Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall 2011 Television Season is Here! My Blogging/Viewing Plans.

Hello fellow blog readers!  Welcome to the new television season!  An exciting time to be sure.  And, I have not changed in my commitment to provide in-depth recap/discussions on some of our favorite shows (and potentially comedic recaps on new shows that never quite captured our attention).  We have had some successes (LOST, Fringe, Walking Dead) and some blunders (FlashForward, The Event) but I think we've found a way to find the fun in all of our adventures.  I aim to continue that goal in our new television season.  There are tons of new shows to look forward to but I am only one person with growing responsibilities outside of blogging.  So, I have chosen a select few shows to venture onward with.  And I will list them very soon.  But first...a big announcement!!

I thought the TV Addicts family would like to know that Mrs. TV Addict and I are expecting a Jr. TV Addict-in-training to arrive early this January!  As you can imagine, we are beyond excited!  And, I'm sure many of you are probably excited for us.  But, maybe there's a hint of worry about how this will impact the blogging come 2012.  And honestly, I can tell you that I have no idea but I can imagine DRAMATICALLY!  In the below blog entry, you will see I have committed to quite a bit of recapping.  That said, after my years of dedication to having TIMELY recaps maybe everyone will understand if there are some delays in the new year.  Afterall, I will be training my eventual blogging replacement!  In all seriousness, anyone that knows me by now probably knows that I will have a problem quitting discussing TV.  So, the timing of blog posts may change but I'm sure I'll find a way to talk about SOMETHING every now and then.  So let's approach that with a "wait and see" approach!  And for now, I'll accept your congratulations! (just kidding)

Okay, enough with the announcement of important "REAL LIFE changing" events, let's get on to TV discussion!  After the jump, I will discuss the new shows I will be recapping and the returning shows that I will be resuming the recaps.  And then, I thought I'd talk a bit about the shows that I will be watching and the shows that I love but just do not have time to blog (but would be HAPPY to discuss at any time).  Here goes nothing!

Returning Shows
  • Fringe (FOX Friday 9pm ET) - Season 4 premieres 9/23 - By far one of the best network shows and Sci-Fi shows still airing today. Season 3 left us with a great cliffhanger and has legions of fans anticipating its return on Friday September 23rd! It's never too late to catch up on this show. You have missed out on some wonderful stories and I highly recommend the catchup. But FOX has put together some wonderful recap segments that are still being released. Check out this youtube playlist to catch up on a great show! Don't be scared away if you don't like SCI-FI either. If you like compelling characters and stories of tragedy and hope, you should be on board with this also. And if you loved LOST, then you have no excuse NOT to be watching! (Note, if you are catching up on this, season 3 is recapped and easily accessible on this blog)
  • The Walking Dead (AMC Sundays at 10pm ET) - Season 2 Premieres 10/16 at special 9:00pm time. - Another easy show to catch up on. Season 1 was 6 episodes long and you can rent them on netflix or buy it if you so choose. This new season will be the usual 13 episodes for a cable show (which I heard will be split between Fall and Spring pods of episodes to avoid the Holidays). I compare this show to the 1st season of LOST in its tale of survival with strong characters and sense of adventure. Yes, it's a show about the zombie apocalypse but don't let that scare you away. This show has all the meaty characters and drama you want in a show. And there is some high quality comedy too. There was some behind the scenes drama with Frank Darabount (acclaimed director and former WD showrunner) stepping down. But he was involved for most of the story building of this second season and he has left the show in capable hands. AMC is still the place to be for great drama. And I will say that until they let me down! (Note, if you are catching up on this, season 1 is recapped and easily accesible on 

New Shows:

  • Terra Nova (FOX Mondays 8pm ET) 2 Hour Premiere on Monday 9/26 - Okay, I'll admit it. This show is another risk to get on board with in the likes of FlashForward and The Event. But I just...can' myself! I've heard mixed things about the pilot in regards to the characters and corny dialogue. But all critics can agree on one thing: The production values are amazing. Similar to LOST in scope, they have relocated the cast and crew to somewhere in Australia (LOST was filmed in Hawaii) for the lush scenery. And Steven Spielberg is producing this one. There is time travel involved but it's mostly a device to get our cast back to Prehistoric Times with futuristic equipment. The earth's population is trying to find a way to survive and rebuild and they're going to do that in Prehistoric Times. Yes, there are dinosaurs! The 1st season will be 12 episodes and should end this December. It will be replaced with the next show on our list!
  • Alcatraz (FOX Mondays 9pm ET) - Starting Mid-season in January - JJ Abrams returns with another offering in this Jorge Garcia (Hurley!!) led cast. A group of hundreds of Alcatraz inmates from the Alcatraz's past mysteriously disappear and start showing up in the present day to wreak havoc. Garcia is an Alcatraz Historian and is teamed up with some attractive female government agent and their job is to solve the "case of the week" while unraveling the large conspiracy of why this is happening. Sam Neil (you may remember him from Jurassic Park) also stars and looks to play the "ambiguous" villainy role. This show reminds me more of Fringe in its layout than LOST. But no one can deny the appeal of an ISLAND on a show, right?! I could see this evolving the way Fringe did with "freak of the week" type episodes all moving towards a more serialized approach once the conspiracy starts getting more complex and interesting. Basically, anything JJ Abrams is behind, I'm going to check it out! This one intrigues me a lot.
All of these shows will be recapped/discussed right here on  If you want to stay notified of when blogs are posted you can sign up for automated email updates for all blog posts on the right hand side of this page, or you can email me to get on the distribution list for any of the shows mentioned above (please specify show).  And of course, I will always tweet when a blog is posted so you can follow me on twitter (click here or on the follow button at the top right of this page).  I look forward to continuing our discussions!

Other shows I watch/will watch/recommend:

Now onto other shows that I will be watching (outlined by day) and am willing to discuss whenever you guys want!  I just cannot commit to regular recaps. 
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
  • Terra Nova/Alcatraz (FOX) - Obviously!
  • Glee (FOX) - If it's anything like season 2, I may bail quickly. But given my love for music, it's tough not to give it a shot! (Plots? Non existent and nonsensical)
  • Ringer - (CW) *New - Tough not to give Sarah Michelle Gellar a shot. Can't look at this more than a guilty pleasure, but I sure hope they improve on any future boat scenes!
  • The New Girl (FOX) *New - Probably won't last, but I saw the pilot and it was pretty funny.
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX) - See my commentary on HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOWS below!  

  • Up All Night (NBC) - *New - I figure I'll be able to relate to this one as I'll be going through it too with the newborn!
  • Modern Family (ABC) - Hysterical show, and I'll have words with anyone who disagrees!
  • Happy Endings (ABC) - hysterical new show last season. I recommend the catch-up!
  • Cougar Town (ABC) - Not till Mid-Season I believe
  • American Horror Story (FX) - Definitely gonna check it out.  Afterall, it does have Friday Night Light's Connie Britton in it!  But Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck) as creator/producer scares me a bit.  I never watched Nip/Tuck but know only the first couple seasons are worth watching.  And with Glee, well...we'll see how season 3 is because 2 was awful! 
  • X-Factor (FOX Wednesdays/Thursdays) - Yes, I'll be watching. Can't promise that I'll be blogging it but if any writing DOES take place, it probably will be on the Idol blog. (I like to keep my reality TV cravings separate from this stuff) So stay tuned!
Thursday (DVR will be busy!)

  • Community (NBC) - Probably my favorite comedy airing right now. Season 2 was an instant classic! (yes the entire season!)
  • Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • Vampire Diaries (CW) - The wife likes it. I'll admit it, I do too!
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC) - Long live Ron Swanson!
  • The Office (NBC) - Will be interesting without Michael Scott this year!
  • Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) - Anyone see the premiere last night? Hysterical as always!
  • Person of Interest (CBS) - JJ Abrams/Michael Emerson - I'm there! (at least at the beginning I will be)
  • Chuck (NBC) - Final season of 12ish episodes airs on Fridays starting late October
  • Fringe (FOX) - Obviously!
  • Grimm (NBC) - Still not sure about this one actually.  Probably will record but may never get around to watching unless I hear good things.
  • SNL (NBC) - DVR and fast forward through boring stuff (i.e. Usually, most of episode.  Do love me some Weekend update though!)


