Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly TV Discussion: 11/25/2012 - 12/1/2012

Hello fellow TV addicts!  As always, this is our weekly discussion area for all non-recapped shows.   See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Is this where we are doing TWD this week ? A good ep - nicely putting things in place for the mid-season finale next week. Governor played Glen and Maggie well. I knew he would not rape her, but he humiliated her and then played the fear for eachother against themselves to get his info. Would be kinda funny if a bunch of them go the the prison while Team Rick is coming into Woodbury. LOL But not really since Carl is practically alone - only the girl and Hershel with him I think - oh and Carol too.

Cool scene when they fed that crazy guy to the walkers.

Did you see the 'next week' on Talking Dead ? I normally don't but I did this time! OMG

But - I was not happy to see that Verizon is threatening to drop AMC ! They better fix that situation.

Didn't watch anything else last night - watched my Giants kick a** against the Pack.

Mike V. said...

PATIENCE, MJ! The one sentence description does say all "non-recapped" shows! lol Anyway, I decided the workout was more important so I watched Boardwalk and did that. Recap is done now. :)

I'll copy and paste your comments over to there and respond.

But Boardwalk Empire - WHEW! Great ep. Al and Nucky finally are gonna get some stuff done! Mr. Capone is finally becoming Mr. Capone! Lots more to discuss but I'm pressed for time right now!

No Homeland or Dex yet. Did watch ONCE.

MJ said...

LOl - thanks. thought with the holiday you might not do a recap.

MJ said...

Hey - we never talked last week's Boardwalk. I knew Sleater would die - but this way ?!? Did not see it coming at that time. And Margaret preggers ? Crazy !

BE - this week - very tense episode. Loved Capone's - 'lets decide who dies' - or something similar. Only a mention that Margaret and the kids were sent away - but was it due to cheating with Sleater or the danger? Both probably. And who knew that there were undercover narcos back in the day ! LOL

Interesting that they finally said WHite Horse Pike. While they've been talking about the swampy and marshy road as the only alternative to Tabor hts I've assumed it was black or white horse pike, but never sure. Just as the road that Nucky tried to get built on his land I assume to be Route 9 since it's supposed to connect AC right to NY and Newark.

I'm caught up on Dexter and Homeland. Still no Once or Revenge.

SOA - only 2 eps left ! Can't wait to see how this plays out

Mike V. said...

BE - I think I talked Boardwalk on the messages, just no one responded to it! :) lol I didn't see Slater/Sleater dying. I guess it makes sense. I was trying to figure out who would take his place and my guess last week was Richard. Looks like that might be close to the truth. And Margaret preggers, definitely crazy!

Yeah...i'm sure it was both with margaret. But, it's not like Nucky's been a saint either in regards to their marriage! lol Nice on the undercover NARCs. lol That was pretty nuts. I definitely thought of your comments on the highways when they mentioned the white horse pike. How would those be alternative routes to New York though? White horse pike goes west to Philly doesn't it? I could have sworn the road Nucky was trying to get built ALSO went East to West. I know it's too early for the AC expressway though. Maybe it was to New York and was route 9. Might make more sense considering the plot this season. lol

I only saw Homeland of the 2. did see ONCE. Way behind on Revenge. We'll be catching up on Revenge and TVD in December I'm guessing. lol

HOMELAND - Homeland was crazy. Totally knew Mike and the wife were going to sleep together (brain fart on her name). Have we talked about how awful the son on this show is? He may get 2 or 3 lines an episode and they're hysterically bad. Sunday was an all time high of lines. "There's a TV in every room!!" "This place is sick!" lol Ahh good times. This Grantland podcast i listen to makes fun of him every week. Poor kid. lol Anyway....Estes is trying to take out Brody once his role is complete! Woaaa....kinda reminded me of killing Chuck after his job was done in season 2. Of course, 2 different kind of shows! lol Felt very 24 like when we thought what's his face was going to be a mole or something. But, it turns out he's reporting to higher ups. Good stuff!

SOA - I'll try to watch tonight, but no guarantees with that extra half hour! I guess the good news is that when SOA is done and January rolls around, Justified will take its place!! So glad I'm caught up!

