Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer TV 2012 Discussion

Hello fellow tv addicts! I figured I would post this for our summer television discussions. Game of Thrones wrapped up last night, Mad Men is wrapping up. True Blood is starting as well as the enticing looking Newsroom. And let's not forget Breaking Bad! I'm sure there is other stuff too. I don't think I'll be taking on any summer recapping but I'll definitely be up for discussing everything as always. So keep up the great discussion and I'll see you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

FYI I watched game of thrones on a lousy wifi connection but still watched and loved. Mad men I wasnt able to watch and someone cut the dvr recording off where I'm staying. Lol the nerve!! I'll be home later this week and will catch up.

I'll try to talk thrones as best as I can between my phone and iPad! Lol (I know...poor me and all my "i" devices. Still tough to type long messages on them! Lol)

MJ said...

OMG! I'll go long on thrones FOR you.

Loved seeing Kol Drago ! Was so surprised too. Dany obviously was in a future of the Iron Throne room - but was it ash from her dragons buring it all or was it snow ? I know when she goes outside it's snow - but the interior looked like it could have been ash. But where did all those Dothraki come from - thought they were all killed when the dragon was taken ?

But Robb marrying the medic ? Really ? He has sex with her once and marries her ? I'm guessing he'll pay a price for that! But that ending ! Holy crap.

Enjoyed all the humor of the ep - Ygrette hitting Jon upside the head with the sword, Theon and the horn blower.

And what the what is Jacquen ? His whole face was fake ?? I know the words he told her to say if she goes to Bravos was the title of the ep - but I'm not gonna try to spell it.

As for Jon - I still don't get (or keep forgetting) who this halfhand guy is that he has now killed. I don't know what I keep missing - but all I saw was that Jon wound up captured by the wildings and this other watcher was there. I get that the guy wanted jon to pretend to be a traitor to the watch. Now what puzzles me is that the fat guy and the 2 other junior watchers actually made a statement last night that halfhand and Jon were with the wildings. So they knew this all along when Jon never returned ?? It was stretching things a bit that Ygrette totally believes Joh is one of them now just because he killed one of his own. I'm sure there was way more to it in the books but it seemed a little silly in the show.

The white walkers look fabulous though. That dead horse was nasty though. LOL

I actually felt a little sorry for Theon. He might be an idiot - and a horrible war lord - but he is right. Why does everyone expect him to have loyalty and love for his owners? His dad gave him away as a slave/servant when he lost to the Starks. So while the Starks treated him ok - he still was their property - like any of their horses. Loved that it was his first mate (who talked him into going to take Winterfel in the first place) and it was him who knocked him on the head and said let's go home ! And RIP 'wise bald man' Lewin.

Sansa was so funny when she was laughing giddily at getting out from under Joeffry - until Little Finger pointed out she is not free. And he was super creepy talking with her - like you could feel that she was his mental substitute for Catelyn. Ewwww!

Stannis seems screwed. He will betray his men too ? What did he see in that fire - the dragons ?

Tyrion also is pretty much screwed. Getting no credit for saving the city, no longer the hand (though it was a temp job all along), and Bronn and his wild friends all gone. Some nasty cut on his face too. Nice way to give him the permanent scar but not have part of the nose missing as I read was the case from the book.

Kelly said...

Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA, I'm a busy girl lately!
GoT was ok, but I was sooo tired watching it last night that I didn't enjoy it as much as I probably would have. To me it didn't seem like a season finale, but I'm still familiarizing myself with the whole story.. so perhaps I should give it another watch.
MJ, how did you like Revenge? OMG best season finale this year, hands down! Do you think Victoria's dead? Part of me hopes so because it'd take a lot of gusto to kill off a major character like that (see: my hope that Clay would be killed off in SOA)... but part of me hopes not because she's such an awesome character (see: my sort-of relief that Clay wasn't killed off in SOA, lol)! Fauxmanda coming back pregnant? BOOOOOOO!!!! White-haired man not telling Conrad that Emily is really Amanda? And winking at her to the hidden camera in Conrad's office? Hmmm... methinks this could be a good revenge pairing next season! Or at least a worthy adversarial relationship.. Emily's mom being alive wasn't a big shock, they had been mentioning her a lot in the previous episodes.
Let's see, it's been so long since I've been here that I forgot what else I wanted to touch on... RIP Ringer and Awake.. not as disappointed as I thought I'd be about Awake. I like the show but it was hard to keep track of what happened in which world. But kudos to Jason Isaacs for his fine acting! I hope he does something else soon.
My new man is a fan of True Blood, so I'll probably be watching this season. I'll be completely lost though, because I've never seen even a minute of it! Oh well, I hadn't seen GoT either, so I'm sure I'll be fine :)
Hope everyone is doing well!

MJ said...

Hey Kelly ! yeah - Revenge was great. No way Victoria is dead - she got off that plane before take off. I have to say- I did not see FauxManda showing back up and preggers coming ! And yuck to Daniel hooking up with Ashley.

GofT - yeah I have trouble with it sometimes, but love it.

True Blood - I like this show. Not as good last season as it was in the past - but it's always a good time watching it. The first season was really the best - it was mind-blowing cause there was just nothing like it at the time. They'd talk about coming out of the coffin instead of out of the closet for instance. It was hysterical. And the characters were soooo over the top.

Mike V. said...

Hey mj and Kelly! I'll be brief obviously. Lol

Loved the finale but damn was it different than the book! All heading in the same direction but just executed differently.

Jon - halfhand set up 2 eps ago for Jon to not let those people die in vain. Them he started spouting off that Jon was a traitor. It was much cleaner in the books that halfhand wanted Jon to kill him so that he'd go undercover as one of the wildlings. You just had to assume a lot this way and assume that Jon understood what he meant.

Yup tyrion got a raw deal. He's actually meant to already look montrous in the books but dinklage is a little too handsome. Lol but he's perfect for the role. And yeah I told you about the nose. The scar makes a lot more sense for tv. Which he did have the scar in the book as well. Lol

Robb and catelyn's stories are really hurt by the fact that they don't know about bran and rickon being dead. It's what sparks their bad decisions. Robb is grieving and jeyne westerling (not talisa) comforts him and they bed together. Then he feels bad for deflowering her and does the honorable thing of marrying her. He is his fathers son. (outside of the whole supposed "bastard" thing). So Robb still had to get married and I'm assuming it's still about honor. Catelyn was driven to free the kings layer because she thought sansa and arya were her only remaining children. It's still a ridiculous move but her illogical decision is a little more justified.

Theon is definitely a more sympathetic character in the show than the books. Maybe they know something I don't from later on in books. But we were left under the assumption that he may be dead in the books for a long time. They clearly show him getting knocked unconscious here lol. Hysterical speech and then knockout though.

Jacquen refers to himself as a "faceless man" from braavos. In the book he actually uses his hand to change his face. I figured they saved cgi money this way. There are rumors that he might be syrio her old dance master since we don't know what happened for sure with him. Jaqen may show up in later books but I won't say :)

Danys entire story ended up being different. The prophecy was really cool in the books and hinted at the whole Jon snow origin stuff among other future events in the books. But I still like what they did here. It looked like snow in the throne room but with a dragon scorched roof. Could have been white walkers too for all I know. Lol

And that white walker stuff was kinda part of book 3. We really only saw one white walker on the dead horse. The rest were reanimated dead people (wights). Reanimated by the walkers!

Great stuff though! Gotta go. I'll try to write more later! :-)

Mike V. said...


Leslie said...

Mike - Can't wait until you can talk Mad Men - after these last two episodes, I can't imagine what they'll do in the finale! :)

Hi Kelly! - Revenge - Agree with MJ that Victoria isn't dead, but I don't think we should assume that Jack is Fauxmanda's baby daddy either.

MJ said...

I got that halfhand wanted Jon to kill him - but what people die in vain ? And I still don't get why halfhand was with the wildings. Ah - I see - the guy on the horse was a white walker - the rest are zombies. LOL

Thanks for the BB link - will check it out.

Leslie - good point on Jack not necessarily being the baby daddy. hey - where is Takeda these days? LOL - only kidding on it being him.

Mike V. said...

The group the Jon and halfhand went out with. They were all killed by wildlings and halfhand was captured. It was all because Jon didn't kill ygritte and catch up with them. It happened much differently in the books but ended the same. Jon is with the wildlings and halfhand is dead. Lol

Yeah I guess they're zombies but the predate the walking dead authorship-wise!! Lol

Seriously can't wait for season 3. I know you don't want to read the books yet but book 3 is one of the best books I've ever read. (could be just in a high right now lol). I don't think even doing 2 seasons worth of book 3 will do it justice fully. Im sure it will be awesome though. Of course if you were going to read it I'd recommend starting from the beginning naturally. :)

Kelly said...

Hey Leslie!
They BETTER not have Jack be the baby daddy! I'll have to punch a pillow or something!
I have nothing to watch this summer except for Futurama.. it's very liberating, I have had no time for other extracirricular activities! I started running and may do the Spartan Race next year. My man and his running buddies did it this past Saturday. It looked GRUELING but so much fun! Gotta get back in shape, I lost weight but now I need my muscles back. TV has freed me for a few months, lol

MJ said...

Oh snap ! I know where I got confused. I forgot the Jon splintered off with the other group of rangers - leaving behind the fat one who can't fight and I think Mormont ! that's why I was lost when you said they were all killed. So halfhand was part of this splinter group ! Sheeeeeeeet! that's why I could never figure out where this guy came from. LOL

Kelly - good for you ! I still have summer shows but nowhere near what I watch in winter.

I actually do old show marathons. Doing Supernatural right now - almost done with season 2 already.

hey - speaking of Supernatural - guess who was just on ? Six from BSG ! I know that the guy who was Baltar's lawyer will be on in a very big recurring role, but I never remembered seeing Six.

Mike V. said...

Finally saw mad men! Wow. Guess the foreshadowing to a suicide was accurate we just assumed the wrong person! Lol

Great ep. On my phone right now so I'll try to comment more later! Just wanted to mention I watched it. Lol

Leslie said...

Mad Men – Wow, is right! Classic misdirection by the writers making us think Pete was gonna be the one to kill himself, although we knew the forged check would bite Lane in the butt at some point, just didn't think it would go this far. That whole scene with Lane and Don was tough to watch. More great acting! Even then, I thought Lane might figure it out since Don was willing not to tell the other partners, but after Lane's exchange with Joan, I knew he was going to do it, but I figured he would shoot himself with Pete’s gun since they made a point before of telling us about it being at the office. What repercussions will there be for Don now? He told Megan about Lane stealing, but he didn’t tell anyone at the office. You just felt the weight of all of it on Don when he got home and found Glen there with Megan.

