Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Event: Season 1 Episode 3 - Protect Them from the Truth

Hello Zombie Nation, I mean EVENTERS!  We are 3 hours in and things are still cooking on The Event!  I'm sure to many people's relief, this episode only contained 2 quick flashbacks so most of narrative was advancing in the present day.  Not too much of an intellectual brain dump this week, just a nice suspenseful thriller and keeping us guessing at the big questions for another week.  So let's just dive in and recap what we learned! 

When we last left, Sean Walker had been captured by the FBI, Leila was still being abducted by Vicky, the President was losing patience with Sophia, and Avias Flight 514 had unloaded a bunch of passengers that ended up dead.  We continue here! 

Sean Walker
We did see a little bit of time trickery in Sean's story.  They advanced his storyline 2 hours and then flashed back to show how he was treating a wounded FBI officer in a motel room.  Long story short, Walt and Jesse's camper rammed right into the FBI car (I apologize for anyone who hasn't seen Breaking Bad and not getting the reference!).   This took down the FBI Officer that was driving as well as the cop that was blocking the road ahead to where Flight 514 and its dead passengers were.  Agent Collier survived with some injuries and Sean saved her in the nick of time (like any good TV show.  Getting away from a car explosion at exactly the last second!)  Of course, instead of Sean driving past this scene with the injured Agent Collier, he drives her to a motel!

  • In the episode we learn more about Sean and his computer hacking past (hacked in the Pentagon just for the fun of it) and how he is a video game programmer.   He is able to figure out Collier's password to her computer which leads to some comical lines about her cat pictures and all.  But alas, they need to be in an FBI intranet area for him to be able to do some facial recognition on Vicky.  

  • So, computer hacker expert that he is, Sean hatches a scheme to handcuff Collier close enough to her hand bag so she can grab her cell phone and call for backup.  Meanwhile, he will jump out the bathroom window and hop in the trunk of one of the cars that picks her up.  And no, they won't take her to a hospital, they take her to get debriefed!   Hey folks, we don't watch these shows in order for them to be realistic, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't point them out on occasion either!  (don't get me started on how quickly people were being shipped back and forth from Alaska to D.C. to Arizona and what not.  That is a Fringe specialty right there!) 
  • Collier does seem to have a soft spot for Walker's story, so when she hears about Flight 514 disappearing over Brazil she starts piecing things together.  And she also figures out that she led Sean right to the FBI. 
  • Sean meanwhile was able to do his match and we find out that Vicky has several identities in several states.   And in case anyone was wondering if 2150 9th Ave in NYC is anywhere important, it isn't.  Looks like an abandoned warehouse.  I didn't look up all the addresses so feel free to check them and get back to me! 
(Google Maps Street View 2150 9th Avenue) 
  • Right and meanwhile, shady Blake Sterling finds out that this elusive Sean Walker has escaped Flight 514 alive and he wants him found immediately and quietly.  (We'll get to Blake and his shadiness in a bit but it is too soon to tell that if the people that came for Sean were there on his orders or not) 
  • So 2 men claiming to be US Marshals (one guy is the next door neighbor from Dexter) have come for Sean.  The minute Collier tries to clear it with D.C. and make sure they're the real deal, these "Marshals" get a call saying that they've been compromised.   Thus, the shooting begins!  The 2 Marshals go for Sean Walker and try to get him out of the picture.  In the end though, Collier and Walker are in the clear.  Sean knocks out the guy and grabs his keys and he and Collier run out of the building.  Ahh but Dexter's Neighbor?  He's on the same team as Vicky, and apparently Leila is being kept alive only until they axe Sean.  

  • I'm guessing we still need to revisit the time between Sean fleeing the scene of the cruise and him getting on that airplane.  How much does Sean even know right now about what's going on?  And who are Vicky, Dex's Neighbor and the guy that interrogated Michael Buchanan working for? FBI's investigation seemed to suggest that Vicky has been working deep undercover, so may she still turn out to be "good" (whatever that means on this show)?   Time will tell!

Leila and Vicky
Not much to add here that I didn't already mention above.  It just should be noted how ruthless Vicky has turned out to be.   She killed a cop for wanting to see her cargo in the back (Leila).  Leila, then tried to take the dead cop's badge and slit Vicky's throat with it.  Crazy, right?  Leila keeps talking about how Sean will never stop looking for her.  And when Vicky is on the phone with fake Marshal guy she finds out that he has evaded death once more.  She smiles at Vicky and does a little "told you so" dance.  So, naturally Vicky has to punch her.  Ouch.  I totally would have went for the shot back if I was Leila.  They clearly need her alive!  So the update on this one, Leila is still held captive by Vicky and her cohorts.  But, expect a twist in this storyline at any minute!  

