualties.
Cheese grating? YES!! lol!
I really do hope I'm wrong about Kara.. but I'm throwing that out there just in case! heh heh
I like Hibberd's recaps too. I like a little snark sometimes, obviously.. like they say in celebrity roasts- "You always roast the ones you love"... hence another fave recap site, Television Without Pity. Sheesh, I spend a lot of time watching and reading about TV, don't I?? LOL!
OMG I LOVE Jason Segal.. If I ever get married, he's totally gonna be on my "list"- you know what list I'm talking about, right? The Freebie List? lol! I love what he did with the movie, and what he did for The Muppets in general. He was just put on the top of my list, lol..
I'd wish you Happy Holidays (do you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah? Or Kwanzaa? lol) and a Happy New Year, but I'm sure we'll be talking about the finale of AHS before all that holiday junk happens ;) ..and I'll probably keep commenting on here anyway, since I'm really bored at work!

Mike V. said...

Ahh duh...sorry, didn't see you posted both links there!

Yeah...the fancy bullet retrieval gizmo was kinda ridonk! Things are just too easy for them. I loved when Jack Shephard had to do some crazy stuff like use bamboo for blood transfusions! lol

Oh yeah, if Kara ends up being alive, you'll get all the credit! No doubt! lol

You're in good company with obsessing way too much about television...obviously. :-)

You mean the list that Ross laminated on FRIENDS? Oh I know about the list. lol I'd probably put Jason Segal on mine too but it's still loaded up with females. :-) But yeah, everything that dude does is awesome. He's hysterical on HIMYM. I take it you don't watch it since you never join in an MJ and my chats on the show. lol I've been rewatching the show on netflix and it's just as funny the 2nd time around. Segal writes some tunes for that show every now and then too. And if he's not writing tunes he's delivering some fantastic jokes. lol

Well you can probably tell from my last name (Vitullo) that I'm a good Catholic Italian so Christmas is my thing! lol We have become way too PC these days with the whole happy holidays...though I do the same thing! I did wish a Jewish kid a Merry Christmas way back in the day, so after that I learned my lesson! lol

We do have a little AHS to discuss after tomorrow, but Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you as well!

I'll be commenting as long as I have time. I'm not at work for the rest of the year, so I'm not at my computer as often. But feel free to comment and I'll respond when I can!

Kelly said...

Yeah, after Thursday my job is closed for two weeks, YAY!!
I'm also Catholic, so I'm a Christmas celebrator as well. I hear you on the "too PC" thing. I don't want to offend anyone! If a Jewish person wished me a Happy Hanukkah I'd just say "Thanks, you too!" It's more about the gesture for me than what the correct holiday is.
I don't watch HIMYM, but I hear good things about it. Maybe someday I'll catch up on it, but who knows! I'm also a Buffy fan, and Alyson Hannigan's on that show.. I don't know why I never watched it! I think my love affair with Jason Segal started with Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and then grew when I got Freaks and Geeks on Netflix (back when I had Netflix). and LOL about having him on your list, too!
Remember when Jack tried to perform his own appendectomy on Lost? LOL!

Leslie said...

I thought it was a great finale! Some intense moments, even some suspense and definitely some laughs! You all have already covered the best moments...I liked Malcolm's role, using no legs guy to cause the distraction so Jim could catch a ride out, and can we say the women added to the bad assness...Elizabeth, Skye, and of course, the ultimate sacrifice of Wash. As Taylor said, only like he can, "She was a good soldier."
I think #2 guy had some of the best lines. One was, "Bugs the size of dogs and plants that eat children!" He also said something like, "I don't think bugs should growl at you." His face when he thought he was injected with the parasite was great! And, his end was very fitting for his attitude...one mouthful! And, you mentioned the warm and fuzzy cheese between Taylor and Zoe, but there was also some between Cocktails and Dreams owner and Taylor when he called to say the bad guys were gone, and they all needed to come back home.
All in all, I agree with Mike...a feel good show that entertained.

Now, on to the AHS finale! Can't wait!

Mike V. said...

@Kelly -

Totally agree that the gesture is what it should be about!

I'm sure you'd love HIMYM. The whole cast is great in addition to Segal. Alyson Hannigan's Lily is fantastic. And of course NPH's Barney is a classic. I enjoy the main character Ted as well, but many people get tired of him. But yes, Forgetting Sarah Marshall had to be Segal's break-out role to the mainstream. He is great in Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared as well. Pretty much that whole Judd Apatow family has gone on to do great things!

As for Jack and the appendectomy....I'd never forget! And don't forget Sun treating asthma with eucalyptus leaves!

