Monday, February 21, 2022

Winter/Spring 2022 TV Discussion

Hello everyone!  This space is for all non-Walking Dead TV talk until the comments section gets too long or until the next batch of TWD episodes air!   See you in the comments! 


Mike V. said...

Ozark - we’re finally binging this one! Got to season 3…and I kept hearing it’s really good, but it’s crazy how much more interesting it got than s2. We just met the brother/substitute teacher dude. He’s nuts lol.

Discovery - started binging this one finally. I think I’m halfway into season 1. I thought she started off as captain after the pilot. Didn’t realize she’d have to work her way up to it. Lol But that’s more rewarding. I’m on the Groundhog Day episode that seems kinda more like Edge of Tomorrow or that episode of Agents of SHIELD. But I love a Groundhog Day trope!

Euphoria - Glad we caught up on this one…it turned out to be a really good show and one everyone was talking about. The last few episodes were insane.

Gemstones - finale was last night as well. Happy to say I figured out what was going on…not that it was that difficult lol. Still a hilarious show.

Idol - Season 20 has begun…and I’m still watching! (Still NOT blogging lol)

Mj said...

Have to get back to Gemstones. Had slowed down as we almost were caught up prior to finale

Mj said...

Have to restart this is us.

Friends rewatch. Going slowly. Last night watched We were on a break 2 parter

Mike V. said...

Friends - nice. Still put random ones on at night when I’m winding down. Definitely want to rewatch them in order again one day.

Mike V. said...

The batman - saw a special screening last night. They just keep getting darker, but this one was pretty well done. Focused on the detective aspect of Batman. It was long, but was engaged the whole time.

Marvel Netflix - It’s all coming to Disney + in 2 weeks. This is the most mature stuff they’ve put on D+ in the US. So they’re adding more parental filters. It was a safe space for my kids, now I gotta remove that content! Lol Not a big deal.

Mj said...

Yeah. I was shocked that stuff landed on D+.

The Batman. Zero interest

Gemstones - still have one or two to go. I am assuming your guess at what was going on was that the Texas couple were trying to kill Daddy so the other two can invest?

Mike V. said...

Batman - i really didn’t either. Have a friend who is an obsessive Bat-Fan…so I went with him. But I was pleased.

Gemstones - hmmm….if you have 1 or 2 to go, I’m not sure I feel right confirming or denying if that was my theory! :)

Euphoria - I guess my wife and I weren’t the only ones pulled into the webs of this show in season 2. The final episode ratings are 2nd only to Game Of Thrones. 16 million or something when you factor in all the streams on HBO Max. Apparently they keep adding to the numbers now because of how people watch television. So episode views go up over time on their trackers. I was surprised how good the show was.

Ozark - still on s3 ep 3 or something. Batman 2 nights ago and the new Sixers regime last night lol.

Legends - watched the season finale. Another great season wrapped up and another crazy cliffhanger with a potential cast changes again. Gotta say, I’m a big fan of who they brought on board though! A little sad about who most likely is no longer on the show.

Mike V. said...

Discovery - I have like 3 minutes left in a season 1 episode…i should really watch before I comment…but I think it was just basically teased that Lorca is the Lorca from the alternate dimension. And I’m getting crazy Fringe vibes here lol. And I’m 95% sure we’re going to run into Alt. Michael Burnham at some point. She’s at large? Yeah that’s a setup if I’ve ever heard of one.

Loved the Original Broadway cast of Rent reunion on the show between Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz. They were together in season 1 of the show…but before Cruz’s character was killed off they made a sly nod to their Rent history by discussing the La Boheme opera that it’s based on.

Decent show. I know you said it gets better. I’m in for the ride. IMDB ratings are pretty mediocre on it but it’s a fun show.

Picard - Started season 2 last week. Totally on board with the return of Q!

Ozark - working our way through s3. Marty has been taken by what seems to be the cartel…but he also just told the agent that he’d work for the FBI so it could be that lol

Mike V. said...

Discovery - so yep…Lorca was from the Terran dimension. And his sensitivity to sunlight was the tell! Jason Isaacs plays such a good villain. But he has played the hero role too…so it was a great way to throw us off the scent. He did some sketchy things in the first half of the season though that had me wondering. Plus, I knew he wasn’t in later seasons just based on cast pictures. I just figured he’d get killed heroically though. There are surprisingly a lot of episodes per season. I think 15 in the 1st? I keep thinking I’m in the finale but nope it keeps going. They’ve returned back to the normal dimension but 9 months later where Klingons are winning the war. Of course, I think this is the timeline of the rebooted Star Trek with Chris Pine and Zach Quinto….so it’s not really the PRIME dimension lol.

Haven’t been able to watch much else since my last update.

Mike V. said...

Discovery - I think i’m in the final S1 episode. Emperor Georgiou is pretending to be the old captain and they’re going to do something to volcanoes on Qo’onos.

Obi-wan - EW’s final print cover is a good one! There’s pics ahead of the coming feature in this link. I’m as psyched for this as I usually am a SW Film. It was supposed to be a film until Solo tanked. But Ewan and Hayden are back! Even Uncle Owen (Joel Edgerton) and Aunt Beru!

