Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 4 - The Plague Dogs

Hello friends and welcome back to the Revolution recap!  We had a pretty good outing for the show last night and they really amped up the emotional side of the show.  I would say it would have been much more effective if NBC didn't hype up a big "death" coming in the episode.  Given everyone's importance to the future plots of the show, it wasn't too hard to figure out who was going to be losing their life by the end of the episode.  Of course, they did have me second guessing my pick in the middle.  Still, NBC's spoiling aside, the show is doing pretty well so far in keeping everyone entertained.  And they're doing one really important thing that its "high concept" predecessors did not do so well.  They're keeping the "deep mythology talk" to a minimum in these opening episodes.  They're focusing on character relationships and lots of high stakes action.  That could be what the show ends up being anyway, but we know there will be a huge conspiracy with the whole power outage (What caused it, who is in control of it, how do we get it back, do we want it back, are only some people going to get it back, etc...), that eventually they're going to have to dive down a layer.  But for now, they want to keep their audience entertained and slowly delve into that next level of detail.

Granted, this is just my theory on what retains an audience!  Anyway, let's get into the recap/discussion!


Okay, I was sorta brief last week, I'm going to try and slim it down even more this week (I swear I tried!).  Here were the story lines:

Reunion/Stalker dude with attack Dogs
Miles promised to return in 2 weeks, and he did with Charlie and Norah.  Aaron and Maggie were waiting.  Hugs went all around.  They continued their trek to get Danny.  But, they got sidetracked when they ran into some attack dogs.  Aaron got bit, and complained about maybe getting rabis.  They ran into "Nate is not my real Name" again.  Charlie saved him from Miles's wrath saying he may have information they need.  So, he becomes a captive.  It turns out the attack dogs belong to some guy that has set up camp at an amusement park.  He comes back for another attack.  In this encounter Maggie gets stabbed in the leg (and one of her arteries got opened).  Miles and Norah try to create a diversion, but the guy kidnaps Charlie instead.  Miles and "Nate" go after Charlie while Aaron attempts to perform surgery on Maggie's artery.  Stalker dude is a lonely guy who lost his daughter after the blackout.  He starts making some creepy moves on Charlie, but she wants to part of it.  He sets up the booby trap of all booby traps.  I haven't seen strings and levers this complicated since Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Anyway, it's all rigged to a crossbow pointing right at Charlie.  If anyone opens the door, she's got one coming to her head.

Charlie and Nate face off against Stalker dude and they put an end to his life.  They go after Charlie, and fortunately (or unfortunately depending what you think of her acting skills) she was smart enough to pry the chair loose a bit from where it was stationed.  When Miles opens the door, she was able to dodge the arrow. Whew.

Everyone returned to the diner where Maggie was, but it looks like it was too late for her.  She was bleeding out and no surgery was going to fix that.  She and Charlie made some amends before the end. Charlie talked about how Maggie was always there for her.  Maggie talked about how Charlie saved her (more on that in a bit).  Maggie asked for her iPhone so that she could think of her kids in her final moments.  She flashes to reading the Wizard of Oz to her children and then it was over.   RIP Maggie, sorry that we theorized you were up to some secret shenanigans!

"Storm's Coming" - More than just a Metaphor
Apparently, Danny can predict the weather due to the air shifting.  He warned Tom that things were about to get crazy.  They were about an hour's walk from the Militia camp/base.  But Tom heeded Danny's warning.  Danny once again was able to pull free of his bindings at a barn and try to escape while a tornado was starting to brew.  No fear, Tom leaped out of nowhere to take him down.   They got into a storm cellar before it was too late.  The tornado ended up going away before causing damage, allowing Tom one moment to have a big dramatic "Hallelujah!" and then get slammed with a collapsed storm shelter.
Did they teach you to predict the weather at a box company!?

He is able to talk Danny into saving him, saying it would be murder if he left him there.  "What would your Daddy think?"  Danny saved him and then got recaptured.  Tom talked of how important Danny was.  Nice job there Danny Boy!

