Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a boy!!

Hello all of my virtual TV Addict friends! I just wanted to share with you the happy news that my wife and I have brought a new little TV Addict into the world. Parker Anthony V. (Gotta stick with his Daddy's blogging handle for the last name. :-)) came into the world on 12/29 at 8:33am weighing 7lbs 11oz and measuring 20.5 inches long.  So far he's sleeping through the day and keeping his parents awake in the night, but he's the most precious baby ever and I wouldn't trade him in for the world!
I'm happy to share pictures, but I don't really want to publish them on this public site or anything, so if you really want to see them, email me and I'll send some! (yep, already an over-protective daddy!)

As far as blogging goes, I've been saying it ever since September. It's anyone's guess how I'll be affected! I'd love to keep up the recapping intensity that I've been doing for the past 5 or 6 years, but realistically that's probably not going to be possible. But, I still love television and I'm still going to be watching it. The 4 tuner TiVo I just purchased is proof enough of that! So, recaps may just come in different flavors and with a little different timing. Maybe not the day after or day of. Maybe a few less pictures (I've gone overboard on them lately!) I love the discussions that we all have here and I certainly would like to keep that going.   Fringe returns next Friday and Alcatraz premieres the Monday after. I intend to be watching and will write about them as soon as I can!

I hope everyone had and will continue to have a Happy New Year. My wife and I ended 2011 splendidly and can't wait for the exciting times ahead of us in 2012 and for the rest of our lives. Hope you've enjoyed my ramblings over the years and I hope to continue rambling on in new and exciting ways. See you soon!


Char said...

Congratulations Dad and Mom! My how your lives will change....for the better!! Enjoy your new little bundle because he will grow up so fast!! So excited for all of you!! Hope you get Parker's "days and night" straightened out. You need your sleep and we need our commentator/recaps. ;) Hope your new year is a safe and happy one.


MJ said...

Congratulations Mike and Shanna ! What wonderful news. Love the name too. what a way to end your year, nothing but joy.

I want to see pictures please. Do you still have my email from the Lost Blog notification list ?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike!!!
Glad everything went well and both mother and child are fine.
Now you will have plenty of time to watch dvr'ed television shows (at 3 AM.... LOL).

Bill B

Leslie said...

Congrats Mike and to your wife who did most of the work!!! Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Even for a true TV Addict, life can sometimes get in the way, but hey, that's why they invented DVRs! I know we'll all be happy to see your recaps or comments whenever you have time.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday little Parker! Congratulations to you and your wife, I look forward to hearing his comments on various shows in the future :)
Happy New Year to all!

Mike V. said...

Thanks everyone for the congrats!! I appreciate all the nice comments and understanding on my future blogging schedule. Kelly, love your idea of getting Parker's insight on shows eventually. Could be a little fun experiment as time goes on! lol

Bill, he is pretty good at being up from 3:30-5:30 am, so it'll probably be a good opportunity to catch up on some shows! :-) I'll just have to go to bed during primetime then watch the shows then! lol

MJ - I sent you pics!

Seriously, if anyone wants pics, just shoot me an email. I think there's a way to email me on the blog somewhere. If not, I'll just post my email address in the comments. lol

Thanks again and talk to you all soon!

Plumbarius said...

Great news, Mike! Congratulations to you and your wife. My son and his wife just had their second son a couple of days before your baby was born. Say goodbye to sleep ;-)

I've got be be a more frequent visit to this site. The Lost recaps were always a Saturday morning ritual for me and I miss it. Thanks to Netflix, I am watching season one right now, its amazing how many clues to the island and its mysteries are presented this early and now I can understand the early episodes better because I have the ability of hindsight!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Plumbarius! And congrats to you on the new grandchild! So far sleep has been fine, but I have my wife to thank for that. She's on maternity leave and I'm working so she's letting me sleep. lol that won't last forever!

Ahh, I do remember your saturday morning Lost Blog reading rituals! Ahhh memories. I'm starting to get more comfortable with the idea of rewatching the entire LOST series. Still haven't done it since the end! I needed to distance myself a bit from it. Even doing that, I can still recite most of the show line for line in my sleep. :-) lol Definitely stick around this new blog for some good discussions!

For everyone, I'm afraid I have some bad news on the timing of Parker's first WORLD TOUR (i.e. road trip to visit family)....It might coincide with the return of Fringe and the Series Premiere of Alcatraz...as well as the return of many shows for the winter/spring runs. I know I already warned you guys that this would be happening and I had a pretty good idea that I probably wouldn't be around much in January...but it still pains me to tell you. :-)

If this does happen, I will post a "PLACEHOLDER" blog posting for discussing those and other shows. And then, of course, I'll post my thoughts on them eventually!

