Monday, July 25, 2011

Highlights from Comic-Con 2011 for Fringe, LOST, The Walking Dead, Alcatraz

Hello TV Addicts!  How have you been enjoying your summers?  I've been resting my weary fingers from the onslaught of TV blogging last season.  I thought I'd be writing some tidbits here and there about Breaking Bad, Rescue Me and the other summer shows I've been watching but I always forget how much I enjoy taking these little hiatuses!  It recharges my batteries for the fall!  Anyway, one thing I do miss is the annual Comic-Con updates I used to post from the LOST panels.  Ironically, LOST returned to comic-con this year in the form of Entertainment Weekly's panel with a few pleasant surprises.  Fringe made a nice showing and I have found the videos on YouTube to share with everyone!  The Alcatraz pilot was premiered at Comic-Con and all of the JJ Abrams nuts showed up in full force and support.  (mostly positive reviews from what I can gather)   And The Walking Dead premiered a 4 minute trailer of the new season which will premiere in mid-October.  Lots of exciting TV coming our way!  Definitely much more at Comic-Con than these few shows but it's what I'll be focusing on below.  Hope you enjoy!