  • Once Upon a Time (ABC) A couple writers from LOST are the showrunners so it could have potential.  I have heard the storytelling will have a very LOSTIAN format. e.g. Since it's fairy tale characters in the real world, there will be flashbacks to their lives in FANTASY land.  Oh, and I hear there are tons of Easter Eggs too.  Even LOST-related stuff in the pilot ep.
  • Dexter (Showtime)
  • Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
  • Homeland (Showtime) *New
  • Awake (NBC) *New - Starts mid-season. Looks decent.   (Note: The day it will air is still unknown)
  • Breaking Bad/Mad Men (AMC), Game of Thrones (HBO) - See my comments below on Strongly recommended shows!
Strong Strong Recommendations for the following shows:

If you're looking for awesome television and are uninspired with what is airing on the networks, I highly encourage you to catch up on these shows! I'd love to recap them but there just isn't time!  But as mentioned, I will gladly and eagerly discuss each one with anyone who wants to!

  • Mad Men (AMC) - 3 straight Best Drama Emmys (possibly a 4th this sunday) can't be wrong. It comes back March 2012! First 3 seasons are on Netflix streaming. I'm sure the 4th will be available sooner to when it returns to the air.
  • Breaking Bad (AMC) - Currently airing. FANTASTIC show. If you love suspense and dark dramas, you'll love this show. One of my all time favorites. It is quite graphic and does have disturbing subject material so you have been warned! But Television doesn't get much better than this. After this season that is currently airing (s4), there will be 18 episodes left that could air over 2 more seasons. Great great show.
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX) - Just caught up on this show over the past couple of weeks. 1st 2 seasons streaming on Netflix, 3rd season available on disc, 4th season currently airing on Tuesday Nights at 10. Another awesome show I didn't have time to watch and now cannot get enough of.
  • Game of Thrones (HBO) - Returns in the spring. Very true to the books which are great also (still reading them).
Whew, so anyone with kids out there, am I going to have to start nixing some of these shows when the baby arrives!?  I think I already know the answer to that, but I like to live in denial for now!  Plus, I have my TiVo and I'll be awake in the middle of the night.  Who knows when I'll be watching TV?!

Anyway, that's my TV plan for the Fall (and some of it for the Winter/Spring too).  Hope you're on board for the recaps and some discussion because I still am!  Fringe is the first show up on 9/23.  I'll be out that night so the recap will come some time over the weekend.  Can't wait to see what is up after that finale!  Terra Nova starts up 9/26 and Walking Dead on 10/16.  Let me know what shows you're excited for too!  Until then, hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you on the blog soon!


lostieforever said...

Excellent list! Watching Fringe, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Hawaii Five-0, and Falling Skies [sorry if you don't like the last one :)]

Waiting for Person of interest, Alcatraz, Terranova, Awake, Once Upon a Time and Homeland.

BTW, I watched the first episode of RINGER and It looks very interesting.

I will read and RT your reviews, as always. Glad to see you again!

Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS! i'm sure you'll be an excellent, TV-addicted dad :D bringing a new generation into our love of theorizing about (and making fun of) TV shows, WOO!
I loved Ringer, yes i know the boat scene was laughable but it kinda reminded me of Psycho or one of those old Hitchcock movies. i'll stick around because i love SMG and i'm interested to see where it is going.
SOA! A-OK! sons of Anarchy definitely doesn't disappoint. and follow Kurt Sutter on facebook or twitter (yes he's baaaaack!), he's an interesting showrunner, lol!
This season i'm watching SOA (obvs), Ringer, 90210 (though it's in danger of being on the chopping block), Grimm, Modern Family, Hawaii 5-0 (Terry O'Quinn is gonna be on!), The Office (chopping block territory as well though. I'll give Person of Interest and Once Upon a Time a chance, but who knows. Also want to check out Revenge, i'm hearing good things about it. And of course, Awake and Alcatraz for the mid-season.
whew! that's a lot of shows! i'm sure i'm even forgetting some of them!

Mike V. said...

@Lostieforever - Thanks! Glad you have similar tastes in TV! As for Falling skies, I planned on watching it and still have most episodes recorded...just haven't had a chance. I heard it was good though!

I watched Ringer too and I do like the plot twists and turns. They're pretty fun. But that pilot episode had some cringe-worthy moments. Any time Sarah showed up as both twins on screen it was pretty painful...but the most painful was that Green Screen Boat scene! It looked straight out of the 70s! lol Makes me appreciate all the more what LOST accomplished by filming on location. And yeah, I totally understand their production budgets were probably MUCH different! lol

I appreciate the retweets! Good to see you too!