Let’s do this! May 25 — the 45th Anniversary of Star Wars releasing in theaters.

MJ said...

Legends - heard someone was leaving

Discovery. My lips are sealed

Ozark - I don't remember hating S3. Been long time tho

Lorca. Yeah I kept thinking his sketchiness was him being Kirk like and edgy. Lol. Loved Georgie's.

Fett. So I read somewhere after finale some site did a redo of shows trailer. Basically part one is he must keep going in some cage. And the rest a new Mando season prequel. And got spoiled Grogu is a quitter for leaving Jedi training. Which made me chuckle since Luke did the same. Was amused by it

Awaiting Picard as they drop once a week. Need to get back to Discovery

And Legends. And This is Us. Sigh

Mike V. said...

Legends - posssssibly….

Discovery - almost done that finale ep. I was multi-tasking while it was playing this morning and missed a bunch. Emperor is about to blow up Qo’onos….and Michael took a stand against the admiral.

Fett - Yeah…it’s definitely Mando season 2.5. It was promoted as that early on…but calling it The Book of Boba Fett is confusing. Maybe they should’ve called it Mandalorian: The Book of Boba Fett lol. But with it also having to say Star Wars it would be STAR WARS: The Mandalorian: The Book of Boba Fett. A little confusing! Lol. Anyway…watch the eps they’re good and there’s more there. I also think we haven’t sent he last of Grogu/Jedi Order stuff. There’s more to what Luke did there. And there’s a little replicating the past Jedi Order mistakes. But of course…we know that is what happens in the sequels…so Filoni could be bridging the gap.

This is Us - No Spoilers - Watched last nights but was shocked when they said there are 10 straight episodes coming to end the series. 10?!?!!? That’s old school network tv there taking us right into May Sweeps lol.

Mike V. said...

Forgot to mention OZARK - No I’ve heard season 3 is GREAT….it was 2 I struggled to get through and it was perfectly fine. But I can already tell S3 is better. We finished ep 3 or 4. Marty was kidnapped by cartel and now he’s home. He gave the boss his demands.

Mike V. said...

Discovery - Finished S1 and started S2. So they ran into the Enterprise with Captain Pike! Now Pike has assumed command of the Discovery at least temporarily. Still wrapping up ep 1. And I guess maybe this isn’t the same universe as the Abrams movies since I’m assuming we’re going to have a run in with Spock and this definitely isn’t the actor that played Pike in Abrams first TREK film lol. I also saw there was a trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with Pike being the lead. Sounds like a spinoff of this Discovery world. I’ll have to google the multiple Trek Canons lol

Resident Alien - Caught up on this.

Mike V. said...

Discovery - Okay…so I shouldn’t have googled :) But basically at least seasons 1 and 2 are in the ORIGINAL SERIES canon and take place years PRIOR to Trek’s 5 year mission. But, apparently in later seasons there are references to the KELVIN timeline (i.e. Abrams movies). But we already knew they made the Abrams movies canon through time travel and alternate timelines and Leonard Nimmoy.

MJ said...

This is Us. 10? Oh wow. Thought I was almost done

Discovery - good ole Pike! Lol on googling. I had not heard of a spinoff.

Resident - was caught up til not watching last night. Lol. We had some Verizon issues. Sigh

Mike V. said...

This is us - i know….Olympics and the winter start is probably why it seems more than normal. We usually started in fall with a big break then came back for the remaining.

Resident - I’ve seen pieces here and there but it’s my wife that watches it. I think she’s a few behind in the new season but they’re recorded and ready!

Mike V. said...

Resident Alien - (Just realize you were talking about this above not THE RESIDENT which my wife watches lol) - Caught up now. Last night was the mid season finale and it was a doozy! Everything that was escalating all season blew up and set us up for the next half. Can’t really say more than that without spoiling. :)

This is us - one behind.

Discovery - I think I’m ready for S2 E3. Ep 2 was where they found descendants of 21st century earth on a very remote planet that no one had ever traveled to by starship. Turns out some spiritual alien (that MIchael saw too in S2E1) came to the humans during WWIII and the church was transported to this other planet. Pretty good ep. Felt like a classic trek episode of the week with some modern twists.

Flash - caught up. Hoping this is the final season. There’s talks that it might be.

Mj said...

Discovery - yes very much keeps to the heart of old Trek

Finished Fett. Went very quickly actually. Def better then I thought.

Something about Pam. Been amusing. Total take off of the true crime shows. Even has the same guy doing voiceover from old Dateline shows

Mike V. said...

Discovery - a little further into season 2. They’re chasing down Spock who is a wanted fugitive. Alt Georgiou is on the trail. Tilly was taken through the crazy spore network to a planet and they found Wilson Cruz’s character there who we thought died…well he did die but he’s able to exist there. And they were able to transport him to the Discovery. Tyler is back but people don’t trust him.

Picard - I’m caught up on this one but I think you’re waiting to binge. Liking season 2 better than 1 so far.

