Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 1 - Seed

Welcome back dead heads!  It feels like forever since our last full dose of The Walking Dead, but the extended previews and summer marathons have had me psyched since the end of last year!  Anyone who complained about the slow pacing of season 2 (which, if you recall, I didn't mind) should have their fears settled after that opening episode this season.  There was more action and walkers in this season premiere than probably the entire season 2.  But, they still didn't sacrifice story for the kill count.    There's definitely a lot of promise for the new season and I'm looking forward to diving in briefly every week to kick-off the discussion.   So, let's get into the episode!

Just as we did with the last couple seasons, I'll be keeping these Walking Dead recaps more to discussion points from the episode instead of a full-fledged recap and just a few screen shots.  Do we really need tons and tons of pictures of different variations of zombie kills?  (Actually, don't answer that!)  Of course, now that I've taken the screenshots and realize that I did the usual amount for my other recaps, I wonder if anyone ever believes me when I talk about doing smaller recaps!   Ok, here we go!

Rick's Non-Democracy

  • So, we open up on a home invasion by Team Rick.  You may or may not have noticed but not one word is uttered in the opening scene.  It is probably multi-functional to see how solid of an operation Rick has going now, and also almost a joking reference to there being too much talking in season 2. 

  • Funny that it took them that long to figure out how to silence their guns so they can use them against the walkers!  Granted, I never really considered it either. 
  • You could tell that the group has been through hell.  And the shot of Carl's long hair, Herschel's full beard and of course Lori's big belly shows a passage of time.  I guess we found out how they'll keep Carl aging appropriately and how not to shoot in those cold winter months! 
  • And thank goodness another approaching group of walkers spared the crew from feasting on Owl and Dog Food!   

  • Daryl and Rick decide to go hunt while everyone else is "getting their panties cleaned".  They stumble upon the prison.  So, I guess seeing how close they were to the prison shows how long it took them to get from point A to point B.  They have just been surviving going from house to house.  But, Rick sees an opportunity with the prison and we skip right past the negotiations to if this is a good idea.  If Rick wants to do it, they're going to do it!

  • We see the team working methodically at getting through the first fence and then working on a way to clear the prison yard.  We find out the main killing crew is Rick, Daryl, T-Dog (finally, some work to do! And with a fireplace poker no less!), Glenn and Maggie. Carl and Herschel get in on the action too sometimes.  Beth, Carol and Lori just chill out and stay on the watch. 

  • Rick volunteers to do the hardest job and get to the far gate.  We get some people in the towers were they can snipe off some geeks.  And EXECUTE!  They get through the prison yard with minimal issues. 

  • They relax for the night and seem to be more content than they had been for a long time.  Herschel starts speaking of planting gardens, Beth talks of Lori having her baby in the beautiful prison yard.  But, not Rick.  He's not content.  There are supplies in that prison!  Looks like it was hit early, so there could be food, medical supplies and weapons.  He wants it bad!

  • This is our first sign that things aren't right between Rick and Lori.  She tries to tell him to slow down a bit and give everyone a few days.  But, he's not willing to negotiate.  Lori wants to "clean house" and address some issues they've been avoiding.  I would assume this is the whole "baby could be Shane's, Lori went right to Shane's arms when she thought Rick was dead, Rick killed Shane and Carl killed Zombie Shane" minor issue that probably wasn't bugging them all winter.  But, maybe there were hints of other baggage that happened in the "unfilmed" months.  Time will tell!
  • So, the next day we see them up and at it! Heading into the thick of things.  We see them taking Maximus's Gladiator formation to take out the walkers. Backs to each other and staying in formation.  Lots of great zombie kills here but the sheer joy on Maggie's face has been fantastic so far this season.  Her kill of an armored walker (we'll get there in a second) was fantastic and she reacted the way Luke did when he destroyed his first TIE Fighter. 