Then, we have the whole Sally and Glen storyline. I had never looked up the actor who plays Glen and didn’t know he is Matthew Weiner’s son! Great contrast with Sally and Betty going at each other in the beginning, but then in the end, Sally needs her mother, and Betty actually responds with some compassion!

MJ said...

G of T - awesome 'death' video

Anonymous said...

FYI - Fringe Season 4 dvd and bluray:
DVDs and high-def Blu-ray Disc releases of Fringe - The Complete 4th Season are now finalized and on the schedule for September 4th from Warner Home Video. It's priced at $59.98 SRP for the 6-disc DVD set, and $69.97 SRP for the 4-disc Blu-ray set; the latter comes with UltraViolet digital downloads (available only in the USA, not in Canada, and must be redeemed within two years of street date). Here's the package art for each version:

Taken from:

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Finally home and back in full force with commenting! lol


Mad Men - A lot of the critics thought that Lane's whole forged check thing was a rushed plot line. I really never saw it that way. The show is always doing things out of left field. But Lane's troubles seemed to be following him all season. Maybe it just seemed disconnected before thinking through it all. funny was it that everyone had been talking about how Jaguars are lemons all season and then when he tried to kill himself in it it wouldn't start!? lol good times. (Totally forgot about Pete's gun btw).

Did you get the feeling that anytime someone got in an elevator someone was going to fall down the shaft after Don looked in it that one time and it wasn't there? lol There seemed to be a lot more elevator scenes since that moment and I'm sure it was intentional. lol Repercussions for Don? No idea...but I'm sure he'll know in the end it was not his fault.

The Sally/Glenn stuff was a good time too. I didn't realize Glenn was Weiner's son either until I was listening to a podcast on my way home yesterday. I finally understand why they keep bringing this dreadful actor back on the show! lol But was nice that they finally gave Betty a "MOM" moment instead of showing how awful of a mother she usually is. Good stuff. I have no idea where this finale is going to go!

@MJ - Thanks for the GoT video link! That was fantastic.

@Bill - Thanks for the Fringe scoop! Already have it on my Amazon wish list. lol Can't wait to rewatch the entire series one of these days. Still have to get on that LOST rewatch!

Mike V. said...

Fringe comic (non-canon but sounds cool).

MJ said...

Yeah I saw that about the comic. Also read that Warner Bros are highlighting Supernatural and Fringe at comicon.

Mike V. said...

Hey everyone! Just letting you know I've watched True Blood and the Mad Men Finale!

TB - Much better than I anticipated although I could have predicted the final moment blindfolded while listening to a different show's soundtrack. lol I have a feeling the Bill and Eric stuff is gonna be a good time this season. Jason/Jessica stuff is already showing promise. Though the Jason/Hoyt conflict needs to end soon if the writing is gonna be as immature as it was last night. (the dude that coughed "girlfriend f'er" under his breath and then called him straight out on it? COME ON! lol)

Mad Men - Good episode, maybe a little underwhelming after last week's awesome ep. Don meeting Peggy in the theater was my favorite part. And of course the ambiguous ending. Did Don go back to OLD Don by the end? Or has he turned a new leaf? I felt like they were trying to show some mirroring to how his married life is starting to look like Don and Betty's married life....he pays the bills and she benefits from it. But, I just couldn't tell if that's what they were going for. lol Loved Sterling trippin at the end alone. lol (thanks for the brief nudity warning AMC!)

And of course the whole Pete/Gilmore Girl thing....loved the fight on the train and Pete getting punched in the face by the officer/train guy. lol But electro-shock therapy causing amnesia? maybe...i dunno. Never had it done! lol

Funny how they brought back the whole company's insurance benefits on suicide in the end. Looks like the foreshadowing all season was intentional. Crazy stuff.

Definitely a weaker season of MM, but still great. I have small hopes that maybe Breaking Bad can take it this year. It really deserves it. Then again, Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones were pretty stellar too! But I'm rooting for Breaking Bad first. Season 4 was top notch!

Mike V. said...

Old news from the wknd, but Henry Ian Cusick is not returning to Scandal. Hopefully this opens him up for another Fringe visit (or multiple visits!).

Leslie said...

Mad Men – Definitely not as exciting as the last couple of episodes, but still good in those subtle moments. Interesting that Don took it upon himself to reimburse Lane’s wife for his $50K contribution without taking it to the partners. And, Joan stepping up to take on Lane’s role in the meeting with the obvious empty chair. Loved the image with all partners standing side by side in the vacant space with Joan in the center.

When Megan was getting the hang up calls, for a second I thought it might be Glen fixating on her like he had on Betty, so it was funny when we learned it was Roger trying to get her mother.

Loved the scene with Don and Peggy in the theater! They were both genuinely happy to see each other. It was nice to see him giving her the well-deserved props while admitting he didn’t think her success wouldn’t include him.

I think Don really loves Megan and wants her to be happy, but he doesn’t want to lose her (like he just lost Peggy), so he’s conflicted because he thinks it’s either/or just like most people at that time. We don’t know what his answer will be to the girl in the bar, but I know I’ll tune in next season to find out! :)

Mike V. said...

@Leslie -

Nice observations with the Don $50K contribution (didn't realize that wasn't discussed) and Joan being at the center of that shot on the new floor. I did think the exchange between Don and Pete was hysterical. "I'm going to have the same view as you, Don" "congratulations" lol My wife thought the hang up calls were Glen too...funny stuff. lol I thought it was Betty for some reason...but she was MIA yet again! Good stuff.

Well if next season is like every other season there will be a time jump to start the next season. I think we're in 1966 right now...we probably have to get to 1969/70 in the final season and there's 2 left. So...I'm guessing we may not see Don's response to that particular girl...but we may be able to fill in the blanks on if he's still faithful to Megan next season or if he has returned to being a "player" lol Just seemed like he had gotten his strut back at the end of that episode... There's an interview with Weiner on pop candy I think. I'll have to check it out to see if he mentions anything we were supposed to take from the ending. But, it could be just him toying with us. lol

Anonymous said...

DVR viewing finally being factored into ratings?

Thought this might interest some since it specifically mentions Fringe and Alcatraz.

"....That's made delayed viewing a bigger piece of the total ratings puzzle, and left networks more patient with seemingly low-rated shows. The audience for Fox's Friday sci-fi drama Fringe, for example, surged 55% (and a stunning 73% among young adults) once viewing up to six days later was factored in.

In general, the most popular shows got the biggest net lift, while on a percentage basis, genre shows airing on low-rated Fridays got the biggest bump, along with NBC's Up All Night and Fox's canceled House and Alcatraz...."

Full article:

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link Bill! Not surprising with any of those shows. But still crazy to hear how much it surged. I do believe that there is a DVR+7 or 6 statistic that has been in existence for a few years now. Networks have been taking that into consideration with the growing number of DVR users.

I do think I read once that the count only includes nielsen viewers who do not fast forward through commercials and watch live. So, the audience is probably even larger.

Then you have to factor in those people who watch on the network websites, Hulu or purchase via iTunes, Amazon, etc... For some reason these statistics don't seem to hold any real weight even though it's becoming a much more popular method of digesting television for the country/world's youth.

(TO ALL) Speaking of which...I started REVENGE!! Watched 2 episodes last night. Definitely an entertaining show! I'm sure it only gets better as it goes on, but I will say that some of the acting is laughable. lol Doesn't take away from the story though. The funniest part of me starting to watch is that I recognize the youngest brother of the family that owns the bar (i don't know names yet. lol) the gay little brother on Gossip Girl. He must have had a serious talk with his agent to get him a role where there is no question that he's straight. lol Good times. (and yes, I've admitted to watching GG before and I have no shape! I've been a teen drama guilty pleasure addict since the one that birthed them all...BH 90210! But, I do feel like I'm starting to get too old to watch them. lol Thank God GG is ending after a short final season. lol)

Still have not started my LOST rewatch. But I'm almost through my season 2 GoT quick rewatch. I always enjoy the show more the 2nd or 3rd time around after I've read more and know what changes from the books will be made so I can see why they did what they did as it develops over the season. Good stuff. I'm seeing little clues in Dany and Jon's storylines that make a lot more sense now that I know where they're going with it.

BTW...i'm in book 5 now! (the last one that is currently out) Probably will take me awhile, but they've been very enjoyable (albeit..very detailed) books! Can't wait to see how the show interprets them.

Mike V. said...

"I have no shape"

Well that's awkward...that was supposed to be SHAME! :-)

MJ said...

I don't watch MadMen but I can't believe it was the finale ! Seemed like you guys just got that show back.

TB - Wasn't bad. I love my Pamisms - liked her wearing a Walmart sweatsuit. LOL Agree on the Jason/Hoyt stuff.

Mike V. said...


Yeah Mad Men was 13 episodes but it had been off the air for 1.5 years or more...crazy! Imagine how quickly 8 episodes of Breaking Bad's split final season are going to go in a few weeks!

TB - Pam-isms are always a welcome part of my True Blood Sunday Nights! lol

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Yeah, I didn't mean we would get the answer to how Don answered that particular girl, just that we would know what direction he goes when the show returns, and I hope we don't have to wait as long!

Revenge - Glad to know you're watching! Yes, there is some laughable stuff, but it's the outrageous stuff that makes it such a guilty pleasure. Keep us posted.

I've actually been watching Shameless based on comments I read here. Such a crazy family, but you can't help getting pulled into the chaos! William H. Macy and Joan Cusack are great!

Walking Dead - I heard they are doing a marathon on July 7th and 8th from the beginning with previews to Season 3 and a new Talking Dead episode, along with a black and white version of the pilot.

Mike V. said...


Mad Men - Ahh I see. lol I don't think we'll have to wait as long. The whole contract negotiation is complete and they have 2 more seasons (then that's it) to go. So, I'm guessing we'll see it premiere a year from when this one started, pending the schedule allows it with their other shows.

Revenge - I'm all for guilty pleasures so I'm looking forward to it! I have a feeling we'll fly right through this. Even if we watched only 2 eps a night we could be done in a couple weeks. But we'll see how it goes!

Shameless - Nice job on getting started on that one. Really a good show! Just when you think they would never cross a certain boundary, there they go doing exactly what you think they won't. lol But, it's all built into the name of the show!

Walking Dead - You heard correctly! I don't know if I'll be watching the marathon, but I'll definitely make sure I record Talking Dead! I don't understand the marketing gimmick with the black and white version of the pilot. Probably a callback to the horror/zombie days of old. lol. But still, it's a little silly!

Leslie said...

Walking Dead - I read the black and white version is a tribute to the comic books in some way. Don't know anything about them, so I don't know the connection.

Mike V. said...

Gotcha Leslie, that makes sense! (still think it's silly! but whatever lol)

DEXTER: Looks like Yvonne Strahovski just got cast in season 7 of Dexter! Nice...maybe that will help me look more forward to it. That and the how the whole Dex/Sis storyline progresses. (not the LOVE storyline!! lol)

MJ said...