But you'll be happy to know that this week I've been able to keep up on my sitcoms. HIMYM, Modern Family, and Happy endings were all watched very timely of when they aired. (and 2 Broke Girls but I could take or leave that show) My wife is very excited for the return of TVD tonight...so Parker will get his first taste of vampires! lol

Talk to everyone later!

MJ said...

Anyone ever heard of a show called Portlandia in the IFC channel ? I never have but apparently season 2 starts friday and their second ep on 1/13 is an ep about getting caught up in BSG marathoning. It's called One Moore Episode. It's only a half hour show so I might check it out. Actually - the ep is streaming free on the web right now too. Sounds hilarious for any BSG fans.

I am also awaiting TVD's return. We never watched the mid-season final 2 in Nov so we just watched it 2 days ago. Holy cow ! They were crazy eps.

Can't wait for Alcatraz, as well as the return of Justified and TWD. Also Fringe of course - and my fave Supernatural, Revenge and Ringer.

Mike V. said...

I have heard about Portlandia. I know Fred Armisen from SNL is on it. I saw that the 6 episode season 1 is streaming on Netflix too so I could probably check it out. And it wouldn't hurt to set the TiVo for it either (you know..with the whole 4 tuner thing going on lol) Thanks for the heads up!

Justified, yeah...I'm excited to catch up on that this summer if I can. I'll be recording this whole season and saving it!

TVD - I can barely remember what happened but I do remember it being pretty intense! And I know Stephan took Claus's whole family or something. Should be fun to see what they have in store for us next!

MJ said...

FYI - This friday IFC is running all of Portlandia season 1 - it was only 6 eps - ahead of the premier of season2. They also have some sort of catch up from season 1. Like I said - I have no ideas if the show is good or not.

TVD - yeah Stefan took all the coffine. And Michael stabbed Elena - which turned out to be Catherine. And Stefan stopped Damon from killing Claus. They also gave us that huge info dump on the history of the originals. i watched the 2 eps back to back and my head was spinning.

Mike V. said...

A friend of mine mentioned it yesterday to me and he said it's the type of humor I'd enjoy so now that you mentioned it too I may check it out. lol (portlandia) I set the season pass for new eps only, but maybe I'll change that to get the other 6. But it's not hard to go to netflix either. lol

It's all ringing a bell with TVD! Always enjoy the show so looking forward to tonight!

Mike V. said...

Fringe Scoop!

Mike V. said...

Some clips from future walking dead eps!


Mike V. said...

JJ previews Alcatraz. Format sounds basically like we assumed it would be!


Mike V. said...

Sorry for all the comments...just catching up on my internet reading/video viewings lol

Great new Fringe Summary of season 4 narrated by John Noble. Gets us all psyched for its return!


MJ said...

Cool ! Loved teh past present future clip for Fringe.

Mike V. said...

Yeah it was a good time. Lots of news from the TCAs this past weekend. Not sounding very good for Fringe. Fox was clear that they are losing money on Fringe but they have made no decisions yet. JJ Abrams/Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman have brought up the possibility of continuing the story somewhere else or in some other format (i.e. graphic novel/comic)...but they also said that they will be able to work out an ending for this season if it comes to that. Fox also said since the show is owned by WB, that they need to bring something to the table too if they want to keep the show on the air.

There's tons of articles on EW.com and tvline.com about it. EW even has Joshua Jackson's response to it.

Mike V. said...

Eh I'll just list some of the links lol




MJ said...

Yeah I've been able to read some of them today. I def hope the show continues, but if not ya gotta give Fox some props for keeping it going as long as they have. As long as we get some good closure I'll be happy.

No HIMYM tonight. ;-(

Chuck was hysterical on Friday! Won't say more in case you have not watched.

DId you check out Shameless yet too ? A co-worker said she was let down but I loved it.

Mike V. said...

Saw chuck, saw shameless...enjoyed both of them!

No HIMYM because of the national championship. There is NOTHING on tonight. This wknd through next wknd is gonna be rough for me. I'll be out of town but I'm sure we'll use some family member's DVR to get SOME of our shows recorded! I'll try to at least get Fringe and Alcatraz recorded so I can watch them! lol

I don't know how anyone could be let down by Shameless. It was hysterical as always. Unless maybe it's because Steve wasn't on it...but he'll be back eventually. (aka...guy that was in that one random episode of LOST in season 3. lol)

Chuck - I thought for sure that Sarah would be pregnant before the show ended...but maybe this ep was as close to breaching that subject as we'll get. They're at least thinking about it! But the Jeff and Lester stumbling upon the spy stuff? Classic. lol And the cover-up attempt with Awesome was pretty fantastic too. Love that Casey looks like he may get his happy ending before the show ends. (unless they try to go for some shocking twist before the end!)

Ugh...i just realized I'm going to be out of town for the last 2 chuck episodes!! :-( Maybe I can watch them both next weekend for one grand finale! lol

Mike V. said...

Nevermind...looks like I'll be home for the Chuck finale afterall!