  • Who would have ever considered Walkers in RIOT gear?  It was a total video game move (send in the tougher villains!) and it was fantastic.  One was even in a hazmat suit.  How did they get infected?  Eh, I'm sure there are ways.  The necks were exposed afterall.  Awesome.

  • Rick keeps the team pushing on into Cell Block C.  The block is mostly clear except for a twice dead Security Guard with keys (really thought he was going to jump up and scare the crap out of me) and a couple walkers in cells.  So, here we are!  A new place to reside.  Beds and shelter.  Not too bad.  Lori went to thank Rick for this and he just walked away.  Ouch!

  • Let's break for a second and talk of the continued possible flirtation of Carol and Daryl.  Carol has gotten a little more risque since the loss of her family.   After she got a little back rub (you know that rifle shooting can give you quite the shoulder ache!), she asked of Daryl wanted to "screw around".  She was kidding, but was she really?  We'll see what happens there.
  • Lori and Herschel have a bit of a chat in the cell.  Lori is convinced that Rick and Carl hate her.  She's also feeling the most vulnerable because of the ticking time bomb inside of her.  A crying baby will not be an asset in a zombie apocalypse!  She hasn't felt the baby in quite awhile either and she thinks it may not be alive.  And since the dead automatically become walkers regardless of bites, she wonders if it's going to tear her up from the inside.  Quite an interesting thought!  And based on how many feel of Lori, they might welcome that scene!  (I just find it ironic that an actress I enjoyed on Prison Break has broken back into a prison!)
  • After a quiet night in the cell block, Rick plans to move on to find the cafeteria and infirmary for supplies.  Queue up the dark prison search with flashlights and "potential walker around any corner" terror.  Glenn pained arrows for them to find their way back to C Block.  But once they stumbled on walkers they all got separated.  I immediately was horrified and knew something was going to go wrong!  And when Herschel ended up alone, I thought he was done for.  I kept thinking, "they kept him alive last season for THIS??!?"   And I thought that even more when a walker bit his leg!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • But Rick, thinking on his feet (or thinking of Herschel's foot) got the crew into an empty room. Might be the infirmary.  They took a clean ax out of Herschel's medical bag (yes, I watch TALKING DEAD) and we all knew immediately what was about to happen.  Hmmm, maybe if we chop of herschel's leg he'll be okay!  I'll only show one screenshot of this, but it was horrible (and awesome) to watch!

  • And if that wasn't enough, they weren't alone.  There were a few LIVE people armed and in a room separated by glass right next to them.   Daryl points the crossbow towards them, and one dude just yells out, "Holy Sh##!"

Was that enough action for everyone?  Not enough character moments?  I think they struck a good balance, but I also think not every episode can be that much of an adrenaline rush.  Granted, I loved the hell out of it though!  We still have a couple more scenes to discuss.

  • Michonne and her katana gets reintroduced in this episode.  She invades a pharmacy and takes out several walkers with the greatest of ease.  Looks like she was getting advil and maybe some other supplies for Andrea.  The two of them have apparently been through thick and thin over the winter.  Andrea made comments of saving her ass at times too.   

  • But, Andrea isn't looking too good!  It looks like she's sick, but unless I missed something I don't think they said what she's sick from.  Michonne wants to stay put until she's healthy, but Andrea thinks she'll die if they stay there. 

  • So, they and Michonne'z armless/jawless zombie pets move on to a new location.  If you have seen the 4 minute extended trailer that has been airing since the summer, you know where they're going to end up.  But, I'm not going to spoil any of that this week!  
So, all in all a fantastic reintroduction of The Walking Dead.  The first full season under the helm of Glenn Mazarra instead of Frank Darabount.  I thought it was one of the best outings yet.  I have made it no secret that I loved season 2 and will continue to think it was important in addressing the 2 sides of humanity during a zombie apocalypse.  It also fleshed out our characters a bit and allowed for this adrenaline rush of a season.  I don't think we're done with the character moments.  I just think they'll choose to unveil them at a different pace.  And, I'm totally fine with that!  Looking forward to hearing everyone else's thoughts on the episode!   We have a Revolution episode this week as well and Fringe will be back next week.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!


