Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 - Genesis

Hello friends and welcome to the next blogging experiment!  That's right kids, we're gonna give this crazy Terra Nova show a shot right here at the TV Addicts Blog.  We're going to see how everyone responds to the show in the ratings, on the blog and judge my personal enjoyment of the show on a week to week basis and see if it is indeed worth the trouble.  But, right out of the bat, I gotta say that I highly enjoyed the 2 hours we got to spend in Terra Nova and with the Shannon family and crew.  There is no doubt that the production levels are right on par and probably exceed those of the pilot of our favorite show LOST.  Both had similar high budgets and fancy locales to shoot in (Hawaii vs. Australia).  I won't compare the acting just yet, as we need to see if this cast evolves over time!  Anyway, Terra Nova's pilot was a high octane drama that planted the seeds for some crazy conflicts, big reveals and opened the doors to a family audience.  Yes, this does mean that there were plenty of opportunities for intentional cheesy dialogue.  But, the lines never went past a chuckle for me and my eyes remained unrolled for most of the 2 hours!  My worry is that they spent so long on this pilot episode (2 years was it?) that they won't be able to keep the thrills up on a weekly basis.  But maybe most of that time was working out the kinks in order to be able to provide the thrills consistently.  We'll just have to wait and see.  But for the Series Premiere, I say bravo and bring me some more!

As with most series premieres, I tend to not do a traditional recap as we are just being introduced to characters, there is a bit of world building and just hints of conflicts to come.  There isn't enough information to start the mad theorizing just yet.  Plus, it was 2 hours and I just can't see me writing a full fledged recap for a 2 hour series premiere of a show that none of us are THAT invested in quite yet!  So, let's see how the recap goes and we'll see what it evolves into over the coming weeks!  Join me after the jump!

In the Not So Distant Future

Well, 2149 to be exact, Earth has evolved to to resemble a polluted version of the capital of the Galactic Empire/Old republic/New Republic, Coruscant. (If I need to tell you what that's from, you may be in the wrong place!) The planet is dying, the air quality has gotten so bad that people have to walk around with some kind of oxygen masks.  Fruit is hard to come by as shown by the excitement over finding a fresh orange.  The world is overpopulated forcing a mandate of 4 people per family or else face the consequences!  That is where we join the Shannon family as they are hiding a 5th family member in little Zoe Shannon.  Our protagonist and Zoe's father Jim Shannon got a bit defensive of his family and ended up in cuffs serving 2 years of a 6 year sentence.  

We then find Jim's wife Elizabeth with her 1 way ticket to Terra Nova, a colony of humans located 85 Million Years in the past where the inhabitants are trying to give humanity a second chance.  Elizabeth was recruited due to their need for a quality doctor.  And she was allowed to bring her 2 children Josh and Maddy, but not poor Zoey as she was the cause of all of the legal issues in the first place.  

Jim is handed a nifty little gift from his wife in some kind of laser usb drive (well, it looked like a USB drive!).  Apparently, this little gizmo was enough to help him escape out of prison and disable his tracker chip inserted in his body.  He then found supplies in hidden locations that would help him get into the Terra Nova transport area as well as carrying around Zoe in a backpack.  That crazy Elizabeth had been busy!  Naturally, there had to be some drama with Jim getting through and they tried to make it as dramatic as possible with the kiddies not wanting to go.  But, in the end, the whole family went through and then Jim knocked over a few security guards to get himself through the transport.  

Little information is provided on how this transport to the past came about (they call it a time fracture), and I'm not sure if that is something the show is planning on exploring.  But, I guess we'll find out.  And, since we found out that there have been 10 pilgrimages to Terra Nova so far, that there will be more in the future (pending how long the show lasts).  My guess would be that pilgrimage #11 would include Josh's girlfriend and that it will be conveniently timed to when he is all cozied up with Skye.  But, we're getting ahead of ourselves!

For now, the Shannon family has successfully made their way to Terra Nova!  But the drama we had seen up to this point was just a precursor to the real drama!

Welcome to Terra Nova!

