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The Event: Season 1 Episode 4 - A Matter of Life and Death

Hello Eventers and welcome back for our 4th outing with the new brain teaser of a show.  Of course, I'd still say we're leaning towards suspense thriller over mind twisters at this point.  And, I'm perfectly fine with this!  Answers will come and more mysteries will evolve over time but for now why can't those crazy kids just find each other!?   Lots of Sean Walker action this week, a nice twisty game played on Leila, and the investigation into the "passenger resurrection" were all underway.   And yes, let's not forget some more magical traveling from point A to point B!  (and I'm not talking about planes disappearing and showing up halfway around the country...just regular human made cars with disabled GPS systems!)   But we'll get to all of that in the recap.  I'm willing to suspend my disbelief with shows like this for...well...SUSPENSE!  So bring it on EVENT writing crew!  I'm loving the ride.  Oh right, and I think I recognized that voice at the end and it goes back to my "he who smelt it dealt it" theory from last week.  We'll get there all in good time.   Let's RECAP!

The Martinez Administration

Lots of stuff going on here this week, mainly spawned by the passengers waking up.  We'll get there, but first a flashback. 

1 Year Ago
The president and his wife are about to sit down with the self-proclaimed vegan, Sophia for the first time.  Mrs. Martinez is a little nervous and is not even sure what to refer to Sophia as (is she a "person"?).  When they sit down we get a little background story on how Elias and Christina Martinez met. 

  • Turns out they met through their mothers who were both refugees from Cuba.  Elias's mother was pregnant with him when they came to the country.  And just 1 generation later, he was the President.   Crazy, he was cutting it pretty close to that whole "natural born citizen" requirement of the Presidency!  Hmmm, you think they're loosely basing this on Obama's questioned citizenship during his campaign?  
  • Apparently both Elias and Christina's mothers were out of touch for 30 years and then met all of a sudden.  Could be just a random thing or we could find out later that this is a small tidbit in a bigger plan.  Would be interesting if we found out that Christina is one of these people too, wouldn't it?  Nothing would surprise me!   But, I'm just throwing darts at the wall right now! 
  • In any case, it fits in nicely for Sophia's hopes on how her people will one day be treated as citizens of this great country. (cue creepy music)   You can't help but think this is a bad thing, right?  The music wants us to think that in any case!  Even Martinez looked a little uneasy about her thought process a year prior to the present day.  Of course, he seemed very excited about letting them go after the big press conference.  
Present Day - Fairfax, Virginia Bio Quarantine Facility
So we see some debriefings of the Avias 514 passengers and they clearly have no memory of the flight.  They only remember taking off and that's it.

  • Well, the Air Marshal remembers someone getting out of their seat (Sean Walker), but then nothing after that.  He was very frustrated to be kept in the dark.  
  • So these Non-Humans have shown their power now.  They have made it appear that these people died.  But their vitals were brought to an almost screeching halt but there was something still functioning inside each of them (mitochondrial activity).  Based on the doctor's analysis it would seem that it was something they had never seen before.    

  • They also have erased these people's memories.  You think they still Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones's memory eraser things from Men in Black?  Well, I guess in this day and age they probably just got some vampires to "GLAMOUR" them.  
Questioning Michael Buchanan
We see Blake Sterling interrogating Buchanan without notifying the Vice President.  The VP still has his suspicions of Blake being involved in the Presidential assassination attempt.  

  • Michael pretty much tells Blake why he did what he did.  They killed his wife and took his children and threatened to murder Leila.  He would do anything to save his children   He told Blake that they can do whatever they want to him but he just wants to know his daughters are okay.
  • Blake informs Michael that they have been unable to locate them.  Come to think of it, we haven't seen Leila's younger sister since the first episode.  I guess they're keeping them separate.  
  • Blake wants more information on the people behind the curtain pulling the strings.  He wants all of the dirt.  Blake is having a hard time remembering but after being pressed he remembered that Leila knew the girl, Vicky that was holding her captive.   (notice the VP gave a very suspicious look when Michael revealed this) 

The White House - Family Time
For the first time in the show, we actually see Martinez spending some time with his family.  But really he is just venting about his job to the Mrs. while their son is playing in the background. 

  • The President is still shocked at how these people appeared to be dead and then all of a sudden they were all alive (and of course, now in Virginia instead of on the West side of the country!).
  • Christina stresses to focus on the positives, everyone is still alive.  Things could be worse...CUE phone call! 
  • But it's not either of their phones ringing, it's a cell phone planted in little David Martinez's backpack!  He answers it and it is THOMAS, the EVIL Non-Terrestrial!