Fett - I undersold it on purpose! Lol The first 4 episodes had its moments but when it became the Mando show it instantly shot back into awesomeness. Can’t wait for season 3 of Mando! But really looking forward to Obi-Wan on 5/25. You see the trailer?? Chills.

Something about Pam - don’t think i heard about this one. Sounds like comedy gold though.

Ozark - stalled on this one because of vacation. Caught up on other stuff, been watching march madness. We’ll get back soon hopefully.

BCS - next month!

MJ said...

Ozark - still part 1 of season 4 right?

Pam. Follows This is Us on reg tv

Obi wan - have not seen trailer and will probably wait a bit to watch. Saying. But def will watch

Knew BCS was soon as BB being rerun

Angels of Newark. Not seen yet. Still deciding if want to watch Sopranos again and then prequel,? Did that with BB and Saul years ago

Mike V. said...

Ozark - we’re on season 3. Want to catch up before part 2 of 4 though.

Pam - oh right with Renee Z. I remember now!

Obi - I do not have the discipline to wait on Star Wars. Need to be part of the conversation! Lol

Many saints of Newark - I watched. It wasn’t too bad. Does have some subtle ties to the original series. Maybe some clues to answering the big cut to black question. Lol I’d love to rewatch sopranos though. So good.

Back at work finally. And typing on my phone. This will take some adjusting!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Watched trailer after I posted. I am actually excited for this one. I might just start watching Saturday evening! Not starting 1201 Saturday! Oh wait. Does it drop 1201 meaning just after midnight Thurs into Friday? So I can watch Friday night ? Don't ask. Long time issue for me

Oh! Wait the fade to black/worst ending ever? Hmmm. I might have to watch Friday night?

Jeez In person! Probably strange yet great. Yeah - have now readjusted Twice to using tablet or phone! Missing the kiddos?

Hmmm. I always lag behind. Could be fun if I DO start Obi and we can chat somewhat realtime! I can hold off on Sopranos prequel! Hmmmm

Mike V. said...

Hmm is this MJ or someone else? Lol surprise Richard comment?? Other??

Anyway…obiwan trailer? Not premiering until Wednesday 5/25. The 45th anniversary of the original Star Wars premiere. But I’m game for anyone that wants to discuss from week to week. I’ll certainly have thoughts! Every Wednesday at 3am eastern it’s available. I usually watch them Wednesday night.

As for sopranos in hindsight I enjoyed how he ended it. Just pissed everyone off who wanted to see the big guy get whacked. Basically left it ambiguous. But there’s enough info out there to indicate what happened including the many saints now.

I actually use an iPad Pro with keyboard at home for my blogging ventures. I think it would be too noticeable at my desk at work lol. I’ll see the kids just about as much as I do when I’m home. But definitely missing our new puppy. She’s probably having a rough time this week! Next week I’ll be home again. Phased approach.

Anyway you have time to fit in the sopranos before obi starts. And that’s a 6 week limited series.

In other news:
Flash renewed for season 9 ugh!! Legends has not been renewed yet. Ugh!!!

This is us. Painful episode to get through last night. They’re doing those big 3 episodes. Last night was Kate.

Go sixers!

MJ said...

Was MJ. For some reason thought Obi premiered this weekend. Did watch a trailer yst tho

Just finished Bodyguard from years ago on Netflix. Was pretty good. Rob Stark the lead. shall see if I do Sopranos marathon

MJ said...

Sixers doing well I take it! Since don't drive to work don't hear much local. Tho know Villanova got to sweet 16. Not a basketball fan anyway.

Mike V. said...

Ahh nice. Lol I figured it was. Guess when you see anonymous you get a different vibe from the message.

Sixers traded for James harden before the deadline. Embiid is having an mvp season. And 21 year old Maxey is reaping the benefits. Awesome team to watch. I’m not into bball either but went to a couple games and it’s hard not to love this team. They finally got rid of Ben Simmons in that trade too who didn’t want to be here anyway.

Yep on nova too.

I did know about bodyguard but never watched.

Maybe during the twd hiatus I’ll start an Obiwan thread. That might be something I could be tempted to recap. If only I had the time lol. I think I forgot to share. It’s rumored Damon Lindelof is working on a Star Wars film. He’s better suited for television. (Lost, leftovers, watchmen are all masterpieces) but I will watch whatever he puts out!

MJ said...

Heard about Harden/Simmons

So. I am behind on everything. We started a GofT marathon! Loving it. In season 2 now. Renly about to bite it. Dany and babies just arrived at Qarth.

Lindeloff and Star Wars. Hmmmm. We shall see. Oh and not planning on watching this Moon one

Mike V. said...

I’d be excited to do a GoT rewatch. The ending left such a sour taste in everyone’s mouths. Definitely rushed but I still enjoyed. One day I’ll get back. Still doing Discovery! They found Spock and are up against the federation on a mission to save the universe.

Moon Knight - supposed to be more mature MCU fare….and of course my son is excited to watch. I’m sure he’ll handle it. Obviously, I’ll still put my thoughts on the show here lol. But I get Marvel/Lucasfilm fatigue. It ain’t gonna slow down.