President Martinez and the Administration

Vice President and Blake Sterling
As we have been noting since the first episode.  Both VP and Sterling were mysteriously gone when that plane was coming towards Martinez.   So now the VEEP has decided to talk to Sterling about how so few knew about what was going to happen that day with the press conference.  Sterling said he is running an investigation on it.  And then the VP asked who is going to investigate the INVESTIGATOR!?!   Ahh good question!   Here's another good question, who is going to investigate the Vice President!?  Is this a case of he who smelt it dealt it?  Is this a case where Blake Sterling seems to be the obvious candidate to be the bad guy that it will turn out to be someone else?  Kind of like how these OTHERS just being plane old aliens seems too obvious?

Visit to Arizona
The President and Sterling make a quick stop in Arizona to check out the scene of the dead passengers.   I mean seriously, how do these timelines synch up?  We have 2 people flying separate times from Alaska, a trip to Arizona and back to D.C. for the President and meanwhile Walker's storyline this week is what, a few hours?  Something isn't adding up there!  It's like on LOST when it took 3 episodes and 3 days to get to the Barracks for the first time in season 3 and in season 6 it took about 5 minutes (unless you're Ben, Richard and Miles who need to get "lost" for an episode and it takes them longer)!   But this is across the whole country 3 times!   But anyway, that's my last gripe about it.

  • Sterling informs the President that they are planting a crash site in the Brazilian rainforest and it will take days for anyone to find it.  A massive cover up of a plane crash?  Hmmmm  where have we hear this one before? 
  • They are planning to transport the bodies to this crash site once they have been "treated" to appear to have been in a plane crash.  Well that's pleasant!
  • Martinez doesn't like "protecting" the American people from the Truth.  Sterling says that it is necessary because they can't tell the public that the country has been infiltrated by a number of "non-humans" with devastating technological power that they have no defense against.   This is the 2nd time that they did not come out and say aliens.  I know there have been messages from the creator Nick Wauters that has been dissected and analyzed for clues and he has mentioned that these people are "not of this world" right after saying that many speculated they would be from another "planet".    It seems like they are choosing their words very carefully.   It's either to keep this show from falling in line with any other alien invasion story by not calling them aliens....OR....they have something else they're brewing in the TWIST department.    Call me crazy, but I still like the EVOLVED HUMANS from the distant future idea!   But, I'm not 100% sold on it either.   But no one can seriously say that we have been told everything about these people, can they?  There are still details to be filled in.
  • Agent Lee explains to Martinez their investigation of the scene.  They said it appears that many of the passengers were fleeing in the same direction away from a singular threat.  More advanced technology?  Perhaps even technology that would only make people "APPEAR" dead?  Well, we're getting there. 
  • Martinez wants to go back and talk to Sophia and he has an idea of how to make SOMEONE talk.

Breaking the Detainees (1 second later in TV time) 
Martinez, all of a sudden back in D.C., visits Sophia and shows her pictures of the dead passengers.  She is shocked by what she is seeing and states that it wasn't supposed to happen.

  • Hmm, maybe because it didn't happen BEFORE?  Perhaps the timeline has changed from how they remember it?  Eh, I won't speculate too much on Time Travel until it is revealed as a feasibility.  But that was quite interesting! 
  • The President wants help bringing the passengers to justice.  Sophia cannot defend what has happened but she won't betray her people.  
  • The President then states that he already had a plan B.  He offered the Inostranka inmates a deal.  Whoever will come forward and explain who is behind the "events" that have been happening (not to be confused with THE EVENT which we don't know about yet) in exchange for their freedom.   For these people being imprisoned for 66 years and for Sophia even confirming last week that they great tired of waiting, it seems like SOMEONE would come forward. 
  • And sure enough, the man who we only heard about in the first episode...William is the first to want spill the beans.  He wants out, just like Sophia and Lee discussed.  William is flown to Washington D.C. and is questioned by Sterling (Martinez watching via a video feed or something)   William is willing to cooperate but wants his girlfriend, Maya released as well from Inostranka.   Martinez says he is willing to make the deal for the information.  (information which William suggests is so minimal.  I guess in comparison to what else he might know about THE EVENT perhaps?)  

  • Flashback to 11/2/1944 - William wanted to leave with Thomas but Sophia needed Thomas to successfully escape.  William was injured so he had to remain behind.  Maya was free to leave with Thomas as she is not injured, but she made the decision to stay in captivity for 66 years with her man.  

  • Sophia is not willing to take any chances.  She has "4 minutes" to talk to Lee.  Sophia is convinced that William hasn't told them everything yet.  Why?  Because they're still alive.  They are really hyping this EVENT to be a big deal.  I really hope they don't overhype it!   Sophia regrets not dealing with William when she had the chance.  It was her responsibility to protect ALL of them.  But now, she is giving the order to Lee to deal with him, HARSHLY! 