Monroe/Rachel Interrogation
Monroe and Rachel had a few scenes that just reminded us that the "power" discussion was still around.  It also acted as a way to get us to a key flashback moment.  Basically, Monroe repeatedly asked Rachel about the power.  Why did Ben have certain clearance while  he was just a simple Algebra teacher.  Why did he call Miles 5 minutes before the blackout to warn him about it?  How do they get the power back?  Rachel provided no answers.  So Monroe switched his tactic and asked how it felt to abandon her children?  What kind of emotionless mother is she?  What is he talking about?  Ahh next section.


  • Maggie - It turns out Maggie was in Seattle when the blackout happened.  She was video chatting with her kids and she would not read them the Wizard of Oz.  It looked like she was going out on a date or something.  And then she'd have to live with the regret that she could not give her kids the time of day and that it was the last time she'd ever see them.   She trekked the country trying to find a way back to England.  She must have been somewhere on the East Coast (having walked from Seattle) when she asked a man of how to do it.  He said she'd be just as likely to get to the moon.  There were no boats.   She told Miles in the present day that she searched for her kids for years and eventually gave up assuming they were dead.  She was going to poison herself when Ben found her and took her in.   Ben, Charlie and Danny became a family for her and essentially saved her life.  She mainly gave credit to Charlie for being there for her.   This discussion was key to convincing Miles to stay.  He was planning to leave and Charlie overheard him.  But Maggie told Miles to give her a chance.  (By the way, with Maggie having flashbacks and giving all of this important wisdom to Miles - people had to know she was going to die, right???)  

  • Charlie/Rachel - We saw a scene from both of their perspectives.  It was Rachel saying goodbye to the kids and Ben.  She said she was going out for supplies and would be back in 2 months.  Charlie could not process this and did not want to see her mother go.  Rachel repeated that she had to be there for Ben and to protect Danny.  Then, we see from Rachel's perspective that it broker her heart to leave.  But, that's not the kicker.  She turned herself in to the Militia!  And who's idea was this?  MILES!!  The only thing she asked it return was that she wanted Miles to promise she'd see her kids again.  Oh boy.  And Miles is bringing Charlie to Danny and the militia right now!   

Interesting Tidbits
  • Aaron and Maggie both agreed to keep the "Power Pendant" a secret for now.  The less everyone knows, the better.  Of course, it goes without saying that only Aaron knows this secret now.  Well, at least based on what we know.  There's a chance that Miles knows of these pendants, but I'm going to guess he doesn't. 
  • So, Miles wanted Rachel captured.  Why? For the same reason Monroe is interrogating her?  And, is Miles still working for the militia?  I'm sure they want us to think that could be an upcoming twist.  Miles is with Charlie, Danny is with the militia and he is bringing her right to them.  The whole "I'm leaving" schtick could be exactly that, an act.  I, personally, don't think so.  But it's worth discussing I guess.  We just need more pieces of the puzzle.  We need to know why and when Miles left the militia.  He said last week to Charlie that he doesn't care.  This week, there was a dude chasing down Charlie.  Miles stopped it all and told the guy his name.  He looked pretty darn scared.  Charlie questioned Miles about it and Miles wouldn't talk.  So, they're obviously trying to paint a big question mark on Miles and his motivations.  We'll see where it goes! 
  • Nate is another ambiguous character.  He seems to have conflicting feelings towards this crew and mainly Charlie.  Of course, he and Miles may have been in cahoots this whole time.  We'll see on this one too. 
  • Tom seems to have taken a bit of an admiration towards Danny.  Each week, he also seems to be telling Danny more of his motivations for being with the militia.  He does it for his children.  He wants to keep them safe.  He talked about how awful it was those days after the blackout.  I still get that vibe that he's trying to recruit Danny.  He also told Danny how important he is.  Sure, it may just be to get Rachel to spill the beans, but maybe there's more to it.  
Okay, apparently, I just don't know how to be quick with these things!   I will keep striving each week to slim these things down!  But, I'm sure no one is complaining other than me and my lack of time!  The Walking Dead returns this week!  Fringe continues!  Check back for those recaps.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Posted HIMYM on the wrong one ! Oops.

