Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episode 4 - What Remains

So, I planned on writing a recap for Terra Nova tonight but I totally forget what I was going to write.  In fact, I don't even know what Terra Nova is.  So, I'm just going to write a recap about LOST again because that's where my mind is right now!  Okay, obviously kidding.  In all seriousness, I thought this week's episode was going to be a disaster and the clinching nail in the coffin for any ounce of hope that this could be a decent show.  I was happily proven wrong.  Don't get me wrong, we're not marching off to the Emmy's or anything but this episode was far more enjoyable to me than the attack of the killer bird-o-saurs last week.  The cheesy lines were still there but some of them, I couldn't resist laughing at even whilst rolling my eyes in a cheery way.  As some have stated, this isn't really going to be a show to take TOO seriously.  It does have its serious moments in advancing people's agendas, which we saw a little bit this week.  That's all I ask for folks!  We can have our silly weekly stories, but let's move that plot along a bit too!  I still don't see much reasoning for a full fledged story recap again this week.  Not sure we'll ever be at that level with this show.  But I'll highlight the things that I found important or amusing!   Here we go!

The Amnesia Story

So, on paper, this story should not have worked.  We've seen the amnesia thing done before on LOST, 24 and various other shows and it rarely comes off smelling like roses.  But, you see what Terra Nova did was use it as a device to dig further into some character's back stories.  Very crafty!  Some crazy chap in Terra Nova was trying to cure Gorman's (sp??) disease which is apparently even worse than Alzheimer's (I'm guessing it's the same guy that got his entire body sans his feet eaten by the carnivorous dinosaur!).   He ended up exposing the entire science lab to the virus or some attempt to cure the virus (I'll admit it, I wasn't paying that much attention to the science mumbo jumbo) and they started losing their memories.  But the way they lost their memories was very peculiar.  It would transport their minds back in time (and into the future pre-Terra Nova) as if they were reliving that time in their lives again, causing mass confusion.  Now that I think about it, this kind of reminds me of my favorite LOST episode, The Constant.   Definitely different circumstances but similar concepts.   Anyway our main story follows Jim, Elizabeth, Wallace and Taylor as they try to piece together the clues all whilst battling their own amnesias.  They must find a cure before all of Terra Nova gets infected!

The storyline brought along lots of drama and comedic moments with it as Elizabeth was transported back to her college days where she was in the "honeymoon dating" period with Wallace.  At one point Wallace got caught up in the moment and memory loss resulting in Jim getting a little heated.  Wallace did end up getting a nice shot to the face from Jim after he panicked with the oversaurs.  (love these Dino names, and yes I'm being sarcastic!)

In the end, it was Jim being SUPER DAD that saved them.  He picked up his youngest Zoe in the beginning of the episode who had a cold.  Check out my cheesy lines sections for more on that!  Anyway, apparently the cold virus acted as some kind of counteragent to the gorman virus and poof, amnesia-ized Elizabeth was able to solve the case!  And all was right in the world again!

But here are some highlights from our amnesia patients in allowing us to learn more about these characters' pasts back in the future:

  • Apparently, there was a war with Somalia in 2138 that Taylor and possibly his Lt. Washington were in together.  From what I grasped, the Somalians may have kidnapped his wife Ayani (again, spelling?) and son and did experiments on them.  Taylor had a hard time grasping the concept of Terra Nova and attacked Jim and worked his way back to the main camp where he attacked Lt. Washington, Reynolds and Maddy.   Once he found out his wife was no longer living, he tried to slit his own throat but Washington shot him with some pulse gun.    

  • So, what happened to Taylor's wife?  He may have already told us in the pilot, but I don't think so.    And his son was experimented on?  Perhaps that is a reason for his defection from the main group?  Lots to learn there. 
  • There seems to have been a big snow storm in Detroit in 2139.  The biggest on record.  Important?  Eh, probably not but I'm sure someone will eventually start building a timeline of events like these shows normally have.  
  • How about that magical root that Jim could eat to take away his cold symptoms for 12 hours!?   It's a prehistoric Sudafed! 

  • More on the character relationship side but Jim and Elizabeth did have a sweet moment as she re-realized her love for him and her family.  She had written the names down of her husband and kids so she wouldn't forget them.   Oh and wasn't that a nifty little trick with losing the wedding ring just so Jim could give it back to her at the opportune time?   (Oh come on guys, I'm not THAT sappy.  That was mega corny!) 

The Ever Popular Shannon Kids Stories
Maddy, as always, was preoccupied with spouting off statistics and scientific stuff that no one is interested in and mad crushing on that boy Reynolds.  Of course, Jim and Elizabeth are joking behind her back about all of the flirting and the big dinner they were having together.   Did anyone else find it weird that Maddy wasn't totally embarrassed by her Dad eavesdropping on the dinner?  Even going one step further, she asked him how it went!?  Crazy.  Of course Jim was there with sage advice relating it to his first date with her mother.  

