Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly TV Discussion - 11/2/2012 - 11/10/2012

Hello TV Addicts!  Per our new tradition, here's where you can discuss any and all TV.  This week is an exception though.  Since I'll be out of town Friday through this Monday, feel free to comment on Fringe, The Walking Dead and Revolution here too.  I'll catch up when I get back!  See you in the comments! 

11/8 Update: Wasn't able to recap our usual shows but there is plenty of discussion on each of those in the comments below.  So this blog posting features discussion on the following normally recapped episodes:

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 5 - Origin Story
The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 4 - Killer Within
Revolution: Season 1 Episode 7 - The Children's Crusade


Mike V. said...

Bad week for me to be unable to recap FRINGE!! Awesome ep last night. Remember those theories of Peter becoming an observer after season 3 ended? Something tells me they're intentionally playing with that a bit now. Very wrath of Kahn with that tech insertion. (Maybe a little matrix-y too). I don't remember ever knowing that the observers ha tech to give them those abilities. Peter seemed to know it already though.

Anyway everything we discussed about vengeance and Etta becoming the face of the resistance is very much in play. Liking this season better with every episode that airs! I'll definitely try to comment a lot more when I'm back home. And do our traditional observ'er'ations! Lol but until then please discus!

Mike V. said...

FRINGE: Doc Jensen had a very interesting theory. What if peters transformation is the actual origin story of the actual observers?? And that the Betamax tapes are actually a roadmap to peter's redemption. Of course this is doc Jensen. But that certainly would be a time twisty and interesting final turn for the show. And actually fits well with the entire story of fringe. Of course why would the observers want Peter to stop existing at the end of season 3 if he was the start of their race? Well interesting nevertheless. Lol

MJ said...

Ugh - I just wrote up a whole thing about TWD and Homeland - and it didn't post ! I'll have to come back later as I don't have time to re-write it ! But both shows were awesome.

MJ said...

Fringe - great episode. I also got a Matrixy vibe when Peter was putting that thing in his neck. So now Etta is the face of the resistance ! Sad when Walter tried to get Olivia to sit down with peter to watch the home movies and at first she would not.

TWD - Holy Crap ! RIP Lori and Tdog. They only just started giving Tdog (still want to call him tbag) some lines and they killed him off. But he died a hero. I believe Carol is still alive. But - to have Lori die in childbirth - and Carl have to be the one to kill her again so she does not come back ! Chilling. I know they didn't show it but i do believe he did do it. Guess the 2 new guys will be welcomed into the fold - they need them now. Beth is useless, now there's an infant, and Hershel is greatly slowed down. It was not until Talking Dead that I realized the guy who let the walkers in was the guy that Rick pushed into the yard to survive or not. So is Rick going to feel like he was at the root of all this? Or has he become too badass to feel guilt. And I hate to say this - but in this world is saving an infant better than to save the mother ?

Interview with Sarah Wayne Callies

Homeland - I cannot believe they took out the whole search crew ! Damn! First Brody tells jess he's working for the CIA then she goes and tells her ex boyfriend (can't rmemeber name) ! He's already been to the CIA for questioning Walker's death so now with Jess's info he really has to know that Brody is not what he seems. Dana - she's starting to feel like Jack's daughter on 24 ! LOL Dana was so integral to last season but they are making her annoying this year - her storyline is cliche and boring.

Leslie said...

Walking Dead – Holy crap is right, MJ! I had no idea this was gonna be such a shocker of an episode! I agree that Carol is still alive. Chilling is the right word for Carl. I also agree he shot Lori even though they didn’t show it. The expression on his face…WOW! That was a gut-wrenching scene! I did realize either that the other guy was the one Rick pushed into the yard. I just assumed there was a guy somewhere else in the prison they didn’t know about. It didn’t dawn on me that guy could have survived. That scene where T-Dog sacrificed himself was GROSS!