  • Bottom line, he wants Sophia and the detainees freed or else people will die this time!  
  • Elias is furious that a cell phone was planted in his son's backpack and wants a new secret service crew and increased security assigned to David and Christina.  He also puts Simon on point to find out who this man is that called him.  (duh...he already knows Mr. President!) 
  • Sterling informs the President that they are as ready as they can be for this man's next possible move.  But the President is not confident considering they were able to move plane out of thin air and into somewhere else across the country.  Ahh but they also haven't been able to free the detainees which they would have done if they could by now.   They're all just guessing at this point, so they're going to talk to Sophia one more time. 
Interrogation #3 of Sophia
This time, she did give SOME information to Martinez.  Elias figured out that Sophia had William killed for almost spilling the beans.   So, this and Martinez's plea to salvage any friendship they had made her more willing to speak a little about who the threat is.

  • She informs the President that the man's name is Thomas, an intelligent natural leader but someone that she hasn't always seen eye to eye with on methods of adapting to their presence here.   He is less patient and impulsive.
  • She said whatever he is asking for to give it to him.  She is aware that it is to have her and her people freed, but she still insisted that for the safety of his people to do what he says. 
The next immediate scene, we see Michael Buchanan and all of the other Avias 514 passengers waking up with severe nosebleeds.  The doctors are all wearing hazard suits for fear of some contamination.   What is going on!?!?!   I didn't see any skipping frozen donkey wheel bouncing them all over time and swiss cheesing their brains until they bleed out the nose and die (and of course, dreaming of chocolate before dinner).  Was this all previously concocted by Thomas and his Non-Terrestrial crew.  Whatever they did to these folks in Arizona to make them appear dead, then suddenly alive and now bleeding profusely is all part of one act that they did to these people?   Or, are they just playing with 183 (made up the number, I forget) voodoo dolls and controlling their every movement?  Tune in next week to find out!

The Sean and Leila Story

Really liked the Sean and Leila stuff this week.   It's our little suspense thriller within this unfolding mythology show.  But we're getting to know the characters a little bit more each week.  

5 Years Ago
This must have been a little bit of time after the first swimming lesson in college.  Leila convinces Sean to come home with her for Thanksgiving.  It's a 16 hour drive and they'd make it there just in time for dinner.  As cute as it was to go so impulsively, don't you think they should have packed a few things first!?   Anyway, before we know it, we're at the Buchanan residence!

  • Gotta love those awkward first meetings of the future in-laws, right?!  Daddy Buchanan was really grilling Sean.  Why did he just abandon his parents on Thanksgiving?  CUE BACKSTORY! 
  • Well Sean initially lies but we find out that his parents were separated.  When he was a kid, his mother was "not well" and his father got sole custody of Sean.  We don't know what happened to his mother but we do know his father turned to drinking.  So it sounds like Sean had a rough upbringing and was happy to be out of the Walker home after high school.  Poor guy!

  • After that, Michael tells Sean that he was just grilling him as any father would.  And he said as long as he takes care of his daughter, Sean will be fine.  Then they have a drink of scotch.  It might be worth noting this bottle of scotch since they showed a closeup of it.  Michael mentioned he got it from an "old friend".   You just never know if these clues are gonna pan out in the future. 

  • And we find out Mrs. Buchanan is a big fan of Sean's as well...well at least when she was alive! 
Present Day - The Chase
So last we left Sean and Agent Collier, they just got themselves out of a shootout in the FBI building in Arizona (well, at least I THINK it was Arizona).  But this crazy hitman guy (AKA Dexter's neighbor) wasn't going to let them go so easily.  They grabbed the bad guy's car and he shot out the back windshield.  He made a call to Vicky with an update and that he thinks Sean is putting everything together. He then proceeded to go after them.  He shot some random guy twice then took his car, rammed the car into a few on the way out and then caught up with them really quickly.

  • Sean was glad that Agent Collier didn't think he was lying anymore.  She still was being cautious on fully admitting that though.   Before we knew it, they were in high speed chase with this guy.  
  • Now, I gotta say...whenever there is a high speed chase and the guy behind them has a gun and is shooting at them, I'm always thinking "why don't they just hit the breaks?"  FINALLY, Agent Collier instructs driver, Sean to do this very thing.   So, before we know it, we have the ground version of Maverick's all-time best TOP GUN move!  "I'm gonna hit the breaks and they'll fly right by".    LOVED IT!   Of course, they slammed on the breaks and cut a little left to bring this guy right beside them.  Collier gets a few good shots off and the guy goes flying off the road!
  • Great stuff.  Not sure if we'll be seeing him again or not, but for now he is TOAST! 
Operation FIND Leila
Sean convinces Collier that they need to find Leila and he can use the FBI system to track down a lead.  Now, I'm not sure how all of a suden they don't need to be within an FBI network to get access to these files or how Sean got printouts of everything (did I miss him printing the stuff out during the shoot out?) but he tells Collier that he can hack into these systems himself.