No TWD last night. Had to watch the big fight at the Oscars lol. Probably will watch tonight.

Mike V. said...

Moon Knight - I know you’re not going to watch, but the 1st ep was pretty good. Marvel Studios doesn’t really put out bad content. Lot of Egyptian lore in this one a la LOST but apparently faithful to the comics too. And Oscar Isaac’s titular character suffered from multiple personalities which is an actor’s dreams to really show what he’s got. F. Murray Abraham is the voice of the Moon Knight persona too. And Ethan Hawke is pretty good as what appears to be his adversary. MCU is diving a little into the Horror genre with this one. My son still was able to stomach episode 1 lol. This is really just holding me over until Obi-Wan!

This is us - caught up. Randall’s episode was obviously the best of the Big 3 episodes.

Discovery - Well apparently Michael is the Red Angel from the future or something lol…..i dunno. Still figuring that out. I do wonder if it’s actually Michael from the alternate universe though. Since she disappeared too. I know time travel will play a role in later seasons too so who knows. I like this Spock actor though. Kind of a mix of quinto and nimmoy.

Picard - Halfway through the latest ep.

MJ said...

Ugh. Hubby loves Egyptian lore. Sigh. F Murray Abraham? Really? He was in SG1 which was full of Egyptian lore. Crap. Now I have to share with husband. So probably am watching. Ugh. And I love horror! Damn you Mike! Lol

I think I might be behind on TWD now? In S4 of GofT now. Loving it!

Mike V. said...

Moon knight - sorry about that! Episode 2 was pretty good too. More clarity on how the moon knight and personalities work. Oscar Isaac is having a ball. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you watch. It’s a small commitment of 6 episodes in total.

Probably behind on twd. There’s one more ep before mid season finale. Then Saul! Nice on thrones! I bet when binging you won’t even notice how rushed the ending is. Lol seems to be the case with a show like this or lost. So many expectations on what the final episodes bring that disappointment is inevitable. But binging is a totally different experience.

Mike V. said...

Saul - back tomorrow!

Discovery - I’m on ep 2 of season 3. We’re in the future. MIchael and Crew are apart and not sure where either are. Communications are down on the Discovery so I’m guessing they’re in the same time they just can’t communicate. I’ve seen IMDB ratings of seasons 3 and 4…they’re very low…so I’m keeping expectations low. But I enjoyed S1 and 2. And Strange New Worlds with Pike/Spock and No1 looks pretty good too. Supposedly takes place after s2 of Discovery. I like that they essentially erased all knowledge of DIscovery and its crew from the timeline…because you know…in Star Trek: TOS Spock didn’t have a sister! Lol

Ozark - I think we’re close to being finished s3. It’s been good. We want to catch up by S4 part 2.

MJ said...

Discovery. Sigh. Think you are ahead now

Still on GofT! Tyrion with Dany now. And just torched the Dothraki widows place.

Read something very cool about Saul. Won't spoil. And S3 of Picard too

MJ said...

Heard Moon Knight pretty good

Mike V. said...

Discovery - Whoops! I thought you watched it all. Okay, I’ll just give status updates from now on lol

Thrones - ahh yes…you’re in the Benioff/Weiss “we have to make up the rest of this ourselves” territory! Lol.

Saul/Picard - If it’s similar to the news on Picard then I read about both. Gilligan came out and said it was basically inevitable but confirmed it so we don’t have to speculate. And S3 of Picard big reunion. But apparently Will Wheaton wasn’t included or something. I dunno…i didn’t read the details but I saw headlines about Wheaton lol.

Mike V. said...

Moon Knight - yes it’s good. You really don’t have to worry about Marvel (MCU that is…not Morbius lol) putting out bad content. Some stuff is just better than the rest. But I do always wonder how long they can keep this up. We’re going on 14 years now. That said, got my tickets for Dr. Strange Mutiverse of Madness!

Mj said...

Crap. Strange out soon? Going to theater to see that one!

Mike V. said...

Strange - May 6th. We’re going the following Tuesday on $5 night lol. Did you see Spidey: No Way Home yet? (That’s on video now but not streaming anywhere) WandaVision, Loki and No Way Home are all tied to the Strange sequel.

Moon Knight - still good! Ep 3 was great.

Mike V. said...

Strange - I’ll add you probably don’t have to see No Way Home to understand Dr. Strange 2 but there are a couple plot points that were unveiled that will play into the sequel. That said…before the pandemic Dr. Strange was supposed to be released BEFORE No Way Home so there were probably a few adjustments to both.

Mike V. said...

Thor: Love and Thunder (Theatrical not D+ lol) - Teaser Trailer just released. That’s July 8. Taika directing again (did Ragnarok). Looks great of course!

Discovery - Still plowing through S3. It’s aight.

Ozark - still trying to wrap up S3 of this as well. Got a lot to watch before 4/29. Probably not gonna make it.

This is us - we’re caught up and ready for this one to end. It’s fine…just a tough hang this season. Especially the past few Kate/Toby episodes.