As far as our other group, Michonne seems to have figured out about the Governor killing those National Guard guys. And, Andrea seems to be drinking the kool-aid, so to speak. For a second, I thought the Governor was gonna lean in for a kiss after he and Andrea shared a drink. Merle didn’t seem too happy about the Gov vetoing his trip to find his brother. I doubt he will let that go.

Mike V. said...

So I blame my mother in law but I didn't see twd yet!! Lol and through cryptic thoughts and article links via twitter I think I've figured out what happened. Lol oh well! The mother in law refused to let us watch it even though we recorded it and were ready to watch! :) lol so we'll get home at midnight tonight and will watch. Which means ill be playing catchup all week with Sunday shows and revolution and HIMYM. But I'm sure you'll all forgive me! Lol

This will probably have to suffice for our recaps this week. We'll see how I do this coming weekend. Have a wedding on Saturday so it should really only screw up fringe but maybe I can work it out! :)

MJ said...

Sorry you wound up spoiled Mike - this was an awesome ep to NOT know what would happpen. But youmight still be surprised.

TWD: Leslie - I also thought the gov was going to plant one on Andrea. LOL. In reading about Lori I think I actually forgot in the pilot that she was contemplating divorcing Rick.

Olivia calling Peter and asking him to come home but Peter looking so cold and uncaring as he'd already put that thing in - that was just so sad. Read Jensen - he
has some points, and I can see a logic of Peter becoming the first Observer, but don't know that I like it. Besides - haven't they said that the observers are really
ancient, or did I imagine that ? But the title of the ep does make you think that Jensen is on to something, but it also could be the origin of the revolt !

I aways felt like this intern was kinda too random, then tonight he was getting a lot of face time so I wasn't surprised it was him. For a quick minute though I did think
of Nick's mom when we saw the hooded cloak, but didn't think she'd be that nasty so knew it wasn't her then. LOL

I watch Bones and it's funny that he played an intern on that show as well. But yeah - I totally bought that there was another Grimm around not happy that Nick isn't killing all of the Wesen he finds. But this Wesen was really hideous - called a Lebensauger (German for “life-sucker”), who are known to “experience self-loathing and identity crises” due to their grotesque appearance ([er the show's site). I'd have been upset if they killed Bud though ! LOL

I'm behind on the rest of sunday viewing. Still haven't watched AHS and have 2 TVD on tap as well. Will def watch HIMYM tonight as well as Revolution ! LOL

MJ said...

Oh - and apparently I missed a 30 Rock as it aired on another night ! Damn it ! I'll have to fine that one on demand.

Mike V. said...

no big deal on being spoiled! Like you said I probably don't know exactly what happened. Lol sounds like the whole world went to sh#t pardon my French!! Lol

Fringe - didn't read all comments yet. But another popular theory I'm reading is that Peter might actually be September. That certainly would be a crazy twist and make the show worthwhile to rewatch to see if there were any clues dropped. Based on some of the conversations those 2 have had and he had with Olivia I can see some weight to it. Plus the fact that September didn't erase Peter for good. And the fact that he's so interested in the bishop boys could be an interesting twist!

Anonymous said...

Anile?, the resistance honcho told Peter that the Observers had no special biological powers, it was only tech. And then he shined some sort of light at the back of the Observer's neck, so that's how Peter knew it was there.

If Peter is the origin of the Observers then why did they want to wipe him out from existence. They would be wiping out their own future. Also, that would make September the bad guy and all the other pre-invasion Observers the good guys.

Yes, the way that "thing" climbed into the base of Peter's brain was very reminiscent of the trackers that they put in Neo's stomach in The Matrix.

BTW, Peter has crossed the line into mad scientist by experimenting on himself.

I wonder if the Observer was just misleading Peter regarding the fly vs telling the truth pupil dialation test. One of the things that bother me about the show is that they don't use things from previous episodes as much as they could. An example being that they were pumping that Observer full of chemicals to keep him contained. Didn't anyone remember the "glyph" on the floor that kept September from moving last season? Seems that would have been easier.

