Wednesday, December 2, 2020

TV Discussion: Winter and Spring 2020/2021

 Hi all, definitely a lot less posting going on these days, but a few of us still hit the comments to talk the latest TV shows.  The last post got a little too big so I’m starting this new post for continued discussion.  Feel free to join us! 

Note: once this gets to 200 comments, I’ll create a new thread for us to continue our ongoing chat! 


Mike V. said...

Okay, finally created a new thread! Going to respond here.

“ Queen's Gambit - yeah - her adopted mother. She sure has grown up alot in 4 episodes LOL

Undoing - we tried it - was not that impressed.

Big Sky - heard some things - liking it - it's really a cop/PI thing with DARK undertones - so probably not your thing.

Rebels/Clones - yeah - probably never happen. SIGH

Finally finished all the SAW movies. Yikes. started that before halloween. Of course the husband just got the 4K extended LOTR set. Told him don't even think we are watching before xmas ! LOL”

Queen’s Gambit - She certain has, but then we find out she’s still so young! Money and Fame does a number on people. Lol

Undoing - yeah you didn’t miss much.

Flight Attendant - We watched the first episode. It was pretty crazy!

Rebels/Clones - I figured. I can only continue to sing its praises. :). You should still be able to follow along with Mando without watching the additional material. There was plenty there for just film watchers and stand alone mando watchers too.

Big Sky - Yeah I saw a lot of previews for it. I think I’m pretty much out on network TV dramas at this point. They just can’t compete with the cable/streaming offerings. And, it also has to do with my time availability for watching them. Obviously when any shows I was still following come back I’ll tune into those.

Saw - Haven’t seen one and don’t plan to! Lol. 4K LOTR - NICE! I watched the 1080P extended editions a few months back ON my new 4K. Could definitely tell it wasn’t top quality for that television, but the content was still great. Never gets old!

Wonder Woman - rewatching that on HBO Max in prep for the sequel. Apparently Patty Jeknins confirmed WW84 will be the first 4K offering on HBO Max. Still no word on Roku getting it though. :(.

MJ said...

WW - yeah Roku and HBO Max still not come to an agreement. SIGH So over all these disparate streaming systems - but knew it was coming.

Shameless - did not realize that is back starting Sunday. Is this the last season ?

Oh - we re-watched the Netflix Xmas one - Kurt Russel. Name is eluding me - but sequel comes out this month.

Christmas prep will start cutting some of my time - if we have it 2/3 of the family will be coming here. Getting to be a BIG if. We managed t-giving - but it is getting crazy out there.

Mike V. said...

WW - I know...we definitely knew this was coming. Next thing, the cable companies are either going to charge more for internet access or offer bundles of all streaming options. Lol

Shameless - I just saw this too. We didn’t finish last season yet. But yes this is the final season. We’ll need to catch up at some point. Just hard to find the time with these kids!

Christmas Chronicles - Part 2 is already out! We watched this past Sunday. The kids loved it but said the 1st one was better. Lol

Holidays - yeah we usually travel for the holidays. Lots to still figure out. We stayed home for TG. Just gotta get through these crazy times!

MJ said...

Gambit - I had not realized the guy with the longish floppy hair - played Jojen Reed in Gof T. Thought he looked familiar tho.

Shameless - def not a show you can watch with kids in the room LOL

Oh - it already dropped ! I just knew it was coming.

Mike V. said...

Gambit - Yeah...Jojen and one of the other friends is Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter movies. He got a lot skinnier lol

Shameless - It certainly is not recommended!

Mando - New ep out! We’ll watch tonight.

MJ said...

Ugh - 2 behind on Mando now. Will make sure to catch up before finale. I know there was some big reveal in the newest one - but not what it is.

Gambit - Dudley ? Really ? Oh wow - didn't recognize him at all

Christmas Chronicle - watched 2nd and loved it !

Your Honor - taping but not yet watched. Christmasing is def getting in the way

Mike V. said...

Mando - It’s been really good. Definitely catch up! Hmm..big reveal in the latest one? Maybe the one before it. Either way it’s been a fantastic story. Can’t wait for Friday!

Star Wars - Lots of announcements at the investor call last week. Filoni/Favreau will continue building out the Mando timeline with 2 spinoffs: Rangers of the New Republic and ....drumroll.....ASOHKA!!!!! Then we have Andor, a Rogue One Prequel with Diego Luna building up the rebellion. Acolyte will be something headed up by the Russian Doll show runner and take place at the end of the High Republic Era. (A new era that is 1000 years before the main Star Wars timeline). Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series is bringing back Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader and touted the “rematch of the century”. It still works with the words that are used in A New Hope and many of us speculated if mustafar truly was the last time they met. Also...this could pull in some flashbacks to the Jedi Temple slaughtering and see how Grogu escaped. The next film will be Christmas 2023 and it’s called Rogue was a series of books that are now classified as Legend. Wedge Antilles had founded the group (he was brought back in Rise of Skywalker when Lando brought in the fleet at the end)....The timeline will be AFTER Rise of there’s a chance that’s how they convinced the actor Dennis Lawson to come back for that cameo. (I had a N64 video game called Rogue Squadron too...good times). Patty Jenkins of Wonder Woman fame will be directing. She posted a cool video on twitter after the announcement about her giddy excitement and how she wants to do a realistic fighter pilot movie in honor of her father....but also tie in her other favorite thing (Star Wars). Lots of excitement coming.

MCU announcements and trailers galore too. Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks fantastic. WandaVision looks so bizarre but I’m so in for it. We’re going to be traveling through the various generations of sitcoms but unveiling some Scarlet Witch stuff as we go....and it will build into Dr. Strange 2 and Spider-Man 3 (which rumors are flying about casting and how all 3 incarnations of Peter Parker might be in well as Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone from the 2 other franchises).

Disney did a giant dump of what’s coming to combat HBO MAX’s announcement for 2021. Disney still aiming for theatrical releases of their big tent pole films except the next animated one Raya The Last Dragon (voiced by the actress who played Rose in the last Jedi). That one will get the Disney + Premiere treatment (i.e. $30 premium to view before it’s available to all subscribers 3 or 4 months later) and it will go to theaters simultaneously. Needless to say...lots to get excited about.

Christmas Chronicles - I enjoyed it too. SOunds like Kurt Russell may want to do more too. He said he wants Santa to be the last character he ever plays. Not sure what that means. I.e. is he retired already or he just wants to keep doing it and only that.

Your Honor - not sure what that one is. Must be out of the loop!

Flight Attendant - it’s been a fun, tense ride. We have one more episode to catch up. I think this thursday the finale will be released to HBO Max.

One more day of work for me tomorrow then I’ll be prepping for whatever we’re doing for the holidays!

Mike V. said...

HBO max coming to Roku tomorrow! In time for Wonder Woman and the 2021 movie slate.

Mike V. said...

Mando - can’t believe we haven’t discussed the finale yet! Obviously amazing. Can’t believe they went the direction they did. It was the most obvious choice for the timeline of the show but that fact and it actually being pulled off are 2 different things. The future of Star Wars is bright! filoni is Lucas part 2. Favreau is doing what he did for marvel for Star Wars. We’re creating a cinematic universe on Disney + and then will return to the big screen with more stories. Good stuff!

Happy holidays to all!

MJ said...

Mando - cause I still haven't seen it ! Christmas killed all my time. I swear to have it watched by this weekend ! SWEAR IT ! Stil have prior oe too - and my nephew said it was good to watch them together any way. LOL

This is Us - finally watched the part 2 of the premier. I know - I have been bad LOL

Roku/Max - heard that. Hubby said he saw it on there but we have not tried it yet. When is WW out ?

Mike V. said...

Mando - agree with your nephew! Hope I was vague enough in my comments.

This is us - nice. You probably have time to catch up before it returns.

Roku/max - yeah it’s out. It’s good! I think I liked the first one better, but this one has its moments. Just go into expecting a super hero film made in the 80s and you should be in the right mindset. Lol

MJ said...

Finished mando they or Fri. Such a kiss to the fans to have Grogu leave with Luke! So. My sister is pondering. If this takes place shortly after ep 6 then while Luke is training Grogu does that mean he is also training nephew Kylo? Timelines are not my thing. I will post more Tuesday. Working off-site Monday at hsp vaccine tent so not a lot of internet time. Just wanted to say watched so you can post whatever you want.

Mike V. said...

Mando - Yeah...i know I had been preaching Ezra...and it was mainly because I didn’t think Lucasfilm would dare try to bring Luke back. Mark Hamill had retired his rendition of the character, and they faced so much criticism for his treatment in the sequel trilogy. But, in the end, it was really the only answer that made sense. Luke was THE JEDI in that era of time. He would be starting his new Jedi Academy. And yes,...there’s a chance Ben Solo would have been born, but he would be really young. Most people are wondering if Grogu would’ve been in the temple when Kylo and the knights of ren destroyed the temple. If that’s the case, Grogu may have witnessed the end of 2 Jedi orders. (I.e. survived Anakin’s slaughter at the temple). R2 and Grogu may have recognized each other. And R2 didn’t get his memory wiped at the end of sith. But yeah...Grogu is one character that could span all 3 trilogies. He is he was born the same year as Anakin. So book of boba fett (you saw end credits scene right?)...will be the next Star Wars live action’s coming out next December. Mando season 3 will be right after....then the spinoffs...Asohka, Rangers of the New Republic (this is immediately after Return of the Jedi). There’s a chance the boba show may go back and show his escape from the Sarlacc. As far as Mando...I guess Grogu won’t be in S3...but he may be back for some team up event when all spinoffs collide. I would love if they get Mark Hamill to reprise his role animation or even better CGI...we saw what they did with Samuel Jackson in captain marvel. Mark Hamill seemed grateful for his return and for it to remain secret. He’s tweeted some great things since his appearance. It was so awesome. Oh right...forgot.....Mando season 3 could be more about reclaiming Mandalore after the purge...the purge is a mysterious event that hasn’t been covered in animation or live action yet. We know that Sabine gave the Dark Saber to Bo Katan...she didn’t win it then either...but that might be why she’s so hell bent on winning it now...since it didn’t work for her last time. But now with Din having a right to the throne...his fate is tied in that. Could be an interesting direction for S3. I love this show....Television is definitely the best place to explore Star Wars in this era. There’s just not enough time or runway in a movie to get us to love new characters as legendary as the originals. The future of Star Wars is bright!

MJ said...

Obviously the slaying of the Dark Troopers was awesome – but it’s not like we will get a lot of Luke next season. Possibly not much Grogu either. Thinking it will center on the Dark Saber that Mando is now stuck with and Mandalor. Almost felt sorry for Starbuck ! ( I know it is Bo Katan). And who did not know when Moff agreed to hadn over Grogu that is was a lie? From a few things I read there were concerns on whether Mando really was going to betray Bo Katan for the Child – which does not seem very noble. And ow is Mando and Bo Katan going to battle for the saber ? I know everyone is wondering that one ! R2D really surprised me though ! And yes - I did catch the post-credit scene ! Jabba’s old henchman is now running the joint – til Bobba takes him out ! So I guess that will also fold into the next season ! Oops - just read your comment that Bobba gets his own show.

Know there is also a lot of talk – is bobba a clone? The source of the clones ? Not sure I am caring honestly.

Honestly - if they are doing a whole MCU universe thing - I am not interested. To me that is disappointing - but I know not to most fans. But I got burned out between MCU stuff and all the CW DC stuff. Just over it all. I am probably not watching the standalone MCU movies - not sure I am interested in a whole Bobba show either. I have never uderstood why fans loved him so much really

Mike V. said...

No i don’t think so either with Luke. There are rumors (just rumors) that there may be a separate show following Luke starting the Jedi Order and all that. But I just don’t know how realistic it is. Like I said..MCU deaging technology is great if Hamill would do it. But no...Mando S3 is clearly going in a different direction. I think Mando won’t see Grogu until a team up event on D+. And it will be as emotional as seeing Jin and Sun reunite for the umpteenth time. Lol.

Mando clearly shows no interest in the saber...but his fate might be tied to the fate of Mandalore now. That seems to be a plot thread for s3. Which means more Starbuck! (I can say it too lol).

To your worries...i think the Boba series might be a limited series not a recurring season show. Similar to a lot of the MCU shows coming out. They’re not going to pile them up on us. There will probably be one event series running at a time on Fridays on D+ starting 1/15 with WandaVision...and it’s going to tie into the Dr. Strange sequel which will tie into Spidey 3. But probably watching all of it won’t be required. Just enriching as usual.

Boba clone - that’s a tricky question...the actual boba is an “unaltered /not rapid aging clone” which we learned in Attack of the Clones. Other clones would be older by now. There is a chance though that Temura (sp) Morrison may reprise his role as a clone in the Obi-Wan series as Rex. He was a main figure in clone wars and rebels and was able to fight his programming from Order 66.

