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Fringe and The Walking Dead Recaps 11/9/2012-11/11/2012

Hello Time Traveling Zombies!  I appreciate your patience over the past couple weeks as life has gotten in the way of me recapping on a timely basis.  I think we still were able to have some good discussion on our favorite shows.  I had another busy weekend, so you're ending up with a 2 for 1 deal in this post.  We're going to catch up on the latest episodes of Fringe and The Walking Dead!  Let's not waste time and get right into this thing!

Fringe: Season 5 Episode 6 - Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

Wow, what a weird, wacky, crazy and awesome episode.  Pocket Universes?  Well, I guess it's not as great as visiting OVER THERE, but it combined 2 of the favorite themes of Fringe.  Time Travel and Alternate Universes.  The two topics really go hand in hand.  And, it might be hints at things to come as we close up the series.  Here's a few sentence recap before getting into our analysis.  Walter found yet another tape taking him on an adventure to recover another piece to the puzzle of stopping the Observers.  He ended up in a pocket universe to retrieve our favorite "empath kid" from season 1 (Ep 15 Inner Child) who will be an integral part of his plan.  They fail to retrieve him but find a Radio that was left in his place that might lead to him.  Peter, Olivia and Astrid follow Walter's trail and rescue him from an  encounter with Windmark and his observer/loyalist squad.  Peter starts to realize his Observer tech abilities but keeps it secret from the rest of the crew.   If only I could keep all of my recaps that short, right?!  Okay, let's analyze! 


Glyph Code:  SPLIT - Split Universe?  No clues on this one, but could be a hint of things to come.  Thanks Fringepedia for screenshot as always!

Observer Spotted!  Obviously, they're clearly in every episode now.  I just keep this in here for tradition. 

  • Walter's whole dance to get into the pocket universe was pretty classic.  Other than that and his food obsessions, Walter was pretty serious for most of the episode.  But there ended up being a reason for that! 
Food of the Week:
  • Red Licorice!  (or maybe it was the grape kind that was in the lab)
  • And on the video he stopped for Raspberry Danishes.  Hysterical.  

Points of Interest:

  • Peter is clearly a mess in his grief over Etta's death.  Plus, the observer tech is taking over.  We opened the episode with him repeating a hologram voice message from Etta.  Olivia found him there and they shared a moment, declaring that they want to be there for each other and to be open.  But, clearly Peter is hiding what he has done.  Then we see his abilities in effect in the pocket universe.  He was able to find the exit without the choreographed dance that Walter came up with.  And then he went full on NEO with his attack of Agent Smith...errr...the observer.  He was able to move like them and block their attacks.  The Observer warned him that he has made a grave mistake and does not know what is happening to him.   Peter snaps his neck and then VANISHES (like the Observers always do).   Lots of crazy theories out there involving TIME and who Peter could actually be.  Maybe September is the future version of him.  I doubt it, but if you think about how vested September has been in the Bishop boys and that he went against the other Observers who were trying to make him disappear, there is some plausibility to it.  Clearly, they don't look alike or anything, but maybe the tech takes over and changes your appearance.  I dunno, just an interesting idea.  But, I would prefer it to go another way! 
  • The Time aspects of the pocket were interesting.  Cecil ended up getting blown into the pocket universe accidentally 20+ years ago.  It seemed like days to him but years passed by.   The same thing theoretically was supposed to happen with the Empath Kid.  I started thinking that this pocket universe may be a way to travel BACK in time to prevent the Observer invasion.  But, it might not work like that. Time may only move forward.  Of course, they could make up the rules as they go on that one.  It's Fringe after all!
  • So, the theory is that the mysterious Donald has the Empath kid, (who I think we also theorized back in the day might be a young September).  Maybe, we'll get to meet this Donvan soon enough.  Who could it be at this point?  William Bell was still in amber when we last saw him, but if the Observers got their hands on Simon (Desmond), surely something happened with Bell too.  Maybe Bell escaped and went to the pocket universe and retrieved the kid.  I guess Donald could also be someone else who used to be a big part of the show, Charlie Francis.  Sure, he died in our universe in the original timeline, but maybe he didn't in the "Peter-less" universe.   That's a stretch.  But, it would be nice to see Charlie again!  Donald could also be Walternate or something crazy like that.  Some fans who have an attention do detail keep bringing up that on some of the "Previously Clips" if you turn closed captioning on, it mentions that Walternate is the one who says "Previously on Fringe".   Whatever that means, use your own judgement.  But, it would be interesting if Walter was somehow working with himself to stop this invasion.   We still don't even know if Observergeddon is happening OVER THERE too.   But, since we've said goodbye to that universe already, does it matter?  I hope it does!
  • So, we feared this and discussed it since Walter had those pieces of his brain reinserted last season.  Walter now fears that he is becoming the OLD Walter.  The one who would stop at nothing to complete his mission.  He would sacrifice others for the sake of finishing the job.  Walter is afraid of losing himself, but Peter obliges to not let that happen.  Of course, Peter has a little secret of his own.  
  • Did everyone notice the Fringe Glyphs were on the doors of the Pocket Universe?  That was a nice touch.  I don't know if there was any significance to the ones that were posted.  The boy was supposed to be in the one where there was an Apple, which could be a C, D, E, or F depending on the placement of other things in the picture.  I'm going to go with the theory that it doesn't matter which ones were on what doors, but that it was just a nod to the glyphs in the show. 
There's probably stuff I'm forgetting but I need to get to The Walking Dead recap while I have some time!  We can discuss the rest in the comments!  

