Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly TV Discussion: 11/11/2012 - 11/17/2012

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss any and all non-recapped shows on TV Addicts Blog.  I am a bit delayed, but I do plan on getting to Fringe, The Walking Dead and Revolution Recaps this week.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Finally caught up on the last two AHS ! Holy crap is all I'll say since everyone talked about them last week and the week before already.

Grimm - that was a nice little surprise - an old case of Hanks turned out to be Wesen related. But poor Monroe when he sees it's Juliette, can he keep this from Nick ?

MJ said...

Oh, forgot Homeland discussion here too. Poor Saul - I had a feeling that girl didn't know who the terrorist was, but did not see her suicide coming. Can't wait for jess to find out Brody is working with Carrie since he told her he wasn't cause I'm sure Dana will say something

Mike V. said...

Well crap...I'm behind again! I can't talk about any of those shows yet. :) lol I did see ONCE last night though.

ONCE: Decent ep, but I don't think they should rely on Ruby too much as a central character. Lots of definite cheese happening there. And the DREAMS thing? Oh boy. lol

MJ said...

Once - I did see that one last night. Agree with Ruby. Finally saw last week's one too - Hurley had a pretty small part and that surprised me.

TVD - Caught up on that one - was 3 behind. That stuff with the tattoo is crazy. Saw it coming with jeremy, though first thought it was a ghost thing. I love the mythology with the vamps and witches but I wish they'd just be done with all the Originals. How many times are they going to align with them knowing it never works out !!! Frustrates me. The guy 'helping' the witch is def suspect !

Mike V. said...

ONCE Yeah, Hurley's role was pretty small, but he was very LARGE. lol I commented in last week's recap about how bad the CGI/Effects looked. They've overall looked better this season, but this episode was pretty rough. lol

TVD: I think I'm still 2 behind. And probably 3 behind on Revenge now.

I made a lot of comments towards the end of last week on Dexter and Homeland and Boardwalk empire, but now I have to watch this week's episodes.

MJ said...

Hmm - maybe I'll go back to see your comments on those three.

Comment on Grimm for later -

The Wesen was a Wendigo and that monster has been on Supernatual a few times. thought that was funny, guess there's only so many to go around.

MJ said...

Once - Most interesting this week was that henry and Aurora are having the same dream together. Wonder where that is going.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - Yeah, I thought the dream thing was pretty darn strange. Based on previews, it might be an avenue for another route to Storybrooke. That might be kinda weird! lol I wonder how long they'll keep this character separation going. At this point, I'm guessing it's going to be a Mid-season thing and not a WHOLE season thing. So maybe by the end of November, they'll all be back in storybrooke. But who knows? lol

The ratings apparently dropped last night. Maybe it was a 1-time fluke. Or maybe the alternating between FTL Present, Past and Storybrook is starting to annoy people. I'm fine with it for now.

MJ said...

For all you Friends nuts.

Once - I'm good with it. I think Sundays are just really tough now. And I think alot of people are still cleaning up from Sandy.

Mike V. said...


Thanks for the friends link. I saw the tweet but just haven't had a chance to read it now. The box set is on my christmas list even if it doesn't have the extended eps. lol

ONCE - Good point with Sandy. Definitely possible.

HOMELAND - watched last night. Like how they tied in the Dana story. It wasn't too over the top but it was used as a vehicle to sever the Dana/Brody bond. Pretty interesting! Like how the guy was only supporting the VP for Pres because he sees Brody as the future. Crazy! And yes, poor Saul indeed! I didn't see the suicide coming...Shanna did though. lol Ahh didn't think about Dana seeing Brody and Carrie together and making the connection to Jess. Good point!

Totally knew they were gonna make out in the woods though! lol

Definitely a great show still.

HIMYM - Funny stuff with Marshall and Lily. It's fun to identify with new parents on TV! lol Loved Barney's threat of the invite with her BFF from work. lol And then he forgot to shut it down! But his profession of love was a nice touch even if he tried to cover it up after. And BSG dude's dumbness was over the top but funny at the same time. Love that he left the place with 2 heartbroken girls. lol

MJ said...