I don’t think SW is trying to throw a fast one on us with Boba. He survived the sarlacc. And they left clues to what might have happened in S2Ep1 with maybe the Krayt Dragon eating the sarlacc. Lol. That might be featured in Book of Boba Fett.

I’m all for more content for both SW and MCU. Sometimes i worry about over-saturation...but I think SW is finally finding its footing in the Disney era. And MCU...i trust Feige until he steers us wrong.

MJ said...

LOL - I already think MCU has over saturated ! But we shall see. At this point I have no interest in Wanda Vision or a Black Widow movie. Dr Strange - yes - I want that though.

Finally started Fargo which has piled up for weeks. Know you never watched it.

I recorded Myiam Bailok (sp) new series Kat - will check it out.

Mike V. said...

MCU - fair enough! It all works together really well though. I don’t count the netflix stuff and agents of shield as they were only loosely tied in. Now if those characters start showing up in the MCU that’s a different story. But I’m all in on the Black Widow movie. But definitely more excited for Strange 2, Spidey 3. Eternals and Shang Chi in the wings too. I know nothing about those characters, but I have faith they’ll incorporate it all well.

Fargo - yeah i missed out on that one I think. It’s just tough to keep up with it all these days.

Didn’t even know Blosson/Amy was in a new series. Lol. I see Ted Danson has a new show coming this Thursday. Not sure I’ll watch.

This is Us - we did watch the return of this last night. It was good as always.

MJ said...

No clue who Eternals or Shang Chi is. LOL

Oh man - didn't know about Danson. Looked it up - is on Friday. Might look at it

I have been volunteering at the vaccine tent at work - it's been exhausting. Not giving it obviously. LOL

Mike V. said...

That’s cool on the Vaccine tent! My immediate thought was to “GIVING IT” lol Nice to see a light at the end of a long tunnel. Still a lot of tunnel left though.

Eternals is a GROUP of people. Celestials I Ego from Guardians 2 or Thanos. Basically they’ve been around since the dawn of time. There’s a whole group of them. They have quite the cast lined up. Anjolina Jolie, Salma Hayek, . Even Kit Harrington and Richard Madden (Robb Stark) will be reunited on it. Lol. It should’ve been in theaters last November but you know...COVID stalled everything. I have full faith that once there’s a trailer we’ll be primed and ready to expand our Marvel knowledge!

Shang idea either...but I think the villain will be the ACTUAL Mandarin...not the ruse they threw us in Iron Man 3. It’s called Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings. The 10 Rings were referred to in Iron Man 1 as well.

This is where MCU has proven everyone wrong in the past. We laughed at the idea of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. But they were a smashing success. Now when I hear announcements...I’m like...OKAY, I’m sure I’m going to see it an love it. Lol

MJ said...

Ant Man was ok - but I love Guardians ! Guardians and Dead Pool are actually my faves ! Followed by all the Iron Mans and Avengers.

And yes - a very long tunnel to go.

Not sure if Richard is still on here but we have watched a show called Secrets of the Viking Stone. It's not scripted - but Peter Stormire is on it - they are investigating whether and when Vikings were in Minnesota based on this stone that was found. Been interesting so far. Probably on Discovery or Science channel.

I honestly don't know how I am so behind on things ! LOL But I have several streamers to get to that have been dropped for a bit - nothing I think anyone here watches (Sabrina, Lucifer)

Mike V. said...

Deadpool actually wasn’t MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) was the X-Men universe which was owned by Fox. But now Disney acquired FOX and Deadpool 3 was just announced to be R Rated AND part of the MCU, so things are going to get interesting. Lol Ant-Man solo outings are okay...but his work in the ensemble films is great! I’ll let you know how WandaVision is.....i like the spin they’re doing on old’s probably all going on in Wanda’s head...but there certainly will be repercussions to if Vision will live on in some form. And of course the introduction possibly to the multiverse which will feature prominently in Dr. Strange 2 and Spidey 3 (Homecoming/Far From Home sequel). I’m just ready for more marvel content. We’ve been in a drought since July 2019. But once we get going again it’s going to be rapid fire.

Not sure where Richard is either. But we haven’t been discussing too much he watches anymore. Maybe that will reel him back in!

I know exactly why I’m behind. KIDS!!!!! My wife and i maybe watch one thing a night. I’m mid s3 of Cobra Kai....but we’ll have This is Us tonight. She started Bridgerton. I’m out. Lol. I’m in season 3 of the crown. Still good. But not watching much else at the moment.

MJ said...

Oh no ! Just occurred to me - didn't Wonder Woman drop around New Years ?

Mike V. said...

WW84 dropped on Christmas Day! Lol. I guess I didn’t provide my comments above on movie thoughts. I’ll let you watch and weigh in first. :)

MJ said...

Just rewatched the first one. Hoping to get the new one in this weekend.

Yeah - I don't even have the KIDS excuse. LOL

Mike V. said...


Lol on the kids. Well, blame COVID and just a general funk around everything then. It’s there! Lol.

Mike V. said...

So yeah it’s 1:30 am and I’m exploring cord cutting options. YouTube TV is on my list for replacing my cable subscription but it doesn’t have history channel. So I was looking into when Vikings would air it’s last 10 eps. Guess what? It’s already exclusively available on Amazon prime! It’s still going to air some time in 2021 but you can watch the whole thing now. Guess I may do that after I finish the crown. Crazy stuff.

WandaVision was good! Classic sitcom format but very LOSTian in the “what the bleep is going on here??” Sort of way. Lol

MJ said...

WandaVision - is it a movie or a show ?

Not sure I can ever cut the cord. I have a hard time remembering to watch stuff on streaming honestly. And no matter which way yu go - it always seems that you don't get something.

Interesting on Vikings.

Mike V. said...

Sad News. Rousseau from Lost and she was in Babylon 5 (which I know you watched MJ) died this week. :( West Nile virus.

MJ said...

oh no ! I liked her alot as an actress. But West Nile ? Really? How odd. Yes - she was a VERY big part of Babylon.

Mike V. said...

Yeah——I’m not sure how one contracts West Nile virus these days. Very sad. Damon Lindelof posted something on instagram in tribute. Something about Rousseau moving to the light.

Sorry missed your comments from the other day when I posted.

WandaVision - yes it’s a show. So far there have been 3 30 minute sitcom-like shows. On the surface they have operated as tributes to the sitcoms of old with Olsen (Mary Kate and Ahsley’s younger sister) and Bettany really hamming it up in the best way. But there is something deeper and more sinister going on. Easter Eggs and all that stuff at work. Near the end of each episode there are some reveals to a larger plot going on. From what I have read is that it starts off small in these sitcom tributes, but by the end it will be like a full fledged marvel movie. There are 9 episodes in total. After this is done we’ll get Falcon and the Winter Soldier which will be the story of supposedly Falcon taking up the helm as Captain America. But it’s not as simple as that of course! The villain Barron Zemo from Civil War will be returning for it.

YouTube TV - I’ve officially cut the cord. I forget what I said above. I did a 1 week trial of YouTube TV and after 2 hours of trying it out I was sold. I contacted Verizon and switched my plan to Internet Only. (Well and Phone because I was under contract...but come January I’ll drop phone too lol). The DVR is great. It records everything and is an unlimited dvr. Of course, it’s tough to tell between what’s recorded and what’s on demand (which has us skip-able commercials)...but I assume that will be fixed eventually with a UI update. Sports is great. You just click “ADD” to NFL and all NFL games that air will be recorded. And then when you go to a game you can either join live or click “catch up through key plays” will show you 10 key plays (number changes) that show how the score is what it is...and then before you know it you’re live! I’m so sold...we’re moving to a new house in April....I’m not even running cable lines for TVs...just one in for the internet. And then I’m installing CAT-6A cables for each TV for premium speed internet! Sure....i dropped i cant watch the final season of Shameless. But we’re still a season behind anyway and it’s on Netflix. For Dexter I’ll probably subscribe for a month or so then quit. I actually was getting more tired of changing inputs on the tv from the tivo to our streaming boxes which we watch more often.

Vikings - I started the 2nd half of the final season. It’s okay....i honestly feel like i missed some episodes to get us where we are, but I probably didn’t. I lost interest after Ragnar died. But, I’ll see it through to the end! (Richard if you’re reading and are’s already available on Prime Video...and coming to History later this year).

The Crown - I finished this. Season 4 was really good with the Princess Di drama. Of course, it’s all a dramatization but for sure some of this stuff probably happened. Lol

Mike V. said...

GAME OF THRONES - Forgot the big announcement from a couple days ago. The Tales of Dunk and Egg are being adapted into another spinoff for HBO! I started “The Hedge Knight” but didn’t get to far into it. It’s some novellas that GRRM wrote that take place in Westeros 1000 years before Game of Thrones. Or maybe 100 years. Maester Aemon calls out to “EGG” when he’s dying in thrones. I.e. a young Aegon (egg) Targaryen. I’ll definitely be in for that.

HBO MAX - Harry Potter - Rumors yesterday that a live action Harry Potter TV series is in the works. It’s very early not sure if they’re throwing around the term “Harry Potter” to refer to “wizard in world” or if this will actually be “HARRY” related. But there’s a facebook group I’m part of that follows pop culture stuff like this closely. And they hope the show will be called “LAW & AUROR” LOL. Hilarious. (Auror is the career path Harry and Ron go into after they defeat Voldemort.....detectives/dark wizard hunters).

MJ said...

I am intrigued by this - but not ready to compare to Fringe yet !

Never even heard of Dunk and Egg etc. Nor Hedge Knight.

Did hear about Harry Potter show. Guess there really are no new thoughts out there. I knew Harry became an auror - but not Ron. LOL on Law and Auror tho.

So no more Tivo ? I followed most of what you said - but I know nothing about YouTube TV so some was lost on me. LOL Dexter ? You re-watching that ? Shameless - yeah once it is online you can catch it. I'm glad it is ending honestly. Vikings - I quit that a bit ago.

Mike V. said...

Nice! At least it’s one of the Fringe dudes involved. I may have to set the YOUTUBE for that LOL.

I figured you didn’t on Dunk and Egg. Hedge Knight was the first “novella” of Dunk and Egg. There were a few others. Of course GRRM planned to write more but got yelled at by fans who want him to finish Winds of Winter. Lol

It’s all about “IP” these the Potter show was inevitable. Or Wizarding World show.

YouTube TV is basically having cable TV but it’s streaming through the internet. LIVE and Unlimited DVR. Less channels, but basically the ones I still watch. (No History...which is how i found Vikings lol). The DVR features rival tivo...and might be better. There still is room for improvement with basic features. NOOOOO on Rewatching Dexter. I may have not mentioned on here but figured you knew....they’re coming back for a limited series run with the original show runner (who was NOT involved in the latter seasons)....they’re hoping to course correct that legendarily bad ending. SHameles...totally me too. We may never get back to it....kinda like the last season of Modern family. Lol I’m surprised I’m still watching Vikings..i couldn’t even put it on this morning and ran on treadmill with a podcast instead. Lol

Mike V. said...

Note: YouTube TV is only one of several live streaming options. Hulu offers an add on for it (With a more limited dvr), Fubo TV is another, and Sling TV. I think those are the big ones.

MJ said...

Dexter - oh forgot that ! LOL

Wanda - might look after they all dropped. We shall see.

History Channel - that is a must in my house for the husband.

Mike V. said...

History - yeah...I’m sure one of the streaming offerings has it. Right now it’s a major factor in which service you go with (which one has the channels you want). YouTube had the most covered to justify leaving cable. We’re building a new house (finally!) and are setting it up without COAX (Ethernet instead) so I was more motivated to cut the cord! :)

Wanda - you know I’ll keep you posted! :)

MJ said...

Resident Alien - loved it ! But I love Alan Tudyk in anything.

Walker - you know I had to look at it. SIGH Nothing to brag about really.

Mike V. said...

Resident Alient/Tudyk - Nice....i'm sure it's good. Recent news on one of the next Star Wars TV spinoffs "ANDOR" mentioned that season 1 won't have the Rogue One Droid K2-SO in it (which Tudyk did the motion capture and voice)....but it's a Rogue One prequel, so if they get a season 2 they might have a story and them finding K2. lol

Walker - because of the supernatural connection or because you're a huge Chuck Norris fan? lol Walker is a new version of Walker Texas Ranger right??

I'm so out of touch with new network TV! It's gotta be just this phase of parenthood. I've heard similar stories over the years of people with kids. It's finally upon us! lol

MJ said...

Def NOT because of Chuck Norris. Same actor was originally in Gilmore Girls back in the day before Supernatural. I know you watched the 4 part special - which I never got to see - but he was Rory's first boyfriend. Weirdly his name was Dean. Then Supernatural came out and his brother was named Dean. Spent the whole first season calling them by wrong names LOL

Yes - I know lots of people that lost track of stuff after kids started getting older. The focus is way more on the kids shows too. Could also be that since so little is new that you kinda stop paying attention. And now that you cut the cord you won't even see commercials LOL Not that I see commercials either.

