Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 6 - Sex and Drugs

Hurricane Sandy might be able to make things inconvenient, but it can't keep a determined blogger down!  Welcome revolutionaries!  I actually never lost power last night (Cue lights to go out now) but NBC decided to alter their programming a bit.  I had to go to some standard def channel called "Nonstop" to watch last night's episode.  And actually, it was probably the best episode yet!  The show keeps improving and giving us more character moments that help us build some level of caring for some of them.  Aaron's backstory was the best yet.  I know I always tout brief recaps for this show, but this time I mean it.  Plus, the screenshots aren't going to be too good coming from a Standard Def feed! Hopefully, you'll all be able to cope!

Reminder, I've mentioned on every posting lately that I will be out of town the next couple of weekends.  So, my commentary on Fringe/The Walking Dead/Revolution will be a bit delayed and probably brief for the next 2 weeks.  Let's get into the Revolution Recap!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 3 - Walk With Me

Hello fellow Walkers!  Last night's episode was the first time that we took a detour from the main group, especially Rick.  But, it didn't make the episode any less interesting.  And obviously, the paths will eventually intersect.  There are some shady things going on in Woodbury, don't you think!?  Anyway, we'll get right into it in a second.  Just wanted to post a disclaimer on Hurricane Sandy which is starting it's path into the Northeast, where this blogger resides.   We still have power, so I should be good to get this recap up (obviously, if you're reading this then we're all good).   Watching Revolution tonight and writing about it could be a totally different story!  Of course, when mother nature decides to wreak havoc on certain parts of the world, it should be acceptable for things like blogging a TV show to take a back seat, right!?

Okay now that that's out of the way, let's blog a TV show!

Weekly TV Discussion - 10/29/2012 - 11/3/2012

Hello TV Addicts! This worked well last week so we'll keep it up.  This is a weekly posting to discuss any and all TV that is not covered in regular recaps.  (i.e. anything other than Fringe, Revolution and The Walking Dead)  I have mentioned a couple times now that I will be out of town the weekends of 11/2-11/5 (Monday too) and 11/9-11/11.  So, my commentary on those shows will be delayed during those days.  If your too anxious to wait for me, feel free to discuss those in these weekly posts as well.   Enjoy and see you in the comments!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 4 - The Bullet That Saved the World

Okay, now THIS is what I'm talking about!  Hello fellow Fringe fans and welcome back to the show we have loved for the past few years.  Even as I was commenting on the'seemingly sub-par 3rd episode of the season, I knew they were pacing out a 13 hour movie and that the whole thing can't be non-stop intensity or even interestingness.  I know that the seeds planted in that episode will eventually pay off.  But just looking at that week alone, it certainly was a bit boring.  They more than made up for it with the 4th episode which closes Volume 1 of our 3 volume final season.  I had a feeling someone was going to bite the "bullet" in this episode, but I really didn't think until close to when it happened that they'd actually go THERE.   What a great setup for the rest of the season.  Lots to discuss in our "Observ'er'ations"on where they go from here, but for now we have to just say WOW!  Let's get into the recap!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 2 - Sick

Hello fellow TV Zombies and welcome back for another helping of The Walking Dead discussion!  We slowed things down a bit in episode 2, but not to worry, we weren't at season 2 levels of slowness. But, there was time to reflect on the new situation our band of survivors find themselves in.  No need to elaborate here.  It was a solid hour of The Walking Dead, let's recap!

Weekly TV Discussion - 10/21/2012 to 10/27/2012

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  So, if you've frequented this site enough, you probably have realized that we like to talk about a lot of shows in our weekly recaps of specific shows.  I figured we'd try something new.  Let's have a dedicated spot to discuss all non-recapped shows each week.  So this section is to discuss any and all TV besides Fringe, The Walking Dead and Revolution since they have dedicated recaps (see Labels below for examples).  This will be for the week of 10/21-10/27, but since Grimm airs on Fridays, I'm guessing we'd talk about last week's Grimm here too. 

