Monday, July 25, 2011

Highlights from Comic-Con 2011 for Fringe, LOST, The Walking Dead, Alcatraz

Hello TV Addicts!  How have you been enjoying your summers?  I've been resting my weary fingers from the onslaught of TV blogging last season.  I thought I'd be writing some tidbits here and there about Breaking Bad, Rescue Me and the other summer shows I've been watching but I always forget how much I enjoy taking these little hiatuses!  It recharges my batteries for the fall!  Anyway, one thing I do miss is the annual Comic-Con updates I used to post from the LOST panels.  Ironically, LOST returned to comic-con this year in the form of Entertainment Weekly's panel with a few pleasant surprises.  Fringe made a nice showing and I have found the videos on YouTube to share with everyone!  The Alcatraz pilot was premiered at Comic-Con and all of the JJ Abrams nuts showed up in full force and support.  (mostly positive reviews from what I can gather)   And The Walking Dead premiered a 4 minute trailer of the new season which will premiere in mid-October.  Lots of exciting TV coming our way!  Definitely much more at Comic-Con than these few shows but it's what I'll be focusing on below.  Hope you enjoy!

Long time LOST obsessors from Entertainment weekly: Jeff "Doc" Jensen and Dan Snierson (also the hosts of the weekly TOTALLY LOST videos for seasons 5 and 6) decided to bring a celebration to Comic-con with a panel dedicated to LOST having ended over a year ago.  Many started speculating that executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse might be making a surprise appearance when they started having a fake TWITTER FEUD last week.  Carlton had a dream about Nikki and Paolo telling him "not to do it" and Damon said it was time to give the people the truth.  Anyway, they DID end up making an appearance at the panel.  Carlton was disguised as a storm trooper and Damon was wearing a DHARMA jumpsuit with a Boba Fett helmet on.  I really wish I could have seen all of this go down and maybe it will end up on YouTube but for now, you'll just have to take my word for it! 

Basically, they said that they've been pretty stressed since the end of LOST and that the whole "they were making it up as they went along" only has gotten worse since the show has ended.  So they wanted to reveal footage from season 1 that PROVES that they knew what they were doing.  It starts off pretty serious but then it obviously goes more into humorous territory with them basically making fun of their own plot devices that they used for 6 seasons.  And kudos to Jack Bender (long-time LOST director/producer) for filming the extra scenes and for the actors Mark Pelligrino (Jacob) and Titus Welliver (Man in Black/Smokey) for coming back to film this!! So awesome how game they were to do it.  And yes folks, we get a name for the Man in Black and it is better than anything I could have imagined!!  (even if it's not canon)  


(Hmm, ABC video isn't working, I'll post a poor quality youtube version in the meantime)

Ahh Barry, you crazy smoke monster!  So great to know that maybe LOST hasn't disppeared totally from our lives when things like this can happen!   Here are some links explaining the panel.  I believe EW will be posting more information eventually on it as well.  I'll add the link here and in the comments if it posts.
Interview with Damon/Carlton:


Fringe made an outstanding showing at the CON this year.  The entire cast arrived for the party and answered questions (kinda but not really).  They also had a prepared video with auditions for Peter Bishop now that the role has opened up.  And there's a surprise at the end of the video.  Let's just say that all of the OBSERVER rumors that come out of this comic-con are purely based on LOST co-creator/producer Damon Lindelof's theory that Peter will return in season 4 as an Observer.  Even Joshua Jackson makes reference to it during the panel that Damon Lindelof gave him the suit.  Still hysterical!   Anyway, the entire panel is posted below thanks to YouTube user NowKnow411.  I found the Audition clips in my twitter feed.  Enjoy!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Peter Bishop Audition Clips

Good stuff and can't wait for season 4 to begin!  Also, here's an EW interview with the CAST:

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead also made a big showing at Comic-Con.  I apologize but I have not watched the panel yet so I have nothing to add.  But I did watch the 4 minute preview of season 2 and it looks amazing!  Apparently, big issues they'll be dealing with this season is facing the wilderness and running out of food, water, you name it.  Hmmm sounds even more like the 1st season of a show we all love!  They said for anyone that loved the 6 episode first season we're going to love this 13 episode season just as much if not more!  I'm game!  The Premiere Date is Sunday October 16th. 