Saul - I was a week off…I think it’s back this week.

Next Show - Once we’re wrapped up Ozark I think Succession (HBO) is our next target. Heard good things. Also want to watch Severance on Apple TV+.

Mike V. said...

Saul - yep 2 episode premiere tonight. Might take me a couple days to watch it all lol

Unknown said...

Mike please reply my email. Thanks 🙏

MJ said...

Saul - still not watched. Was a long premier so on late

GofT. Finished Monday

Spidey 3. Did not see but knew should before Strange

Mike V. said...

Saul - finished today. Took a couple mornings to knock it out. 2.5 hours with commercials lol. It was good. It’s been so long I kinda forget the details of what had been going on but fairly easy to follow the plot. And I can see it linking up with BB.

Thrones - any different thoughts on the finale after binging? Did it flow well or feel rushed?

Moon knight 4 and sixers game 3 tonight. At some point the kids need to go to bed too! Lol

MJ said...

GofT. Still say evil Dany came up fast. Husband disagreed. Sure there were signs but she always pulled back. Guess jon being true heir really sent her over the edge. Had forgotten that they send Jon to the wall yet again...but he says screw it and heads north of the wall with the Wildlings

Heard moon4 was a game changer

This is Us. Got spoiled about the wedding. Sigh. Some site had to have pics of 'the wobble' on home page

Mike V. said...

Thrones - yeah definitely hints for Dany but it seemed to come out of nowhere still. That’s where more time could’ve helped. I liked how it ended and saw how it could get there. Just seemed to come fast. Like I see how grrm is moving to a similar end if he ever finishes. Lol winds of winter has been in progress for 11 years.

Moon 4 - it was wacky but awesome!

This is us - I think we already knew about the wedding. We had a flash forward to Kate in a wedding dress. And may have even known who the groom was. We just didn’t know how we got to that point. The wobble wasn’t in the episode. Just a little fun viral video from the set. Lol

Mike V. said...

Ozark - We finished season 3. Wow…what a zinger at the end! We have a week to get through 7 episodes and be ready for part 2. It’ll be a stretch but we can try. S3 was definitely better than s2 which just dragged. Wendy setting up her brother’s death and Ruth being all over it…yikes. And then then Navarro taking out Helen in the final seconds…crazy…and not long before Byrd Son was going to kill her. (Really bad with names on shows these days lol). So this sets up a final season where they’re directly working with the cartel. Good stuff.

MJ said...

Ozark - I almost fell off the couch when he killed that lawyer!!! Wendy got pretty dark with the whole brother thing.

Lol on Wobble' not in EP. I have to watch it then

Site called Screen rant has article highlighting the ways a new show Outer Range is like Lost. I am intrigued

Watched half of Saul premier

Mike V. said...

Ozark - I’ve always thought Wendy was the worst of all of them! Marty almost had them out in season 2 and she wanted to dive further in. But yeah…she offed her brother…pretty tough stuff. We’re in ep 2 of s4. Still don’t think we’ll make it by Friday but we’re trying!

This is us - yeah…you should catch up. We’re getting close to the end. Maybe the last 4 episodes that have aired will go down better as a binge. But it’s a tough watch. Wedding one was really good. They’re all good…just tough. Lol

ScreenRant - it’s one of the twitter handles I follow and get my updates. Lol. Didn’t see that one though. I’ll have to check it out.

Saul - Ep 3 tonight!

Discovery - No spoilers - think I’m halfway through s3 now. Just gonna keep plowing through until I’m caught up. I don’t notice a real degradation in quality after s2. But season 2 was definitely the highlight from what I’ve watched so far. I think I know why s3 drops in IMDB ratings as much as it does and is more “politically” (use the term loosely based on how ridiculous the internet is with this stuff) driven than anything. But I could be wrong. Lol

MJ said...

This is Us. I have been avoiding. Lol.

Finished Saul premier. Will watch last night's today. Then think I will start hitting TWD and This is Us.

I have to check. I did not think we watched S3 of Discovery but husband thought we did. Hmmmm

Saul - premier spoilers

Gilligan always makes you scratch your head. Lol. The whole safe thing. Crack a safe. Put new one in and add some papers to new one. I know it has meaning! Took awhile to recognize tax people. Gus not treating Nacho so good. Why would Mike put Nachos hotel number in that safe if he wants Nacho to get home? Orders I guess? But who follows Jimmy and Kim?

Mike V. said...

This is us - I don’t blame you! But it’ll be over soon! One more tonight. Lol

Saul I’m caught up - yeah totally forgot tax people. Season 1 was so long ago. But they seemed familiar. Not really a show I want to rewatch but cool they’re tying in old threads. I think I missed the details on the safe stuff. But I do watch on the treadmill lol as for nacho let’s catch up after you watch ep 3!

Discovery - I thought when you told me you were watching you watched 3 too. 4 is the most recent season that finished. So maybe you just never started that one. I just lookded. I have 2 or 3 left of s3. The IMDb ratings drop even more dramatically in s4. I do wonder if it’s that bad or it’s politically charged. Lol

MJ said...