Leslie said...

Great episode to start the season! Opening with the close up of the walker’s eye?? Wonder if the writer was a LOST fan? lol Love how everybody, even Carl, kills walkers now without even a thought like it’s just part of a normal day. Of course, in their world, I guess it is. Great team effort!
The zombies in riot gear were hysterical! That one who lost his face when Rick pulled off his helmet was GROSS!

I think Carol and Daryl may have kept each other warm over the winter. They seemed very comfortable with each other. :)

Not a fun thought having a zombaby inside you. (I watch Talking Dead, too!) Not a good way to go! Interesting that Lori was instructing Herschel not to hesitate to put her down if something happens. Of course, we don’t know Herschel’s fate yet.

MJ said...

I don't have time to read the recap so sorry if I amm saying things that you have already. It's a Rick-tatorship ! And he really isn't liking his wife these
days. Lori's comment tht Carl doesn't like her - didn't see it personally. But her thoughts on the baby - that since it hasn't moved and could tear her up from the inside out - eww ! Gave me chills. BUT - when they cut off Hershel's leg ! I was freaking out. What the host said to open Talking Dead is exactly what I said ' holy s**t! What made Rick Rick just think at that moment that if they immediately cut
away the infection immediatley he won't turn ?? I was laughing at Rambo Carl though.

Homeland - another great ep. They pulled the trigger on Saul showing Carrie the tape, wonder what they will do now. I thought that Brody was gonna kill that guy as soon as he got injured, but he didn't. But then kills him when he's on the phone with the wife and the guy won't shut up. Was a liitle light on the logic there, and am guessing some DNA will link Brody to it.

BE - Nucky gets busted by Margaret ! That was uncomfortably amusing. But Gyp - whoa that due is sick. Can't believe he survived. Glad they are showing why Benny got the name 'Bugsy' finally. And the agents wife - kinda a pshycho now ! LOL

Am behind on Once and Revenge ! Spent sunday afternoon and night with Football. ;-D

Mike V. said...


I did mean to comment on that Eye opening! lol The writer was Glenn Mazarra himself, I believe (the showrunner) I'm sure he was a LOST fan. Who wasn't? I don't really want to know the answer to that! Yes "Face-Off" walker was fantastic. lol Good point on Carol/Daryl and the winter months. definitely possible. lol

Yeah, Lori did spend a lot of time instructing Herschel to kill people off if it's necessary. But, she's just really panicky being the weak link of the group right now. We'll see what happens. And yes, we definitely don't know Herschel's fate yet! There's a chance that leg axing won't work. And even if it is he going to get around now?


No problem on not reading the recap. I really didn't see the Carl/Lori relationship fracture either. I think she's just freaking out in general right now. But there definitely is a Rick/Lori issue. Ironically, "Holy Sh##" was the last line of the episode too..probably what the ex-Singled Out host was talking about when he said it on Talking Dead! lol I just assumed at the time when Rick cut the leg off, that they've seen this before (in the months we missed) and this will definitely work. But, after watching Talking Dead...they made it sound like it may or may not work. It was just an instinct thing with Rick. Rambo Carl was a good time. lol

Homeland - Figures they waited a whole episode to show Carrie that tape! But it was still a great episode. Was Brody assigned to kill that guy or was he really bringing him to a safehouse? I think I missed the details of his and Ilana's conversation. (that's right, i will always refer to people as their LOST characters! lol) I guess his logic in killing him then was that he couldn't get him to shut up. lol Of course, he could have ran further into the woods away from him. But whatevs! And yes, surely there will be a link from that guy to Brody. Tough to figure out the line of ambiguity here though. He didn't really want to carry out that mission. But, he did it. Of course, he killed a terrorist or someone that aided terrorists in the process. So, that could be considered a "good" thing? lol Brody's wife is working her way up the popularity ladder after her performance at the banquet. And her feelings for the friend are heating up again too. They left little to the imagination what was going to happen if Brody didn't show up there!