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 5 - Say the Word

This show just keeps getting crazier! We followed the events that followed the intense deaths of T-Dog, Lori and maybe Carol?  Still confused on that one, but it sure looked like Daryl was grieving Carol's loss at the end of the episode.  Anyway, in the Prison scene there was focus on getting formula for the baby which Daryl and Maggie took care of.  They hit up a daycare with minimal issues.  Meanwhile, Rick grieved the death of Lori by going on a Walker killing rampage.  He also had a pretty violent encounter with Glenn who tried to talk some sense into him.  In Woodbury, the Governor continued to play his mind games with Andrea.  Michonne had enough of it and went all badass on a bunch of captured Walkers.   (I believe my exact expression was that all of the comic book hardcores had a collective "nerdgasm" at that moment)  Michonne was under the impression that they were prisoners in this town and no one could leave of their own free will.  They put it to the test and the Governor was already one step ahead.  The gates were opened for them to leave.  Andrea and Michonne had a falling out and Michonne ended up leaving Woodbury.  Meanwhile Andrea gets closer to the Governor and ends up being his date to the big party in Woodbury.  But, what ensued there was more than she could stomach.   Those captive walkers that were getting picked up by the "research team" were there for entertainment.  They had some Gladiator/Fight Club pit where Merle and some other dude fought each other with the "fake threat" of Walkers surrounding them.   I say fake, because their teeth were pulled out so they couldn't bite.   Yeah, but can't they scratch?  Maybe they don't have any nails either.  Anyway, Andrea was not a big fan of what was going down, so we may see some changes in that story. 

Meanwhile, Rick found the scene of where Lori gave birth and died.  But Lori was nowhere to be found.  Instead, we found a walker with a giant belly.  We were left to assume that it had eaten the remains of Lori.  EWWWWW!!!!  Rick totally shot the brains out of that walker and then oddly started stabbing its giant belly.  Was his method of dealing with his wife's death to theoretically stab her!?  Strange!   I'm sure it was just venting and releasing frustration.  

You'd think that would be enough for the episode, but then a phone starts ringing in the room.  HUH!? We all are on the edge of our seats waiting to see who is calling, but all we get is Rick's "HELLO?" and a cut to black.  UGH!!  Guess we'll have to tune in next week!   Who do we think it is?  The Governor or his peeps?  Someone else?  No clue, but excited to find out! 

