Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 5 - Casualties of War

Hello Eventers!  Welcome back for another recap of another solid and suspenseful hour of our new show of mysteries!  And do you hear that?  It's the collective sigh of relief that we will AT LEAST get to see the end of season 1.  That's right kids, The EVENT has been given a full season order!  Big news considering the ratings have dropped every week for the live viewings (I think there is still a large DVR audience).  I understand the masses' fear of commitment to a show like this but it really is their loss for missing out on some entertaining television.  And with that, I think it's time to recap don't you!?

So, the episode continues right where we left off in the last episode.  And there is definitely a lot less cross country traveling so it seems more feasible!  Leila is at the police station and unknowingly is still being held captive by Vicky and Carter's crew.  Sean and Agent Collier are following their next lead to finding them.  The President is dealing with the next crisis at hand with Thomas infecting the Avias flight passengers with some kind of crazy virus.  Definitely some interesting back stories to get into here as well.  Here we go!

The Leila Captivity/Rescue
5 Years Ago

In the same timeframe that Leila and Sean were just getting to know each other, Vicky was working on one of her first missions.  Her assignment was to go in to this house, kill everyone in it (EVERYONE), and burn the place down.
  • As soon as they emphasized the EVERYONE, I thought to myself "hmmm, I'll bet there is going to be a kid in there and it's going to be the kid that she is raising as her own!" 
  • Sure enough, these folks go in and shoot the place up killing everyone.  Somehow no one heard the screaming baby but Vicky.

  • We next see her talking to some guy in Denver (who may end up being important) and she confirmed that everyone was killed.  There was also talk about some CONTRACT that she has to fulfill.   This would go along with many people's speculations that someone may be holding something over Vicky or have some dirt on her causing her to be caught up in this seemingly evil plot.   It wouldn't explain the enjoyment she seemed to get when shooting the police officer a few episodes back or possibly killing all the cops in this Texas town.  But, it could all be part of the assignment.

    Also, Denver was the location that Sean and Collier had identified as one of the best leads on Vicky (prior to getting Leila's call).  So, a nice connection between the episodes if anything.  

  • All we do know is that she wasn't about to shoot a baby, she couldn't pull a Sayid and shoot a little boy no matter what he was going to grow up to be!   So, the kid we see Sean talking to 5 years later, Adam, is clearly the same boy.  And now we know why he was being hidden. 

Present Day
Meanwhile, Leila keeps calling Sean to no response.  Vicky is convincing the crew that Sean WILL come for her.  And Sean and Collier stopped for some snacks and, duh a Cell Phone charger! 
  • You would think he would have stopped for a charger on his 14 hour trip from Arizona to Texas, but whatever!    Sean did make another call at a payphone before charging his cell phone.  He was talking to Joan's husband from Mad Men asking him to look up the "emergency phone number" he had gotten from Vicky's mother.   The cell phone was turned off so the guy couldn't track it just yet.  

  • But Sean did eventually plug in his phone and got the voicemail from Leila!  He finally called her back and all the baddies got very excited.  The phone conversation was sweet and did start to break up after awhile.  It definitely wasn't a Desmond/Penny Constant moment, but it had its own charm!  (Oh and if you like screenshots of people on phones then this is the place to be!) 

  • Now, if I were Sean and Collier and I had seen shows like this before...I would have started to be suspicious way before they parked outside the police station!  
We also follow Leila just hanging out at the police station talking to the police guy who is a much older version of Corey's dad from Boy Meets World.  (Didn't notice last week at all.  WOW)   She sees a picture of a woman on the desk and the guy says they just celebrated their 15th anniversary.  

  • After she gets off the phone with Sean she sees the screensaver come up with pictures of a different guy with this woman.  She then notices blood on the floor.  Ooohhhhh they LET me escape! 

  • She tries to flee in the bathroom but they catch her and stick her in a closet.
  • Carter and Vicky arrive and expected more fanfare since they put on the acting show of the decade back at the house of captivity! 
  • Leila begs with Vicky to please not kill her or do anything to Sean.  She talks about how he's innocent and tries to play the sympathy card.   Vicky does seem to be buying into it a little bit and the flashbacks kind help show her conflict.  
Sean and Collier arrive at the scene and then Joanie's Husband calls Sean back.   Vicky turned her cell phone on moments before and he was able to trace it right to the location they were at.  Cue your best Admiral Ackbar....
There's never a bad opportunity for a Star Wars reference!
  • Agent Collier realizes that they have no shot against a police station full of those crazy agents that took down her FBI office.  But Sean wants a gun and wants to get Leila.  Sure enough, he remembers that he was able to get some leverage on the situation in last week's episode and gets to it. 
  • He texts the picture of Adam to Vicky and then calls him.  He knows that Vicky is hiding him for one reason or another and threatened to go viral with it if she doesn't help him.  Agent Collier, I guess, believes this is a good enough excuse to let untrained in combat Sean Walker go into the building by himself to rescue his girlfriend.   Hey, why not?  He's already hacked into a couple different mainframes, why not give him a go with the gun? 

