Friday, January 13, 2012

TV Addicts Blog Hiatus: Fringe, Alcatraz Discussion (Sorry!)

Hello TV Addicts!  I've been pretty up front about my current situation with blogging but I just wanted to apologize again that I will not be able to post a timely recap for the winter return of Fringe (possibly next Friday's ep too) and the series premiere of Alcatraz.  I will be out of town showing off/introducing my newborn to family and friends.  I don't know about you, but I can't think of a better reason to be late on the blog posts!  Anyway, I have every intention of watching both shows and commenting on them as soon as I can.  I probably won't be back in the area until some time next weekend so it's anyone's guess when I'll get to commenting about the shows and in how much detail.  But, I WILL get to it!

But consider this posting as your place to discuss the current happenings on Fringe, Alcatraz, and any other shows you want to discuss.  Just be sure to be clear on what show you're referring to in case anyone wants to avoid being spoiled!  I will comment when I can (and if I've watched the shows), but will provide more detailed thoughts when I return from my trip.

Hope you all can forgive me and I hope the shows were both awesome!   See you when I get back!


Mike V. said...

Watched fringe in 10 minute increments today but finally finished! And wow!! So good! Would have been a great fall finale episode which is what it was meant to be. So much to discuss but too much for typing on my phone! I'll comment when I can!

MJ said...

agreed - that would have been a great mid season finale. But then we'd have waited all that time for resolution - now we only wait a week.

By the way - congrats on SFO ! i routed for them this week but obviously I will NOT be routing for them on this sunday. LOL

MJ said...

ok - have some more time now.

Fringe: OMG! Per September - Olivia has to die ?!? WTF ! And is Broyles a shifter ? And the lab dweeb Fayette was a shifter ?

Loved Peter lettingslip that his Olivia can open the portal to the other side without a machine.

I am very excited for where they seem to be going with this.

Chuck: What a great ep. Was cracking up. WIll say no more until I know you have watched it.

Mike V. said...

This is rough. I'm on edge network with no wifi and just my phone!! Lol. So I'll be brief.

Olivia having to die reminds me of the whole man with the x on his shirt in the animated episode. She said he knew that was the man that kills her. Don't know what it means but surely it's related! AlternaBroyles might be a shifter. I actually didn't think of that but it makes sense since he was talking to David Robert jones!! (totally called that one btw even if I knew he was coming back lol). I'm liking the direction too and can't wait to comment more!!

Didn't see chuck yet but it's recorded. We'll see! I started once but Parker is being a cranky pants right now so we'll finish later. A bit of fun trivia though. Hansel and gretel are played by younger versions of Peter and Olivia from various fringe eps. Lol.

I'll comment later when I can!!

Mike V. said...

That is... I started "once upon a time" not started chuck "once" lol

MJ said...

Hah! I thought little Gretel looked familiar !

Mike V. said...

Saw chuck! Bo Derek lol. Hysterical. The jeffster stuff classic. The Colorado buy more with the dopplegangers was a good time too. And Sarah with intersect!? Woa. Really thought they were setting up chuck getting it one more time. Well maybe still.

Saw shameless too which was great as always. Really hope I can squeeze in Alcatraz tonight but it'll be tough with all the visiting we're doing!! But i will eventually!

Thanks for the niners congrats. It was an amazing game. Like niners glory days awesome! Giants are going down!!

Mike V. said...

Thought alcatraz was really good for a pilot episode. Definitely a nice setup and lots of potential for growth. Loved that the prisoners all will be around potentially for future eps. And the ending twist was a good time too! Obviously I'll want to comment more on our first 2 inmates and mysteries but I'm still out of town. I will say that I noticed 2 kelvin references (a bad robot staple). And supposedly there is a lost shout out. Jorge mentioned to check out the back of a book. I missed it so I'll have to check again. Also at the end of hour 2 when they were in the prison going by inmate #1's cell there was one of those smartphone scan codes so I'm sure that was intentionally planted. Couldn't get my phone to read it right though. Probably could on my TiVo at home!

Please feel free to comment and I'll respond when I can and write my commentary hopefully this wknd if I get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Fringe episode was great. So Olivia has to die in one of the four realities - our universe in the alternate time line. That still leaves three Olivia's (our universe original time line, and the alternate universe both time lines).
I give up trying to figure out where they are taking this show but I am looking forward to the ride.
What kind of sucked was that there was no mention whatsoever of where we left off - with Nina drugging Olivia. Nothing new there. They always plant seeds for future episodes.

I checked out Alcatraz too. It looks promising but once again there is a reliance on an arc that will be revealed little by little. There is obviously a lot more going on than meets the eye. That means you have to be a devoted viewer or you will miss something. While these arc type shows can be very rewarding when they work and progress as planned to the desired number of seasons/ending (X-Files, LOST) more times than not they don't.
Bill B


Mike V. said...

