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Fringe Season 4: Episode 2 - One Night in October

Hello Fringe freaks!  Welcome back as we continue to delve into season 4.  The 2nd episode, for me, was no less awesome than the premiere.  In fact, I think it gave us a better look at how season 4 is going to continue to play out.  Both universes working together on cases, relationships developing between alternate selves and of course figuring out what is going on with Peter Bishop!  What I find continuously awesome about this show is that the episode's case of the week will often seem to be a stand-alone case but then by the end the overall theme of the case ties strongly into the current overarching themes of the show.  And surprisingly, the show didn't get overly cheesy having Anna Torv playing two roles against each other for a majority of the episode.  Gotta love having a nice special effects budget!  Anyway, the episode gets another WOW from me and let's move on to the recap!

Fringe Case of the Week

So, the case of the week brings us a bit of Inception and Dexter across inter-dimensional planes of existence.  Over there there is a man by the name of John Lewis McClennan from Norristown, PA. (not too far from me, actually!  But pretty far at the same time since I'd have to cross dimensions to get to this one)  John has made a living as a serial killer, stealing people's happiest memories and then chilling them with a bit of cerebral hypothermia.  I'm not even going to get into the science of that but it sure looked like a cold way to go.

Fringe Division from OVER THERE has requested help from over here putting Olivia in quite the pickle having to face the woman who took over her life for a little while - Fauxlivia!  They have been hunting the 220 IQ man for 5 years and have only made a mistake once by leaving a stray hair so they could ID him.  They are requesting BLUE FRINGE's help by escorting OUR John McClennan to over there to help get insight on the serial killer.  Of course, there are some precautions that must be taken for OUR John to not know he is crossing over to another universe which involved knocking him out for the big trip to New York, ferrying him over to the Statue of Liberty, crossing worlds and then driving him down to Norristown Pennsylvania.  That's gotta be rough having only ONE bridge to the other world.  But, I guess it's better than the dangerous ways they used to cross!

Needless to say, Olivia still has trust issues with Fauxlivia and the other side, but she goes along with the plan anyway.  She recruits John of this world, who turned out to be a professor who studied serial killers.  He has been waiting for this day his whole life and agrees to the FBI's strict confidentiality requirements in order to access the case and assist.  

Once everyone is Over There, Fauxlivia assumed the role of pretending to be OUR Olivia once again (we see her put on what appears to be a blonde wig.  No hair dying this time).  Of course, she did bring a bit of the crazy eyes with the impersonation this time!  Of course, we must take a sidenote and explain how all of these characters are playing yet ANOTHER version of themselves so far this season.  These are Olivias who have not been introduced to Peter Bishop, and this definitely shaped their lives a bit differently (especially Olivia, but even Fauxlivia considering she doesn't have his child anymore).   One thing is for sure, I don't know if these actors will ever tire from working on Fringe because they get to play so many different characters!  It may hurt their next job though because people will be like "Ohhh, she is sooo channelling Olivia 4.0 from the Cyborg Dimension for this role.  Way to be original Torv!!"

Hello Crazy Eyes!! 
Sorry, couldn't help myself!  Back to the recap.  Our John investigated their John's place of residence in Norristown and started to piece clues together.  He was able to detect patterns to his serial killing needs.   Of course, at the same time, he started recognizing things from his own life including egg hatching lights, an exact replica chair and you know something we all have...a picture of his father!!   Olivia was monitoring with their Lincoln in the van and decided it was time to break protocol.  And before you know it, John was facing 2 Olivias and a section of the world encased in amber!  He ain't in Kansas anymore!

While this came as a huge shock to the good doctor, it resulted in opening him up further.  He knows who the killer is more intimately than he ever would have if it wasn't himself.  Both universes have the same people with the same DNA make-up.  The only difference is that different decisions were made that could have altered their lives.  John admitted that he too has this "dark passenger" (to steal a term from Dexter).  He had an abusive father, which Olivia could relate to (note Fauxlivia observing this conversation).  But the father was abusive in order to beat the darkness out of him.  (Best strategy?  doubtful)   There was a woman named Margery (I guess it could be Marjorie too but I'm going with my version!) who helped John immensely.  She taught him how to deal with his darkness and find moments of peace and step out of the urges.  John wanted to help his counter-part realize that there was a way to stop the darkness.