Homeland - what i found interesting was how upset it made Brody that the guy sees him in such a good light. He's obviously now feeling that he is a terrorist? He said something to the effect that he should have come home being more like him. Are they having Brody feel the need to redeem himself now ? Before it felt like he was doing this cause he was caught - now I'm not so sure. Or he's playing Carrie really really well. LOL

HIMYM - yeah they went out of their way to make him dumb this ep. Agree - Barney profession of love was fab, and even Robin knows he meant it i think. Barney wasn't even taht jealous when BSG left with two hotties ! Ted's thing was a little dumb though.

Parks & Rec - watch last weeks ep with his parents and the engagement. Was so surprised to see our pal Mike from BB ! Doing comedy no less. Was odd to see him like that. Loved the whole quilt thing. They need to give Lowe something better though.

Mike V. said...

Believe it or not but I haven't watched all of last week's Thursday comedies yet! It's getting pretty full on that TiVo! lol (And keep in mind I have 2.5 Terabytes of storage on it! lol)

Homeland - I've always had a feeling that Brody was conflicted about his role as a terrorist. I have never seen him as the villain of the show. This goes back to the whole ambiguous discussion we've had. He still sees the VP as a target or someone he wants to see suffer. But, he never wanted to harm innocent American civilians. So yeah, I would think Brody may have the feeling of wanting to redeem himself. I have viewed this as "a way out" for him. Like...he wasn't only doing this because he got caught, but now he can justify his actions. He's working for the government and can still maintain his role in the terrorist cell.

Of course, it's not necessarily clear that way either. We may see him taking things too far with his Abu Nazir involvement too and putting the country in danger. The beauty of the show is that we can all have different interpretations of his actions because it's so darn ambiguous!!! lol So yes, Carrie AND Brody could be playing each other, but obviously they have a crazy connection.

HIMYM - Agreed...Ted's thing was so dumb, I've almost forgotten what it was! lol But it was nice of Uncle Teddy to take Marvin for a walk. lol

MJ said...

SOA - Wow - this show is getting complicated. Trying to remember who knows what about whom. May be just me but after last week's ep I got nervous/uncomfortable every time we saw Otto. LOL But I did not see that coming ! I thought Otto might kill himself, but not the nurse so that Tara gets caught giving him the item that killed her. I didn't even put that together until the end - that Tara could burn fo this. Guessing that job offer will be off the table now. But tara is starting to worry me - earlier she's shutting off the baby monitor so as not to ruin her high, now she's waking the kid up so she can hold him ? Not good.

I'd hoped that Jax would reprieve Juice by getting him to roll on Clay - but I think he's gonna suck at it. And could Gemma trying to make herself be with Clay be any more uncomfortable? Somehow i guess I lost track of the point that Clay did not know that Jax knew about Rico. But now Clay might have finally met his match - he actually looked unhappy with the threat to take out Jax by the cartel/CIA rats. And I wanted to believe him when he told Juice that he's done bad things to get what he wants and now isn't sure he wants them. Wanted to believe - but I don't trust him.
But with each passing week I see Jax and Tara becoming Clay and Gemma. Even with Jax trying to come clean to Chibs about stuff - the lying and bach room deals still pile up. Was shocked when Jax betrayed 20 years of friendship with Lodi crew to kill (or have killed) that one guy. You could see it on Bobby's face - the same look he'd been giving Clay last season. The other big lie is telling Chibs that Juice will be brought to the table eventually, then telling Juice he'll keep it out.

At least Jax is trying to take care of Lila and Op's kids. But the look on his face said it all as Pope was walking away - your day is coming Pope !

Revenge - Wow ! I thought last week that Mason knew Emily was Amanda but not only did he not know - she went and told him! And then totally told him he's going to jail for something he didn't do and he'll stay there until she's ready to get him out. And cleverly plays to his enormous ego about the greatest book ever that he'll get out of it! And it worked ! Mr. Grayson was actually quite tender to Victoria when he thought Kara was going to kill them. Still not getting the whole thing with the guy trying to get the bar - so he and his brother run boats in and out ? I get that obviously it's not just fish on the boats - but why do they want the bar ??