Saw an ad for new show - can't remember what now - but it looked like Abraham from TWD perhaps.

Mike V. said...

Oh right...forgot it was the same dude in GG. Funny on the Dean stuff!

Yep...true too on COVID. Not much new TV out there. I mean tons of new content on streaming but I pick something here and there to watch (e.g. the crown).....I’m all in on Disney + new content for Marvel and Star Wars. I’m hearing good things about today’s WandaVision...i think it’s finally going to start showing the bigger picture of what’s going on.

Oh there are definitely still ads on YouTube Live! It’s recording live TV...and there’s on demand stuff for episodes not recorded that have built in ad breaks like any other YouTube video. But kids don’t even watch TV besides these Disney + shows with us. They are all in on just watching YouTube channels...these random people playing with toys and video games at home making millions by our kids watching them! Lol It’s so crazy.

hmm...I’ll have to look into that. We should be getting some new TWD soon. February I think, right?

MJ said...

TWD - yes I believe so.

This snowstorm was nuts !

Mike V. said...

Indeed it was! Kids were back doing virtual schooling, i continued my 11 month of working from home lol. but yeah we were due for a snow like that. Now it can all go away! :)

TWD - i looked it up. It’s February but the last day of it! Lol. The 6 bonus eps of season 10 will air starting 2/28.

MJ said...

TWD - ah - been wondering about the bonus ones. And the 'Rick' movies.

Snow - oh man ! Could have given them a darned snow day ! Very scroogey ! LOL But I had heard that a lot did not get off and schooled at home. That would have made me nuts as a kid - all that snow and can't get out in it.

Mike V. said...

TWD - No idea what’s happening with that Rick movie. I think it’s coming straight to AMC now instead of theaters though. Could be wrong. Of course not much going to theaters right now!

Snow - Well we got like 4 inches in January and the principal didn’t care...she gave them a snow day. 2 of the 3 days this week they only did half days...Wednesday was a full day at home. This really is the first big snow for them. Doesn’t happen as often in this area anymore!

MJ said...

Snow - very true ! Last year we has like 3 inches the whole winter. Now hearing more for Sunday

Superbowl - Rooting for KC - anyone but Brady LOL Think I heard no Budweiser commercials this year? But hearing some good ones coming. Peyton and Eli have on, as does John Travolta. Game itself is usually not so exciting - but this one could be good.

Clarice - don't think I am bothering.

Almost done with the Fargo's that I recorded. You know FX - some are looong. Then will have time to watch more stuff. I wonder if the 2 Spidermans are on D+ - still haven't seen them honestly.

Mike V. said...

Snow - yep we got more, but was so seasoned at this point I went out in it to get super bowl supplies. Lol

SB - Yeah i was too. Anyone but Brady was my mantra and most of the world’s mantra as well! I guess it was specifically Budweiser because there were Bud Light commercials (or at least the 1 saluting commercials of days’ past). The game ended up being a bore too! And crazy how much TB dominated on Defense. But I know KC’s line was beat up. Mahomes didn’t have time all day. I was really impressed with some of the passes he got off even though he didn’t complete them. Just keeping the plays alive was impressive. Hard to not be impressed by Brady too. I’m just tired of it!

Clarice - nope..I’m all out. I never watched Hannibal either though or whatever the show was called. I’ve only watched the original film and never read the book(s).

D+ and Spider-man. Unfortunately Sony owns the rights to only the Avengers films with Spidey are on D+. The stand-alone films are still Sony produced films even though they share profits with Disney and the MCU. Point gotta find them somewhere else. Not sure if they’re streaming anywhere but I’ll look it up and post again. BTW...WandaVision is nuts and the latest episode kinda hinted at where Phase 4 is going to go with what they just introduced. Considering my family’s reaction, It’s going to fly over a lot of people’s heads and further confuse things. But, it excited me to no end! Lol

Mike V. said... if you don’t want to pay for Spidey Films here is where they are right now:

Homecoming - FX Now streaming app. As long as you have a cable subscription you should be able to watch. There might be commercials but I don’t know.

Far From Home - Starz app. Same thing...if you have a Starz subscription you should be able to watch on demand.

BTW...the app i used to find it is called “JUST WATCH”. Type in any content and it will tell you what streaming apps have it or where you can rent/buy it.

MJ said...

Oh cool ! Thanks. But do not pay for Starz. Will see if Roku can get it for me

MJ said...

I am sure you heard about the chick from Mandalorian by now. She just killed her career !

Mike V. said...

Mando - yep. I mean there are just some topics you shouldn’t get into. She was already on thin ice with her earlier comments. But Disney seemed to be giving her some leeway. And anyone saying that it’s freedom of speech. Sure you can say what you want but companies aren’t obliged to stand by you. I mean I liked the character. Her acting left much to be desired. With the way the story is going her arc isn’t as important. It could’ve been but didn’t have to be. Lol

Excited for new WandaVision today. I hate having to wait for the family to watch it! But worth it when I do. :)

MJ said...

LOL on Wanda - still waiting for all to be available

I actually liked her character - tho yeah acting was a bit rough some times. Oh well.

Mike V. said...

WandaVision - understood...only downside I’d say is you’re missing the LOST like discussion around it between episodes. But it’s too tempting to binge it all. I’m really loving it. The music is great too. It’s the team that wrote the songs and score for Frozen/Frozen II. The 80’s episode had a very Growing Pains type theme to it...I’m still humming it. Lol

Cara Dune - yep i liked the character too...I try not to judge performers/artists for the way they live their lives or their beliefs. (The Craziness around J.K. Rowling being a prime example). But damn...all she had to do was shut her mouth! Besides pouring lots of words onto this site....i really try to avoid saying ANYTHING of note on Social Media (well I do censor myself here too in terms of that stuff...). It just ain’t worth the headache! Lol

MJ said...

LOL agreed on the head ache. But no idea about JK craziness. See - I never read that stuff any more LOL

Mike V. said...

Cara Dune - So Lucasfilm is recasting her. I guess they have plans for the character. Interesting!

JK Rowling - I’m afraid to even broach the subject on the internet so I’d just google “JK Rowling controversy” and I’m sure something will come up. Lol

MJ said...

I am intrigued now. Lol

I thought TWD was back tonight. Nope. Next Sunday. Tonight just a Chris Hardwick preview. Will let record and watch tomm

Mike V. said...

I forgot again. But yep. Next week. Guess I need to get talking dead on the YouTube tv dvr. Lol

MJ said...

We started Roots of all things. When originally on was like - I can't be home 7 nights in a row with parental units!!!! So never really saw most of it. Interesting times to watch it in is all I will say

Mike V. said...

Is this Roots with Levar Burton? Or wasn’t there a remake??? I forget. But yeah I saw parts of the original when I was a kiddo....but not sure if I saw the whole thing.

MJ said...

Yep - the original with LeVar Burton.

This is Us - finally all caught up. Man - watching two of those back to back is killer with all the emo. LOL Thought for sure that Kate's baby mom was gonna change her mind when she asked to hold it. Not sure she still won't - or they'll do some open adoption thing where she is in their lives. We shall see. Loved Randall/Beth staying on the phone with Madison til Kevin got there.

MJ said...

Roots - meant to add - think not a remake but a continuation ? Not sure but did not watch that one.

Mike V. said...

This is us - whew...yeah they were some emotionally packed episodes. Kevin/Randall stuff got me...whew. Good point on Kate’s baby mom. That wouldn’t surprise me. I was lost on the whole random couple they were showing throughout that last episode. For it to turn out to be one of the key figures that led to our prime source of togetherness during this pandemic was pretty crazy. Lol

Roots - Yeah you’re probably right on the continuation. Is the original streaming somewhere?

Vikings - I finished the final episodes! This show definitely went down in quality in the final seasons. The more and more characters we lost along the way just couldn’t be made up for with the new ones. Still, it had its moments and maybe a few surprise returns in the final eps. I’ll say this...I’m glad I finished it but I won’t miss it! Richard, let me know when you finally watch them! Lol. (If you ever stop by anymore!)

New Shows:

Your Honor - We don’t have Showtime anymore but we did check out the series premiere of this one with Cranston as a judge and his son being involved in a bad hit and run. Pretty good first ep. We’ll probably do a 1 month trial and binge them at some point.

Yellowstone - same thing...we watched most of the first episode but we don’t have Peacock premium. I have YouTube TV set to record any episode that airs...and I think I’m just missing season 1 at this point.

Barry - We’re actually making progress on this one. Pretty crazy how the find the comedy in a show about an assassin. Lol We love Bill Hader in this house so not sure why it took us so long to press play on this one.

MJ said...

Roots - no Sundance had a marathon - my husband caught it and we recorded them

Your Honor - I recorded them all - just not watched yet.

Baryy - we watch ed for a bit - we liked it - but had too much other stuff going on so we let it go.

Still loving Resident Alien. It's silly but enjoyable. Like Tudyk

Mike V. said...

Roots - nice.

Your Honor - might beat us to it. Keep me posted!

Barry - I can see that.

Can’t go wrong with Tudyk. I’m sure I’d enjoy if I had the time. Of course, I do have time in the mornings just end up watching other things. Lol

Mike V. said...
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Mike V. said...

So I had just commenting saying I had early access to TWD because it showed up on my YouTube TV. But it’s ONLY if you subscribe to AMC+. I guess they’re using that as a perk to get subscribers. I’m good waiting a week. Lol

Mike V. said...

Resident Alien - Went ahead and added this to my YouTube TV list and it already recorded all the episodes that have aired. Except the 1st. I sat through VOD commercials for that one. Definitely entertaining so far. I’ll keep you posted when I’m caught up.

MJ said...

Huh ! And odd. But yeah. Not even sure I will get it in on Sunday night. We shall see

Oh cool and Resident Alien. It's just quirky and amusing - exactly what the doctor ordered in the zombie apocolypse LOL

Mike V. said...

Nice lol...yep definitely on Resident Alien.

I can’t make any promises on TWD either. I do promise to finish the series! LOL (you know now that they have confirmed it will end) I’ll make sure I get a post up on Sunday/Monday morning for TWD dedicated discussion for the Season 10 extended. Maybe for the Series Finale I’ll go old school and write a mini-recap. Depends how invested I am by then. :) But I’m guessing there wouldn’t be many readers at this point lol

MJ said...

Yeah - kinda just us LOL

I did not watch This is Us last night - but know there was a reveal of some sort. Will try to watch tonight

Mike V. said...

People still find the LOST blog and comment along with their binges. So I have conversations with them on their journey on those old posts (spoiler free of future eps of course!). I always hype up this blog in case they want to continue chatting TV....but doesn’t seem to TAKE! Lol BLOGS are a relic of a specific ERA. It’s been surpassed by Podcasts, Twitter, Reddit discussion threads and YouTube channels. Lol

This is Us - hmmm...reveal? I guess maybe. I’ll wait to see if you get any more out of it than i did. Good episode again though.

Mike V. said...

Superman & Lois - You going to watch? I didn’t even realize it aired last night. Started the recording 15 minutes in. But I think I can get it on the CW app or just watch on Netflix when the season is done. (Wait and hear if it’s worth it :)).

MJ said...

Still not watched This is Us - work issue arose and I was on call. I read a reveal that someone wasn't dead I think. LOL Not sure what that meant but sounded like a big deal.

S&L - nope. No more super heroes - especially on CW. Asked my husband if he wanted it - he was a big Smallville fan back in the day - but he did not.

Yeah - podcasts are very popular. And appointment TV does not exist any more - where we would all watch the day it aired and talk the next day.

Mike V. said...

This is Us - hmmm....interesting. I might know what that’s referring to, but it might be a misdirect. Lol You’ll understand after you watch.

Supes - I ended up watching. It’s not horrible...definitely a new take on Superman....i feel like they’re shooting on the old smallville set but it’s not the same show. Lol There definitely is still the teen angst element to it as there is any CW show. Lol There’s potential there, but I won’t be sad if I fall behind.

Resident Alien - Think I’m almost done the 3rd ep. Definitely quirky. Tudyk is hilarious. No one else could play that role. Lol

Agreed on appointment TV. WandaVision may be the closest right can’t go online unless you watch the episode. Fridays are tough waiting for my kids to get home and to finish work. Lol Apparently it’s the most watched show right now.

Podcasts- I’ve listened to so much less since i haven’t been commuting, but I stayed on top of Binge Mode. Love that podcast. They did deep dives on Thrones, then Potter, then Star Wars and finally the MCU. Now one of them has moved on so the future is unknown. But it was fun while it lasted! First podcast I ever listened to was THE LOST PODCAST with Damon and Carlton. I still miss it. They were hilarious together. Lol

Mike V. said...

