Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly TV Discussion - 10/21/2012 to 10/27/2012

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  So, if you've frequented this site enough, you probably have realized that we like to talk about a lot of shows in our weekly recaps of specific shows.  I figured we'd try something new.  Let's have a dedicated spot to discuss all non-recapped shows each week.  So this section is to discuss any and all TV besides Fringe, The Walking Dead and Revolution since they have dedicated recaps (see Labels below for examples).  This will be for the week of 10/21-10/27, but since Grimm airs on Fridays, I'm guessing we'd talk about last week's Grimm here too. 

Let's see how this works.  Let's start the discussion!


MJ said...

TVD - I was behind on this but am now caught up ! I am a little surprised they pulled the trigger and made Elena a vamp ! Technically she did not make the decision - it was kinda forced on her. Interesting that she went to Damon when she was rejecting the blood though.

The new hunter is very interesting - and seriously messed up! As for April - Jeremy ust stay away! It never ends well for the girls that Jeremy likes.

Homeland - Wow - they are just going full steam ahead. I was shocked that Saul revealed to Estes so quickly about Brody - but I figured they'd drag the surveillance out a few eps - but they jus swooped right in and took him. But I think that was a mistake on Carrie's part - they should have waited for that reporter to contact him.

Grimm- Adalind could not have planned for the capt to fall for Juliette cause she could not know that the capt would wake her - it was her mom that did the wakening spell. But I love Adalind cozying up to Renards half-brother.

Mike V. said...

Well, crap I've only watched TVD of those shows so far! lol Had a lot going on last night so couldn't watch much. I'll come back and comment later. But, I did squeeze in ONCE last night too if anyone wants to start discussing!

MJ said...

I watched Once - just ran out of time to comment earlier. LOL. President on tonight = catch up time !

Such a big deal has been made about this actor who's playing Hook - I have no idea who he is. However, I did recognize the actor who played Snee as someone from Eureka - but I don't think any of you watched that show.
Was amused by Belle's protesting to her dad that it's her life - umm hello - in your fairy world girls did what daddy told them until they were married and did what hubby told them ! So where is that protestation coming from ? Was surprised that they bothered to bring her love of books into it though. I feel like they are trying to make Rumple more sympathetic - but it's not working for me. When his wife confesses she never lived him he rips her heart out !?! Wow. And were any of us surprised to see Hook hanging with Cora ? So Cora can travel to Neverland though ?

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm back!

TVD - After all of the interviews I read after the season finale last year, I didn't think they were gonna go for any loopholes to keep her human. Supposedly, in the books, she became a Vamp too. So, this was always part of their plan. Of course, supposedly, in the books...they eventually find a way to make her human again. So, jury's out on if that'll happen. And of course, I say supposedly because I don't know how accurate those statements are! (but pretty sure she became a vamp in the books lol)

Yes definitely interesting that she went to Damon. I'm sure the triangle will be at play once again this season. lol The hunter is nuts! Wonder what his deal is and if there will be a bigger bad above him. Or if the big bad already killed himself in that explosion. lol April...was that the new girl who they've known forever but has returned from boarding school? AKA, the guy that blew himself up's daughter? Total Nikki/Paolo situation going on there, but whatever! lol

ONCE - For the record, I'm thrilled that EW called the show ONCE for short in their cover piece in last week's issue. Maybe people will finally stop with the OUAT LOL Loved that we not only met Hook but Snee too. lol I think they're making a big deal of the hook actor because he's "SEXY" lol That's the angle they went with instead of getting some older guy who is fed up with all of the kiddies roaming about Neverland. lol Like that Rumple was the "Croc" that took his hand in this version of the story.

So, the way I saw it...Hook went to neverland to not age and be able to take down Rumple (who also doesn't age because he's the dark one) at the opportune time. At the end, I was assuming that was present day in FTL. So, somehow he found a way to return. But, I guess it's possible that Cora can travel to Neverland. lol Maybe that's where she was banished to by Regina in the premiere. And maybe she aligned forces with Hook there. That actually makes a lot of sense. lol

As for Belle's story...she seems to go against the grain of doing what she's "SUPPOSED" to do. Falling in love with her captor, Rumple goes to show that. lol

As for Rumple's sympathetic side...I kinda see both sides of that argument. I think Belle makes him WANT to be a better person but we know he's an absolutely horrible person. His initial motivations were for his son too. I think he's very Ben Linus in his role as a Hero AND a Villain on the show. lol We'll go back and forth on liking/disliking what he's doing.