  • He doesn't trust anyone else to do it, not even Collier's EX-Husband.  (I may be using the word "CUE" a lot, but CUE everyone's suspicions that Sean and Collier may start developing feelings on their quest to find Leila.  I don't think so, but there is talk out there!) 
  • Anyway, they keep driving and eventually hit an insecure wireless hot spot.  After some small talk, we learn that Sean is a freelance coder but does a lot of work developing video games.  I think that's 2 weeks in a row they mentioned that plus it's been on his online bio since before the show started!   We get it, he's a tech wiz! 
  • Anyway, he is able to track down a residence in Texas being leased out by one of Vicky Roberts's many aliases (Laura Roderick), so they decide to track it down.   
  • So, I'm no geography expert but I looked on Google Maps and it's a 14 hour drive from Yuma County, Arizona to Lubbock, Texas.   Would this Agent Collier really sign up for a drive like that with Sean without notifying anyone where she was going?  Oh well. Not gonna worry about it!  Plus, in re-watching the scenes it looks like Collier is out for vengeance on the people that did this to her colleagues of 4 years. 

  • So, a few minutes later they're in Texas and outside the home they looked up.   Sean wants a gun, Collier won't give him one even though he provides a convincing case of why he is capable after saving her life a couple times.  
  • Lots of suspense of them making us think that this was the same house that Vicky, Leila and D.B. Sweeney were in but I'm sure most of us knew it was one of those proven TV/Movie suspense techniques of tom-foolery!  
  • Who answers instead but we eventually find out is Vicky's mother.  Ahhhh.  She played dumb for awhile, but Sean did some investigative work on his own finding Vicky's son Adam behind closed doors and giving him a music box he picked up in another room.  Adam misses his mommy and Sean shows him a picture of Vicky on the phone to verify that this is her son.  He then takes a picture of Adam (per his request) which I'm sure will come in handy as leverage later on.  We also see that Sean's battery is dying which plays an important role in a bit.  

  • Having been unveiled as covering up for her daughter, Vicky's mother provides them with her "in case of emergencies" phone number to contact Vicky herself.  

  • The 702 area code on the phone number makes them think that Leila was moved to Colorado.   And as Leila is calling Sean to tell him that she is in Texas, we see his phone powered down due to low battery.   Oh boy!
Leila's Captivity and Escape
Speaking of pulling a fast one on us, this whole storyline turned out to be a bunch of trickery.  Leila was fooled into thinking they were going to kill her in a couple hours.  D.B. Sweeney's character intentionally broke a glass and left a shard there for Leila to cut herself free.  Vicky comes down to "shoot" Leila with a gun full of blanks.  And Leila breaks free AND thinks she shoots Vicky who was coming after her pretty convincingly.   Leila finds a cop driving down the street and asks to be taken in.  When the cops discuss her story they aren't buying it but the older cop (chief) says to let her call the one person she wants to call which is Sean.

  • Leila calls Sean but gets sent to voicemail.  She explains that she is in Snyder, Texas and doesn't think the police believe her.  She begs Sean to come and get him. 
  • And of course, we find out that Chief cop is on the whole kidnapping (and possibly a non-terrestrial??).  It looks like they killed one of the cops in the building (didn't even look like the cop that brought Leila in).  Vicky and Sweeney (finally looked his name up, it's Carter) are at the police station.  We find out letting Leila go was all a ploy for her to call him and get him to come to them.  

  • Vicky is convinced Sean will come after Leila once he gets that message. 
  • Vicky makes a call to her boss and we only hear a voice.  He is pleased with their plan and said once Walker is there to "take care of him".........

Okay, well I don't know about you guys but that voice sounded very much like the Vice President, didn't it?  I have been suspicious of him ever since the first episode when he and Blake were mysteriously gone during the attack, and then after he insisted that Blake may be behind the assassination attempt.  The actor that plays Blake Sterling is always being cast in evil mischievous roles, so it would be some nice trickery on the writers' part to lead us in that direction only for the VP to be involved.  Of course, he seems like a shady guy himself.  But that voice sounds unmistakeable, right? 