TB - too bad most Pamisms can't be repeated. LOL

We knew you had shape - you tell us all the time how you're watching from the treadmill or bike. LOL

Revenge - def some laughable moments - def gets better. Like Leslie said - guilty pleasure type of show with great twists.

I'm almost done with S5 of Supernatual. Forgot 4 only had like 16 eps cause of that writers strike. Flying thru them - and loving them all again. Just saw Jack's son from Lost as a younger kid and Barbie vampire (Caroline) from TVD as an actual teenager in HS - plus others too many to mention that have been on hundreds of shows.

Probably get to Lost next, then Fringe if I have time.

Shameless : congrats Leslie. And you are right - it's almost a train wreck that you can't quite look away from. Agree Mike - no line they won't cross. LOL

Dexter: Be glad to see Yvonne again, wonder if she'll have her real accent ? And - dang ! I almost forgot about Deb suddenly deciding that she likes Dex. Eeeew! I chose to only remember that she, hopefully, is on to him now. Maybe cancel that other plot line totally. LOL Although - that would make 2 serial killers she has loved. Too funny - and dumb.

I loved Showtimes Homeland which comes back in the fall - want to rewatch the last 3 of those before summer is up. I think Episodes is back soon too.

Mike V. said...

TB - Indeed!!

SHAPE - Oh how I wish that were true! There's a reason I am tirelessly working on this treadmill. lol It's been rough going since my wedding!

REVENGE - Looking forward to it!

Supernatural - Nice...yeah I'm sure there are tons of "before they were stars" type visits on that show. I'd love to get around to it...maybe I will one of these days! lol

Enjoy LOST! I hope to get to it soon. But it's gonna take me awhile I'm guessing. If I ever feel the need to post something on the other site...I might do so. But, I'm thinking I won't feel that need! lol

DEXTER: On to him??? She totally CAUGHT him in the act! lol I don't think there's any going back from there. He has to come clean. There's hopefully only 2 seasons let's get this story moving ahead! lol Good question on Yvonne with the accent. We'll see I guess! And yes...I'm hoping they totally cancel the "love story" plot line. And my guess is that they will.

Homeland - Totally can't wait for this one to return. I'll be most interested to see how they keep the suspense going into a 2nd season. I have no doubt they can do it. The 24 peeps kept 24 interesting for awhile before it fell off the rails in season 6. lol

Episodes - I think it comes back next month. Looking forward to that too!

MJ said...

Oh - forgot to add that on TB I was concerned that they were going the way of Dexter when Eric announced that was his sister. But then he said they were only both turned by Godric - not truly brothers and sisters.

Mike V. said...

felt the same way with the TB thing. (also the way of Game of Thrones lol) But yeah, I felt like the Godric thing clarified that too. Good stuff!

Mike V. said...

DEXTER - maybe you already saw this but sounds like they're not shying away from Deb's feelings. lol

MJ said...

Yeah - was hoping that 'not shying from' means she realizes she doesn't and moves on, not that she goes down that road for real. LOl Just hoping.

MJ said...

Some great SciFi articles.

TWD - VERY spoilery pic from the set.

Nimoy interview - may come back for final season

AHS casting

From Chuck - Zach Levi

TVD - they changed who died last season.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the links MJ, I'll check them out! I will say I already read about the AHS casting. lol

As for Dexter - I got the opposite impression. She may realize in the long run she doesn't...but they still want to tell their story without doing any rewrites for the path they were planning to go down based on fan reaction. lol

MJ said...

Dexter - I meant I was hoping that is what they meant. Cause Ewww! LOL But agree - from the interview it won't end none too quick.

Mike V. said...

Ahh...gotcha! lol

The Mrs. and I are 6 episodes into's a good time! We saw the episode where the Mistress/Madeline Stowe's best friend was chased off the roof and is now in a coma. And then we watche the ep after where there was lots of investigations and false accusations.

I need to learn names...but College boy's friend from college is a total DB. What is up with him? I'm just making the assumption that he has a thing for his male friend and doesn't want him spending time with Emily/Amanda. Right now, I equate him to Oliver from the OC or Ellis from SMASH. Just evil in all of the most unentertaining ways! lol

So one more episode and I guess we'll basically be 1/3rd of the way through the season. lol

Recorded the Dallas premiere last night...had to watch the first 10 minutes just to see the opening credits and hear the awesome song! Seems like they're pretty much embracing the reputation of the original show and saying.."yep, we're back!" and not trying to do a "TOTAL" reboot. But, I'd have to watch more to see if that's true. Of course, not really having watched the original..not sure how I'd be able to compare too much! lol Every Friday night was DALLAS night for my parents..and I'd go to the basement and play video games. Still seems like a pretty appealing way to spend a Friday night for me! Especially with a child keeping my bar visits down a bit. lol

Mike V. said...

SOA Scoop -

Leslie said...

Mike - Glad you're enjoying Revenge. It just gets crazier from here! Tyler is the DB and is worse than Ellis!

I watched part of Dallas last night just out of curiosity since it's my hometown. Didn't watch the original. Didn't make it all the way through. Why doesn't someone tell Larry Hagman to trim his eyebrows? They enter a room before he does!

Mike V. said...

Leslie - LOL, I read some reviews on his eyebrows. Good times!

GRIMM + other NBC Shows - NBC has announced premiere dates. Some shows are taking advantage of the olympics coverage and starting early. Grimm is going to air during August on Mondays at 10 but then will resume its Friday slot in September.

MJ said...

Thanks for the link on the premiers. August ! Holy crow.

LOL on Tyler - you are right about him. I didn't like Nolan (rich guy that keeps sticking his nose into Em's plans) in the beginning - but he grew on me. Soon you'll be comparing the party planner to Smash's Ellis. LOL

I think Queen Victoria's friend that is helped off the roof is Lydia.

Mike V. said...

Yup...that was Lydia. lol She's awake now and remembering things. But she also overheard Victoria and Hubby talking about stuff.

Yeah, Nolan is definitely strange, but I've liked him since the first ep.

I think we're 8 eps in now. Getting in 2 a night still. I only have one more left to download then everything else is on the DVR! lol I had a few of those first 8 recorded too. We'll be done this in no time. Always nice just to focus on 1 or 2 shows during the week in the summer! Doesn't take too long to watch them either!

Of just makes the fall/spring worse when you have one more show to add into the mix. I still can't imagine being able to stay on top of the Wednesday shows throwing Revenge into things. We had a hard enough time watching AHS last fall. (We'd have to pick one anyway since they're both on at 10!)

Mike V. said...

REVENGE - Okay, so we were on a roll this wknd! We're definitely hooked. We got up to one episode past where the events caught up to the first scene of the show. So Dogen from LOST killed Tyler! NICE!! I, not for one minute, ever thought that was Daniel face down in the sand (from the first shot of the show)...Always seemed like we were set up for a bait and switch.

Loved the reveal that Charlotte is the love child of Victoria and (Real) Amanda's Dad. Also loved the dinner where this all came to light for Charlotte. Intense stuff! Love that Tyler is dead! But (fake) Amanda is still in hiding somewhere. I'll have to go back and check the dates on when these aired to read some of all of your comments on the show back then to see what you said. Glad I tivo'd the season all year though!

WATCHED True Blood too. Entertaining still!

Mike V. said...

FOX Fall Schedule:

Looks like Fringe will start AFTER the World Series on 10/26. But, I don't think it will be ending until sometime next year. Just a simple counting of the remaining weeks of 2012 from there would tell us that! lol I hope they don't spread these 13 episodes out so that it starts in October and ends in May. lol I'm guessing they'll air through november (maybe skip black friday), maybe air an episode or 2 in december...take a couple week break and then return to conclude maybe in February Sweeps. We'll see!

Mike V. said...

my bad...they put fringe on there starts in September. lol maybe we will finish it in the fall!

MJ said...

I wasn't surprised that Daniel wasn't the one dead on the beach - but was surprised they brought Tyler back. And that Dogen (LOL) did the murder and then took Real Emily with him. And Charlotte being real Amanda's half sister blew me away. I'm trying to be careful not to confuse the order of things so I don't spoil you. There are still twists to come. LOL

I'm gonna hate the stop/start of Fringe. Start in Sept, off for playoffs, on and off for holidays. I was actually hoping fox would hold it til Jan and just run it straight thru.

I am on my final season of Supernatural so Lost should be next ! My first total rewatch of all eps. Prior to this I was sick once and rewatched some of season 1.

True Blood - not as many Pamisms last night. I already read how someone from Cougartown was a chancellor so I know you were excited by that. I guess they are trying to give every character some air time - but it's like most of them have 4 lines and we're off to the next group. I wish they'd cut it down a bit to 2 or 3 of the main characters for the ep or something. Develop these stories a little deeper at once instead of each weeek getting tiny pieces.
Thought it was odd too that the Authority questioned how Eric and Bill feel about vamps living in harmony with humans. I think their actions certainly prove this so how did the authority not know that ? Loved the UV lights in the prison. Tara is seriously pissed LOL And Luna's little wolf in the pj's was jsut the cutest thing !

Mike V. said...

REVENGE - Yeah...i was shocked Tyler came back too. I was so thankful when he got arrested. His storyline escalated EXACTLY the way Oliver on the OC did. (funny I compared them. lol) ...but his return was unprecedented! Yeah the whole Dogen/ Real Emily thing was nuts. Oh, I'm sure there are more twists to come...and I'm looking forward to them! This is soapness at its finest! LOL

FRINGE - I don't know if they'll plan to start stop in October...maybe they'll miss a week at most. Last year they had intended to air Fringe straight through the World Series and scheduled around it...but then the weather delayed game 6 causing game 7 to fall on a Friday. They can absolutely fit 13 episodes in in the fall. Of course, that could put a series finale in December. I'm sure you're right'll probably stop/start and we'll finish in January/Feb timeframe.

SUPE/LOST - Wow, you flew through supernatural very quickly! That's exciting that it's your FIRST rewatch of LOST. It might be like watching the show almost for the first time all over again. I can quote episodes line for line with the number of times I've watched it! lol But, without needing to worry about the mystery can truly enjoy it for the great show that it was. I envy you! Of course, I'll be doing it soon too. I have 1.5 episodes left of my Game of Thrones rewatch then LOST will most likely be next on my treadmill list. And, knowing me, I'll probably squeeze in a few non-treadmill sessions too! lol

True Blood - Funny that it was a Pam Flashback episode and she didn't have many pamisms! lol Oh...that lady is a minor character on Cougartown....I saw her and she just didn't seem to fit in! I asked my wife if that was the lady from cougartown and she confirmed. lol I hear you on narrowing the focus of episodes. It's the same problem that Game of Thrones is having too. And when we saw an episode like Blackwater, we see how good the show can be when it focuses on one plotline for an entire episode. I'm hoping they try to embrace that a little more. Sopranos used to do that. The premiere would set the stage for the season introducing all storylines...but then the episodes in between would take the focus down to a few characters. I actually thought TB was doing it last night until they brought Jason's storyline back in in the middle of the episode. But, I always welcome some Jason comic-relief. lol And even with his buddy cop partner in Andy!