  • Well, they sure did.  His girlfriend Maya shows up in D.C. and she verifies that he did not give up any information yet.  There is a moment where they look out at the Washington Monument and both revel in its beauty.  William dreamed of this moment and it is better than he imagined.  And it is just a "taste".   You know, they dreamed of seeing what they may have seen in pictures as they have come from a post apocalyptic Earth ages in the future!  (sorry, just can't help myself!)    In all seriousness, scenes like this one seem like they will be a little more poignant once we find out WHERE (and maybe when) these people are possibly from.  

  • BUT, the enjoyment of the scenery is cut short as Maya pulls out a shiv or something and stabs her man in the gut.  "Keep Imagining!"   Yeah, I'd say being killed by your own woman after freeing her from captivity is pretty harsh!  She stayed with him for 66 years and killed him just like that.  What secret are they protecting?  Whatever it is, it looks like it will remain a secret for another week.     

Flight 514 Passengers

We join a guard in a temporary morgue with all of the Flight 514 passengers.  When you're nearing the end of an episode, you know there is going to be a cliffhanger.  So, I wonder how many people other than me called what was going to happen once we saw where we are?   That doesn't make it any less creepy or !!?!??!??   We hear a little girl breathing.  The guard named Jinx states that one of the passengers is showing vitals.  And then before we know it we see each one of the 183 passengers waking up one after another, including Michael Buchanan!   WHAAAAAAT?????!!!!!! 

And that's where this chapter ends folks!  There had been a lot of speculation during the week that maybe these passengers were somehow still alive, but still making them all appear dead for however long they were, or possibly them actually BEING dead and now alive again?  A technology we definitely don't have here on earth at this time.   Of course, they sure did look like Zombies when they were waking up (which reminds me, The Walking Dead starts on AMC, October 31st.  Looks awesome and I will be watching.  Commentary TBD).  Is it possible that the "non-humans" have done something to these people?  Some kind of brainwashing or somehow genetically made them LIKE the non-humans themselves?  Or, not to get too much into next week's preview but could it be as Martinez suggests and that they brought them back just to show the capabilities that they have?    And is it me or did it seem like the girl had a hole in her throat?  I think it was the angle bit it looked like a gil or something at one point!  

Anyway, that's all I have for this week folks.  I'm really digging this show.  The critics seemed to have turned a corner with the show now as well and are starting to rally to its cause.  Better late than never!  You can consider me onboard for the season.  Looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I look forward to yours!  See you next week! 


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Screen shots were provided courtesy of my TiVo, my Mac and thank you NBC for not getting mad at me for posting them! 


Anonymous said...

1. You're right, the realism department is very shaky here. Which makes deductioin,logical conclusions, etc a bit of a waste of time. Part of the fun of Lost was figuring out the rules and how they apply. Maybe that can happen here? But it's like the Prez has a time travel machine.

2.The ease at which Maya killed William and Sophia saying "we're still alive" makes it apparent that these beings don't have any special ability to avoid being killed. In other words, they're not superhumans in that way.

3.These Others are indeed plugged into the government at a pretty high level. At least that's what I get from this ep.

4. Am I wrong or did Vicky seem to have "eyes" for Leila???

5. The whole way the bodies were dealt with didn't make sense, from the get go. For example, they would have been put into body bags and stored in cold temps.

6. The resurrection scenes by the zombies reminded me that Halloween is just around the corner. It makes me wonder if that is a means of their multiplying.

7. I don't think the fake marshalls were from Blake. That could have been done much more easily, officially and he didn't have any reason to kill a bunch of FBI agents. I would think one of Blake's concerns would have been to know what Sean told the agents about the plane crash. No questions were asked by the fake marshalls as to what Sean had said.


Kelly said...

ok, so i liked this episode more... even though i had the same exasperations as you- with the whole, everyone is everywhere within short periods of time.. and yeah, why didn't Collier go to the hospital before the FBI office?? and for a woman who had shrapnel in her arm shortly before, she sure was swingin' that baby around while walking and didn't act like she was in pain at all! boy, i sure wish i had her threshold for pain! hahaha..
all that aside though, i did like this episode and i'm warming up to the show more. it's a bit frustrating that we still don't know more about the "others". seemed kind of unnecessary to have william tease us that he was gonna spill the beans only to have him killed without giving up ANYTHING. maybe that was supposed to show us how determined these people are to keep everything a secret.
i'm also trying to avoid thinking that these people are aliens.. it would be too easy and not mindblowing at all. aliens have been done too many times, we need something more provoking than that! the time travel idea is pretty cool, though i'm a bit wary of that too.. i'm sure we'll get something soon (hopefully).
i'm DEFINITELY happy the time jumps were minimal this episode, it didn't break up the story like the first two episodes. it seemed to flow much better. definitely enough to keep me on board for now. yay!