Discovery. Yeah I think I got mixed up. Think 4 is the one not yet watched. Binged so lost track of what season was what

Saul. Watched. And oh man! Both husband and I thought we knew Nacho from BB!!! I stated was anti-climatic since know Nacho doesn't die! I was shocked! Not that Nacho was a good guy - but I liked him. Mike not a good guy either but he is decent and says he will look after Nachos dad. Funny - is Kim become Wendy from Ozark? That whole opening scene speaks to my post on Gilligan. Never know where he is going but he always answers the question! Lol

This is Us. Did watch one. Caught Randall's robber. I joked Randall was going to adopt him. Was the Big Threes bday. Tots forgot Madison dumped Kevin!

Mike V. said...

Discovery - makes sense! So you did see the time jump right? Right now the crew is split up in a final season conflict. Im guessing saru might not make it. I just keep assuming Michael is going to become captain but I have no idea lol

Saul - nope he was never on Saul so I figured he’d die eventually. But I thought we had more time with him. He was on orphan black right? Yeah Kim seems to be worse than Saul but she turned into that because of him. Still have hope she survives and we see a Cinnabon flash forward with her alive lol

This is us - just watched last night’s and it was a good one. Stuff happened that many had been hoping would eventually happen. No spoilers. But I thought they did it well. Jeez I forgot them catching the robber was this season. Lol feels like she’s ago!

Moon knight 5 tonight hopefully. Getting very lost-y

MJ said...

Discovery. My lips are sealed

Moon Knight. We are going to watch!

MJ said...

Ozark - might start tonight. Probably tomm tho

Frankie & Grace also dropped. Know you never watched but final season also

MJ said...

This is Us. Watched Nicky's road trip EP. Deejay went to Boston to see Maliq and had first sex. Lol

MJ said...

Dayja. Wow that auto correct went away!

Mike V. said...

Discovery - Finished Season 3! Yep, Saru went with fellow Kelpian so Michael is finally captain. Only took 900 years lol. I saw the promo shots for season 4 and she’s standing behind the captain’s chair. I just always assumed it happened by season 2.

Ozark - too many things got in our way this week so we still have most of the first half of season 4 to watch. But at least we know we can finish the series when we get to it.

Frank and Gracie - yep never got into it. I think that’s the final season too right?

This is Us - Ahh yes…Nicky’s trip and Dayja (Always thought it was Deja but I have no idea! Lol)….all crazy stuff. Sounds like you’re in full gear now.

Think I started a response yesterday and got sidetracked before I posted. Ep 5 of Moon KNight was nuts…lots of similarities in themes it’s hitting that LOST hit. Don’t want to say much beyond that. But you’ll find yourself in sort of familiar territory with this show. At least with themes that were analyzed in in the blog comments back int he day!

Next shows: I think i brought this up higher in the comments but once we finish Ozark we’re going to hit Severance (Apple+) or Succession (HBO). Heard good things about both!

Gotta start considering what Star Wars I’m going to watch in prep for Obi-Wan. I’m thinking at least Revenge of the Sith, maybe the final episodes of Clone Wars. Then I’ll rogue one/original trilogy after it lol. There are specific quotes from the Original Trilogy that most fans are concerned about when they’re hyping up Hayden’s return as Vader and the “rematch of the century”. Vader tells Obi on the Death Star “when we last met I was but the learner, now I am the master”. It’s been 10 years since Revenge of the Sith. But they said they’re definitely factoring in all the Dialogue to what they’re doing. We’ll see. I mean…i won’t care too much…it’s just cool to see some fleshed out Obi-wan stories with hopefully good writers. And give Hayden a chance to redeem himself. (Hayden said he watched all of the clone wars and rebels as part of his prep to return. It’s a pretty factual statement to say that the clone wars series really fleshed out Anakin more than the prequels did. I’m guessing between this and Asohka series we’ll get to see some clone wars flashbacks and get live action Anakin and Obi-Wan and Asohka doing their thing. We’ll see!)

Mike V. said...

Legends - ugh. Canceled. If a show is on for 7 seasons you owe it to give them an ending.

MJ said...

Legends. Yes I heard. Sigh

We are going to see Strange with my nephew and his kids. Not opening weekend as he is OnCall

Moon. Not yet started

Splitting time between Frankie and Grace and Ozark. Ozark good so far. And throwing in an occasional TWD and This is Us.

Mike V. said...

Legends - still annoyed about this. I mean in general the Arrowverse needs to end. I think that’s where these cancellations are going. But Flash will definitely have an ending before it’s canceled. And Superman/Lois is kinda its own thing now even if it started out of the Arrowverse. I’m sure this has something to do with everything moving to HBO Max for DC content. But come on…end the series don’t cancel! Give them a 2 hour movie at a minimum!

Nice on Strange. Yeah…we’re doing Tuesday after opening weekend due to a busy weekend.

Ozark - still haven’t watched any more. We’ve been and continue to be swamped!

Discovery - started s4. It’s fine…lol. Watchable. We’ll see how it goes.