I give this episode a 10. If I have one worry it's that Olivia and Walter seem to be under-utilized in the plots (especially Olivia). I am hoping that Olivia "wakes up" soon and starts leading again. Peter used to be her sidekick, now it seems she is the sidekick.

One interesting thing about Peter. In the earliest episodes we were told that he was kind of a shifty, underground, shady type character but we never got to see it much. He was usually a nice guy with an easy smile. Now we are finally seeing that side of him.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Fringe - bill I agree on the observer origin not being connected to Peter for the same reasons. Mentioned that above too. Lol Anil did tell Peter about the tech but then Peter responded with "yeah I heard about that before" or something which is what I questioned. I don't recall hearing about it before this ep.

Anyway Peter being September isn't out of the realm of possibilities for the show. Probably still doesn't work with the various timelines at play but still interesting to consider. We'll see!

I want to write more but typing on my phone on the road back to pa. I'll be back behind a desk tomorrow!! Lol

Mike V. said...

Bsg prequel info

MJ said...

TWD - oh - also meant to comment that I saw Carl looking at Beth in a certain way again ! Ugh - I think they are going to go there ! LOL

Fringe - I hope Peter isn't September. Don't we already have them being the first people or something? Let's not make him be the first observer too.

HIMYM - clever how they tried to make us think that Ted was giving up Robin ! LOL But I knew better. Loved the dog bits. So break up number two come and gone. Now just robin and whatever his name is (Sam from BSG) left standing. LOL Thanks for teh BSG link - I'll check that out.

Revenge - Oh my ! This show is getting really complicated. So now Mason has figured out that Emily is Amanda !?! And all because of one little comment by Victoria. LOL And technically it's Emily's own doing since she caused the whole thing that had mason talking to Victoria to begin with. Wow. I know they wanted us to believe it but it was really tense when Amanda's mom was confronting Victoria about knowing all this time that Mr. Gray hair was dead ! I thought she'd do something - and did Victoria.

BE - did not see that ending coming. Won't say anything else as to not spoil, but DID see what the ex-agent did at his office. Yikes. His wife is some piece of work though.

Mike V. said...

Fringe - I think the whole title "Origin Story" was a nod to Comic Book origin stories and the fact that peter was becoming super human. But, it certainly could have bigger impacts. I think that Peter being September or the 1st Observer are 2 different things. September may not be the first observer but remember when September had those conversations with peter and how he confided in Olivia that he wasn't able to stop her from dying? Seemed like something Peter would be concerned with. And it's odd that we have only heard a couple mentions of September this season. I know he was shot last season but we don't really know how that happened yet, do we? lol I really need to watch season 4 again or the end at least.

I don't think they'll go there with either of those theories, but it's certainly interesting! But yes, they definitely were/are the FIRST PEOPLE. But it's similar to what LOST did when they meddled with Time Travel. The characters ended up being involved in their own trajectories. lol (i.e. they caused the incident that eventually brought them there. They built the machine that ended up destroying/creating worlds) Why couldn't Peter's life trajectory be on a more personal level? September (him) observing his own past and making sure he existed to conceive Etta with Olivia to his daughter and eliminate the observer threat. lol Again, I don't think it'll happen. Just interesting to think about!

TWD - home at 12:30 last night and we watched! The last minute cut off on the upstairs TiVo so I had to watch it this morning. Knew about Lori through all of the tweets. Knew nothing about T-Dog! They are really trimming the fat this seaosn! lol So now, Amy, Jim, lady in CDC, Dale, Shane, Lori, Sophie and T-Dog are dead from season 1. That is insane! And of course Carol is missing! Oh boy!

Still confused how Lori died though. Did she bleed out? Would she have died if they did a proper c-section? T-Dog certainly was under utlized. But no fear, he has been replaced by a prisoner! lol

Governer certainly is working his manipulation game on Andrea and it's working quite well!

There's lots more I want to discuss but have some meetings this morning so I'll get back to it.