Okay, so here's where we're going to break away from the traditional recap.  We know what happened, right?  The Shannons arrive.  There is an initial concern with Jim being a convict, but they quickly get past that since the old rules don't apply here.  Everything seems to be perfect in this paradise.  There are plant eating dinosaurs that seem to be friendly creatures and everyone is excited because they can see a blue sky and white clouds.  They have a pretty house that is cool because it's futuristic in the prehistoric past.  The oldest son starts to rebel because he hasn't seen his father in 2 years and they had to find for himself.  Did I mention he's a teenager so it's in his DNA to rebel?  He goes off and finds himself a rag tag group of other rebellious kids and they go exploring elsewhere and then eventually find themselves in trouble.  But that's not the only trouble.  There are some other humans that arrived that are not on the same page as all of the rest and this forms a bit of conflict that surely will continue throughout the season/series.  Conflicts are dealt with, some people get hurt, but in the end most people are okay.  But, a few pieces of mythology are dropped on us and while the Shannons seem to be all happy now, they really don't know the full story of what's going on in this world yet.  Dum dum dummmmmmmm!!!!   Did that about sum it up?  I don't mean to short-change the 2 hour epically charged pilot episode because it was magnificently produced!   I'd just rather spend time getting to know our characters and then talking a bit about those mythological tidbits.  Don't worry, I'll get some screenshots in there of the action too.  Sound good? Let's meet the crew! 

Jim Shannon

  • Father, husband, ex-cop, ex-convict, most-likely the hero of our story. 
  • Jim likes to spend time cracking bad jokes with his family.  Making up fake names for his daughter he hasn't seen in 2 years in order to earn her trust back.  Telling his wife that she used to be the girl that his son Josh was metaphorically chasing.  You get the drift! 
  • Jim was quickly forgiven his crimes from PRE-Terra Nova and given a job working with the greenery or something like that.  He is able to fall 15-20 feet off of a fence and be totally okay afterwards.  He even tells others of these feats when they happen. 

  • His old cop ways soon kick into gear as he sees a shady guy wandering about.  The man turns out to be one of the Sixers and allegedly bad news.  (no, not the Philly basketball team) 
  • After Jim successfully takes down Sixer guy, he is recruited into a security role with the Terra Nova squad.  All is right with the world! 

Elizabeth Shannon

  • Mother, wife, doctor and apparently as stubborn as her husband.
  • She loves her husband and is apparently very good at her craft.  Except, she had never seen overgrown leaches used to suck out excess oxygen from people's backs. (Who would have?)

  • While Elizabeth is reluctant at first for Jim to join the security team, she seems to come around on it when he saves their son.  Of course, she almost orphaned her other 2 children by going along with Jim on the search in dangerous territory for Josh.  But, it's a TV Show and they're the central family.  I guess she knew that and knew she'd be safe! 

Josh Shannon

  • Rebellious Teenage son who formerly that his dad was pretty cool.  That was before he had to become a hardened man before his time when his father served 2 years in the clink.  This dude's whining is only slightly less annoying than Tyler's on the short-lived V reboot.   But, when he's not whining, he actually is pretty tolerable so far. 

  • Josh has a girlfriend, Kara, back in the dying Earth future, which is another cause for his anger.  He swore to her that he'd find a way to bring her to Terra Nova.  But, with it being a one-way ticket that doesn't seem very plausible.  But like I already have predicted, she will be coming and it's not gonna be pretty! 

  • It isn't long before Josh runs into Skye who will definitely be his love interest in this tropical paradise.  Skye doesn't play by the rules and likes to "walk on the edge" if you know what I mean.  Of course, there is a reason for her rebellious nature and that would be that her parents have both died from yellow fever.  She seems envious of Josh's relationship with his parents even if he doesn't appreciate what he has.  

  • Josh is introduced to the rest of the crew who will remain nameless until they get more interesting story arcs than just being Skye's friends!  But one thing they all were interested in doing was going OTG!  (Outside The Gates homeys!!)    Exciting activities OTG include jumping down pretty waterfalls into springs, looking at geometrical artifacts and home brewing some fruity/nutty moonshine.  

  • And let's not forget running into SLASHERS!  Yes friends, that will be our version of Velociraptors in this new world.  Do you miss Jurassic Park yet?   Of course, as I mentioned earlier, they all make it out of that conflict just fine but it was pretty intense!  And Skye had a pretty take charge attitude in the midst of it.  