  • Sure enough, Vicky gets trigger happy but shoots up her own people to help Sean.  Nice!  We should note that Carter was on the roof so he never saw her help them out.   Carter got in a shootout with Collier at the same time on the outside and she got a nice shot on him and he fell to the ground, cracked his head open and was gushing blood.  But he wasn't dead!  (They end up taking him hostage...so maybe Collier's trip wouldn't be a waste just to help Sean rescue his girl!) 

  • Anyway, Vicky leaves no witnesses to her betrayal and Sean gets to Leila in a romantic reunion 5 episodes in the making!  (they weren't kidding about wrapping up story-lines every 5 or 6 episodes were they?)    

Seriously though, I'm glad they didn't drag it out for the whole season or something like that.  So will Sean still find time to propose during all of this madness?  Will they go after her younger sister next?  How about Michael?  Will Sean tell Leila that her mother is dead?  Or maybe she already knows?  Yikes, I guess there's still tons to do here.  Plus, they have to interrogate Carter!

(Oh yes, and my apologies for predicting the Vice President was the man that Vicky has been talking to on the phone.  Whoever he is will be played by the acting vet Hal Holbrook, who was even in the credits for last week's episode.  So much for my crazy theory, but the VP could still be up to no good!) 

 The Negotiation

There were lots of scenes replayed this week from different perspectives.  We got to revisit the scene where Sophia tells Thomas to leave the group after the crash.  This time we see that Simon Lee went with Thomas along with a large group of other people.  They walked in the blizzard conditions of Alaska for a little while and then came across some kind of bunker.  Thomas and Simon went to check it out. 

  • Lots of clues in this week's episode that we ARE dealing with aliens.  Thomas telling Lee "The SHIP didn't survive the crash" being one clue.  The doctor telling Martinez later on that the virus seems "EXTRA" Terrestrial.   I'll still maintain that it could be something else for the time being. 
  • Thomas tells Lee that they are stuck here and imply all that they want to do is go home.  But noticing the technology of the radio still using "vacuum tubes" he says that our technology isn't up to snuff yet to get them home.  

  • Of course, once again you could argue that they travelled far back in time, maybe accidentally.  Maybe "THE EVENT" deals with these people trying to go home (in time, to another planet, whatever)?  I guess it's possible. 
  • Thomas has been charged with figuring out a way home.  He says that it will take years.
  • A year later in 1945 we see that Lee has had to track down Thomas in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  He seemingly ditched all of his people and was living in New Mexico for 6 months.   Simon was not happy with him.    
  • Thomas tells Lee that he has been working on helping them get home.  He has been trying to boost scientific knowledge to help them get home.  They should have nuclear fission within months instead of decades.     What are they calling it?  Oh just a little thing called The Manhattan Project!  

  • I gotta give props to the readers of this blog who caught onto this weeks ago when we got our first shot of these "non-terrestrials" crashing in 1944 (Kudos AUStarWars - Comment #16 if anyone wants to go back and look).  They were working behind the scenes all of this time possibly helping us with our greatest scientific achievements.    Simon, of course, knew the country was at war and what they would use this technology for.  Thomas?  Had no care at all about this, he only cared what THEY would use it for. 
  • Interesting, so if they developed this technology in 45, why wait until 2010?   If THE EVENT is something that will happen as a result of them trying to go home will it leave a path of destruction behind it?    I'm sure THE EVENT is something more than them just wanting to leave, Man in Black style.  But I wonder now, was Sophia and crew aware of THE EVENT prior to their crash in Alaska in 1944?  I guess we'll have to keep watching.
Present Day

The rest of the episode is your standard NEGOTIATION TACTICS between the United States and a Terrorist faction.  We have a pretty strict policy on not negotiating or giving in to demands.  And thank you Blake Sterling for reminding the Commander-in-Chief of these obvious rules.  I'm sure the guy watched 8 seasons of 24 and every political thriller known to man!   Thomas is pretty much threatening to let the Avias Passengers die of this "potentially Extra Terrestrial" virus unless Martinez frees the detainees.  He also possesses the antidote.   

  • The President has lots of advice from Sterling and his Wife (she said to free the detainees since he was going to do it anyway), but he makes his own decision in the end.  He turns the tables on Thomas and threatens to kill the detainees, including Sophie.  Sterling checks the blueprints of the facility in Inostranka and apparently it has the capability to gas all of these people to death.  They were equipped with this ability in the 40's since they had no idea what these people were capable of.   Martinez eventually orders Sterling to get the gas prepped. 

  • Meanwhile Simon tries to reason with Thomas and he isn't having any of it.  She he talks to Sophia about it.  She says she ORDERS him to stop.   Oooooh big words Sophia!  Thomas didn't listen to this either as he is done taking orders from the "weak like Martinez" Sophia.   But Simon eventually takes a swing at Thomas and says he is sentencing his people to death.  Did anyone else think when Thomas said he'd hand over the antidote "over my dead body" that Simon was just going to kill him on the spot?  I did.  But, it would seem we have much more of Thomas to see in the past AND present. 

