Wednesday, December 2, 2020

TV Discussion: Winter 2020/2021

 Hi all, definitely a lot less posting going on these days, but a few of us still hit the comments to talk the latest TV shows.  The last post got a little too big so I’m starting this new post for continued discussion.  Feel free to join us! 


Mike V. said...

Okay, finally created a new thread! Going to respond here.

“ Queen's Gambit - yeah - her adopted mother. She sure has grown up alot in 4 episodes LOL

Undoing - we tried it - was not that impressed.

Big Sky - heard some things - liking it - it's really a cop/PI thing with DARK undertones - so probably not your thing.

Rebels/Clones - yeah - probably never happen. SIGH

Finally finished all the SAW movies. Yikes. started that before halloween. Of course the husband just got the 4K extended LOTR set. Told him don't even think we are watching before xmas ! LOL”

Queen’s Gambit - She certain has, but then we find out she’s still so young! Money and Fame does a number on people. Lol

Undoing - yeah you didn’t miss much.

Flight Attendant - We watched the first episode. It was pretty crazy!

Rebels/Clones - I figured. I can only continue to sing its praises. :). You should still be able to follow along with Mando without watching the additional material. There was plenty there for just film watchers and stand alone mando watchers too.

Big Sky - Yeah I saw a lot of previews for it. I think I’m pretty much out on network TV dramas at this point. They just can’t compete with the cable/streaming offerings. And, it also has to do with my time availability for watching them. Obviously when any shows I was still following come back I’ll tune into those.

Saw - Haven’t seen one and don’t plan to! Lol. 4K LOTR - NICE! I watched the 1080P extended editions a few months back ON my new 4K. Could definitely tell it wasn’t top quality for that television, but the content was still great. Never gets old!

Wonder Woman - rewatching that on HBO Max in prep for the sequel. Apparently Patty Jeknins confirmed WW84 will be the first 4K offering on HBO Max. Still no word on Roku getting it though. :(.

MJ said...

WW - yeah Roku and HBO Max still not come to an agreement. SIGH So over all these disparate streaming systems - but knew it was coming.

Shameless - did not realize that is back starting Sunday. Is this the last season ?

Oh - we re-watched the Netflix Xmas one - Kurt Russel. Name is eluding me - but sequel comes out this month.

Christmas prep will start cutting some of my time - if we have it 2/3 of the family will be coming here. Getting to be a BIG if. We managed t-giving - but it is getting crazy out there.

Mike V. said...

WW - I know...we definitely knew this was coming. Next thing, the cable companies are either going to charge more for internet access or offer bundles of all streaming options. Lol

Shameless - I just saw this too. We didn’t finish last season yet. But yes this is the final season. We’ll need to catch up at some point. Just hard to find the time with these kids!

Christmas Chronicles - Part 2 is already out! We watched this past Sunday. The kids loved it but said the 1st one was better. Lol

Holidays - yeah we usually travel for the holidays. Lots to still figure out. We stayed home for TG. Just gotta get through these crazy times!

MJ said...

Gambit - I had not realized the guy with the longish floppy hair - played Jojen Reed in Gof T. Thought he looked familiar tho.

Shameless - def not a show you can watch with kids in the room LOL

Oh - it already dropped ! I just knew it was coming.

Mike V. said...

Gambit - Yeah...Jojen and one of the other friends is Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter movies. He got a lot skinnier lol

Shameless - It certainly is not recommended!

Mando - New ep out! We’ll watch tonight.

MJ said...

Ugh - 2 behind on Mando now. Will make sure to catch up before finale. I know there was some big reveal in the newest one - but not what it is.

Gambit - Dudley ? Really ? Oh wow - didn't recognize him at all

Christmas Chronicle - watched 2nd and loved it !

Your Honor - taping but not yet watched. Christmasing is def getting in the way

Mike V. said...

Mando - It’s been really good. Definitely catch up! Hmm..big reveal in the latest one? Maybe the one before it. Either way it’s been a fantastic story. Can’t wait for Friday!