I have a few more theories to discuss before we wrap up:

Theories/Discussions Going around  

  • I have been listening to some EVENT podcasts on my daily work commutes.  (I highly recommend TheEventCast, an entertaining trio)  They have a regular contributor that did some investigative research into last week's episode and deduced that this show may eventually go the spiritual (or more theological) route.  Since, I'm still convinced these folks are not aliens I'm entertaining all "Non-human" possibilities.  So, the idea brought forth was that possibly this group of people with conflicting factions could be different groups of ANGELS fallen or sent from "Heaven" in preparation of the "END OF DAYS".  What could possibly be a bigger EVENT than the Apocalypse?  Sure, there are other shows on TV that are dealing or dealt with this plot in the past.  So, who knows if they'll go that route.  But, as a TWIST to everyone thinking that it's aliens?  I like their thinking! 
  • This podcast also had an interview with creator Nick Wauters.  Great discussion but the one thing that got my wheels turning was that we will see the numbers 5314 appearing frequently and, reading between the lines of Nick's vagueness, the numbers WILL represent something.   Here's my theory for now.  5 = May,  3 = 3rd, 14 = 2014   May 3, 2014 = THE EVENT!!   They have a 5 year rough plan for the show (as all of these shows say they do when they start out).  They could possibly have mapped out a scenario for the final season of the show to take place in 2014.  If we find out the date of the event this season, it could get fans excited and generate all kinds of countdown timers, t-shirts, all kinds of marketing and merchandise all pointed towards one big day.   Anyway, makes sense to me.  We'll see if that's where they go with it!  

And that's all I have for today folks!  We'll have another episode to look forward to next week! What did  everyone think of this episode?  Any new theories out there of what you think is going on?  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


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Screen shots were provided courtesy of my TiVo, my Mac and thank you NBC for not getting mad at me for posting them! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap. Really needed it due to MNF interference and so less switching. Anyway some thoughts:
1. When Leila was escaping I kept saying to myself, this feels like a setup. The fact they didn't take her to get medical help seemed to violate protocol--that was at the point I said to myself this is not right. Anyway, I think Leila will probably figure this out soon too. Interesting that Sean and Leila are in the same state now. 1 1/2 hour seperation.
2. I agree with VP being likely voice on phone.
3. It just doesn't make sense that Sophia's group can't escape given the capabilities shown by her people. Maybe there is some kind of cooperation they must receive from the humans to make their mission acceptable? ie they could escape, but choose not to, instead waiting for the humans to be willing to free them. Another way of looking at it is, they want the humans to welcome them openly before explaining who they are and what they are doing?
4. Vicky's son brings up a LOT of issues, such as, who's the daddy? Is Vicky an other or being forced to do work for the others by them holding her husband? If Vicky is an other, is her mother also and are they just multiplying similarly to humans--doubtful though? At this point, Vicky's story is more compelling than Leila's to me. I guess in some respects, because we know more of Leila's and she's not controlling anything whereas Vicky seems to be a key operator and last night's son opened up questions. BTW, I think we all know that pic of the son will come in handy when Sean meets/confronts Vicky somehow. Of course the fact that Vicky hasn't seen her son for years makes you wonder if she cares for the boy. Again, lots of questions.
5. I don't see Sean and Collier forming a real romantic relationship. For one thing, she's just not that hot, imho.


Mike V. said...

I need someone to write recaps of MNF for me since I'm doing all of this EVENT-capping! lol j/k glad I could help out Richard!

1. Totally agree that I saw some of the "setup" coming. I figured that Vicky was watching her on the TV they didn't show us. And I didn't think they'd kill Vicky off that easily. The cops also seemed pretty shady. Yeah, she and Sean are in the same state but if he doesn't charge his phone he'll be on his way to Colorado!

2. Cool, glad I'm not losing my hearing!

3. Yeah, I thought it was as simple as the fact that Sophia wanted to earn their trust where Thomas has different philosophies. But, I'm not sure why Thomas wouldn't just break them out. But we also have heard that the detainees are getting impatient...so it seems like they COULD break out at any time if they wanted to.

4. Yeah, I guess Adam's dad could be a big question. I too thought that Vicky could be being forced to do their bidding...but it wouldn't explain how she got so much pleasure out of shooting that cop last week. But, desperate times may lead to desperate acts....I dunno.

5. I totally agree. There was just some speculation on podcasts I listened to. I don't think fans would be very receptive to it after building up this Sean/Leila thing for...well, I'd say SO LONG but it's only been 4 episodes! lol

Thanks for the comments!

MJ said...

'insecure wireless hot spot' ?? Does it need some reassuring ? J/K from one IT person to another! ;-)

Sean printed all the ID's & photos when he was in the FBI server room hacking. The EX worked for justice so they were no longer hacking the FBI so no longer needed to be on their intranet. LOL I'm guessing on it all.

I had a feeling that there was going to be an allowed 'break' since a pro would not put the bottle down then kick it 5 secs later, go out of his way to say they would let her go, then go stand right above her room and say they would kill her in 2 hours. Just too sloppy to be real.

The voice was Hal Holbrook ! His name was even in the credits.

David S said...