The Olivias and Lincoln left John alone for a minute as they discovered the next victim.  This ended up being a mistake because John took off in search of Killer John!  So it's off to Fringe HQ to track down a killer and his professor doppleganger!

Meanwhile, Serial Killer John has found his next victim.  He saw a happy child (reminding him of a childhood he was robbed of) at a gas station with her mother.  He waited for the opportune moment and kidnapped the mother.

Alterna-Astrid and her autism worked out the statistically viable possibilities of where the Johns might be.  But, there was information that Olivia and her photographic memory had that Astrid and her number chomping abilities did not have.  She saw the photo of killer John's father.  There was a car in the picture with a PA license plate and of course Olivia remembered the plates.  Gotta love having that crazy memory of hers!

They track the Johns to the father's farm where some structures appears to have been burned down (by Killer John? probably).   But there were doors to an underground shelter/basement type place.  Downstairs our John has found Killer John in the act of trying to hook up the next victim to the chiller machine.  Our John starts rambling off things that are things that the other John would be thinking too.  They start to relate on their similar upbringings and their abusive fathers.  "One Night in October" they both had killed some animals as a child and their fathers found out about it.  Killer John was beaten for 3 days straight, while our John ran away, woke up in a field and found Margery, forever changing his destiny.  The decision that changed their lives was to take the beating vs. run.   Killer John decided that he needed to know of this memory, to avoid the screaming in his head.  He instead turned on our John and hooked HIM up to the chiller machine instead.  He sucked out the happy memories of Margery from our John's head into his own.  It gave him new perspective of the things he had done.  When the Fringe team came in to prevent any deaths it was all too late.  Killer John was a changed man but regretful for the things he had done to all of his victims.  He shot himself in the head and ended his miserable existence.

What did that mean for the John of our world?  Well, in true Old-School Smallville fashion, he had short-term memory loss forgetting the events of crossing dimensions preserving the world's biggest secret.  (Anyone remember all of those times that Clark saved the day but people just happened to be unconscious or totally forget the events preserving his secret superpowers?  But as always, I digress.)   In addition to forgetting these recent events, he has no memory of Margery.  Broyles and Olivia are aware that they'll have to keep an eye on him for the rest of his days.  But maybe not...John told them that he knows even in the darkest times to step into the light.   He forgets Margery but doesn't forget the teachings.

Broyles's summation at the risk of sounding sentimental "People can leave an indelible mark on the soul, an imprint that cannot be erased."   This clearly is referring to Peter's impact on our main character's lives.   Peter did everything to cause the current events that are transpiring, but they just can't remember him.  Before he vanished he also instructed them all to work together, but they just can't remember him.   This might just be an explanation for why they can't remember who operated the machine to bring them all together too.  I gotta say, a very impressive way to tie the case into the show.  So much so, that I actually did a longer recap of it than usual!  Let's get to the more mythological moments.            


Olivia and Fauxlivia
We must give kudos to Anna Torv once again for playing 2 roles in this episode and actually developing a bit of chemistry between them.  There was a bit of sympathy from Fauxlivia as she discovered the fact of Olivia's abusive past with her stepfather.  Ahh, but there's a bit of a difference here that changed the way our Olivia has been shaped in her life.

  • If you'll recall, in the original history, there was a day when Olivia was 9 where the stepfather broke her mother's nose and left the house.  Upon his return, Olivia shot him twice with his handgun.  But, he recovered from his wounds and she regrets not having killed him.  And you probably also recall that she'd get those letters on her birthday from him so that she knows he's out there.  It has always brought this internal fear to Olivia until the day when William Bell, Peter and Walter went into her mind to try and get her out of her hiding place.  
  • Things are a bit different now.  Olivia has informed Fauxlivia that she has indeed killed her stepfather.  The only difference I can come up with?  She never met Peter as a child.  Peter and Olivia had this sweet moment amongst the white lilies that may have provided Olivia with some sense of hope in the world.  Now that Peter did not live past his illness in the other world, he never was brought to our world to meet Olivia.  And, as mentioned last week, there is a hole in her life because of it. 
  • The big question remains as to if this history will fix itself if Peter comes into existence.  I could see them developing an interesting story this season if Peter returns with all of his memories of their true past and that possible future but all of them are having a hard time remembering him.  It could be more satisfying than him just returning and everything going back to normal.  We'll see! 