Part 1 of 5

Part 2 of 5

Part 3 of 5

Part 4 of 5

Part 5 of 5

Season 2 Trailer

I'll be back recapping The Walking Dead in all of its "GORY" this October!

Really not much to discuss with the show except to say that I'm still pretty psyched about it.  Entertainment Weekly interviewed some fans after watching the pilot and they had some pretty educated responses.  Basically, they enjoyed the pilot but want to see more before making a commitment .  And for an added bonus, you can read the comments and see some guy named MIKE defend LOST with every chance he gets!  (can't imagine who that may be!)   I still think Alcatraz will take on more of a Fringe-type approach to their storytelling.  Since there is a large number of prisoners that have disappeared from the past and showing up in the present, I could see these prisoners having a "Prisoner of the Week" type episode but with each resolution getting the team closer to unraveling a larger conspiracy.  I enjoy that type of TV, so I'd be very intrigued to follow Hurley...errr Jorge on that path of discovery!

Other News

Here are some other random TV thoughts from Comic-Con and just what I've been watching lately.
  • Still interested to see how Once Upon a Time turns out on ABC.  The newest trailer made it look a bit more intriguing and it IS from THE. WRITERS. OF. LOST.  i.e. Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz who were like TEAM B to Damon and Carlton's Team A.  They will be running the show, so I'll definitely have to tune in.  RECAP-WISE?  I think my plate will probably be full but we'll see if it warrants it. 
  • Still planning on checking out NBC's AWAKE when it premieres as well (forget if it's Fall or Spring).  Basically INCEPTION for TV and with Jason Isaacs.
  • Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) will be guest starring on the Chuck final season premiere!  That is all.
  • Summer TV: I've been watching Breaking Bad, Rescue Me, Weeds, True Blood and Entourage (premiered last night).  If you are too feel free to discuss with me in the comments!
  • Catchup TV: Almost 3 full seasons into The Wire (one more ep to watch tonight to finish 3rd season).  People weren't lying, it IS a fantastic television show!  If you have time and need a great show to watch, this is your show.  Be warned, the entire series is in standard definition but it was per David Simon's vision.  He wanted it to be consistent throughout the whole series.  I'm about 2 episodes into Sons of Anarchy.  Probably won't catch up before season 4 starts in early September, but I'll be tivo'ing and trying to catch up before the season ends!
  • Also started watching Torchwood: Miracle Day, which got me curious about the previous seasons that aired on the BBC.  So I'm playing catchup on those through Netflix streaming too!
  • Saw the final Harry Potter movie in the theaters.  I don't care what anyone says.  Regardless of the changes made, I find it the most loyal to the books of the "MORE COMPLEX novels".   Obviously Sorceror's/Philosopher's Stone is the MOST loyal but it was the shortest one to adapt!   Awesome awesome movie and a great way to cap off the series.  If anyone wants to discuss the changes between book and movie I'm game in the comments as well!  (who cares if it's a TV Blog? We can make an exception for Harry!)
  • Finished my Fringe Rewatch (that I started in January).  I posted some additional Peter theories on the season 3 finale blog. Feel free to check them out!
That's about all I have for now everyone.  But I hope you're enjoying your summers and would love to hear any thoughts you have on the comic-con footage and anything else you'd like to discuss!  If not, hope you enjoyed my brief ramblings and I'll most likely see you for FALL TV!


Kelly said...

Good to see you again! I thoroughly enjoyed the "deleted scene" from Lost because I love it when shows make fun of themselves. BARRY??! HILARIOUS!!
That being said, I'm still looking forward to Alcatraz and Awake.. and of course, Ringer (I'm a huge Buffy fan). Oh yeah, and Grimm (more Buffy/Angel people). I'm less intrigued by Once Upon a Time. Since it seems that next season will be filling my DVR to the brim, this one will probably be on the outs. But who knows, anything can happen!
Good luck watching SOA! I felt that the first couple episodes were a little weak when the show first premiered.. but Katey Sagal's character Gemma was enough to keep me interested.. and it's a good thing, too, because it's my favorite show right now!

Mike V. said...