LOST - Great piece at Vulture reflecting on the making of LOST and more than anything else....reflection on the FINALE. Cast and Crew involved in interviews.

MJ said...

This is Us - This is Us - jeez - it's really all about the babies now. Liked the paralleling with the car seats and the nervousness with both Kevin and his parents. I cracked up that they sat in the car rather then wake the kids up. Beth and Randall not nearly as nervous. And I totally called it that the medical student was Deija. And she's pregnant. Kate - well I still think baby momma will be back - and trouble. Guessing they are all going to see Rebecca in the future ?

TWD - as predicted did not watch. Will tonight. Saw that you have a discussion open for it.

Resident Alien - not sure where I am - but def past 3.

MJ said...

Debris - sounds X-files like. I think I will record it

Mike V. said...

THIS IS US - The new big 3! Lol Yep could definitely identify with the sitting in the car stuff....we did it as well! Yeah...i actually thought the actress was the same actress playing DEJA. So it wasn’t a surprise to me that it was her. Lol Yeah baby mama definitely will be back. Yep...i think all the flash forwards we’ve been seeing are of the same night int he future where they’re going to see Rebecca one last time. Who knows...maybe it’s the series finale they’re building towards whenever they get to it. Lol

TWD - yep...i wrote a little bit, but not much. But it IS spoilery so wait until you watch!

Resident Alien - I’m caught up! Definitely enjoying the show. Thanks for the recommendation!

Debris - i set my unlimited dvr. So I’m sure I’ll check it out. This is the Fringe producer working on this one right? I know you had sent info about something of his before.

WandaVision - one episode left. It’s been great! Next week we’ll get a “making of WandaVision” and then the week after we start 6 weeks of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” which looks like an extension of the Captain America Movies. And of course picking up after Endgame with Sam about to take up the Shield.

MJ said...

This is Us - didn't think same actress - but thought looked very similar to the younger one

Still not happy Cap gave it away ! LOL Read that the EPs have stated that some fans will feel very smart abut their predictions ! Maybe now that close to end I can get that started. Is Falcon/WS going to drop once a week too ?

Mike V. said...

This is Us - yep agreed. No my wife had to tell me it was a different person. They really nailed the casting. Lol

MCU - The EPs also said that some people may be disappointed due to OVER THEORIZING. That’s called “lost/game of thrones fatigue” lol. I’ll be happy with whatever. It’s been really good. Yeah the Cap Shield thing was in the comics too. Winter Soldier and Falcon both took up the mantel. So we may see some of that in this series. Yes they’ll be once a week as well.

MJ said...

Resident Alien - so now that you are caught up - the whole wife suddenly appearing has been a hoot. *** Stop reading if you are not up to date with this weeks ep.

And now the new doctor is in town. Not sure I knew the bartender also was a part of glacier watch ? Or whatever that was. The sheriff and deputy are too funny. The whole doing the good and bad cop on his own scene was priceless. Did NOT see it coming that Linda Hamilton was in the show at all.

Mike V. said...

Resident Alien - Just caught up this morning! Really like the show. It’s hilarious, but there’s a nice dramatic balance too. There’s a lot more to these characters in this quirky town than initially assumed. Lol. Yeah the bartender has a serious side too...who would’ve thought?? Sheriff/Deputy relationship is great. Good Cop/Bad Cop.... yep. Once I saw Linda Hamilton in the credits i assumed she was the kid all grown up. But then I thought they were all aliens who assumed the bodies of those people. Nope...they’re humans investigating aliens. Lol.

New Doctor...i remember that dude from the OC. He was a DB in that show too! LOL. The wife being there is great too agreed.

WandaVision Finale today! Haven’t watched yet but excited to whenever I get a chance!

MJ said...

New Doctor - funny - i know him from some work place sitcom - they kept referring to how good looking he was on that too. Can't remember the show - didn't last long

Wanda - funny story. My sister has been watching with her daughter and daughters boyfriend. My niece and her guy were going away for a few days . My sister heard that they would drop it at 12:01 am and talked them into staying up so they could watch before they went away. What she didn't know is that it was 12:01 am - PACIFIC time. LOL

Mike V. said...

Resident Alien - nice on the new doc. I’m sure there’s a chance I saw that sitcom too. Lol

Wanda - ouch! Yeah it’s always been that way for Mando too...3 am. I never made it up to watch a new episode right when it launches. Lol. Plus all these shows I gotta wait to watch with the kids. Not sure on Falcon and Winter Soldier. Apparently it’s rated TV-14. Based on what my kids have seen and the fact that it’s Disney + I think we’re okay. But it at least gives me a moment’s hesitation to not screen it first! Wanda wrapped up pretty well! I can see how you might be able to watch the movies without seeing this...but it definitely tees things up for things to come. And it was a fun ride! Things could happen in a future movie that you might say “ummmm....but when did that happen?” Lol. D+ will definitely be important for Star Wars and MCU going forward.

Mike V. said...

Josh Holloway joining a JJ Abrams production on HBO Max. Set in the 70s. So he’s LaFleur LOL

MJ said...

LOL on Holloway. I will def check that out. I watched the show he did after Lost too - can't remember the name tho.

Wanda - might be starting soon. Have to talk hubby into it as we are already behind on Sabrina and Lucifer - which he wanted to start soon. See if I can get Wanda in first LOL

Mike V. said...

Holloway - crap I forget what it was called too. Carlton Cuse was a producer though. I got a few episodes in. Lori from TWD was on it too. (And prison break)

Wanda - It’s good! It’ll be a quick binge now that it’s all done. Start watching for mid/post-credits scenes halfway through the series. Lol (I think the last 4 have a mid and the last one has a post credit scene too) Enjoy!

This week we get Making of WandaVision and next week Falcon and Winter soldier!

CW Arrowverse - I’m still watching Flash. I’m so over it...just can’t find a way to stop lol. Still dealing with the Mirrorverse....are you watching still or you gave up on all of them? Don’t want to spoil a reveal in the latest ep. lol. Superman/Lois is okay. It’s following the formula of other CW shows...but of course it’s Superman. I probably need to start doing Netflix or other Streaming binges instead of sticking with these CW shows! Lol.

Debris - I tried it and couldn’t get into it. I got about 15 minutes in . Let me know if it gets better! Lol

Resident Alien - I’m all caught up!

MJ said...

Holloway - yes ! It was the Colony.

Arrowverse - no - I quit them all except Legends.

Superman/Lois - I saw that the wife from Grimm was on it.

Resident Alien - will prob watch tonight

Wanda - We started Sabrina. LOL I lost my attempt to slide Wanda in. Maybe next then.

Mike V. said...

Colony! That’s it!

Arrowverse - Smart! I’m sure I’ll ask again. Lol

Superman/Lois - Yep, she’s Lois. She was in some of those crossover episodes before you quit the Arrowverse too. What doesn’t make sense to me is when this story takes place and if it has anything to do with the Arrowverse. Lol Just seems like its own story with nothing to do with anything else (even Supergirl).

Resident Alien - nice.

Wanda/MCU - noooooooooo!!! Well maybe you can watch both Wanda and Falcon and TWS when they’re both done. They’re gonna pile up quick. I wonder what call they’re gonna make on Black Widow for a May theatrical release. They released Raya and Last Dragon to theaters and D+...theatrical did worse than Tom and Jerry which was available free with subscription on HBO Max. Interesting times we live in. Lol

MJ said...

Didn't they do the simu-release on Wonder Woman 1984 too ?

Sabrina is done. I'll see if I can get to Wanda now. ;-)

Resident Alien - Loved the Dead Harry hallucinations. And how the kid is now partnering with him. And fell into the glacier. Hmm - is it on hiatus this week ?

Mike V. said...

WW84 was DC Warner Bros. They made a call end of last year that all new releases for 2021 would be released both to Theaters and HBO Max.

Disney is holding firm on their big tent pole films that they belong in the theater. They used Mulan as a test for charging $30 for D+ Premiere access and now they’ve done Theater/D+ Premiere for Raya and the Last Dragon. But Feige has been holding firm that the MCU movies deserve crowds in the theater. But with this current schedule I don’t know if they can really move Black Widow. That said...if it’s the only movie being released, they might make a deal to put it on every screen or something for social distancing. Lol. I mean...if I have my 2 shots I might consider heading back to see it in the theater by May. Many films I wouldn’t consider, but an MCU film? Definitely lean more towards it. That said...if they were to offer D+ premiere for Black Widow, I’d probably pay the $30 and have access to it for multiple watches. And skip the theater. Tough precedent to set though.

Good luck on Wanda!

Resident Alien - I figured he would become good friends with the kid eventually.....or frenemies or whatever they are. Lol. Not sure about the hiatus. I didn’t look to see if it’s on this week or not.

MJ said...

Res Alien - it is on this week.

Ok - started Wanda. Not even sure you are old enough to get what shows they are spoofing. LOL I totally got that it was Dick Van Dyke in like 2 seconds. Then Bewitched. And Brady Bunch. Tried very hard to see the logo on the back of the guy who came out of the sewer - the bee keeper. Knew before i had even watched - that she is in some alternate reality - as obviously Vision is no longer even alive. And know that is what every one spent weeks trying to figure out. It's a nice quick watch - and amusing so far.

Speaking of shots - I have an email to send to you.

MJ said...

Never mind on email - saw TWD post. LOL

Mike V. said...

Res Alien - nice!

Wanda - oh come on!! I’m not THAT young. But that said, these shows were on Nick at Nite when I was a kid. I totally know what shows they were spoofing! Lol I had to explain to my kids the origins of the sitcom before we even started the show. They loved the show but had a tough time with the first couple eps. I’m not going to spoil the fun of trying to figure out what’s going on. But yeah the Bee Keeper was a shout out to the HIVE soldiers from Marvel who’s uniforms looked like bee keepers. There are some Easter eggs in the episodes to help you know what’s really going on....but at the pace you’re watching you’ll get there soon enough!

MJ said...

Wanda - Oh ! Hive ! DUH. We noticed a few things. Name Hydra and one other not recalling now. But DOH - how did I not mention that very accelerated pregnancy and birth. That was crazy.

Mike V. said...

Wanda - you should’ve seen a S.W.O.R.D. Logo by now and be wondering how they’re involved. SWORD is the successor to SHIELD. It may have been hinted at in a post credits scene to Spider-Man Far From Home (forget if you’ve seen that yet). But fun things coming! Accelerated Pregnancy was nutso!

Mike V. said...

Resident alien renewed. Not surprising!

MJ said...

Wanda - yeah all about the SWORD now. So is that agent the kid of Capt Marvels friend ? I don't remember he kids name. And her mom dying 3 years ago - was that a reference to Endgame ?
Not sure I figured out what show Ep 5 was. Maybe Growing Pains - since the kids grew a bunch ? LOL Not sure. Wondering is it is Wanda tht is controlling all this - which I am sure is what they want me to believe right now LOL Yeah - we had no clue what SWORD was - just went with it.

Good new on Resident Alien. I keep calling it Resident Evil in error - driving my husband nuts. LOL

Mike V. said...

Resident Alien - Not sure if you watched yet so I’ll stay spoiler free. Really good episode. I’m continually surprised how much depth there is to the show. I went in thinking quirky comedy, but the show has a heart. BTW meant to say before...the opening credits remind me of iZombie. I wonder if it’s the same people that made those. Lol.

Wanda - Yep - Monica Rambeau is the kid of Captain Marvel’s Friend. Another Rambeau. Forget her first name. Yes...this whole story is after the “BLIP” (term they came up with for the 5 years between snaps in “Far From Home - Spidey”). So this is immediately after end game. So when we see Monica reappear in the was after Hulk’s snap to bring everyone back and she found out her mother died during the blip. Ep 5 was a hodgepodge of 80s sitcoms. But I got huge Growing Pains vibes from the song. It was so good. And topped the charts that week. Bobby and Krisen Lopez of Frozen fame worked on the music for this along with the guy who did the scores for frozen did the score for WandaVision. It does seem like Wanda is controlling it, right? But why and how??? And what the hell else is going on? I’m not telling! :).

MJ said...

Resident Alien - did not watch newest yet. Good point about the iZombie type opening

Wanda - yeah my husband called it that it was Marvels friends kid. How and why - hmmm. I want to say that it is all in her head - like a psycosis from losing him - but that seems too simple. We didn't watch any last night - but probably will tonight.

Mike V. said...

Wanda - Yeah...I had already known about Monica when she showed up in black and white, but that’s because I’m all up in the MCU casting news. Lol. Pretty good catch from your husband probably not being in the know. Good theories...might not be far off. But you’ll learn more real soon and then it keeps getting crazier.

Falcon and Winter soldier ep 1 out now. I’ll be watching tonight.