Walter wasn't in this episode very much (and note that we still have not seen Walternate!).  But in the time that we did see him he spent his time still recuperating from seeing a strange man in the reflection of his TV.  Of course, we know this man to be Peter! 
  • For starters we should state that the Human Shapeshifter investigation is still continuing but is in the background for a majority of this episode.  Walter and Lincoln Lee have a brief discussion about it. Lincoln is still around to investigate the shifters.  The other side is still investigating the tech that Olivia and Lincoln brought them. 
  • Walter's anger towards people on the other side, mainly Walternate is still persisting.  His rant to Lincoln morphed into a rant about the other side and how untrustworthy they are. 
  • Walter spent much of his time "redecorating" the lab and putting covers over anything that shows a reflection.  He then hooked a record player up to some massive Doc Brown-style speakers, sat in a chair reclined and meditated by the blast of music.  Did this remind anyone else of that Maxell commercial with the guy in the chair? 

  • But, of course, the big moment happened at the end of the episode when Walter was ready to go to sleep.  He fearfully turned the lights off.  Peter had no way of showing himself to Walter since the reflections were all covered off, so he went the next best route.  He started talking to him!  "Walter.....can you hear me?..... Walter, I'm right here! "   Walter freaked out as anyone would, and started playing his music loudly.  But Peter was able to get even louder.  "I'm HERE Walter! .... Walter, I'm here.  Can you hear me? I'm right here.   Walter, Walter. PLEASE Help me!!"  

Okay, so that was pretty crazy, right!?  Anyone who watched the scenes from last week probably knew we would hear Peter this week, but I didn't realize he'd be speaking in full sentences and in full recognition of who he is.  This is the Peter that we knew from seasons 1-3 who is gone but...well, he's still there!  This is what is leading me to think that he'll return with all of his memories intact but everyone else will still have a hard time remembering.  As Broyles and this week's case indicated, they remember what they learned with him there but they can't remember him.  It could be a season long process of all of that coming together.   When will Peter return?  That's anyone's guess.  But think about how long they kept Olivia OVER THERE last season.  I'm guessing it won't be until at least for a few more episodes.  But, it seems each week we will get closer to unraveling the mystery of the missing Peter.   Hey, I know some people may not like change, but I love how they mix things up.  I know it will eventually get resolved in some sort of fashion, but at the same time it will advance the story to the next level.

Let's get to the other interesting observations of the week!  

  • Glyph Code of the week: LIMBUS - Interesting.  It refers to the white of the eye.  I have to admit, I have no idea what it's referring to this week.  Is is a hint of things to come with Peter?  Maybe.  I'm opening the floor to all of you for theories!   And Thanks fo Fringepedia as always for the screencap

  • Observer Spotted! - The Observer is in the hospital checking out Olivia and Broyles in our world as they discuss the fact that people can leave an indelible mark on the soul, a memory that can't be erased.  I like the fact that we see him witnessing a key event this week as they come to the realization that something in their lives might be missing.  Or at least a hint to the audience that they're going to realize it! 