Hi Kelly! Good to see you on here again as well! Yeah, the LOST stuff was fantastic. It's good to see that Damon and Carlton have a good sense of humor about things a year later. Sure, the complainers can complain but it was such an awesome ride for 6 years. Nothing can take that away. Barry, awesome awesome name and I'm going to consider it canon! lol
Yeah, I keep forgetting about The Ringer. I probably will be checking out that one. (The Mrs. is always intrigued by the CW shows anyway so I'm usually watching right with her! lol) Here's the thing about Once Upon a Time. Yeah, it looks pretty darn corny. But I think the thing that is selling me on it is that Eddie and Adam are involved and Damon is/was consulting them on it. I'm just interested in seeing what all of these LOST alums (both behind and in front of the camera) do next. And especially with the writers. I enjoyed their stuff on LOST, so why wouldn't I enjoy it on something else, you know!? Of course, if I give it 5 episodes and I'm rolling my eyes and can't handle much more...then yeah I may bail. You're just never know which ones are going to be the hits!
I forgot to bring up Terra Nova which I'm also looking forward to. And at least THAT one is premiering in the Fall.
Thanks on the SOA wishes! I can see what you mean about the first couple episodes being weak. It's probably why I'm not rushing back to netflix to watch more. But I know it gets good so I'll get to it eventually. My wife is really into it though, so maybe she'll start pushing me to watch it sooner. I really want to get through The Wire. It's sooooo good! I want to see if everyone is right that it's the PERFECT SHOW from start to finish. Not many shows can say that, not even LOST (although I can even find nice things to say about the worst episodes I think and it's still my favorite show of all time. Nothing will change that!)

Leslie said...

Hey Mike! LOVED the LOST scene! Cracked me up! Only good laugh I've had today, and I needed it! It's all serious and then "If they find that Scottish guy down there pushing that button, he's gonna be pissed." And, the shiny magic light and the island is a cork. Great fun!! Thanks for sharing that . . . Barry, really?!?!? Gotta love it!

Mike V. said...

"but it will all make sense when I send them back through time!!" LOL Ahhh yeah it's a great time. Glad it made your day Leslie!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! Can't watch the clips now (firewall) but will check out later. Just wanted to let you know I've been getting Fringe from Netflix, and am really enjoying it! You made a good call on that one! Almost finished season one. I think Olivia is a fantastic actress and am thoroughly enjoying this show. Later -- Cajun

Mike V. said...

That's awesome Cajun! Welcome to Fringe fandom! Season 2 and 3 only get better, you're in for a great ride! Season 3 unfortunately won't be on DVD/Blu until 9/6 but that gives you a couple weeks to catch up before the S4 premiere on 9/23! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed watching the panel of Fringe cast, although there were some spoilers there since I'm still on season one! Got me even more determined to keep watching! And the LOST clip was hysterical!!!! Barry???? :) Cajun

Mike V. said...

@Cajun - Well I can't really sympathize with you for watching that Fringe panel! I know it's tempting but you must have known they'd be discussing seasons 1-3 and maybe a hint of season 4! lol Eh, I'm sure whatever they were talking about probably didn't make too much sense to you since you don't know the context and what happens will still blow you away! It's very promising that you're already loving the show in season 1. It IS good, but it gets so much better. Enjoy!

And agreed on the LOST clip, obviously! :)

Kelly said...

Hey, don't forget- Ringer has good ol' Richard Alpert, too!
I'll definitely give Once Upon a Time a chance.. it could really be amazing!
Barry: "They want answers, Jacob. Not corks!" lol, those guys need their own show

Mike V. said...

Ahh yes, I do recall seeing that Nestor will be on Ringer too. I'll most likely check it out. And of course Person of Interest with Emerson. I don't have high hopes for that (since I'm not really into straight up procedurals) but Michael Emerson makes it enticing! I just wish that they would have greenlit the Terry O'Quinn/Emerson show instead. That would have been awesome!

LOL...yeah a show with Pelligrino/Welliver would be fantastic too! Well...even the Barry/Jacob comedy hour would be great lol

MJ said...

I'll check out Terra Nova - but have no hopes for it lasting. Ringer and Once Upon - looking forward to them, Alcatraz too. Haven't looked into Grimm yet - but will before the fall.

Lost thing was fab ! Cracked me up.

Wire comes close to perfect but B5 - which very few have seen- really did the best job ever of sustaining a 5 year story, riding out changes to to cast unexpectedly departing and several close calls on being cancelled, and ending well.