Boardwalk - never did comment last week about the explosion taking out Nucky's girl, but boy was he messed up this week. And laying it all out to Margaret !?! Een saying how if your with me then you don't leave. She is saying she will - but i doubt that. And gyp with that General's hat ! LOL Thought Rothstein would back Nucky though sicne Gyp tried to kill him too.

Parks & Rec - def a twizzlers gal myself. LOL

HIMYM - thank god he did take little Marvin. LOL Lily was gonna bust !

Homeland - agree that Brody always saw himself as not a terrorist as he felt he was just righting a wrong with the VP. But now I think he is seeing himself in an unflattering light.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - whew, I'm really having a hard time keeping up on stuff these days. It's getting later and later when we finally sit down to watch TV! lol But I did watch GRIMM and half of Boardwalk. And of course...SOA...but these 90 minute episodes through to the finale are just too much!

SOA - We're on the same page. I also thought if anything with Otto, he was going to kill himself or do something to Tara (or Tara was getting some kind of weird interest in him lol)....but I did not see the whole making tara an accessory to murder coming. That was pretty crazy. Yeah...Tara is off her rocker...totally didn't understand the waking up the baby. As a new parent, I totally cringed! lol

Yeah...we knew that the whole Juice/Clay conversation and the intel Juice received from Frankie would pay off somehow. But yeah, it doesn't look like Juice is going to get the job done very well. The Clay/Gemma stuff was indeed uncomfortable!

And yeah...i'm glad they specified that Clay didn't know about Jax knowing about RICO. Of course, I didn't know Clay knew about RICO either ....maybe I did but I forgot. lol As for trusting him...yeah really tough to do that. But...if we want to look at this as The President seat making you do things you regret. Maybe we're seeing Jax morph into Clay (Tara to Gemma), and the Clay morphing to a JAX type...maybe even Gemma to Tara. lol Tough to say. But, a lot of people are going to have a hard time rooting for Clay after the stuff he's pulled. Then again, if JAX becomes more unlikable...maybe something like that will play out.

Agreed with all of the stuff with Jax having the guy killed. And Pope stuff. As I also said above...he definitely is getting corrupted by the head seat! Crazy crazy show.

Boardwalk - Don't want to read all of what you said since I'm not finished. but yeah Nucky is a little banged up. And then Slater and Margaret talking of running away! crazy. Gyp taking over Tabor Heights.....he's such a good villain. lol He's entertained me all season. But, I sure hope he gets what's coming to him. I also saw Jimmy's kid walking in on that girl "doing stuff". lol And the start of Richard's date at the American Legion.

Still didn't see last Thursday's comedy block. It's driving me crazy!

Homeland - Gotcha. Yeah, I can agree with that too. lol Also, I totally didn't realize that the girl that Saul was interrogating was the girl he traveled cross country with in the infamous "The Weekend" episode last year (also episode 7). Most people just remember Carrie and Brody in the cabin and not that side plot. So, cool to see them bringing that into the picture.

BTW...still didn't see Dexter!! :-( Too. Much. TV!!

BTW x2. This belongs on the Fringe Recap, but I looked up the schedule on IMDB for the remaining episodes. Episode this week, then 2 week break, then 3 episodes in december (including 12/21...yikes). Then 2 week break. Then 1/11 and a 2 hour finale on 1/18. Good chance I'm not going to be able to recap that 12/21 one. Then again...who would be able to read it?! lol

Mike V. said...

GRIMM - Yeah, looks like things are heating up on the Juliette storyline! Watching Monroe's internal conflict (or possibly external lol) is going to be off the charts hilarity. But, yeah I liked the twist of an old Hank case being Wesen related. I'm sure you noticed that the guy on death row is also the "club owner" on this season's Dexter.

But more importantly...he was Doug Masters in Iron Eagle!! God, I loved that awful movie. lol

Leslie said...

Once – I think this is the second dream that Henry and Aurora had that were the same.

Revenge – MJ, last week Mason only knew Fauxmanda wasn’t the real Amanda, and that she was connected to Emily through the juvenile detention place. He didn’t know for sure they had switched roles, but no question he knows now, and then they frame him for killing the white-haired guy! Kara needs to get back on her meds! I still don’t get why Kenny wants the bar either unless it’s to launder money or something.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - Leslie, I think you're right. Now that I think about it they were both having crazy dreams in previous episodes.