HBO MAX - Justice League “Snyder Cut” - It’s 4 hours, but they have title cards that break it into like 7 or 8 sections. I’ve watched 1.5 hours so far. I’s long and drawn out....not bad. Just slow. There’s no way he would’ve released it this way in theaters. But since he has the luxury of streaming he can do whatever he wants. He also made a ridiculous choice to release it in 4:3 Aspect Ratio (i.e. like old Tube TVs or the 1st 2 episodes of WandaVision). I’m not sure why he decided that. I’m guessing by the time they get to the big battle it was expand. I did like how WandaVision played with the aspect ratios throughout the episode and you can see the scope literally widening when we leave the sitcom. good stuff.

MJ said...

Yeah - not interested in the Snyders cut.

Wanda - all done ! Watched final 3 in a row. And how did I NOT mention that the new Pietro was the guy from AHS ? And they changed the opening credits ? Agatha Harkenss - why does the name Harkness seem familiar? Did she create an infinity stone? Was concerned for the kids for a hot second - but then remembered it is Disney ! LOL I referred to the new Vision as Vanilla Vision. So the town folks her her nightmares ? Kathryn Hahn was awesome.

Mike V. said...

Snyder Cut - Watched it - immediately forgot it. Lol They cast the thing’s just not an appealing aesthetic or story for me.

Wanda - Pietro - what you may have also missed is that Evan Peters played Quicksilver in the FOX X-Men series (which Disney now owns). So we were all theorizing for a few weeks that this is how MCU is going to bring X-Men to their universe. NOPE...just a big wink/nod joke and of course getting a Growing pains nickname in there too (Bohner lol). What do you mean by changing the opening credits? There was a different opening credits for each decade they covered. Or do you mean the end credits? Did you watch the mid-credits/end-credits scenes in the last few episodes? Harkness - she’s a marvel character but maybe you’re thinking of Torchwood/Dr. Who - Captain Jack Harkness? Lol Was that his name? The Infinity Stones were created as part of the Big Bang. Wanda interacted with the Mind Stone which we now see may have not given her powers but enhanced something that was already there. Well the kids were removed from existence but we did hear them in the end credits scene of the last episode. Lol. And Wanda finally became the Scarlet Witch...until this show she was never referred officially by her name. Just Wanda. There may have been a rights issue there too since Scarlet Witch is an X-Men character as well. Vision - yep that is “WHITE VISION” (but I like vanilla). There were theories of White Vision coming ever since he went black and white in Infinity War in death 1 or 2. It’s another comic thing. But now he has the memories of vision but might not be the vision that Wanda loves at this point. The town folks were experiencing Wanda’s nightmares yes. Kathryn Hahn was amazing and good to know she’s still around if they need to pull her into another MCU property!

Fun show....all around Grief. Wanda’s grief caused a fictional reality and showcased her true powers/potential. Now she’s doing activities that surpass The Sorceror Supreme (mentioned by Agatha and that is Dr. Strange). This was all teeing up Dr. Strange 2 - Multiverse of Madness which was supposed to be released to theaters like this week pre-covid. Now it’s next year. Agatha had one of the books of the “restricted section” of the sanctum library. We see in Dr. Strange 1 the book is missing, now we know she had it. Now Wanda has it I think.

Falcon/Winter Soldier - Totally different vibe from WandaVision....this is definitely a sequel to the Captain America Films (and also End Game of course). Action sequences look directly out of a film. Fun stuff so far. There will be 6 and about an hour each. Friday’s was 49 minutes.

MJ said...

Hmmm - probably Jack Harkness of torchwood. Not sure I noticed the opening credits changing each decade. LOL We tend to buzz past openings. But yes we did watch for the post credits scenes. Yes - technically knew she was the Scarlett Witch - but they had not been using that name until now. And yes to all the Dr Strange stuff with the book and all.

Mike V. said...

Wanda - I would watch the opening credits again to get a kick out of how they were inspired from themes of those eras. The 80s one was so good and sooooo Growing Pains. Lol Or you could watch ASSEMBLED - making of WandaVision and they go in depth with how they came up with the themes. But that’s stuff I’m into...not everyone dives that deep into this stuff. :)

MJ said...

Heard Disney+ going up a buck. not surprising

This is Us - a little behind. Saw the one where Beths mom visits and is staying a bit and Deja's boyfriends baby momma wants back in the picture

Mike V. said...

D+ - Yeah I purchased ahead at a discount for 3 years on an early promotion so I’m still good for another 1.5 years or something. Lol. But the increase doesn’t surprise me either. not sure if you saw Black Widow has been moved to 7/9 but with a Disney + Premiere launch if you pay $30 you get it on Disney + but you can continue watching it forever until it’s available natively on D+. Still a good deal for my family (of 4). But by July I might be good going to the theater too!

This is Us - All caught up as of last night. Ahh yess...Mrs. Huckstable! (Not sure if that’s how they spelled it lol). That was a good episode.

Resident Alien - I’ve watched most of the latest episode...still have like 10 minutes left but work duties called. Lol. I want to mention a particular guest actor on the show but I’ll wait until you see it!

MJ said...

Black Widow - yeah -not paying. Shall see about theater. Not sure they have re-opened yet tho

Close - think it was Huxtable. LOL

Resident Alien - not sure if we are caught up. But this coming week is the finale. Booo !

Mike V. said...

Theaters - Good point...I don’t even know if things are open in PA/NJ. I guess they aren’t. I know Movie Tavern near me is renting out theaters for $100 flat rate. Just invite all your vaccinated friends. Lol

Huxtable looks a lot better! Lol

MJ said...

Yeah - that is far for me and mine. I had heard AMC was doing the same - groups of 20 - social distanced. But none in this area were open. I guess theaters in those other places where they hardly restrict anything are open.

I was up-to-date on Resident Alian - just wasn't sure. Leg shaming cracked me up - right outs of Deadpool. Truly loved Alien-Con. Oh - and of course Locke - whom you asked if i noticed. how could I miss Locke ? Sad about the story of his kid - and that they are not coming back. Honestly this show has the best lines ! Sweet and corny with the sheriff/deputy Karaoke moment. Knew D'arcy was gonna find the Original Harry ! Looking forward - in a sad way - for the finale next week.

Mike V. said...

RA - I just said I wasn’t going to spoil who the guest star was! I knew you’d notice him! Lol. Leg shaming/Deadpool...nice catch. And yes hilarious! Oh yeah the Karaoke was totally corny but somehow it worked. Lol. Yeah for sure on Darcy finding Harry. Stuff is about to go down! Alien-Con was great....the “ALIENS” history channel meme guy being there was great.

Theaters - yep...maybe by July more theaters will be open. We’ll see!

TWD - just noting it here...i still haven’t watched Sunday’s but will comment when I have. Crazy week with work and kids not sleeping! Lol

MJ said...

I left comment on TWD thread - with notice not to read yet for you

MJ said...

Still not watches RA finale. BEEN A WEEK. Husband has been battling Kidney Stones since last friday. Can never predict if he will feel good enough to watch something of note. SIGH

Mike V. said...

Oh man. Sorry to hear about your husband. That’s no fun! Good luck on that. RA finale was good. I won’t spoil!

Been rewatching Breaking Bad. Felt like good prep work for Saul S6 since it will tie into it. I remember all the theorizing about the ricin cigarette in the final seasons. I forgot they used it for Tuco in season 2. I just wrapped up S1 (the writer’s strike season) and am on the start of 2. Still as good as I remember!

Still watching flash and supergirl which just came back. It’s the final season of SG so I figured I’d just finish it out. But it’s still a tough watch. Lol. Some name drops of Calista Flockhart’s character so I’m guessing she might make a cameo at the end of the season. Lol Superman/Lois is on hiatus. It’s okay but it’s just more of the tried and true CW formula just with Superman in it now lol. The twist - he has teenage kids.

Ready to watch Falcon and winter solider part 3!

Obi-wan show cast was revealed. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru are back as well as Hayden and Ewan as previously announced. I think it’s only 4 episodes....but it’s basically what the movie would’ve been. Filming starts in April!

MJ said...

Still haven't watched TWD or RA. We wound up in the ED Sunday (Happy Easter!) and he was admitted. Came home yesterday but was all drugged up. Hoping tonight will be good

Mike V. said...

Yikes sorry to hear that. Hope all is ok! You’re not alone on twd. We haven’t gotten to it yet either. Maybe tonight.

MJ said...

He has had a few very good says - no pain at all. So hopefully it is behind us

RA - Wow - so the real Harry killed the doc ? Didn't see that coming. Not sure I really got how just because Harry now feels more human the weapon suddenly can hurt him ? Hmmm. But its the kids to the rescue again ! Loved the slo mo fight scene. We all knew that someone was kinda find the dead Harry. And now the device is gone and Max is a stowaway. I have an article with the show runner saved off - haven't got to read it yet.

Mike V. said...

Good to hear!!! :)

RA - Yep...crazy on the real harry. Makes sense though since there weren’t any real suspects. Except the wife. They didn’t really revisit that. I wouldn’t think too hard on humanization hurting him. Just plot mechanics! Lol There needs to be a way to keep him a likable character lol. Max as a stowaway was a nice twist to get him to go back. Haven’t read up any more on it but I do know it got renewed so good stuff!

Falcon and Winter soldier - ep 4 today! It’s been good. Last ep was definitely more mature (shooting/killing) had my son looking away more than he usually has at the movies. But he still likes it! Lol. They’re laying some more groundwork for the eventual inclusion of X-men in the MCU. Not really a spoiler. It’s very subtle and I wouldn’t have known unless I read up on it. Lol

MJ said...

Ugh - totally over Xmen for a long time now. LOL

Falcon/Winter - will probably watch after all are dropped.

Handmaids - back on 4/28 ! Soooo don't remember where we left off

Mike V. said...

X-Men - yeah...that franchise got real bad with the last couple installments. But if MCU introduces the X-men it would be in a way that’s organic to their universe and true to the comics origins. With Kevin Feige running the show I’ve learned to just trust the process! Same with the Fantastic 4. The last couple renditions (even the ones with Chris Evans as Human Torch lol) were not great. But in the hands of the MCU (i.e. Marvel Studios owned by Disney) they have a better chance of getting it right. I’m basically game for any Marvel Studios content that comes out...and of course the Sony owned Tom Holland Spidey stuff that is tied into the MCU.

Falcon/Winter - next Friday they’ll all be dropped! (4/23)

Handmaid - hmm...didn’t she get shot or something? I know she got her child out but that might have been a season earlier. I forget. I’ll probably need a recap too. Did not realize it was so soon!

Shameless ended last night. We’re still 1.5 seasons behind. But I already heard the finale was underwhelming and I know why too. I couldn’t resist looking up one particular question I had. Lol

MJ said...

Falcon/Winter - there's only 6 ? Wow

Handmaids - been over a year ! LOL She got the baby out - that she took from the couple - gave it to the chick from OITNB to get out. But she stayed to get her first kid out. But yeah - very shadowy in my mind

Shameless - yeah knew was finale. i am now just the 1 season behind. And I heard they left the finale very open ended. Which I mostly hate. Sopranos was the WORST ! LOL

Recorded The Nevers - not watched yet. Know a lot of comparison to The Umbrella or Umbrella Corp 9did not watch)- but heard better. We shall see

Really wish some days you watched Manifest. LOL

Mike V. said...

Falcon/Winter - Yep! They’re all almost an hour and with a Marvel movie budget. So it’s basically just an extended movie which gives it more character depth than you’d usually get in one of the films.

Shameless - heard the same. I learned to appreciate the Sopranos ending but at the time it was very frustrating. But we’re still talking about it

Haven’t heard about the Nevers but I have watched Umbrella academy S1 and s2.

Manifest. Yeah I just could never get back to it! I watched the first few and it just got to be too much of a commitment. We barely have time to watch anything these days. Maybe I’ll set the DVR to catch eps and I can catch up one of these days on the treadmill. lol. (After my Breaking Bad-at hon of course!)

MJ said...

When does Saul come back ? I could use some Saul in my life LOL

True enough on Sopranos. heard they were going to do a prequel - with Gandolfi's son playing young Tony - not sure what happened to it tho. Whether Covid killed it or the studio.

Falcon/Winter - well then we shall probably start that soon

Mike V. said...

I asked Alexa on Saul - Final season ends in 2022. Exact start date has not been announced. Lol. So I’m into Saul/Gus episodes now in BB. It’s nice to remember this in light of BCS. Like why are we spending so much time with Mike/Gus in BCS besides the fact that it’s cool? they got started with Gus was because Saul said he knows a guy that knows a guy. That guy is probably Mike! Also....when Saul first met Walt and Jesse they kidnapped him with ski masks to intimidate him. (Walt’s cough finally being a tell that it was them). But Saul made a comment about Lalo....that’s the guy he’s dealing with in the latest episodes of BCS. Didn’t even consider there were all these tie-ins to the flagship show. I think Odenkirk says when the show is over it will make us look at BB in a whole new light.