David S said...

Thanks for the recap, Mike - I don't know how you do it so quickly, but I was really looking forward to getting to my computer this morning.

I agree with Anon's point #7 above - and now that we know that Vicky is, or was, NSA, it seems that the third faction we were discussing last week is connected to someone in the government, but not to Blake, and not to the Others.

Ooh, I hate that Vicky so much, that I was really wishing Leila could flash like Chuck when she got punched and really deal with her and escape.

BTW, the Sunday LA Times had an interview with Laura Innes (Sophia) where she says her character's people are aliens from another planet! I don't put too much stock in it, though - I think she was just being imprecise with her wording, and she also said the actors are given only what they "need to know" (ha)for their character and don't know the whole story.

Mike V. said...

Hey guys thanks for commenting as always! Falling a little behind today but I'll try to catch up now!

@Richard - I'll try and go by the numbers here.
1.) Good point on the lack of realism possibly affecting us trying to deduce stuff from the show. I still think the concepts of the show are still intact...just some of the logistics are kind of nuts. Even 24 was limited to one city at a time due to the time constraints. The Event may be a little too liberal with their freedom of scope! Love the time travel machine comment!

2.) Good point on the non-superhumans. But they may have the ability to "re-animate" people....i think it's going to be more of the "make them appear dead" more than bringing people back. Of course...I do wonder if Greg actually was killed when he was stabbed by D.B. Sweeny. I guess we'll see!

3.) I agree.

4.) I think that's just a good example of "a man can dream" lol I will say no further!

5.) yeah...chalk that up to suspending our disbelief for TV!

6.) I thought about this too....like maybe they're CONVERTING these people into becoming like THEM. We don't know how many people Thomas took with him when he left the crash site in 1944. Then again...they could have multipled a lot since 44 anyway.

7.) I agree that I don't think they were from Blake.

@Kelly - Glad you enjoyed this episode more! Funny with the threshold for pain. Then again, Jack Bauer would get stabbed in the gut and be fine 5 hours later! LOL (maybe even less than that!) Totally agree with the Alien thing....although even if it IS aliens...there has to be a different twist on it than we've seen before. I would hope so at least. I did hear something that this show would pretty much close story arcs every 5 or 6 episodes...so there could be a chance that viewers could tune in every once in awhile and not miss much. Or something like that. So this 3rd episode may be a case of them not answering much because big answers could be coming in the next couple of weeks before they move onto the next big mystery. We'll see how true this is!
I'm sure we'll have more time jumps coming our way but hopefully it won't be for lots of characters at once. OR we could do a whole episode that was "last week" so we could get the rest of Sean's story after the cruise. Of course, i'm not sure how they could go with "8, 7 or 6" days ago anymore without confusing people since time has passed in the present day. We've had multiple flights to alaska, arizona and whatever! But Sean still seems to have never seen night time! I'm glad you're still on board though....as long as we keep our expectations low, we should be okay to enjoy this one. Just keep repeating to yourself "it's not LOST. it's not gonna be LOST." We'll be alright! :-)

@David - No problem on the recap. I have this stuff down to a science now. the screenshots, the write-up and getting it all done at a "semi-reasonable hour" Now...if this show turned into another LOST where I couldn't let one line slip by without me theorizing....it could become a whole other issue. But for now, I'm okay! Agree with your agreement on Richard's #7 comment! Yeah I was really hoping for Leila to hit Vicky back. Nice call on Chuck flash! Interesting stuff witht he LA Times article. Yeah, we all could be overthinking this one, but until they come out and say "ON THE SHOW" that they are aliens, I'm going to keep speculating!

Thanks again for the comments everyone!

MJ said...

Walt & Jesse's camper ! Good one. Am def liking the show. The hour certainly goes fast. Yeah - when he put the FBI chick in the car I was like 'drive stright forward and see the plane and use her phone to snap some pics!' But nooooo ! LOL

Now we definitely know we have good vs bad in the gov't - which was suspected but now confirmed with Vicki being a pro and the 'marshalls' coming for Sean.

Am way behind on Dexter sadly. Finally watched the first 2 Boardwalks - was pretty good. My husband is positive that the dirt road with the Welcome to Hammonton sign is the original Black Horse Pike as he says the pike is that old. LOL

Bryan - Warehouse 13 just got a third season ! YES !

David S said...

Oh, and we found out what was sticking out of the trash in the airplane lavatory in the pilot episode - it was the mechanic's overalls Sean used as a disguise to get aboard the plane. (Or maybe everyone already knew that - but the way the camera focused on it made me think it was something more mysterious.)