  • Walterism of the week:  This one is a no brainer.  It looks like Walter has a new Astrid in the sense of calling someone by the wrong name.  It doesn't get more classic than calling Lincoln, "Kennedy!!" instead.  That gets a certifiable "GOOD TIMES" from yours truly!   
  • Food of the Week: Unless I missed it, this may be the first time that there was no mention of food from Walter or site of him eating any.  I miss the old Walter!!!  We need Peter back!  But, all in good time. 
  • Other Differences in World without Peter:
    • Olivia killing the stepfather is a big one but we've already discussed that. 
    • Alterna-Broyles is alive!  If you remember, he assisted Olivia's escape from OVER THERE because she saved his son.  Walternate had Broyles killed mangled in order to match the body mass of Fauxlivia to complete her transfer back.  But the whole escape was initially fueled by Olivia's memories of Peter.  Perhaps her escape from Over There transpired differently?  Which reminds me, I hope we haven't seen the last of Bubbles errr...Henry!  (I watched the entire series of The Wire this summer, just be thankful I'm not calling Broyles, Daniels!)
    • It was revealed that Fauxlivia is still with Frank.  Having never met Peter or birthing his child, there would be no reason for Frank to have skipped town. 
    • As brought up in the comments last week, still no word from Massive Dynamic.  I still just think they have too much going on and haven't had a chance to focus on it yet.  Considering Walter still crossed over (for an unknown reason) and still went into a mental institution, I would assume William Bell still founded Massive Dynamic.  But, we'll keep an eye on it.    By the way, I am assuming Walter crossed over by the fact that Walternate still blames Walter for "shattering his universe" (seen in the season 3 finale's final moments).   I'm guessing we will eventually discover the revised history of Walter and possibly also Bell's initial crossing of sides.     
  • Other Similarities in a World without Peter:
    • This could be considered a "difference" but is something I started to theorize in my head last week but didn't bring up in the recap.  I thought that an interesting development would be if Olivia and Our Lincoln started developing a relationship prior to Peter returning.  We know that it could be a possibility considering that Lincoln from over there has an all consuming love for Fauxlivia (that would be the similarity).  Things started to develop this episode as Astrid suggested that Olivia comfort Lincoln for the loss of his partner and being alone in a new town.  Olivia didn't 100% dismiss the idea, but she dismissed it as someone who thinks it's not a possibility.  Someone afraid of getting attached. 
    • Good news people, Charlie is still alive over there!  But, since the actor is trying out a new TV Show right now, they're just leaving the door open by saying he's on beach somewhere sipping Mai Tai's with the bug lady.  Nice! 
  • Did anyone notice that the "previously on" clips focused on a clip from season 1 where Walter discussed the possibility of "INFINITE" parallel universes?  I know that Fringe has decided to focus on 2, but it is interesting that they used that clip instead of the many clips of Walternate discussing alternate universes.  But it could have been the context of the rest of the commentary "...and in each of them, there is a version of us."  Probably just setting the stage for this episode where we'd be seeing lots of dopplegangers! 
  • One thing that I'd like to just throw out there.  Remember the guy with the giant X on his short that we met in the animated LSD episode?  Olivia claimed that she knew this man was going to be the man that kills her.  There has been no mention of this man ever since that episode.  I feel that this was an important clue for future events.  This man that was haunting Olivia's mind also was very interested in meeting Peter for the first time.  I wonder if it will play out at some point this season/? We'll see. 
  • Another thing we shouldn't lose site of is the moment in the future that Peter discussed "DETROIT" with robotic eyed Broyles.  "If what we lost in Detroit still means anything to you....etc."   Now, I know, if they avoid the whole destroying of the other universe, maybe the Detroit event never happens.  But, I think it probably will.  This season?  Time will tell.  Just thought I'd jot these tidbits down so we don't forget about them! 
And that's a wrap for this week folks.  Loving season 4 so far, and that is of no surprise to me!  I apologize for the issue with the comments last week.  I have reverted the blog to the old style of commenting for now to see if that addresses the issue.  Let's try to get a good discussion going this week for a show well-deserving of discussion!  Don't forget to check out the Terra Nova recaps after each episode of that as well, if you're watching.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping Fringe, Terra Nova, The Walking Dead and Alactraz.  If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly.  This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.  


Anonymous said...

I don't see how they will magically be able to remember Peter whenever he returns. Remembering him will mean they have to remember the events that made him important to each of them. Those events have never happened in this new reality. So, if he comes back, and they remember him, does that mean that everything magically reverts back and everything we are watching now never happened? (It was all a dream Dorothy).

I think a possible way for this story to progress might be similar to the movie "The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind". In this movie both main characters had their memories with respect to the other erased. However,in the end,the same forces that brought them together the first time draw them together a second time. Almost as if fate and destiny can not be cheated. Which fits in nicely with Broyles' comment. Of course this would mean that all the things that happened in the first 3 seasons were forever moot.

I am still interested to find out about the fate of Massive Dynamic. Could William Bell still be alive in either or both universes. Could events have played out differently and the William Bell on the other side founded Massive Dynamic? I hope they don't leave us hanging on this one.

FYI - A broader definition of "limbus" is; An edge, border, or fringe of an anatomical part. That certainly can be applied to the show easier than the definition as it relates to the eye.

As always, nice recap!


Mike V. said...

@Bill - Exactly the same things I'm running through my head in regards to Peter returning and everyone else's memories. I guess my original thoughts were...that if Peter came back that means that he DID exist and they WOULD remember everything that happened. But, that would be a little too simple and yes, render everything we've seen this season so far pointless (or slightly altered the way things are slightly altered without Peter). I think it would definitely be more interesting to explore people not remembering Peter even when he returns. But....I would hope that eventually the memories of 3 seasons return...but coexist with the memories of this season. One can dream I guess!! lol We'll see how it pans out. But I am liking your Eternal Sunshine reference. It could play out very much like that. And excellent movie btw! (But I also agree that I'd hate for the first 3 seasons to become moot the way we saw them originally pan out.)