Dying for HIMYM to be back too.

Mike V. said...

Yeah I don't have hopes for Terra Nova lasting either, but the production value of AT LEAST the pilot look pretty impressive. Enough for me to check it out. I mean they've been working for 2 years on it, right!? lol Grimm, I'm guessing I just won't have time for but we'll see! (Chuck/Fringe on Fridays meaning I'm probably watching something over the weekend? Sorry Grimm!)

I can probably stop saying that I loved the LOST clip too lol

Yeah, I always forget about B5, but thanks for reminding me once again. Maybe, just maybe I'll get around to watching that!

Who would have thought we'd be anxious for HIMYM to come back 2 years ago? Last season really was a return to greatness. I never started hating the show but I could see where the show was getting tired....but there is just some renewed energy now. I think they could easily wrap it up in the 2 seasons they have contracted, but hopefully they know if they're going to continue so they can map things out appropriately.

I think the surprising thing is how many shows are being held until mid-season. I wonder if this is a strategy to appease viewers who can't stand large hiatuses. But I guess that also means that Alcatraz and Awake may only have 13 episode first seasons?? Should be interesting to see how that all works out.

Mike V. said...

Had to give an update on my Summer TV watching for anyone who still is checking in. One big spoiler alert for some of the currently airing shows down there! I've watched the latest eps of Rescue Me, Breaking Bad and Entourage

I have 2 episodes left of The Wire (yes the entire series!) - We flew through season 4 and 5, which were fabulous! (Season 5, maybe a bit controversial and I'm very interested to see how this all ends lol) Definitely rank this show up there with all of the great ones. The Cable Shows: Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Dexter The Network Show: LOST Of course, there are so many others but I'll stop there. Just fantastic stuff and we'll see if the 2 episodes remaining are enough to make me elevate this one above all others. I'm guessing since I wasn't with it week to week, season to season, there is no way I can grow that kind of attachment to the show like I did with LOST.

If the wife lets me, we'll pick up Sons of Anarchy next. Of course, she enjoyed the first 2 eps more than me so that shouldn't be difficult! I know it gets better! lol

Torchwood - I finished season 1...actually really really good stuff! Started season soon I'll be at this critically acclaimed season 3 miniseries: Children of Earth. I've seen a few episodes of Miracle Day but not very impressed yet. Naturally, I'll watch it all once I'm caught up. Oh and I had no idea this was a Doctor Who spinoff, nor that Torchwood was an anagram of Doctor Who. And I have not watched that show either so it might be next on my treadmill streaming list! lol I will not be catching up on all 50 seasons but maybe the most recent generations :-)

Rescue Me - Has been fantastic in its final season. Still hysterically funny after all of these years. Mike and Sean's chat about the stinky girl? Good times.

Breaking Bad - Riveting. I said it once, will say it again. I don't know how other shows have been suspenseful before this one as they have written the book on it! Great stuff.

Entourage - As bland as ever and I keep watching! lol But I've always had fun with these characters so will be with them until the end. Ari and Wife not together though? That better be's all just awkward!

Looking more forward to the new TV season! I may try my hand on some Terra Nova recapping...we'll see if time permits. Excited for the return of Fringe. I'm sure I'll be TiVoing the series premieres of many shows we have discussed and we'll see how well I keep up with them all!

Hope everyone is still enjoying their summers! Talk to you soon.

MJ said...

Doh ! I had a whole post that I just lost. LOL Don't even know what I said.

Guessing you've finished Wire by now ! Great show. Rescue, True blood and BB have been on fire this year ! All great seasons.

HIMYM has a new promo for the season. Can't wait for Chuck !

I knew Torchwood came from Who - but i hated Who so can't recommend it. Too too campy for me. I know Torchwood can be campy but I liked it better. I actually almost gave up T-wood due to BBCA always taking forever to air it over here but was glad I did not after seeing Children of Earth. That season really was the best for Torchwood. Miracle Day was good, but Children of Earth rocked.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I really hate when that happens. I've just gotten into the happen of copying my comments before I hit submit! LOL ridiculous that we even have to consider that but whatever works!

Yes, I finished The Wire! Can't believe I didn't comment when I did. It was a great show. I always thought people considered that the perfect show, but when I started reading reviews it looks like people thought the last season was a bit odd. So I guess LOST is in good company lol Another great show and I thought the ending was very fitting. Serial Killer stuff was nuts, but I loved how it served as a means to an end for McNulty and Freamon. Loved the "Irish Wake" for McNulty too lol Very fitting.