@Kelly! Thanks for the congrats! You know once my son is of appropriate age, I will be rewatching LOST with him! lol I might be a little upset if he ends up not liking it but we'll see about that lol

Oh I mentioned above, totally enjoyed Ringer. And I secretly hope for more scenes like that boat scene! Just so I can have a good laugh. I have faith that the cast will gel and they'll get into some meaty twists in the coming weeks.

Don't you worry, I'm totally following Kurt Sutter! (OTTO!!) He definitely is interesting. I loved when he slammed AMC for how they were treating their shows. It was tough not to read his tweets as I was frantically starting to catch up on SOA. Wow, what a great month that was! This past Tuesday was the first episode I watched when it aired lol Great great show. Thanks to all of you for the recommendations!

Yeah, I didn't want to mention 90210 and GG for obvious reasons, but they may be on my tivo too :-) lol Even Grey's is on there but I just haven't been able to catch every episode of late. As for Hawaii 5-0...I did hear aboutu Terry (and the girl that played Alex on LOST was just cast too.) It's still set to record, but I never have a chance to watch. Maybe I'll check in to see Terry. I still wish Terry and Emerson had their show greenlit instead though.

I see you didn't mention Terra Nova...was that intentional? lol I'll admit it, it's definitely a risky maneuver on my part. And if it's not good, I may be abanoning it for a show that is! lol

Thanks for writing in and again for the congrats!

Kelly said...

yeah, 90210 (and ANTM) are my guilty pleasures.. after a weekend of watching 9/11 specials on TV, it was kinda nice to soak up the vapidness of Beverly Hills, lol. ANTM is definitely on it's last leg with me though. Tyra Banks is increasingly annoying, i'm only watching this season because it's All Stars. as a photography nut, i really just fast forward through the whole episode to see the pictures at the end, lol!
Terra Nova hasn't piqued my interest. There are far too many other shows this season that I'd rather watch, so whereas i may have watched it last season, this season it doesn't have a chance! and yet i watch 90210, hahaha!
yes, i just heard about Alex being on H5-0 as well! YEAH!! it's such a fun show. definitely no thought involved in watching, but it's something that you can watch an episode hear and there and you won't be confused!
and i have full faith that TV Addict Jr will have the same affinity to Lost as you, it's in the blood!

Mike V. said...

In spite of the fact that I may watch 90210 on occassion, Gossip Girl and whatever other possible girly show I may watch, my manhood/dignity has been fully restored by the fact that I had to google ANTM to figure out what the hell you were talking about!! lol Of course, if I just read on and saw Tyra Banks mentioned, I may have been able to figure it out. But, my excuse with these shows has always been..."my wife watches it so I do too!" I recorded a lot of 9/11 specials too...just never had time to watch them! (I may have metioned a certain SOA Catchup! I swear, I think my wife was more obsessed with watching more episodes a night than I was!)

I'll definitely be playing Terra Nova by ear. If I find my recaps getting shorter and more sarcastic with every week, I may be abandoning it! But, with the amount of money they're investing in it, there has to be an ounce of hope that it can be good. We'll see!
Meanwhile, if a show like Once Upon a Time keeps getting more interesting every week and the LOST writers let their "geek flag fly" once again...I could myself shifting towards something like that! Of course, it could be difficult with The Walking Dead being on the same night!

Definitely hear you on H50. I'm sure if I didn't spend Monday night recapping, I'd be checking it out more often! lol

That's sweet of you to say about TVA JR! Here's hoping you're right! :-)

Mike V. said...

Promo for Fringe!! Looks awesome!

lostieforever said...

I'm a 60 years old woman and never watched TV Series (or movies) for women, because I LOVE Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Terror, and Thriller, since I was a teenager.

My husband and sons really appreciate It, of course. Haha!

Mike V. said...

That's great LOSTIE! lol Fortunately for me, I think I have my wife hooked on these type of shows too! But, I do have to compromise sometimes and watch the other stuff. Though, I'd never admit it, I might have watched some of these shows before I was married. :-)

lostieforever said...

I forgot to mention American Horror Story. It looks very well:

Also, the series has a page where you can discover the secrets of that haunting house:

Creepy! I just love It!