  • Another interesting thing to note, I believe Thomas said something to Simon earlier like "they're all going to die anyway" referring to the Avias passengers or perhaps even more.  Was this a clue of things to come? 
  • In the end, Martinez and Thomas reach a compromise.  Thomas did show a sign of weakness begging the President not to hang up and kill the detainees. (risky move Elias!)  But he did regain an advantage when he asked for SOPHIA in exchange for the antidote.  Martinez agreed to this, but of course he has a plan to track Sophia right to Thomas.   I wonder if Simon will let them without tipping off Thomas? 
I think this is the final screenshot of a guy on a phone!
  • There is a quick scene of Sophia being released and should we be observing the fact that she stares at the sun for awhile?  I'd say maybe it's been 66 years since she has seen the sun (and there were blizzard conditions that day), but wasn't she outdoors in the pilot episode?  Perhaps the yellow sun gives her power that her home planet of Krypton does not give her and she is here to save the human race and be a news reporter by day?  Naaaa  But it was a pretty lengthy few seconds of her looking at that sun.  

  • We catch a quick conversation between Elias and his wife about what went down.  It doesn't seem like the first lady was too thrilled with Elias's tactics even though he didn't have to resort to killing the detainees.   I did speculate last week that there may be more to Christina than we know.  The whole story with their mothers and running into each other 30 years later seems kind of peculiar.   But I'm sure it's still just me looking too much into things. (I've been trained well by some predecessor shows!)

In the end, we have Martinez and Sophia share a phone call (I'll spare you the screenshot!).  Sophia says she intends to repair the damage that has been caused.  We see her get on the empty trained, as mapped out by Thomas, and we cut to BLACK.

Another solid episode! 2 major plots we have been following from episode 1 are wrapped and moving into a new chapter.  Sean and Leila are reunited, Sophia has been cut loose.   What's coming next?  It's anyone's guess!   But I'll be there recapping!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 

Just one word of caution, the MLB playoffs are going on right now and my home team is making a run once again! (Go Phillies!)   It looks like THE EVENT will be airing straight into November.  The only conflict looks to be 11/1 for Event Recapping (Fringe is on Fox so it just won't be airing)    Anyway, as much as I love this show, if the Phillies are playing on 11/1, you can expect the EVENT recap to be delayed or very very brief!  GO PHILLIES!   

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Screen shots were provided courtesy of NBC, my TiVo and my Mac.     


Anonymous said...

Good episode and good recap!

I don't have much to comment on, you covered everything pretty welll! I did not feel anything during the Sean/Leila reunion -- I just don't see much of a spark between these two, maybe because the actress portraying Leila is SO BAD!!!

Is no one going to question why Simon has practically unlimited access to Sophia? I realize he's way up there in the Secret Service, but he sure does visit with her alot, and then he doesn't have to report back to someone?

I'd like to see the Prez put Blake Sterling in his place -- Sterling talks to him like he's an idiot! Elias needs to get some guts (not the word I wanted to use!) and stand up to that guy! And I still don't trust the wife, just a gut feeling.

I think there's a lot more to the Vicky story and that is a big part of what's going to keep my interest. She seems to have ice running through her veins, and yet she takes the risk of taking that baby and then killing others to protect him. I hope she evolves into a major character even though her role of kidnapper is over.

I like Simon -- I am also interested in what direction they are going with him.

Later -- Cajun QT

Mike V. said...

Thanks Cajun!

Yeah, I definitely didn't feel TOO much at Sean and Leila's reunion...but I was happy that they finally reunited so we can move on to another story line lol I haven't really noticed the Leila actress (drawing a blank) as too bad of an actress. And, I definitely am one to notice bad acting! (Glenn from Mad Men yesterday as an example!)

Good point on Simon's access to Sophia. You'd think those conversations were being monitored or recorded too. But, I was just happy they were flying all over the map within seconds this episode. I'll let that slide!

I have the same feeling about Christina (First Lady). If she's not up to something, there is really not much depth to her character so far! As for Sterling, I think Martinez was calmly putting him in his place. He kept saying stuff like "I know, but thanks for the update" in a sarcastic tone or whatever!

Oh yeah, there definitely has to be more to Vicky. We suspected it before this episode, now we know there is. What's up with this CONTRACT? I would think Vicky will be around for awhile. She could become a sympathetic character in the long run (a la LOST)

As for Simon, we're going to get an episode with more of his backstory soon. Actually, I think I heard we're getting a Blake Sterling backstory but I'm sure Simon has an interesting one too. I like that these characters have been around for 60 years so there is plenty of time to cover on what they have been doing.

MJ said...

I haven't been able to read the whole recap due to work issues so forgive me if I am saying what you have already said Mike.

But when the revealed the whole Manhattan Project thing did any one else think Roswell ?? Wouldn't it be great fun if they will build a ship and attempt to leave and it will be the Roswell incident ??

They are very definitely stating alien all over the place now. The more I see the less I think our angel thoughts were wrong. Angels don't need ships, nor to hang around for 65 years.

MJ said...