And, can we agree that the dude we saw in the season premiere in NYC is going to be Rumple's son? (I think the actor is the guy who played Rene' on True Blood and that special bar guest in season 2 of The Walking Dead lol)

Yup, President and the future President are on tonight (no political discussions! lol), so definitely a chance to catch up!

Leslie said...

Once - I didn’t know the actor playing Hook either. Yep, hard to think of Rumple as sympathetic, but it was a big deal for him to admit to Belle that he’s always been a coward and that the power from the magic became his crutch. Then again, maybe he was just being manipulative.

I keep wondering about Pinocchio. When are we gonna get an update on him?

And, why do I keep getting cross images in my mind watching these shows??? I watch Rumple open Hook’s cut off hand and Hershel’s cut off leg popped into my mind! lol

Revenge - Anyone watch yet? Don't want to say anything to spoil it. Wow!

Mike V. said...

GRIMM - I was watching this morning and realized how late it was, so I literally have like 1 minute left of the episode to watch. lol But, it was a good episode. Liked the weekly story with the high school debate team (or quiz team whatever you call it)...I actually got thrown off this week. I just assumed that the killer was going to be the dad who wasn't shown since the first scene.... And what was up with the lazy kid? Was he just a red herring? He never came back into the story.

As for the mythology - Yeah I don't think Adalind planned for Renard to fall for Juliette either. But that was pretty crazy with his urges. Not sure how the episode ends yet and if Monroe came up with some medication or if that's going to be a longer arc. Adalind cozying up to Renard's half brother was certainly a good time.

Homeland - I couldn't believe Carrie just came out with the truth and they took Brody down!! It's like SHOW'S OVER! But, from the previews, now I see where they're going with it. (Sometimes I wish I could fight the urge to watch previews lol) Looks intense! The show is firing on all cylinders again! Loved that the surveilence crew was back at it. That's what was missing from the first few eps.

Dexter - WOW - I am SO back on board with this show. This season is fantastic! Loved Dexter's chase of that maniac. But Pullo (dude from Rome who is this season's big bad and don't remember his name on this show yet) forcing that guy to kill himself...woa...that was nuts. I surely thought Dexter would figure out from the blood "splatter (lol)" how the whole scene went down, but this guy is smart and handled it just right.

Deb is slowly coming on board with Dexter's methods. I'd have to rewatch but I feel like there have been many occassions where Deb has felt screwed by the system and wished she could take down these psychos. lol

Loved that baldy got free on a technicality with the miranda rights. ONLY ON DEXTER! lol

And of course the Hannah/Dexter plot continues to evolve. She seems to have a thing for serial killers. It'll be interesting to see how innocent/not innocent she is!

Didn't get to Revenge yet. May or may not get to it tonight. But excited for New Girl, Happy Endings and SOA! (the latter I will definitely watch lol)

MJ said...

TVD - yup - that's her. LOL

Homeland - yup - I did not watch the previews. LOL Crazy that they aren't dragging anything out so far.

Dexter - I couldn't believe Dex let himself get caught ! Loved 'stay'. LOL Good one - splatter. I'm sure Hannah will not be that innocent. ;-D Hope not any way.

BE - I don't know if I wasn't paying attention but lots of politics talk. Disappointed we did not pick up on Gyp Rosetti again.

Revenge - oh my ! what an ep ! For a moment I thought they were gonna kill off faux-manda. And why does that guy want the bar ? That story line with Jack's little bro (can't think of the name) is kinda dumb though. Can't believe what Emily actually remembered about mom though ! And i totally called it about Nolan's dumb little CFO ! LOL

I'm swamped and gotta go. Be back soon I hope.

Mike V. said...

Ugh, I'm so annoyed. I was out late last night so I didn't get a chance to watch any more Sunday shows OR Sons of Anarchy (bedroom TiVo didn't record it because of some other crap that somehow got prioritized over it!). So, looks like I'll be catching up tonight! lol Feel free to discuss anyway. :)

Going to try and squeeze in some Boardwalk this morning.

MJ said...

SOA - OMG ! You missed quite the ep Mike. This show is not letting up.