Strange New Worlds - think that might start by the end of the week. Getting pretty positive reviews so far. Classic Trek homage.

Picard - caught up on this one. I’ve enjoyed S2 so far.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - House of the Dragon - Trailer

All this makes me want to do is rewatch Game of Thrones! Lol

Mike V. said...

Picard - Finished S2! It was good. I don’t want to spoil anything, but events that happen kind of explain some of the controversy around casting for S3’s big reunion. That’s as vague as I can be and maybe too spoilery. But I’ll forget if I didn’t say it!

Discovery - 3 into S4. It’s aight.

Strange New Worlds - Watched the first 5 minutes. Picks up after the end of Discovery season 2. Definitely plan to watch.

Ozark - somewhere in season 4. Been busy this week, not much watched.

This is Us - we’re in the end game now. 3 left i think? The last episode was really good and filled in some holes missing for 6 seasons.

MJ said...

Ozark. We are done

Discovery I think we are on 6 or 7. One thing annoying me but won't say

Saul. I am up to date

Mike V. said...

Ozark - Still where we were. One more week of business but we might fit in a couple. Plus Sixers on a roll.

Discovery - Ahh you passed me. I just watched ep 4 where Tilly was training the cadets and decided to become a teacher. Interesting. Maybe the actress had a conflict unless this was her officially leaving the series regular cast. I mean there is one storyline that is certainly there to ‘trigger some/educate others’….There were a couple preachy moments but otherwise they’re just being who they are. It seems odd that a millennia in the future they still need to educate people on current day hot button topics, but they dressed it around spirits going to other bodies and even threw Picard in there for good measure lol.

Strange New Worlds - Pilot ep was pretty good! Felt classic trekish and they’re definitely shooting for a true prequel series to the original series though a sequel/spinoff to Discovery at the same time.

Think I forgot to say i finished Moon Knight. It was a good series. Seeing Dr. Strange tomorrow night.

Saul - same

Mike V. said...

Discovery - I may have stumbled upon the plot line you’re not thrilled with. Zora the artificial explora aboard discovery? I’m getting gideon vibes but not in a good way lol. Why one of their computers decided to start growing feelings is just a bizarre writing choice. Maybe traveling 900 years into the future has limited their story ideas. Lol anyway Book and Michael are at odds on how to deal with the dma (Terrible name for the big bad of the season lol) and he has run off with the dude that looks like goodwyn from lost. (For all I know it might be him but id think he’d look a little older now lol)

Dr strange 2 - it was…interesting! Raimi definitely brought his horror vision to the mcu. There certainly were highlights but the story overall….I need to sit on it. Lol

Saul - caught up on this week’s too.

Mike V. said...

Confirmed it’s not goodwyn lol

MJ said...

Sixers. Depends on the day. Lol. Behind now

Discovery. Yes Zora. But also another. Think just a symptom of back to back watching. I was like - ya gonna whine again? But is Germaine to season. Was not happy Tilly left...but has she? Lol. Yeah. Don't like scientist guy. This def ends very Trekish. Will say no more. Not watching new one til a few more drop

Seeing Strange Saturday. Might start What If tonight or tomorrow

Mike V. said...

Sixers - ugh. Embiid injury really affecting them. Hopefully they can force a game 7 and show up in Miami for it.

Trek - ahh yeah lots of whining. Lol definitely been a different show since the time jump. Now no tilly or Michelle yeoh who was always entertaining. I’m sure tilly will be back! Makes sense on strange new worlds. I’m sure something will be coming on after that so I can’t drop paramount + too. Ugh

Marvel - what it is a good thing to watch for strange 2. It’s all canon and multiverse related. Plus you get to see Chadwick’s final performances as tchalla.

Mike V. said...

Trek - Discovery - Just played some poker on the edge of space. Strange New Worlds - This one is really good so far. Anson Mount is just a compelling Christopher Pike. Supporting cast good too. It’s just a fun watch so far. (2 eps) I’d say more but don’t want to spoil.

This is Us - watched this week’s. I’m not sure how far behind you are but better buy some boxes of tissues. Lol. They’re wrapping everything up pretty well so far. I know i dreaded the final 10 straight episodes but it’s getting real now. Only 2 left. I don’t think this is too spoilery as it’s just speculation…but I have a feeling this finale when it comes will be a lot like the Parks and Rec Finale just from a dramatic perspective. Not sure if you saw that one so I won’t say more lol.

Ozark - got one more trip that ends our 3 weekend marathon of big events. Then we can try and wrap this one up. I’m tired of it lol.

MJ said...

Ozark - tired of it? I loved it all. Did not end as I expected

Ok. So half way thru What if? Decent

Finished Moon Knight. Weirdest show ever. Not sure I will watch S2

Dr Strange. Read no further if not watched. But feel you have

Dr Strange - also odd but very good. Not sure I liked them making Wanda the Big bad tho. And yes. Stayed for the credits! Took forever to get to 'its over' tho.

