Monday, November 19, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 6 - Hounded

Hello Walking Dead Heads!  This season has been on a crazy tear so far, but I have to say that last night's episode was my favorite.  Of course, it takes a bunch of build-up to get a payoff episode like this one.  Finally, our plot lines are converging and I have to say that I didn't see it going exactly the way it did.  But, it was a brilliant way to do it!  So, Walking Dead gets a WOW from me this week.  Let's break it down a bit!

Rick Sorting things Out

We last left Rick finding his eaten wife and seeing a phone ringing.  Fans of the comic knew exactly what was going to transgress by the end of that Phone story.  Non-Comic fans who accidentally read some comments last Monday had an inkling of a thought that they may have been spoiled on it too.  (Yep, that would be me)  Didn't matter, the scenes still worked as a method of grief, mourning and moving on for the living.

  • No sense in stalling, Rick was talking to the deceased members of their group.   They started with Amy (Andrea's sister) and moved on to Jim (season 1 casualty left on the side of the road) and closed things up with Lori.  
  • Rick was searching team within his soul for the strength to carry on.  But, he wanted to bring his group to this safe haven where no one is sick, no one is dying (good one), and they are FAR away from the walkers.  I think all we needed to do was see Hershel's face when he picked up the phone and heard no dial tone to know that Rick was losing is marbles.   Hershel also was thankful for everything Rick did to get them to where they are.  So, he told Rick to take his time to get his $#!T together! 

  • Rick complained to Amy about how he had a son and a newborn to take care of.  He didn't feel this Prison was good enough.  That eventually led to his conversation with Lori apologizing for not professing his love for her in the recent months.  He shut off any feelings and focused on keeping the group safe.  He kept hoping that if they found a place where they were fully protected, that he could then start to let his guard down and be a family man again.  He was working towards that and thought there would be time.   He had some parting words from Lori telling him that he has a son and a daughter to look after now.  But the words were starting to fade and we couldn't really hear what she was saying as Rick started to realize he was talking to himself in his head.  (Or hey, maybe that phone really did reach to the beyond. Who are we to say!?) 

  • Rick returned to his crew reborn and ready to lead.  And he held his 3 month old daughter for the first time.  (New Parents, okay really my wife, can spot these things a mile away.  I guess babies age pretty quickly in the zombie apocalypse.  Rick will have to be having "the talk" with her by the season finale!)  

Prison Cleansing
Daryl, Carl and the new guy Oscar (had to look his name up, but I should remember now) were planning to clean out another level of the prison.  Some key moments happened here.

  • Daryl and Carl have a heart to heart.  Daryl tried to help Carl with his grief over Lori.  He told a story of how his mother died in a house fire due to her drinking and smoking in bed.  Daryl said it almost didn't feel real since he didn't see her die.  Carl confirmed that he shot his mother before she turned, so it was very real.  Then they exchanged condolences.   Anyone clinging to the idea that Lori was still alive since that "2nd death" wasn't on film can let go!  

  • Daryl and Oscar passed by a door that kept pushing out a little bit.  They thought there was a walker in there but that it would be there on the way back.
  • They continued on to a cell that appeared clear.  Oscar had the line of the night when he found some slippers.  "Awww that's what I'm talking about!!"  And explains that it's for relaxing at the end of the day.  This guy is alright in my book! 

  • Of course, a walker came to spoil their fun (or add to it) as all 3 of them turn and shoot the dude. But, surprise, Carol's knife is sticking out of its neck! 

  • At this point, Daryl thinks that Carol is turned and the one hiding behind that door.  Of course, us smart viewers out there pieced things together and knew that Carol was ALIVE behind that door!  And sure enough, she was!  Daryl rescued his "will they/won't they" gal pal and all was right with the totally wrong world! 

Good Michonne Hunting
That Governor is up to his no good tricks again.  Apparently, he's not a big fan of loose ends and sends Merle and a band of mercenaries to take down the "Pig Sticker" wielding Michonne!

  • We meet Gardulio, who Merle resorted to just calling Neil.  He morphed from scared little boy to hardened blood thirsty walker killer within the hour.   Stabbing a few brains will do that to you I guess!  

  • Michonne had cut up some Walker bodies into a "Biter Gram" (Thanks Merle) that said "GO BACK" (GO spelled out with a walker's BACK for the rest).   Fantastic.  And of course, before we know it she's out there slicing some of them to bits in some solid action scenes.  Merle gets a shot off at Michonne's leg and she runs off.  And then there were 2 (Merle and Neil).  