Still didn't watch Revolution, and I really will want to watch Dexter and Homeland before that so hopefully, I'll get to it soon! lol

Mike V. said...

Fringe Glyph was FIGHT btw.

Food of the week - Wasn't Walter grilling something in the lab pre-Amber which led to a propane tank causing Astrid headaches trying to laser through? lol

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah, mark your calendars. Fringe Series Finale will be January 18th!

MJ said...

BSG - I don't want to watch in pieces. Guess I'll wait til it's on Syfy. SIGH

TWD - I'm no nurse but yeah - I think she bled out. The only fighters left are Rick, Daryl, maggie and Glen - and Caol from a distance as she is sniperish now. I'm sure Carol is alive though.

Fringe - Brats or Kielbasa I think.

I haven't watched Once or Revolution yet.

Mike V. said...

BSG - Yeah, I don't see me remembering to check that out online. lol

FRINGE - Brats! That's it!

TWD - Yeah, unless you want to count Carl as a fighter. Didn't realize Carol was a sniper. I thought that was Andrea. But, maybe I'm forgetting something from this season! BTW here's kirkman's interview:

ONCE - me either. But am looking forward to seeing Jorge as the giant! lol

Anonymous said...

Wasn't September shot by "Charlotte" while he was trapped on the glyph? I believe episode 20 Season 4.
Bill B

Mike V. said...

Bill, I was vaguely remembering him being shot then, but wasn't sure. That sounds right!! But he disappeared right? We didn't see him die or anything. Surely, he's going to make an appearance before the end of the series!

Leslie said...

TWD – Yeah, I think Lori bled out, too, and I agree that Carol is still alive.

HIMYM – The Ted and Victoria thing took me right back to Ross and Emily and her saying he couldn’t be friends with Rachel. Barney and Brover were hysterical! So was Lily teaching Marshall to channel his inner goddess! lol

Revenge – Mason is gonna be a problem now. Emily’s gonna have to make some kind of fast move to stop him from blowing her cover. I still don’t get what this guy game is that is taking over the bar. He’s got to have some motive that I’m missing. He seems devious.

Revolution – Better episode this week. Will wait to comment until I know y’all have seen it.

Once – Watched this also. Not enough Jorge!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we saw him die. I remember the Fringe team opporating on him, the Observers taking him from the gurney in a nano-second, him putting something in Peter's eye leading him to an address, Peter finding the beacon device, then September finding his way back to the universe. That's the last time I remember seeing him.

Bill B

MJ said...

Revenge - so they are probably trying to make us believe that Mason is in the boat at the bottom of the ocean at the end - so it's not him. LOL Could be the guy who is trying to steal the bar though - or Em's british helper ( ?Quinn?)

SOA - Oh Juice ! I have such a baaad feeling about next week for you. Thinking Bobby should have kept his mouth shut and not told Clay they knew for sure. And - I really do not know how to say this - but the scene with Tara and Otto - guess it was supposed to be a little touching but it was just sad and creepy. But then what was that at the end ? Why was this a turn on for Tara ? they really surprised me - the way they kept showing her at home and Clay had already talked with Bobby - I really thought that something bad was coming (no pun intended ;-D) for her - but did not see that. What the heck kind of perfume is that ? I think the men of america want to know! LOL

Watched movies last night - Prometheus and Lock out. Both were ok but don't see what the hype was about with Prometheus.

Mike V. said...

Got caught up in election coverage last night but did watch some television too! So, I'll comment on what I saw and try to read everyone's comments on them! (still no Revolution :-( )

Homeland - That was crazy taking out the search crew. Mike definitely is getting very suspicious of Brody! Seems like everyone is going to find out about him this season. lol Absolutely Dana has the Kim Bauer effect going on. Not sure if you know or not, but the production/writing team is the same team that was behind 24. lol The whole Dana story with the VP's son is definitely a stretch and something that is probably just in there to give her something to do. She clearly is a good actress...but hopefully they make her integral to the A plot at some point. Still a great show!