Although I have really enjoyed all the previous episodes, I was disappointed in this one - I think I felt not enough happened - I actually enjoyed your recap more! I thought the best parts were Sophie finally giving the Pres some information and the scenes at Leila's parents' house - Sean was very touching during the the dinner table scene. It gave me the idea that perhaps the writers could have taken advantage of all the time needed to travel by car by showing scenes of Sean and Agent Collier stopping to eat and/or sleep once in a while, which would have given Sean a chance to explain his past more. But then he would have to explain maybe too much which would have given away things that they want to reveal later. (I always wonder about the eating/sleeping - in Lost they were always traipsing from one end of the island to the other, but you rarely got scenes of how they managed to stay fed and reasonably rested). Related to these mundane practicalities, I liked that they showed the cell phone battery running out - that's another thing I always wonder about - how does everyone keep their cell phones charged all the time. Chances are, Sean would not have taken his charger with him when he went snorkeling with Vicky, so he must have bought a replacement later. Shouldn't he have stopped for a car charger by now since they would be spending so much time in the car?

I was actually surprised when we found out that Leila's escape was a setup - for a few seconds I thought that Vicky and Carter were working with the police, and I thought "wow, that is really mind blowing", but when it was shown that they had killed the real police, it seemed to me to be less interesting, nor as plausible - what if other officers show up or they get a call they have to go and investigate?

I agree that it's likely Sophie's group is just pretending that they can't escape - it may be part of her more patient "method".

Mike V. said...

@MJ - lol nice....and DUH on me with the "insecure" thing lol It was getting late!

Ahhhh that all makes sense on the IDs and hacking lol

Agreed that the trickery was pretty sloppy!

And...riiiight...i did hear Hal Hobrook was coming on the show. Good call with the voice. I still think the VP is shady!

@David - Thanks on the recap props! I can agree that when all is said and done...not much has happened. Then again...I guess we could really say not much has happened AT ALL.

Yeah, even on 24 we never saw Jack go to the bathroom...every once in awhile we would see him sleep because he was knocked unconscious lol I agree that showing the cell phone being low on battery is a nice touch. Then again, how much time has passed since he got on that plane? It might be reasonable to think that the battery should have already been dead! Totally agree if they were on a 14 hour drive they would have stopped for a car charger. And we still don't know what happened in the 7 days between the cruise and the Flight 514 for Sean Walker. Maybe we never will...but it would be a good chunk of time to visit...at least finding out how he knew about Michael's plan for the plane.

Did they kill ALL of the real police officers on duty? Do we think both the guy that picked up Leila AND the older guy were just pretending to be cops? I must've read the scene wrong. I just figured that the old guy was in on it but ALSO has been working for the police. The other way makes a lot more sense lol Especially since we couldn't identify the bodies on the ground.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Anonymous said...

This show is good, but it is not nearly grabbing me like LOST or Dexter. Some comments:

I think it would be awesome if the President's wife ended of being one of the "others" -- the only problem with this is I have a feeling she and the Prez have been together for a while - wouldn't he have noticed that she's not aging? I guess she could say she's having some "procedures" done, but I am an aging woman, and believe me, there is only so much you can do, know what I mean? :)

I have a feeling Simon will not last long. Once the entire SS team protecting the family is replaced, it will be hard for him to do something so stupid as to plant a phone on the kid.

I loved the impromptu lesson in defensive driving during the car chase/shootout! Too funny! And I do NOT think Agent Collier and Sean will "hook up." Agent Collier and Leila? Maybe....

So Carter is going to kill all cops that come into the police station, and anyone else that shows up? Kinda lame...

I like the idea of The Event being some kind of "end of days" or "apocolypse". While I'm not convinced these others are angels, I believe they are answering to a higher power than Thomas or Sofia. Somebody sent them here in the first place, obviously to accomplish SOMETHING -- we just don't know what yet.

Vicky's having a son is an obvious advantage, but that can't last long. Vicky's mom has probably already called her and I'm sure they will be moving to another location soon. The mother looked scared to death. Did anyone catch her name in the credits? I have a theory on who she is, but if it is who I think, she has aged quite a bit!

That's all I've got for now, except that I have always liked William Russ (the fake police chief) and hope he sticks around for a while.

Regards -- Cajun QT

Mike V. said...

Cajun - oh yeah...no way could I even compare this show to LOST or Dexter. Definitely not yet, maybe not ever. But I'd still argue that 4 episodes in we weren't sure what kind of show LOST was going to turn into. Although we had seen WALKABOUT now. It was the first sign that the show could be more than a cool concept...it could be something really really cool. Dexter, I love me some Dexter...just caught up on Sunday's ep yesterday. I still don't think the show lends itself too much to recapping though. Okay...on to your comments!

Good point on the whole "aging" thing with the wife. Of course, with the logic this show has been portraying, they may not have even thought about that! lol

Do you think Simon planted the phone on the kid? I guess that crossed my mind and it makes sense but I just figured it could have been someone else. It sounds like Simon doesn't really want to advance Thomas's agenda.