Here are some other interesting moments from the episode:
  • It sure looked like we were seeing the Merle of old this week or who we could assume Merle would have been if we had seen him more.  He was having a field day messing with the Walkers they FISHED out for the fight club.  Also, he went all bezerk on his opponent doing some crazy kick boxing moves to take him down.  (Or maybe Mixed Martial Arts?  I am pretty rusty on my fighting lingo these days.  Who am I kidding?  I always have been.)
  • I know we mentioned it above, but Michonne unleashed was pretty awesome.  That katana blade or whatever it is makes for some awesome Walker deaths.  We need more Michonne!  I would assume that at some point either during or at the end of this season, we'll have Andrea and Michonne joining up with our buddies at the prison.  But, I've been wrong before! 
  • So, Carol.  Dead or not Dead?  They definitely dug 3 graves and Daryl put the flower by Carol's grave.  But, we never SAW her die, right?  We only found her bandana which she conveniently was wearing for the first time ever last week.   Isn't it a standard rule of TV that if we don't see the person die, then they're not necessarily dead?   Kind of like Frank Lapidus on LOST (spoiler alert?).  I'm holding out hope that she's still around.  
  • Daryl with the baby was awesome too.  Carl wanted to name her after all of the people they've lost.  But, I think we most likely will always be calling her Little Ass Kicker.  Hysterical! 
  • The 2 prisoners that are with the crew now were pulling their weight and very sympathetic to what happened.  Still can't remember their names, but they could see that this group had become a family.  Something that they've never really been a part of.  Maybe they'll get their chance.  They're going to have to if people keep getting killed off at this rate! 
  • Milton, the scientist, didn't seem to be a big fan of the Walker Fights.  He seems to have other goals in mind but Merle and the Governor were too busy getting ready to have fun to really listen to him.  He has experiments that he wants to do.  I'm sure it has to do with the whole Walkers and their memories thing that he was talking about in a previous episode. 
  • Oh and how about Gov and brushing Walker Penny's hair?  Was that his daughter?  I would have thought absolutely yes until I saw that big page of names with Penny's name at the bottom.  Has he been through various Walker girls to take the place of his daughter?   And what was up with all of those journal pages of just lines?   Very creepy.  

I think that's about it for today.  Sorry, I didn't have time to get some screenshots in this post, but I'm sure the text is more important!  After all, we love "DISCUSSING" TV.  If we want to watch it, then just watch it!   New Revolution tonight which I'll be recapping also.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Mike V. said...

FRINGE: Obviously, one thing I forgot to mention is that we cannot overlook the significance of naming this episode after the Alice in Wonderland novel "Through the Looking Glass" as well as the name of the season 3 LOST finale episode (only the 2nd best episode of the show). That is all. :-)

MJ said...

Fringe - Pocket universe was fun - loved the symbols on the doors. Have to say that when Walter started with the dance my husband was positive he was going to do The Time Warp dance from Rocky Horror. LOl He didn't - but wouldn't that have been awesome??
Loved Olivia telling Peter that they need to grieve together, but I think that ship has sailed. But Peter by the end having the power in zip in and out was too cool ! And I swear - Peter's hair looked different when he was fighting the baldies then when he got on the train. Walter feeling bad that he was ok using that guy - feeling that since his brain piece was put back in is making him the old ruthless Walter was so sad!

TWD - I thought that Carol was alive, didn't we see her walk outside ? I can understand Daryl thinking she is dead, but where is she? Also - Talking Dead - they seemed to hint that she was dead, but I do not believe that. Rick was awesome, as were some of the kills ! Got nervous when Glenn tried to get his attention though. But ewwwwww - that walker ate Lori, they confirmed it on Talking Dead. My take on Rick stabbing it's belly - Lori died cause she had to have the surgery to take the baby, so he was kinda killing the walker in the way his wife died?!! So gross though! LOL Fight club was kinda dumb to me, but Gov brushing his walker daughter's hair ! Crazy stuff. So I'm wondering if it's Mishonne or Carol that will make these 2 groups aware of each other. Cause we can't be done with Mishonne, fans were so excited for her to come so I have to assume we have some more awesomeness to come. Supposedly those who read the comics know who is on the phone !

Leslie said...

I still think Carol is alive. I think the gang is assuming she’s dead, but we haven’t seen her, and I don’t think they would let a character that has been there from the beginning just kinda disappear. Rick was looking pretty crazed in this episode. Pretty gross when he found the walker who ate Lori, and the bullet Carl shot her with. Daryl showed his soft side with the baby, then said, “Hello dinner” when he killed that possum. lol

The Governor brushing his walker daughter’s hair was CREEPY! I sorta took the journal with all the lines after Penny’s name was him going crazy after Penny turned. I’m still getting a Stepford Wives vibe from Woodbury. Looks all pretty on the outside, but CRAZY stuff going on behind closed doors! Loved it when Michonne got the upper hand on the Governor!