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Glad you appreciated the Breaking Bad reference. I'm just glad I can make them now! Agreed on the Government goodies and baddies!

I bet you're right that that is Black Horse Pike! Not sure if you read my other post on B.E. but I used to drive through Hammonton to get to AC when I lived in Medford, NJ! Very sad on Dexter. But I am starting to think "maybe we've seen it all" with that show. I still am entertained, but I don't know how you top last season!

@David - nice catch. Totally forgot to bring that up. I did think it would be something more mysterious also....actually, I just figured it would come up again. And of course, when it did I forgot to mention it lol Maybe that's all we're going to get about how he got on the plane. who knows???

Mike V. said...

Just read that THE EVENT dipped in ratings again. Ugh went from 9 million viewers to 7.5! Not good. Yeah, we do live in a DVR and iTunes/Amazon age but dropping 2 million viewers a week is not good at all. Maybe it will hold steady here.

Anonymous said...

To me the viewership is tough to get--up against MNF and 2 1/2 men. Honestly I flip--wish I had PIP again. AND read your recap to fill in the gaps. If you didn't do your thing, I don't know how interested I would be in the show. The Patriots v Dolphins was pretty good during the first part of that hour. And Allen being a scumbucket was a little downer.

Anyway, it's kind of surprising how a secondary character like Vicky is getting so much attention. Leila's going to have put Vicky in her place at some point.

I'm actually OK with aliens, futuristic humans, genetically altered humans or almost anything as long as they have a set of rules/reasons as Lost did about how they exist, etc. Basically, I don't want something that is almost made up at the last minute. I prefer an unfolding scenario where clues have been dropped along the way for us to analyze, discuss, debate, etc.

After seeing the zombie resurrection last night it made me wonder how spectacular the Event must be. The resurrection itself was an event. BTW, have we concluded the Event is yet to come vs already happened--like their arrival?


Anonymous said...

I'm still on board. Don't have anything to add to the above comments, I think it's all been covered! One main point I agree with is that the passengers weren't dead but in some sort of state where they appeared dead. Thanks for the recap! Cajun QT

AUStarwars said...

eh..its moving glacially slow..it just leaves me with an odd feeling, like we dont know what the aliens/time travelers want or why they are here, so we cant understand why the shadow govt/CIA want to stop them...and the government still seems totally inept..and the president still seems like a moron..

its decent so far, just not gripping..

AUStarwars said...

I think Jeff Jensens review pretty much sums up my feelings as well lol

gnni4 said...

I hate to admit it, I forgot to watch it. I just saw it on HULU and it is OK, like everyone else I am really trying to like it, but it has some glaring flaws.

I want to read Jeff Jensen's review, no link AUstarwars? I have to look it up myself?

Thanks for another recap Mike!

gnni4 said...

AUStarwars, I just read Doc's review, and I agree with you (and him). I think that he nailed it.

Still, I'll tune in next week, hope I don't forget it again, but thank goodness for HULU for when you do!

I just hope that the show picks up enough for them to continue it, I'm afraid that it will get cancelled before we find out what the event is.

MJ said...

I'm along for the ride. I no longer look for shows to be realistic - that's just crazy. LOL From the never-dying cell phone on 24, to cops in NYC who get from one side of the city to the other in 5 mins - hell - we don't want to watch half an hour of a cop in NYC driving to get to a scene. So I don't care if they seem to get to Alaska from Miami or DC in a couple of hours.

Chuck was good this week - thought for sure that we would get a jeffster performance instead of that poetry slam. Was wondering how they'd bring Mike back !

No - haven't gotten to read your reviews from Boardwalk yet. I'm sooo behind. LOL I don't actually have Showtime or HBO so I have to watch them in alternative ways a few days later. ;-P

Been trying to sample so many shows too, and most of them are definitely take or leave.. like Chase, Detroit 187, etc.

Did you ever watch Parenthood last summer as your wife wanted you to ? I'm finding it less charming so far this year. Though Modern Family is still hysterical, and HIMYM has been great.

Mike V. said...

First to all complaining that it's moving at a snail's pace....I am still sticking to this mantra "it's only the 3rd episode!!!" It takes many shows time to find its footing and see what works and what doesn't. I hate comparing it to LOST but come on, we spent 9 hours with the LOSTIES before we found out that there were other people on that island. Sure, in that time we got to know the characters which was great. But I can tell you...3 episodes in...we didn't know much! But alas, THE EVENT is a different show.

BTW - Doc Jensen tweeted that he felt a little guilty for tearing up the show so much (the next day). He said it wasn't his favorite episode or anything.