  • They have another run in with Michonne but some Walkers come to the party too.  Michonne loses her sword in a little fight with Merle but regains it in time to slice a walker's guts all over her.  EWWWW!!!  
  • At this point Neil is determined to avenge his friends' deaths and take down Michonne.  And Merle has about had enough.  He is determined to lie to the Governor (uh oh) and say that Michonne got got! So, instead of continuing to try and convince Neil he shot up in the head instead.  OUCH!  No one to argue with Merle's story now, except possibly Michonee walking all up all swords blazing into Woodbury! 

Woodbury Lovin
And in the most predictable storyline, Andrea and the Governor get it on!  Need we say anymore?   .... Okay, I'll try.

  • Andrea continues to be wooed by this dude.  He gets her guard down about the Walker Fights used for entertainment.  Andrea eventually agrees that she did enjoy it.  Just like she enjoyed jumping over the wall and killing a walker old school style (stake to the eye) even though that's forbidden tactics here in Woodbury.  
  • She got "in trouble" with the boss and had to go after class to see him. She lost her WALL duty but gained access to some wine and good times.   The Governor made some pretty forward advances by insinuating that Andrea liked him.  Andrea was all for a man telling her what she thinks and the rest is history. 

The Merger
Worlds converged at a town ripe for pillaging.  Glenn and Maggie went there to pick up some formula and ammo (just what every walker repellent squad needs these days!)  But, they were not alone.

  • Michonne limped on into town too, clearly hurting from her gunshot wound.  Of course, she also learned a valuable lesson in having zombie guts all over her.  A callback to season one episode two (aptly named "Guts") where Rick and Glenn walk through a band of walkers to get to a car. Loved it when the walkers walked right by Michonne and she was shocked.  

  • Anyway, she was within earshot to learn all she needed to learn about these 2 strangers.  They were getting formula and toys for a baby, so they seemed like decent people.  She also learned that they were doing pretty well for themselves at a prison nearby.  Oh right, and they know Merle who Andrea ALSO knows! 
  • Merle rolled into town guns blazing and saw Glenn.  He immediately asks if Daryl is alive and wants to be taken to him.  Glenn and Maggie had guns pointing at Merle too, but somehow Merle turned the tables and got Maggie hostage with that crazy severed knife hand of his and a gun.  Glenn had no choice but to drive them to Woodbury.  But Michonne heard all and well, she's a little too injured right now to go after them herself, but she has another plan in mind.  THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET REAL Y'ALL! 

  • Merle returns to interrupt SEXY TIME for the boss and tells his lies about how things went down in the woods.  Ol Phillip was not too thrilled when he found out he didn't have evidence of Michonne's death as well as her severed head for his collection.  Things tell me he's not going to be too happy when he sees Michonne alive and well in a future encounter either.  Look out Merle!  

  • Anyway, Merle does present a gift with "these 2 droids" (I mean, Glenn and his pretty girlfriend).   They plan to figure out where Andrea and Merle's former camp-mates are residing right now as they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.  Merle says he'll figure it out.  
  • Well, don't you worry Merle, they're going to be waiting for you!  Rick goes out to the gates of the prison as there is some ruckus going on.  And who is out there but Michonne surrounded by a crap load of walkers who are totally ignoring her.  She brought the basket of formula (and probably ammo) as a peace offering.  I bet these 2 have a bunch to talk about! 

And that's that folks.  Great great intense episode with some awesome one liners from Merle and Oscar and some emotional catharsis for Rick.  This season is heating up on top of an already heated season.  And we're probably not too far from a hiatus either (I looked it up, we have 2 more episodes this year then return in February for the remaining batch).  Can't wait to see what's in store for us next, but excited to discuss with everyone as well.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Mike V. said...

Kirkman interview -

MJ said...

Another fab ep. Thank god I don't eat sausages - just saying ! LOL I def didn't see the two groups meeting this way either exactly. Yup - I had read accidently that it would be Lori on the phone, but didn't now about the others. And they mentioned another girl besides Amy - and i cannot recollect who she was!

But that article I sent last week then warned contained a spoiler - that piece of info was wrong! So either the showrunner was messing with us, or it is still to come.

I was very happy to see Rick finally go hold his child though, and to hear him tell Lori why he's closed himself off. LOL on needing to have the talk by seasons end.

When Rick was staring off at the end I thought it was at Daryl carrying Carol back - thought he'd like lose it or something.

Garguilio morphed really really quick - but whatever. Can't wait for Gov to find out merle lied ! LOL Loved the 'biter gram', and merle getting that kick in the jewels too, and of course 'sausages' !

Thought that was interesting - that jumping over to kill is forbidden and now Andrea is removed from wall duty - and she's ok with that. Don't know why Michonne was so shocked that the guts would mask her - she knew that her pets masked her.

Just cannot wait for next week and to see everyone's take on Michonne !