DEXTER - Finally watched! Deb now wants Dexter to take someone out and he won't do it! Gotta love it. Seems like Dexter finally found a true love, unless Hannah is playing him (equally likely). Quinn is dealing with the guilt of stealing and destroying evidence. So he writes a 10,000 dollar check for Angel to open a restaurant? lol So funny that we root against LaGuerta trying to solve the crime of catching one of the most infamous serial killers in the Miami Metro area. Good stuff! Definitely liking this season...still no idea where next season's going to go. But, maybe we'll be left with an idea by the end of this one.

Boardwalk - yeah it was crazy that no one is backing Nucky. Someone needs to take Rosetti down by the end! Did love him in the General hat. The dude is nuts. lol Maybe Richard and Nucky will team up for something. Loving Richard's story with the girl.

AHS - I'm playing catch-up. I'm 3 behind but started one of them. Looks like Adam Levine and girl were killed but that story is taken over by some Fake Bloody faces and maybe a real one. lol And in the past they're dealing with a storm coming.

Leslie said...

AHS - Crazy episode last night! Don't want to spoil it, but we find out who Bloody Face is along with a couple of other interesting reveals.

Modern Family - Phil and his boy's night was hysterical!!

Mike V. said...

MF - Totally forgot to comment! Yeah...the boy's night was hysterical. I had a feeling we were in for a Three's Company type of episode! lol Love that Phil put it all together at the end.

BTW...the whole thing with his iPad controlling the whole house? I've said it before and I'll say it again...I AM Phil Dunphy! lol

MJ said...

SOA - I had no idea that it was 90 mins till I was yawning away ! LOL

Grimm - yeah I noticed Jason Gedrick. He's a show killer when he's the star (has lots of failed shows) but he's ok when guesting. LOL

Dexter - LOVE the flip that Deb is now asking him to kill someone. Love it ! And how about that Dexter was going to frame the author which would have had Deb dating yet another killer ! Too funny.

Boardwalk - I also love Gyp - he is bats**t crazy. He def is going down. Margaret seemed at first uncomfortable hearing Nucky talk about killing a guy, but then she seemed to like it. Could just be me though.

Once - I knew they both had dreams but didn't realize they saw eachother in them before this week.

MF - I was rolling with Phil an his gay date. Too funny. And yes - I think you would love that house all connected to your ipad. But that horrible mural in the nursery?!? Can't believe Gloria liked it.

MJ said...

GofT - It's not so close but just seeing it makes me excited !

Mike V. said...

GoT - Yeah, I saw it on EW yesterday! I'm psyched. Book 3 was the best so far, so I'm excited for everyone to see those stories! (of course, the book is being split into mostly 2 seasons....we've already seen a little bit of it in season 2 but most of it will be in S3 and 4. lol) I made a comment on the EW post for a slogan that I thought was pretty funny. It was a play on Winter is Coming (S1) and War is Coming (s2)....but it was W's ARE Coming! Of course, that's all I can say without starting to spoil! So keep that in mind when season 3 rolls around. LOL

SOA - Yeah, I probably already mentioned but the remaining episodes are ALL 90 minutes. GROAN lol The 25 year old in me is jumping for joy....present day me? Not so much!

Grimm - "CHAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" LOL!! Yep, can't get over Iron Eagle. Good ol' Doug Masters. lol Don't recall any shows that he starred in..but I guess that makes sense! Rena Sofer had that effect on shows more recently. And of course Ted McGinley was one of the popular reasons for shows Jumping the Shark on whenever he was added to a show. lol

DEXTER - Once the author died...I said to my wife, "Man, that Deb sure knows how to pick 'em!" lol Good stuff!

ONCE - Oh, I don't think they saw each other until this week. But they may have had similar dreams the week before.

MF - AHHH the mural! lol It's just like the mural in Cam and Mitchell's house. I love that Jay said it was great just so it would be easier to let the room go. lol Jay has had some classic moments lately. and hugging the bunny? Awesome!

Boardwalk - Margaret is definitely a shady character. I can see her enjoying the dark side of Nucky a bit. She clearly likes the danger of being with Slater too (also a dark character). I don't think it's just you!