UV torture scenes were definitely cool. I was confused by the line of questioning too. Maybe because they killed the authority member and fired the rocket launcher at the witch building causing them headaches after headaches. lol But, once they mentioned that they needed to keep up good publicity for Vamp/human relations...I knew they were going to use that Russell knowledge! (not that it was too hard to predict! lol) Tara is definitely P.O.'d ....of course..her character always is..and knowing her hatred of vamps...making her become one is the ulimate insult! lol Luna's wolf was a good time...agreed! lol

Mike V. said...

REVENGE - We are flying through the season! Watched 3 eps yesterday so we're thinking we'll probably fit in 3 tonight and be done! Can you believe it took you guys 9 months to watch this season and we watched it in a week and a day? :-) lol

It's still been pretty intense. The minute I saw that hitman hanging in his prison cell, I knew he was murdered but I didn't think they'd link it back to Amanda's father's death as well. (I kept theorizing that he was still alive since we had never seen his death, only heard about it. lol) Pretty good stuff. And then Daniel falling in line with the family to defend his father. UGH! Thought he'd be redeemable! lol Maybe in the long run...we'll see. I keep thinking Fake Emily/Real Amanda is going to cave and come clean to Jack...but then we wouldn't have a show, right? lol

It's going to be interesting to see how they manage to get a season 2 out of this show and keep up the intensity that has lasted this whole time. You'd think once people find out who Emily really is there wouldn't be much of a show left....but then long can she keep that charade going? Of course, I will continue watching to see how they keep it up!!

MJ said...

Revenge: Ugh! Daniel becoming just like the rest of them kinda broke my heart. I had envisioned that by the end of season Emily would have a hard time choosing betw Jack and Daniel - ut they sure blew that one out of the water. My only issue is that Daniel's about face was just so sudden in the whole story. But - it's fun too. I won't say more - not 100% sure what you have or have not seen yet. Have you got the vibe that the party planner is just like Smash's Ellis yet ? LOL

TB - guess since Pam wasn't yet a vamp in that flash back that she wasn't quite on par with her current sarcastic self yet. LOL

I've been trying to rewatch Homeland's first season too. What a great show. Just fabulous.

Mike V. said...

REVENGE: Let's see what else did I see? There was more to Nolan than meets the eye. His Aunt is involved and he knew about Emily's dad's murder. There's the whole Teenage Drugs storyline going on with Charlotte that's all "been there done that" lol (makes me think of Jesse Spano on Saved By the Bell being hooked on sleeping pills or something like that. "I'm SO EXCITED!! and I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT..waaaaaaaa!!!" That may be after your time...but look it up on's fantastic lol) Daniel's about face was definitely sudden...I guess we didn't hear the whole conversation of his Dad's confession...but Emily/Amanda certainly did. She didn't seem to think he'd turn like that. I'm sure Daniel's road to becoming a villain won't be him being all evil all the time. I'm sure there will be some conflict along the way that may keep Emily/Amanda conflicted between him and Jack.

Haven't seen any sign of Faux Amanda or Dogen lately. I figure if anything they'll show up in the finale...and I think I saw some casting scoop that she would be back in season 2.

As for the party planner - I guess I can see where the comparisons to Ellis are but she is nowhere near as annoying as Ellis! It looks like Daddy Grayson is bribing her with cars to continue working for the family and not the Police Chief from Flashforward. lol (ahhh the ABC family loves recasting their contracted actors! lol) I'll keep tabs on it. The thing that annoys me most about her is that she is clearly always carrying an iPad around everywhere she goes but they covered up the logo!! lol

TB - Touche' on Pam. lol

Homeland - Yeah, it really was awesome. I think this year's Emmy may be between Breaking Bad and Homeland. If there's any season to finally dethrone Mad Men, it would be this one! I'm not foolish enough to think that game of thrones has a chance, but I'd be thrilled if it won. In all honesty, Breaking Bad really deserves it this year. But there's so many good dramas to choose from, it's hard to be a loser in that category.

MJ said...

Revenge: Ah yes- Charlotte's addiction. hated that ridiculousness almost as much as Jack's brother's going to the rich new prep school first on Charlotte's dad's dime then Nolan.
Party planner - it's just the way she always seems to be in the right place at the wrong time - LOL. And the way she has weaseled from the job with the atty to Daniel's dad. She's smarter than Ellis though. Nolan having an Aunt was a nice surprise.

Emmy for the drama - I'd be hard put to pick one (though I don't watch MM) but I guess Breaking Bad would be it. Homeland was fab but BB was better.

Mike V. said...

If the Critic's Choice awards are any indication, we might see Homeland run away with Best Drama. But Breaking Bad get the acting awards. We'll see!

I saw some other news today that I meant to post, but I forget what it is! lol Oh well...if I see it again I'll post it.

REVENGE - Agreed on the bad plot lines...I'll have my finale synopsis ready tomorrow...hopefully! lol And I timed things perfectly..sent a Netflix disc back and Justified Season 1 disc 1 should be here tomorrow! :)

Mike V. said...

All caught up on revenge!! Great show. Will comment more tomorrow but wanted to share link:

And mention I was so close on my theory that her dad was still alive. Got the wrong parent! Lol finally see the Ellis comparison. And the plane blew up at 8:15pm!! Lol

Going to bed but I'll write more tomorrow. Thanks for all of the recommendations all season to watch!

Mike V. said...

Can't believe I didn't mention this. Saw an article that fringe show runner Jeff pinker is stepping down. Wyman is gonna do it on his own. Really bizarre!

And emilie de ravin was promoted to series regular on once upon a time! You go Claire! Lol

MJ said...

Another Fringe tidbit - nothing that is surprising really though

I did read that about Pinker, and Emile De Raven too.

Revenge: LOL on the wrong parent. I made sure to stay away from any discussion on FauxManda's parents.

I'm doing a 12 hour overnight for a software upgrade so I'll be home sleeping a good part of the day. I'll respond to any of your Revenge comments thursday probably.

Mike V. said...

That actually surprises me a little with fringe. I figured we'd be jumping past the pregnancy but would still be seeing the events leading up to the observer takeover. Maybe in a 7 season version of the show. Lol I figured we'd revisit 2036 as well though. There is a chance noble doesn't know everything though!

Sounds good on revenge comments. I still need to post them later anyway! Lol

Mike V. said...

REVENGE: Whew what a rollercoaster ride to the finish! The flashback episode was kinda cool...seeing that other ABC Employed actor get whacked (friend of her father's). Obviously we knew he'd die since he wasn't in the present day. But seeing Amanda/Emily portray some emotion in that episode and in the finale was a nice change. She has put up this shield of revenge that it seems like nothing ever gets to her. We see her finally crack in the finale when she lost Jack to Fake Amanda...PREGNANT Fake Amanda! WHAAAT!??!?! lol

My wife called that happening...that she'd show up..not that she'd be preggers. I knew something would prevent her from telling Jack the truth, but that was pretty nuts. Now, if she tells Jack the truth...there is baggage associated with that.

And then with the Graysons...OF COURSE there's a bigger conspiracy at play. I don't know how I never think about these things....season 1 of any decent show is always on a microscopic level and then it expands in further seasons and gets complicated. (LOST being a perfect example of that) There's always a bigger story to tell. So the Grayson's are just the tip of the iceberg in a cover-up that probably will eventually reach governmental levels. It is a terrorist plot afterall that was covered up. But now Amanda's Mom is involved? Interesting... Have we met the mother yet? At first I thought they were going to try to suggest that Victoria was the mother...but that wouldn't make any kind of sense especially seeing that 1992 flashback episode where she was just meeting David for the first time. I briefly thought of Nolan's aunt maybe being the mother...but i doubt it. Probably someone we don't know yet.

Real Amanda's Fight with the White Haired man was pretty awesome. Nolan as a cable guy was hysterical. But the White Haired Man was Bill Buchanan from 24!! Loved him on 24!

Then there's the plane crash...Surely, they didn't kill off Victoria! So, it'll be interesting to see how they get themselves out of that pickle!

Really good show...I'm kinda upset I waited until the end of the season to watch...but then again..I watched the whole season in a week which is also really nice! lol I'm sure we won't be able to wait until next summer to watch all of s2. lol But something will have to give. AHS vs. Revenge. What gets the Wednesday night treatment!? If I have to will be Revenge since the Mrs. wasn't really a fan of AHS!

Leslie said...

Revenge - Been waiting to comment until you finished because I was afraid I would mention something in an episode you hadn’t seen yet! Glad you liked it! Would we steer you wrong??? Yes, we knew Fauxmanda would show up again, but her being pregnant was a surprise. I figure Jack’s not the baby daddy, and there’s more to that story. What about that whole thing with Sammy dying??? Such a tearful episode! All along I kept saying that Sammy sees the truth, so why doesn’t Jack see it, but then that would be too easy!

No, we never met the mother. Emily had made a comment that she died when she was young, but that’s about it. Yes, that fight with the white-haired man was intense, but the problem is that Emily told him the truth about who she really is. Surely that will come back in a bad way, especially since we saw that wink he did at the end when he was in Conrad’s office.

I’m thinking Victoria is fine, but I bet Lydia bit the dust. And, then there’s Charlotte…..will she be saved in time?

Actually, I think I read that Revenge is moving to Sundays to take the Desperate Housewives slot which is worse than Wednesdays!

Mike V. said...

Hi Leslie! I appreciate you withholding the comments so you didn't spoil! lol

Good point that the baby is probably not Jack's. That would be a good way out of the mess.

Yeah totally forgot to discuss the Sammy dying. Very fitting the way it happened (and cannot believe they actually wrote it that Jack wouldn't think to check that house for him when he couldn't find him). But it was nice Amanda got to be with him at the end even though Jack doesn't realize it. And very touching!

I know we haven't met the mother...i was saying what if it was someone we already knew but didn't know it was the mother? lol I'm guessing that won't be the case.

The White Haired man had a chance to come clean to Daddy Grayson (still forget his name lol) and he didn't. He even said that he and Amanda have the same goals. So I'm guessing there's a reason he didn't say anything. But still...he can use it as leverage against her. Looking forward to it! (oh duh...Conrad...I see you mentioned his name now. lol Missed that wink!)

You're probably right that Lydia is a goner. Makes sense. But Madeline Stowe is pretty indispensibe I would think. We'll see. Charlotte got really annoying by the end so hopefully they go a different route with that story or just kill her off! lol

Totally forgot Revenge was moving to Sundays. You're absolutely right that is totally worse! LOL Too many cable shows on that night. I can see that causing major problems...but we'll watch it eventually! lol

Mike V. said...