Wait - my last piece was backwards. The more I see the less I think our angel thoughts were RIGHT. LOL

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah...they DEFINITELY will be incorporating Roswell lol

Rowell Wiki entry

MJ said...

My boggle is - if they had a 'ship' on the crashed plane in 44 that could take them home, why were they on a regular airplane ? I can't remember now where that 1944 flight originated (?germany?), but why did they need to fly their ship and selves somewhere to get home ?

We've joked alot about how quickly these people get from point A to point B - but Simon, during the Pres/Thomas negotiations got from the white house to alaska to talk to Sophia and back to DC in a matter of hours ! It's getting silly now. LOL And why is no one suspicious that Simon keeps having all these tete-a-tete's with this prisoner, and does no one tape meetings with the prisoners ?

Yeah - a Roswell tie-in will make for a good time. I mean - they are in NM and talking aliens - they better do it ! LOL

I vote for a delayed recap as opposed to a briefer one. ;-P I'll be on vaca that week anyway though. Doing Disney/Universal - Harry Potter that week.

I am taping the awards tonight. Don't know if I'll be able to watch them though.

And how funny was HIMYM last night ? I know I wasn't all that impressed last week, but I was rolling off the couch. Won't say more til I know you watched it.

Mike V. said...

MJ - maybe I'm misunderstanding your question but we have never been told they were in a "PLANE"....Sterling called it an unidentified vehicle or something like that (they went as far as saying UFO without saying UFO lol) And I thought the flight was from "unknown origin" but I could be making this all up!

I was thinking about the Simon visits as well...here is my thought...I think Sophia has been in DC ever since the Miami incident. That would make the most sense. When they let her out I think she was in DC. But they still have flown people from Alaska to DC in short ranges of time which has been nuts lol As for Simon meeting with Sophia....Cajun and I were just discussing that in the comments above. It's a good question!

I have full confidence that if they go 100% alien on us...Roswell is an inevitability!
That's awesome that you're doing Disney/Harry Potter....Me and the Mrs. are actually doing a much belated honeymoon and going to both in December! You'll have to let me know how it us. So if there is TV that week...I guess we're out of luck for recaps! lol Unless I assign someone to write in my place! :-)

I don't know if I'll watch "ALL" of the awards tonight, but I at least want to catch the LOST tribute. It was taped on Saturday. I heard Matthew Fox scored a win, but I didn't see him present in the pictures.

HIMYM was awesome once again - Marshall and his traction and the Robin/Lilly "talking" was fantastic. Wizard Ted was great too. Lots of great stuff. Go ahead and say more lol (watched Chuck, HIMYM and The Event) BTW, Chuck got a full season pickup with 24 episodes total! WOO HOO!

David S said...

Thomas' comment that "they're all going to die anyway" really caught my attention. Does "they" refer to the Avias passengers or to humans in general? And did he mean that they would die like all humans eventually do (in contrast to what -- perhaps the detainees are immortal?) Or did he mean that they were going to die in some sort of Event that brings an end to all humans, as you suggested above??

Glad to hear about the full season order - otherwise we might never find out! (and glad to hear about Chuck, too!)

In any case, to me, this episode confirmed what I've always thought - Sophia is a good person. I think she is caught in a dilemma that she knows will cause harm no matter which way she chooses. We just don't know what her choices are, yet, and she can't reveal anything to any normal humans, either.

Another thought I had was that we never see these non-terrestials with any machinery or devices that would make planes teleport, and Thomas' group didn't appear to take any advanced technology of their own with them when they left Sophia's group. Perhaps their powers, if any, originate in their mental capacities? Maybe the technology that Thomas is waiting for is not to build a ship, per se, but some device that will amplify their powers enough to enable them to get home?

It's interesting how this show is turning out to look more and more like science fiction (which I am glad to see - as opposed to angels, or other supernatural themes) despite what the creator, Nick Wauters, said in an interview that it wasn't science fiction.

Mike V. said...

David - I had the same questions on Thomas's comment. But I didn't even think to take it as if they might be immortal. Nice angle and it could be that!

Yeah, my only reservation with the full season pick-up is...FlashForward got a full season order and look where THAT ended up. lol As for Chuck, it's the little show that could. I think it will always be a bubble show every year but NBC will keep renewing it as long as the small group of rabid fans keep eating it up! It has to do well with DVD sales as well, I'd imagine.

Yeah...Sophia seems to be a "good person" for now until we know what these people's ultimate end-game is. That could definitely change the perspective in which we view her. It might all go back to the "they're all gonna die anyway."....in other words, why show them sympathy in the short-term when we're going to kill them in the long term? (just a possible speculation)

I would agree that it would seem their "powers" are purely in technology. So they could be still be waiting for more advancements. Of course, their advancements would seem to have exceeded what they have shown the rest of the world.