HIMYM - another great ep. Stuff with Lily's dad was surprisingly not too annoying - I usually hate when Chris Elliot is around. Although barney sleeping with the old nanny - ewwwww!

October 9, 2012 8:28 AM

Mike V
HIMYM - Very touching with the Chris Elliot stuff last night...agreed. Barney with the old nanny was hysterical. lol I can't believe how old that lady got. here's showing my Friends obsession. She was the housekeeper in the London episodes that Phoebe kept calling to warn about Rachel ruining the wedding. She was hysterical in that too. So no breakups this week....guess it's coming soon though!

October 9, 2012 10:25 AM

I don't remember her in Friends - but way longer ago she was on Dear John (?) a show with Judd Hirsch after taxi.

Revolution: Well all you Charlie haters will have a field day today as she was very promintent in this ep. But i genuinely felt sorry for her when she said everyone leaves her.

By the time they got to it it was not too shocking who was gonna die really.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Way to relocate the conversation! lol And nice on the actress being on Dear John. never watched that one, but certainly heard of it!

Revolution - I had a "minor" field day with Charlie in the recap. lol She didn't bug me too much in this one although some of those facial expressions are looks of constipation or something. It's her angry face that she uses for several other things as well. lol

No, the person that was going to die wasn't shocking at all. Moving, yes...but like I said, once NBC told me someone was going to die, by process of elimination I knew it would be Maggie going into the episode. There really wasn't anyone else it could have been without disrupting the path of the story. Of course, if their plan WAS to disrupt the path of the story as far as it's gone so far, then that could have been interesting. lol

Mike V. said...

NASHVILLE - BTW, totally forgot to mention the Pilot was available on iTunes so I watched it. It's FANTASTIC! Just an all around good drama, and great pilot ep. Not something we'll be theorizing or having detailed analysis about, but if anyone is looking for a good drama with great acting, definitely check it on Wednesday. Liking country music doesn't hurt, but it's not required. It is nice to peak behind the scenes at the music industry though. And having gotten married in Nashville and frequenting the town quite often, it's great to see all the sites I know so well! (they film it on location)

MJ said...

FYI - Dr. Horribles sing along blog is tonight. Don't know if you watched the first one.

Nashville - plan to check it out so we shall see. Who's doing the real singing I wonder.

Mike V. said...

I actually did know Dr. Horrible is airing tonight. But you might not want to get your hopes up. It's a first time broadcast airing of the original webisodes. It's not a sequel! lol (and yes, I saw them! It was a big deal during the writer's strike and the sole reason for its existence in the first place.)

Nashville - Hmmm, I want to say there is authentic singing happening in the show by the actors, but I could be totally wrong about that. I'll have to look into it.

Mike V. said...

Confirmed - At least Connie Britton is doing her own singing. But I would guess it was a requirement for all of them. lol


Leslie said...

I’m late in posting, but I did watch last night. It was a better episode overall. Did anyone else think of Kate sewing up Jack and wish we were still on that island? I know, I know….let it go! lol Interesting that after Monroe was questioning Rachel they showed another guy come in with some instruments insinuating some kind of torture going on with her yet Monroe commented on her wonderful accommodations.

Can’t wait for TWD this weekend and AHS next week! Also plan to check out Nashville. I also watched Once, Revenge and 666. Will go to the Fringe post to check out comments. I’m so behind this week! :)

MJ said...

OMG ! Tell me you saw SOA ! And guest star Walter Goggins (Boyd from Justified)! I was rolling off the couch !!! This show needed to have some lightness and boy did they ever have some fun.

Mike V. said...

I saw it and just mentioned in the other recap that I was coming here to discuss...but work emergency. I'm going to be a little while! lol But yes, we were rolling too when we saw Boyd in all his/her glory! lol Fantastic... (took us forever to figure out that kid was from True Blood) And of course Tig's reactions to the whole thing were fantastic too.

Carry on the discussion and I'll join in in a bit!

MJ said...