HIMYM - Ugh, my TiVo didn't record it because it tried to record it last week!! (It only records First Time runs of an episode so it wasn't smart enough to know it was rescheduled). No fear, I bought it on iTunes and watched on my Apple TV. lol Decent episode. I'm with was totally a rip off of Friends with the whole "you can't see Rachel/Robin anymore"...but at least the result was different. Interesting how they're still stressing a Ted/Robin relationship here...."She does find out eventually...but that's another story"..or something like that that Future Ted says. I yelled out jokingly..."Oh she is soooooo the mother!" lol I know Ted and Robin are still in each other's lives in the end, but how much more is there really to tell there since she's not the mother? Oh well...still loving the show. Marshall getting his inner Oprah on was a good time too. And yes...the BSG guy and his cooking show was a good time too. I'm sure they'll be broken up before Autumn is over! (The writers originally said October!!)

SOA - Yeah...Poor Juice. I don't know if he'll make it out of this season alive, but next week? Maybe he'll be able to buy some time. Agreed on Bobby...what was he doing telling Clay that stuff? The Tara/Otto stuff was very creepy...and definitely sad. But man, that perfume must have some magical powers if it causes people to you know....oh I'm not saying anymore. lol But both Tara and Otto did it in this episode! lol I didn't read your comment on the perfume before I made mine there...funny! lol Yeah, I don't know what's going on with Tara. Gemma is working her way back to Clay but she seems to have genuine feelings for Nero. Surely, that's going to get messy! BTW, can we all agree that the dude playing Frankie was the worst actor in the history of the show or maybe even television? lol

Mike V. said...

GRIMM - Watched this morning. So knew that the kid was going to be the Wesen killer "Fake Grimm". They made it too obvious during the episode with his random pop-ups in scenes. Didn't even consider Nick's Mom! But maybe they wanted us to. lol The juliette/renard "romance" is heating up! As for killing Bud...I just don't think they have it in them! lol Only 2 episodes left this year...makes sense since we've already seen 10 with the early start!

Think I'm 2 behind on Revenge now and soon to be 2 behind on AHS. Oh boy!!

Prometheus - Haven't seen it, but I know Damon Lindelof was added as a writer to modify the original Alien Prequel script. It was his idea to make it a "sidequel" and not be specifically an Alien movie. I heard the movie was good throughout most of it then the ending was awful. (Like a lot of people consider LOST. Obviously, not me! lol) But, I hadn't heard anyone really hyping it up. lol Must be Twitter that taints me. Damon Lindelof is always giving publicity to his haters and retweeting their comments. lol Anyway, I still haven't even seen Alien or Aliens so I'm a "little behind!" :-)

FRINGE - Bill, that sounds right. The operation was in an earlier episode but chronologically speaking for September that happened AFTER his incident in the season 4 finale. he got shot in the finale...disappeared...reappeared to Olivia in the opera house (?) told her she's going to die...then showed up to Peter/ operated on....Peter and September have a conversation in September's mind....then Peter goes to the Beacon....and more September after that. So, he's still out there somewhere!

Wait I'm remembering more! DUH....he did show up after that. He was in the final scene of season 4. He showed up to Walter and said "THEY ARE COMING". And then Walter in Letters of Transit, spoke of a conversation he and September had where he explained who the Observers are and where they come from. So would seem he's still alive.

MJ said...

Prometheus - wow - none of the Aliens movies ? Surprised.

Homeland - did not know that about the writers. LOL Dana was great last year though.

HIMYM - well if they break up Robin and guy next week it would have almost been OCt without last weeks repeat.

SOA - Frankie actor one of the worst - agreed. Almost feel sorry for Gemma - almost. But really like her and Nero. She should be honest with him and just tell him what she has to do. Hoping Jax gets Juice to also be getting info on Clay and not kiling him.

Mike V. said...

