Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 6 - Sex and Drugs

Hurricane Sandy might be able to make things inconvenient, but it can't keep a determined blogger down!  Welcome revolutionaries!  I actually never lost power last night (Cue lights to go out now) but NBC decided to alter their programming a bit.  I had to go to some standard def channel called "Nonstop" to watch last night's episode.  And actually, it was probably the best episode yet!  The show keeps improving and giving us more character moments that help us build some level of caring for some of them.  Aaron's backstory was the best yet.  I know I always tout brief recaps for this show, but this time I mean it.  Plus, the screenshots aren't going to be too good coming from a Standard Def feed! Hopefully, you'll all be able to cope!

Reminder, I've mentioned on every posting lately that I will be out of town the next couple of weekends.  So, my commentary on Fringe/The Walking Dead/Revolution will be a bit delayed and probably brief for the next 2 weeks.  Let's get into the Revolution Recap!

This episode was pretty much built around showing Aaron overcoming the doubt about himself in this post-apocalyptic world.  Of course, it wasn't without consequence as we learn at the end.  There were some scenes in Philadelphia with the Monroe Militia and Danny as well.  Let's dive in.

The Heroes/Aaron Flashback
So Nora is still hurt from her stabbing in the last episode.  Miles secured a militia wagon to take them to a hacienda not too far from where they were.  It was somewhere in the Lando system except Lando is not a system he's a man.  Scoundrel, you'd like him.  But he has no love for the empire I'll tell you that much.   Seriously, I saw the Han/Lando reunion coming a mile away with Miles and Drexel.  Even when Drexel pulled the gun out.   It didn't help that they pulled out some direct quotes from Empire Strikes Back.  "You have a lot of nerve coming here after what you pulled."   Of course, the Empire wasn't already there waiting for Miles and crew but there was plenty of conflict anyway.   They even had Drexel scoping out Charlie like Lando scoped out Leia.  Here's what happened.

  • Drexel is a drug lord who was given some great liberties during Monroe's stint as General of the militia.  He's a little bitter that Monroe left the militia because it made Drexel a target since he was one of Monroe's men.   But, he still provides hospitality and nurses Nora back to health.  And of course Miles has the universal O negative blood type! 
  • Charlie meanwhile was forced to take a bath and reflect on all of the people that have left her in life.  Rachel, her father, Maggie.  And then she reflected on her inability to protect Danny or display emotion.   Seriously, her facial expression in the tub looked exactly the same as it did pre-reflection!  No fear, she got out of the tub to tear up some post cards which led to a very deep metaphor/analogy later in the episode.  She told Miles she knows life isn't like the pretty post cards.   I'm sorry, but this is LOL worthy for all of the wrong reasons! 



  • Anyway, Drexel has an issue with some ex-cop dude that lives near by and needs him killed.  It's the only way he's going to call things even with Miles.  But, he wants to send Charlie in on the suicide mission which Charlie volunteers for.  Translation: excuse to put her in a fancy dress. 

  • Meanwhile, Aaron is doing some self-reflection in this episode.  He feels absolutely useless.  And we see why.  We see what he had discussed in the past.  His fancy life as Google Man.  He was going to take his wife on a crazy weekend adventure somewhere and then the power went out.  We see them fighting for their lives in the flashbacks that followed.  Some guy Sean helped them.  He helped his wife recover from dysentery, he killed potential rapers.  Meanwhile, Aaron can't even start a fire.  He felt useless and all he wants to do his provide for his wife.  She said that she never cared about the money only him.  But, Aaron was taking things pretty personally.  He ended up leaving his wife in the middle of the note with a note saying she's better off without him.   OUCH!  Obviously, we thought we were being set up for a scene where she was killed.  But, apparently she's still out there!  And all of a sudden, Aaron becomes the most interesting character on the show.  To me at least. 

  • In the present day, Aaron kept telling Miles that he has to go after Charlie and leave him to fend for himself.  He said they're family and more important.  But, that he also had an idea to get him and Nora out of there.   He went with the whole Clint Eastwood/Marty McFly approach to a gun drawing.  (Now, we could go on and on wondering how on earth Aaron knew he would be forced to draw against someone, but whatever!)  His drawing partner turned out to be none other than an adrenalized Nora.  They both refused to shoot each other even though Aaron pleaded with Nora to kill him.   Of course, it was all a ruse.  Aaron shot himself right in the flask!  BULLETPROOF VEST!!!! GENIUS!!!  (That was Alternate 1985 Biff Tannen FYI)  Oh yeah, and Aaron took out the absolutely douche known as Drexel.  Looks like Aaron might be useful after all! 

  • Miles was able to stop Charlie from killing sweet innocent grandpa Bill O'Hallaran (of course that was his name as an ex-cop).  But it was close.  And painful to watch, again for all of the wrong reasons.  "I'm sorry, I have no choice!"  I'm not sold, Charlie!  But fortunately for her, the rest of the cast involved sold the innocence of this family and how they shouldn't be killed. 