Something else I've pondered (but don't necessarily like) is that Peter has found himself in ANOTHER Alternate Universe that was at war with yet ANOTHER Alternate Universe. So the moment Peter disappeared, we may have stumbled into a different reality to show what happens in 2 worlds where Peter doesn't exist. I don't really like this because the mission of the Observers would then seem very bizarre...and it still wouldn't explain how this bridge was created between the 2 worlds. So....just disregard this paragraph (unless it ends up being true then I can take credit! LOL)

Oh I definitely am interested in Massive Dynamic. It would be awesome if Bell were still alive but as MJ mentioned last week...Mr. Nimoy is retired, so it might be tough to get him back. Though, maybe he could be persuaded to do a guest stint in an episode or 2. (or more voice acting! lol) But it is interesting now that MD, Nina and/or Bell have not been mentioned in 2 straight episodes. The actress that plays Nina was at Comic-Con so we should be able to assume that she's still part of the's certainly just a matter of time before she shows up.

Thanks for the additional definition of LIMBUS. I didn't think the white of the eye really explained much! lol And of course thanks as always for your comments and for the props on the blog!

PS: To anyone wondering what TV I am caught up on....I finally watched Person of Interest from last Thursday. And I watched breaking bad last night after the Phillies loss. So I did NOT see Dexter, Homeland or Boardwalk Empire. This is when I'm going to start to fall behind on stuff. My priority is Dexter and then Homeland but with a full slate tonight and the rest of the week (including Phillies games) it's gonna be tough! lol

MJ said...

I haven't read the recap yet - they actually expected me to work today. LOL

FYI - Chuck and Grimm now don't start until the 28th ! UGH.

I'll never have watched Dexter or Homeland on Sunday. Couldn't if I wanted to. I'm hoping on seeing them tonight and also Breaking bad, so that means I'll probably be late on seeing terra Nova. LOL

I'm not a baseball fan but i don't know how you are doing it !

Don't worry - we'll be patient if you are a day or a few days late.

Mike V. said...

Take your time on the recap MJ! It'll still be there when you get to it! lol I have heard about Chuck and Grimm. It all works for me. That's just one more week that we'll have to look forward to a new episode of Chuck. :-) I think one of the critics saw the Grimm premiere over the wknd and was pretty impressed with it. I forget who. So, I'll set the TiVo. Just too much to watch though!

I wouldn't say I'm a baseball fan either but I've been a PHILLIES Fan my whole life! Tough not to be in this town! lol So, the rest of the world stops when the Phillies are in the playoffs. But, it shouldn't hinder any of my recaps as far as I can tell. I guess it could if it falls on a Monday or Sunday or something. But I'll try my best!!

I appreciate your understanding though. :-)

MJ said...

Loved the ep - and the recap as always.

Laughed out loud when Olivia gave Fauxlivia a slap down over the tidbit of the car's plate. Too funny.

They did say that Fauxlivia is still with her boyfriend - but they did not actually say if she has a baby really. But probably not.

I think Peter will have his memories but everyone else will not at first. Then we will see Olivia fall for him all over again.

Olivia's face was classic when Fauxlivia put that wig on. Anna Torv is just awesome.

Dexter has started nicely - always forget how much Debra makes me laugh ! I rewatched last year's finale first - had forgottent hat Deb actually had him caught and let him and the chick go.

HIMYM was amusing - though the Team Baby was a little annoying. Hate when they make Ted stupid. The assault was very clever - never saw it coming who Robin did assault.