Star Wars - Lots of announcements at the investor call last week. Filoni/Favreau will continue building out the Mando timeline with 2 spinoffs: Rangers of the New Republic and ....drumroll.....ASOHKA!!!!! Then we have Andor, a Rogue One Prequel with Diego Luna building up the rebellion. Acolyte will be something headed up by the Russian Doll show runner and take place at the end of the High Republic Era. (A new era that is 1000 years before the main Star Wars timeline). Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series is bringing back Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader and touted the “rematch of the century”. It still works with the words that are used in A New Hope and many of us speculated if mustafar truly was the last time they met. Also...this could pull in some flashbacks to the Jedi Temple slaughtering and see how Grogu escaped. The next film will be Christmas 2023 and it’s called Rogue was a series of books that are now classified as Legend. Wedge Antilles had founded the group (he was brought back in Rise of Skywalker when Lando brought in the fleet at the end)....The timeline will be AFTER Rise of there’s a chance that’s how they convinced the actor Dennis Lawson to come back for that cameo. (I had a N64 video game called Rogue Squadron too...good times). Patty Jenkins of Wonder Woman fame will be directing. She posted a cool video on twitter after the announcement about her giddy excitement and how she wants to do a realistic fighter pilot movie in honor of her father....but also tie in her other favorite thing (Star Wars). Lots of excitement coming.

MCU announcements and trailers galore too. Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks fantastic. WandaVision looks so bizarre but I’m so in for it. We’re going to be traveling through the various generations of sitcoms but unveiling some Scarlet Witch stuff as we go....and it will build into Dr. Strange 2 and Spider-Man 3 (which rumors are flying about casting and how all 3 incarnations of Peter Parker might be in well as Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone from the 2 other franchises).

Disney did a giant dump of what’s coming to combat HBO MAX’s announcement for 2021. Disney still aiming for theatrical releases of their big tent pole films except the next animated one Raya The Last Dragon (voiced by the actress who played Rose in the last Jedi). That one will get the Disney + Premiere treatment (i.e. $30 premium to view before it’s available to all subscribers 3 or 4 months later) and it will go to theaters simultaneously. Needless to say...lots to get excited about.

Christmas Chronicles - I enjoyed it too. SOunds like Kurt Russell may want to do more too. He said he wants Santa to be the last character he ever plays. Not sure what that means. I.e. is he retired already or he just wants to keep doing it and only that.

Your Honor - not sure what that one is. Must be out of the loop!

Flight Attendant - it’s been a fun, tense ride. We have one more episode to catch up. I think this thursday the finale will be released to HBO Max.

One more day of work for me tomorrow then I’ll be prepping for whatever we’re doing for the holidays!

Mike V. said...

HBO max coming to Roku tomorrow! In time for Wonder Woman and the 2021 movie slate.

Mike V. said...

Mando - can’t believe we haven’t discussed the finale yet! Obviously amazing. Can’t believe they went the direction they did. It was the most obvious choice for the timeline of the show but that fact and it actually being pulled off are 2 different things. The future of Star Wars is bright! filoni is Lucas part 2. Favreau is doing what he did for marvel for Star Wars. We’re creating a cinematic universe on Disney + and then will return to the big screen with more stories. Good stuff!

Happy holidays to all!

MJ said...

Mando - cause I still haven't seen it ! Christmas killed all my time. I swear to have it watched by this weekend ! SWEAR IT ! Stil have prior oe too - and my nephew said it was good to watch them together any way. LOL

This is Us - finally watched the part 2 of the premier. I know - I have been bad LOL

Roku/Max - heard that. Hubby said he saw it on there but we have not tried it yet. When is WW out ?

Mike V. said...

Mando - agree with your nephew! Hope I was vague enough in my comments.

This is us - nice. You probably have time to catch up before it returns.

Roku/max - yeah it’s out. It’s good! I think I liked the first one better, but this one has its moments. Just go into expecting a super hero film made in the 80s and you should be in the right mindset. Lol

MJ said...

Finished mando they or Fri. Such a kiss to the fans to have Grogu leave with Luke! So. My sister is pondering. If this takes place shortly after ep 6 then while Luke is training Grogu does that mean he is also training nephew Kylo? Timelines are not my thing. I will post more Tuesday. Working off-site Monday at hsp vaccine tent so not a lot of internet time. Just wanted to say watched so you can post whatever you want.

Mike V. said...