SOA - LOL I was just on the other post reading you were coming here.
Who knew Goggins a** was so nice ! Tig was hysterical. Didn't recognize the kid.

Dr Horrible - aw! I thought it was new.

MJ said...

SAO - oh and then Tig getting bitten in the a** ! And his 'reaction' while getting stitched.

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - actually did not think of Jack/Kate sewing with the Rev scene. But, I certainly thought of Locke predicting the weather when Danny noticed the change in the air. lol (see picture caption!!)


SOA - OMG, hysterical episode. Kurt Sutter had tweeted that after watching the episode people were going to need a shower and have a sudden craving for fudge. LOL that was some funny stuff. Me and Shanna kept questioning if that was Goggins (Boyd) because it sounded just like him. I turned to some Real-Time tweets and searched on his name and EVERYONE was talking about it. (Another reason to love Twitter! lol) Looks like Goggins has put his stamp on the FX channel with The Shield, Justified and SOA. Too bad he never made a Rescue me or Always Sunny cameo. LOL

The rest of the episode was pretty great too. The fight with Jax and Galin (sp) was great....him shooting up the bikes...WHAAAT?!!?

Rumor has it it might be CLAY leading the charge on these home assaults. And Roosevelt's pregnant WIFE!?!?!? OMG...I saw it coming but wow...can't believe they went there.

Things are heating up with new conflicts!! lol Good stuff.

Sorry about Dr. Horrible! I still recorded it. Not sure when or if I'll rewatch it but I have it now. lol

2 Modern Family eps tonight to give Nashville its best possible ratings debut. (DEFINITLEY WATCH IT PEOPLE!!) Also it wasn't on last week because of the debates so they're making up for a week.

That's all I have for now!

MJ said...

SOA - I knew the minute he opened his mouth, but I watched Shield too. Funny thing - he was just supposed to be in a few S1 eps of Justified - didn't want to do another series after Shield - but loved it so stayed on as a reg. Def crazy with the shooting up of the bikes. Clay ? That would really suck since his old pal Uncer got the crap beat out of him during that robbery. He does keep going on about that safe though. Guess now Tara might have a shot at staying a surgeon ? Roosevelt will def be on the war path now.

Mike V. said...

Here's an interview with him. Pretty funny that it was pretty much his idea since Sutter didn't want to bring him or Chiklis (sp) onto the Shield


MJ said...

LOl - I was just reading a different interview !

MJ said...

SOA - forogt to comment on the little kiss jax got! He really did look surprised and was trying not to laugh.

MF - I did see that the DVR was getting both of them. But thanks for the heads up

Mike V. said...

Obviously I meant "FROM" the Shield in my last post. lol

No problem on MF.

Yeah, I'm sure in the TV Guide interview he mentioned that kiss was totally improvised. He wanted to get that spontaneous reaction from Charlie (Jax). Fantastic. That scene was just pure awesomeness lol

Mike V. said...

And goes without saying he'll be in the Guest Star Emmy talks a year from now. Probably not much competition either! lol

MJ said...

SOA - yikes - they'd have to be very careful if they try to show any clips from best guest star. LOL I actually re-watched that whole scene again this time watching all the actors. They were all having such fun.

Arrow - checked it out - not bad, nothing too exciting yet. But it's the pilot and they are laying all the ground work for who everyone is. Kinda a reveal at the end which surprised me that they'd reveal it so soon.

MF - only got to see the first one. Surprisingly sweet with hayley. Loved, loved, loved the whole thing with the lesbian couple. Too funny !

Mike V. said...

SOA - I meant to rewatch it yesterday but didn't get a chance. I'm sure it's a whole different experience knowing what went into it. lol

Arrow - Recorded but did not watch. Jury's out on if I'll check it out!

MF - Watched both, but yeah the first one was really good. Lesbos vs Gays was hysterical. lol Cam vs. the "man" of the house in the lesbian couple was fantastic. lol I knew exactly where the Haley thing was going but I still got choked up at the end...and when she was wearing the t-shirt...ahhh priceless. And I definitely need to get my hand on the Phil's Osophies book! lol

Leslie said...