Haven't checked out the Walking Dead webisodes yet. Not enough time. LOL

Breaking Bad was just fabulous again. The actor who plays Jessie was on fire !! Gus and his spidey-sense - damn ! Wonder what tipped Gus off? Was it that Jessie was acting so different ? Also wonder was he going back inside to see Jessie, or just leaving without his car. That scene with Jess having the gun to Walt's head left me breathless. And that mark on Walts head from the gun. Talk about method acting. Next week is the finale and then next year the show will end. Wonder how. Sure it will be great.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Thanks for the props on the recap! Agree about the episode and the Olivia/Fauxlivia slapdown! I'm gonna say that there is no baby. Definitely not baby Henry aka Peter's child. Probably a good prediction with peter and Olivia falling for him again. But, I really think there will be a little bit of a Lincoln triangle in there too. No arguments from me on Anna Torv. She deserves an Emmy right along with John Noble. So much under appreciated work!
I enjoyed Dexter last night when I watched. Debra and her foul mouth is one of the best parts of the show. The whole Edward James Olmos/Colin Hanks thing is a bit bizarre but I'm sure we'll find out more about it. The High School reunion stuff? Classic Dexter lol I kinda forgot that Deb had caught him too. She still doesn't know that Dexter is what he is...and I hope they reveal that this season. I even think it's a season too late. It has to happen at some point!
HIMYM - Yeah the Robin/Barney stuff was fantastic...the Ted/Lily/Marshall baby stuff....not so much!
Breaking Bad - there just are no words. The show is fantastic. I'm so glad you guys got me into this one. There's really nothing better on TV right now. I was able to let everything else go on Sunday night to watch the Phillies, but there was no way I was going to bed without watching BB! The spidey sense stuff...did you read that on TV Line too? I made a comment on there about "making stuff up as they go" and defended LOST and BB lol Anyway the TV Line post had an interview with Vince Gilligan and he said the key was the conversation with Jesse. He seemed to be a little "too confident" or something like that and Gus is one clever guy. He sensed what was going on. So how about this for a big twist....what if Walt DID actually posion the kid? Maybe he's finally crossed the line into crossing Jesse now too. They did have that big falling out earlier this season. It would be ultra shocking if that's what happened!
The show may not end next year though. There are 18 episodes left but there's still a chance that they'll decide to break that into 2 9 and 9 seasons. We'll see!

Thanks for the comments as always! Now...onto watching the live iPhone reveal! lol

MJ said...

Whoa ! Walt poisoning that kid would be soooo shocking & wicked.
No - I did not read TVLine - my husband actually used that phrase. yeh - had heard they might take next years final season and break it into 2.

Agree Deb needs to find out - she's too good a cop to keep dragging this out. Dexter ding hammer time was just classic ! And the 'action' in the class room too. Apparently this is the season of religion. Colin Hanks will be interesting playing a psycho alongside Adama. LOL

Angel said something strange - when he was there with his niece at Dexters place and he said good thing you bought the place next door too - so you can come and go without anyone knowing . What did that mean I wonder.

I just can't wait to see all their faces when they find out they've been working with a serial killer for years.

I'm behind on SOA and Terra Nova still. maybe hit them tonight. Walking Dead coming soon ! Whoo Hoo - still havent checked the webisodes yet though.

Mike V. said...

Nice on the BB stuff. We'll see what happens!

Nice Adama reference lol Yeah I had heard it will be the season of religion too. Love that Dexter told the nun that he didn't believe in anything and then told Deb about his "set of values". lol Hammer Time and class room action were the immediate things that came to mind. Hysterical. even the football game when he elbowed the dude in the face and he said he learned from his dad how to play lol Great stuff.

Yeah the Angel comment was bizarre but I just felt that it was a play on words. Angel meant one thing and it meant something different to Dexter and the audience.
Speaking of which...when we first saw his sister..Dexter's narration was hysterical..."It's not what you think"...then seeing angel..."It's REALLY not what you think..." LOL Dexter narrating is half of the greatness of that show!

Yeah...that would have to be the final season, right? when EVERYONE would find out Dexter is a serial killer? I just wonder how Deb would handle knowing about it. Would she try to protect him for awhile but struggle internally with it? Yeah...if everyone else finds over! Of course, considering how some other shows are ending...maybe no one ever will find out! (But Deb has to)

Good luck on SOA and Terra Nova catch-ups. Maybe you'll have a better reaction to TN than I did. lol Definitely excited about TWD. I still have the episodes on my DVR so it's my next treadmill rewatch. Just gotta get caught back up with these characters before S2 starts. I watched the webisodes last night. Pretty cool for webisodes...but don't expect stellar acting! :-)

AUStarwars said...


I am glad you are pointing out the differences without Peter, at some point i'll get the blu rays and watch the first 3 seasons, but you are def helping out

Mike V. said...

Thanks AUSW! So far I've found that to be the biggest benefit of blogging about the show as well. Last season it was the differences between Red/Blue worlds (and who knows? maybe that will continue)...but now it's mostly the differences and similarities without Peter.

The Fringe Rewatch has definitely helped me remember stuff better! And when I don't, GOOGLE is an amazing resource! :-)