Nick Wauters is FORCED to say that the show is not science fiction...just like the powers that be behind FlashForward have to say that as well. Labeling a show with that title gives it a death sentence before it even starts. But from what I've read and heard...Nick had a straight-up suspense thriller written 4 years ago and NBC is the one that told him to add the high concept/sci-fi piece. So he had immediate backing to do whatever he wanted with the show. Pretty cool. The funny thing about the term Sci-Fi is that it could apply to a lot of things we watch. I mean...how about 24 and the technology they have used over the seasons? There is no way some of that stuff existed yet. We're getting closer with the Cell Phone technology they had. Although, I do love that Jack still tended to use a headset with wires for his cell phone when Bluetooth became all of the rage. Good times.

Leslie said...

Mike...love reading your recaps! And, it's a little thing, but thanks for connecting the dots for me ... Sean was talking to Joan's husband from Mad Men ... I knew that was a familiar face, but I didn't make the connection.

I, too, thought of Roswell when they revealed Thomas was working in Los Alamos. Could be an interesting ride!

I'm missing something ... what awards show is having a tribute to LOST?

Anonymous said...

I still think that the detainees are from the future. They were in a ship that crashed in Alaska in 1944, but we do not know it was an alien spaceship. They were dressed in vintage 1940’s clothing, so it seems to me they came prepared to blend in with the people they encountered. For some unknown reason they wanted to be in that place at that time. I am curious why or what made their ship crash (shot down by the U.S. military or sabotage by one of their own people?) and what their original purpose was in being in such a remote location during World War II.
I am enjoying the show. It certainly is action packed.


Anonymous said...

LOST RULES! 24 RULES! (Chuck Rules! too) The Event, not so much for me. At least not yet...
Most intelligent people really liked Lost because it gave you something to think about after the show was over.
Most intelligent people liked 24 because the boundaries between Jack's role a a savior vs. a killer were blurred. Normal morality did not apply yet his actions could be seen as justified for the "good of the many outweighing the needs of the few or the one." (Star Trek reference for all you Star Wars freaks)
The Event right now has little to challenge me. Sure, I want to know where the story is "going" but I am not thinking too hard. Mike, I read every one of your Lostie's blogs. They were phenomenal. In fact, they made me think more about the details in the episodes. I can tell that you are struggling in blogging about The Event because you see what you see and there is not much to it. OK, the Prez struggles as to whether he should kill the detainees with CO2. His wife gives him grief for it as the "moral majority" view. But again, it kind of ended there for me.
Look, TV shows exist to make money for the networks. The dedication to Lost was not as profitable as they hoped for the quality of the writing and acting. Just look at the Emmys. The Lost cast was nominated for every category and unbelievably, they "lost" across the board. They "lost" the popularity contest.
So, NBC is trying to "dumb down" the same concept The Event in my opinion. They even advertised it as "24 meets Lost."
So, NBC writers, if you are reading this (or care), put the money into the writing and make sure that the "mystery" is not so mysterious that you lose viewers too soon. Give us something more than a lousy Kate-Jack ripoff like we have seen so far. None of us care.
If this isn't "science fiction" than I am out now. It should not be "V" either. Want to be successful? Focus on being unique.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the props Leslie! I was watching Mad Men Sunday night and saw Joan's husband and was thinking "i know i just saw this guy on another show"....and then when I was watching the Event last night it all clicked lol

SPIKE TV at 9pm Eastern time...The SCREAM awards is having a LOST tribute and a reunion of the Back to the Future cast. Among other things. It's pretty much a sci-fi/fantasy awards show. Right up my alley!

@Dee - I'm definitely not ruling out that they're from the future. I think the mere fact that they still have not said the word "ALIEN" once is a good clue at that. Everything else could be interpreted as trying to steer us in another direction for a big twist. All the clues you bring up are good ones!

@Anonymous - Believe me...I hear you. We're not watching the next coming of LOST, 24 or anything with THE EVENT. But I'm enjoying the show and, right now it's the only show we really have to speculate about "what is going on?". As for your Star Trek reference, well done! (Wrath of Kahn is the best one by far). I'm with you though...after the episode is over and the recap is over...I'm not sitting around thinking about THE EVENT and where it is going. It's all pretty much there. LOST had the whole "purgatory" theory floating around for the first half of season 1....but it wasn't until later on in season 1 did we really start letting our imaginations go wild...(once that HATCH was introduced!)

BTW...thank you very much for the LOST blog props. The show is a once in a lifetime show...and I think the phenomenon around my recaps and my vested obsessive interest in a show allowing me to blog the way I did was a once in a lifetime thing as well. But I'll never say that it will never happen! But, I will say this...I am enjoying getting a full night's sleep after watching TV! LOST had me so obsessed I'd write until 1am, go to bed and wake up at 5 to keep writing until 8 and then go to work. Insane stuff lol

Here's my thought though...if we're going to compare every show that comes out to LOST (even if it's forced to us by NBC), then we'll never watch TV again. I'd say stick it out for season 1...if your interest isn't peaked by then...bail. Who knows? Maybe I will too and I'll move on to the next thing.

David S said...

Dee has a very good point about the vintage clothing - I hadn't thought about that previously. Certainly seems like they were intending to infiltrate. I think the location of the crash had nothing to do with their intended destination.