  • It might be important to note that Skye also had a friend or at least someone she knew amongst the Sixers.  Definitely something shady going on there with the Sixers and what they might know. 
Maddy and Zoe Shannon

  • Teenage Daughter (Maddy) and Youngest Daughter (Zoe) definitely got the shaft in this episode. 
  • Zoe got to feed a FlippinBigaSaurus (yeah, I forget what the actual name was so we'll go with that for now) and scared her family for a quick second.  She also got to be the one that was homesick allowing Daddy Jim to crack some more jokes about how the place was just TOO beautiful to stay!

  • Maddy got to fawn over some random guy hanging around Terra Nova.  He seemed to be part of the security squad.   Best line of the night easily was NOT  "Don't leave!!  My sister is scared!" 

Nathaniel Taylor

  • Fearless leader of Terra Nova and arrived on the first pilgrimage.
  • He has been in prehistoric Earth for 7 years and apparently is very famous where they come from.  He spent much time prior to the formation of Terra Nova living out in the jungle.  He assured Elizabeth that people can survive out there.  
  • There definitely will be much backstory that will have to be revealed about Nathaniel, starting with his missing son.  He brought his son to Terra Nova on the 2nd pilgrimage and he has been missing for years.  But, by the end of the episode we do find out that he is certainly not dead. 
  • You may think that this man resembles the bad guy from Avatar.  Well folks, that's because it's the same actor!  I definitely don't think the casting is a coincidence.  I think it would be unwise to trust this man at his every word.  Maybe that is just my serialized TV training at work there.  He could be just the most upstanding citizen of Terra Nova and may have completely innocent intentions! 

  • Nathaniel's biggest rival and therefore also Terra Nova's would appear to be The Sixers.  The Sixers, led by a woman named Miri all arrived in the 6th Pilgrimage to Terra Nova.  They had some sort of agenda but when they realized Taylor and crew had caught on they defected taking weapons and supplies with them. And occasionally they try to syphon power from the main camp.  We have already seen them attempt to kill Taylor and then they sent a few people in their vehicles to assault Terra Nova and get their man back.  Of course, they ended up getting chased by 2 carnivorous Dinos (He called them Carnitaurus and Avatar guy really hates them!) in the process.  No fear, Taylor and Jim handled them just fine! 

  • Apparently, there are some resources out in the wilderness that are a good bargaining chip with Taylor.  Because once he saw the "meteoric iron" that Miri was offering, he let their man go.  The sixers control the quarry of the iron.  They also wanted ammunition but Taylor would not part with it.   

  • It almost seemed to me that it might be possible that Taylor may be secretly working with the Sixers. So, it will be interesting to see how that progresses.   Definitely a man whose character needs to be flushed out over the season/series. 
  • We should also note that it would seem that Skye and Taylor have developed a bit of a kinship over the years as well.  He is missing his son, she no longer has her parents.  So, it would seem he has become sort of a father figure to her, except one that just laughs when she said she was OTG drinking.  She also lied to him when he asked if they went near the waterfalls.  

The Mythology Aspect of Terra Nova
Okay, so there's not much to go on here just yet.  But as I mentioned, the seeds definitely were planted.
  • Okay, so one of the largest concerns of potential viewers and critics has to do with the time travel element of the show.  If they're going back to the prehistoric past and are attempting to start a new civilization, how does this impact the humans that eventually start to populate the planet millions of years later?  i.e. The Butterfly Effect?  Won't their presence in Earth's past totally disrupt humanity's past thereby possibly affecting their very existence as well?    And then, even if that wasn't an issue what about the extinction of Dinosaurs?  Couldn't that cause the extinction of this population as well?   Well, we kinda got on of those answers in a weirdly placed scene between Josh and Maddy.  It really felt like the scene was added after the fact to address the critics that were laughing at execs trying to explain the show at one of the critics association conferences.  But here goes!

    There is some historical landmark in the middle of Terra Nova dedicated to THE PROBE.   They sent the probe through when they first discovered the "Time Fracture" (hence, the fracture that allows them to travel to the past).  They didn't know how far back the fracture went so they sent this probe back so that they could find it however million years later.  But, they never DID find that probe.  Why?  Because this Terra Nova timeline is a DIFFERENT time stream.  Basically, all of this was to say that this timeline will NOT be impacting their past timeline from which they came.   Maddy even referred the fact that if they were in the same time-stream just stepping on a butterfly could affect things in a major way.  So there you go.  New time stream no problems!   As for the extinction of dinos?  Well, maybe there is never an asteroid/meteor impact in this timeline.  OR, maybe the Terra Novians will have the technological ability to prevent that extinction event from ever happening.   Just an idea.  But here's the issue, they have this whole scene about time streams but then they further complicate it with one of the final scenes of the premiere. 