LOST - Brace yourselves first FULL LOST Rewatch after THE END has begun!

I'm 1 episode in and a little into the 2nd part of the pilot, and I'm already back in love with the show. Doesn't take long. I know I've said this before, that I can fully enjoy the show as a SHOW first on my rewatches and not worry so much about the mysteries. It's even more true now. We have our answers..all the ones we're going to get. So, I can just take things at face value with my future knowledge in mind.

I remember I have harped forever on wondering how Locke predicted the weather and why there were so many crazy storms on the island. Just in this pilot, seeing the weather change so quickly when Jack/Kate/Charlie headed for the fuselage....we get a shot of Locke on the beach (as we know...fully recovered from paralysis) and he is embracing the fall of rain. The dude is just in tune with the Island and this was the first time he saw the weather change. He probably could figure out the weather pattern changes after that. I'm sure others figured this out much sooner than me, but I was always looking for more! lol Now that I know there won't be any additional explanation, it just works for me as is. I'm guessing a lot of things will pop up like that throughout the show.

Although, when Desmond meets Mrs. Hawking and she predicts that man with the red shoes dying....I still won't find any resolution to why she knew that!! lol And obviously, nothing will prove that Jack's ex-wife is Annie! :-) (just kidding, had to bring that up)

Hmm...if I feel I'm going to be making these comments from time to time...I wonder if it's worth a new post on the LOST blog. I could always summarize them on a season by season basis if I really want to go there. We'll see how re-immersed I get into the show.

I will say's good to be back in that playground! Some parts of my brain that have been down and out for awhile are starting to tingle with excitement again. :)

Leslie said...

Revenge - Oh, misunderstood your statement about the mother. I think I remember reading they were casting for the mother. Yeah, Charlotte was pretty annoying. I think we could go on without her. :)

LOST -I've been thinking about doing my first LOST rewatch this summer, and reading your post makes me want to get started. I loved that show! :)

Mike V. said...

REVENGE: No problem on the mix-up! And agreed on Charlotte! lol

LOST: If I had been really disciplined enough...I would have tried to rally up some troops on the LOST blog and have a scheduled rewatch....have so many episodes done by so and so date and then we could discuss. But, that's a lot of dedication and I'd have to keep to the schedule myself! lol I'm guessing i'll be probably watching about 5 eps a week with my current morning workout schedule. But, maybe I'll be squeaking in a few more here and there! Depends on the Mrs. and the little guy! lol

But definitely, start your rewatch. I have been dreading it and I don't know why. I loved rewatching the show between seasons almost every year during the show. I don't think the fact that it's over now will make me enjoy it less! And 1 hour in, I'm happy to say I'm still just as excited. lol Sorry LOST CREW, I have not moved on...and not sure I ever will! :)

MJ said...

I might be able to start Lost this weekend - not quite finished with Supernatural yet. Had to slow down with my 12 hour shifts at work for a few days now. LOL on the Annie though.

Revenge - yeah Sammy dying was so sad. I totally avoided mentioning that cause i could not tell if you'd seen it yet. Pretty much agree with Leslie and you both - Queen Victoria is not dead, RealEmily's pregnancy a surprise, etc. And yes - bill buchanon was awesome.

I haven't yet started to study the new nights for things as they often get changed by the time Sept rolls around. But i had probems getting Revenge watched this year sometimes - I'd be a day behind.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I don't see there being any way I can watch Revenge on Sunday nights, but since my wife is already going through withdrawals since we caught up, I may have to rearrange my priorities! :-) But with Homeland, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Once Upon a Time and Revenge...that is a very crowded night! And obviously I'll have to watch TWD! :) I'm sure I'll be falling behind on Dex again. lol

LOST - finished the pilot episodes...though I got lazy and didn't get on the treadmill. :-) I just get too into that show! lol I've seen those episodes so many times but I still love them every time. It's crazy when I see Boone...he doesn't even seem like the same actor that is on TVD these days. Ian did a pretty good job distancing himself from his Boone character.

I never got a lot of the Kate hate on my journeys through LOST, but some of her acting in his episode was downright laughable. Then was Josh Holloway's line "I know your type. I've been with girls like you before"....Kate -> "not exactly like me!!" LOL

You know..I never did recap those season 1 episodes so this is almost like brand new territory for me to comment on things! lol

And of course, Charlie's "Guys, where are we?" line....some people will think that question of all questions was never answered but I was able to fill in the blanks in my head! Naturally, the backgammon scene with Locke explaining the origins of the game and the 2 sides Light and Dark take on additional impact with season 6 bringing things back full circle with man in black and white (jacob) and the black and white stones, the senet game and all that fun stuff.

And of course...Smokey is already on the prowl in his long con! The pilot of Oceanic 815 (seth something, right?) was certainly not a candidate! lol

REVENGE - I guess we kinda wrapped up discussion on that for now!

There's some interesting links on TVLINE today. Scoop on Dexter season 7 and then another article with scoop on ONCE, Fringe (we already read it before but they bring it up again0, etc...

Well...hope everyone has a good weekend!

Leslie said...

Started my first LOST rewatch this weekend! I couldn't stop once I started and watched 6 episodes! It was like visiting with old friends. :)

MJ said...

Hey - I starated my Lost rewatch also ! I think I got 5 in. Got disc one done and I think just one from disc 2.

it really is like visiting with old friends. This time I'm just watching - not focusing on isues and mysteries. Like Jack's dad leading him to the cave and coffin - just going with it.

Though it's funny home so many of the characters have already made statements that become defining for them. Kate's already been told by 2 peeps that she's restless and doesn't like to stay in any place too long, Locke already did his don't tell me what i can't do and the dark/light comment.

Forgot how much I disliked Jin in the beginning too. LOL

Oh - but guess what I cannot remember ! Who Adam and EVe turned out to be ! Was it Mother and MIB ?? i can't remember

MJ said...

True Blood: Tara has just lost it ! And what about LaFayette with that bleach ! I know he realized in time, but thats obviously a foreshadowing of what is coming. And Jessica's reation the the fairie was hysterical - but she has smelled fairies before, she knows Sookie afterall.
Salome - poor Eric, he's always 2nd in line, so to speak. LOL Loved the isteak - and we have an app for that line.

oh - back to Lost - funniest thing. A pretty important character on Supernatural in the early years was a YellowEyed demon - and it's the actor who played the marshall - and they said he's turing yellow. Cracked me up !

Mike V. said...

LOST Rewatch - guys are gonna beat me big time on this LOST rewatch! lol I'm almost 3 episodes in. :-) But the beauty of this rewatch is...I have these episodes practically memorized so if you feel like bringing anything up go for it! lol

MJ, glad you're taking up the "just watching" approach to LOST. It really is a fantastic show without just focusing on the mysteries. Of course, we now know that the Christian Shephard that led Jack to the cave was the man in black. (confirmed in season 6) for the missing body in the coffin. Most people speculate that MIB hid the body to really throw Jack for a loop. Makes sense to me.

I thought the same thing with the characters. Their defining traits were so blatantly expressed in those opening episodes. lol

And yes! Jin was the first character that did the infamous 180 on us from most hated to most beloved. Several followed...of course.. the attempt to humanize Ana Lucia didn't go so well. lol

Yes, Adam and eve were the Mother and MIB's body (not his spirit/energy/life force or whatever lol) ....Jacob put them side by side....but ironically...i don't think they were side by side when Jack and crew found them. lol

And nice on the LOST/Supernatural tie-in with the marshal. lol Maybe once I'm done the latest Song of Ice and Fire book (game of thrones)...I can dedicate that reading time to my LOST rewatch! Still have 2/3rds of the book to go! lol

and UGH...i wrote a whole thing on True Blood and when I was copying and pasting into here...i deleted it by accident!!! I'll have to try and remember what I said. lol

Mike V. said...

True Blood:

Okay, so I agreed with Tara and LaFayette....with Tara we obviously know Pam is going to come to her aid and start being a good "maker"....the flashback scenes basically set that up. (cool seeing Eric and Bill meet for the first time too)

The Jessica/Fairy thing was bizarre...agreed with that too. Best I could come up with is that Sookie hasn't fully embraced her Fairy powers maybe that's part of it?? lol Still hysterical!

Then I just talked about how I'm enjoying the Authority story. It's a bit confusing...but the characters are a good time. (Bill's Sloppy Seconds line was hysterical, as was the "There's an app for that"..."efficient" lol)

Andy's whole facebook "walk of shame" was a good time too. lol

Leslie said...

LOST - I'm watching through Netflix streaming, and I didn't have an HDtv until season 6, so the beach scenes look great! MJ, so funny you mentioned Adam and Eve because I had to stop and think about that one, too, but wasn't sure of my memory. And, I had the same thoughts on Jin and the traits of our main characters. Of course, I also wondered when I watched originally how they were gonna keep this story interesting. Little did I know then! lol

Mike V. said...

LOST - I got an HDTV in the middle of season 3...and it was amazing how much better the show looked! I had already picked up season 1 and 2 on DVD...but season 3 was released on Blu-Ray and I snatched that up....then of course when 1 and 2 were later released on blu-ray...i couldn't resist! lol So...while I could be doing the Netflix thing, I'm going Blu all the way!! lol It has a nice "Season Pass" it picks up right where you left off on any disc. (of course...would anyone tell if I watched a few minutes on netflix during the day on my phone?? lol)

I did wonder also during season 1 how they'd ever turn this into a series. They definitely found a way though! lol Blew our minds away in the process!

Mike V. said...

NEWSROOM - Anyone watch this? If not, I highly recommend. It's Aaron Sorkin TV so obviousl, it's smart TV. But it was done really really well. Definitely a lot of potential for a series. But, the pilot was "put down the iPhone/iPad and watch fully" good!

LOST REWATCH - I picked up the pace a little bit yesterday but I don't think it'll be a regular thing! Got through White Rabbit and am in the middle of "House of the Rising Sun" (where they find Adam and Eve). Comedy that gets me every time. Charlie finds Kate's shirt...."it was full of bees"...charlie: "i'd have guessed c's actually" LOL Good times.

Locke had his encounter with Smokey and saw something beautiful. I had speculated in the final season that maybe he had seen a vision of the SOURCE...he says in season 3 that he saw a bright white light. But who knows what Smokey showed him. Obviously though, I would think smokey scanned him at this point to start prepping his long con. And of course, not long after he flew to the beach and started impersonating Christian Shephard and leading Jack to water and an empty coffin.

In hindsight...the black and white stones included with adam and even should have been a dead giveaway to who Adam was of Adam and Eve. And season 6 we did start speculating that the man was probably the Man in Black. But we didn't know who the woman was. And there's no way we could have until "ACROSS THE SEA" aired and split the LOST fanbase in 2. lol

Outside of the mythology..the show is still continuing to deliver the goods on entertaining television! :-) I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it!