Mike, re Nick Wauters not being allowed to label the show as science fiction - you're right, I've heard that before, and that probably is the explanation for his comments.

Re Anon's comments and the Emmy's - it reminded me of how upset I felt that there were no wins for either of my favorite shows - Lost and Friday Night Lights - I was so disgusted I eventually turned off the TV. In my house, nobody was allowed to disturb me when either of those shows were on.

MJ said...

I thought the crash in 1944 was an airplane? Was it not an airplane ? It's only this week's ep that we heard that they had a flying ship on that plane. So my point is that why if they had a flying craft to get home were they all on an airplane.

I'm not saying that the actress playing Leila is great or anything, but I'm not ready to brand her as a bad actor yet. They really have not given her much to do yet. To be fair we see her walking with boyfriend, then drunk, then she's been in 'woman in jeop' mode the rest of her screen time. Let's see how she does when she actually acts instead of reacts.

HIMYM - loved 'traction' and Robin and Lily talking. And yes - wizard Ted was fab. Hysterical that Ted had no issues getting rid of the building once she was a married woman. Of course - we know there is more of her to come.

Chuck - I did heard about the back 9 + 2 that they got. WHooHoo.

Mike V. said...

Before I respond to folks - anyone see the SCREAM awards last night? To sum up...they were AWFUL! lol I did like seeing the Fox/Lloyd reunion for Back to the Future and whatever cast members they were able to round up for LOST. Of course when Kimmel welcomes the "passengers" and the only cast members that WERE passengers were Boone (was there for Vampire diariies), Hurley, Michael and Walt....hmmmmm Desmond, Chang and Darlton were there too. The tribute was decent but I really think it should have gotten a ROYAL send-off at the Emmys instead of the Fallon cover songs (which still were amusing don't get me wrong). Anyway, was worth watching I guess lol But the awards show as a whole? OUCH, they don't call it the SCREAM Awards for nothing. Lots of teenagers.

@David - At least LOST was able to score a win for its groundbreaking 1st season. If anyone got too confused in seasons 2-6, they just missed out on some great storytelling!

@MJ - I checked my recap for episode 2 and I remember typing this word for word from the episode. They were on an "aircraft of undeclared origin".....so they never said AIRPLANE...they were very careful with the wording.

Very true with Leila...all she has really had to do is act scared and cry and stuff. Agree it's too soon to judge her acting. But is it too soon to refer to her as a Blake Lively clone? lol They really do look alike! And if anyone asks how I know who Blake Lively is...I will respond with "I saw THE TOWN" and not mention that I may secretly watch a TV show on the CW that is produced by CHUCK's executive producer Josh Schwartz! (also best known for his work with The OC, which I will also claim I never watched!) Yes folks, TV Addicts don't just watch good drama and good comedies...they get wrapped up in the night-time soaps too! But don't worry...I don't think you have any worry about them being mentioned too much on this blog! lol

And yes...very good news on the Chuck renewal!

MJ said...

Ah ! thanks for that clarification - no wonder I was confused by it all.

Yes - Leila is a Blake Lively clone - known to me due to the movies Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and NOT those teeny bopper soaps. LOL Vamp Diaries is my only guilty teen thing - and I FF thru the teen angst parts any way.

Mike V. said...

No problem for the clarification!

Technically, I could ask if admitting you saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is worse than me watching GG with my wife! lol Buuut, I think there is worse ammunition against me on this one so I'm just going to drop it! :-)

MJ said...

Yeah - cause GG wasn't too bad with the angst. LOL. But we ourselves were younger during GG. We all have guilty pleasures.

I'm wondering if they are really going to turn out to be time travellers from our future. They are almost being too too telling with all the alien stuff. I hope not. We've got enough time traveling with Lost 2 years ago and Terra Firma coming out for next season. Aliens would be more fun for that reason.

Mike V. said...

hmmm, I wonder what GG you're referring to. I'm referring to the GG still airing and produced by Josh Schwartz....I guess it could be Golden Girls or Gilmore Girls lol Neither of which I watched religiously. Golden - I watched reruns of as a kid and my wife is still obsessed with it! Gilmore - never have seen 1 episode. GOSSIP? Well that's another story and that's all I will say. I thought we were dropping this!? lol

Anyway...yeah that's what I've been saying for the past few weeks...they are making it TOO obvious to be aliens....which is why I'm leaning towards some kind of time travel. I guess, they could end up being humans from so far from the future that they have evolved and LEFT earth to live on another planet. Think about it...if the human race found a way to cease from aging, Earth would become a very crowded place after awhile! They'd have to branch out. So they technically could be Time Traveling Human-Aliens! lol AUStarWars, feel free to let me know if thiswas already done on the X-Files or whatever lol

Mike V. said...

Oh and MJ - I think it's Terra Nova!

Mike V. said...