BTW- added some comments to the last Fringe recap after listening to some interesting feedback on The Fringe Podcast. Some ties to older episodes. Also discussed a book about the recent Golden Age of Television that I'm reading. It's really good! (critic/reviewer Alan Sepinwall is the author)

MJ said...

Ah - I know I had made a comment but I think by the time you watched and commented the holidays were closer and I prob never got back to see them.

Homeland - yeah everyone talks about that poor boy ! I was shocked that that guy (?name?) is running a double job and will be after Brody! And that Estes knew it. I don't know what I missed but I was surprised they took them all down at a restaurant parking lot - thought they'd do it closer to the base. Yeah - not shocked Jess fell back in bed with Mike either. LOL Loved that cop in philly that Saul tried to fool into giving info - she was no dummy !

Mike V. said...

BE - Makes sense. lol It's been tough to keep up!

Homeland - Can't think of the guy's name either. True on the restaurant lot. I figured it would be at the base or near the base too. Funny on the Philly cop. I really thought when Saul pulled out his wallet he was going to come clean and then he had more IRS credentials. That Saul! lol

MJ said...

BE - oh and I think Gillian could be in a little trouble with Gyp and his men. But - since there's only 1 ep left I guess not. Gyp sooo has to die. But she was really horrible to poor Richard.

Homeland - I too thought Saul was coming clean when he pulled out that wallet. And wasn't there some agent who is in the hsp after the attack in Gettysburg? Guess he's not coming back.

SOA - it will be tough but I'm def staying up to watch. Only 2 left so I'll suck it up. I don't have a baby at home so that makes it alot easier.

Mike V. said...

BE - That's kinda why I'm thinking Richard might help out Nucky in this finale and assume the role as his #1. Of course, I could also see something tragic happening like his new lady friend getting killed and putting him on a path of vengeance. I think Gillian may have some issues with Gyp's men, but I think Gyp is perfectly content with Gillian. She seems to be siding with their efforts and totally against Nucky. But agreed...Gyp has to die. Of course, that being the expected thing...maybe they won't do it this season. lol

Homeland - Forgot about the agent in the hospital. Probably not important to the ongoing story.

SOA - lol touche' Yeah, last year this would have been no question. It really depends when the P man goes to bed. That pretty much lets us know how much time we have to watch TV for the rest of the night. If we watch Dexter and New Girl (and maybe Happy Endings) and it's past 10:20ish...then we're probably not watching SOA. lol

Leslie said...

Dexter - Was able to watch all of this season through Sunday's episode on a free preview weekend. Now I understand why y'all have been saying how crazy it is! Deb's head has got to be spinning out of control finding out Dex is a serial killer, then admitting she's in love with him, then almost coming to understand what he does when the system fails to get the bad guy. Had to laugh when Dexter was trying to reassure Deb that her being in love with him kinda makes sense considering they have been each other's constants!

Then we have Issac giving Dexter romantic advice after asking Dex to take him out to where he dumped Victor so they can be together.

I wonder what's gonna happen with Dexter and Hannah. He goes from almost killing her to telling her he feels safe with her. That's got to be a bad sign, right? lol

Mike V. said...

Gonna post this everywhere. This is chapter about LOST from the book I'm reading right now. It's good stuff!

Mike V. said...

Correction. Just an excerpt of the chapter in that link. I do recommend the book though!

MJ said...

Crap ! Just wrote a bunch of stuff on Dexter and Revenge - and lost it !

SOA: here's my thoughts on last night - what an ep !