LOL Collier and Leila...don't see that happening at all! I really don't see either scenario happening except Sean and Leila getting back together. Then again, for longevity of the show (if they ever get that opportunity with the ratings sliding yet again), they may have to introduce further roadblocks for the 2 of them. We'll see!

Yeah...who knows with Carter and the cop killings...I totally misread that scene, but I guess that would make sense since they're not planning to go anywhere until Sean shows up!

Yeah, I just wanted to throw the Angels/End of Days scenario out there to show that there is some interesting thoughts out there and there are other alternatives/theories to them just being flat out aliens. That makes sense that there might be a higher power than the 2 of them though. Yeah, I think we may need a clue in the next episode or 2 what they're up to. I don't know if they can go 5 episodes without revealing SOMETHING! lol Of course, we did find out that the passengers were never dead...so that must have been the reveal this week.

I did not catch the mother's name in the credits but it's nothing an IMDB search can't fix! lol I'll have to check it out in a bit.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as always!

MJ said...

Oh - I definitely agree that the VP is up to no good, just don't think it was him on the phone. Also agree that they are going out of their way to make Sterling and the VP seem guilty of something. Probably both of them are bad in different ways

AUStarwars said...

This may shock you Mike, but I actually thought the episode wasnt bad..it gets to the motivation angle for many of the characters, especially Vicki (who i probably care more about because of her resemblance to Megan Fox than for any character driven reasons)..my only major complaint is still zero clue (and no way of telling) the over arching theme of the show, who the factions are, etc.

but as a "move the plot forward" type episode, I didnt think it was that bad..

Jonatan said...

You mention that the chief cop may be an other. I don't agree with the assumption that Vicky's group is necessarily related to the "Others". My understanding is that we are dealing with two antagonistic groups here: the detainees, and the group (containing Vicky) that is trying to get to Sean, plotting against the president and somehow trying to avoid the release of the detainees.

Mike V. said...

@AUStarWars - It's probably because I set your expectations for the episiode! lol I agree that they need to let us in a little bit on the overarching mystery. I'm liking the suspense aspect of the show, but it's time to raise the curtain an inch!

@Jonatan - Yeah, just was throwing out possibly ridiculous ideas lol If you see the comments above, I actually realized that I totally didn't grasp the Police Station scenes correctly. But in addition to that...

You could be on to something with the TEAM Vicky trying to prevent the detainees from being released. That actually makes a lot of sense considering what we have seen. What makes things more confusing is that we have conflicting factions within the Non-Terrestrials.

Thanks for the clarification. I think it's time for the show to unveil a little bit about each faction's motivations a little more. Not asking for everything, just a little! lol

Anonymous said...


great to see that your site is up and running. I have been watching the Event, and am moderately enjoying it, but scared of a bi plot let down. I will definitely come here for your recaps now. I have been watching Fringe for two years and love it. Great to see you are recapping it and will come to read them.
I know you work, etc..., but have you considered recapping No Ordinary Family? It is really great. My wife even watched it with me last night. She loved Lost but can't get into Fringe or other shows. NOF is a great mix of sci-fi, action, comedy, teen stuff and family stuff. If you have time, I think you should do it, especially since I think it will be around a lot longer the the Event.

Mike V. said...

Hi Anonymous! Thanks for following me to the new site. Yeah there's definitely risk involved with The Event which is why this site is open to discussing various shows. At the end of last TV season, I think No Ordinary Family was the first show I was considering writing about. But, like you said, this site is just a part-time gig...and a free one at that! lol I am watching NOF, didn't catch last night's ep but I plan on watching it.

In my spare time, I plan to keep posting my quick thoughts on other shows...just not dedicated recaps. They really are time consuming! But, if The Event gets cancelled, there are always replacement candidates! :-) lol Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

MJ said...

We haven't been talking aobut our other shows too much lately.

Chuck was 'awesome' monday. Loved that statue. Rolled off the couch when Generalissimo stated they had Subway franchises now. And Awesome's plug for that mini-van too.

HIMYM was merely eh this week. The reason for the race was funny, but it dragged out too much I thought. Could have been my mood that night though.

I also have not yet watched NOF yet. Too much stuff. And also have not seen Dexter and Boardwalk from Sunday yet.

Anyone planning on watching the new cop show on BBCA called Luther ? Supposed to be great. Probably only 8 to 10 eps as that's how the Brits do it. I know it's available on Netflix already - but don't have time for a mini-marathon. Also looking forward to Walking Dead on AMC.

Mike V. said...

Sorry MJ - This is totally MY BAD. I really wish I could write about them all, all of the time! I've just been so busy! And, as I'm sure you know, with the Phillies in the playoffs this has been taking TOP priority! So, I'm behind on getting to some shows. But, since you mentioned a couple I will bring them up.