BTW, my Twitter account is!/RaftReload (for now)

Mike V. said...

Totally forgot about American Horror Story. I am planning to check that out too. I've heard mixed things from critics but the ones that have liked it had nothing but praise. It does scare me that Ryan Murphy is behind it. It seems that he can only make 1 solid season of a show before it derails! lol

Thanks for the twitter info, I'll follow you! I have seen many of your retweets! I appreciate it!

lostieforever said...

Yeah! Well, I prefer a single season well written, focused on the main plot, and not ruin the series extended them beyond what is necessary.

As for the criticism, I have been noting that for the critics of movies and TV Series there is nothing to make them up, so do not let myself be influenced by them. I want shows that entertains me, I can not to ask a network "Hey! make shows on the Game of Thrones level!" That is not possible.

BTW, my new Twitter account is:!/SynopsisPlus

It's the name of my new/old blog.

Thanks for your kindness, Mike. :)

Mike V. said...

I guess that's just it. The problem with American Television is that they are usually designed to run for as many seasons as possible. So, out of the gate, they aren't mapping out a storyline that will end in 1 season. So you may have 1 season's worth of great ideas and it makes for a great season of television, but there is no guarantee of when the show will end. That's what makes shows like LOST, BSG, Rescue Me, now add Breaking Bad to the list...commendable for being able to negotiate their end date and end on their own terms. People still may not enjoy the final product because there could still be some loose plot threads, but at least they're working towards a goal of some sort.

Totally agree with not being influenced by critics. There's actually only one critic that I think my tastes usually align with and that's TV Guide's Matt Roush. But even lately, I see us disagreeing more and more. He loved this season of True Blood. I thought it was pretty laughable. But, I'll still take his recommendations on new shows any day of the week. He has steered me in a good direction enough times. But, I think in general that it's hard to review a show based on the Pilot episode alone. Sure, there are some great pilot episodes out there but there are also some awful ones. Some great pilot episodes lead to pretty bad weekly shows. Some awful pilots lead to legendary shows. And usually, if a show becomes LEGENDARY, the pilot is looked on more fondly than when originally viewed.

Don't get me wrong, the LOST Pilot was something that had never been seen before for a TV Show budget. But, even with its craziness, I wouldn't say I was completely sold on the show yet. That happened after several BIG moments happened in subsequent episodes. Locke's Walkabout, Others on the Island, Charlie's hanging/Jack's rescue (add Giacchino's Life and Death theme to the show's legacy)....after that...I went back and watched the Pilot with a brand new set of eyes...seeing things I didn't see the first time and then realized how unbelievable it was.

I think I bring this point up all the time...especially when defending shows like Flashforward and The Event. Both actually ended up turning into decent shows by the end of their 1st seasons, but it was all too late. So, these big concept shows need to find a way to reel in the audience early, and keep them hanging on. Not an easy thing to accomplish!

You're very welcome on my kindness and thank YOU for your readership!

Mike V. said...

BTW to everyone, since I'm not posting a recap until this wknd:

My quick thoughts on the Emmys:
- Steve Carell was robbed! But I have no bad words for Jim Parsons who is hysterical on BBT. I just thought Steve had done enough to finally earn the Emmy before leaving his role as Michael Scott. Maybe he can win as a guest actor one day if Mr. Scott returns for the series finale. lol
- How about Friday Night Lights snagging a couple awards? Best writing and Best Lead Actor in Kyle Chandler!?!?!? I almost fell out of my seat. Couldn't have happened to a better show or a better actor. I only wish Connie Britton won for Lead Female as well. Well deserved winners.
- Can't argue with Mad Men winning a 4th straight. It is great television. There are other great shows, but that Suitcase episode this year was phenomenal.
- Phil and Claire Dunphy! Way to take home some emmys. I had my money on Ty Burrell (really last year too). He totally earns it in every episode. So I was glad he finally got it.