BE - didn't watch yet. I'll probably always be a middle of the week catchup on that one.

Watched ONCE, will hold off thoughts.

Did not watch Revenge. Started Grimm but didn't finish. Totally didn't factor in Talking Dead to my Monday Mornings! So it's going to take me time to catch up on this stuff. We'll probably watch Dexter and/or Revenge tonight. We'll see how much time we have.

And BOOOOO 49ers! What a lousy game! lol Giants seem to have their number after the NFC Championship and this game. They'll need a new strategy when they meet again in January. :-)

Mike V. said...

Tossing around a new Blog format idea to keep commentary straight. What do you guys think of having the weekly recaps PLUS an additional post on Sundays/Mondays to discuss all other shows for the week? So, that way, Fringe gets dedicated commentary, TWD, Revolution the same. Then ONCE, Dexter, Grimm, MF, Homeland, B.E., HIMYM, AHS, SOA, REVENGE, etc....will all be in its own dedicated spot? Seems like it would make sense and I'm not sure why I haven't considered it before. Maybe I'll start it next week lol

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a GREAT EPISODE!!! I almost watched it a second time but needed to get my weekly fix of DEXTER!

My impression of the first scene with no talking was that it demonstrated that this group has become a TEAM - like a well-oiled machine! I like that Glenn and Maggie have gotten even closer.

I am sure hoping that Rick's idea about Hershell's leg works. It makes sense to me, I guess it just depends on how fast the infection can get into your system?

Does anyone but me wonder why these people never react to the smell of all these bodies lieing around? I would think the ones in the closed up, hot corridors of the prison would be particularly raunchy! You would think you'd see a little gagging now and then.

I am also wondering how Michonne is supposed to be able to fight with two guys chained to her. I get that they are harmless and she is basically using them as pack mules, but I am thinking having them chained to her must restrict her movements somewhat. She is awesome with that sword, though!

BTW, I saw more sparks between Andrea and Michonne than I do with Carol and Daryl! I did see the previews and am very curious about this branch of the story (where Andrea and Michonne end up). I also think the existing characters in the prison will put an interesting spin on things -- I wonder if they are guards, prisoners, or a combination of both. We might even get some flashbacks on their backstory -- how the prison was overrun and how they have managed to stay alive.

I'm glad to see that Carl has grown up a bit. He was pretty annoying last season.

Great recap as always! Cajun

Mike V. said...

@Cajun - weird this post showed up in spam so I had to approve it! lol

I'm jealous you had time for Dexter. I had a full lineup for the night and will have to get to it today or tomorrow!

Yeah, I think the well-oiled machine was the main impression to get about it. I just found it comical/ironic that people complained about too much talking last season and they opened up with no dialogue. lol Agreed on Glenn and Maggie! Hopefully they'll both be around for awhile.

Agreed on Herschel's leg. Logic makes sense, we'll see if it works! I haven't read the comics but (COMIC SPOILER FOR THE REST OF PARAGRAPH) I heard that Rick loses an arm or a hand in the comics, but I'm not sure how he loses it. So if it was because of a Walker bite, then maybe the logic fits for Herschel. (END COMIC SPOILER)

Granted, the show doesn't always follow the comics but in basic Walker logic, I think they do. as for the Smell, I think they spent a lot of time reacting to smell in the "GUTS" episode of the first season. Where they smothered Rick and Glenn with all of those guts. By this point, they're probably just immune to it. These are people that were happy to eat dog food if it came to it!

I don't know if the walkers are actually chained to Michonne or she's using the chains as a leash of sorts. I dunno, we may see some interesting attack techniques in upcoming episodes! lol And very true on the sparks between Andrea/Michonne. Wouldn't surprise me if that happened. lol I kinda caught that vibe too.