Mando - Yeah...i know I had been preaching Ezra...and it was mainly because I didn’t think Lucasfilm would dare try to bring Luke back. Mark Hamill had retired his rendition of the character, and they faced so much criticism for his treatment in the sequel trilogy. But, in the end, it was really the only answer that made sense. Luke was THE JEDI in that era of time. He would be starting his new Jedi Academy. And yes,...there’s a chance Ben Solo would have been born, but he would be really young. Most people are wondering if Grogu would’ve been in the temple when Kylo and the knights of ren destroyed the temple. If that’s the case, Grogu may have witnessed the end of 2 Jedi orders. (I.e. survived Anakin’s slaughter at the temple). R2 and Grogu may have recognized each other. And R2 didn’t get his memory wiped at the end of sith. But yeah...Grogu is one character that could span all 3 trilogies. He is he was born the same year as Anakin. So book of boba fett (you saw end credits scene right?)...will be the next Star Wars live action’s coming out next December. Mando season 3 will be right after....then the spinoffs...Asohka, Rangers of the New Republic (this is immediately after Return of the Jedi). There’s a chance the boba show may go back and show his escape from the Sarlacc. As far as Mando...I guess Grogu won’t be in S3...but he may be back for some team up event when all spinoffs collide. I would love if they get Mark Hamill to reprise his role animation or even better CGI...we saw what they did with Samuel Jackson in captain marvel. Mark Hamill seemed grateful for his return and for it to remain secret. He’s tweeted some great things since his appearance. It was so awesome. Oh right...forgot.....Mando season 3 could be more about reclaiming Mandalore after the purge...the purge is a mysterious event that hasn’t been covered in animation or live action yet. We know that Sabine gave the Dark Saber to Bo Katan...she didn’t win it then either...but that might be why she’s so hell bent on winning it now...since it didn’t work for her last time. But now with Din having a right to the throne...his fate is tied in that. Could be an interesting direction for S3. I love this show....Television is definitely the best place to explore Star Wars in this era. There’s just not enough time or runway in a movie to get us to love new characters as legendary as the originals. The future of Star Wars is bright!

MJ said...

Obviously the slaying of the Dark Troopers was awesome – but it’s not like we will get a lot of Luke next season. Possibly not much Grogu either. Thinking it will center on the Dark Saber that Mando is now stuck with and Mandalor. Almost felt sorry for Starbuck ! ( I know it is Bo Katan). And who did not know when Moff agreed to hadn over Grogu that is was a lie? From a few things I read there were concerns on whether Mando really was going to betray Bo Katan for the Child – which does not seem very noble. And ow is Mando and Bo Katan going to battle for the saber ? I know everyone is wondering that one ! R2D really surprised me though ! And yes - I did catch the post-credit scene ! Jabba’s old henchman is now running the joint – til Bobba takes him out ! So I guess that will also fold into the next season ! Oops - just read your comment that Bobba gets his own show.

Know there is also a lot of talk – is bobba a clone? The source of the clones ? Not sure I am caring honestly.

Honestly - if they are doing a whole MCU universe thing - I am not interested. To me that is disappointing - but I know not to most fans. But I got burned out between MCU stuff and all the CW DC stuff. Just over it all. I am probably not watching the standalone MCU movies - not sure I am interested in a whole Bobba show either. I have never uderstood why fans loved him so much really

Mike V. said...

No i don’t think so either with Luke. There are rumors (just rumors) that there may be a separate show following Luke starting the Jedi Order and all that. But I just don’t know how realistic it is. Like I said..MCU deaging technology is great if Hamill would do it. But no...Mando S3 is clearly going in a different direction. I think Mando won’t see Grogu until a team up event on D+. And it will be as emotional as seeing Jin and Sun reunite for the umpteenth time. Lol.

Mando clearly shows no interest in the saber...but his fate might be tied to the fate of Mandalore now. That seems to be a plot thread for s3. Which means more Starbuck! (I can say it too lol).

To your worries...i think the Boba series might be a limited series not a recurring season show. Similar to a lot of the MCU shows coming out. They’re not going to pile them up on us. There will probably be one event series running at a time on Fridays on D+ starting 1/15 with WandaVision...and it’s going to tie into the Dr. Strange sequel which will tie into Spidey 3. But probably watching all of it won’t be required. Just enriching as usual.

Boba clone - that’s a tricky question...the actual boba is an “unaltered /not rapid aging clone” which we learned in Attack of the Clones. Other clones would be older by now. There is a chance though that Temura (sp) Morrison may reprise his role as a clone in the Obi-Wan series as Rex. He was a main figure in clone wars and rebels and was able to fight his programming from Order 66.

I don’t think SW is trying to throw a fast one on us with Boba. He survived the sarlacc. And they left clues to what might have happened in S2Ep1 with maybe the Krayt Dragon eating the sarlacc. Lol. That might be featured in Book of Boba Fett.

I’m all for more content for both SW and MCU. Sometimes i worry about over-saturation...but I think SW is finally finding its footing in the Disney era. And MCU...i trust Feige until he steers us wrong.

MJ said...