  • So, the kids found the drawings on the rocks by the waterfall.  Taylor didn't want Skye to see those drawings.  Now, Miri is talking to her fellow Sixer and saying that Taylor wants to keep this stuff under wraps.  He won't destroy them because they're the only link to his son that he has left.  (This again would seem to indicate that Taylor and the Sixers are working together)   Miri said that his son puts the drawings there to shove them in his old man's face.  He keeps getting closer and closer to the answer.  The reason for Terra Nova's existence.  Control the past, control the future.   HUH!?!  So wait, are they trying to alter time?  Perhaps the probe was found and it was kept under wraps?  I doubt it.  I don't know why they'd go to all of that trouble of explaining how the butterfly effect doesn't apply just to unravel that idea in the final moments of the episode.  I guess we'll just need to wait for more information to see where all of that is going but I'm interested in your theories if you have any! 

And of course, the episode ended on another cheesy note with the Shannon family observing how much bigger the moon is 85 million years earlier and how the star patterns are all different because the universe hasn't expanded as much.  Ahh thank you Maddy for being such a science nerd!   And there we leave the Shannon's who have experienced their first day in a very different plane of existence!

So, that's all I really have for this episode.  Now with the world and characters being introduced to us we should be able to move into a more traditional sense of recapping next week.  The first episode is always tough!  But, definitely let me know what you thought of the show.  Will you be sticking around to see how it progresses?  Can you deal with the corny lines here and there?  Are you intrigued by the story so far?  I was definitely interested enough to continue the recapping next week.  We'll see what happens from there! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping Fringe, Terra Nova, The Walking Dead and Alactraz.  If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly.  This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.  


Anonymous said...

Great special effects. Predictable storyline (distressed family starts new life. kid runs off. parents retrieve them after some conflict. family bonds and becomes stronger than ever).

I have to admit that I am interested in knowing what the hidden agenda is but I am not sure I will be able to stick around to find out if the episode story lines and conflicts aren't more original. I don't want this show to be a retread of traditional family conflict shows where the exotic setting just becomes a back drop.


MJ said...

Nathaniel Taylor also mentions that when he first came he was alone as the rest of his crew did not show up for 118 days in his world - though it was a blink of the eye for them.

They have already covered how there will be no paradoxs. But why are they 85 million years in the past ? To fix their world surely going back just a few hundred years would have sufficed.

And yes - the whole world will be extinct in the future anyway is an issue that I'm sure they will ignore.

Funny that I did not feel at all that Taylor and the Sixers are working together, but rather opposite sides. Like taylor is going to do anything he has to to get this new civilization going and keep any secrets he deems necessary while the Sixers know some truths that Taylor is hiding and are equally determined for everyone to know. But I never got a together vibe, rather the vibe to me was knowing your enemy well and respecting them.

Was a good show though.

Mike V. said...

@Bill - I'd agree with you that I hope they move more towards the hidden agenda rather than just addressing family issues in Dino-land lol It didn't bother me in the pilot episode but I could see how it could be a little bit of overkill eventually. Then again, they do want this to be a show that appeals more to Families than just adults...so I'm not getting my hopes up there. We'll see!

@MJ - Thanks for the clarification on Taylor's comment. I don't think I caught that. Looks like they are going to deal with these time issues a little more than originally thought.

I don't think they had the ability to choose "when" in time they were going. There is a "time tear" or whatever they called it...and they didn't know when it went to until they sent the gizmo back and it didn't show up in the present day. When they saw that, they knew they were in a separate time stream. So maybe that's when they sent Taylor back in the 1st pilgrimage and they realized it was 85 millions years in the past. It's kinda like the Central Park wormhole in Future Fringe that goes into the prehistoric past and that's how they sent the MACHINE back. They couldn't choose a different time to send it to.

Good points on Taylor and the Sixers...I guess just all of these shows we watched just make me not accept things at face level. It might be a flaw in my Television viewing now. But we'll see what happens! lol I think you do bring up valid arguments though and are probably right.

Thanks for checking out the recap and commenting guys. Glad I'm not just writing this for my health! :-)

MJ said...

Holy crap - are you caught up on Breaking bad ? I watched it last night.

Anonymous said...