Ausiello dished some EVENT and FRINGE scoop:

Question: I’m torn…I’m enjoying The Event, but I’m mildly happy that its ratings aren’t stellar. Why? Because Mr. Cyr [Jason Ritter] and Sarah were so perfect together on Parenthood! What are the chances of The Event lasting, in your expert opinion? —Wendy

Ausiello: Considering it was just picked up for a full season, the chances are good it’ll last at least 22 episodes. If the show’s ratings stabilize — or better yet grow — a second season is probably a safe bet. Chances are you’ll get closure either way. “I do have a shorter way of getting to [the endgame should it conclude prematurely],” says series creator Nick Wauters. “Hopefully it won’t come to that. But I think it’s important to give viewers some kind of conclusion.”

Question: Any spoilers on The Event? —Sydney

Ausiello: Wauters says we’ll definitely find out who (or what) the “Others” are (aliens? time travelers?) by the end of season 1. “We’ll also find out what they want and where they came from.”

Question: I can’t be the only one who loves Lincoln Lee in Fringe‘s “over there” universe! Will we learn new things about him (like how did he know Nick Lane, or where’s his “over here” version? —Elena

Ausiello: Sounds like a question for exec producer Jeff Pinkner: “No, Elena, you’re not the only one! We love Lincoln (and Seth Gable!). We love the energy he brings to the show, and the vibe of the Fringe Team “Over There.” (And we all fantasize about how much fun it would be to see the TV show Fringe that has been playing for the past two years in the Alt Universe with Lincoln, Charlie and Altivia/Fauxlivia/(b)Olivia as the stars.) But to you question: We look forward to spending more time learning about Lincoln. And you raise a very interesting point: What is his doppelgänger “Over Here” up to?!”

David S said...

I was talking to a friend last night, and we decided that the detainees must have been on their way from someplace (or somewhen) back to their home planet (or time) when the crash occured. If they intended to end up on Earth in 1944, why didn't they already know about the level of technology that existed then. On the other hand, why did they have on vintage clothes appropriate to the time? Maybe, a la Fringe, they are not from a another time, but are from a parallel universe, and just like on Fringe, the alt-Earth is more advanced technologically, but the style of dress happens to be the same.

Also, we think the reason Vicky was trying to kill Sean is because Sean knows who in the government arranged for the assassination attempt. There was no reason to kill him earlier, while snorkeling, for example, because he didn't yet know anything.

Due to his mysterious past, we decided we wouldn't be surprised if Sean turns out to have a mother or father who was one of the persons from the crash who left with Thomas.

David S said...

Oh, and I almost forgot. We also speculated that perhaps the detainees have to reunite with the rest of their group in order to leave, that they all have to be together. And that the reason Thomas wants everyone released is that they know the Event is going to happen very soon, and they want to get home before it does. That's why they have been so patient in the decades up to the current time - they felt like they had plenty of time, but now it's time to go.

Mike V. said...

@David - Great thoughts! This sounds like a lot of similar discussions from the EVENTCAST podcast I listen to lol The parallel universe, Sean possibly being a hybrid of one of them and a present day human, etc... lol It's all good discussion. The frustrating thing is...I'm starting to feel like these discussions are all "been there done that" from other shows. It just seems like every sci-fi show that comes out now we're all thinking "maybe it's time travel, maybe it's another dimension, maybe it's aliens!" LOL Oh another one of my favorites I have heard "maybe they're from the lost island of Atlantis??" I mean, seriously.....that theory was done to death with LOST! lol I guess there are only so many ideas in the world of science fiction, but I just hope they have something original in mind for what they're leading to!

There is something to be said for shows paying homages to other shows that paved the way for this one to exist. (X-Files = Fringe, LOST/24/Fringe/BSG/V = The Event? - jury is still out) But there is another thing to be said from copying them exactly!!! So I would agree with your synopsis that they may have been on their way back home when the crash occured. The 40's clothing, I cannot answer right now but it's definitely interesting!!
I would agree that Sean LEARNED something after he fled the cruise...there has to be a reason he was on that plane trying to stop Michael Buchanan. He would have needed to be provided with some information to even be there in the first place. Interesting that you're thinking he may know WHO arranged for it. I'm pretty sure he woud have told that to Collier by now though if he knew. Of course, I'm surprised he still hasn't explained how he knew what was going on to even be on that plane. A big gap is missing there!

Interesting speculations in your 2nd comment. Of course...them all needing to be together sounds like LOST again lol But, it makes sense that they may know the EVENT is almost upon them leading to them getting impatient!

AUStarwars said...

Thanks for the shout outs! What they decided to do with the Manhatten Project clearly makes sense, and definately adds credence to both the Time Travel or Aliens options

"So they technically could be Time Traveling Human-Aliens! lol AUStarWars, feel free to let me know if thiswas already done on the X-Files or whatever lol"...clearly this was already done on X-Files, the whole show everyone THOUGHT it was aliens, but in reality there was a lot of evidence it was time travel from the future and/or a battle btween good/evil (seraphim/devils)..so i think The Event can still go any of these ways and they can be hidden by the guise of Aliens..

thats why to me the "Angels" idea carries the most interesting weight, because it brings up an interesting point of "what do we really consider Aliens"? Are we doomed as a species to assume that anything that is slightly different from us is treated differently? Feeding our own Xenophobia? You can do a lot with the racist/religious persecution angle imho

Overall I liked the episode, and curious what they do with Vicky here out (besides just making her uber hot!)...we still need to know what happened to Shawn during those missing days, a point many viewers may have lost, and they need to combine the two plots somehow, so it only makes sense he knows "something"..otherwise whats their point now?