Prometheus/Alien movies - Yeah...I'm a little shocked by it too. But, considering the years they came out and my age at the kind of makes sense. They've been on my TiVo since the summer and I've been planning to get to them! lol It definitely is something that I need to see...but it has to be something I'm motivated to watch in the very few hours I have with no wife and kid around (since she has no interest in watching them!). So, if you want me to blog less...!! lol (j/k)

Homeland - Dana was good last year. I think she still can be this year..but I totally agree with this curren plot. Not the best use of her.

HIMYM - Yeah, there really haven't been many eps of HIMYM yet this year. lol

SOA - I like Gemma/Nero too. JAX using Juice to get to Clay seems like a likely scenario. Considering Juice was involved in key scenes where he got intel that Jax needs. That might be his way out. Juice comes clean on what he did, and then rats Clay out. Not sure if it will keep him safe forever though.

Anonymous said...

Prometheus was a technically superior sci-fi movie. Really cool CGI and special effects. Really awesome concepts.

However, the script/story itself was muddy and had more holes than a loaf of swiss-cheese leaving many of those higher concepts dangling in the breeze.

It wasn't specifically the ending. It was the whole story. One thing it did have in common with LOST though was a lot of unanswered questions.

If you want to watch a cool movie then check it out. Just don't try to make sense out of it. And there are enough scenes to tell it was obviously a prequel to Aliens. The ending of this prequel was actually left open for a sequel itself.

And yes Mike, you are right, September did appear in the last episode of Season 4 to announce "They are coming". I forgot all about that.

Bill B

BTW: I really butchered the word "operation" above. LOL. I knew something wasn't right but had a mental block and was too lazy to look it up so I took a blind shot added an extra "P". LOL

Mike V. said...

Prometheus - Seems like that's the JJ Abrams and/or Damon Lindelof Propose a lot of interesting questions and cryptically answer them or not answer them. I will argue that LOST ended with not as many unanswered questions as you would think. But, that's where I add in the "cryptically answered" part. lol Yeah, I definitely want to check out the movie and at least those 2 Alien movies. I'll get to them eventually!

FRINGE - No problem on the operation typo! lol I have tons of typos in my recaps that I don't have enough energy to go back and fix! As long as I'm 99% accurate on its/it's and your/you're...then I'm fine! lol Those are my biggest pet peeves!

BTW - With the impending onslaught of Star Wars news that will be coming our way...feel free to share anything interesting you find here. While it is a MOVIE, I feel like it fits in our realm of discussion topics nicely. (As does pretty much any Sci-Fi/Fantasy film franchise lol)

Mike V. said...

Revolution - Finally watched! Can't believe that I actually picked to watch this over catching up on ONCE or Dexter, but I really wanted to see what happened! lol Plus, it's a recap show and I felt like I was slacking a bit. :) I totally agree with leslie that the episode was better. I think the show keeps improving each week. The fact that they already are giving answers is very promising (which I know Eric Kripke also promised). I like the idea of the D.O.D. buying accidental technology to use it as a weapon. I love that this guy that wanted to buy it IS Randall (the guy who kidnapped Grace). I like that we found out Grace, Ben and Rachel all worked in this science lab and came up with the accidental technology. Ben wants to pay bills and knew it could be used as a weapon. Rachel wants to have her wussy son Danny so it sounds like she sells her soul to the devil too.

In the present day we definitely had an Ewok/Lost Boys (Peter Pan, not the boys from LOST lol) situation on our hands. Charlie fell for the ol' Dead animal (boy) gag that Chewbacca fell for and got "caught in a net" of the Apocalypto Ewoks. It was a nice story of Miles trying to make up for past sins. And charlie taking one for the team by inserting herself into a Militia Training facility. But Aaron and the Lighthouse! Woa. It's pretty crazy how something as simple as a lighthouse shining is so significant on a show like this. It's kind of like Kripke mentioning that if they found a working Commodore 64, it's like Magic in these lands.