The phone rings??? I’m glad we only have to wait until the next episode to find out who that is according to Talking Dead.

Anonymous said...

Can you please elaborate on the tech in the back of Peter's neck(spine?). Until I saw this episode I didn't know it was there--I must have missed that ep.

Strange eps. Interesting how at the end Olivia gives Peter a look, wondering about him. After she was trying to figure out how he showed up so quickly(I can't recall her exact words but I want to say she was thinking he showed up out of nowhere).

I was wondering if Donovan was Broyles--just a guess since he's helping them? I guess we'll find out next week.


Mike V. said...


@MJ - Time Warp dance would have been hysterical. lol Didn't notice Peter's hair but I'm going to have to check that out! And definitely...poor Walter! So sad.

@Richard - The tech was a big outcome of last week's episode. We learned that the Observer's abilities comes from the tech they have attached to their spine. Peter killed an observer by extracting this tech from his neck. And then he inserted it onto his own saying he'd be 100 times the person that these Observer's are if he had that tech. So, now he's becoming observer-like...and who knows where this path will end!?

Olivia was confused at how Peter was able to get them out of that Pocket universe. Peter definitely "SAW" the exit just like the Observer's saw the entrance. She even asked did you know how to do that? Then she was probably confused why he told them all to go and he'd handle the observers. lol

One thing I totally forgot to talk about. Walter not remembering the Empath. Obviously, his brain is swiss cheesed but this might be the first reference in awhile to the time reboot. Olivia mentioned to Peter that Walter may not remember things the way that they do. Of course, then did it ever even happen in this new timeline? Season 4 definitely has made the show so much more confusing. And I think the writers are just not even worrying about it which makes it even more confusing!

TWD comments next!

Mike V. said...

Oh wait...and Donovan = Broyles? I don't know about it. I just assumed since Broyles is back in the picture it probably is NOT him. But, I guess it could be!

Mike V. said...

The Walking Dead

@MJ - I don't think we have seen Carol yet since she disappeared. If we did, I didn't see it. The last thing we saw was her run away when T-Dog sacrificed himself. Still didn't watch Talking Dead. But, I will! Agree on Rick going nuts and nervous with Glenn. thanks for the confirm on Lori being eaten. ewww indeed! (as I sit here and eat my lunch lol)

Interesting with Carol maybe making the 2 groups aware. I just assumed if Carol is still alive, she's still in the prison. But you seem to think she walked outside. lol I totally missed that. Michonne is definitely not gone from the show. And I figured the comic fans would know who is on the phone! lol

You know who we haven't heard from in a really long time? MORGAN (from the pilot episode. He and his son helped Rick) I keep thinking he'll come back into the equation at some point. As for calling the prison? Doubtful lol


I was wondering what Rick picked up...i guess it was the bullet that Carl shot her with. The possum thing was funny. I had a feeling that wouldn't be a walker that was hiding in that cabinet. lol

Makes sense with the lines in the journal. But what were all the names BEFORE Penny's name? That's why I wasn't sure if Penny was actually his daughter or not. But probably is. Totally agree with the Stepford Wives vibe. And Michonne pulling the sword on Gov? Yeah, that was awesome.

And I didn't even need to see Talking Dead to know we'd find out who next week! lol Then again, I did watch the previews for next week too. lol

Mike V. said...

TWD - Kirkman interview:

Mike V. said...

"Interviewer: I love that the Governor had written “Finalize budget for second half of the year” in his Big Book of Plans before going off his rocker.

Kirkman: Yeah, the Governor has a lot of big plans and I would encourage viewers to try and find hints at upcoming things in his notebook."

I was definitely planning to take a screenshot of this page. If I remember later, I'll add it to the blog. lol

MJ said...

TWD - messed up that they didn't even go looking for Carol though. Accidently tripped on some info about who is on the phone. All I will say is - oh boy ! Leslie - agree the possum was too funny.

Frinige - didn't we see a glimpse of Donovan from the back in the video? If yes then he was not Broyles. But - at one piont I thought that both Walter and the guy were in frame - so who was filming ?

TWD - a co-worker swears that at the end of last week we saw Carol outside. Now I'm not so sure. I just figured those lines were counting something - reminded me of the 4 lines with the diagonal thru to count 5 - if you know what I mean. Didn't notice the budget notation - or forgot it. LOL

Mike V. said...