Yep Sopranos prequel is filmed. There’s a pic out there of Gandolfini son as Tony. It’s definitely still happening and will be a big deal for HBO Max. Don’t know when it is coming out.

Falcon/Winter - nice! LOKI will be the next who. I think we’ll have a 3 week delay on that one because of Black Widow shifting to July. Originally there was going to be new Marvel content every week. So after Falcon...there would be a “making of” episode the week after, then Black widow would release, then making of black widow on D+ the next week THEN Loki. Now there will just be a 3 week lull. But no fear...Star Wars Clone Wars spinoff - The Bad Batch will be premiering on May the 4th be with you! Lol

MJ said...

Not sure I will bother with Loki. We shall see.

Yeah - we watched BB a fears back.

Thanks on sopranos.

Mike V. said...

Loki - Check out the trailers. It looks kinda cool. It’s basically the Loki from End Game that grabbed the space stone in 2012 and disappeared (causing Cap and Iron Man to go back to 1970s to get the Tesseract/Space Stone from Howard Stark). Owen Wilson is in it and is part of the Time Bureau and they need to correct the timeline or some kind of crazy concept like that. Lol

MJ said...

Mike V. said...

That’s fantastic. Might need to make a trip to Jenkintown! Lol On that note, I really fell behind on Goldbergs. I think maybe multiple sessions at this point. Whatever year they started that spinoff show (which failed) that’s when we stopped. Love the show but we just couldn’t keep up. Maybe one day we’ll binge it.

I did set my DVR to pick up manifest episodes. But I’d need to sign up for peacock to watch the back episodes I think. I could probably watch them with commercials but who wants to do that? :)

Mike V. said...

Dominic Purcell left legends. Not clear if he filmed some episodes or not. But apparently they didn’t finish the deal and he quit. Crazy.

Mike V. said...

More clarification on that last post from ew. He’s still in s6 (not sure if full) and will return periodically. So I guess he will organically be written out. Not like he just up and quit. Lol

MJ said...

LOL on commercials. Set up the new Kung Fu on CW as I heard good things. Not usually my type of thing. Missed the first 2 so will be finding them somewhere to watch - and will probably get stuck with commercials too.

Legends - damn ! They have added dimension to his character too. Like writing romance novels.

Watched Kong V Godzilla. Was ok - not my genre but the husband wanted to see it. Good effects tho

Big Sky came back - not you kinda thing really. But Lageartha is in it.

MJ said...

Three or four in to Winter Soldier/Falcon. Good so far

Heard Handmaids dropped first three - have to get Hulu back

Mike V. said...

Falcon/Winter Solider is good stuff. A little predictable but it’s all good. Great MCU action in TV form with a little more character depth. I like it.

Handmaid - yep it did. We haven’t gotten to it yet either. Been going through a move and just got our tv/internet set up. Still working on some stuff.

Mare of Eastown - Have you heard of this one on HBO (HBO Max)? It’s Kate Winslet starring as a cop in DELCO, PA. Some classic suburban philly stuff. She actually filmed it here. I heard her talking on a podcast of how she worked with the Marple township police. Crazy that Oscar Winning Kate Winslet knows about DELCO and even did a perfect accent. Lol. Loves her Wawa Hooooooagies too. We watched the first episode of 6. 2nd one is out I think. Just another run of the mill limited series crime drama with some quality actors on board.

Mike V. said...

Richard’s post:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
HI ALL, just dropping in, didn't read all comments above, just scanned
Unfortunately, I'm not watching anything you guys are and visa versa.
Except maybe Debris?

I've been into:
Prodigal Son
Gangs of London--some old GoT actors
Gloaming--I really thought you guys would be into this one.
and mystery shows/movies & some comedies

Kind of sad when HBOMax has very little I want to watch. Caught the latest Justice League and Kong vs Godzilla. The JL movie seems to reset some canon and serve as a basis for new movies.

I rewatched Dark Knight Rises and believe it to be the best Batman movie. Love the ending. Interesting that new Batman movies like to play him as old and some that he needs to leave crime fighting.

Got a new Samsung Q80 legit 4K TV and it's great.

Mike V. said...

Richard - good to see you! I’m sure we can figure out something to talk about. Did you watch the final Vikings season? It’s on Amazon Prime. It should be airing on History eventually. I got rid of cable and went to YouTubeTV (which doesn’t have History) so I had done research and saw it was already released at Christmas.

Debris and Manifest - I think MJ is caught up on those. I tried Debris and lost interest pretty quickly. Maybe I should’ve stuck with it. I do have them all recorded. Manifest I’d need to catch up.

Justice League - it was more of establishing Zach Snyder’s original vision before he had to exit the movie due to a family tragedy. But yeah they definitely showed where the whole Snyderverse was headed. I just can’t buy into his film making style. And man that Snyder cut was extremely drawn out. Lol. There’s a new Batman coming out with Robert Pattinson where he’s much younger version of Batman. I don’t know if I can rank Rises over Dark Knight, but it’s pretty solid. I rewatched the Dark Knight Trilogy not too long ago. Still great.

Nice on the new TV. I just moved and got a couple new 4Ks around the house. I went with Vizio...get a P Quantum that is pretty nice. I don’t like that Samsung isn’t buying into DolbyVision which is featured on my Apple TV 4K and Roku. But HDR10 is good as well.

Lots of new Marvel stuff on the horizon. MCU just released a trailer promoting the theater experience and showing the slate of future marvel films. Exciting stuff. I’m excited with the small screen stuff to with D+.

And of course to both of you and anyone else reading. MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!

MJ said...

Mare - been recording it. Did not realize took place in Delco tho.

Hey Richard ! I do watch Debris, Manifest (1 or 2 behind), Prodigal. Never heard of Gloaming.

We did see K v G - really my husband wanted to see it more then me. Not my thing.

Heard new comedy drops this week called Girls5eva and is quite funny. But it's on Peacock so i won't see it. At least til they air it on NBC at some point.

Nevers - really liking this one. Once you get used to the accents. LOL

MJ said...

The Gloaming - on Starz. I do not get Starz

Mike V. said...

Mare - I think we’re 2 behind now. Moving takes its toll on TV watching! lol

K v G - I didn’t watch the other ones in the shared universe, but it’s not really my thing either so it’s just sitting on HBO Max (or might be gone now).

I’ll set Girls5eva to record but not sure when I’ll get to it. Sitcoms are usually easier to fit in. lol

Nevers - heard good things but haven’t gotten to it.

Meanwhile...still watching all the crazy CW shows. Heard Carlos will be out as a series regular after this season. Wells already is. Surely they’ll figure out how to end it soon. Supergirl IS ending so I’m sticking with. LEGENDS is back and still entertaining.

This is all slowing down my BB rewatch too!

Star Wars Clone Wars: Bad Batch started yesterday on May the 4th. Good premise...helps to have seen the other animated series as it takes place in that Filoniverse ( does Mandalorian since he’s a co-showrunner)....but it works on its own too. Takes place with some reject clones after Order 66....they’re not all affected by the order and end up being outcasts. seems like A-Team the animated series in Star Wars land lol

Mike V. said...

Girls5Eva - Looks like it’s a Peacock show not airing on NBC. I mean that’s a free subscription but you’re watching with commercials unless you go premium lol Not sure my PLEX dudes will be picking up that one for me. lol I’ll still add it to my “watch list” or whatever peacock has lol

Anonymous said...

Nevers--tried it, didn't like it

Gloaming ties present Australia to 1600s Scotland with supernatural elements.

Manifest--2 ep special tonight. Great concept but the acting could be better by a few while some are great.

Debris--I wasn't sure I was going to like this but it's starting to get good. The parallel worlds is being handled well. LIke George.

Dark Knight Rises--My preference is somewhat based on my interest in Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's relationship. This interest started in the old TV series starring Julie Newmar and Adam West, in Gotham series while they were young and the Dark Knight series. Loved the ending with them at the table just enjoying life.

Dolbyvision--I use a receiver for my surround sound so it processes well. I think this one handles dolbyvision and the sound as well as picture has a smart setting which works well. I like the HDR. But, I also like a custom pic settings that shows lots of detail and removes filters and so you see a lot of details. But, it can seem a little like watching a video vs movie due to my making it brighter, etc. I love the HDR on my gaming LG monitor.


Mike V. said...

Debris - the show runner from Fringe is staying in known territory with Debris lol.

Dark Knight Rises - Yeah fair point on Bruce/ was explored in Batman Returns too with Keaton/Pfeifer. Yeah definitely stuck the landing with Dark Knight Rises. Even knowing when Alfred set it up earlier in the movie that’s how it would end, it was still great. Lol. Still don’t know how he got out of the Bat Wing or whatever they were calling it!

DolbyVision - It’s Samsung that doesn’t subscribe to it so your TV won’t put it out. But most 4K offerings have HDR 10 too which is very good. I only really see DolbyVision on my Disney+ content. Maybe some HBO MAX new releases.

GoT prequel - you guys see the new screen stills from the Targaryen prequel? Looks Thronesish lol. I’ll definitely be watching. And I own the audiobook of George’s history of Targaryens (Fire and Blood) but I’m not going to finish reading it to watch the show. Still patiently waiting for Winds of Winter but this is beyond crazy now. (10 years since Dance with Dragons).

Manifest - I did notice the bad acting when I had been watching before. Maybe I’ll get back to it one of these days. I’ll probably need some summer binges for my morning runs.

MJ said...

Prequel - yeah I saw them this am. Will watch as well.

Debris - def has some Fringe vibes.

MJ said...

Mare - Winslet did an interview. Too funny.

The British actor said that she decided to subscribe to the Delco Times, Delaware County’s daily newspaper, to better understand her character. And one thing she noticed while reading it every day was that there were a whole lot of articles mentioning Wawa, a beloved gas station-convenience store-fast food chain headquartered in ― where else ― the town of Wawa, in Delaware County.

Winslet quickly found herself incredibly intrigued.

“It almost felt like a mythical place … Wawa,” she told the podcast, adding: “By the time I got there, I was like, ‘It’s real!’ Walking into a Wawa ultimately felt like, it was kind of an honor, in a funny way, because to me that was the heart of Delco. So to finally walk through the door of a Wawa; I don’t know why I felt like, ‘Oh, yes, I’m here, I belong. This is where it’s at. Wawa.’”

Although Winslet said she mainly ordered coffee at Wawa, her “Mare of Easttown” co-star Evan Peters (who plays Detective Colin Zabe)l decided to dabble in Wawa’s hoagie selection.

“He would say, ’Ugh, you gotta try the Gobbler,” Winslet said of Peters. “And it was this gigantic sub, basically — or hoagie, this huge hoagie. It’s basically a Thanksgiving meal in a hoagie. He was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I just eat that thing and I pass out.’ And I’d be like, ‘I’m not surprised! I’m not surprised, Evan!’”

Didn't realize Even Peters was in it. Nice to see him in a 'normal' role

Mike V. said...

Mare - Yeah he wasn’t in the first episode, but I heard he’s in it (Evan Peters). Love Winslet’s thoughts on Wawa. Lol. And I also love the Gobbler....though I rarely eat it on the roll....i just get the bowl and it’s still delicious! Lol.

Handmaid - Watched the first ep of the new season. I had heard the show is starting to feel tired....I was all in for the first half of the ep, but then it dragged....Maybe future eps won’t be as bad. I was also super tired. Lol.

Girls5Eva - It’s a premium show on Peacock so you have to subscribe after episode 1. :-(. They’re all available now. So you can watch it all in a month for 5 bucks. We want to watch Yellowstone so I’m sure it’s inevitable.

MJ said...

Need to rename this to spring/summer LOL

We just watched Nobody other night. Odenkirk in it.

Mike V. said...

Done lol...keep saying I’m going to add a new post, but I’ll wait until we get to 200. I saw “nobody” show up on my streaming devices. Haven’t looked into it yet. Any good?

MJ said...

Was interesting. Nobody that is

Prodigal Son - cancelled.

Trailer for Quiet Place 2 looks really good.

Friend said Greenland and Without Remorse were good.

Anonymous said...

I use a Pioneer receiver for my sound system and it's good with dolbyvision.

Maybe a few spoilers below

Debris--I think getting better. Bryan's ties to the debris is going to make for some fun. Lots that could be developed conversationally but don't want to spoil.

Manifest--Liking the ancient tie ins. And still trying to figure out the saphire information--how that will play out. The black lady and Zeke was great.

Gangs of London--interesting they would spend an entire ep on what I thought was not a major story line. Getting more depth.

Prodigal Son--well of course they would cancel it. As it's one of very few shows my wife and I both watch.