  • In the end, everything worked out and the 4 of them set out for Philadelphia! 

The Militia and the other Mathesons
Couple big events happened in Philadelphia.  Danny was brought before Monroe for the first time which kicked everything off.

  • Monroe played the "FRIEND" card to Danny claiming that he'll reprimand Captain Neville for killing his father.  And that he knew his mother.  

  • Right when Danny was escorted out, he promoted Neville to Major and in charge of intelligence and investigations.  What a coincidence since they're going to start looking into these pendants! 
  • Jason was commended for his report on following our band of heroes.   Neville thinks it's lacking in information and knows that Jason his hiding (not very subtly) his feelings for Charlie. 

  • Monroe orders Strausser (interrogator dude and also Boyd Crowder's cousin or brother on Justified) to go retrieve the Pendant and Miles based on Jason's report that "The Fat Man has it".  Jason flips out knowing this means everyone else is going to be killed.  Neville was embarrassed and told him to stand down.   Who wants to bet that Jason will be shadowing Mr. Strausser the scary horse whisperer?   Seriously, what was up with all of that creepy butcher talk and scaring that kid?  Well, I know what it was about.  We were supposed to see how creepy this dude is and believe there is a danger to our heroes.  Guess we'll see! 

  • The episode concluded on a happy note.  Danny and his new but still ridiculous hairdo were reunited with mom, Rachel!  What game is Monroe playing here!?  In any case he knows she's alive now and he just let all of his emotions out at once.  

And that's that!  Very decent episode with the appropriate amount of cheese.  Looks like next week will be a bad week for me to be missing a timely recap.  I believe we're going to be going back to find out how this blackout even happened.  But, these things are unavoidable sometimes.  I'll be sure to provide my comments when I get back.  But feel free to kickstart a discussion in our new "Weekly Discussion" posts while you're waiting for me!   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you soon! 


Kelly said...

Oh wow, lucky! I didn't lose power at my bf's house, oddly enough.. but yeah, NBC covered the hurricane all night. I'll probably watch on demand once it's available. Glad you're ok! My apartment has no power but luckily I hunkered down on the southeast shore of Long Island which didn't get hit as bad. Now to track down the ep so I can watch it!

Anonymous said...
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MJ said...

I lost power monday 5:30pm and did not get it back until tues 9am.

Will catch Revolution online tonight I guess. Is it true that HIMYM was a repeat ??

What's with this sudden Dish/Hopper spam ? LOL

Glad to hear you are ok Kelly - knew you were on Long Island and all. My friend is in Baldwin (near Oceanside) and got a foot of water in her house. My family in North Jersey and Brooklyn all have no power too.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Sorry you lost power. That's pretty rough, but I guess not as bad as others are having it!

CBS aired their shows on the CW but they were all reruns. So all of the CW shows will have to air too (not that anyone watches them except people in my house! Which we've all but given up on anyway lol)

No idea what the spam is all about. I meant to delete that one! lol

Glad to hear everyone made it okay!

MJ said...

I haven't watch yet so haven't read this article - but thought I'd share.


Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link! Though, I don't think you'll spoil anything if you read it. That article was timestamped BEFORE Monday's episode aired. lol It was more of a preview and not really even that. Just info on Rachel's character.

Leslie said...

Watched Revolution, but haven't had time to read recap yet. Was mainly checking in to see if you guys were OK. Glad to hear all of you made it through without major problems.

Will come back when I have more time.

Leslie said...

I’m still feeling kinda blah about this show. I mean, it’s okay, but it’s just not bringing me in yet. I’m just not caring about these characters that much. Love your screenshots of Charlie! LOL! I did feel for Aaron in this episode, but he definitely redeemed himself when he killed Drexel. When they showed the magic flask earlier in the episode, I remember wondering where that came from not thinking it would save Aaron later. How convenient! I’m hoping now that Danny and Rachel are reunited that we’ll have more storyline with them.

MJ said...

FInally got to watch this !
I totally thought they were going to kill Aaron ! So sad that he let his wife go on without him. If this guy Drexel was so concerned with his poppies then why did he grown them outside his fence ? Just saying ! ;-D Loved the Latina Barbie line.

I hear what you are saying Leslie - I'm tryin to like it more than I do. We'll see if they hook me in.

Corey said...

Nice to see some backstory on Aaron. With him being so meek then and now, I was worried he'd have a moment like Neville (flashback) where he snapped and became a crazy violent guy. Looks like it may have just given Aaron some courage/confidence (nothing like killing a guy to do that for ya!).

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this show. The backstory stuff is so much more interesting than the present day whatnots. Charlie grates on me the most. She's either complaining or being self-righteous. Not that there's never a place for that but she's just not pulling it off.

Nice spot on the guy from Justified, didn't recognize him 'til you mentioned it in the recap.