Rescue Me has been fantastic!! Such a solid season to end a great show. I think I only really got bored with it one season (4 when his dad died in the finale). The show has always been great....dramatic and funny all at the same time. And this year is no different. The LETTERS!!! hysterical stuff. Lou setting himself on fire. I was thinking when he poured it at Sheila's "There is no way a shot would stay on fire that long" and then he explained it later LOL Great stuff.

BB - So glad I caught up on this one. Easily one of the best shows on TV right now and definitely ever. Another one that mixes in some comedy to go along with a very dark and suspensful premise. I'm sad that next season will be its last but also excited because it will go out on top.

True Blood - Well, I can't say the same as you. While I do enjoy the show as a guilty pleasure...I think it has been a pretty bizarre season. Maybe better than last year though. Glad that Eric is no longer brainwashed lol

The Mrs. and I finally got further into Sons of Anarchy and are loving it! We're past the mid-point of season 1 so we have lots to do to catch up to season 4 which starts next week. already sent for season 3 netflix discs though! We'll see how that goes. I think we still have a couple weeks before a majority of FALL TV starts.

Saw the HIMYM promo...funny stuff! Definitely excited for Chuck too!

Yeah, i tried to watch Dr. Who once and wasn't too thrilled with it. But I have heard it got really good so I may want to check it out. We'll see. I am through the 2 seasons of Torchwood (which I looooved. I kinda assumed what was going to happen in the s2 finale based on who is left in the cast for Miracle Day but it was still great!) Watched the first episode of Children of Earth this morning. Great Treadmill show lol I guess Miracle Day is over? I watched like the first 3 or 4. But I'm going to rewatch them after Children of Earth and then catch up. Hopefully there will be another season eventually!

And I think that's it. I'm looking forward to returning to some blogging! Although, I think eventually this year or early next may become increasingly difficult to be as on-time as I've been. I'll wait until my first recap of the season to be more explicit on that. lol But, I'm hoping everyone will understand WHY it's going to happen :-) And I will still find a way to do SOME kind of commentary on TV. I love it too much to stop cold turkey!

So...Fringe, Terra Nova, Walking Dead this fall. Plus other commentary whenever I see fit!
Talk to you later!

Mike V. said...

Finished Season 1 of SOA. AWESOME!! TERRIFYING! FANTASTIC! Onward to season 2. I guess the hope is that we'll finish season 4 with the rest of the world. But we definitely won't start on time. lol

Through 3 episodes of Children of Earth (Torchwood)....also awesome!

And lastly but not leastly -> Fringe promotional pics!,,20517623_20525003,00.html


Mike V. said...

Finished Season 2 of SOA. AWESOMER!! TERRIFYINGER! FANTASTICER! Great season of television from start to finish. I heard season 3 isn't as great, but maybe watching it straight through will help! My guess is I'll be caught up with season 4 by next week lol It's too addicting to stop...and I think my wife loves it more than me which always helps! LOL

Through 4 episodes of Children of Earth. 4th episode was the best so far with all of the moral discussions taking place of deciding which children to give the aliens. And of course, poor Yantosh! (sp) I know why there were only certain cast members remaining for the American "reboot"/Season 4. lol I'll probably watch ep 5 tomorrow morning and then will rewatch the first few episodes of miracle day and catch up on that. If anything good can be said about the STARZ version of the show, I'm glad it introduced me to this show!

My TiVo had a the pilot episode of "The New Girl" available to watch over the weekend. Pretty funny show! (sitcom so not something I'd be regularly blogging lol) Of course, Damon Wayans Jr. was in the pilot but he's also on the "picked up" Happy Endings (also a great new show), so they will be recasting him.

Lots of new shows being added to my lineup...not sure how I'll fit them all in!

Oh and I just realized I'll be at a concert on 9/ I'm missing the Fringe Premiere! But, no fear, I'm sure I'll catch up and blog as soon as humanly possible!

Mike V. said...