Gloaming has wrapped up. The finale had a few twists that worked and I liked the ending.


Anonymous said...

Greenland was good compared to some real trash coming out lately.


MJ said...

Debris/manifest - behind a bit. Been a week ! Husband still having kidney stone issues. So some nights we are not watching much of an substance.

MJ said...

Ugh - 2 shows I watch are moving to streaming ! Evil and Clarice (if renewed). Getting over this crap - even tho we all saw it coming

Mike V. said...

Yep we certainly did. I’m at my limit. I won’t budge on paying $5 a month for peacock even though there’s stuff I want to watch. Lol. I already question if I should be paying for Hulu for the amount I watch. But Handmaid’s is on right now. We’re not caught up. Netflix is watched enough to justify it. D+ same. Apple TV, they worked it in as part of a Ted Lasso is fantastic lol. HBO MAX is the price of HBO and there’s extra there so whatever. I cut the cord but am still paying $60 for YouTube TV...i record a few shows but live I’m usually just watching FRIENDS reruns which are already on HBO MAX lol

Anonymous said...

I still have cable and like it. I have it bundled with internet and phone. I stream HBOMax. I get access to some premium streamed programming by using my Spectrum account which makes what I stream free.

Debris season finale next week and last night was great.


Mike V. said...

Yeah...I’m off the landline and have moved to a new house where we didn’t even install coax. Lol. We ran Ethernet to our main TV areas. The Apple TV in our family room is getting 900mbps so live tv is pretty live. Lol. They did mistakenly run one coax in the house so I have it if we need it. But other than that it’s just coming in and hooked into our router. So Verizon is just getting paid for internet. Much cheaper bill even when adding YouTube TV...add the other streaming services? Well...then I’m back up to a full cable bill lol. But i was paying for streaming anyway so it’s less for now.

Nice on Debris. Maybe I’ll give it another shot this summer. I think i have it all recorded...and I can use my Hulu subscription for something if it’s on there. Lol

MJ said...

Debris - SIGH - behind.

Nevers - wow - they had a part 1 finale that was bat**** crazy ! Been good. Accents a bit hard in the beginning but you get used to it.

I have my Nieces Friends DVD set and am watching when I can. Not sure I am in season 1 or 2 - they did their discs very differently. Instead of 1 per season - there are 6 disc sets (one for each friend) for all 10 seasons. So each of the disc sets have like 36 eps ? Something like that.

Sister got Paramount+ for all the trek stuff - might have to 'borrow' it as I really loved Evil

Hulu - I only get it for the 1 month to watch Handmaids each year. Waiting for more to have dropped before I move on it.

Mike V. said...

Paramount + - Yeah my PLEX friends had Picard so i watched most of that. Never finished S1. Didn’t watch ST Discovery though.

Nevers - Maybe I’ll check it out. Been hearing some stuff.

Mare of Easttown - heard episode 5 is realllllly good. We just finished 4. Lol. We’ve been enjoying it. Accent is exaggerated but Kate Winslet and Evan Peters are doing great performances. Also Jean Smart. I don’t think she’s as old as who she’s portraying, but she’s playing the role really well.

FRIENDS - oh that’s crazy...yeah we have the DVDs (Box set for each season). which include the extended cuts (parts that never aired on TV), the Blu-Rays which are the airing cuts and then HBO Max. Lol. Most seasons were like 24 episodes.....the 10th was 18 I think. I do miss watching those extended eps. Keep hoping they remaster them in HD/4K so they can put them on MAX.

Hulu - yep I may need to start adopting that strategy. Sometimes I watch shows next day on there so i don’t even have to fast forward commercials. lol.

This is us - 2 behind. I did see they confirmed next season will be the last. Probably makes sense. They can’t drag this on forever and keep introducing new long lost family members. Lol If they went another season we’d find out Jack is still alive lol

MJ said...

This is Us - behind as well. And oh - not sure I knew next was the last. LOL on Jack still alive.

Mare - need to start it.

Hulu - so wait - if you watch the day it drops you have commercials ? Don't think I knew that.

Friends - 24 eps ? Not sure I knew that either. Just assumed 22 like the norm from back then. I know HBO Max has a friends reunion some time memorial weekend. Fans already whining due to Paul Rudd not joining them.

Jean Smart - not sure how old the character is supposed to be but she was on the show in the mid 80's and she had to be in her 30's or early 40's then. So guessing late 60's ? But that's not as old as that used to be. LOL

Mike V. said...

Mare - Watched ep 5. It was nuts!

Hulu - naw...misunderstanding. For on-demand shows they don’t drop on Hulu until the day after they air. But if you pay for the no commercial plan, you can watch them without commercials. So I’m just saying even if I recorded something on YouTube TV, I may go to Hulu and just watch without commercials if it’s the next day. Obviously, if you subscribe to Hulu LIVE you can watch stuff as it airs or recorded...but it will have commercials to fast forward just like any DVR.

Friends - 22 and 24 were pretty standard. 24 probably more for sitcoms. But even LOST had 24 episode seasons (i think S1 may have gotten an extra hour for the finale.... I think it was 25, 24, 22, 14, 17, 17.5 for the 6 seasons. FRIENDS reunion....can’t wait! It was supposed to come out with the launch of HBO Max....but COVID happened. They definitely look older and Matthew Perry certainly looks like he’s had some hard times. (There had been previous rumors he had a stroke, but it’s never been confirmed). Regardless, the trailer got me emotional!! It stinks on Paul Rudd but there will be other guests. Some don’t make sense like Justin Bieber. Others like Tom Selleck and Janice (Maggie Wheeler) make perfect sense. And Gunther of course!

Jean Smart - Oh I’m not denying she isn’t up there but she just played a detective on Watchmen and could’ve passed for 50s/60s....the role she’s playing on Mare is Kate Winslet’s mother and she could pass for mid 80s lol. But it may just be the character she’s playing. She may supposed to be mid 60s. I mean MARE is in her 40s and a grandmother so....i dunno lol. (Confirmed on IMDB. She was born in she’ll be 70 if not already)

MJ said...

Hulu - Ah ! yeah - we just do the one month no commercials. LOL I 'borrowed' my nieces years ago that was not commercial free when Mindy went there. Hated it

Friends - honestly I saw the trailer (which made me weepy) and thought Matt LeBlanc looked a little worse for wear. Cause I watch - briefly the Joey show. But LOVED his show on Showtime called Episodes. Aging sucks - we all know it. And some in Hollywood let it happen unlike the others. LOL

Jean Smart - good makeup? I know you did not see Farscape - but an actress from that showed up in Nevers Finale pt 1 - and sure she aged - but they also made her look older too.

Mike V. said...

Hulu - Yeah can’t do the commercial plan. It’s the worst!

Friends - Yeah all the guys looked like they got older. I had just seen Schwimmer a few years back and he looked the same. But time catches up with everyone. LeBlanc definitely put on some happy weight lol. I loved Episodes too. Great show. I actually thought Lisa Kudrow was aging the best out of all of them. And she’s the oldest one! Lol. Of course Aniston is still Aniston, but still. You can tell work was done. Lol

Jean Smart - yep they can work wonders with makeup and even digital technology these days. Marvel’s deaging technique is a marvel lol. Still not sure how they couldn’t apply that to the special appearance at the end of Mandalorian. It still was awesome but not as great as Samuel Jackson in captain marvel lol

Anonymous said...

Debris--season finale was great. Did we see Walter from Fringe??? This one would be a great one to discuss.


MJ said...

Debris - I heard Walter was in it ! Will watch tonight.

Streaming Mem weekend - Friends reunion drops. Cruella (which looks good) drops. Not sure if a fee though. And I feel something else - but can't remember.

Episodes - should have realized you watched it ! Did we ever discuss while on ? Can't recall.

Mike V. said...

Debris - Like the character Walter or just John Noble was a guest star? Because if this is a true Fringe spinoff I need to start watching right away lol. In all seriousness I can try and catch up this summer. I did see IMDB ratings weren’t too kind to it, but that’s not always the best indicator.

Memorial Day Wknd - Yep we’ll be watching ASAP on Thursday with FRIENDS. Cruella will have the $30 premium but then you can watch as often as you want until it appears natively on D+. Raya will be available natively on 6/4. We’re waiting at this point. I’m so out of the loop on new movies right now. But I did see the trailers for the new MCU movies....Eternals in November...looks decent. Tough to gauge anything else at this point. Shang Chi looks good too. Black Widow in July! and Loki on D+ on wednesdays in June. Looks good....time trippy stuff.

Episodes - Surely we discussed that one. Lol. I’m sure I can search and find out!

Mike V. said...

Episodes - I clicked on the tag on the home page. We at least talked about it in 32 different threads lol. But I bet it was more. I stopped doing the tagging

MJ said...

Episodes - LOL Too funny. i have no recollection of that. But I believe you.

Debris - Damnit - it is cancelled. Was going to discuss the great finale with you Richard - buy why bother now !!! And it was just John Noble - not Walter. He was a bad guy on this one.

Raya ? What is that ? Same goes for Shang Chi ! And oh god - on the time trippy Loki.

Will watch Friends sometime this weekend - without the hubby. Not that he hated the show - but only half watched because I watched. And I know I will be Emo - so he don't need to deal with me. LOL

Cruella - yeah then I will be waiting til it is free. I am not the kind to keep re-watching things so not wanting to pay for it.

Mike V. said...

Episodes - I have a weird memory when it comes to TV and yeah...we have an archive here lol

Debris - aww man!!! less show I need to catch up on lol. Don’t worry Richard we’ll have more Westeros stuff coming in the near future! And Middle Earth stuff on PRIME

DISNEY: Raya and the Last Dragan was Disney’s latest animated feature. I always watch them when they come out but have waited on this one. But I think my kids are getting old enough where they don’t care as much so I have less of an excuse to drag them to the theater. But it’ll be on D+ next week. Cruella - heard good things so I’ll probably check it when it’s free too. Shang Chi and the LEgend of the Ten Rings. He’s another Marvel comic book character that I hadn’t heard about. But MCU is trying to broaden its offerings in terms of diversity so I think this will be a big hit. It looks good. Mandarin will be the big bad....and that was teased as the bad in Iron Man 3 but turned out to be a hoax. The 10 rings was the organization that kidnapped Iron Man at the start of the MCU too. Loki - so in End Game you know when they went back to 2012 and the Loki of that time took the space stone (Tesseract) and disappeared? That created a time ripple...and the D+ story follows that storyline.

FRIENDS - we couldn’t wait for our kids to go to bed so we let them stay up and do other things. We watched all 1 hour and 44 minutes of it and were smiling with watery eyes the whole time. Some of it was a bit weird (like David Beckam telling the world why he likes FRIENDS) but most of the stuff with just the 6 of them talking is pure gold. I’m sure I’ll watch it again. I still watch the show every night before bed and it’s like the first time I saw it.

MJ said...

Friends - yes I watched too. Same here - smiling and teary. Yeah - I could not figure out why Bieber would be on either when I read it - but who knew he had a sense of humor. Their stores were great. CC def got a little too much botox tho LOL. I also liked they showed mad About You - where they found Lisa K. I loved that show as well.

Didn't get to Cruella yet.

Evil - trailer looks so good ! We are re-watching the first season on netflix. I will figure out how to get the second later.

Will be getting Hulu soon for Handmaids !

Mike V. said...

Friends - Agreed on the stories. Yeah CC actually looks better now than she used to with the Botox but it’s still a little rough. Apparently Perry had emergency dental surgery before the least that’s the story they’re going with. He still was cracking some great jokes though. Yep I loved Mad About You too...and love that FRIENDS basically became a spinoff because of Ursula. Lol. Helen Hunt and her friend on the show actually cameo’d in an episode of FRIENDS at Central Perk....talking to Phoebe thinking she’s Ursula lol.

No cruella here either....probably will wait until it’s free.

Evil - hmmm...missed that one. Maybe I’ll check it out....treadmill is down so I’m outside for my morning runs...back to podcasts lol

Nice...we just wrapped up this is us last night (watched the last 3 this week) so we can focus on Handmaids now

MJ said...

Friends - wow - i do not remember Helen Hunt guesting. Guess I shall see it eventually as i rewatch.

This is Us - sigh - quite behind now.

Anonymous said...

Debris--I am so exhausted with TV cancellations of shows I like. It makes it hard to want to get into one.

Manifest--changing gears.


Mike V. said...

Friends - oh yeah it was one of those opening scenes. (Or as they call it in the biz...the “COLD OPEN” lol) Probably in the height of the phenomenon like season 2 or 3. I do watch them basically every night, but I’d like to go back and just binge in order again. It’s so good. Those 6 were at the top of their game for 10 years straight. The writers maybe took a break in season 9 with that whole Joey/Rachel mess...but they needed to stretch it to get them all a few more paychecks lol

This is Us - It’s definitely time to end it. Edging close to overstaying its welcome. Lol Too much drama, too many crazy twists. But I still enjoy it.