Mike V. said...

Almost caught up on AHS! Just one more to go. Then I still need to catch up on Revenge and TVD at some point!

MJ said...

Gof T - W's ? Hmmm. Witches ? Wraiths? Darn you Mike !!!! ;-D

MF - i forgot hugging the Bunny ! The whole thing with Mitchell trying to NOT ask Jay what was wrong was great too.

AHS - I have this last one on DVR still as well. Since we are the only ones to have watched older ones this week - OMG! I cannot believe he took that girls legs ! And apparently I blinked and missed it but supposedly the head nun saw the alien ? heard this week - part 2 of Anne Frank - has even more things happening to the girl with the missing legs - but I don't know what.

Mike V. said...

GofT: Sorry :-) lol My lips are sealed, but you'd never guess it I don't think. lol

MF: Totally agree..great storyline!

AHS: Actually working from home today, so I might be able to sneak in that last ep on a lunch break or something. lol But yeah that doc is nuts!! Wonder if he's really from Auschwitz. But yes, Jessica Lange's character definitely saw the alien. If this really turns out to be an alien abduction season...I don't know if I'll be too thrilled with the outcome! But it's still a thrilling show to watch every week! (or 3 in one week lol)

Leslie said...

AHS - Sister Jude definitely saw something. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be one of the creatures from outside or what. Can't wait until y'all see the episode from this week. You will see more of the girl without legs and more!

Mike V. said...

AHS - All caught up! lol (SPOILER FOR MJ ahead)

Pretty crazy episode. I won't pretend to understand all of it. But, yep we sure learned who Bloody Face was. Of course, Quinto's character seemed too nice to be true. And I don't know why but when he said he made lamp shades, my mind went straight to thinking that skin would be the best material for that (before they even hinted at it lol)....then I immediately thought Bloody Face! I guess technically he could still be bloody face in the present day just older, but I guess we'll find out eventually. Creepy stuff. And Lange's character (Sister Jude?) went on a bender!! That was only a matter of time. Shame shame forsaking her vows! lol

Did we know that the monsignor was corrupt before this episode and in cahoots with the Doctor? Can't remember. And yes legless nymph girl was set out to a school by Satan? Crazy. lol

And did Anne Frank just get a lobotomy?? Was she brain washed into thinking she's someone else? All in the name of protecting the Doctor's real origins? Whew...this show is so over the top it's ridiculous. But it is entertaining! lol

Mike V. said...

Parks and Rec - Finally watched last week's ep (still need to watch this week's) I'm Twizzlers all the way too! Not that I eat them much. lol Agree on Rob Lowe. He seems to have been in a whiny state since the middle of last season. He's much funnier when he's over the top optimistic all of the time. But, I'm sure they're getting there. Seems they're foreshadowing a reunion with Anne at some point.

Leslie said...

AHS - Yep, this week was crazy! No, we didn't know the monsignor was corrupt before now. That scene with the legless girl crawling up the stairs was gross! What is the doctor doing to these people that turns them into these creatures? Is it his intention or a failed experiment?

Yeah, Anne Frank got a lobotomy and now she's a Stepford wife! lol And, I assumed it was the doctor in that picture at the end with Hitler, but some comments I read said it could be Anne's husband.

BBT was funny last night with Sheldon's mysterious missing 20 minutes every day! And, Penny finally told Leonard she loves him!

MJ said...

Grimm - so if tonight is the winter finale does anyone know when it returns ??

Mike V. said...

AHS - No idea what the Doc is doing, but that was definitely him in that picture! lol

BBT - Yeah loved when it appeared he opened a portal to an alternate universe. LOL That was fantastic. Penny and Leonard were a good time too. Keep thinking I'm going to get tired of that show, but it keeps cracking me up every week! Less Bernadette and Amy this week which is nice for a chance. Nice to see the original characters front and center.

Mike V. said...

MJ, no idea on Grimm's return date. But considering how early they started I would imagine it might not be until at least February. But they may swing something like Revolution and keep it shelved until March. There's only so many episodes to go around and people like getting them straight through these days! Of course, how it affects the ratings is another story.