@Leslie - Glad you enjoyed the finale as well! #2's lines were pretty classic. I wanted to throw them all in the cheese list but that would have involved me going back and watching it all, so I'm glad you took the time to mention them! The villains were so ridiculous in this episode that it made the episode very fun.

Yeah the whole Boylan being part of the "happy family" was so silly compared to where we started this season, but I enjoyed it. It's one big dysfunctional family that will work together when there's a larger threat against them. lol

AHS should be pretty crazy. I'm actually relieved that the season is almost over! I've enjoyed it, but I'd like to have pleasant dreams again. :-) lol

MJ said...

Finale was ok - but I'm hoping no season two. Loved #2 and how much he hated everything about the place though.

I can't believe you watch Shameless ! I adore that show and am looking forward to it's return. SUCH a funny show.

Maybe you can create a post for each show we wish to discuss - but you don't have to recap it - just so we have a place for commenting for each show ? Would be easier for people to then find the conversations rather than having to search the other blog areas. Just a thought ;-D

Am very much looking forward to AHS tonight. And Chuck friday - there's only 5 Chucks left, which makes me a little sad. But I'm glad we've gotten as many as we have.

Mike V. said...

Posting from my phone real quickly but I can't believe you don't remember that I watch shameless! Lol. We talked about that and episodes all last season! But yeah maybe I can post a discussion post for that. We'll see!

MJ said...

Color my face red then! I know my office mate and I talked about it but no - LOL - I don't remember talking on the blog. But hey - a middle-aged mind is a tough thing to manage.

Too funny.

Oh - and I was a practicing catholic once. But I practiced for so long that I got good at it so now I don't practice any more. ;-D

Mike V. said...

Oh I practiced a lot too. So much that I was a pro and stopped practicing. :-) lol But with the little one I'm sure I'll get a little more into it.

Anyway, I have 3 eps of dex left. Just saw the big twist that I saw coming back in episode 2. Lol just seemed so obvious but maybe because people were speculating about it so I kept looking for clues! I also see signs building towards that finale reveal that I may or may not have been spoiled on. I'm glad I'm running through the show this way than on a weekly basis though. Easier to tolerate! Lol

MJ said...

I'm sure the twist you are talking about is the 'freezer' contents. I wound up being surprised because I'd thought of it long ago and then discounted it. SO then it did surprise me when it happened. LOL

Can't wait to talk AHS when you get the chance to write it up.

Mike V. said...

Yup, it sure was the freezer twist. lol Funny that you discounted the idea and then were surprised! Maybe if I watched on a week to week basis, that would have happened for me but just watching everyone's faces the whole time and the fact that only Colin Hanks ever saw the guy, it was just so blatantly obvious! lol But, I guess if you're not looking for it, then it isn't as obvious. There certainly are 2 movies I can think of in recent memory that tricked me!! (FC, SS) lol I won't spell them out because even though the movies are pretty old, it's still mean to spoil!

AHS - I wasn't planning on doing a separate write-up, but maybe you were just referring to when I would post a comment! lol

I have to say that I thought the finale was a bit ridiculous, actually! It was relatively humorous and entertaining, but I can already see the Ryan Murphy "season 2 and onward slump" coming into effect. They just go for broke in the first season that it's hard to ever top it. OBVIOUSLY SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn't watched yet.

They killed Ben in the first few minutes!?!? Yikes. I really thought they'd let him live. Especially with Vivian and Violet telling him to leave. Than Hayden kills him? It was funny to bring in the new family and have the Harmons scare them away. And it seemed like we learned more about the real estate agent too. Like she knew the Harmons were never going to be able to leave that house until they were dead. She just would keep reselling and reselling.

Still don't know if Ben and Vivien's baby is alive or a ghost. When they flashed to 3 years later we only saw Tate's kid, not Ben's kid. He wouldn't have aged if it was Ben's kid. So Tate's kid is obviously pure evil....which is our cliffhanger for next year. Is Constance raising the anti-christ or just someone with a Tate gene? lol

Tate and Ben's talk was good stuff when he came clean on everything.

But, mostly the episode was just so random that there seemed to be no logic behind it. What will season 2 look like? I have no idea. Are the Harmons planning to scare away all families? And I don't even think Connie Britton is signed on for a season 2. Don't know about the rest of them....so will the Harmons even be a central focus?

Will season 2 just be about the ghosts in the house and no haunting of the living?

Oh yeah...and I love the fact that the new family was just able to up and leave while the Harmons had to worry about selling the house all season. I guess they didn't realize the house was haunted until the end so maybe that's the difference. It was made really clear to the new family.