I liked the episode

Mike V. said...

@AUSW - No problem, I give credit where credit is due! Very nice thoughts on how "Angels" might still be in play. Anything is possible until they start filling in some gaps. But, based on those Q&A's I referenced above...we may not get the answer to who they are until closer to the END of the season. Hmmm, let's see if I can be as patient with this show as I showed to its predecessor! lol The thing with LOST is, they never promised immediate answers! lol THE EVENT did!

I still have not lost the time lapse in the Sean story...I want to know what happened there. Why he ended up sneaking on that plane. What he knows. Vicky, I'm sure they'll find something interesting for her to do. Maybe she'll continue to play both sides or something like that. We'll see!

MJ said...

Ya know - I typed 'Nova' then thought that was wrong so changed it. LOL

Forgot Gossip Girl, was thinking Gilmore.

I think every genre has only so many stories to tell. The difference is a small tweak or twist or spin that someone can put on it. There are only so many ways to tell a Vampire story any more, same with sitcoms and with scifi. So sure - we can point to practicly and show on tv and find a 'been there seen that' aspect to most of them, but it's the little differences that allow us to enjoy them. This is why I don't do the comparisons to Lost, Xfiles, Millenium, etc. My thoughts any way.

Event is not on Mondaty 11/1 - lucky break for me since I will be on vaca that week. And lucky for all you World Series fans as that would be the night of game 5.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Funny with Nova vs. Firma lol
Good points on every genre having only so many stories. I guess it's just the fact that we're throwing around the same THEORIES about what could be going on as we have seen on other shows. It just gets to be a little repetitive. I try not to compare to other shows, but sometimes it's hard not to. And of course, I have made it a requirement to throw AT LEAST one LOST reference in every recap lol Subtle or blatant! But that's just a shout out to all of the LOST peeps that stuck with the new blog. :-)

I did hear about Event not airing on 11/1. That's fantastic! Although, I hope the Phillies can win 2 more in a row to make that game 5 a possibility! It does seem like Fringe and The Event are working around my schedule though which is nice of them. I know most shows don't air a lot of episodes in December but I hear that THE EVENT won't be airing AT ALL in December. And since I'm hitting up Disney/Hogwarts one week and then another week is Christmas travelling, this works very well for me! We'll see if Fringe is as kind to me in December too lol

BTW - FNL starts up on DirecTV next Wednesday. I don't have DirecTV but I'll be finding ways to watch it a couple days after. Anyone else going to be watching? Not sure if this is something I'll be covering on the blog at all or not.

MJ said...

Sorry about your Phillies. While I'm not a fan - I know your pain. LOL

I'm screwed tonight as my NY Giants will be killing Dallas and I have to watch. I'll have to watch Event online tomorrow morning.

I'm getting really lucky with my vacation next week - between election day, halloween and baseball a bunch of my stuff is off or in repeats. Otherwise I don't think my 2 DVR's could handle it all. Which is a little scary really. ;-0

I'll let you know how Disney/Universal/Hogwarts was when I get back. I know someone who just came back and they said that Harry Potter was mobbed ! But she was there over Columbus day and it's more crowded with kids not in school

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the sympathies on the Phillies! I was over it after Saturday night lol They weren't looking too good against the Giants so I'm just glad it went 6 games!

Enjoy watching MNF tonight. I had my share of this lousy season of NFL yesterday so I'll be happy to get back to television tonight! That is really crazy that the first week of November sweeps things will be in reruns! but it makes sense. I have 2 TiVos as well (and a spare single tuner Standard Def with a lifetime subscription. I never use it though because of the standard def but hey...emergency situations it may come in handy!) Yes, very scary that even 2 tivos can't handle some of the TV onslaught. I'm hearing some DVRs are able to handle 4 shows at one time now. I cannot believe it has come to this! lol

I've been hearing the same thing about the Wizarding World....I'm thinking I may be running into some Holiday vacationers when we're there....plus we're going to Universal on Friday/Saturday...that's just the way it worked out. Oh well...it'll still be cool to check it out. Not looking forward to a 2 hour plus wait to go on the Hogwarts ride though!

Unknown said...

This show makes you think, although that makes it tough to follow at times. I rather enjoy watching it and it’s partially the difficulty and subtlety that attracts me to The Event. Unfortunately recently I had an out of town emergency, I actually missed the last couple of episodes and to make things worse I forgot to set my DVR too. Luckily as a DISH Network employee, I had heard about their new website—DISH Online—where there is a ton of online content for free. Much of it you don’t even need to be a DISH Network customer to view. For instance here’s the latest episode of The Event: http://beta.dishonline.com/shows/318283-the_event/videos/849925-cut_off_the_head
And there’s much more there too!