MJ said...

Agree with both of you - when i set out to watch the pilot years ago I thought' how can this be sustained as a series' as well. Was it going to be a dramatic Gilligans Island. LOL Goes to show you you just never know.

I watched a few more last night - they have just figured out that Ethan was not on the plane. Forgot how creepy Ethan was. had to stop myself - Claire was at the psychic and I felt excitment with the whole 'you must raise him, he's special and needs your influence'. That was one of my biggest disappointments - the Aaron story that wasn't.

Hmm - I forgot that Christian that we are seeing is MIB/Smokey and not an actual ghost of Christian. Remember how we went on and on about the name Christian Shepard ? LOL

The husband was making fun of me - Jina nd Sun were at the airport and in the background some other flight was being called and he was all like - does that mean anything? Different numbers. Singapore' LOL I had to laugh and give it to him - cause I was that crazy at times.

Mike V. said...

Yeah...we definitely went on and on about Christian's name. I loved in the series finale when Sideways Kate said to Desmond.."his name is Christian Shephard? SERIOUSLY??" lol

Those 2 episodes with Claire getting abducted by Ethan and then the following episode with Charlie getting hanged was when I officially got hooked on LOST. I'll agree, the whole psychic thing not playing a bigger role and Aaron being special was a disappointment for me. It seemed so important at the time. Not sure if you remember, but I theorized about that Psychic for a long time thinking his role was bigger....I also thought that there was going to be more to Christian Shephard's death than what was made of it. The fact that Jack says "who leaves a wallet?" when he investigated his room made me think that he was taken there by force. Then again...he was hammered and Ana Lucia took him to see Claire's Aunt and then he went to the bar and ran into sawyer. Not sure how he paid for those drinks!! lol

Funny with your husband and the attention to details! I hear ya. I was like that too. Of course, my wife was napping yesterday and I squeezed in an episode before waking her up...then I told her that's why I let her sleep. She just rolled her eyes at me!! LOL

MJ said...

Yeah - we all thought the psychic was real important and key. Agree on Christian - we did all assume that he was kidnapped and killed. Cause we all at this point started to think it wasn't just coincidence that these people were all on the plane. It started with Claire being told she has to take this flight, and now we will start seeing how they all were intersecting and we were so convinced that their presence on the plane was somehow controlled and manipulated. That's another thing I was sorry didn't play out.
My next ep is Claire's actual kidnapping - last night it ended with them figuring out Ethan was not who he says and Ethan coming up on Charlie and Claire as they are heading back looking for Jack.

Falling in live with Hurley all over again ! he's starting to get his good lines, created the golf course. Good times.

MJ said...

Ugh meant Love not live ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Well - I think they kinda did pay off the whole interconnected/manipulation part of things. We know Jacob was "touching" these people and making them "candidates" ....and we know that he brought the people on that ship there. (season 5 finale - Man in Black says "you brought them here") So, while Desmond caused the plane to was all Jacob's doing to bring them there. These people ended up being important to each other (i.e. the sideways explanation)...and they were destined to play a part in each other's that could explain the interconnectivity. Once we were forced to embrace that there was a bit of FANTASY to this Sci-Fi epic....a lot of this stuff was more explainable. lol

Yeah...I figured that's where you were with the Claire/Charlie storyline....sorry for SPOILING your 2nd viewing by talking ahead! lol (j/k)

BTW..i think my comment this morning may have gotten lost in the mix....Did you (or anyone) see/or were you planning to watch Newsroom on HBO? Either way...I recommend it! Very good start!

Mike V. said...

Random side note: So, I'm pondering installing DISQUS for the comments sections on these blogs. It's used on most of the entertainment sites these days and on various blogs. You can respond to specific comments, like comments, edit comments (if you get a DISQUS ID) and it tracks your comments across various sites.

I can also import all existing comments supposedly (I'd be concerned of it working). Maybe I'll test it on the Flashforward Blog to see how it imports the comments. I think we can live if those comments get lost forever! :)

Any thoughts on making the switch? MJ, your typo correction made me think of looking into it. lol

Mike V. said...

So, I'm testing out DISQUS on the FlashForward blog. ( If you have a sec, go check it out. Just click on comments of any of the posts. It's going to take a day to import all of the comments. Let me know what you guys think! I'll post a comment in the "TV ADDICTS BLOG IS LIVE!" post lol

MJ said...

Ok - will check it out.

I do agree the interconnectivity id get played out. I meant that i had wished the part where we thought it was this great master plan and the were put on the plane would have been right.

Mike V. said...

I gotcha. lol Yeah...I just finished the Malkin episode too. Definitely seemed very important at the time only to be diminished in season 2 when he says he's a fraud. But even if he is a fraud, why would he put Claire on that flight??? What did he get out of it?

I'll remain convinced that Jacob was involved somehow. lol

So I'm working from home today and there's a potential to have Netflix running while I'm working and can keep this rewatch going. But how much would i really get done work-wise?? lol

Leslie said...

LOST - I caught up last night with where MJ left off the day before. They just discovered creepy Ethan wasn't on the plane, and he just came upon Claire and Charlie. Agree with MJ about loving me some Hurley! Also some intense stuff with Sayid's backstory and him with Rousseau, not to mention torturing Sawyer! I got caught up in the tension again even though I knew how it was going to turn out! lol

I went over to the check out the new comments section. I'm one who resists change, and it may not have to do with this type of comment section, but I don't like other sites where people get so hateful when they reply to specific posts and stuff. It may be that the people who visit your blog are just nicer and more respectful. :) I didn't like the idea of having to enter my email address to post something. Does that display somewhere? Also, makes me fear creating spam.

Mike V. said...

Sounds like we're at the same place, Leslie. Though, as I mentioned, I may watch more if I have some downtime. lol

Well, you guys comment the most besides me, so if you're not on board then neither am I! Thanks for checking it out. If you fully embrace it and create a logon can edit your posts and track your comments across sites and who likes what you've said, etc... (of course, there's no way to turn off DISLIKES on the free version...I don't like that). I like that you can respond to speciifc comments.

But in all honesty, all of that stuff would have been better if we were still dealing with LOST blog type comments with 100s per day in that final season. I think this is pretty manageable. It was just an idea! lol

Mike V. said...

Watched "all the best cowboys...." on my lunch break. Still one of my favorite episodes of the show. And of course..ends with the discovery of the hatch!

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones "behind the scenes" news:

Leslie said...

Lunch break - yeah, right!

There's a hatch??????? :)

Mike V. said...

No seriously...I literally took a lunch break! Went to kitchen, made my lunch, fired up the blu-ray and watched it! Now I'm back at my desk doing work. :-) lol

Sorry about the spoiler! LOL

Leslie said...

Next thing you know you're gonna tell me something crazy like there's a guy down there pushing a button every 108 minutes! :)

MJ said...

Well - I was going to say how strange that we are all at the same spot - but then Mike had that big lunch hour. LOL I actually did not watch Lost last night as I had to clear up some other stuff I'd been taping.

Agree - seeing intense Sayid all over again was great - and the whole Nadia thing too.

I didn't sign up at the other one yet - was waiting to see if Mike actually started using it. But when it asked me to put my email when it asked for a name I just made a fake one up. LOL

I'm older then you Mike - as I think Leslie is too. I don't care if we use that other one. My only thought - that i left on that site - was that once you respond to a specific comment it starts it's own tree and I thought it could get difficult to keep up with other's comments.

Mike V. said...

Well, I'm going out of town for the wknd and I doubt I'll watch much it wouldn't hurt to get a few episodes ahead! lol

I'll ask a 3rd time...did anyone watch NEWSROOM? It was really good! lol

With DISQUS - I responded to your comments on the flashforward site. The thing I thought would be cool was that if we talked about one show...we could have all responses under one post and then all responses for a different show under another post. WE'd have to be pretty disciplined about it though. I think it would have benefitted with LOST when that blog got out of hand with comments. I think we're managing pretty well here. I'll leave it alone for now. But...I'll keep FF the way it is just to check it out a little more!

and Leslie - That's just ridiculous. Who would push a button every 108 minutes?? lol

Leslie said...

Mike, I think you were just jealous that MJ and I got ahead of you! :) And, no Newsroom for me. I don't get the movie channels, so when I catch shows from them, it's on Netflix so I'm always behind. Still waiting for Season 6 of Dexter and now Season 2 of Shameless.

Interesting....23 is the number I'm having to enter to post this. :)

Mike V. said...

Well, I won't lie that there is some motivation to keep up with you both! I thought I'd be just watching an episode a day. But, I know myself better than that. lol Jealous?? naaaaa :-)

That would be another benefit of DISQUS - no more CAPTCHA! lol (or however you spell that)...but when it shoots up numbers like 23, it's hard to dislike it!'re probably gonna be waiting awhile for those seasons to show up on netflix! But, totally understandable on not wanting to pay those premium prices!

MJ said...

Too funny on the hatch you two !

Breakin Bad trailer ! Looks fab

I almost forgot it comes back in 2 1/2 weeks !

ROFLMAO - i swear I kept meaning to say YES - I watched newsroom and I enjoyed it. I've liked Sorkins 2 other shows as well. Cracked me up to see the L&O guy drop the Fbomb. Cause I'm that mature! LOL

Episodes comes back as well. So eventually I;ll have to slow down the Lost train to keep up with these others.

I watch Falling Skies and a few others so at least once a week I have to try to catch up on all i taped.

Shamelss - I love that show Leslie ! they are like a train wreck - can't look away.

Mike V. said...

Breaking Bad looks outstanding! I cannot wait!

Yeah, my shows will be piling up as well soon enough. The final season (finally) of Weeds is being paired up with episodes as well so there's an hour of my night! lol

I never got into Falling Skies last year, so I think I'm gonna bail on it for now!

NEWSROOM - Hmm what 2 shows? Sports Night and West Wing? Or the one that no one watched? Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? lol I've only seen bits and pieces of each of those shows, but I still think Sorkin is awesome. He also wrote the script to The Social Network. And yeah...Sam Watterson playing against type has to be intentional to make us crack up even more. His character is hysterical. lol

Leslie said...

I haven't watched Falling Skies either, but I did watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip....had to being a huge Friends fan....and I liked it. Thought it was very underrated.

MJ said...

Yup - meant WW and Sports night. Loved those shows. And I also watched Studio 60. It had it's issues - but I liked it as well Leslie.

Lost - got up to Outlaws last night. Forgot all about that boar that Sawyer thinks is after him. Hysterical. Last few eps have had some gems - like Hurley losing to Walt at backgammon and Walt complaining that he owes him 20,000 and Hurley is all like - ok you;ll get it. LOL Of course they have not revealed that Hurley is rich yet so that line meant nothing the first time.