Breaking Bad (spoiler if you haven't seen latest episode):

WOW...what an amazing episode. As I was watching Walter unravel in front of his son, I along with the rest of the Emmy watching people were all united in thinking "Yup, next year's Best Actor Emmy is a lock for Cranston. John Hamm just can't catch a break!" Unbelievable. But it wasn't just Walter in this episode. The whole Cartel storyline was fabulous. Jessie taking charge in the lab with his mentors in Gus/Mike watching over him proudly. But then the final scene at Don Eladio's?? Whew...I mean...we all saw it coming I'm sure. But just drawing it out the way they did was fantastic and having Gus take the shot as well and having to try and chuck it all up as just great television. Loved the mirroring between Gus's methodical preparation of the crime scene in the season premiere and his methodical preparation for self-inducing in this one. Laying the towel on the ground for his knees was hysterical. Can't wait to see where it's all going! But the show has been on fire this season.

MJ said...

Congratulations to you and your wife. Very very cool. I gues you'll have to both start watching Up All Night for a preview of your future. LOL Don't be combing over Sesame Street looking for hidden meanings though.

All 6 eps of Walking Dead are also on demand on Fios and on AMC.

Breaking Bad was awesome - no one folds a jacket like Gus. Jessie was fab playing Walt 2.0 He really did that well. I'm wondering if Gus did not take that anti-dote fast enough, or go toss his cooies fast enough. And Schyler is getting out of control.

I'll be late in watching and reading your recaps for a few months. taking a class at GCC on tuesday and thursdays so that will delay me doing some watching.

Ringer was fun - but a little soapy. Over the years I've tired of the soapy shows. Revenge I think will be the same, but I'll look at it. I also watch VD but ignore the teen angst for the good parts - which is the mythology. Watched Secret Circle - we;ll see about that one - was impressed by the double secrecy going on there.

Haven't watched HIMYM yet - had to watch my NYG's win.

Excited for Fringe and Supernatural and Chuck to return. Will sample Terra Nova, really dying to see American Horror and Alcatraz.

MJ said...

Oh - and I really enjoyed True Blood this year. I hate the Maryann year ! That story sucked - pun intended.

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! Already started watching Up All Night lol The sad thing is, people HAVE already looked for hidden meanings in Sesame Street. Otherwise they wouldn't have had to come out recently and say that Bert and Ernie are not gay! lol

Good to know about Walking Dead. Maybe I should add that to the blog posting!

Wait...did Gus take an antidote? Ohh...right he took those pills, right? (I think, could be mixing it up with another show) Yeah things are looking pretty bleak for gus and Mike right now....but the simple fact that they got in that car and Jesse high-tailed it out of there makes me think they'll be okay. But with the Cartel being dismembered at the top, what are the implications to Walt and Jessie now?? And if Gus does indeed die...does that make them the head honchos? That would seem like the next logical evolution. Walt goes from High School Chemistry teacher to Drug Lord.... It was heartbreaking but I loved that Walt called his son Jessie too. Schyler...yeah she's a mess. She is making things a lot worse and I love every minute of it! I know people hate her character, but she's causing problems and Walt is going to have to deal with them. Makes for great television!

No problem on the delayed reading. I'm going to be having some delayed writing eventually too! :-) lol

Ringer was definitely soapy, but I was expecting that going in. I hear you on getting tired of soapy shows. I've watched so many of them and they all are starting to look like the same show! lol I'm not even looking at Revenge. Vamps...yeah, it definitely has the teen angst, but I think it's less than other shows. Did not watch Secret Circle and have no interest! I have to cut this off at some point!!

Definitely comment again when you watch HIMYM! I watched 2.5 Men for the first and only time. Had to check in on the buzz. Ashton played a rich and "slightly" smarter Kelso. lol Had it's funny moments but I don't think I'll be checking back in. Watched 2 Broke Girls...pretty funny stuff. And pretty risque for network TV. I caught a couple play on words, one straight of of the American Pie movies. yikes!

As for Terra Nova....yeah I'm starting to get the sense that people don't have too high expectations on this show. I guess I always had that sense from the critics too. I could see me bailing on the blogging after a few episodes if no one is into it. We'll see how the pilot goes. On the flipside...if shows like American Horror Story or Once Upon a Time or something else picks up steam...maybe I'll make the switch. We'll see what happens!