TWD - Apparently, there may have been a deleted scene that showed Daryl grieving over Carol's "death"...(may have been mentioned on Talking Dead which confused people to think that maybe she is dead). I may have tripped on information too about the phone but I doubt what i saw was right. I did read comments on that Kirkman interview about the Governor's relationship with his daughter in the comics. Some pretty disturbing stuff there! lol

As for the journal - Yeah, there was a clear shot of a page with lots of writing on it. I wanted to take still frame of that and read it. I'm guessing that's where the budget stuff was among other things. lol I was thinking tallies with the lines too. Maybe we'll find out!

FRINGE: We may have caught a glimpse of Donovan. They kept talking about someone else being there, but I thought eventually we found out it was the empath kid. So there were 3 people. Donovan, Walter and Empath. So, actually, I'm not sure if we did see Donovan from the back. But if so..then yes..who was filming? lol

BTW....Science Channel is going to reair the entire Fringe series starting 11/20. There's an article on EW about it. Commericals are going to be features from "The Science of Fringe" which John Noble hosted on the Science Channel previously. I'll probably set my tivo. lol

MJ said...

LOl - just saw that about Fringe on the science channel. Here's the link if anyone wants the scedule

TWD - i don't know about a deleted scene but last night Daryl put a Rose on what we think is Carol's grave.

Mike V. said...

TWD - Yes, he did put the rose (or whatever flower that the 2 of them spoke about when looking for Sophia last season) on her grave. I think they were referring to an additional scene prior to that. I was just saying that maybe the "search" for Carol was cut from the episode. lol

Leslie said...

TWD - I saw Talking Dead, and they did mention a deleted scene with Daryl and Maggie where Daryl was grieving about Carol's death. They did show Daryl putting that cherokee rose on Carol's grave referring back to a story he told her last season when looking for Sophia, but even on Talking Dead, they didn't say for sure Carol is dead. In my mind, the grave only says they think she's dead because they had a grave for Lori and T-Dog, too, but there wasn't anything to bury.

Mike V. said...

Agreed Leslie. It wouldn't surprise me if whoever is calling on that Phone has Carol. But it kinda depends where that call is coming from (within the prison or somewhere else).

MJ said...

LOL on that call Mike ! Nice deflecton.

I watched talking Dead but guess I missed the part about a deleted scene. They def said something about whether Carol is dead or not but it confused me last night and now I can't remember exactly what they said.

Fringe - meant to ask, didn't that apt bldg look familiar? Like we've seen this on Fringe before ? I only remember that someone was across the street from it and was watching if someone was coming or going. Just can't put my finger on who and when!

Mike V. said...

TWD - Well, I didn't read who the call may not sure if I was intentionally deflecting! :-)

FRINGE - I thought the apartment building looked familiar too. I could have sword it was Fauxlivia's apartment, or she had a case there once. But Olivia and Fauxlivia lived in the same apartment in different universes, so I don't know why it would be different. Could be just a building in Vancouver that they've used several times for different episodes! lol

But yes, we've definitely seen a building that looked just like that! As for the relevance, I dunno!

Anonymous said...

Could it have been the apartment where the old widow was connecting with her counterpart old widower in the other universe? I didn't think the apartment looked familiar but maybe?

I saw someone claim on another blog that Peter said something about 'red shirt" Cecil being blown through the pocket universe portal but that Walter had never told him the specifics. Was that a Peter being able to read Walter like an observer moment?

I to am glad they brought back the observer child from season one. Could that be a young September from another timeline? Either way, I am enjoying how things from other seasons are becoming important in the end.

I figured that Peter's rash decision to insert the observer tech into his own body would have negative repercussions. The observer's revelation before Peter snapped his neck was pretty ominous. BTW, big Matrix fan here so it was cools seeing some of those effects being used.

I am guessing that at some point the transistor radio (more obsolete tech,,, maybe moreso than betamax LOL) is going to start receiving a broadcast.

It's hard to read Windmark. He seemed almost OK with the outcome of the confrontation.

I didn't notice Peter's hair change either.

As has been the case with all previous seasons, the writers have us guessing and theorizing about what the end game is, and as usual my bet is they throw us a huge curve at the end.