Read this on TVLINE about Fringe:

"Question: Do you know what the ration of mythology/standalone episodes will be on Fringe this season? —Scott

Ausiello: I don’t have any hard data, but after chatting up J.J. Abrams, it sounds like mythology has the definite edge. “What I love about what the show is doing now is it’s kind of doing what the show needs to do to be the best version of the show, as opposed to just the apologists’ stand-alone thing — which I don’t think Fringe could ever be,” he maintains. “Shows like Alcatraz and certainly Person of Interest have much more of a shot because it’s much more, clearly a new case every week, whereas Fringe is like more about this insanely twisted family of people that are working in this crazy lab.”


MJ said...

Yeah - I think your next season of SOA is the 'irish' one. Still good - but not awesome. But the last 2 or 3 of that season have alot of redeeming qualities, one fabulous death too, and will pay-it-forward into this new season. Season 4 opener was fanfrakingtastic. Haven't watched the Rescue Me finale yet - plan to tonight.

Ianto is his name on Torchwood. Fans are still pissed about that ! Made for great dramatic tv though.

I plan on checking out New Girl - Whitney and 2 Broke Girls too. Don't watch the Middle but will watch the premier as Ray will be on.

Tonight is the Fringe finale from last season so I'm catching that too (as well as Supernaturals season finale).

I know what you mean about the DVR - I just switched to Fios's newest - it stores alot more HD on it's larger drives. They will be busy (I have 2 DVR's).

Mike V. said...

Yep, we're into the Irish Season. Disc 3 is coming today and we have the last couple that would have been on Disc 4 on the TiVo. We'll be done tonight! And I have the S4 premiere on there too. Well, here's my guess on the fabulous death....It has to be Stahl. She had that other show that just got cancelled yesterday so I'm guessing she was finished with Sons. I could be wrong though! I can't stand her though. But that's basically the point of her character. I'm sure it will be someone else though lol Should be all caught up by next Tuesday. This seems like a show that I "COULD" recap but I just won't have time with all the other stuff. Oh and love all of the Deadwood reunions on this show. I thought LOST was crazy but this one gives it some good competition. And of course Paula and Titus made their rounds on both shows lol Man, I hate that Deadwood never got the closure it deserved! As for season 3...yeah It's definitely not as great as the unreal season 2 but it has been really good. The funny thing is, I think for once my wife is more obsessed with the show than I am! lol It could be just that she likes looking at JAX but whatever! :)

Yeah...I'm sure people were p.o.'d about Ianto, but I guess they should have seen it coming with Owen and Tosh biting it the season before. Of I wonder if Gwen is next on the list with Miracle Day. But I'm sure that won't be the case. I am 2 episodes into Miracle Day (I think I had watched 3 before I started over from the beginning)...they definitely make a lot more sense this time around. lol It's not awful yet but I haven't heard great things. But Children of Earth WAS fantastic! Hopefully they'll do something like that again one day.

I will probably check out 2 broke girls. I'll Tivo Whitney by default because it's on the Thursday night lineup...I hate NBC for always screwing with the timing of their shows. I always miss the last few seconds of an episode and they're on the NEXT episode!! lol Drives me bonkers. I blame Jeff Zucker for this when he started supersizing Friends! Nothing has been the same since.

Nice on the Fringe finale! I just watched it recently so it's still fresh in my head. I just read on EW that FOX is putting out some recap videos to help new viewers. I watched the first couple on youtube...they're doing a pretty good job with it. Of course, nothing can replace experiencing the show first-hand and fully!

I forget what I said about the DVR and couldn't find my comment. But yeah...we have 2 HD TiVos and we can transfer shows back and forth via the network. We also have DVR expanders on each one so we can store a lot of TV. I just read yesterday that TiVo has announced the first 4 Tuner TiVo!!! That machine MUST be mine one day! But 500 bucks right now? No thanks lol
So that's about all I have right now I guess.

Enjoy Rescue Me! I loved the ending and found it awesomely appropriate. We'll talk more once you watch it!

MJ said...

Whew - 4 tuners ! But not at 500 bucks. Too much.

Miracle Day finale was freaking awesome. Stay with it. I didn't have any issues with this season - but I know others did. It wasn't as taut as Children but was a thrilling ending.

Breaking Bad has been simply great. What a fab show.

Rescue me was great ! They did a great job with that ender.

Have you seen the finale of True Blood? Don't want to say anything if you have not - but OMG!

Mike V. said...