All I know is that a particular character that Andrea/Michonne are going to come in contact with soon is a VEEEEEERRRRRRRYYYY popular character in The Walking Dead comic mythology. They've been talking about this person since season 1, even speculating if certain "currently missing" characters were that person....which it is confirmed he is not. lol

Based on Talking Dead, I think those people in there may have had the same idea has Rick and found a way into the prison for shelter. Since they only were in C-Block. Maybe there's another block that they cleared out. But, I'm sure they're not as well oiled a machine as Rick's crew is. And Rick doesn't take too kindly to strangers to his group. (See season 2 with the gests in the saloon/bar) But yes, we may get some flashbacks on their story...if they're important enough to stick around! lol

And yes, nice on Carl growing up a bit. Hopefully he doesn't resort to crying again! He does have quite the "cry face" though so I can't imagine them keeping it away too long!

Thanks for the props!

Leslie said...

Mike – I like the idea of a separate post at the beginning of each week to discuss all other shows! Might be easier to find stuff especially for occasional readers.

Once – Loved that Emma was out of her element in FTL and that Mary Margaret was taking the lead. MM warned that Cora was worse than Regina, but I have to say I didn’t see it coming that she was posing as Lancelot in the present day. Interesting that ogres are blind, yet you have to kill them in the eye. Kind of a good preface to The Walking Dead in a weird way! And, who knew using a bow and arrow was like riding a bike! lol

Mike V. said...

@Leslie -

Cool, I think I'll start doing that. Just seems to make sense. Sure, it will decrease the comment counts on the other recaps, but who cares? lol I'm not trying to break records here. Season 6 of LOST will be hard to top there. :)

Only thing that might get confusing is GRIMM since it airs on Fridays. I'm guessing it will always just be part of the NEXT week's thread. lol

ONCE - Yeah it was a good episode. Finally got to catch up with Emma and MM in present day FTL. I didn't see the Lancelot thing coming either. How could we? lol We thought Cora lost her magic! It was a nice writing trick. lol She picked up some ashes of the wardrobe at the end too. Surely, that will come into play!

It's very awkward having these "relatively same age mother/daughter" relationships on ONCE and even Fringe this year. But surprisingly the emotional aspect of it all still plays out pretty well. I bought Emma and MM's feelings regardling the lives they both lost due to the curse. It was good stuff.

Funny with the Ogres leading into TWD. lol

Mike V. said...

As always, here's the regular interview with TWD Comic author and TV show writer Robert Kirkman about the episode:

There's another interview on EW with Glenn Mazarra (showrunner) discussing the "OTHERS" in the prison and more on their background, but I figured we'd learn that next week! lol

MJ said...

Homeland - I thought he was really supposed to get him to that safehouse. The are really pushing Brody though.

Football - I wasn't gonna say anything. Took the high road before the game and will stay on the high road. I will say that I wish those Giants showed up every week. SIGH. And everytime they said Manningham's name I was mad we lost him.

Dedicated posts for the big shows and one dedicated spot for all else sound good to me. Whatever makes it easier on you Mike.

TWD - good point by Cajun that they never seem to act to any smells - cause they have to be really bad ! LOL

I haven't watched Revolution but i noticed you had the Ep name as Seed - did it really have the same Ep name as TWD ?

Once - another great ep. Glad Emma slowly came around to feeling it with Snow. Her character is not the type to just instantly feel a bond. Whew - I was gonna be unhappy when they twice led us to believe that Lancelot was not a good guy ! LOL. So sad about Charmings mother - you'd think they'd have named Emma after her since it was her that fixed the curse that would allow Emma to be born.

Mike V. said... was called Soul Train for Revolution. Thanks for calling that out! I was doing lots of Link updates on the site this morning, and I must have had TWD on the brain. lol (pun intended??)