Great show. I will really miss it. Just glad that it is getting a proper ending.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Bill, I'm going to respond to your comment a little later (after I write the Rev recap and get to work lol)

Just wanted to share. This is the episode I was thinking about with that building. But it turns out I think it was a different building, but just looked similar. (first picture in recap i think)

Mike V. said...


It may have been that apartment. I don't think it was but possibly. I still feel like we've seen it before but it may be just that it was close to that other one i posted in my last comment.

Interesting with peter possibly reading Walter's mind. I didn't catch that if that was the case, but it's totally possible. I'll have to check it out!

I've always speculated that the kid might be a young September, but who knows? I'm still confused with the season 4 "reboot" and how they're still revisiting season 1 cases as if they all tackled them together. But, Olivia did mentioned that Walter may not remember it the way that they do...but that also could be because his brain is fried. lol So confusing!

Agreed on the observer tech having negative repercussions. I'm starting to wonder if Peter doesn't make it out of this story alive. That would kind of be a tragic way to end things though. I guess where there's a Walter there's a way (to get out of it lol). Agreed on Matrix stuff. (well...wasn't a big fan of the 2nd 2 movies lol)

Yeah good call on the old technology. lol But yes, I would hope the radio would start working or else this episode was a complete waste! lol

Didn't catch Windmark's reaction, but yeah it's hard to read ANY observer. lol

Agree with your thoughts on the season and series. I'm glad we're getting to see them end things. I just wish I didn't have so much confusion and outstanding questions over season 4! lol

Anonymous said...

1.OK, I saw last weeks ep where Peter took the tech and put it on his spine. Answers a lot of questions for me. After watching that ep and recalling this recent one, it began to ring a little familiar(Lost) where love and feelings come into play. Recall Walter telling Olivia to stay close to Peter.

2.Peter and Walter are changing now, maybe in ways such that they can be more help in defeating the Observers.

3.BTW, just a crazy thought perhaps but CO2 is great for plant life. Maybe the Observers are trying to make sure we don't kill our planet's green life?? I can't really think of a logical reason for them to come back in time and kill the planet or it's life forms(animals won't live long with too much CO2 as well as humans). So, the lack of a reason(at least one I can identify) along with Billy's objectives makes me wonder about the big picture.

4. At some point now with Peter having the Observer Tech, I think he will go into the future to see what they are all about.

5. Was it just me or did( in the Origins ep) the explanation the Observer gave about the worm hole not collapsing permanently seem weak. Really, to bring in a fly diversion, when the device worked as noticed by the other Observers setting up an identical device.

6. I think it's cool that Peter has the Observer tech. It will help us see things from their perspective and maybe open up the big picture story line. In addition to him having some powers.


Mike V. said...



1. Agreed. There are definitely a lot of similar themes for LOST and Fringe. Also makes sense since they're both character driven dramas.

2. Yeah, one would hope that even though the changes are seemingly negative, it will help them in taking down the Observers. It just may not end well for all involved. We'll see!

3. I would think exactly the opposite. I think the Observers don't want us much plant life around because the oxygen levels would be too strong. I was actually starting to think that they may need to start planting gardens all over the world to rid them of the observers. lol (half kidding there, half not lol) But, if the season premiere is any indication, Walter did focus on a dandelion in the final moments. A sign of life. But clearly they keep bringing up the oxygen levels for a reason. We'll see!

4. Possibly! Not sure I agree that will happen, but I guess technically they could go there.

5. I thought the explanation worked fine. Peter misjudged some reactions the observer made because of the fly, so he didn't set up the machine correctly. I didn't see any issues past that! lol

6. True, both he and his wife have "abilities" now. And yes we might be able to start seeing things from their perspective. I still wonder if they're going to go for a twist like he IS September from the future or something crazy like that. I would love if a reveal happened that somehow connected the whole series together. But, we'll see!

Anonymous said...

5. From an observational perspective and from what the other Obsevers said, the device seemed to work. Items were moving through the worm hole. There may not have been enough anti matter. But to me the easiest explanation is we don't know what's on the other side, ie that Walter's supposition may be mistaken??? We may never know, but seemed important>

6 Peter as September, hadn't thought of that one. That would be interesting. Maybe Peter and Olivia's son--I know that's just crazy.

Mike V. said...

5. I think the device worked but not FULLY. That was the problem. There may have been one tiny thing off where it appeared to work, but it didn't fully destroy the wormhole. One minor miscalculation. Just my opinion!