Anyway, enjoyable crazy show all season but the finale left me kinda "eh"....I'll definitely tune in next year, but I don't have high hopes! We'll see if Ryan Murphy can impress me.

Mike V. said...


Ryan Murphy interview

MJ said...

Yeah I read the article on EW earlier.

I liked the finale very much. Surprised me in many ways. though I def agree about next season - you and i have discussed it many times with you referencing Glee and me Nip/Tuck.

There were acutally some very touching moments too. Moira is family now. They are all so much happier now they are dead. The xmas tree scene was good - if not creepy. Ben's murder was excellent. And Ben and Vivian just seemed to be having so much fun - even when they pretended to kill eachother. I've never seen them smile or laugh so much.

Agree - don't know where it's going next year. Can't see a whole season of the harmons trying to help people who keep buying the house.

And child Constance raises will be a psycho I think. LOL

Someone called Tate Rambo - can't remember who but that was fun. And as you said - the Ben/Tate conversation. And Ben/Constance - wehre she says what we have all watned to say - get a clue Ben !

Leslie said...

I thought it was a fun episode! Several funny lines like Moira saying "I don't take orders from ghosts. We're equal now." And, Violet, "I'm a ghost of my former self." And, Ben and Vivien both saying "You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that."

On Ben's baby, when Vivien discovered Nora with him, Nora explained he made one cry, then died, which makes him a ghost now.

Who was the ghost with the slashes on his face that helped Hayden hang Ben?

I agree the Christmas scene was both touching and creepy, but there's a lot of that in this show like in the end when Constance sees her grandson all bloody with the dead nanny. Her expression and slight smile was creepy in that there seemed to be a bit of pride along with the horror. And, where will they take it next season? I know I'll tune in to find out.

Kelly said...

I liked the finale of AHS, though it kinda seemed like it was a series finale instead of a season finale. I was definitely surprised that Ben died so quickly, but not THAT surprised. I liked how all of the good spirits banded together to scare the new family away (the wife was the president's wife n The Event, btw). I thought it tied everything together well. I had heard that the finale wouldn't be as intense and scary as the other episodes, so I was expecting something like what they gave us. There's really nothing I DIDN'T like about it, though I do really wonder what will happen next season. From what you guys keep saying, Ryan Murphy seems to blow all of his good stories in the first season, so I'm worried about that. I have a hard time letting go of shows that were once good. I continue to watch them, but I'm not happy about it- The Office is a classic example, though I don't think I'll be watching that show after the hiatus.
Loved the ending, that look on Constance's face was so creepy- and that creepy "psycho kid" music set the tone there.
These thoughts are going to have to end here, unfortunately, because it's our last day at work for two weeks, so I have to get things in order. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! Maybe I'll come on here later if I have a chance.

MJ said...

I thought that actress was familiar ! Good one Kelly. And Happy holidays to you too.

Leslie - that guy who killed Ben was one of the three that pushed their way in and attacked Vivian while Ben was in boston with Hayden - I think any way.

It def did have a possible series finale feel though. But i think it will get a season 2 - the ratings were pretty good.

MJ said...

Just read this about season 2


Mike V. said...

Sorry I've been quiet guys. Out Christmas shopping! Just wanted to mention that ahs was renewed awhile ago! Lol I'll check out that link later. Thanks MJ!

Leslie said...

Thanks MJ. I figured it was someone we had seen before, but I didn't recognize him.

And, I just checked out that link. I'm not liking the sound of any of that! I guess now we know why they killed everyone. That's just disappointing.

Mike V. said...

Okay I'll respond to all comments on ahs tomorrow. Just wanted to say that I finished dexter and I'm thankful to say that I wasn't spoiled. Lol well I was with deb being in love with him but not that final scene! I had been hoping it would happen this season though! (or for a couold seasons now) the beginning of the end comments make a lot of sense now! Lol

Mike V. said...

Couple!! Lol damn autocorrect!!

MJ said...

Dexter : Yeah - since all you talked about was the ick factor I didn't think you knew that Deb FINALLY caught Dexter. So I held my fingers back. My husband and I were also relieved that someone has finally caught him. And yes - this shrink convincing Deb that she's in love with Dex was sooooo yucky. Especially given that they were once married to eachother in real life. Hating that storyline. They are taking a very strong character in Deb and ruining it.

AHS - I hadn't realized it was already guaranteed the second season. Thanks for the 411.