I thought the name of the ep Mr. Toads Wild ride was odd - then i saw Abel with a stuffed frog and I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach. So when Gemma could barely get in that care - well I knew it would not be good. But holy crap. The poor little thing was moaning so I'm hoping he will be alright in the end. But what the hell is going on with Gemma !?! Guess Curt trying to get his wife an emmy.

And Clay - talk about out of control. Jax sooo knows he's behind it all though. And who the heck was that trying to take out Jax ? It's not pope. I really hope it's not Nero. He still seems too good to me. I feel like the show is fooling us for now. Jax really took over when nothing was going right for this club.

That guest start guy - he was useless for the whole story really. Guess it was to show Gemma's continuing spiral, and so Jax and Gemma could have a moment - but he was just a waste of screen time really.

This show just continues to devastate this year. WOW is all I can say.

Mike V. said...

I'll just post this here for fringe. Great interview with jh Wyman (show runner)

MJ said...

Thanks for the Fringe link - will check it out.

Here's some Justified scoopage

Mike V. said...

Was so tempted to read that SOA post, but didn't. :-) lol

BE - May have like 15 minutes left in the episode, but saw the scene with Jimmy's Mom (Jillian? not sure why the name is escaping me lol) with that guy and wanting to call him James after they had their intimate moments. EWWWW!!! this lady is disturbed!! lol

Loved Nucky bribing that Prosecuter to work for him instead of bringing him down. lol Also loved that he got off for an alcohol purchase with a $5 penalty and asked if they could break a hundred. lol

Totally knew Margaret's son started the fire. Wasn't very subtle! lol

I'll check out the Justified link too...thanks!

MJ said...

Good for not reading the SOA comments. an OMG episode that you have to see without spoilage.

BE - I can't believe I forgot to mention that. She sleeps with Jimmy-lite and then wants to call him James. Ewwwww doesn't even do it justice. yes - Gillian. As for teh fire - watch the last 15 is all I can say. yeah - 5 dollar fine was funny - but I guess back then 5 bucks is like 5000 now - can't remember but they said what that breakfast cost and it was nothing. I like Nucky trying to get the prosecutor on his side, but I'm just a little puzzled where all this stuff is coming from with the atty gen'l Doherty. How is Nucky all of a sudden saying Doherty is gonna bring him down ? I can track the ganster stuff - but i get lost in the politics truthfully.

Fringe link - what a great article ! DId you read the other links at the bottom of that one ? I saved them to read later.

Mike V. said...

SOA - UGH!! lol I tried to convince my wife to go to our main TV to watch it last night, but she wasn't going for it. So, we stuck to watching what was on the upstairs TiVo. lol (SOA did record upstairs at 11 but that was too late) That will be first on our agenda tonight!

BE - Lol, maybe I spoke too soon with the fire! :) The breakfast was 20 cents. Yeah, I couldn't tell if Nucky was referring to the 20 cents as a cheap breakfast or not. I need to look at some site that I'm sure tells us what 5 dollars in 1923 (or whatever year it is) would be equivalent to today. lol

Funny I get lost with both the Gangster and Political stuff. But, I think Nucky has never really trusted that congressman. And I believe Nucky when he says he'll bring them all down with him! lol

Fringe - I didn't see the other links, I'll have to check them out! I liked Wyman's responses to people's episode 3 reaction. It's similar to LOST's final season when people were expecting every episode to be amazing when they're trying to tell a story. And I realize that the pieces in ep 3 will be important down the line, but as a stand-alone episode, it just wasn't one of Fringe's best. But, I'll be sure to cut them some slack as they unfold their season-long closing arc.

Mike V. said...

Update on Fringe Links - I think I did read that one about Peter's Major shift. I have heard several times that episode 4 is a pretty key episode. Looking forward to it!

Mike V. said...

Found this site that measures values in today's dollars.

20 cents could range anywhere from 3 bucks to 35 bucks depending on what you're looking at (Retail price, income, wage, etc...)

5 dollars is equivalent to 53 bucks all the way up to 884 dollars. lol

A little more complex of a site than I was looking for, but I guess it shows the gist. lol

I'm guessing Nucky paid what would be a $50 fine today. Basically, chump change. 20 cent breakfast still seems pretty cheap by today's standards. But I could be totally wrong. lol

MJ said...

LOl on looking up the pricing equivalent. Not saying nothing about the fire.