MF - Watched both. Great as always! Besides what you guys have already mentioned, I loved Jay and Gloria in the baby class, Cam's master project being the mermaid costume for the cat and Jay taking Phil's "Not a Real Man" pic. Loved how they were all reading from Phil's book at the end. Too funny!

Nashville - Watched this also. Definitely has a good cast. I'm not a country music fan, but still enjoyed the episode.

MJ said...

Leslie - you live in Texas and aren't a country music fan ? I'm surprised they let you stay ! LOL j/k !

Mike V. said...

MF - Yes, loved the picture of Phil in the 2nd episode as well. And of course all of the other pictures that made their rounds by the end of the episode. Baby class was a good time too. lol

Nashville - Yeah, loved the pilot episode. Loved seeing the behind the scenes look at Country Music and just Nashville politics in general. as all of the critics have said, the show just feels "lived in" from day one. Hopefully, they can keep it up. And it's impossible to not make ties between Hayden Panties' (gotta call her that lol) character and Taylor Swift vs. pretty much every other female country music star. lol Of course, in this version they've "slutted" her up a bit and have given her a tragic backstory. lol But, all in the name of DRAMAAAAA!!! (said that in my mind similar to how CAM on MF might say it lol)

Yes, I was perplexed the first time I heard Leslie wasn't a country music fan either! lol Of course, having been to Nashville many times, it is called the "MUSIC" city and country is just what it's most known for. There are lots of talented musicians that play all sorts of genres down there. I once went to a bar just outside of the city where a Billy Joel cover band called Christie's Ex (get it?) was playing. They were amazing!!!! Speaking of Christie Brinkley, I just read that she's been cast to play Jerry's wife on Parks and Rec. For anyone that watches the show, you immediately understand how hysterical and fitting this is. lol

FRINGE - Totally random, but I just remembered that I totally forgot to mention the Star Trek TNG call out in the season premiere. One of the observers, I think Widmark, said to Walter "Resistence is Futile." lol Can't believe I forgot to bring that up! And why am I bringing this up in the REV Recap comments? Because I'm lazy!! lol

Leslie said...

Yep, live in Texas, born in Texas, don't like country music and have never owned a cowboy hat or cowboy boots or a cow for that matter! lol

MJ said...

Revolution - Kripke interview. Not spoilery really, talks about when to reveal secrets. I said early on that Kripke does not believe in keeping you wondering forever ! Not his MO ;-D

Leslie - who knew you were such a rebel ! LOL

Resistance is futile - I'd forgotten that. I'm also too lazy to go over to fringe to say 'happy Fringe/Grimm Friday !

TVD - didn't get it watched as predicted.

Excited for TWD !

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link! I saw a TVLINE.com link last night and read it..so it's probably similar. lol I love how they got so attached to the Maggie character after 4 episodes. I wasn't feeling it that much and thought it was pretty obvious she was the one to go! lol But, whatevs. And good to know they'll be answering stuff quickly. Wasn't the problem with Supernatural though that they resolved a major arc after 5 seasons and the show kinda just keeps going? Obviously, I don't know what I'm talking about fully since I don't watch. lol

HAPPY FRINGE/GRIMM Friday to you as well! I'm sure I'll catch up on Grimm next week sometime.

Won't be home to watch Fringe live though...so it'll probably be a late night/early morning recap for me! lol Fun times.
TVD wasn't too bad. I won't talk about it for now!

Super Psyched for TWD!

MJ said...

Supernatural - no there were/are no problems with that show. They did close a major arc after S5 but that was ok. And this show it's not all about that arc story in those early seasons.

I'm off monday so might not be able to get on the blogs, we'll see though.

have a great weekend everyone.

Mike V. said...


Kripke made an indirect reference to LOST in why he reveals answers more quickly. So true though. the longer mysteries are dragged out...there are "SOME" people that expect the answer to be the greatest answer ever given in the history of man. Hence, why there was no way to ever please EVERYONE with the LOST finale.

But, we should be getting an answer to WHY the lights went out by the end of season 1. Sounds about right.