So now Miles knows what the pendant does and wants to destroy it. But the pendants are the key to getting the lights back on. We found out how many pendants there are, right? Was it 5? Because now we know Aaron, Grace and Randall have 3. And then the other guy..KEN? Has one hidden too. (Poor Rachel having to give up her friend and almost his daughter. Ouch) So then, there's another pendant somewhere.

Anyway, we had speculated that Randall is the "BIG BAD"...but I think it's too early to be introducing that. But, he could be someone on the path to finding out who the big bad is. Would be interesting how high up the military/government chain of command it goes. Or maybe not even a government conspiracy. It could be someone who just wanted to shift power and just had "friends" in high places.

Anyway....Good episode! I like where this show is going! 3 more episodes this year. I hope I'll be recapping them. lol

Boardwalk Empire - I didn't realize I was 2 behind on this one. So I watched last week's and a 3rd of this week's. Didn't go back to read comments in last week's comments but I will. But Gillian killing "Jimmy" was pretty crazy. Guess that was her objective the whole time. To acknowledge his death and also to provide a body. I saw the part of this week's ep where she confronted Nucky. Pretty intense! Then the whole Easter celebration stuff was interesting too with Nucky/Eli burying the hatchet....and Richard making progress on his lady friend. lol

Mike V. said...

Modern Family - Hysterical once again! Phil and his waffles on the brain...then his serious speech to Haley...then Claire saying that she's going "to get that man a waffle!" lol Hysterical. Cam and his soy bacon (Facon, Fauxcon lol) Jay's ex showing up and bonding with Gloria and then turning on Jay. (Diane from cheers...for some reason I'm forgetting the actress's name!! lol) Good stuff!

Watched BBT from last week too...also funny. But so crazy how much we still have to watch. ONCE, Dexter, Vamps from last week (and tonight) then more sitcoms tonight. And 2 weeks worth of Revenge, Nashville and AHS. Unbelievable. Really can't afford to miss a Sunday night or you pay for it the rest of the week/season! lol Oh well...December is coming soon and I'll be able to catch up on some stuff. But please keep discussing!

FRINGE - Joshua Jackson video discussing his current predicament.

Leslie said...

Revolution – Yeah, I liked that we got some answers, and it felt like they were finally moving the story along. There are 12 pendants. Randall and the DOD guy are one in the same…interesting. And, he made that offer to Rachel to help save her baby. The lighthouse came on and stopped everyone in their tracks. Pretty crazy! Liked it when Aaron called the group of kids “children of the corn”, and then he helped the kids in the end. Miles also had a good line when he said to Charlie something like, “It’s irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn't it?”

I read the show won’t be coming back until March so they can run without repeats. If a show really has my attention like TWD, (or LOST in the past), that’s no problem, but I’m still not hooked on this show, but maybe they will do enough in the next episodes before the break to make it worth the wait.

Modern Family – Yep, another good one with the facon and waffle obsession. Shelly Long is Dede with her telescoping uterus. lol

AHS – Don’t want to say much until I know y’all have watched it, but this year feels more disturbing than creepy.

Mike V. said...

Revolution - Ahhh "12" pendants. That's sounds more like it. Yes, there were some decent lines in the ep between Aaron and Miles. lol That was a matter of time before they started getting better with their witty comments and less cheesy. Didn't realize it wouldn't be until march that it was returning. Makes sense though to avoid those dreaded reruns. I agree might be too long of a break. FlashForward did a similar break and never recovered. The difference? Revolution has that nice lead-in of The Voice to keep things interesting. I wonder if that means they'll put SMASH on in Rev's place in the meantime. They'd only be able to sneak in about 8 episodes. Unless they do things Alcatraz style and open with a 2 hour episode and close with a 2 hour episode and maybe another 2 hour one in between. Fox definitely aired 3 12/13 episode shows from September to May in the same time slot last year, so it's possible!

Man, by the time March rolls around, I'll be getting all giddy for the return of Game of Thrones! lol Speaking of TWD - do we know if that show is taking a little hiatus like last season too? I'll have to look into that.