Black Widow - probably going to be close to time to be able to pre-order tickets. I think I’m ready to return to the theater for this one. That said, I’ll probably pay $30 to rewatch on Disney + until it’s available without premiere access. We’ll see how much I enjoy the film. Lol.

Other MCU - Eternals Looks good. I forget if I mentioned it here. Robb Stark and Jon Snow both in it (along with Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie and several others you’d recognize)...... Spidey 3 (Tom Holland) - Trailer should be coming soon...that comes out in December. Supposedly going to open up the Multi-verse and rumored to star both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their versions of Peter well as Alfred Molina as Doc Ock. Supposedly this will open up things for Tom Holland to be able to star in Sony’s Spiderverse (think Venom movie with Tom Hardy) while still being a part of Disney’s MCU (duh...avengers stuff lol).

Loki - Starts next wednesday. Read a VF article about the writer.....apparently he’s an up and coming prodigy. Kevin Feige liked his work on Loki so much that he hired him to take over on Dr. Strange 2 as well as the secret Star Wars project Feige is working on. The writer got his start on Community under Dan Harmon just like the Russo Brothers Did (End Game, Infinity War, Civil War, Winter Solider...and countless classic paintball episodes of Community lol). Anyway.....I’ll keep you posted on Loki, but I’m thinking it’s gonna be pretty awesome.

Mike V. said...

Richard - you gotta just get your “cancellation radar” turned on. Lol. A show like Debris has more of a shot of being canceled on network tv these days than being successful. I hadn’t really heard any buzz about Debris other than that you and MJ were watching it. I also had checked the IMDB rating for the show and it was hovering at 6/10 which is never really a good sign. Frankly I’m surprised Manifest stayed on the air. It’s a crapshoot with genre TV on networks these days. I’m going to have to subscribe to Peacock if I want to catch up on Manifest.

The limited series is king these days too. Short-term commitment, top notch actors and early payoff. Mare of Easttown was fantastic.

And if it’s not limited series it’s streaming where these shows get a little more of a shelf life. That beings aid Netflix’s new show Jupiter whatever got canceled the other day and the cast was shocked lol.

It’s tough to really get into anything. I’m sure it’s my age and the age of my kids preventing me from sinking my teeth into any long form series right now, but the sheer volume of content makes it intimidating to know where I want to dedicate my time too.

Mike V. said...

That said...the family has started Lego Masters season 2 last night. We’re all in! LOL

MJ said...

I knew Jon Snow and Robb Start were in something together - just not what.

Friends - cracked me up when Jon Snow popped up in the reunion - i almost did not recognize him.

Loki - yeah heard he is gender neutral. But that it was that way in the comics too

Manifest - I am behind. SIGH - and yeah - been on the verge of cancellation each season honestly. But yeah - I am also tired of getting invested just to have it killed. Last year was Emergence

Lego - LOL

Mike V. said...

Friends - yeah he definitely looked different. Just found more gems from that reunion last night. There were some extra features/clips below the main feature when you go to it in HBO Max. All about 3 minutes each. One was from one of my top 5 episodes “The One WHere Ross Got High” ....with the trifle Rachel made for Thanksgiving. HIlarious.

Loki - Yeah I saw that too. I’m sure the topic will never be broached on the show and they’re just giving it some publicity in the month of June.

Manifest - I don’t even remember Emergence! Lol

MJ said...

Friends - i didn't notice. I will have to check them out !

Emergence - you had zero interest LOL Had an actress I like alot in it. Alison Tolman - who was in 1 season of Fargo - another show you did not watch. LOL

Loki - hmmm - I feel like it will be part of the show - which is why they are going out of their way to talk about it and state in advance that it was part of the comics and not a decision they made. Guess we shall see

Mike V. said...

Emergence - pretty crazy you remember that I had no interest. Lol. Sounds like something I’d say though!

Loki - Yeah I guess so. I just saw it wasn’t an “announcement” from Disney and it was just on some screenshot of a chart with Loki’s information on it. (Probably with the time police in the show or whatever they’re called) Under Gender it said “Fluid”. It may have just been a nod to the comics and to representation with the viewers or maybe it will play into the show. We’ll see! First ep dropped today (Loki Wednesday lol). I don’t think we’ll get to it until the weekend though.

MJ said...

Mike V. said...

That’s awesome. I’ve made good practice of NOT trying Wawa cheesesteaks but might have to make an exception here lol

Mike V. said...

Loki - First episode was fantastic. Owen Wilson and Tom Huddleston are a great match! This might be a good one to watch week to week. There are theories to discuss. I like when the MCU gets weird. And I love TIME stories! Lol This is my son’s first introduction to time paradoxes (outside of end game) so his mind is already blown. I’ve tried for years to get him to watch Back to the Future. Maybe I’ll have more luck after this. BTTF is basically the baseline for understanding any time travel stories! Even if they follow different rules (a la LOST).

MJ said...

Wawa - they don't actually say how spicy. LOL which is a thing for me. I don't do HOT.

But yeah - Wawa has really rolled with this one. Have to get around to watching the show.

Manifest - am still behind Richard. Just saw the one where the pictures appear to be on fire. And the whole twin sisters thing. And the driftwood volcano/Noahs ark thing. I am guessing that might be what you meant when you said they took a turn in direction.

Also watched the new Conjuring movie. Love my scary movies LOL

Mike V. said...

Wawa - I’ve never had anything TOO spicy from Wawa. I’ve eaten their buffalo sauce. But yeah don’t know about the cheesesteak lol. You definitely need to watch Mare it’s great.

AND LOKI! (See above post that I seemed to have posted at the same time as you loll).

Manifest - maybe I’ll try to catch up. Just requires a peacock subscription. Only like $5 a month but it’s on top of everything else lol

Scary Movies - yep...I’m out! I think they’re making a Scream 5...I’ll probably watch that lol.

MJ said...

Mare - we have watched at least 4 if not 5. Loving it !

Loki - yeah - i get lost in the timey wimey stuff LOL And each show had their own rules about it. Some are simple - so not occupy same space as your self. But others get crazy.

Sceam 5 ? Not sure I knew there was even a 3 ! Loved 1 and 2 tho.

Handmaids finale this week. have to get Hulu back !

Mike V. said...

Mare - Nice!! Figured you would!

Loki - This one is pretty straight forward and they’re doing it well so far!

Scream 5 (yep it’s just called Scream and comes out in 2022) - seeing that scream 4 came out in 2011 I’m not even sure I saw that one lol.

Handmaids - we finally watched ep 3. So we’ll keep going through until we finish now. I was able to record all Yellowstone episodes on YouTube TV since we started our subscription…so we may try to catch up on that next.

MJ said...

Manifest - Cancelled ! They are going to shop around to see if they can do a few more to close things up. Haven't seen the finale yet - but I am sure it ended on a cliffhanger.

Such a tough time of year. They killed Zoey too - which was a very silly show - but had lots of heart. Was a great one for watching before bed since you didn't have to pay TOO much attention. LOL

MJ said...

Yellowstone - was that the Kevin Costner one ?

Mike V. said...

Getting closer to 200 comments. Getting annoying to scroll! Lol.

Manifest - aww man….can’t say I didn’t see it coming. But I feel bad for you guys committing to it. I just don’t think the networks can get these genre shows to last anymore especially if there isn’t a cult following.

I did see Zoey got cancelled. didn’t watch it though.

Yellowstone - yep Costner. Josh Holloway is in it too I think. We started watching the pilot and once we got interrupted by the kids we never got back to it. Lol.

Didn’t watch more Handmaids last night. Kids again! LOL

MJ said...

Mare - OMG they killed Zabel !! I was crying laughing when her mom got outted at the funeral for having an affair with the dead persons husband. Have only the finale left.

Legends - OMG - they went animated ! Kinda Beauty and the Beastish.

Mike V. said...

Mare - The show is fantastic. They did so well with setting up that community of people, everyone is clamoring for more. It was a limited series though. The writer is from this area and a Villanova graduate. He had been working to get it made for years. He said never say never to more. But it was never planned. Zabe getting shot was a shocker. That sequence was pretty intense. When it was over it took me a few minutes to realize we still had another case to solve. Lol. I had spent so much time thinking it was all related!

Legends - I just watched that one yesterday and watched Sunday’s today. Still love that show! I thought Beauty and the Beast too once they all turned into objects around the house. Then when they went animated I realized it was intentional lol. I just started realizing when I was watching the latest episode that the only original cast members left on this show are Sarah and Rory. And Rory is leaving at the end of this season. But, it’s pretty much been an upgrade in cast since the beginning. I do miss Brandon Routh’s character but everyone still on the show is great.

Flash - Still watching and saw it got renewed for an 8th season (and they didn’t indicate it’s the final season ugh….) Cisco left last week. Joe leaves by the end of the season. I don’t know why I’m still watching!

Superman/Lois - This show is surprisingly good. Apparently for season 1 they have HBO writers involved and an HBO budget. Not sure if that will stick around after S1. But the effects are pretty impressive and the story is good. There’s still some CW melodrama but it’s handled well.

Loki - episode 2 is out today! Not sure when we’ll get to it. Hopefully tonight.

Black Widow - tried to preorder tickets and saw Movie Tavern upped the ticket prices for full capacity viewing. (16.25 per adult and 13.25 per kid). Even $5 movie night is $8 now. Made it easy for us. We’re going to throw a little event at home and just purchase on D+. Don’t think we’ll have that luxury for the next Marvel films later this year.

MJ said...

Mare - agreed - I thought the same thing - resolved ! Then - oh no - it is not ! Glad the cancer lady got her girl back tho.

Legends - Roth's character was good at times. But yeah - been a lot of turnover. The whole Sarah Lansing this year is just odd though LOL

Flash - heard actor playing Cisco was done.

Black Widow - Yikes on those prices ! I guess they are all broke after a whole year shut down. Oh ! You could get fake black widow spiders and bake cookies and decorate them with the black widows. LOL Or something like that.

Manifest - not sure i knew - but it was planned as a 6 year event series. Why still so much mystery left.

Mike V. said...

Mare - yep same. I don’t want to say much more. I’ll wait until you’re done lol

Legends - I liked his relationship with Steel dude (not sure why I can’t think of his name). But he has a new buddy now lol Sarah thing is weird. It gets weirder!

Black Widow - Either that or they’re trying to encourage people to not buy tickets…so it’ll still be distanced. Can’t imagine that’s the case though. I’d did see theaters weren’t selling out though. I could still get tickets for opening night. Yeah…we’ll do something. But those are good ideas! My wife already told the kids she’ll make them whatever they want to eat. Lol.

Manifest - I didn’t know but makes sense. I saw some chatter online about Netflix maybe saving the show. Not sure if there’s any truth to it. But it must’ve just been added to Netflix and it’s the #1 show right now (1st 2 seasons)….if it was coming back that’s how I could catch up now lol

Mike V. said...

Manifest - looks like it’s more than just wishful thinking. :)

MJ said...

Manifest - yeah hoping for at least a movie that gives some answers. They always promised we'd get answers - but they didn't have the time to get them out yet. LOL

Mare - we did finish that. Guess I never got around to telling you. It was a great show.

prime Day - know you are always excited for that !

MJ said...

Had to be quick earlier.

mare - was a fantastic ending. Her best friends son did it ! And eww - her husband was sleeping with his cousins teenage daughter. Knew it was not the priest - they looked at him too early and made him look really bad. LOL

Mike V. said...

Mare - yep. I had figured it out by the end because I thought they solved the case too soon. I figured out he was the father by the end of the ep before. Then remembered the son having his rage incident and it all clicked. It was a great series! It’s not needed but more time with mare wouldn’t be a bad thing. Lol

Prime - I’ve been hunting but can’t find the right deal. I’d be settling for inferior products to what I really want! Lol

MJ said...

Prime - yeah - not worth it.

Mare - would love more - but author of the book only wrote the one. Heard the house they used in filming keeps getting people trespassing. LOL

Manifest - reports saying that they tried to shop it elsewhere and failed. We will never get the answers. Oh well. And yet - 2 other shows that got renewed had lesser ratings - New Amsterdam and Blacklist. Guess they are cheaper to make. Viewers partly to blame (like me) who let it linger on the DVR for weeks so the ratings for +5 aren't even good.

MJ said...

Got Hulu for the month - starting Handmaids this weekend. Especially since going to be crappy weather. LOL

Have not yet watched the trailed for the Sopranos prequel. But intrigued.

MJ said...

Handmaids = Awesome !

You watch Black Widow ?

Mike V. said...

Handmaids. Think we’re still about 4 in. Lol But i got spoiled on what happens by the end!

Black Widow - Not out until Friday lol.

Getting close to 200 comments! I’ll try to remember to make a new post!