Love that jax has been writing letters to his boys, following in his father's footsteps by journaling. This ep surprised me in many ways - we all knew that Clay would get his in the end but part of me still thought they'd find a way around it (like last year). First I was surprised that Bobby did what he did - I get why though, and he was absolutely right that it protected Jax. I knew it was bad when we saw Bobby talking to Clay last week, but wasn't sure what the deal would be. I was shocked - and horrified - by what Jax did to Wendy though ! That was just so wrong. But I was really really shocked (and confused) when the cartel/cia came busting in and screwed up the surprising last shipment of guns that they demanded of Jax. Jax said all the right things to Galen - and it looked like they'd finally be done with it all - then boom - everyone is shooting at everyone. What I didn't get was the MC going on lock down - Jax goes to the hsp but leaves Abel and Tara there ?!? WHy did he go then? I guess I wasn't so surprised that Donal Logue would up being the nurses brother sicne i pondered that previously - but being a retired marshall got me. LOL I had already said that this guy had to have some juice in order to get into solitary to beat the crap out of Otto and then also get to talk with him in the interview room too. I know I'd already stated that Donal's real sister played the nurse - leave it to Sutter to play with that ! But at the end - all those guns and pill bottles in the marshall's room ? Yikes. I still can't decide if Jax is really going to hand over Tig or not. I want to say no, but I also feel that Jax cannot afford the heat that Pope would bring on the club if he doesn't. I don't see how they can have Jax not do it and the club be alright. And Tara has def stopped drinking the koolaid that is the MC - I feel like she's planning on leaving whether Jax is ready or not. Could not believe she had Wendy come in without even talking it over with Jax. But why is Gemma telling Clay she will think about Ireland? Why not just tell him no ? Loved the conversation with Nero and Jax too ! So sad they both could not get our from under it all. So what did Jax say to Gemma ??

Ron Perlman Charlie Hunnam were both just so excellent this ep. i can't remember now what the ep name was - but what did it mean ?

MJ said...

Dexter - good for you Leslie ! Loved the 'constants' reference. We all thought it was a little ewwwwww when last season they decided Deb was in love with Dex - and loved the was that Dexter handled it mostly. Issac giving love hints was hysterical. Hanna did not seem happy in the end when Dexter was saying how safe and happy he was. Hmmmm.

Revenge - interesting seeing some of the back story from 6 years ago. Puzzled that Amanda seemed annoyed that Takeda pulled her off her revenge mission for an unimportant job when this hob was actually tied to the Revenge mission !! Didn't make sense to me. But I had hoped that we'd get more Mason - especially people reacting to his being arrested. Like people who actually committed those crimes should be wondering why Mason would confess ? Guess they are just not going to go there. Was not surprised at all that the guys trying to take the bar are the sons of the guy killed on the dock. I did, however, not see it coming that Victoria actually hired the guy to date her mom and then leave. LOL They got me with that one.

Mike V. said...

Still way behind on Revenge, but I did watch Dex and SOA last night!

SOA - Crazy crazy episode. I guess they kind of DID find a way around "killing" Clay so far and stripped his membership away instead. Now, he's going to go hide in Belfast for the off-season (well, we think...there's still 90 minutes left this season lol) And it's looking like Tig could be on death row. Surely, JAX will find a way out of that one, but I feel like there should be some casualty in the finale. Sure...we lost OPE this season, but it feels like someone else should go. Don't know who though (maybe Pope, not that that would count!)! Loved the tension in that vote. Over the season, JAX has manipulated that club to get his votes. He knew he had Tig and Juice based on everything they've done. Everyone else was falling into place...except ol' Bobby. But, I was good of him to protext Jax. Of course, it's not looking like it's helping much. What he did to Wendy was nuts! My wife reminded me...didn't Gemma do something like that to her in a past season? Keep her hooked on drugs?

I was confused by the cartel coming in also...but of opened the door to more Clay/Galen transgressions. The lockdown stuff didn't make much sense either. lol Nice on the Retired Marshal/Sister stuff.

Agreed that Tara stopped drinking the Kool-Aid...I could tell in that final hug in the episode that she wasn't buying it anymore. I figured Gemma was buying time with the Clay situation. She told HIM she'd think about it, but she really doesn't plan on going. Of course, things might change over 90 minutes. Especially if Nero continues to go off his rocker.

Nero/Jax conversation was good...but don't remember the Jax/Gemma "secret" conversation. lol These 90 minute eps are too long! lol

Not sure what "DARTHY" means...but I just went to the Star Wars well one more time when I saw it. Maybe a reference to Jax going all Anakin this season. lol

Mike V. said...

