Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 6 - Loyalty

Hello Eventers!  Welcome back for another edition of Event Recapping.  Well, they went ahead and used the dreaded "A" word, didn't they?  I'm not really going to argue against it anymore but I will say that other theories floating around still may apply!  The episode itself was decent.  Some parts worked well, other parts....well....for me, some of the scenes that felt like they should be moving just seemed to fall flat.    But, for now, I'm going to try to not hold it against the show.  They moved the plot along, and it was nice seeing Sophia walking for a change instead of hanging out in a cell!   Let's head to the recap.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 5 - Casualties of War

Hello Eventers!  Welcome back for another recap of another solid and suspenseful hour of our new show of mysteries!  And do you hear that?  It's the collective sigh of relief that we will AT LEAST get to see the end of season 1.  That's right kids, The EVENT has been given a full season order!  Big news considering the ratings have dropped every week for the live viewings (I think there is still a large DVR audience).  I understand the masses' fear of commitment to a show like this but it really is their loss for missing out on some entertaining television.  And with that, I think it's time to recap don't you!?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick Thoughts on Mad Men Season 4 Finale "Tomorrowland"

Hello TV Addicts! I have a feeling with the Phillies being in the MLB playoffs that I'm going to be falling behind on some quality TV! But even with the game ending at 11:30 last night, I couldn't resist watching the season finale of Mad Men. And what an episode it was! Totally went in directions that I wouldn't have expected and I'm sure others felt the same way. Anyway, since it's the season finale of yet another spectacular season, I think it warrants some discussion. This goes without saying, but SPOILER ALERT! Don't read on if you didn't watch!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fringe: Season 3 Episode 4 - Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Hello Half Human/Machine mercury bleeding entities from another dimension!  Welcome back for another dose of FRINGE recap goodness!   I just have to say, this season is off to a roaring start with no sign of slowing down any time soon.  This episode returns to our world with our IMPOSTER Olivia causing some ruckus for the team both personally and professionally.  I'm really starting to hate her!  But we must give total props to Anna Torv for selling us on basically 3 different versions of Olivia Dunham since the start of this show.  As Jeff "Doc" Jensen recalled earlier today, she and the writers have really brought her character along over the years from the early days of the show.   I'm still just thrilled at how far this show has come and really am looking forward to where we still have to go.  Let's "shift" things into the recap now, shall we?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 4 - A Matter of Life and Death

Hello Eventers and welcome back for our 4th outing with the new brain teaser of a show.  Of course, I'd still say we're leaning towards suspense thriller over mind twisters at this point.  And, I'm perfectly fine with this!  Answers will come and more mysteries will evolve over time but for now why can't those crazy kids just find each other!?   Lots of Sean Walker action this week, a nice twisty game played on Leila, and the investigation into the "passenger resurrection" were all underway.   And yes, let's not forget some more magical traveling from point A to point B!  (and I'm not talking about planes disappearing and showing up halfway around the country...just regular human made cars with disabled GPS systems!)   But we'll get to all of that in the recap.  I'm willing to suspend my disbelief with shows like this for...well...SUSPENSE!  So bring it on EVENT writing crew!  I'm loving the ride.  Oh right, and I think I recognized that voice at the end and it goes back to my "he who smelt it dealt it" theory from last week.  We'll get there all in good time.   Let's RECAP!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fringe: Season 3 Episode 3 - The Plateau

Hello Alterna-Fringe dwellers!  I'll be you knew I was going to say that?  And how fitting on an episode about scientific predicting, right?!   This season has been on fire.  I am enjoying every minute that we are spending with our Fringe favorites, both  NORMAL and ALTERNATE.  I liked the twist we got with Olivia "OVER THERE" this week.  There is still a little bit of her trying to find her way back.  Love it!  But, even with advancing the personal stories, they still found a way to fit in another FRINGE CASE of the week.  And using advanced technology OVER THERE to its advantage, it made for a very interesting and suspenseful time.   As far as recaps go, I think I will mostly try to stick to the ongoing story for discussion purposes.  But we'll touch a little bit on the CASE as well.  Here we go!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 3 - Protect Them from the Truth

Hello Zombie Nation, I mean EVENTERS!  We are 3 hours in and things are still cooking on The Event!  I'm sure to many people's relief, this episode only contained 2 quick flashbacks so most of narrative was advancing in the present day.  Not too much of an intellectual brain dump this week, just a nice suspenseful thriller and keeping us guessing at the big questions for another week.  So let's just dive in and recap what we learned! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fringe: Season 3 Episode 2 - The Box

Hello Fringe fanatics and welcome back for another dose of crazy science!  Ahh but this time we back in OUR world (notice we're back to our normal opening credits!).  There is one little twist this time around, though.  Olivia is not who she claims to be.  That's right, Peter and Walter were too wrapped up in their own drama to notice the little differences between FAUX-Livia and Olivia and realize they brought back the wrong one!  I was worried that this gimmick might get old after an episode or 2, and am still worried that it might.  But for now, it's bringing a fresh twist on the show and allowing us to delve deeper into both universes and their motives.  Seeing Alt-Livia's assignment unfold in this episode also provides a promising amount of story for the episodes to come.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that it the episode was Fringe at its best?  Well, consider it done!  I still am not sure how well a recap works for this show, but I will continue to try until I decide on another way to write about this show.  Who knows it may evolve as I'm writing this one!  Only one way to find out.  The recap/write-up commences NOW!