Friday, July 16, 2010

New Site!

Hello LOSTIES, Forward Flashers, Idol Watchers and just overall TV lovers!  I'm happy to report that I have locked down this site for future BLOGGING adventures!  Yes, I am the same writer that has poured many hours of my life into the Lost Addicts Blog and some extra hours into blogging about other shows (FlashForward, Idol).   I'm not sure if any show will capture my dedication the way LOST did again, but I still love discussing and writing about TV.  And man do I watch LOTS of it!  (which makes me wonder if I'll even have time to write about it!)   Anyway, I thought this would give me the flexibility to pretty much write about anything that is on my mind at the moment in terms of TV.  (from OLD shows, to NEW....Dramas to Sitcoms, short posts to long recaps, you name it!)

This definitely is a work in progress, but I definitely wanted to get a post out here and allow everyone to start commenting.  Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.  If I get a chance, I'll update this post with the shows that I am watching, watched but still want to discuss, plan to watch etc...  And then you can let me know what I SHOULD be watching.  And then, we'll just see how in over my head I have gotten myself with such a broad topic BLOG! 

8/12 Update: In case anyone is wondering why I haven't started posting, I decided I'm going to officially launch my blogging ventures with the FALL TV premieres.  Sorry for anyone looking for thoughts on Mad Men, Rescue Me and/or True Blood!  I'm watching them all, but summer is just too tough to keep up with blogging!   Keep on voting in the poll and suggesting other shows that I didn't mention!  (by the way, I'm working my way through Breaking Bad right now.  I'm halfway into season 3.  AMAZING show!  Thanks to all of the Lost Addicts who recommended it to me!) 

9/13 Update: Based on the polls and my personal preference, I have decided that I will be recapping THE EVENT and FRINGE this season!  But that doesn't mean I will short-change any other shows. Recapping takes a lot of time, but I will try my best to provide quick commentary and initiate discussion for various other shows. If you have any recommendations on shows I should be watching or discussing please let me know!   The majority of FALL TV starts next week!  Get ready for the onslaught!

Thanks to everyone for being such dedicated readers and hopefully, you'll join me on this new venture!   See you soon!

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