Homeland - Ahhh okay. Good I didn't miss anything. And agreed on them pushing Brody.

Football - Yeah Manningham has been great on the Niners so far. Thanks for him!

I think the dedicated spot will make it easier for everyone! lol I don't really mind posting all over the place. But, I am a big stickler for being organized in my digital life. Non-Digital? I'm a mess! lol

ONCE - Good point on that they should've named Emma after the mother. Of course, that's the problem with TV. They probably weren't thinking that far ahead when they named Charming's mother last year. lol Of course, do we know Charming's mother's name?

DEXTER - Whew...another good episode! Love that Yvonne is on the show now (Chuck's Sarah...aka Hannah?). Seems like she has a Batman Poison Ivy thing going on with seducing Dexter. lol I'm sure it was just Dexter feeling something that he usually doesn't. Maybe the girl attracts serial killers somehow. But, Angel was complaining about the heat in that greenhouse. Maybe there was some kind of gas getting pumped in there. Who knows? lol Looking forward to seeing more of that. I love that Deb started chasing Dexter's lead by the end. I thought she was going to kill the dude and then would need Dexter to help cover it up. But, we've seen Deb rooting for these serial killers that kill the bad people before. It seems like she might eventually get on board with Dex and Harry's methods. Of course, that can only end one way. BADLY!!

Still no Grimm, B.E. or Revenge. That damn Revolution recap is taking too much time! I have to find a more efficient way to recap it. Maybe just skipping the recap all together and just stick with the interesting tidbits. lol I'll get there! Especially if this show stays on the air for awhile.

MJ said...

Once - they said it once (LOL) Ruth.


So if I understood this right, there have been herds roaming in different sections of where they are and that is why it's taken the whole winter to get to the prison ? Cause it did not look that far away in the finale. Makes sense though, and a good way to move Lori's pregnancy along. Glad T-dog (is that his name ?) finally is part of the crew!
Carol and Daryl - hey it rhymes! - were just kinda cute ! Have a feeling the return of you-know-who will ruin it, it will pull Daryl another way. Or - maybe he's step up and stop being in that guy's shadow.

Shocked that they kept Hershel alive last year (ws positive he'd die with the farm) only to get bit in the premier! Brilliant. As for Andrea/Michonne - guess they are trying to say early on that while Michonne is a badass - she has some empathy. Or are they going to be a couple ? LOL

As one of the complainers in the first half of S2 about the pacing - so far they have drastically improved that. I don't expect every ep to be this action-filled, but hopefully a better balance can be struck for this season.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - Ahhh

TWD - Yeah, I think we were all shocked Herschel survived. Even the writers. They had planned to kill him off but I think they had a change of heart at the end. They liked the character and wanted to keep him on board. But, it all could have been a ruse to kill him off in the beginning of season 3. lol

Herds roaming, going from home to home. Yeah...I guess that's why it's taken them so long to get to the prison. They've been kinda zig zagging all over the place. I really missed some dialogue in that scene with the map out though. lol Lori's pregnancy and Carl's aging being factored in are both good reasons for the time jump. In Kirkman's interview though, they are talking about filming scenes at different times of the year so they can show winter months eventually. lol And yes, it's T-Dog. lol

Carol and Daryl do Pretty hysterical. I don't think we've seen one scene with Merle and Daryl together (besides that dream sequence) it'll be interesting to see how they clash when he does resurface. Of course, we're not exactly sure in what storyline he's going to show up first. lol

The interview with Kirkman (this may have actually been Glenn Mazarra) also talked about Michonne/Andrea...since they've been together throughout the time jump...Andrea is actually closer with her than she was originally with the other group. So, it'll provide an interesting dynamic when the 2 groups clash eventually. I'm hoping not a couple...but you never know! lol

Well, considering the prison is to be a large set piece...that kind of pigeonholes them in a location once again without moving around too much. But one thing they can do to keeping set pieces for a whole season but still amping up the intensity is to introduce conflicts with NEW GROUPS of people. And I'm guessing that the people Andrea/Michonne run into might provide some conflict for Rick and crew eventually. Of course, I'm basing this on some quick seconds from that extended trailer. lol

AHS - BTW, I said this on Rev blog but be sure to double check your season pass on your DVRs. I had to set up a new one since this year is called American Horror Story: Asylum. lol

MJ said...