Hey bill! I'm still away so I'll be brief. But I'm pretty sure September (observer) said that he has searched every timeline and in every one Olivia has to die. We have seen her die
in one timeline already but this could be totally
Unrelated. It might be related to why September didn't pull the trigger on making Peter be erased totally from existence several episodes ago. I'm sure the Nina stuff is coming. Remember that episode was not intended to be a fall finale so they may have figured they'd address that and David Robert jones all after the hiatus.

With Alcatraz I live for serialized stories. But Alcatraz will be another hybrid like fringe. Right now the producers are still playing the "ratings game" by telling the media and masses that you can jump in and out of the show and still be entertained but there's a deeper story for people who want to be invested. I'm all for it. We'll see how it does in the ratings but I have talked to lots of people who were planning on checking this one out. Can't wait to comment more on both but I need a computer for that!! Lol

MJ said...

Yeah -- Chuck was awesome. Loved how each time Jeffster was in the crashed car there was one more vulture too. I was shocked that Sarah is now the intersect. I mean I'm shocked they went there, but saw it coming as soon as the scene set up. I wonder if she will be even a better intersect since she is already highly trained ?? Loved the whole lost weekend thing too. Hysterical to have those tips back !

I enjoyed Alcatraz very much. Did NOT see that ending coming with the indian chick from ER - can't remember the characters name - being a returnee too. I didn't even see that the first guy they chased would be her grandpa - which I should have since they lingered on his face for so long after he tried to killed her partner. Knew Sam O'Neill was one of the guards that found no one there, and was focused on trying to find which one was the bartender.

Interesting that the the first guy passed the lie detector saying he knew nothing but it was obvious the two returnees knew each other.

I didn't get to watch Shameless yet unfortunately.

I'm not a trash talker when it comes to sports so I promise not to brag when the Giants win this weekend. ;-D

And I'll be rooting for the Ravens to take down those arrogant, cheating Pats too.

MJ said...

Oh - and I was taken aback by Hauser's (Sam O'Neill) willingness to cross the line with these returnees (shooting the guy in his hand after he'd been stopped.

AUStarwars said...

Thought Fringe was good, dont think September is "dead" but im surprised someone would even shoot him..

Thought Alcatraz was very good, enough MOTW vs. overall story for me

Mike V. said...

Agreed on both comments ausw. Sounds like ratings were really good for Alcatraz based on a twitter report. I'll post a link once there is one.

Mike V. said...

10 million viewers 3.3 in the demo. Very good!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't totally paying attention to Fringe when I watched it (too depressed about the Saints game!) so I need to watch it again, but I love that Jarred Harris is back on! I was catching up on Once Upon a Time last night. I am still enjoying this very much. I will probably watch Alcatraz tonight, really looking forward to this one! Cajun

Kelly said...

So I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to give Sarah Jones a chance in this role because of what she "did" to Gemma Teller, but YAY Alcatraz! I liked it a lot. I knew that the guy who killed Madsen's partner was going to be one of the prisoners becase his hair had that 60's vibe to it. But I definitely didn't figure out that it was Madsen's grandfather! Loved the twist about Lucy being from the past.. now, does that mean she's working for the people who made everyone disappear? If so, does Hauser know? Is he working for them too? OMG so many questions again- but not as mind-blowing as Lost.. which is a bit of a relief, honestly. My brain could use a break from constant theorizing, lol.
The show was a lot darker than I had imagined it to be. Sylvane gunning down the cops without a thought, killing the guy with the key point blank, Cobb sniping all those people (and seeking out teenage girls), Hauser shooting Cobb in the hand. Heck, we even started in on the show with the killing of Rebecca's partner. Me likey! I mean, death isn't necessarily entertainment to me, but I like it when a show isn't afraid to show some hootzpah, lol.
and ugh, now I have to take a break from my musings to do some work. The nerve of these people! lol!

Mike V. said...

Sorry guys I'm reading everything just tough to comment right now. Glad everyone enjoyed the show though!! Here's some scoop from lost vet jack bender!

Kelly said...

take your time, Mike- no worries!

MJ said...

Ah Kelly LOL - Only a NYer would use hootzpah ! Love it. I'm originally from Bklyn (Midway and Marine Park). Agree also that is was darker than I thought it would be.

I didn't even realize that the chick on Alcatraz was from SOA ! Good catch.

And where the heck is our Ringer ?? Think I heard it comes back at the end of the month.

Leslie said...