Let's see how this works.  Let's start the discussion!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 5 - Soul Train

Welcome Revolutioneers!  We are five episodes in and I have to say that this show seems to be improving with each episode in.  That's always a nice thing to see.   I'll get into the recap in a second, but wanted to share this link with you from Showrunner Eric Kripke.  He talks about how quickly he'll reveal answers to the big mysteries and replace them with bigger mysteries along the way.  There's also a couple tidbits that I may cover in the "interesting tidbits" section below.  But, for now, let's recap!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 1 - Seed

Welcome back dead heads!  It feels like forever since our last full dose of The Walking Dead, but the extended previews and summer marathons have had me psyched since the end of last year!  Anyone who complained about the slow pacing of season 2 (which, if you recall, I didn't mind) should have their fears settled after that opening episode this season.  There was more action and walkers in this season premiere than probably the entire season 2.  But, they still didn't sacrifice story for the kill count.    There's definitely a lot of promise for the new season and I'm looking forward to diving in briefly every week to kick-off the discussion.   So, let's get into the episode!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 3 - The Recordist

Hello Fringe fanatics and history buffs!  We're here to discuss episode 3 of our final Fringe season.  I have to say, I'm not getting very excited to recap this episode.  It was quite a bizarre episode and with the exception of some great Walter quotes, it felt very un-"Fringe"-like to me.  I'm willing to give them a mulligan though.  They've told some pretty consistent quality stories for 3 straight seasons and change.  I'm definitely feeling a change of pace to this season with going for straight mythology episodes for the entire season.  And, I'm sure what they achieved by the end of the episode will no doubt be important but it was a tad painful getting there.  We'll, see what I can come up with in the recap below!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 4 - The Plague Dogs

Hello friends and welcome back to the Revolution recap!  We had a pretty good outing for the show last night and they really amped up the emotional side of the show.  I would say it would have been much more effective if NBC didn't hype up a big "death" coming in the episode.  Given everyone's importance to the future plots of the show, it wasn't too hard to figure out who was going to be losing their life by the end of the episode.  Of course, they did have me second guessing my pick in the middle.  Still, NBC's spoiling aside, the show is doing pretty well so far in keeping everyone entertained.  And they're doing one really important thing that its "high concept" predecessors did not do so well.  They're keeping the "deep mythology talk" to a minimum in these opening episodes.  They're focusing on character relationships and lots of high stakes action.  That could be what the show ends up being anyway, but we know there will be a huge conspiracy with the whole power outage (What caused it, who is in control of it, how do we get it back, do we want it back, are only some people going to get it back, etc...), that eventually they're going to have to dive down a layer.  But for now, they want to keep their audience entertained and slowly delve into that next level of detail.

Granted, this is just my theory on what retains an audience!  Anyway, let's get into the recap/discussion!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 2 - In Absentia

Hello fellow Fringe Loyalists!  Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of the final season of the awesome show.  I've been enjoying our time in 2036 and even though we're a bit more serialized it still feels very FRINGE-esque.   Though, this episode got more into our usual formula.  There was a bit of a  "Case of the Week" feel to it while tying into the overall themes that our characters are currently going through.  And Walter got to mess with SCIENCE so that's always a +1 for a Fringe episode!  The episode was, and I'm sure most of this season will be for me, a WOW worthy endeavor so I'll get that out of the way.  Let's move onto the recap so we can get into the discussion!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 3 - No Quarter

Hello fellow TV aficionados and welcome to the Revolution!  Okay, so my last recap may have come off very sarcastic and given off the impression that I wasn't enjoying the show.  This is far from the truth!  There were definitely cheesy moments last week, and there really aren't many discussion points yet, so when this happens I normally result to humorous (well, humorous in my mind) recapping!  We're going to try and go much shorter this week, so maybe we won't run into any confusion.  I thought episode 3 was a decent outing as well.  We are sort of starting to see what this show wants to be.   A weekly adventure with a little bit of an advancement with the whole "power" thing.  And of course, some short flashback segments to fill in some blanks about the post-blackout and our characters' pasts.  It's a tried and true method.  We'll see if they can keep upping the ante and getting more interesting along the way!   Let's dive into the recap.