TWD - I am sure there will be drama with all the prisoners/guards they just found alive.

Ok - so the husband thought of something - that Lori's baby could be born with some sort of immunity to this infection - making this kid very important and in demand. I haven't read the comics and don't want to, so don't know if the kids survives/is born.

Revenge - waiting to hear you watched it cause the end was a doozy - not sure what actually happened there.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - EW's cover story this week. I love how Eddie/Adam refer to mixing the different worlds like a 12 year old boy mixing star wars action figures with GI Joes. These people are ME but writing television shows! lol (This includes Damon Lindelof on LOST too lol)

TWD - Interesting with the baby and having an immunity. That would certainly change things up a bit! Maybe even encourage procreation in this dreadful world lol

REVENGE - Watched last night! Whew, I can't keep track of what I've talked about and what I didn't. It was a pretty crazy episode. Tons of stuff I'm sure to discuss but the thing that stands out to me the most was Victoria's outing to the public and perhaps the son secretly developing a revenge scheme of his own thanks to Emily's advice. And of course Jack getting tired of Fauxmanda and possibly not wanting anything to do with her relationship-wise. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Mike, back to Dexter - your comment about Deb maybe killing someone and needing Dexter to help clean it up reminded me of a point I thought of earlier. Remember when Deb almost caught Dexter and the blond (Juia Stiles, forgot her character's name) killing Jordon Chase, and she pretty much let them go? She was letting a killer go whose motive is strictly revenge for raping and beating her, and yet she has a moral problem with Dexter killing killers who she knows through her police work are really killers?? Doesn't make sense to me -- I think she will eventually turn to Dexter's thinking -- maybe not go so far as to help him, but maybe help to make sure he doesn't get caught. Cajun

MJ said...

Revenge - I felt like I missed something cause while it was shocking when Victoria totally just spilled her guts it seemed like it upset Emily's plans big-time - but i didn't see how or why. I don't know. LOL I actually felt a little sorry for Faux-manda though - but I'll get over that quickly I'm sure. Oh - and to find out that the guy Takeda sent is someone Emily fells betrayed by.

I agree - it's getting hard to remember what we discussed or not ! LOL

Mike V. said...

I used to be on top of this stuff! lol It was bound to happen with my increased non-TV watching business! lol

I thought Emily knew exactly what VIctoria was doing which is why she asked Amanda to stay and why she told Daniel (I think that's his name) to suck up to Mom while building his revenge plot.

Could be totally off there.

Yeah, totally knew Emily (former Amanda) was going to have had romantic history with Takeda's guy too. lol But definitely an interesting back story.

Mike V. said...


DEXTER - Not sure why it keeps labeling your comments as SPAM! lol

I actually was thinking about Deb letting Dex and Julia Stiles go before when I was talking about her supporting serial killers before (or something like that) in my comments. lol Your right, doesn't make sense. I think it's just tough for her to come to terms with the fact that her brother has been flying under the radar and killing people all of these years. That he's a murderer. But, yeah she does have conflicting feelings and they resurfaced in this last episode when she knew doing things by the book was going to end up getting her nowhere fast. And she saw that someone innocent had to die because of it. So, I agree. She probably will get on board with Dex's plan at least in the short term.

We'll see what happens in the long run!

Mike V. said...