Overall I thought the show was good…

Clearly there ARE paradoxical issues or they wouldn’t have even gone to the “past” to begin with..they could have just gone to another planet that had dinosaurs on it and had the same basic feeling, you have dinosaurs..theres not reason to use Time Travel as a the main plot device UNLESS it works imho…clearly they are either telling the world that this is a different time stream when it isnt, or the point of going back is to TRY and change the future and Taylor and his son KNOW how to do it, this is the point of the entire “mine” imho and why the Sixers control that part and Taylor even cares…I don’t think its just to build houses…we know they are in communication with the “future” so its either that this is a totally different planet or is in the same time stream they just arent telling people that
No matter how you look at it I don’t think they did a great job of showing just how important Terra Nova seems to be to the humans in the future and clearly the security around it is not up to snuff…
Overall it was decent but the references to other shows became comical at times:
-Girl looking like Kate and then bikini swimming, just like Lost pilot
-“they mostly hunt at night, mostly”
Im sure in the end Taylor and the Terra Nova crew will not be 100% “good” and the Sixers will not be 100% “bad” but somewhere in the middle and the family will be the viewers main concern…it also helps that the rest of the actors seem god awful anyway
I’ll give it time though..


MJ said...

I found Taylor's refusal to tell the folks back home about the sixers interesting. And obviously they can communicate with earth cause he gets Jim's criminal record after he gets there.

My take on it was that they are not rebuilding our civilization but starting over, thereby giving the writers an out where they don't have to worry about paradox's or butterfly effect. It's not our past - they are on another planet in another time.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Yes, totally caught up on BB...and OMG I know I say this about a lot of shows...but this has to be one of the best shows airing right now. The suspense that builds up is uncanny. The last 3 episodes have been off the charts and the whole season is just as good if not better than the first 3 seasons. Excellent!! If you want to discuss details, I'm up for it! lol And if you're caught up on HIMYM too I'm ready to discuss. I thought last night's episode was fantastic. I read some recap on EW or something that said the 2 storylines didn't tie up well. I thought it was hysterical how they tied them together. The cast is still bringing it even in the later seasons. Loving it!

@AUSW - Sorry for your posting troubles. Love your new name! lol I also apologize for not making all of the LOST references in the recap but I'm glad you made them! But let's go point by point.

Good points on Paradoxical vs. Another planet comparisons. I think I'm just too closely attached to the various phases this show has gone through in getting on air. They previewed it for critics like a year ago and they were all laughing at the network execs inability to answer obvious questions like the Butterfly effect or Extinction issues. They just kept saying "the show is millions of years ago, it doesn't matter"....so it makes me think that they added stuff in after the fact. Then again...the network execs may have no idea what the writer's long-term intentions are. I want to believe that Time Travel issues are at play because I love that stuff....but of course, it has the potential to alienate a large part of the audience if not done well. But I like the idea that they may be hiding the truth from the public and the final line by Miri seems to be pointed in that direction.

I don't think they wanted to spend a lot of time on building the "FUTURE WORLD" to tell the story of how bad it is. They just wanted to set the premise. And, I know you read EW's recap so you know that they even added like 15 more minutes to that story than originally planned. (It was initially supposed to start when Jim met up with his family at the portal) Probably adding in the additional time made the security look worse than it originally did. Probably before we were just meant to guess at how he got there. But yeah...just plowing over a couple guards and not taking him out? Seems a little risky not knowing what his intentions are.

The comparisons to other shows were definitely comical but I didn't catch all of the ones you did:

The Kate bikini thing. It actually reminded me more of Sawyer and Kate jumping into the pond/whatever in Whatever the Case May Be when they find the halliburton case with the guns and toy plane in it. I know she did wash up in the pilot episode though. It also reminded me of The Event pilot when Sean jumped off a cliff to save Vicky or Vicky's bf or whatever...lol (and yes...the girls were wearing 2 pieces lol) These high concept shows just love showing people jumping into water!!

Sixers = Others - Yeah, I could see that...except they didn't spend 2 seasons introducing us to them! lol It actually makes me think along the lines more of where I thought LOST was going to originally go. The survivor camp splitting into 2 factions. Yes that did happen here and there but they always came back together.

Totally agree that there will be "good" and "bad" people on both sides. But yeah...the Shannon family are meant to be the central characters to the story.