I'm not sure what people are looking for in a 3rd episode of a serialized show. It kept me in suspense, it gave me enough information to keep me intrigued with these "non-humans" and it has me interested in what's going to happen next week. I don't need ANSWERS galore and extreme plot movement 3 hours in. If we kept up that pace...we might be fighting to save the human race on some other planet in another dimension in the year 3063 where dinosaurs exist by season 6! Moving the plot along quickly isn't always a good thing, being my point. You don't want them to run through their whole story and then have to resort to making up stuff that really doesn't make sense! Let the show breathe, that's my advice!

Okay, to individual responses!

Mike V. said...

@Richard - No offense, but I don't think NBC is targeting the 2 1/2 Men demographic for The Event. I'm sure it's an entertaining show though! I would agree that MNF probably hurts The Event. Hence why 24 coming on in the winter helped. They'd advertise all during football season and then boom...once MNF was gone...24 swooped in with non-stop episodes. I think it was a bigger deal when MNF was on ABC though.
As for Vicky, she does seem secondary at this point, but we don't know how important she may turn out to be! I think she is a regular cast member so we'll see!

Totally agree with the unfolding story. I don't want to know things right away. It gives us a reason to have discussions on the blog!
Exactly on the ressurection vs. the ACTUAL Event. They're hyping it up to be something really huge. So huge it scares me that they won't be able to deliver!

@Cajun - you're totally welcome! Sorry we stole all of your thoughts! lol

@AUStarWars - You can see my comments above. I understand your concerns and agree that it's "decent" so far. But for it to become gripping...I think we need to give it time. I said the same thing with FF (which I would say never really got to to "appointment television" status even if I did really enjoy it). Still haven't read Jensen, but as I mentioned...he even felt he came on too strongly.

@Gnni - Definitely flaws, but flaws that can be ironed out! I'll admit it....I am trying REALLY hard to like it. And maybe it's more for the success of this blog than for the success of the show! lol But I still think it's too early to judge too harshly! Especially when none of the episodes have been absolutely awful! It's doing its job right now. Keeping us interested. Well...it's keeping ME interested! :-) And you're totally welcome for the recap! As for finding out what the Event is...it's supposed to happen this season. And I am pretty sure NBC will pick the show up for at least a full season. Afterall, it kept Heroes on the air 3 seasons past its expiration!

@MJ - just saw that you posted and I have a meeting coming up. I'll get to your comments in a bit! lol

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Yep, the "24 effect" is totally in play on this show and I'm fine with it. But I still like to comment/joke about it! Same thing happens on Fringe when they're travelling across the country for a case. It's a good time!

Loved Chuck and I'm so glad Big Mike is back too. I was scared he might have gotten cut from the budget in order to keep season 4 on the air. Good stuff! I saw some peeps on twitter predicted he'd be the "A.M." so that's cool.
Eh, there isn't much there for the B.E. reviews. I just made a few comments and didn't comment on Sunday shows this week. It's tough to keep up with everything but I'm trying! lol Ahhh....you using some "totally legit" websites to get these shows? I'd be interested to know what you use as I'll be looking for Friday Night Lights later this month! I always find a way, but I'd love one site to turn to! lol

I have 14 episodes of Parenthood on my TiVo now...we just never were motivated to watch them! lol Good to know it may be dropping in quality so I don't have to go through them! lol My TiVo just picked up all of season 1 of Caprica yesterday. They ran a marathon. Based on what everyone is saying...this will be a wait and see with me...to see if the 2nd half picks up.

Modern Family is still on top of its game! And I'm loving HIMYM also!

AUStarwars said...

See i liked Flash Forward A LOT more than I like this...i miss it :(

I understand that the show is just starting, but there is just so little indication of where we are going...like the whole thing with the guy who was going to tell us everything, seemed a bit rushed, no? Like save that...

I agree with you on Lost that it seemed to go slow, but the whole show was a discovery..what are we discovering here? Its essentially "our world"..its not like we are on some random Island where we know nothing..and you are right, at least we were building character connections..what do we have here? we get it, the GF is kidnapped, he's trying to save her..theres a shadow government, etc...its just retelling the same stuff over and over again..

something about NBC shows just never impress me, i dont get what it is..they just always seem to move glacially slow and just fizzle out (cough:Heroes:cough)..so I just dont have a lot of faith..give me an ABC or Fox drama any day of the week...

Mike V. said...

I hear you on Flash Forward. Just when things started really picking up on that show they cancel it! And they saved the less than stellar V. Hopefully, that show will be better when it returns. I miss FlashForward too.

I agree that maybe William should have been kept alive a little longer, but if he revealed everything they may lose a few episodes there lol There are still 96 other detainees! Plus now we have 183 passengers on that plane that may have some crazy stories. And that is 183 people that they have informed the world are dead. What are they going to do with them? Interesting stuff. Anyway I'm getting off track.