B.E. - OHHHHHH "BUGSY".....Maybe I just never knew his real name. lol I've definitely heard of BUGSY, but didn't recall anyone calling him that in the episode. I gotta get my hearing checked! lol Nelson's former live-in Nanny and NOW Wife...yes...crazy! lol "He wasn't going to arrest me"...oh well, I'll just kill him now that you gave him brain damage! I can totally believe Rosetti (that's his name, right?) survived since he's the season's villain, but way he would have survived in reality. and he definitely is a sick dude. lol So did New York bossman put the hit out on him and I missed it?

As for Nucky...before this episode I was under the impression that Margaret wouldn't care about Nucky's extracurricular activities since they don't even really live together anymore. lol I thought they were separated or something. But, I guess they've just been ignoring each other whenever possible. His whole obsession with this showgirl is just bizarre. lol

Liked the episode though!

MJ said...

BE - I told you weeks ago that Benny Segal was Bugsy ! LOL You probably just didn't catch it. They have not called him Bugsy yet - but Benny Segal is Bugsy.

It was not clear who did the hit but since it was Bugsy it had to come from Luciano/Lansky thru Rothstein is my guess. Nucky did complain to Rothstein that Gyp Reosetti was out of control and that it was Rothsteins problem.

Guess Margaret knew he was sleeping around but to have it flaunted in your face - at the dress shop you worked in with your old boss - that has to hurt.

GoT should take heed - finally a show that isn't afraid to have some parity with nudity ! Just saying !

Dexter - my recollection - which could be bad - was that Deb didn't actually see who was behind that tarp/plastic and knowingly let them walk away. That's a little different then finding out your brother, whom you now think you are in love with, is a serial killer for years. And that dear old dad taught him how. And wasn't Deb off her game at that time - either from Lundy's death or her own close call with Ice Truck ? Can't recall it all now.

Mike V. said...

BE - You probably did. lol I've been really off my game lately lol

Yeah Rothstein...but Rothstein pretty much told Nucky to go pound sand, which would surprise me if he ordered the hit right after that. lol

Touche' with margaret.

As for GoT, come on, I tell you every time you bring this up that Season 1 had Theon's member (or as GRRM calls it, his "manhood" lol) flopping about freely in 1 or 2 episodes. lol

Dexter - No Deb didn't see who was behind the plastic. So, yes I agree it's a little different when you find out Dexter, your brother and true love (lol) is doing all of these things. Yeah, Deb was off her game that year too. Good call!

MJ said...

TWD - hmm - thought I posted this yesterday but I don't see it now. Did I post it in the wrong recap ?

My husband had a thought that Lori's baby could be born with built-in immunity to the walker infection. This would make it one heck of a valuable kid - a kid that everyone would want to have.

Mike V. said...

On my phone so I'll be brief. Pretty sure you mentioned that and I replied up there somewhere! Lol

MJ said...

I looked but couldn't find it ! LOL I'm losing it apparently.

MJ said...

TWD - ratings are phenominal,0,5033424.story

Mike V. said...

Yeah I saw that the other day too. Insane ratings especially for a cable drama and compared to what Mad Men, Breaking Bad, other AMC shows pull in (usually 2 million-ish viewers) People love their zombies! lol

Mike V. said...

Btw, October 17th, 12:13 was your post about the immune baby! lol

MJ said...

Tis that time of year too ! LOL

yeah - I found it after i'd reposted. I swear I looked and could not see it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Well - Happy Grimm friday I guess - not going to bother to go to Fringe to just say that. LOL

have a good weekend all.

Mike V. said...

Happy Grimm Friday to you as well and have a good wknd! I totally forgot Grimm was new tonight, since Fringe isn't on. lol

MJ said...

Dexter - Can't remember if it was discussed at all and been meaning to bring it up but good riddance Louis ! Or whatever his name was. But - wouldn't it be hysterical if Dexter gets in trouble for Louis's blood on the boat when Louis would be one of the few Dexter did not kill !?!

Mike V. said...

DEX - I don't think we did talk about Louis, but I thought it was hysterical he got killed trying to get revenge on Dexter. lol And that would definitely be hysterical if Dex got investigated for that one.