MJ said...

Shameless - yeah the whole Liam being held hostage was pretty funny - and how they paid the guys off.

Chuck : Jeffster and Awesome were great. I've really enjoyed the clear-headed Jeff this year. I had wondered if Sarah would get preggers too. I'm thinking they might end it with a look intow here they are in the future. i def think Morgan will be with Alex and Casey with Verbanski. She's been very funny as well.

Glad for you that you'll be back for the finale ! Can't believe there's only 3 more.

Oh yeah - forgot about the game. You'd think that's when they would air something that could skew to people who don't watch sports - but whatever.

I'll be busy watching my NY Giants beat up on Green Bay Sunday ! Hoping any way LOL

Anyone seen the movie Horrible Bosses? Very funny - more funny than I thought it would be.

MJ said...

Just read this tidbit on supposedly what the first ep of S2 for TWD should have been - very sad we didn't get it.


AUStarwars said...

Congrats Bro! I know i've told you at work, but wanted to show my public support ;-)

Mike V. said...


The whole Weed subplot was hysterical, and paying off the guy for Liam was fantastic. lol And the bonfire??? classic.

Yeah ...a "look into the future" for chuck would be a nice touch. I always love those in the movies. lol Agreed on morgan/Alex, casey/verbanski....as long as they all survive. I still don't think there will be any big deaths since the show is mainly a comedy, but we'll see! (afterall, they did kill Chuck's dad) Is there 3 more? The last preview I thought they said only 2 Chuck episodes remaining. (unless it meant BEFORE the finale lol) .....but the finale IS 2 hours also. I'll have to check my tivo.

Yeah...especially since the game was on ESPN...so weird to have reruns on every network. I'll be rooting for the Niners in Saturday's game (always have been a fan....for obvious reasons in the 80s/90s lol not so obvious this past decade!) ....but I'll probably be on the road too.

I have seen Horrible Bosses....loved it!! Always a big Aniston fan....but Charlie Day stole the show. So glad more people got to see him in that movie since most people don't see Always Sunny...(which he is hysterical in every episode)

I read that TWD stuff too....(and also commented in there defending season 2's character develpment.) I would have loved to see it....but I still think the direction they went was Frank's direction. Just not for the first episode.

Thanks AUSW!! - Appreciate the public support! :-)

Anonymous said...

regarding "Horrible Bosses";
I don't care what anyone says, I found it hard to feel sorry for the dental assistant. I'm sure it wouldn't be that cool in real life to be in that position no matter how hot your boss is but, from the sidelines.... Jennifer Aniston comes onto you with a full court press.... where's the problem? Most guys would list that under "fantasy". LOL

Bill B

counting down to Fringe... tic, toc, tic, toc....

Mike V. said...

Very true and funny Bill And agreed. But that's what makes Aniston so good in the role, and Charlie Day so hysterical!

Can't wait for Fringe, I'm just sorry I'm probably not going to be able to comment on this week's and possibly next week's until I'm home from my trip! But I'm going to at least try to watch it this wknd either via my phone or my brother-in-law's DVR! lol

Mike V. said...

More Fringe Teases

Mike V. said...

Warner Bros Chief contributed this to the Fringe "renewal/cancellation" saga:

“We have no plans to give viewers closure this season because we expect the series to continue.”

Much more positive than FOX! But, then again, Kevin Reilly said it will be up to WB to bring something to the table to keep Fringe alive. So we'll see!

Mike V. said...

interesting HIMYM discussion with producers!


MJ said...

Hmm - very intriguing. I've always been of the mind that the show can def continue after he meets mom. It could just simple become the dating years before marriage. But I like some of their thoughts as well.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I liked some of the "name change" suggestions in the comments of the article. Especially, "How I Married Your Mother" since it still retains the HIMYM abbreviation. How I Met Your Father would be an interesting "EPISODE" or "few episodes" but a whole spinoff show? Probably not...since we would already know who the father is. But I agree, the show could definitely continue to show the "dating" phase of Ted and the mother.

We have wondered with every girl Ted has dated if she'd end up being the mother...so we're already used to Ted dating women and us not knowing if it's the mother or not.

Anyway, I just wrapped up season 2 of my rewatch and started season 3. Still hysterical the 2nd time around.

MJ said...

Just read that GoT premiers April 1st ! Yay !

MJ said...

Geez - been meaning to tell you since xmas, per my niece who watches HIMYM - her Wii Just Dance 3 contains Robin Sparkles Let's go to the Mall. Too too funny

Mike V. said...

Too funny on himym!! Lol. And awesome on GoT. Halfway through book 2 now and it's pretty awesome. Looking forward to it!! I'm also halfway to my in laws. Hope chuck is good right now and fringe is most likely awesome. I have a post set to go up once it's over for discussion while I'm gone. My bro in law is recording them both for me so hopefully I'll watch tomorrow!!