LOL - I already think MCU has over saturated ! But we shall see. At this point I have no interest in Wanda Vision or a Black Widow movie. Dr Strange - yes - I want that though.

Finally started Fargo which has piled up for weeks. Know you never watched it.

I recorded Myiam Bailok (sp) new series Kat - will check it out.

Mike V. said...

MCU - fair enough! It all works together really well though. I don’t count the netflix stuff and agents of shield as they were only loosely tied in. Now if those characters start showing up in the MCU that’s a different story. But I’m all in on the Black Widow movie. But definitely more excited for Strange 2, Spidey 3. Eternals and Shang Chi in the wings too. I know nothing about those characters, but I have faith they’ll incorporate it all well.

Fargo - yeah i missed out on that one I think. It’s just tough to keep up with it all these days.

Didn’t even know Blosson/Amy was in a new series. Lol. I see Ted Danson has a new show coming this Thursday. Not sure I’ll watch.

This is Us - we did watch the return of this last night. It was good as always.

MJ said...

No clue who Eternals or Shang Chi is. LOL

Oh man - didn't know about Danson. Looked it up - is on Friday. Might look at it

I have been volunteering at the vaccine tent at work - it's been exhausting. Not giving it obviously. LOL

Mike V. said...

That’s cool on the Vaccine tent! My immediate thought was to “GIVING IT” lol Nice to see a light at the end of a long tunnel. Still a lot of tunnel left though.

Eternals is a GROUP of people. Celestials I Ego from Guardians 2 or Thanos. Basically they’ve been around since the dawn of time. There’s a whole group of them. They have quite the cast lined up. Anjolina Jolie, Salma Hayek, . Even Kit Harrington and Richard Madden (Robb Stark) will be reunited on it. Lol. It should’ve been in theaters last November but you know...COVID stalled everything. I have full faith that once there’s a trailer we’ll be primed and ready to expand our Marvel knowledge!

Shang idea either...but I think the villain will be the ACTUAL Mandarin...not the ruse they threw us in Iron Man 3. It’s called Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings. The 10 Rings were referred to in Iron Man 1 as well.

This is where MCU has proven everyone wrong in the past. We laughed at the idea of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. But they were a smashing success. Now when I hear announcements...I’m like...OKAY, I’m sure I’m going to see it an love it. Lol

MJ said...

Ant Man was ok - but I love Guardians ! Guardians and Dead Pool are actually my faves ! Followed by all the Iron Mans and Avengers.

And yes - a very long tunnel to go.

Not sure if Richard is still on here but we have watched a show called Secrets of the Viking Stone. It's not scripted - but Peter Stormire is on it - they are investigating whether and when Vikings were in Minnesota based on this stone that was found. Been interesting so far. Probably on Discovery or Science channel.

I honestly don't know how I am so behind on things ! LOL But I have several streamers to get to that have been dropped for a bit - nothing I think anyone here watches (Sabrina, Lucifer)

Mike V. said...

Deadpool actually wasn’t MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) was the X-Men universe which was owned by Fox. But now Disney acquired FOX and Deadpool 3 was just announced to be R Rated AND part of the MCU, so things are going to get interesting. Lol Ant-Man solo outings are okay...but his work in the ensemble films is great! I’ll let you know how WandaVision is.....i like the spin they’re doing on old’s probably all going on in Wanda’s head...but there certainly will be repercussions to if Vision will live on in some form. And of course the introduction possibly to the multiverse which will feature prominently in Dr. Strange 2 and Spidey 3 (Homecoming/Far From Home sequel). I’m just ready for more marvel content. We’ve been in a drought since July 2019. But once we get going again it’s going to be rapid fire.

Not sure where Richard is either. But we haven’t been discussing too much he watches anymore. Maybe that will reel him back in!

I know exactly why I’m behind. KIDS!!!!! My wife and i maybe watch one thing a night. I’m mid s3 of Cobra Kai....but we’ll have This is Us tonight. She started Bridgerton. I’m out. Lol. I’m in season 3 of the crown. Still good. But not watching much else at the moment.

MJ said...

Oh no ! Just occurred to me - didn't Wonder Woman drop around New Years ?

Mike V. said...

WW84 dropped on Christmas Day! Lol. I guess I didn’t provide my comments above on movie thoughts. I’ll let you watch and weigh in first. :)

MJ said...

Just rewatched the first one. Hoping to get the new one in this weekend.

Yeah - I don't even have the KIDS excuse. LOL

Mike V. said...


Lol on the kids. Well, blame COVID and just a general funk around everything then. It’s there! Lol.