I was able to watch Alcatraz last night and really enjoyed it! I noticed the two Kelvin references, and there was also an 8 on the locker room key Sylvane used. And, I liked the delivery of some of Doc’s lines that were reminiscent of Hurley like, “Does anyone else’s head feel like it’s going to explode right now?” My first thought on the replica prison in the woods is that they need to get them all back together in the same place for some reason partly because Hauser said he needed him alive when they were chasing Cobb on the roof. Hauser and Lucy definitely are keeping some information to themselves. I wonder if the blood they were taking from the prisoners has something to do with their disappearance. Looking forward to the next episode!

Kelly said...

lol MJ! I would've used another word, but I didn't want to seem crass, haha..
Ringer comes back on the 31st. Let's just hope they don't show us that horrid excuse for Penn Station again!
Leslie, I absolutely think that the blood they were taking has to do with the disappearances. Looks like the whole thing was some sort of experiment, or an evil plot or something. I can't wait to find out more!
Seriously, this TV season has been awesome. I can't remember another time where I had must-see shows almost every night!

Kelly said...

wooo, Theo Rossi (Juice on SOA) will be guest starring on Alcatraz!

MJ said...

That'll be cool to see that actor in a different role.

You guys have GOT to catch up on Revenge this summer. This show has been fantastic. While I've seen some of the twists coming they def deliver them with great fun.

Mike V. said...

We'll see what we can do!  

On our way back to pa today so with any luck I'll get a catchup blog posted this wknd. :-). Can't wait for fringe tonight!

Kelly said...

OMG MJ how great was this week's episode of revenge? I am soooo mad that there won't be a new episode until Feb 8 :( The show hasn't disappointed me yet.. Hooray for fake Amanda leaving town (though I hear she'll be back).. and although Daniel has been a vicarious target for Emily, I was worried that she really was starting to have feelings for him. I mean, Daniel's a nice guy and all, but I'm on Team Jackily (Emack? Jamily? lol) This episode seemed to solidify that her "feelings" really are for pure revenge purposes.
A stupid little note about Alcatraz- in the scene where they go to Rebecca's Uncle Ray's bar, "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones was playing. I'm sure it's simply a coincidence, but I thought it was funny that the same song closed out Season 2 of SOA.. the same episode where Sarah Jones (Rebecca in Alcatraz) was shot and killed by Gemma and therefore was her last appearance in the show. But like I said, I'm sure it wasn't put there on purpose (or was it?? lol)

MJ said...

I didn't now you watched Revenge too !!! We've talked Ringer but we could have been talking Revenge !

Technically wouldn't it be team Jamanda ? LOL

LOVE this show. So the party planner overheard that Charlotte was not his daughter - but did she hear that David was not a terrorist ?!?

iw as so surprised taht Emily started to feel bad about the collateral damage - til Daniel told her about mom being raped.

I wasn't happy to see Fauxmanda go either - but I also think she'll be back.

And did you see that one tape under the bed that got left behind ?

So - if Emily and Daniel really do get married (not that I think they will) then he's marrying his half sisters half sister. LOL

Kelly said...

I thought we've talked Revenge before.. hmmm... well no matter, now we can dish!
I said I AM happy to see Fauxmanda go.. I can't stand the stripper/hoe thing she's got going on. Like when she licked that cream spoon at Victoria's? Um, honey, it's a spoon. It's not a guy, lol..
TV Without Pity has good names for Emily/Amanda- the real Amanda/Fake Emily is Emanda, and the Fake Amanda/Real Emily is Amily, lol.
I'm not sure if Conrad and Victoria were really talking about whether or not David Clarke was guilty while Ashley was outside.. I think she just heard about Charlotte's paternity and how Victoria's going to get nothing. And even if she did hear something more, she seems way too into her own b.s. to care about anything else. Seriously, what is this girl good for?!
Yeah, did you catch what it said on that tape that was left behind? Maybe it was just a date or something, but I can't wait to find out what was on it.. and I'm assuming Jack will find it, so what will the fallout be? This kind of show is why I need to just wait, get a Netflix account, and watch a whole season/series on there.. because I can't take waiting between episodes!
lol, yeah it sounds kind of incestuous for David to be marrying his half sister's half sister, right? haha! I really need to watch the first episode again so I can see what happens on that beach. People are starting to say it WASN'T David that got killed, and it wasn't Jack who killed him- but it sure looksl ike it, doesn't it? The episode that clears that up won't be on til Feb 15

Mike V. said...

Hello all! Just letting you know I'm home and I'm going to get started on a catch-up post! Not sure how long it will be. Gotta cover 2 Fringes and 2 hours of Alcatraz and most of them are already a week old, so I'll probably be brief! :-) Plus, I only have until that baby starts crying! lol

MJ said...

Kelly - yeah I've heard that about the beach scene as well - that the death won't be who we thought. I wonder if they are changing it due to the show doing so well ?

I don't recall what the tape might have said now, not sure I took notice.

You could be right that we have talked Revenge before, I only remembered us talking about Ringer though - but hey - the memory isn't what it used to be.