The husband and I were talkig last night and he was saying it would have been better for season 2 to tell the story of the house. There is obviously some power or portal there, but to tell why people who die there remain there could have been very interesting. Or even have a new family move in and one of them are paranormal investigators. But to have the same actors play diff characters? Sounds kinda lame.

I am sooo done with my shopping - you could not pay me to go to any store the week of xmas. LOL

Saw these 2 Fringe promos ! Looks awesome.

Second video is promo for rest of Fringe Season


And another promo

Mike V. said...

Okay, finally at a computer so I can respond to all of these posts! lol

Okay, so knowing that season 1 was meant to me ONE story makes me look at the finale in a more positive way. They weren't trying to keep any loose ends open for a 2nd season. So the Harmon family kind of just took over the home in death and were happier than they were in life. I still think there's a story to tell with Constance and that Evil child though.

But yeah, the idea that season 2 will be a NEW American Horror Story in a whole new setting with some of the same actors? Very weird. I read somewhere that Murphy compared it to an Acting troupe taking on a different play or something. Interesting idea OFF screen, but for television? I dunno. If they can find a new setting as captivating as Murder House, then maybe it could be interesting. But will the same rules apply that we learned this season? If you die in the house/building you're a trapped ghost, you only appear when you want to, the dead/living can conceive children together, etc... lol Or is this a brand new "horror" story?

Not too excited about season 2 and beyond, but we'll see what they come up with.

Everything that you all brought up about what you liked in the finale, I agree with. And Kelly, I knew I recognized that woman from somewhere and just couldn't place it! Shows how much I loved The Event, right? lol

Dexter: So regarding the ICK factor, yeah the whole idea that these 2 actors used to be married and now divorced and are brother and sister on screen was always ICKY...but now they're writing towards it? So weird. I wonder if they were thinking that they had to add another level of complexity to Deb before she found out about Dexter's "hobby".....I think the fact that he was her brother and she is now lieutenant was enough complexity for the situation. But now she's in love with Dex? Hmmm..

I would hope that there's no passage of time for season 7 and we take over right in that moment to get Deb's full reaction. Having a season with Deb knowing what Dex does and either supporting it/being against it will be interesting. But the fact that there are at least 2 seasons left is really crazy! As far as season 6 goes...it wasn't AWFUL, but it definitely wasn't my favorite. But that final moment definitely redeems it a bit. I've been waiting for that to happen for awhile now! (well, I'm sure we all have been! lol)

As far as christmas shopping...Oh, I've been done for a while too. A friend of mine asked me to go shopping with him. So, I didn't have to do any driving! lol And I've been off all week, so why not!?

I'm going to check out the Fringe promos right now. If I have anything to comment on I will!

Otherwise, have a wonderful Christmas/Holiday everyone! And Happy New Year! (I'm sure I'll be back on here in the meantime, but just wanted to throw that out there)

MJ said...

OMG! Please tell me you watched Chuck sometime this weekend !

I didn't hate Dexter this season as some did, but it def wasn't their best. As for 2 seasons - they need to make next one the last IMO. Butw e shall see where they go.

Mike V. said...

Watched Chuck last night. Definitely the best episode of the season so far and probably one of its best. Shaw was always an awesome villain so it was great to make him part of the series's final act. Didn't even think about the computer virus being a great way to get the Buy More crew involved in the action too. Having Jeff and Lester solve the issue was hysterical.

I thought for sure Chuck would end up with Intersect 3.0 at the end of the episode, but maybe he's truly done with it. He did have some sweet fighting skills of his own! Casey with the bear stuff was great too. The General and Chuck's kiss! fantastic. lol

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, but it was an emotionally charged ep. Love that the sis got in on the action too.

Yeah, I'm ready for Dex to be over too. Unfortunately, they already confirmed 2 more seasons, so maybe they have something in store. But, I think I will prioritize watching Homeland again before I get into Dex. Whew that show is good. Did you start it yet?

No baby here yet but should be at some point in the next 2 weeks. I'll keep the blog readers posted! And of course, I apologize in advance for any delays (temporary or permanent) with the current shows and new show (alcatraz). I'll be watching when I can and writing when I can!

Happy New Year to all if I don't talk to you! (and Go Flyers in the Winter Classic!)

MJ said...

I also thought Chuck was getting the 3.0 Intersect ! Just hope they are not leading to Ellie getting it. Loved, loved, loved Chuck and the general kissing. i was toatlly shocked by Shaw's return - though afterward I heard that NBC ruined that surprise in it's promos. But I watch very little NBC so i was saved.

Was hysterical with all the Subway references too.

Two weeks ! Yikes. Good luck to you both !