Chuck: LOVED IT! I love it every week though. The Subway reference was hysterical. Big Mike and Morgan's talks were great. Sarah's talking to Chuck as he "slept"...good stuff. Chuck telling Ellie about looking for Mom was great as well. But I was confused if Chuck was implying to Ellie that he was still a spy or not. I'm guessing he just told a "half-truth" and didn't imply how he was looking for his mother.

I really thought HIMYM was FANTASTIC. But friends of mine also told me they weren't thrilled with the episode. The race was hysterical. Come on Marshall's song for as he was running? Robin becoming a new yorker? Barney letting her win? They seem to be leading us to the Barney/Robin wedding conclusion. Which makes it seem too obvious, I know. So there must be a twist in there somewhere! HIMYM this week led me to tweet that I thought they had rediscovered the magic. Loved it!

Yeah...Sunday..with the Phillies, I was able to watch Mad Men but had to watch Dex on Monday and still haven't gotten to Boardwalk. Just too much TV!

Definitely was not planning on watching Luther. I haven't heard much about it. but maybe i'll check it out on Netflix.

Yeah Walking Dead is something I'm looking forward to and MAYBE something I'll be able to recap or at least write about. The 6 episode thing is appealing!

BTW - all of the caprica episodes tivo'd because there was a marathon of season 1.0 before 1.5 started. I gotta say, with all of the negative things I have heard about the show...it really isn't that bad in my opinion. I'll probably be catching up slowly as this 1.5 season goes on.

Tonight, I'm gonna catch up on Rubicon and NOF. And of course...MODERN FAMILY! The show has been a consistent ball of laughter from day 1!

AUStarwars said...

Caprica isnt a bad show for what it is..its a bad show compared to BSG..and its just B O R I N G..let me know when the Cylons begin being built and im dont have to deal with polygamy

MJ said...

I dumped Rubicon as I felt it was too slow - but they hubby stayed with it and says it's been great. Oh well.

I'm not into baseball so I don't even have that excuse to be behind ! LOL But I have comapny coming this weekend so have been doing crap around the house.

Like I said - HIMYM just seemed to drag out too much. But yes - Marshall's song was great. Maybe cause I'm originally a new yorker the premise just wasn't that interesting. And no - have not killed a cockerroach with my hand - never will ! ;-P Still say Lilly was not in a bridesmaid dress so that it's not Robin marrying Barney. We shall see.

WIll also try to get Modern in tonight, and 30 Rock has their live show - might just watch it live for once.

Luther has one of the guys from The Wire in it. Can't remember as I haven't watch for years - but it was one of the bosses - Bell or the other one. The memory is the first thing to go my friend. Weird how all of a sudden the guys from the Wire are popping up. I read good reviews then saw what people said about it on Amazon as well.

Mike V. said...

@AUSW - I'll let you know if I agree about its boringness...as I continue through it lol I won't say it's the most exciting show I have ever watched...but I'm intrigued enough to see what else they're gonna do with it.

@MJ - ahhh then you're probably wouldn't have been a Phillies fan anyway! lol Being an original new yorker.

I think with HIMYM we need to remember that first and foremost it IS a Sitcom....so I just don't think we can expect every episode to be leading towards Ted meeting the mother. But if little things happen here and there...they could lead to the NEXT step in getting Ted closer. it's another CHARACTER thing for me...I enjoy the characters so I'm fine with what they're doing lol But yeah, I'm sure being a New Yorker didn't help your appreciation for it! Of course, I've been TO NYC a lot and even if some of the stuff isn't true...it was still funny. I've never seen Maury Povich...but I have seen Denzel Washington lol

I'll have to see about LIVE 30 Rock on Thursday. I have my TiVo routine on Thursdays that is hard to break. BBT, Vampire Diaries (for the Mrs. and because I secretly like it too), The Office and Fringe....then off to recap world! But, maybe I can do some convincing to watch 30 Rock LIVE and leave Vamps for the wknd. we'll see!

I'll see if I can check out Luther.....not sure if you remember but THE WIRE (entire series) is still on my to do list. I opted for BSG and Breaking Bad this summer!

MJ said...

Vampire Diaries is a repeat tonight ! Don't know why but they are re-showing the season premier. That's the only reason I thought I might squeeze in the 30 Rock live myself.

MJ said...

Oops - sorry - I did forget that you did not get the Wire in this summer.

Anonymous said...

Since we're jumping around here, I'll comment as well. I think HIMYM is on it's way out. It just goes overboard with the silliness sometimes. Meet the mother -- end the show.

I tried to pull up Dexter Season 3 on Netflix last night and IT'S NOT THERE! They have Season 4, but not 3? Also tried Hulu - no luck. Does anyone know where I can watch Season 3? Lovin that show!