6. So a future son, not one already born yet right? Like Peter and Fauxlivia's love child Henry that was erased from existence. lol Hmm..what if the empath is their child and actually becomes September? LOL Now that's WAY too convenient!

I do feel like some time element is going to come into play though. Like something that happens in this future WILL answer things that have happened in the past (i.e. in seasons 1-5 of Fringe). I don't know how that's possible with all the rebootmania they've done, but maybe. I just want some thread that connects the series together. We had it through seasons 1-3, but then the non-resolution to 4 has left me wanting more. (Obviously, I won't shut up about it!)

Anonymous said...

5. The anti matter which Peter shot into the worm hole was supposed to destroy it. But, you probably already knew that.


Mike V. said...

@Richard - Yes, I know that. But I forget exactly what the box was supposed to do. Was it only to open the wormhole? Maybe it didn't open the RIGHT wormhole because it wasn't calibrated correctly. I dunno. lol

MJ said...

Yeah - they look similar. Thanks Mike for going and getting that. Matrix - liked the first 2, not so much the third LOL.

Anonymous said...

The antimatter may have worked. If I recall either Walter or Peter said "this should set them back a couple of hundred years". Well, maybe it did but once they re-established it they could still send it back in time to the correct moment and place. In this time line it would be un-noticable.

As for the CO2, I had assumed that since the observers ruined their own planet (making them have to come back to our time to escape their world) that they had evolved in a way that their bodies adapted to higher CO2 levels. In order to make our timeline/planet more inhabitable they want to modify our environment. Although, you'd think that this excess CO2 would result in this world eventually being uninhabitable as well. Perhaps their plan is to continually jump back in time 500 years and repeat the same process over and over (very paradoxical). Anyway, I think this whole CO2 storyline was Al Gore's contribution to the script. LOL

Bill B

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, agree 100% on the 2nd and 3rd installments of The Matrix. I think they could have made one kickass sequel if they had combined both into a single movie.

Mike V. said...

@Bill - That was actually my initial thought when watching the episode until Peter reacted so strongly to that gate opening up again. I just assumed we were meant to think that it didn't work the way Peter expected. But I could be wrong

CO2 - that's exactly what they've told us on the show. They had to adjust their surroundings to make it more inhabitable. As for the paradox thing...yikes. lol Well, I guess since they can view various timelines they could just go back to another one and screw that one up?!? lol You're right...very paradoxical. But nice Al Gore comment. lol

Yeah..there was just so much potential from where the first movie left get what we got was just disappointing! lol But the first one will always be a classic!

MJ said...


MJ said...

Oops ! The link I posted above actually spoils something at the very very end !

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up! I hadn't read it yet...whew! :)

Mike V. said...

FRINGE - Was just talking to "AUStarWars" (regular commenter) and I totally forgot that we still don't know who this X-Man is. The person that's going to kill Olivia. Of course...we know Walter and Walternate have both shot her in the head in different timelines. But, I don't think Mr. X was Walter. At least, I don't think so.

Anyway, just one more thing to add to the things they need to cover in these final episodes. For a show that always has dotted i's and crossed t's (with the exception of maybe last season), I'm still holding out hope they'll cover this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder...

The "X" on the blimpman's shirt was the same as the "X" on the nanite designed by Bell (in the episode where Jones was tampering with the escalator, S4 ep 20 I think).

I thought that pointed to Bell being the mystery man on the blimp. And since he pretty much tried to kill Olivia at the end of Season 4 (not directly but as a byproduct of collapsing the two universes) I thought that closed that mystery. The guy on the blimp was Bell, which would make sense because the entire episode on the blimp revolved around Bell being in Olivia's head and them needing to get him out or Olivia would be lost forever (two consciousness' can't occupy the same brain).

Bill B

Mike V. said...

@Bill - could be right on that one. But, then why did Mr. X say to Peter "It's nice to meet you" as if he never did meet him before in that season 3 ep?

I'm going to look some stuff up on Fringepedia to see if they confirmed any of it. I'll post my findings if there are any! lol (yes, I could have waited and checked then posted this but where's the fun in that?!)

Mike V. said...