As far as acting...yeah...it's pretty rough. But we'll see how things progress. I even gave The Event a few episodes before I started bashing it :-) lol

Thanks for your comments!

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Definitely interesting with Taylor's refusal to tell people about the Sixers. And I guess it's also worth asking if it's true. And yes, agreed that they are in communication with the "old world".

That was my initial take too on the route the show was going. And if that is the case, then I'm not sure what Miri's comment about controlling the future by controlling the past meant. I guess we'll just see if they clarify it!

Kelly said...

I had no desire to watch this when I heard about it.. and then I watched the last 15 minutes because I had finished my errands and had nothing else to watch on tv! I don't really have anything relevant to say, usually if a show grabs me it doesn't matter when I come into it. It'll grab me regardless. That said, this one didn't quite grab me. But I read your recap anyway to see what I missed!
I mostly came on here to talk about a totally different show- did you happen to catch Person of Interest last week? If so, what did you think about it? I thought it was interesting enough to get me to come back this week. I just kept thinking about Ben the whole time, lol... I mean "lists" and "numbers", come on! I don't really have anything specific to say about it, just wanted to give it a mention.

Mike V. said...

Hi Kelly! Don't blame you at all for not wanting to invest in the show. I appreciate you reading the recap anyway lol. You can keep checking in to see if I think it gets better or worse!

I did watch Person of Interest...didn't catch it on my DVR until Sunday but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think it'll be more of a procedural show than a serialized drama. But you never know if JJ Abrams and his crew have intentions of creating a backdoor serialized show like they did with Fringe lol There could be some huge conspiracy that develops over time. And Emerson definitely did evoke a little bit of Ben Linus in his portrayal of this new guy plus a crazy limp! lol Caveziel was pretty good in it too. I'll definitely be checking it out again. I forget but I think I read somewhere that maybe a traffic cam at one point showed the LOST numbers on it. I saw a screenshot of it and I always like a good LOST homage! lol

I'm definitely game to talk about any television you guys want to...just can't promise weekly recaps for them all! So feel free to comment on what you're watching and I'll gladly discuss themif I'm watching them too!

Mike V. said...

Test to make sure comments is working (people having issues)

Mike V. said...

Hey guys, I switched comments to the "OLD" style for the blog. I have gotten a couple emails saying that it's not working. I know it works if you have a google account but try this out with all of the other ways.

Let me know! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I already know how this show is going to end....

A large asteroid comes crashing into the area that we now know as the Yucatan Peninsula. The resulting destruction fills the atmosphere with dust and ash blocking the sunlight. This begins a period of mass extinction as weather patterns change and the earth heads into an ice age. All life perishes except for the simplest single-celled organisms that reside deep in the earth or oceans.

LOL... I don't care how much they change history, they ain't changing that.


Mike V. said...

Nice Bill lol Well, if anything, that would be some nice mirroring to how the show started since the atmosphere in the future seemed to be clouded with dust, ash or whatever.....well the sunlight was blocked! lol

I guess the big question would be if they were faced with that issue....would they have the technology to prevent it from happening???

MJ said...

Yay ! Posting works again.

thanks Mike

Mike V. said...

No prob, MJ! It's a little uglier, but brings back fond memories of the LOST blog :-)

Kelly said...

RE: shows that have nothing to do with Terra Nova, did you catch Person of Interest last night? Did you see GOODWIN?? It was good to see Ben and Goodwin reunited. And it looks Ben is inadvertantly responsible for Goodwin's death again! lol..

Mike V. said...

Naa..didn't see it yet. Seriously, there is so much to see on Thursday nights that some stuff has to wait for the weekend. And we already have commitments with most of the great Thursday Night comedies and Vampire Diaries for the mrs. (which I'll always agree is a great show)

But, I'll definitely get to it this wknd at some point. I'll keep a look-out for the LOSTian callout!

Big Fringe episode tonight that has all of the critics raving. Can't wait!!

MJ said...

Yeah - I haven't watched Person of Interest yet either. Have so much on DVR to catch up to.

Excited for Fringe, and of course my Supernatural.

Have a good weekend every one.

Anonymous said...

The future of mankind is at stake. You select the best and brightest people out of billions to go. And... within hours they are destroying vehicles, climbing the fence, and disobeying both orders and common sense.

Why don't children have tracking devices? Why don't the vehicles? Why don't they have weapons capable of dealing with dinosaurs?