Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly TV Discussion: 11/18/2012 - 11/24/2012

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  As per new tradition, this is where we discuss any and all TV outside of our normally recapped shows.  Probably will be some pretty minimal discussion with the holidays, but it's here just in case.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Grimm: At least Nick knows that Juliette has feelings for Renard - thought he'd actually find out he was a royal though too. Poor Nick! Going to miss this while it's on hiatus, but I know - it started so early.

Homeland: Just watching these guys listen to Carrie have sex with Brody made me uncomfortable. Nice seeing Dana actually not hate her mom for 1 ep. Wasn't shocked that the girl had already been paid to keep quiet though. The actor playing Brody was really good this week - you coul dhear the pain and pressure when he was screaming at Jessica. But wouldn't you think Nazir's peeps would be watching Broday - so that Carrie should not just be running into his house in full sight ? Just saying. But I can't tell if Carrie is really just playing him or not. I think she might be this time. And holy crap - Nazir is here !?! But how many time can Carrie keep ignoring orders yet the still send her out in the field !?! LOL Two weeks ago SNL did a Homeland skit - very fuuny.

Dexter - I watch that too but will have to comment later.

Mike V. said...

All I've watched so far is Homeland. Hopefully Dex tonight!

HOMELAND - I was laughing the entire time during that scene with everyone listening. Love when Saul said to turn it off on the other dude turned it up. lol No, I wasn't too shocked to see that the family had been paid off either. Still crazy.

Good point on Nazir's peeps watching Brody. Maybe, they're a little short handed these days! lol Carrie is the new Jack Baur...she just does what she wants. But yikes she was driving me a little crazy this episode. lol I think the one who is more ambiguous this season would be Carrie. Is she just playing Brody for the job or is she really in love with the guy? Actually, it's not really that ambiguous. I somehow think it's just BOTH! lol

But yeah, Nazir is here! He had been before though, right? Wasn't he here at the end of season 1? Or was that all via phone when he talked with Brody about going into politics? Anyway, still has been a fantastic season. This was one I worried about going into season 2 but it is totally living up to the hype! I saw the SNL sketch too...funny stuff! lol

I heard Revenge is suffering a bit this season so far. I'm way behind but we're planning to catch up. I'm actually glad Last Resort and 666 Park Ave got cancelled. I figured they would be but I deleted them off the DVR immediately! lol

MJ said...

Homeland - I think Nazir was only on a computer until now.

SOA - heard actor Donal Logue will be on for a few eps - love him ! Loved his show Terriers. It was his sister (real life) that was the nurse that Otto killed.

HIMYM - that damn song is in my head now. LOL Ted was actually funny this week - him being a stamp tramp. LOL Made me remember that he has a tramp stamp though - or did he get that removed?

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Ahhh..okay. I thought for sure he was in person in season 1. But, it would make sense that this is his first time here.

HIMYM - Surely, he got that stamp removed! lol Actually it was marshall that was the stamp tramp! lol Ted jumped on other people's ideas and passed them off as his own. Loved that he had that sweet moment with Lily and then the whole "take a month break" comment slipped in there. lol Fantastic.

SOA - I'm sure I'll know the actor when I see him...but I never did watch Terriers. It's on my Netflix Instant queue for a rainy day! lol

Still no Dexter. Almost done with Grimm!

Leslie said...

I hadn't heard that Last Resort and 666 Park Ave had been cancelled. I had already stopped recording Last Resort after the first 3, but still have 666 saved, but I guess I can free up that space now.

I'm looking forward to a free movie channel preview for the 4 day weekend coming up, so I'm hoping to watch this season of Dexter. I keep reading your comments, and I can't wait to watch this season.

MJ said...

HIMYM - yeah I know it was marshall who was the tramp, should have phrased it better - Ted was funny trying to prove he'd ever been a stamper. The tramp stamp took over my thoughts. Was sweet that Ted's only stamp turned out to be Lily !

I've had to time shift Revenge most weeks this year - just too much stuff on sundays.

BE - OMG that Gyp is just insane. Richard was sweet this week - feel so bad for him. But wait til you see the last few minutes !!!! think only 2 weeks left.

MJ said...

AHS - meant to add last week - apparently I had the wrong character in mind with who gets messed with. Should have known Quinto was playing a psycho. But i don't get Ann Frank - labotomys don't turn you stepford !

Mike V. said...


You're reading about Dexter before seeing it!?!? Oh I guess you'll be able to watch a lot of it this wknd, but you won't get to see it all unfortunately! Not over yet. :-(


HIMYM - I gotcha. lol

Revenge - Yeah, I've been time shifting a lot of crap and Revenge fell to the back burner. We'll catch up at some point. And Sundays will eventually get easier. lol

Still no BE for me yet.

AHS - Yeah Quinto...I should have seen it coming and kept suspecting something, but really didn't confirm my suspicious until the minute they walked into that apartment. lol Yeah the Anne Frank stuff is just bizarre!

Another 90 minute SOA tonight. It's EW's cover story this week and apparently the scripts have been shorter (Tighter) this season, but he's been letting the episodes breathe in the editing room. Too many great performances where 2 minute scenes are now taking 3.5 minutes. Pretty crazy! lol

Mike V. said...

Didn't get to watch SOA last night. It's just running too late now!! But, we' thought it would be a good "Thanksgiving Eve" screening since we definitely won't be hitting up the bars tonight as in previous years. lol :)

Going to watch Boardwalk this morning, or as much of it as I can. It's already getting too late! lol

MJ said...

Well - SOA was brilliant as always. I'll post my thoughts - so don't read yet. LOL

SOA Another great ep - only 2 more to go I think. The pressure is really getting to Jax - and me ! At one point I thought Nero was gonna do something bad to the MC - almost felt like his guys demanding guns was his doing cause I have always felt he was almost too nice. Did not see it coming that he goes and shoots up his own guys. And I was afraid for Jax when the cartel/cia picked him up. I kept thinking that they couldn't kill Jax - but with this show you never know. I also felt Clay getting very dangerous again - like a trapped animal. But what/who the heck is Donal Logue ??? And why does he hate the MC? He has to have some pull in order to get into solitary to beat on Otto, then show up as a visitor !! If real life he is the brother of the actress who was the nurse who was killed, but i doubt they'd make him her brother on the show.

MJ said...

For all you Big Bang fans

Mike V. said...

B.E. - Well, I was planning to watch like 20 minutes and head to work but I couldn't stop! What a crazy episode! Knew Gyp was going to kill that brother the minute he opened his mouth. But, I loved the touch at the end with the bottles rolling up on shore near Richard and his new lady friend (also liking that story). Then there was the congressman (Shooter McGavin) and his brother. Should have seen him killing himself but it still caught me off guard! Crazy!!

But SLATER!!! WHAAAT!?!?!? That was nuts. I knew they couldn't leave town but I can't believe they killed off Slater after killing Jimmy off last season. I wonder who will fill that gap now? Maybe Richard will come back into the fold. Crazy crazy crazy. And Margaret is pregnant with his kid? I got the hints at that in the Hospital scenes earlier...but still. CRAAAAZY. She is sooooo p.o.'d at Nucky right now it's crazy.

Then there's conflict brewing with Chalky and Nelson is getting his hands dirtier by the episode.

It's going to be a bloody final 2 episodes. Gyp has to go down at the very least! lol

Sorry I missed SOA...I'm sure it's awesome and can't wait to watch!