Definitely too much for a 4 tuner DVR, but I'll admit it...I just got a big headache trying to figure out how and where to record all of the shows on Thursday night. I have several shows on 4 different networks I'll be trying to record between 8-10....whew...crazy stuff. I know some of the cable companies have gotten better with multi-room viewing and multiple DVRs but I'm too reliant on the TiVos and their technology. We wouldn't have the wonderful screenshots in recaps if I didn't use TiVo!! lol

I'm 4 episodes into Miracle Day now and I'm enjoying it. It's basically Matt Roush (TV Guide) that I'm reading didn't enjoy it. I usually agree with him on things but lately I don't know. He loved this season of True Blood too. I just thought it was really weird. Crazy finale though. Anyway, far I see nothing wrong with Miracle Day. Looking forward to the finale when I get there. I'm averaging about 1 episode per weekday since I'm watching on the treadmill in the morning lol

BB - wow...not enough words to describe how great that show is. This season has been unbelievable and that Walt/Jessie fight was a long time coming. Hopefully their "alliance" is not permanently damaged. But with this show, all traditional TV rules go out the window. Loved Skylar and the "dumb accountant" act too lol Looks like her whole cover business could start causing problems for Walt soon!

LOVED the Rescue Me finale too. I have the same commentary about it that I do as the LOST finale. Some people were expecting a big payoff for their 7 seasons of investment to the show. WHY??? Why not enjoy the show AS it was on instead of looking for something crazy to happen in the end. I had assumed that Lou was gonna be the one to bite it because of all of the "goodbye-type" dialogue that Tommy and Lou got to have throughout these final episodes. It seemed fitting that he'd write a letter too...and the ASHES scene was fantastic lol True to Rescue Me's irreverant tone. The only thing I initially felt was missing was Jimmy's ghost. But, then I realized that it was symbolic to Tommy turning a corner on his Post-911 self. The Ghost that would now guide him through better days would be his best friend Lou. (plus Tommy usually only saw those ghosts when drinking)....the mirroring between the pilot episode scene and the final scene of Tommy talking to the probies and then getting in his truck to talk to a ghost were fantastic. Outstanding job.

Mike V. said...


Obviously from my commentary above, yes I saw the True Blood finale! The season was mostly OFF for me, but I did enjoy some parts of it. But when they dealt with Marnie's ghost early in the episode I just had no idea what to expect from the rest of the episode! Who knew they'd be bringing back a greatest hits of foes for next season!? Steve Newlin (had to look up) from the Soldiers of the Sun is back and is a vampire now!?! Russell Edgington has escaped his concrete prison!?!? Oh yeah...and Tara?? WTH happened there!? It seemed like her head got blown off, didn't it? Now, I've never been a huge fan of Tara's character and she has far outlived her book life so could she be dead? Yeah she could. But, then why make it a cliffhanger? Why keep the actress signed on for next season? Yeah, it's a story of all supernatural beings so she may not necessarily be human next season. You would also think Bill and Eric will be by Sookie's side very soon after her scream for help. Actually, it's pretty convenient that they weren't there at her first sign of danger. But yeah...pretty crazy setup for next season after a so-so season in my opinion. The witch stuff could have been done a lot better I think. Just came off cheesy and bizarre for most of the season. But, my wife and I could be in a minority there!

Oh and by the way: I'm caught up on Sons of Anarchy!!! Can't wait for tonight! What an awesome show. I loved season 3 almost as much as season 2 but season 2 is definitely the best. I agree that the s4 premiere kicked major butt too. Love that the dude from Prison Break is the new "sheriff" in town. Btw...totally called the demise of Stahl! lol Of course, I had some help in knowing there would be a major death and the fact that she had been on another show. But, I definitely figured out on my own that JAX wasn't ratting on the crew and that they were all in on it. It was the only way a lot of stuff that happened in that finale would even make sense. Great stuff! I think over 2 years following LOST I was able to finally catch up on all of the TV that I had planned to (BSG, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Sons of Anarchy). Of course, I think I'm way behind on Justified now so maybe that will be next summer lol

Message to all: TV is returning this week and mostly the 2 weeks following! Stay tuned for the Return of Fringe recapping and the premiere of Terra Nova recapping in the weeks to come! I'll be watching lots of other new and returning shows so nothing is off limits for discussion!