I ask again...3 hours into LOST, did we have any indication of that there was (SPOILER ALERT FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED LOST, REJOIN AFTER THIS PARAGRAPH!) an all powerful light on an island that must be protected and that Jacob summoned all of the castaways to the Island? did we know that in season 2? 3? 4? 5? most of 6?

Anyway...I gotta stop with the LOST comparisons because they are 2 different shows and The Event can't be held to that standard....at least not right off of the bat. It's tough for any show to follow LOST and try to do something in that flavor because everyone will be hoping for something AWESOME right out of the gate. That just isn't how TV works.

I can agree that we seem to be reliving the same story each week. Like I mentioned before...I have heard that these storylines are going to work in 5 or 6 episode arcs. So maybe there will be resolution to the kidnapping, the flight passengers, etc...in a few weeks then they will have introduced something else that will be having us scratch our heads.

Can't argue with you either about NBC shows. Of course, ABC used to have that reputation until 2004 when they banged out 3 highly successful shows, LOST being one of them. It totally turned around that network. NBC is at the bottom of the barrel right now so that makes them hungry and willing to take risks. We'll just have to see what happens.

MJ said...

Was using Rapidshare but they don't seem to always be getting all the shows, so now we use Hot file. Cost is 55 a year for unlimited download. It's how I watch Dexter, Big Love, Sopranos in it's day, Tru Blood, and now Boardwalk. Show's are pretty much there the very next day they aired. ;-D

Anonymous said...

So, will Leila's Dad now be on her side or Vicky's? Lot's of implications.

BTW, I don't think we should beat ourselves up over comparing the Event to Lost, since the producers/NBC positioned it that way.


Mike V. said...

@MJ - thanks for the info! Ugh, I don't know if I want to pay money! (even if it is about a dollar a week lol) It looks like my favorite site seriesgringas.us may be back up and running again. All I need it is for 13 episodes of FNL! Fingers crossed.

@Richard - Yeah and will Leila's Dad even be the same person anymore or will he be infected with "ALIEN-itus" lol Naaa we shouldn't beat ourselves up comparing to LOST. Actually, the only times that I do defend it to LOST is when defending it. My point is that even with LOST, we weren't OBSESSED right off of the bat. We didn't know that this show was going to be the next great thing. And I'm not even saying The Event may have that in its future...but EVERY SHOW needs time to grow into whatever it wants to become.

Anonymous said...

You're right about LOST. I saw the pilot and wasn't crazy about it. A month or so later a friend of mine asked me if I was watching and I said no.

I really didn't watch LOST until the second season. Mostly because of a character that I didn't like the first plus season. I forget her name, but when she died off and John Locke started becoming a leader, things got interesting to me.

And as I said with the Event, the show has some good actors and could have great character development. ANd now after watching the "alien landing(or whatever it was in 1944)" and the resurection/reawakening--I've got to see the real Event.


Mike V. said...

That sounds like Shannon lol Oh yeah..I watched every episode of the first season but it was just a weird but kinda cool show at first but then...things started happening. Locke was in the wheelchair...and then I wanted to REWATCH the pilot and the episodes that followed. Then ETHAN showed up, then we found out that there were OTHERS on the island and Ethan was one of them, then I wanted to go back and watch the episodes that had Ethan in them. Then ABC started reairing the episodes for people to catch up and I had just gotten my first Tivo and then I started saving them and watching them over and over again! Thus, an obsession born!

So speaking of "THE EVENT" (as in the ACTUAL EVENT)....I was listening to The EventCast podcast this morning (again...I love TV podcasts for my communites to and from work! lol) And they had someone that started running with a theory. Mind you, I may not be happy if this is the route the show goes but it certainly is interesting. Harking back to its spiritual predecessors...what if these NON-terrestrials are not ALIENS, per say, but ANGELS who have arrived in preparation for the 2nd Coming? The END OF DAYS? THE EVENT OF ALL EVENTS? There are many stories of good and bad angels in a war of their own.

Of course, bringing the theological aspect into a sci-fi show has been done with a couple predecessors...LOST/BSG. So, will they go that way? Everything seems to fit for them to be Angels (non-human, non-terrestrial, making us think they're aliens but prepping us for a big twist). Apparently the guy that started thinking about this got it from the name of the motel which happens to be the name of a movie where a victoria's secret model plays God and is part of some kind of 2nd coming lol (i forget the name of the motel...something blosson I think)

I dunno if they will go this route or not....but the guy definitely put together a well thought out theory! And it certainly fits the clues. All except the fact that we'd have Angels arriving in unidentified flying objects that burst into flames upon impact with the ground. I didn't know God had machines! Then again, we really didn't see the vehicle either.