I still have not yet watched Homeland. I def have to start that this week and try to get it completed before everything starts coming back.

AHS - I had a link that someone sent me - now I ca't find it - but I think you've already read something similar about how it was always inteded to be an anthology series. We shall see.

Also the Terra Nova originally was going to find out this week if they get S2 but that's been put off til Jan which would make it a very tight schedule for them with all the post-production they do.

That's all I had.

Everyone have a great New Years Eve !

Mike V. said...

With Chuck, yeah NBC sure did ruin that. It's not the first time they've ruined a big cliffhanger on that show! Good call with the Subway references. They were all hysterical. Subway is a big reason they're still on the air so I never mind the blatant shout outs!

Thanks for the luck. Based on our appt, it might be a LOT sooner. lol Let's just say if you start not seeing any comments or posts from me on here over the next week or so, you'll know why! But I'll get a post up as soon as I can giving an update!

Good luck with getting Homeland started! I promise you that it's worth it!

AHS - I hadn't read anything, but I'm sure that is what they had in mind which is why they didn't pull any stops all season. It could be a cool idea if they pull it off. But I just feel like there are a couple loose ends in this story that could carry over (like the EVIL child!!)....maybe somehow all of the various season's stories will tie together somehow. But I doubt it. lol

As for TN, I had heard they'd be shooting for a mid-season launch next year if they renewed it and having a shorter season again (which would always be the plan for it)...I had heard that an announcement would be made in January sometime too. We'll see!

Happy New Year's to you and everyone else too!

MJ said...

oh crap ! I forgot the biggest thing of all on Chuck. The BABY ?????

Mike V. said...

More like the weirdest thing on Chuck! lol I don't get it at all but I'm guessing they'll explain it in the next ep! I know there was a passage of time between season 2 and 3 or something but I don't know if she had time to have a baby. Maybe it's from a mission or something. Guess we'll find out!!

In case you didn't see, I already responded to everything else! lol

MJ said...

I had alredy heard that we would meet Sarah's mom - which I thought was strange since you'd think we'd have met her for their wedding. So now I know why we are meeting Sarah's mom.

yeah - usually blatant product placement irks me, but on Chuck Subway is such a part of the show that I look for it and enjoy it.

So - again good luck with the baby. You're as ready as you are going to be. Keeping my fingers crossed for an easy birth for Shannah ? Hmm - I can't remember your wife's name - haven't seen it since Lost days. LOL So please don't take offense if I totally just messed it up. ;-D

Mike V. said...

You were close! Just lose to h. Lol It's Shanna. Yeah she really hasn't followed me on to my new blogging adventure. :-) I don't blame her. It's a lot or reading and she hears me ramble about tv enough anyway. (speaking of which. The baby gets all kicky whenever I go on a tv rant. I really think he is a future tv addict too!! :)) thanks for the luck and well wishes!

MJ said...

Happy 2012 everyone !!

Caught up on Homeland. WOW ! You and everyone else were right - what a great show.

Caught up on Chuck too if you want to discuss.

Mike V. said...

Happy 2012 to you too MJ!

Great job catching up on Homeland. Do you see now why I had to put Dexter on the backburner? Once, Walking Dead and Homeland was all I could handle on one night. lol Such a good show. We'll have to discuss at some point, but I love how the season ended. All season I wondered how this could continue on to a season 2...and I pretty much came to a similar conclusion that the writers did. Make Brody climb the political ladder and continue the ambiguity of his intentions. Great stuff!

We did catch Chuck in the hospital but there were a few baby whines in the background. That's right..he's here! (announcement coming soon. lol) From what I gathered, another excellent episode. Loved the flashbacks with Sarah and seeing her last mission prior to Chuck. Great stuff! Anxious to see how this one ends!

Okay, gonna post an announcement as soon as I can, then it's anyone's guess to when I'll be posting about Fringe, Alcatraz, commenting, etc....lol Wish me luck!

Happy 2012 to everyone!!

MJ said...

Yeah - for a minute I really thought he was gonna succeed. And having the daughter call him ! Brilliant. But poor Carrie. Really great show.

Already sent my congrats on the announcement post. But congrats again.

Of course your blogging will be impacted - so maybe you just need to make them more abbreviated. You can still write about Fringe and WD and our faves - but instead of a total recap make it bigger picture and then we can all discuss.

Whatever works for you and your schedule will be fine though.

yeah - Sarah and the baby - when she didn't know what to do with it - was classic. Guess you and Shana REALLY found that amusing now. I liked how Sarah's mom really seemed to like Chuck and their lives together. Ellie and Awesome were, well, awesome. LOL