Mike V. said...


Oh come on, don't ruin sausage for the rest of us! LOL Ironically, my brother and I have a thanksgiving tradition of making sausage balls for appetizers on Thanksgiving. I was willing to do it, but he volunteered. Maybe a good thing now since I'd be thinking of Walking Dead the whole time! lol I read the same thing...that it was Lori on the phone not the others. But, I think that's how it was in the comics. Yeah, I couldn't remember all of the names mentioned. It might have been the girl that stayed in the CDC with Jenner. Never remembered her name. lol

Interesting on the potential spoiler/non-spoiler. I guess I'll just wait to find out. lol

Yeah, Rick's whole transition this episode (well, over 3 episodes) was pretty great. I think he's turned a few heads this season with the audience. A lot of people have thought this show is/has been full of unlikable characters. I never really saw that. How can you not like Glenn and Maggie? Or Daryl!? But, I always liked Rick too.

Yeah...I guess there's a chance Merle may not make it out of this season all going back to that lie. Or...he may be forced to walk with his tail between his legs to Rick and beg him to take him in or something. We'll see!

Yeah...I thought it was pretty confusing that she didn't know zombie guts would mask her. lol But, her facial reactions were priceless. I agree...can't wait for next week!

Leslie said...

I have to say it didn’t dawn on me last week that the whole phone ringing was gonna be in Rick’s head. I didn’t read any stuff last week that spoiled that for me.

I wonder how long Carol has been in that closet or whatever. She was looking pretty weak, but Daryl to the rescue! Kinda sweet that Daryl was trying to bond with Carl telling his mother’s story.

Loved how they got our two groups together. Agree that Merle is gonna pay for that lie to the Governor that Michonne is dead. I have a feeling the Governor isn’t a lonely guy, but I’m worried for Andrea drinking the kool-aid. Loved how they asked on Talking Dead at what point in a relationship do you tell about your walker daughter? lol

So, I guess the prison and Woodbury aren’t too far apart???? I know they didn’t show us Michonne’s trip there, but she heard about the prison from Glenn and Maggie and just shows up there. Nice that she brought the formula and stuff.

Next week should be really crazy!

Mike V. said...


Good for you for avoiding accidental spoilers! I really wasn't sure if what I read was a spoiler when I read it. It was just a comment on an post. It sounded just like every other crazy theory out there, but the difference was that THAT comment got a LOT of Likes. So, then I thought that it might have some credibility. lol

Ironically, I always thought with that haircut Carol might be in the closet for multiple reasons. LOL (sorry, couldn't resist) But, I think it's been at least a day or 2 with her in there. But, seemed like she may have been in there longer. But she may have just been distraught, dehydrated and freaking out so long that it consumed all of her energy. lol could definitely tell Governor was hinting at his daughter when he said he had one thing in his life that he was proud of PRE-Apocalypse. I missed that part of Talking Dead. I've been falling asleep to it these days. lol Gotta love hearing zombie discussion in the background as you go to bed. Makes for great dreams!

I didn't think they were too far apart. They've all been roaming around somewhere in the Atlanta suburbs. lol Yeah, I'm guessing that Michonne knew of the prison's existence so when she heard it mentioned she knew to go there. Maybe she and Andrea didn't think they could take it themselves or even thought it would be a good idea. lol

MJ said...

It was jackie they said last night - have no idea who she was.

I never felt that they were unlikable characters either. Merle - maybe, Daryl - only in the very early days. I read the EW review just to hear what that chick calls Daryl - cracks me up. oh - Carols old hubby was pretty unlikable though. I even always liked Lori! But - Merle might become very unliked if he hurts Glen and Maggie too bad. LOL

Leslie - glad for you that you stayed unspoiled - I came upon it by accident. But I didn't share it with my husband and boy it was great watching him react when he realized it.

Mike V. said...

Ahhh that's it...Jackie! She's the one that stayed behind with Jenner at CDC. good call!

I don't know what chicks call Daryl but I know there are girls that call themselves Dixon's Vixens. LOL I loved Daryl even in the beginning of season 1. He reminded me of Sawyer, so I knew he'd be a great addition to the cast. But, I could see maybe not liking him right away too. He definitely provided animosity to the group at first.

I can't say I didn't spoil it for my wife...but I did it craftily. In the middle of the episode when I saw Hershel pick up the phone and hear static...I said..."oh this is all in his head!" And of course, she totally agreed by that point. Didn't bring up that he was talking to deceased members of the group, because I still wasn't sure. And we didn't hear him talk to Lori until the end. lol

MJ said...

Who ever recaps TWD on EW calls him Daryl m*****f***ing Dixon, cause he's so bada**. too funny.