Anyway, worth some speculation.

Mike V. said...

arrgh...COMMUTES not "communites" lol

AUStarwars said...

That would actually imho be an amazing way for the show to go...as ive mentioned many times that was always the underlying theory of what was going on with XFiles the whole time..you just had to dig really really really deep to understand it (ie. probably take it in a direction that Chris Carter may not have intended)

I actually think that would be a great way to take it

you have the link to that podcast? i listen to them AT WORK ;-)

Mike V. said...

Here is their website

But, I tried clicking on the non-itunes link and it didn't work for me. You could give it a shot though.

I agree it definitely is an intruguing way to take it and, for now, fits most of the facts being provided. We'll see!

MJ said...

That could be be very very interesting. It's been done before, but it's def entertaining. Ever see the movie Prophecy with Christopher Walken ? Was kind of a B-movie - but had this very interesting angel vs angel thing going on. In a smaller way Supernatural just did this last year - know you don't watch that though.

Mike V. said...

Not sure if anyone would see this on the LOST blog so I'll put it here. LOST Reunion at the Spike awards on 10/19. The show will get recognized by the awards show and much of the cast will come back together. Nice Promo with CHANG too!

Doc Jensen's report on the info

Mike 6 said...

Mike - didn't read every comment, but any connection with these aliens being killed by knife to the gut? Broken arm guy and potential rat (can't remember their names yet).

Mike V. said...

MJ - I think I HAVE seen The Prophecy way back in the day. And very true about Supernatural too. I guess there are enough examples on TV that this does happen! lol And based on the way the show has positioned itself, it would come as a surprise! (or maybe not since we'd be on to them now lol)

Mike 6 - William and Greg...and good call with them being stabbed in the gut. I can't tell you if there's a connection yet but a very good observation! Also, we don't know if Greg was one of these Non-Terrestrials yet either. We shall see!

MJ said...

OMG ! Ever heard of the Spike Scream Awards ? I hadn't til now - but check out this video. Too, too funny http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/10/07/spike-tv-lost-cast-reunion/

MJ said...

Duh ! Only now just read you already posted about the Spike Scream awards. Sorry. LOL

MJ said...

Any one going to be checking out the Walking Dead at the end of the month ? It's a 6 part show - but looks great.

Mike V. said...

LOL, it's cool MJ! More press is good press. I cannot wait for this awards show now! I'm so mad because TiVo.com will not find it...so I can't schedule it yet lol I went to the spike site and voted for LOST in all possible categories....went with Fox over Holloway in the Best Actor category though....this was FOX's year!

Totally gonna watch Walking Dead (i even gave it a little plug in this recap!) I didn't realize it was a 6 part thing. That definitely makes it more appealing to watch!

Mike V. said...

Okay folks, I'm about to blow your mind. So I was listening to The EventCast's interview with creator Nick Wauters, which is pretty good. Nick seems like a cool guy who just caught his big break. Down to earth and is very open about discussing the show and their process (i.e. they have a plan but are willing to veer from it if they get good ideas. Basically, LOST style but they're being open about it)

Anyway, he did suggest that the numbers 5314 will most likely play a role in the show. He was coy about it but it's a safe assumption. Anyway, while I was listening it kinda just hit me and not sure why I didn't think of it before. (i'm sure someone else has)

May 3, 2014 - The Date of THE EVENT (whatever it will turn out to be) Kinda could fit into a 5 season plan, it's in May Sweeps, and it's 70 years from the crash of THE Non-Terrestrials (1944). And it could get fans excited and fan sites could post countdowns to the EVENT and whatever. I like it. I'm sure others have already thought of it but I'm going with it for now!

MJ said...

Hmm ! Very cool indeed. I think I won't tell the husband though. LOL After my mania with Lost he's been a little leery of me becoming Event-ized. ;-0 When I showed him the vid from SPike with Candle he was groaning. TeeHeeHee.

I set the awards up on my Fios dvr last night. It's actually called Scream 2010. Had to select the 11pm repeat airing since I had other stuff taping tuesday though.

TGIF everyone !

Mike V. said...

I'll check again for Scream 2010 but I'm sure I already tried that! Funny with the husband! Can't say my wife is absolutely thrilled either. I mean, that goes right against Glee! Glee and No Ordinary Family which I can take or leave at this point lol I'll have to do some DVR shifting but I'm sure I can make it work. A TV Addict with a TV blog would naturally have multiple TiVos! :-) lol We're even considering getting a 2nd DVR expander for the bedroom TiVo to store more shows that we can't get to quickly enough. It is insane. I may just have to start giving up on some of them.

TGIF indeed!