Thought I caught an error - they buried the marshall even though they burned everyone else - but Jack actually states that he needed to bury him. Good save writers. But - they have since then buried other folk so it still makes no sense (drowned person and guy Ethan killed) why they couldn't bury bodies as it would draw animals but now they can. Whatever.

So I've not seen Michaels sad story, and they are hinting at Walt's specialness and luck. Seen Sawyer being dragged into the police station while Boone is there asking for help with Shannon, seen Sawyer meet Christian - and consciously decide not to tell jack all the great things his dad thought of him. I hated that part of Sawyer. Of course Sawyer's flashback now covered him killing the wrong man. Seen Kate and the bank robbery. Man - Hurley's story should be coming soon. We've not touch on him at all !

oh - meant to ask both of you - my memory is not what it used to be. We've always fixated on Jack's eye opening being the end and beginnig of the show. Did we ever make the correlation to other eye balls opening shows? Cause my husband and I are noticing that - it's not necessarily that the eye is opening like jacks - but we seem to oftem be starting with looking into one of their eyes. And so far - hate to say this - but it seems like it's the people who eventually die on the island. It's been Michael, Claire an Charlie. Is there something to this ?

Mike V. said...

LOST - See? I knew you'd get ahead of me no matter how many I watched! lol I have only been able to watch "Whatever the Case May Be" since my lunch break. lol

The whole boar/sawyer thing was when I started thinking there was something to these animals that were visiting people. (like the horse to Kate in season 2) But we never really got closure on that one!

As for Hurley's off-hand comment...I actually thought that might be foreshadowing the first time I watched it. But even in season 1, I was starting to dissect everything they said. I just didn't have a blog for it yet! LOL Keep an eye out for Hurley on a television in Jin's upcoming flashback (I think the episode is " translation") But, of course, i've rewatched these episodes zillions of times so I've had my "aha moments" to those foreshadowings before! Lol

I'll play Devil's advocate on your errors. I think there were so many dead people in that plane, that there was no feasible way to bury them all. eventually, they started burying people at BOONE HILL...which was a little away from the camp. (and of course, their camp moves too when the tide comes in) Plus...they killed all of the boar eventually and as Locke states, they migrate somewhere else adapting to their new surroundings and predators. How was that?! lol

I remember predicting Walt's "Special Powers" after he kept getting the right dice to appear in backgammon. It was one of my first predictions to come true! lol As for Sawyer...yeah it sucked that he didn't tell him then but it led to one year jerking moment in part one of the season 1 finale between Sawyer and Jack. Whew...I'm almost welling up just thinking about it! Yeah...Hurely's flashback was the last one we got. It was late into season 1! But totally worth it when we got it. His flashbacks started coming much earlier in the seasons that followed.

As for the EYES opening. Yeah...I know I've probably discussed it a bunch of times but not in a theorizing way. It just seemed like it was a popular way to open up a lot of season 1 episodes. And I think they did it now and then in subsequent seasons (not as frequently). It's usually the character who's centric episode it's going to be. I don't think there's a correlation to people who die on the island. The fact that Claire was one of them would seem to indicate that this wasn't the case! It is funny though...any other TV show that ever opens an episode with an eye opening I say to my wife "ahh another LOST opening!" lol But, I'll definitely keep track of it. Wait...when did Michael's eye opening start an episode? If you didn't see his centric episode, maybe my comment above isn't exactly right. lol

Leslie said...

LOST – MJ got ahead of me! I got to Hearts and Minds with the backstory on Boone and Shannon, and the whole thing with Locke tying up Boone and his vision of Shannon dying. I noticed Hurley’s comment also that Walt would get his $20,000 and how Walt was getting some lucky rolls on the dice. I don’t remember thinking much about that stuff at the time, but it was at this point that I started realizing there was more to this story than appeared on the surface, and that’s when I started trying to find other people who were watching to discuss it. Just like with the eye openings, I’ve noticed it this time, but wasn’t yet at the point like we all got where we questioned the meaning of every little thing like seeing Sawyer in the police station when Boone was there. Enjoyed that whole exchange with Hurley and Jin and the fish.

MJ said...

Agree - they do move up the beach. I didn't buy Locke's spiel about the boar move - he was lying to explain his and boone's time away from camp 'hunting' and yet never catching any. I think they just dropped the whole boar thing once they got the hatch food. I think they decided to have some buried bodies after having burned the other ones. Besides - they had to have the marshall buried so Kate could unbury him and slip that key out and Jack could catch her.

Why would Claire's eye being one of them indcate it's not the case ? Claire died on the island in my recollection.

I watch in 3 to 5 batches so I can't remember exactly which one was Michaels eye or is he was the central story - but it was last night. And I said not necessarily opening like Jack's - but it started from looking into his eye. Will have to pay attention if the 'eye' person is central though.

Mike V. said...


Oh I got what you were saying, MJ. I was just trying to justify why they started burying the people from a PLOT perspective and not just from the writers NEEDING to have someone buried. lol Yeah...I know Locke was trying to cover up...but there could have been truth to his cover-up also. And yeah...once the hatch food came into the picture and Jin was fishing more often, they didn't need the boar stuff anymore. But there was a lot of season 2 that happened between eating all of the hatch food and there being more hatch food. Basically...after season 1, the "survival on a deserted island" part of the story was over and they went on to explore different issues. I think Jack's reasoning for "needing to bury the marshal" was a good one since he had to personally put him out of his misery after sawyer's failed gunshot. As for burying the other people, I still think it was easier to do one at a time vs. the dozens or more in the fuselage of the plane which surely could have attracted boar.

So you may be having a brain fart with Claire! lol Claire, mother of Aaron, was on the plane that left the island in the series finale. It was Kate's whole purpose of coming back to the island. To bring Claire back to Aaron. We speculated she died in the explosion at New Otherton and Miles' weird looks around her afterwards. But, she just went a little crazy. She didn't die! lol

I don't remember saying anything to challenge them not being exactly like Jack's eye opening either! :-)

@Leslie - you're ahead of me too! You guys will be in season 2 by the time I get back from my trip. But there's always netflix on my iPad/phone if I get a few moments to spare. lol Yeah...back then I had already started diving into websites and emailing with friends about things from episode to episode. There was also a radio show in Philly (Preston and Steve) that were obsessed with the show..another reason I started watching in the first place. They would have people call in with their observations and that got me even more into wanting to discuss the show. Of course, it got to the point where I knew more than the radio guys and the people calling in and it drove me crazy listening to it all!! lol

Mike V. said...

"Of course, it got to the point where I knew more than the radio guys and the people calling in and it drove me crazy listening to it all!! lol"

This, combined with my emails to friends/coworkers that got longer and longer by the week...inspired the start of the LOST Addicts Blog. :-)

Mike V. said...

LOSTpedia on Eye Opening scenes. I feel like I have read this in the past. It was mostly prominent in season 1 as I mentioned, but it was done at least once in every season and usually the centric character:

coincidentally...most of them died, but not all of them (Sawyer, Desmond, Aaron, Claire) Of course...if you want to count THE END END of THE END, then they all were dead at that point. :-)

Mike V. said...

Damon Lindelof has a new show!! For HBO based on THE LEFTOVERS (novel). I hadn't heard of the book but I'm already intrigued!

MJ said...

oh yeah - Hurley wanting to Pee on his foot after stepping on a sea urchin was hysterical.

I'm off for 7/4 - 7/6 so I expect to really get a bunch of Lost in. Gotta leave time for Fringe.

I am brain farting! Cause I remember all our hypothesis about crazy claire with Christian and the shack being correct ! LOL I don't remember Claire going home.

Lostpedia ! Wow forgot all about that. thanks for the link.

Haven't heard of Leftovers either.

Leslie said...

LOL - Oh yeah, Hurley wanting Jin to pee on his foot! Of course, that reminds me of the classic Friends episode when Chandler stepped up and peed on Monica! lol

Mike V. said...

Ahhh Friends season 4 premiere - The One With the Jellyfish! "I'd pee on any one of you! But...I had the stage turned to Chandler" LOL love that show. When I obsess about a show, it's a very unhealthy obsession! :-)

@MJ - yeah we had some crazy theories going on. lol Of course...once we found out Christian (for the most part, still a couple questions on that) = MIB, then we knew Claire wasn't hanging out with a ghost. At the end when Jack decided to stay and put a cork in the island instead of fleeing...Kate wanted to stay with him. Jack told her that she couldn't because she had to get Claire off of the island. Claire was refusing to go with Frank, Miles and Richard. It took Kate to convince her that they would raise Aaron together.

No problem on the link!

Jealous of you being able to dedicate 3 days to LOST watching! I might get some episodes in on 7/3 when I'm home and off, but probably not many! lol And I forgot you're going to do the Fringe rewatch. I did it last year, so I'm not too concerned about it. I wanted to rewatch Breaking Bad before the s5 premiere, but doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Too much to do! lol

MJ said...

Leslie - yes ! i thought of that friends ep too.

Mike - yeah - you're supposed to be doing Justified aren't at some point aren't you ? You won't regret it if you get to it.

Well - I was bad and stayed up too late last night and almost finished the season. Just have the 2 part finale left.

I'm finding so many little things that i had forgotten - so i don't want to say too much and spoil any surprises you two might have.

Finally got that Hurley backstory - and saw him on the tv in Jin's story though. And Kate's toy plane thing - none of which was a surprise.

But oh my ! I had forgotten just how moving boone's death was. Forgot what Jack almost did in that scenario. Been meaning to say - I've gotten so used to Somerholder in TVD - I miss his crazy eyes and eyebrow thing he does. And that sarcasm! LOL Boone is so nice and sincere.

Creepiest thing in these 5 or 6 eps is Walt buring the first raft, then telling Locke not to open the hatch that no one yet knows about - then after telling dad he burned the first and Michael offering to stay - he says no - we gotta leave. it just gave me goosebumps.

I firmly belive that they had so much planned for Walt and his story arc and the kid ruined it by wanting to go back stateside and then growing so fast. Dang it !

I don't think either of you watched Firefly but they are having a reunion at Comicon this year. Such a great show.

Mike V. said...

Damn, MJ! lol I just can't keep up. I think I have Outlaws to watch this morning and maybe another one but then I'll be on hiatus for a bit. lol

But you don't have to worry about spoiling surprises for me. I have these episodes pretty much memorized and quote them word for word just like I do Friends episodes. It's a sickness! lol can definitely distinguish Ian's role as Boone and as Damon on TVD. Pretty impressive! lol

You're probably right on the Walt plotline. They always knew the aging was going to be an issue, but I don't remember the actor wanting to return stateside and that being part of the problem. Interesting.

I have not watched firefly but I did hear about the reunion. I'm sure it will be a fun time!