Okay, I didn't find anything concrete confirming that it was William Bell who was going to kill Olivia based on the X-nanites. But, I guess that will be one conclusion to draw if it's never brought back into the picture! lol

Anonymous said...

There is also an open reference from episode 19 last season (letters of transit). When Etta and Simon freed Astrid and Peter, I believe Astrid asked Walter about leaving Bell in the amber. At that point Walter said something about "don't you remember what he did to Olivia?" That could have referred to the Season 4 ending or it could have referred to something that happened between them after Season 4 but before they ambered themselves. It still has not been explained why Bell was with them at that moment anyway. I would bet we will find out.

And I agree that the "glad to meet you" line was somewhat open too. Maybe it was someone else or maybe it was Bell, afterall the episode was called LSD, was animated and took place in someone's subconscious. I just thought the "X" on that nanite pretty much indicated it was Bell.

Besides, Olivia has been killed a few times already. Maybe the writers should cut her a break and kill someone else this season. I don't need to see her die again..LOL

Bill B

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and we also still have September's revelation that "in every timeline you must die". What's hard to gauge is whether being shot in the head and being dead and later revived (thanks to cortexiphan) fulfilled that revelation.

We'll seeeee.

Mike V. said...


Bill, I remember both statements too. I figured the same as you with Walter's comment about what Bell did to Olivia. And yes, I agree that we'll need to find out why Bell was with them. I'm sure they're saving that for near the end of the season/series.

You could be right with the X on the nanite. It seemed pretty obvious. Of course, September was also referred to as MR. X in the episode where Peter went into his brain. lol

As for September's comment about dying in every timeline...I thought that referred to the season 4 ending where Walter shot her. But you're right...tough to tell since those crazy observers seemed to be all knowing and he probably would've known that Olivia would heal herself.

But yeah...agreed...i don't need to see Olivia die again! lol But, I sure hope the "X" man story thread has a bit more closure than we've received so far.

As proven with approval of how LOST ended, I don't need things to be crystal clear on everything. I thought Fringe was headed in that direction. But it more and more looks like it's not. But, I would love for there to be a Q&A with the Fringe brains where they would address some of these lingering questions if they're not addressed on the show! That definitely was annoying with David Chase with the end of the Sopranos and even Lindelof/Cuse that just went with "The show speaks for itself" line. At least when BSG ended, Ron Moore released a podcast explaining why they made certain decisions that they did. We may not agree with some of them, but at least we know. lol

Of course, I do slightly understand what they're dealing with. There's just no way to please everyone with an ending or even a final season. But, at least in all of these cases, they got to call the shots and do the ending they wanted.

So bottom line, I agree with everything you said Bill. lol

Anonymous said...

I thought the Observers are from a different time and/or alternate reality, but same base planet. Much like prior seasons for our characters.

Earlier, I pondered on the idea of the Observers opening the second wormhole much as Bill B provided. But, that brings up the obvious questions about them coming back to a timeframe with that knowledge having already been gained and then prevention being put in place. Which of course leads to the notion of whatever happened, happened as the other side of the coin. Many have debated the concept of time travelers being able to change the past. I tend to think they can and do, by their sheer presence.

But, I don't write the show and with this much "hocus pocus" have tried to not put too much analysis into it.

I still hold out hope that the Observers are not "bad", maybe I'm too much of an optimist. But after that scene where he described them as the shoe crushing ants--he makes the case that they're bad.


Mike V. said...


@Richard - I don't think they specify which "timeline" the observers come from only that they're from the distant future. (we did get a year at some point. maybe 2600 something??) But, they have been observing both universes in the past...of course that was probably because of Walter's whole mess he created when September distracted Walternate. They had to get things back on track for their ultimate timeline.

I think we've proven in Fringe-land that altering time is very much at play. There are 2 concepts of time travel that works of fiction can try to tackle....creating alternate timelines by changing time...(Fringe, Star Trek Reboot, Back to the future)...or whatever happened happened (LOST). Of course, it just made sense for Fringe to go that way since they were already playing around with parallel universes which are different because of different decisions made (similar to altering time).

So Fringe, if someone travels to the past, it's the first time that that ever happened and time is being altered by their presence. In LOST, if people go back in always happened that way so time is not altered. i.e. the Incident happened on the island BECAUSE Jack and crew were back there to cause it.

Ahh fun stuff! lol HAPPY FRINGE FRIDAY!