Fringe - I still think that recording the history will come back into play in some way, so this past ep will have more meaning later on. AWnd after reading EW I can see that the devotion the tree people had for the Fringe Div is a reflection of us devoted fans too.

Leslie said...

Revenge - Wow! Fauxmanda is not out of the woods yet. Maybe, just maybe, she will go away! lol With the crazy mom now at her bedside, who knows! Sure wasn't expecting that reveal about Emily's mom and that she remembered it.

Don't get what that guy wants with the bar either. I thought I missed something. At least Daniel has figured out that Ashley is spying for Conrad.

Do we know much about Nolan's father? When he found out he died 6 months ago, I couldn't remember any previous info on him and why or if that's important.

MJ said...

Revenge - and yet Daniel looked so self-satisfied when he heard Ashley tell dad that she wasn't doing it any more. I don't even remember them mentioning a dad for Nolan.

Parks & Rec/30 rock - both have been pretty good this year. Loved on 30 Rock the Pokemon thing.

Mike V. said...

1 behind on 30 Rock, but Parks is good as always. 30 Rock is always a show that I dread watching but find consistently hysterical when I do. lol It's wrapping up this season so I'll definitely be watching the final eps!

Still have to watch happy endings from last night too which I heard was awesome.

Mike V. said...

Okay, don't have time to talk right now, but I'll be back later. Just wanted to say I'm caught up on B.E., Revenge, SOA, AHS (as well as MF and Happy Endings, if anyone watched). All I can say is...WOW...this was a big week of Television! And considering the important Fringe on Friday that will probably ring even truer. lol I'll catch up on comments in a bit.

MJ said...

AHS - Sister Jude, bef she was a nun, hitting that little girl surprised me. Also that they killed off the lesbian lover already, but that means that Kit isn't Bloody Face. Having that nun get possessed will be good fun - but now who will feed the creatures in the woods ?

Didn't watch MF, don't watch Endings.

Mike V. said...

B.E. - So, the kid did start the fires, right? But it led to Slater and Margaret getting things on in the greenhouse! lol And the kid also has a knife. I kept thinking he was going to stab his mother. lol Or that Margaret was going to shoot her son in the greenhouse.

SOA - Yikes...Once Clay got dropped off at Unser's I knew he was going to help kill the Nomads and plead his innocence. The guys in the van really threw me off. Clay is trying to pin it on Pope and Jax will certainly think that someone else is pulling the strings. But yeah...I hope it's not Nero too. We finally see though that he has a pretty dark side taking out Joel McHale (who didn't look exactly dead, did he? lol) But yes...he was used to show Gemma's downward spiral. I'm sure Joel was a fan of the show and friend of Sutter's so he didn't mind taking a small role just to be on it. Kinda like Ashley Tisdale. lol

Yes, what on earth is going on with Gemma? Was she drunk in that driving scene??? Drugged out?? I had my hands over my face that whole scene. I think I saw both kids moving...but what was that blood!??! I would say that they wouldn't dare kill off a kid of the main character...but this is FX and Rescue Me pulled that stunt! Whew....crazy season. Agreed!

Will comment on AHS later! (gotta run again. lol)

Mike V. said...

AHS - first of all the whole exorcism stuff....CREEEEEPY! lol I mean, I guess we're going to accept supernatural things as part of this world, right? That "spirit/devil/whatever" most certainly could see into these people's souls/pasts. Which was a crafty way to get some back stories especially Sister Jude's. I guess she joined the convent after these tragic events of her past. Running over the kid and driving away. Crazy!

James Cromwell's character looks to be a little perverted. He's got a thing for the terrified nun (now possessed) so he dresses up escorts as them and then does what? Kills them??? Yikes. But, I guess he looks to the actual nun as PURE and untainted while he treats these other filthy women as exactly that.

Yeah, I guess we can assume that Kit is not bloody face...unless there is more than one of them. It was funny, i was looking up the lesbian lover on IMDB because I know I just saw her in Argo too. But then i was like "hmm, maybe I should check the actual episode so I don't see how many episodes she's in"...and before I could get to that page to look, she was already dead. lol Good times! The show is still pretty entertaining. Totally different plot this year, but you can tell it's by the same demented minds. lol

Leslie said...