Cannot wait for FRINGE!! So, I have a concert Friday Night which means watching it later that night will be a risky endeavor (due to me possibly not remembering it all!)...then...I have an all day outing on Saturday...leaving me a very small window for a Saturday Morning watch and recap extravaganza! I'll try my best lol

TB - I know some people loved it this season. I actually enjoyed the Maryann season a lot. But not for that storyline...for the other ones. The whole Fellowship of the Sun stuff was great and the Godric stuff. And Jason Stackhouse was just hysterical throughout the season. I thought last season took a turn for the very bizarre and this season just got weirder in a different way. I enjoy it all as a guilty pleasure but I can't take it very seriously! Next season sounds pretty promising though. We'll see!

Thanks for writing in as always!

MJ said...

Walking Dead is going to have some webisodes that supposedly show how the zombie started

Mike V. said...

Sounds like a pretty cool idea!! I'm in! Maybe if I have nothing better to do, I'll post them on the blog for discussion lol Thanks for sharing!

MJ said...

Ok - finally watched HIMYM! Fab as always. DOn't know where to even begin ! But I'm happy that Victoria is back. The dance was great.

New girl was pretty funny. My husband isn't a fan of the sitcoms - but even he laughed. I'm glad they paired it with Raising Hope. I loved Hope last year and did not think it got the attention it deserved. Something about Free Agents is tickling my funny bone as well.

SOA is just rocking this season. Between it an Breaking Bad I can't decide what the best drama on tv is.

MJ said...

Oh - meant to add that the mom of Luther and Vandross in SOA was great ! Though a bit of a rip-off of the mama from Justified this past season who just won an emmy.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM was definitely great. The flashforward/back of Marshall in Vegas was fantastic. "Marshall + Steph 4ever"????? WTH?? lol I'm sure the bride will end up being robin or norah...probably robin but they'll throw in some fun stuff along the way to make us think otherwise! If they were being called Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney in the early would make sense that they are married in the end. We'll see!

I'm a little sad Damon Wayans Jr. won't be in the subsequent eps of New Girl because he's tied to Happy Endings, but he's hysterical on that also so it's all good! I never got a chance to watch Hope last year. Watched the pilot and loved it but we just fell behind lol I'm recording free agents just the catch the last few seconds of Up All Night. Haven't watched it though!

SOA - has been a good time. The whole Luther and Vandross thing was fantastic and when the dude called them "LaBROWN" lol (I always forget that new member's name) I stil haven't watched justified but I know the actress that won for it. Good stuff!

Agreed...between SOA and Breaking Bad there is still some fantastic dramatic television filling the void right now. I love them both. Breaking Bad...I know I talked about it above...but that last episode was just awesome!

MJ said...

There was much I loved about HIMYM - and they have new spoils out for their Halloween ep that sounds great. Won't say more in case you don't want to be spoiled.

2 Broke Girls was pretty good, surprised me. Still haven't tried Whitney though. Up All night improved with the second ep - the first one had too much going on in my opinion, this one was a little better maybe.

Mike V. said...

Hmmm....Not sure if I want to be spoiled or not, but if I run into it I'll let you know! lol

I did enjoy 2 Broke Girls also...was just shocked at some of the jokes they pulled off on network TV! Agreed on Up All Night. It did seem to improve. I had heard they had retooled the pilot episode a bunch...especially Maya Rudolph's role. This one was definitely funnier.

Whew...Thursday Nights are going to be a really tough night. I watched a full night of TV but I feel like there's still so much to watch! I always migrate to the NBC comedies usually but I only got to 2 of them last night. Community and The Office. Office was actually still pretty decent. We'll see if they can keep it up! I watched Vamps and 1 episode of Big Bang Theory...but I still have another one, PARKS, Person of Interest, Always Sunny....and don't get me started on the X-Factor which I my own fault! lol I think the Mrs. is going to be on her own with Grey's this year. I just can't keep up!!

Ugh..and to top things off...we're busy all weekend and I have to find a few hours to watch Fringe and then write about!! And so it begins :-) lol


MJ said...

Oh - and meant to mention Shmosby on HIMYM. Too too funny. Thought of you when Marshall kissed Lillies belly ! :-D

I'm excited for tonight's Supernatural and Fringe. I too have much on my DVR still. I've been trying to watch the new ones so that I can delete the sucky ones - but haven't deleted any yet. The weather looks to ruin some of my plans so i might just get caught up this weekend. LOL Dying for my Chuck fix in a few weeks. I also intend to watch Grimm and I watch Haven - so Friday has become a hot night for me.

Have a good weekend !!