Enjoy your continued LOST rewatch! I'll catch up eventually. (even if it's at THE END lol)

Mike V. said...

Justified - yup still planning to watch. Have disc 1 from
Netflix just haven't gotten to it yet. Lol but that's the problem with the lost rewatch. I'm doing that on my own time. The wife has no interest in rewatching! Lol so justified will be our nightly show once we get into it!

Leslie said...

LOST - I made it up through In Translation and Jin's backstory. The last thing in that episode was Locke asking Walt why he burned the raft. Interesting with Locke saying that everyone gets a new life on this island and mentoring Walt with the knife throwing and telling him to see it in his mind's eye and telling Michael that Walt should be allowed to reach his potential. Agree that they might have had bigger plans for Walt. Loved the whole thing with Sawyer chasing the boar and his interaction with Kate. He cracked me up several times with the delivery of his one liners!

And, MJ, don't worry about spoilers for me either. This is my first rewatch, so I am being reminded of things as I go along, but you and Mike pointing things out actually helps me to put it all in context with the big picture. Now, on Friends, I could probably keep up with Mike! lol

Mike V. said...

Challenge accepted Leslie!! Lol I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge about that show! If blogs existed back then I probably would have written one. :) instead I plastered my knowledge all over message boards!

LOST - watched homecoming and outlaws. Starting " translation " now. Probably won't finish. Just waiting for the wife and son and then we'll be on our way! But yeah. Doesn't take long to remember why season 1 won the Emmy. Every episode was brilliant!! Of course I think subsequent seasons were too but this one was much more digestible by the mainstream. Thats where other shows have failed. They go straight into deep mythology instead of building up to it!

Weird to say it but I feel like a show like revenge could eventually have a complicated mythology like lost. Just peeling the onion back further and further and unveiling a larger conspiracy at play. Start simple, hook the audience, THEN dive into the rabbit hole.

Naturally, Lost was a perfect storm of "right place/right time" circumstances...but those are still good principles for a show. Lol

That "I never" scene between sawyer and Kate was always a favorite of mine. And like I mentioned before...Sawyer's initial decline to tell jack about his dad made it that much more of an earned tear jerking moment in the season finale.

Glad we're all doing this rewatch at one time. Makes it more fun to discuss!! (btw- I may need to post a separate thread for each month this summe! Lol)

Leslie said...

LOST - Agree that "I never" scene was great! Tough guy Sawyer was one of those that showed a lot of his vulnerability in his expressions and his eyes. OK, not hard to look at either! Always thought Kate had it rough between Jack and Sawyer. Poor girl! lol

Yep, this is more fun rewatching together. Then, next season, I get to add reading your blog along with it, but that will slow me down! lol

Mike V. said...

Didn't even think about reading the recaps! I might check them out as well. See how far off we were (or on! Lol). You'll be interested to see that people are still reading and commenting now as they're watching. It's pretty cool that the blog still is useful for new watchers! So with that said we should still keep those comment sections spoiler free! Lol

MJ said...

Breaking Bad

I loved Friends when it was on - but have never watched all the reruns or bought the seasons. Just always had too much else to watch. So I'd sooo not join you two on any friends discussions. LOL

So you both have 'Numbers' next.

I know - I've been enjoying the rewatch so much that I'm zipping on through. Been averaging 3 or 4 a night.

Have a great weekend everyone !

Mike V. said...

Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast in Revolution! Nice.

Mike V. said...

The walking dead season 3 scoop

MJ said...

Whew ! This was a hot one around here - though Leslie our little heat wave is probably nothing to you. LOL

Thanks for the links - will look at them. KNow THD is having a marathon of S2 sat or sun. Plus a new Talking Dead.

SO - I got plenty of Lost in this weekend. Finished the two part finale Exodus. Then did 8 eps of season 2.

Heard the first time Man of Science vs man of faith stated. And 'umm dude you have some Arzt on you'. Waaaaaaalt !

Met Desmond, saw more Michael back story - man this guy had a crappy life. Forgot Locke's Helen was Katey Sagal ! And our first Dr Candle film! So much fun.

Met the Tailies, and learned of their time on the island so far. Saw the other others with the kid and Teddy Bear. Forgot that really strange hallucination Hurly has with Sun though.

Bye Shannon - just started to like you. Learn Ana Lucia's (who I always liked) background.

And - Rose and Bernard unite. Yay ! I actually balled again.

I truly forgot how great this show was. I wan't sure I could rewatch without getting annoyed by how much stuff they did not pay out for us - but so far I am truly loving it.

I'm sure I've gotten quite a bit ahead as I have no life. LOL It was also just too hot for me to go out much as well.

Mike - those were some storms friday night that we got here in Jersey - sure you got some of it too. Hope you weren't one of the unfortunates to lose power.

True blood - I did watch that last night if you have.

Mike V. said...

"I truly forgot how great this show was. I wan't sure I could rewatch without getting annoyed by how much stuff they did not pay out for us - but so far I am truly loving it."

Well you can't say I haven't tried to tell you! Lol :)

I knew you'd get way ahead of me this wknd. I've been out of town all weekend and not coming home till tonight (only to be greated by out of town guests). So no I haven't been local for the weather. I've been in Tennessee where it's been 105 degrees all weekend. Awful!! Lol we had some storms here too though!

Haven't seen tb or newsroom and won't see episodes tonight either. But I'll get to them eventually! Glad season 2 is holding up for you! (lost) that is always the most painful part of my rewatch. But it's mainly the tailies parts that are the most frustrating. Lol

Leslie said...

MJ, yes, I do kinda laugh when they mention the heat in the east. In Texas, we’re grateful when it’s in the 90’s in the summer. We’ve already had some over 100 degree days, but not as many as last year by this time.

LOST – I did a lot of watching myself, but still behind MJ. It’s just hard to stop once you get into it! Got finished with Season 1 and 3 episodes in on Season 2 through Orientation. LOL about Artz! I knew he was gonna blow up, but I still jumped when it happened! Noticed a few little tidbits that didn’t mean much this early on (at least to me). They mentioned Hurley owns a box company, and the seats Jack and Ana Lucia were in on the plane were 23 and 42. When you see Hurley rushing to catch the flight, he goes past some soccer players whose jerseys all have the numbers on them, and of course, the flight boarded at gate 23. I’m sure Mike caught all those things the first time around, but I wasn’t as locked in on the numbers that early in the show (and Mike’s blog hadn’t started yet to point out to me the things I missed). :) Some of those touching moments that got me again….when Boone dies and when Sawyer tells Jack about talking with his dad, and Locke discovering his dad had manipulated him into giving him his kidney.

I know the music played a big part on the show which was powerful, but I noticed several episodes where they only had the music playing while we watched the interaction with all the characters like when Claire is showing the new baby to everyone and when they are showing them all boarding the plane. I also like how they give us a little piece of some story in one episode, then go back to it and give us more detail and put in into context. It is a really great show on so many levels, and I’m enjoying it all over again, too!

Mike V. said...

Yup definitely caught that stuff back then. Again, more inspiration to have the blog in the first place! :) lol

The music is so good. Fellow holy cross high school alum and Oscar award winner Michael giacchino made just amazing music. Like John Williams (an inspiration of his) he created theme music for each character which I definitely am making connections with now. Like when Claire said to Charlie "I remember peanut butter" the same music that played then played whn Charlie and Claire remember each other in the sideways world. I almost burst into tears thinking about it. Jack plays his own theme song on the piano in season 3 which is a fun nod. Love this show so much. There is so much more to the show and so many layers in addition to the complex mythology which is why I could never be upset with how it ended!

MJ said...

Yes - you def told me but you were more fogiving of their transgretions than I was.

I don't even remember when I found Mike's blog - but all those numbers things were def written about.

And yeah Mike - did you make a mistake or did you actually forget something about Lost ? When I complained last week how much i hated it when Sawyer didn't tell jack about his dad you only said it makes for a bigger pay out in the finale. But he actually does tell him before getting on the raft.

Agree - forgot how deeply I felt for Locke when we see all that was done to him

I always liked the tailies. Though I know i was in the minority there. I even liked the two idiots with the diamonds - but to be fair I really like the actress who plays the chick with the diamonds - Kiele Sanchez I think her name is.

Mike V. said...

The payoff WAS sawyer telling jack in the finale!! Lol Not sure I understand why you thought I forgot something! Lol

I was forgiving of the show due to my numerous rewatches and realization of how well done the show was before heading into that final season. Which is why I continued to spread that word around to everyone. Just nice to hear that you're getting the same impression/remembering while rewatching!

Mike V. said...

FYI I meant the season finale not series finale with sawyer telling jack. It was in exodus part 1 wasn't it? Maybe it was in the ep before. Whenever the raft set sail. Lol

Mike V. said...

I didnt mind the tailies the first time around. Just rewatching it's a bit rough. Season 2 suffers the most of any season in feeling like they were just killing time until they knew when/how to end it. An the beginning of season 3 obviously. But it's still very well done and when Henry/Ben shows up. It gets really good. And Desmond returning of course!

MJ said...

Oh - I thought you meant the series finale - so I thought you forgot he told jack in the season finale. LOL Thought I'd gotcha ! Should have known better.

TWD stuff was very interesting. Keep forgetting that there will be a town called Woodbury - I live in Woodbury NJ. LOL Pretty sure I've already said that - but i forgot again. LOL

Mike V. said...

Yep you've mentioned you're from Woodbury before! Lol I know it's part of their job but they're making season 3 sound fantastic! Can't wait.

So no harm no foul with the lost mixup. Btw I forgot to mention you're into lost addicts blog territory now. You should check out those early blogs to watch it evolve into what it became. Seriously those first couple were really brief and kinda crazy. They were originally emails that I copy/pasted into the blog. You and the rest of the migration of peeps didn't show up till near the end of season 3. Lol so it's brand new material! :)

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah...I'm home and watched episodes. Pretty hysterical! Still have to watch tb, weeds, newsroom. But I think I'm the only one that watches weeds!

MJ said...

Yup - no Weeds. Didn't have premiums back in the day and have never really had time to try to catch up on it.

No more new Lost last night. I've debated going and looking at the old Lost blog - but to be honest I'm afraid that I'd get sucked into wanting to read them all again - and I've been watching 3 to 5 eps at a time and I don't know where I'd find the time to read all the blogs.

I'm off wed, thu and fri - so maybe I will get some time afterall.

Mike V. said...

I don't think I'll read the whole thing but I may scan them just to see what we were saying. Lol

I'm catching up a little on lost this morning. Watching do no harm right now. (Boone death/Aaron birth). But gotta go pick up out visitor in a bit. Lol

MJ said...

Well - you guys all have a great holiday.

You might just have to start a July page now. LOL

Mike V. said...

Yeah ill do that! Lol as soon as I get a free 5 minutes. :)

You have a good holiday too!