Dexter - Agreed...another great episode! Loved Dexter's "logical" talk to Deb. lol Nice reference leslie on "constants"! (That episode just reaired the other day on G4..My TiVo picked it up lol) I liked the relationship that Dexter and Isaac were forming. Who would've thought that Doug Masters would end up being the big bad this season!? (Yes, I still call him by his Iron Eagle name!) I'm totally lost on the Quinn storyline...mainly because I haven't been paying attention during it. But, I know enough that he's in deep "doo doo". lol Then there's Laguerta getting closer and closer to Dexter! I figured that they showed the "previously on" scene with Deb knowing that Laguerta should've been the one to get fired and not the Chief because eventually Deb will use that as leverage to protect her brother. So maybe by the end of this season Deb and Laguerta will know about Dex, but they will be doing a dance to keep it from everyone else. We'll see!

No idea what will happen with Dex and Hannah, but yeah...the "safe" comment is pretty scary!

MJ said...

SOA - Clay deserved it all and more - but it sure was hard watching them ink out the tats. And Juice getting that gone - has to be foreshadowing something.

Agree on a death - could be Nero. Or Juice. Or - OMG it could be Tig. I'd hate that. Agree on vote too - I was half convinced that Juice was gonna be the Nay - or Tig - when it came to the Mayhem.

Gemma brought drugs and left them but used her words to make Wendy take them is my recollection.

As for the cartel - they said that Pope told them that Clay was out so they were concerned - but still was a bit thin.

Gemma/jax - towards the end Gemma is in the office, Jax walks in and lights a smoke and they cut away - so I'm assuming they have a converstaon to be shown later. Kinda like how they did in last week's BE - after the irish guy is dead they show more of the conversation with margaret where she says shes preggers.

LOL on Darthy/Anakin - and no I do not think that is it.

I've watched Once - just have no time right now to comment. I'll be back !

MJ said...

Just saw - Justified premier date is 1/8 10pm! WhooHoo. That will be a great week cause Shameless and House of Lies premier the 13th.

Mike V. said...

Ahhh..thanks for the clarification on that Gemma/Jax thing. I missed that. But I think i was starting to doze off by the end. lol

Agree on everything else you said. In any case...S#!T is about to go down!! lol

Yeah, i actually have been seeing those Justified promos with the premiere date during the commercials (I see those, but miss the KFC ads lol). Excited! I'm also excited for less packed Sunday nights! Shameless is great and all, but once GoT comes back on 3/31, It will surely be punted to Mondays for us! lol Or at least me. Not sure if I mentioned but the GoT season 2 Blu Ray is scheduled for february 19th (I think, if not that exact date around there). Definitely going to get that!

Leslie said...

Revenge – Agree that it was interesting to get some backstory on Emily first meeting Aiden and Ashley. Emily and Aiden seem pretty chummy now since she shared her infinity box with him.

I guess Nolan’s old CFO is gonna get some revenge now since Daniel contacted him. He was pretty mad when Nolan confessed where the $500 million went.

I didn’t see it coming either that Victoria set the whole thing up to get her mother back. Definitely some bad blood with those two! Wow!

MJ said...

Yea - I saw the price on GofT S2 bluray and decided we'd wait on it. It will be half price in 3 months. LOL

By the time GofT comes on Shameless should be off - has a pretty short season.

I just saw the Justified date last night during AHS - it was an old looking truck so I didn't hit FF thinking it was part of AHS. ;-P

Revenge - My recording cut off and I don't know how much I missed. Em had just handed the box to Aiden - then nothing. LOL Did I miss anything besides him opening it ? That CFO def seemed ready to get back at Nolan now. Weird that Victorias daughter was no where to be seen in 06 or 12 - guess the actress had the week off. Loved the clothes that Amanda was wearing in 06 - some guy even had a shirt witht he silver thread in it. LOL

Mike V. said...

GoT - If you mean half price at 40ish bucks, I think it will be that by release day. lol S1 might have even dropped to 35 or something.