Went to theater who's chairs vibrated at appropriate times. Cool. But loud. Getting old. Sigh

This is Us. Still quite behind. Kevin back on Manny as dad this time. Deja getting birth control.

Mike V. said...

Ozark - I think we’re so tired by the time we sit down to watch that it’s taking us forever to finish. Our kids are just at an impossible age and they never go to sleep! Lol

What if - yeah I enjoyed them. And they definitely play into stuff coming up in the live action.

Dr strange - did you recognize the pizza guy as ash from evil dead? I never saw it but I know the actor. Name is escaping me and I’ll look up after I post. He’s been in every Sam raimi film. He’s the usher in Spider-Man 2 I remember. Lol movie was good. We’re able to tie in fantastic 4 and X-men before officially doing it thanks to the multiverse. And Patrick Stewart! Even the fan casting of krasinski as mr fantastic lol. But yeah Wanda as bad was rough. She’s probably not dead. We’ll see!

Fun with the theater! No thanks lol

This is us - yeah you have a ways to go!

Mike V. said...

Bruce Campbell! Just came to me lol

This is us - penultimate ep tonight!

MJ said...

Feel ya on the kids.

Oh yeah. We know Bruce Campbell!!! My husband loves him!
I was surprised by some of the c Dr ossovers. Did not r we cognize all of them tho

Mike V. said...

This is us - the last few episodes have been knocking it out of the park. I am pretty confident this will be a satisfying finale with the way they’re wrapping things up.

Strange - yeah lots of crazy stuff in there. I’d be typing more but I’m on my phone in the office. Lol. Krasinski as reed richards has been a fan casting so most likely this was just a playful nod at that and 616 Reed could be someone else. Anson Mount was the whisper dude. He played the character in the failed Immortals tv show. (Actor who plays Pike in new trek shows). Obviously that was Maria Rambeau as captain marvel instead of carol. And Xavier has been professor x in the other marvel movies that are not mcu. So basically we’re just confirming that all other non mcu films can be considered canon in different verses. Captain Carter we saw on what if. It would’ve been hilarious if they had Chris Evans on the council as the human torch from his old fantastic 4 film. Next to Hailey atwell as captain Carter. But I’m sure that could’ve gotten confusing even if meant to be a joke. Lol

Discovery - 2 eps left. I’m thankful to be almost caught up. This season has been rough lol

Mike V. said...

Discovery - Finished! S4 finale was decent. Really pulled a tease on Book’s transportation twist. But once the 10-C started asking Michael while she was sad, I figured they had him lol. I’m glad I’m through this one. Probably will be on a Star Wars binge next week prepping for Friday! Then I’ll pick up something new.

Ozark - think we’re on ep 5 of S4. Fell asleep last night and no idea what I missed lol.

Strange New Worlds - 3 episodes in and they’re still doing great Trek stuff. Think this one is a winner!

Flash - ugh…i wish they ended it this year. It’s terrible lol. I don’t know why I can’t quit things!

Mike V. said...

Flash - one more thing…i mean seriously how many times does the team advise the misguided person and they are so determined they ignore it….then by the end they realize they messed up and should’ve listened. And the other people are always like “oh it’s not your fault we all make mistakes”. I swear this is every episode of the flash now lol

Mike V. said...

BCS - mid season finale was good! Gilligan and Gould do a great job making stories work out in the long run. Don’t want to say more than that. :)

Obi - started my prep. Watched phantom menace with the kids and will try to get them to watch clones and sith over the next few days. I’m also watching some recommended clone wars episodes by Disney + UK twitter. If they know something and this turns out to be vital eps to watch I’m very interested to see what they’re going to do in live action. I mean I’m excited anyway lol but these are some pretty pivotal episodes in obi’s arc that haven’t been covered in live action. Anyway - We’ll see if I find time to throw a recap page out there for each kenobi week. Memorial Day is a busy time!

This is us - series finale tonight! They have properly gotten me to the point where I care again and can’t wait yet am dreading that it’s ending. That’s a good way to leave us. Because with twd and the flash it might be a case of good riddance! Lol

Mike V. said...

This is us - I won’t spoil but the last 4 or 5 eps of the show were some of the best this is us episodes of its run. The penultimate may have been the best of all of them. Finale was a nice bow on the whole show though. There were some scenes filmed back in season 3 to capture the kids at a certain age. It worked well. People will always complain about crap but I think they did a good job ending this one over the course of the final episodes. I’ll miss it! That’s all you can ask for.

Mike V. said...

Star Wars plan - attack of the clones tonight, revenge of the sith tomorrow, obiwan eps 1 and 2 Friday! Mix in a few more clone wars eps on my morning run. Don’t think I can finish all the recommended ones in time though. Good thing I’ve seen them a couple times. I listened to an interview with director deb chow. She said the primary things to watch are the prequels especially revenge of the sith. But everything else is icing. Also with the inquisitors being a main threat a little bit of Rebels (follows the forming of the rebellion in the years leading up to a new hope) wouldn’t hurt either. But they’ll do a good job explaining what the inquisitors are anyway. Psyched for more ewan and hopefully a redemption of Hayden’s acting! Lol