AHS – I’m not sure about the tone this show is taking. Last year, it was more creepy and mysterious, and this year is just really brutal with the beatings and stuff and the mysteries seem secondary. Interesting about Sister Jude’s past. Could the doctor be Bloody Face or is that too easy? He clearly has issues with women. Is present day Bloody Face the same as in the past? If so, the doc could be about the right age. I am curious about these creatures they are feeding.

Modern Family – Loved that everyone was avoiding their house because Claire was too scary last year. Hysterical when she went out there to give out some candy and hooked that little girl! lol And, then scaring Phil at his open house. So funny!

Mike V. said...

AHS - I did consider the Doc as Bloody Face too. As for the modern day one? Not sure, unless he found a way to prolong his life or it's a ghost or whatever lol

I dunno, I'm finding the show quite creepy this season too, but definitely in a different way. But yeah the tone is certainly different.

Here's Ryan Murphy interview -

MF - Agreed, all of that stuff is hysterical! lol Not much else to comment on. Except that I'm still tired of Manny's schtick! lol

MJ said...

BE - no , the vagrant was starting the fires.

SOA - yes tht was blood. There was also a branch going thru the car towards where Abel would be sitting. I would not put it past them to kill a kid - but I don't think they will. Gemma was high - she was smoking with Uncer when Tara called her to get the boys.

So you think Clay hired the guys in the van to shoot at Jax to make him think it was Pope ? Hmm.

AHS - I'd say there's def supernatual stuff as Bloody Face doesn't seem to age very much judging by his physicality. Unless it's more than one person as you said.

I didn't think the first one was creepy, but the exorcism was creepy in this one.

Leslie said...
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Mike V. said...

BE - that's what slater was talking about. That accent throws me off sometimes. lol

SOA - looked like she was more than high though. You don't hear much about smoking and driving out there! lol Even Jax was passing the doobie with Uncer earlier in the episode and he got back on his bike! But yeah, I don't think they'll kill the kids either. But it certainly might put a rift between Jax and Tara.

AHS - Agreed! lol

MJ said...

BE - the accent and he's a mumbler.

SOA - true about the pot - but it's medical grade so I guess they are taking some tv license with it. the real rift will be Jax and Tara with Gemma - and Jax was just making up with his mom. But yeah he's the one who told tara to let her sit the kids.

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - I guess you posted when I posted so I missed it earlier! So, we see James Cromwell in 1964 as his regular older self. Surely, they're not asking us to believe he's 20-25when we see him, right?? lol

BE - Yes, the mumbling!! lol

SOA - Right, Jax and Tara with Gemma will be the real rift but yeah I was talking about the fact that Jax told Tara to give her a chance. She won't be thrilled with either of them!

Leslie said...

Mike - well, duh, that was stupid on my part! What the hell was I thinking???? lol Can you just make that post go away?

What did you think of Revenge?

Mike V. said...

AHS - LOL, I can delete it if you really want me to, but it's kinda funny! I really was confused for a bit there. But, no theory is EVER stupid! You never know, you could be more right than you think! lol

Revenge - Totally forgot to discuss. It was pretty nuts! Once Victoria mentioned to Fauxmanda some vital information about the mother while the camera feed went out, I knew something bad was about to happen to Faux. lol Never fails on television! But, you're right, the fact that Emily remembered when she saw her mother was pretty crazy.

Pretty intense episode. And, maybe it was me but I was always under the impression that Nolan was gay! lol I guess not!? Do we still think that female interest of his is up to no good? And I have no recollection of dealings with his father either. This seems like a new plotline for him.

Leslie said...

AHS - Yeah, it's funny when it's someone else who has temporarily lost their brain least I hope it's temporary! lol Yeah, I'm thinking you should delete the post from 1:15. It's embarrassing!

Revenge - I think Nolan goes both ways....not that there's anything wrong with that! lol

Mike V. said...

AHS - Done! I still leave a record of it being there or the rest of this conversation won't make much sense either! LOL

Revenge - Of course there isn't anything wrong with that. There's also nothing wrong with an occassional Seinfeld reference! lol

FRIENDS - So, there's a column on EW that's been popular all week about Ross and Rachel and how they almost didn't put them back together. (And went with a Vague and Hopeful ending instead) My comments are all over the article. Anyway, EW just put a poll up and used some of the words I was using in my comments to get their point across. (i.e. "Friends DNA") Always nice when I can make a worthwhile contribution to the site. Now, if they'd only send me an email making me an offer for doing more for them! lol

Leslie said...