MF - Riiight Shelly dare me have a brain fart on that! lol

AHS - Definitely feel free to carry on the discussion without me. It's going to be awhile for me!

Skyfall - Just letting everyone know that I am going to see it tomorrow night! We got a babysitter for Friday night, so we're psyched! lol Of course, I'll still need to fit in Fringe at some point. Recap could be delayed once again because of that whole wedding stuff on Saturday. I may have to do a combined Fringe/TWD recap on Monday! lol

Leslie said...

MF - You're allowed one every now and then! lol

AHS - I think MJ is behind too, so I don't want to spoil anything.

Date night Friday. How fun! I want to see Cloud Atlas, but the only person I've talked to that saw it already said it didn't live up to its potential. (Now I'm paranoid about "its" knowing it's a pet peeve for you and that it's one I tend to get wrong when.) lol

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Don't worry, I'm not going to call you out on it! lol It's really the Your/You're one that is the pet peeve. Its, it's happens a lot especially in the days of autocorrect on phones and tablets! lol

I do want to see Cloud Atlas as well, but I had a feeling the movie was either going to be really really good or be totally obscure and fall flat. lol I'll probably check it out on a rental! There are 4 movies I need to see this fall/winter, 3 out of pure desire and 1 out of obligation. lol

Skyfall, Breaking Dawn Pt 2, The Hobbit, Les Miserables. Can you guess which one is obligation?! lol The funny thing is, Shanna thinks the Twilight movies are awful too (But she read the books). We've seen 4 of them, may as well close it out! lol

I'd love to see Lincoln too among some other Best Picture potentials...but that's a pipe dream! 4 nights out in 2 months? That's already unrealstic, but we're going to make it happen! lol

Mike V. said...

Okay, did some more catching up last night. Only watched BBT of new Thursday shows. (So I'm 2 behind on TVD now and 1 behind on my NBC comedies. Missed 30 Rock last week on the DVR too...ugh)

ONCE - Great episode, but lots of cheesy special effects. That seems to be par for the course with this show most of the time. I hate when it's so apparent that they're using a green/blue screen. But, it's all good! lol Was still cool to see Hurley the Gentle Giant. And Emma's backstory with Neil was awesome. I kept thinking that guy would end up being Stilkskin's son...which he could be..who knows? But, now we know he's also Henry's father! I totally thought he was going to pull a Long Con on Emma, but throwing August (Pinnochio) in there was a nice touch. Interesting when he opened the case and that proved everything to Neil. It was very Pulp Fiction-esque with the briefcase. lol But, maybe it sold Neil because he is also from that land. I dunno, we'll see! But I like how we know August sent him the post card and we can expect him to be traveling to Storybrooke. Just in time for a love triangle between Emma, Neil and Captain Hook! lol Mulan is still a terrible actress....and moving on! lol

DEXTER - I think we all knew Dex and Hannah would be getting it on! So, it wasn't a surprise to me when they did it on the kill table! I've read some critiques that this might be a Jump the Shark moment for the show. I don't know about that. Yeah, it's very Lumen-like where they're going with this story, but it's different because now Deb is going to want Hannah killed. And this serial killer author is soooo going to get on the trail of Dexter. I'm sure he'll have some dirty secrets of his own and Dex will have to kill him by the end of the season. But LaGuerta is getting close too. She thinks the Bay Harbor Butcher is involved with Jordan Chase's murder (Where Lumen helped and Deb let it happen).....whew...things are as heated as ever on this crazy show!

B.E. - WOA.....did not see that explosion coming! I thought that maybe Billie would get shot but that was nuts! Totally saw the CAR LOVIN scene coming from a mile away...not that it was hard to predict. (with Margaret and Slater) Nucky is making progress on taking down his Washington peeps. ahh yes and NELSON with the iron. That was crazy! I figured he was going to lash out in some way, but I didn't think he'd do that! lol And yes, the wife is one crazy person. Never would have seen her turning into this Bonnie to his Clyde when she came in as a Nanny last season. lol Good stuff.