I guess Shameless might be off. All of the those cable and premium cable shows are anywhere between 10-13 episodes (GoT being on the 10 side you figure it's probably 3 months of airing. If it starts in Mid January, there will be SOME overlap. :) Not much though. lol

Yep, I keep seeing those promos for Justified. One has Boyd and Raylan in it. I think it's the one with the truck.

AHS - I'm all caught up on the past 2 eps. It's been a crazy ride! Not much to say, but I'm still enjoying it for what it is. I did think the voice on the phone in the present day (bloody face) sounded like Zachary Quinto, but it could be intentional to throw us off on who it really is. Maybe it's Kit or something. Maybe he becomes the NEXT bloody face when he was originally innocent. We already see him taking out the Lawyer/Judge and running...then killing some OTHER bloody face! Was that the monster that's been in the woods? lol Is that the REAL bloody face? I'm so confused. Clearly Quinto is bloody I dunno. lol

The Angel of Death thing....nice to see the woman who plaid the maid in season 1 coming back into the fold. And interesting that the hit and run victim was still alive!

Guess I had SOME stuff to say. :)

MJ said...

GofT - when I saw it it was a heck of a lot higher than 40.

Hah - I thought it didn't sound like Quinto. LOL the monster in the woods took out the nun.

AHS: I actually watched last weeks and last nights back to back - some crazy s**t. I'll try to keep comments to new one since you all probably already talked about last weeks. But - whoa - he sees Lana as a mother figure, tries to nurse from her, then has sex with her? Ewwwwww big time. Loved, loved, loved the whole angel of death thing - agree on actress who played Moira last year. And I absolutely did NOT see it coming that the girl with the blue dress is alive ! Wow. Guess the question of did Arden operate and Grace just convince herself it was aliens will never be answered - RIP grace. But I could not believe the Monsignor recognized Shelly ! What does Arden have over the Monsignor that he bribed him into not stopping Arden's experiments ? Loved the irony - Lana gets away from Bloody Face, gets in car with another maniac, winds up back in Briarcliff !

HIMYM - i don't think we mentioned this show. Now I have to remember what it was ! Oh yeah - Alcide dipping into the toxic lake! LOL that was great - the whole montage without his shirt and all.

Mod Fam - I surely did think that her water broke. Loved Cam this week.

Mike V. said...

GoT - Yeah, when shows get announced the LIST price is often pretty high. I don't get the whole process but it's usually a lot cheaper when the release date gets closer. I think it's so they can show what the original list price was and have it crossed off with THEIR price. lol Makes it look like you're getting a good deal. I saw it on there for $70 but knew it would never be released at that price. That would be ridiculous. lol

AHS - I didn't talk about last week's last week. I just watched it yesterday! lol But yes....EWWWW big time!! lol Well, Arden is still alive, right? So we could still find out before the end of the season. Actually, I totally forgot about the alien thing and never made the connection. (i'll blame it on the treadmill lol) I too am wondering what arden has on the monsignor. I figured maybe he had some kind of affair with Sister Jude...but I think she only desired that, it didn't actually happen.

I loved that Lana got in the car with ETHAN! But yes, the irony was funny too. lol

HIMYM - You're right, I don't think we did. The toxic lake dip was a good time. I can't remember much else from the episode! lol I know Barney and Robin were playing nice all episode and by the end Robin was thinking she still loves him.

Modern Family - Totally thought she was faking it. I actually think I saw the water bottle in her hand! lol Cam was hysterical this week. lol

Mike V. said...

As I thought I was responding, Ryan Murphy does plan to explain what happened to Grace. lol

Mike V. said...

WOW, they also confirmed who the Modern Day bloody face is (or at least who the actor is). It's in that link, so be careful if you're going to read it and don't want to know. lol

MJ said...

AHS - yeah I think I read today that there is a pic on the web with a certain 'ghostly' actor wearing his Bloody Face mask. LOL

yeah - I saw Mapothers name in the credits and was laughing - knew he'd not be a nice character somehow.

Know you watch community - you probably already read this but just in case

Boardwalk finale tonight - so sunday a little lighter already. Gyp has to die and I'm sure it will be bloody ! LOL

have a good weeeknd.