AHS - As they always warn you, be careful what you put out there on the internet because it's always there!

Friends - Yeah, I saw that story on GMA the other morning. I just went there to read your comments and when you were giving your statistics, I thought to myself, "Mike sounds like a transponster" and then a couple of comments later, you said the same thing! LOL I was definitely in the camp that the Joey and Rachel thing was painful and that Ross & Rachel needed to end up together. He was her lobster after all! lol

Mike V. said...

Lol, yeah I should never run for President. I have too large of a digital footprint! LOL

Friends - Yeah, people may have not all have been fans of Ross/Rachel, but anyone with a brain would know they would end up together! The clues were there in every season. And yes, the Rachel/Joey stuff is cringeworthy to watch...especially the season 9 stuff.

Funny on the transponster stuff. I actually had to google and make sure I got statistical analysis and data reconfiguration right in my comment! lol

TVD - Was pretty good last night! Not much to comment on as I always forget the episode about 5 minutes after I watch it! lol

Parks and Rec - was absolutely precious last night! Totally caught me by surprise.


MJ said...

Any Firefly fans out there ? The Science channel will air all eps and then an annive special getting some of the actors back and Whedon too on 11/11. If you never saw this show it was amazing - but sadly one season and a movie.

Revenge - eyah -w e all saw someone going off that hallway looking over the foyer coming a mile away! Guess Nolan is Bi !?!

Happy Grimm and Fringe friday. Hopefully this storm hold off til mon or tue and we don't start losing power sunday !!

Reminds me - I missed part of Grimm friday (figuring you did too Mike) due to them breaking in for some storm in Pennsy.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I lost part of Grimm too. But, I got the gist of what I missed. If I didn't, I would've went to (or the app) and streamed it!

Revenge - Yeah, that's what I was saying earlier...I thought he was gay! lol And Leslie said she guesses he's bi. lol

Haven't watched Firefly, yet. Not sure when I'll get around to it either! :)

MJ said...

AHS - this article raised the question if time travel is involved to explain Bloody Face's age and the aliens that Kit saw.

Firefly - well there you go, you can dvr it's puny 13 eps and watch them over the holiday. Or the brown coats will come after you. LOL j/k.

Mike V. said...

Interesting on AHS. lol That would be a weird thing to introduce to a horro story, but so was showing those crazy aliens! lol

Firefly - nice...i have the series and serenity on my netflix instant queue. I can watch it whenever, just haven't had the motivation! lol

MJ said...

Grimm - ca't even remember now but did we even discuss Renard sneaking into Nick's house and spying on Juliette ? that was so creepy ! And Monroe to Renard -'Do I know you ?' LOL

Mike V. said...

Not sure if we discussed either...maybe just generically about Renard. But yeah all of that stuff was creepy, awesome and hysterical. lol

MJ said...

Know you're not watching 666 but I thought you'd enjoy this piece of snark.

Up in Smoke Award: What's in the box suitcase? When Jane finds an old suitcase in the basement on 666 Park Avenue, she inexplicably brings it back to her apartment. It quietly takes up residence at the foot of her bed until the final seconds of the episode, when the Smoke Monster a cloud of black smoke seeps out and forms a creepy man. Does this mean we have to go baaaaack? Is there a Sideways universe to The Drake? Does Terry O'Quinn have a "must work with smoke-based apparitions" clause in his contract?

Mike V. said...

That's pretty funny! lol still have them all tivo'd just looking for time to watch a sign that it might last. I know they did order additional scripts of that and Last Resort (which i also haven't watched since the pilot)

MJ said...

Last Resort has actually gotten pretty good I must say - but nothing supernaturally. They need to find a better follow up show than Greys Anat - they do not go together well.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I didn't think Last Resort would go Supernatural or anything. lol Of course, for a long time we were led to believe LOST didn't "REALLY" have supernatural elements and everything would be able to be explained scientifically. Of double course, if that were the case then why would there have been a debate between science and faith for the whole show? lol I'm on a tangent of triple course. I'll try to catch up on Last Resort one of these days!

As for it preceding grey's, I think there's a better chance of moving Last Resort than moving Grey's. It's been there for years ever since it moved from Sunday's after DH. I gave up watching the past couple seasons. It was just too much! lol

Have a great weekend everyone! Be careful Northeasters with this storm!