Mad Men was great this week -- Don is really losing it! I wouldn't want to be HIS secretary! He treats her like dirt.

Modern Family this week was HYSTERICAL!!! The scenes where they were confronting Cam about his bike shorts -- I was still laughing into the commercial break!

Can somebody tell me what happened to Rescue Me? Was there a season finale episode that I missed? It seems like it just disappeared!

Cajun QT

Mike V. said...

@MJ - OH riiiiight! Forgot Vamps was a rerun. I definitly will look to squeeze in some 30 Rock and Community! No need to apologize on The Wire! I was just letting you know. It's definitely a show I regret not watching! But I have always heard that it's the best show no one has ever watched, so that makes me feel better!

@Cajun - Yeah, it's cool to jump around...I think the site is low traffic enough right now where it wouldn't be annoying or too spoilerish for anyone! I just haven't had enough time to post anything separate...but with Fringe going on a month hiatus after tonight, maybe that will give me some room to do stuff...pending the Phillies aren't taking up my time :-)

I still am loving HIMYM but agree it's in the later stages of its arc than the earlier stages. I love the overboard silliness though so I'm fine with it! The writers/producers said they're gonna keep making the show as long as they're having fun. I think they need to return to the Slap Bet though...I'm starting to forget how many are left! (2?)

Yeah only Dexter seasons 1 and 2 are streaming...that's how I started. Do you not have the disc plan? You could always just get them that way. I don't know why they don't just put them all on there. (didn't realize 4 was streaming too). Season 3 was the weakest of the seasons but it was still good. I'd try to rent it somewhere...maybe even upgrade your netflix subscription to include discs until you finish it then go back to online streaming only!

Agreed on Mad Men! Can't wait for the finales of that and Rubicon! But i'll be watching on delay...NCLS Game 2 Sunday Night! Go PHILLIES!

Modern Family has just never lost its touch....Mitchell on the phone with Claire and then Cam crying again...fantastic. And the SHOULDERS! ahhh good stuff Phil killing it at the dinner was hysterical! And of course they always add that toucing scene at the end....great stuff!

I think I wrote about this before with Rescue Me. At the end of season 5 they said they were going to make one more season and split it up over 2 years. So there is 10 episodes that aired this season....they built up the 10th episode as a season finale but it really didn't feel like one. But they wanted the show to end around the 10th anniversary of 9/11 so there will be 10 more episodes next summer. I'm pretty sure they have finished filming all of the show though.

jg said...

Hello all. I am going to confine my comments to just one scene that I think shed more light on the mystery than all the others combined. Talking about The Event by the way. The scene was with Sean and "Adam". When Sean showed the picture of Vicky to Adam the boy said "grandma said we are not allowed to keep NEW pictures of her" At first I thought he said nude but I digress. That leaves the question of what did old pictures of her look like. Then after Sean took his picture Adam asks to see it which is odd. And while Adam is looking at it he moves his mouth around while looking at the picture as if comparing what he sees in the picture and what he feels with his mouth. Hence leading one to conclude that he has never looked at a reflection of himself! But hey, I could be digging.

Mike V. said...

@JG - I remember Adam saying this too. You may be digging but you could be totally on to something! I just figured they couldn't keep pictures of her around because they were trying to play up the fact that they didn't know her in case anyone came looking for her. Adam was locked in the bedroom and Grandma was denying knowing what Sean and Collier were talking about. But you never know...there could be more to it!

Saw a preview for next Monday's ep...looks intense!

Mike V. said...

Sneak Peak at Monday's Episode. Looks pretty nuts!

The Event Sneak Peak Episode 5

MJ said...

YA know - I thought the kid looked weird in his pic - and he was moving his mouth strangely too. Thought it was just me.

You are right on all counts about Rescue Me - about the season ender not feeling like one, ending next summer near 9/11, and that they are all in the can. I know because Maura Tierney will be back and she is now on another show and has talked about hjaving filmed her stuff on Ruscue, and Tommy's wife is alredy on another show.

Mike V. said...

I would agree that the kid was acting strangely. I'm sure there is more to the story of Vicky and the kid and we'll get to it eventually.

Yep, I heard Maura will be back on Rescue Me as well. Thought she was great on it a season ago.

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure they are not fallen Angels. During the episode they said our technology was old and still using vaccum tubes which means that they are in fact aliens with a more advanced technology plus they crashed landed on a ship angels don't fly ships.

Mike V. said...

Thanks Anonymous for the comments. Just a heads up, you're commenting on last episode's recap where a lot of the information you're basing this on is from the LATEST episode. Here is the latest recap:


I never really thought they'd be angels, but it was fun to speculate (plus it wasn't even my theory! was just relaying what others were speculating) But that being said, how do we know angels don't fly ships!? :-)

Unknown said...

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