Reynolds must still like her because he came back to check on her as she was panicking about her missing parents.  This led to the whole confrontation with Amnesia Commando Taylor.   No fear, Washington saved the day and Reynolds and Maddy got to spend some quality time together at the Shannon household later that night.  

Josh and Skye
Josh was using his mad guitar skills to reluctantly woo Skye this week.  There was leg touching and everything!   And then some hammock sitting!   And of course, more cheesy lines than you can count on one dino paw!  And then the forbidden kiss happened.  Man, they didn't waste any time with that.  Of course, Josh stepped back, spouted off that he liked her but with the way he left things with Kara he just can't act on it.   So then, their joint plan is to find a way to get Kara there?  How does that help either of them?  Yeah, Kara, take this one way ticket to Terra Nova so I can break up with you and make out with Skye in front of you all the time.  And you'll have no one to turn to because you can't go home!  Makes perfect sense, right? 

Anyway, Skye knows someone who can "make things happen" so they head to Cocktails and Dreams to talk to Coughlin errrr Boylan.  Anyway, long story short, he offers Josh a job to pay off a debt in order to bring Kara to Terra Nova.   But the thing to take note of here was that he mentioned that Taylor wants everyone to think that communication with the future can be done when the portal is open.  Which means, Kara could not come on the 11th pilgrimage, she'd have to be requested during the 11th and brought over on the 12th.  But, as we learn by the end, Taylor isn't the only one in contact with the future.  

Anyway, Skye and Josh celebrate that night at the Shannon house as well.  Which forces Jim, Zoe and Elizabeth to hide in Zoe's bedroom and play with toy dinosaurs.  Awwww so sweet. 

The Sixers
In a not so shocking reveal, that Boylan guys turns out to be a shady dude!  He meets up with the Sixers at their camp to exchange some goods.  Apparently, he gives them supplies in exchange for some rare fruit or something that makes a mean hooch at Cocktails and Dreams.  But Boylan pretty much just lays out all of his cards on the table leaving no mystery to discuss.  He knew that Josh was the sheriff's (Jim) son so he's "keeping his enemies close".    He put in a request with Mira to get Kara on the next pilgrimage to Terra Nova.  

This implies that the Sixers are in communication with the future as well.  Who wants to bet that all of those drawings on the rocks that Taylor's son made has helped them get in communication with their people?  Well, I'm not saying it's definitely the case, but it wouldn't surprise me. 

Anyway, Mira sees this as a huge opportunity and she's going to exploit it!!  DUM DUM DUMMMMMMM   

So that was the episode in a nutshell.  Like I said, not much there to discuss in-depth but it was a more enjoyable outing for me than last week's.  Maybe it's because I tried to take it less seriously.  Which brings me to a new segment I'm introducing this week.   

Cheesy Lines of the Week
Hey, if we're going to discuss this show, we may as well embrace all sides of it.  Here were some of my favorite gems of the week: 
  • Jim:  "I never catch colds, only crooks!!" 

  • Jim: "My feelings are more than just a memory!"  Woa, settle down there Garth Brooks. 
  • Josh to Skye (paraphrased):  "So, remember by the waterfall when you took me to those drawings on the rocks?"  
    Skye: "Yeah"  
    Josh: "Well, maybe we should tell somebody."
    Skye: "Who?  
    Josh (looking into her eyes): "I forget what I was talking about".  

    And they kiss.   The perfect cheesy pick-up line for an amnesia episode!

  • On discussing how to give Elizabeth the cold virus to make her feel better she discusses various ways of getting a sample from Jim and producing a counteragent blah blah blah.  Jim says, "I have a faster way" and kisses her.  Then says, "Do you feel sick yet?"  And she responds, "Not quite" and goes in for more smooching.  I'll admit it, I laughed.  

  • Taylor - More of a cheesy moment.  He's on his future scooter and he stumbles upon a brontosaurus which I'm sure they call a LARGE-A-SAURUS in Terra Nova land.  He just laughs and says "No way..." and drives right under it.   I mean seriously!  I can't even make up cheesy stuff like this! 

So, did anyone else find enjoyment in the episode?  Are you on the verge of giving up?  Did you miss 50 minutes of the episode due to the rescheduled ALCS running over?  Well, hopefully my recap will make you feel like you were right there in Terra Nova forgetting things with the rest of them!  Anyway, that's all I have for this week.  The Walking Dead resumes this Sunday and Fringe continues this Friday and my recaps will be here waiting for you guys if you're interested!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz.  If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly.  This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!  
  • The Walking Dead season 1 is a quick 6 episode watch before the season 2 premiere on Sunday 10/16 (AMC).  It is now available on Netflix streaming, at Redbox and will be airing as a marathon on AMC prior to the premiere.  I highly recommend the view! 
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: AlcatrazAwake and Touch.   I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.  


Kelly said...

ok, so i was wrought with boredom last night. i thought i was going to be a busy bee, but i got everything done early and found myself without anything to do- damn my efficiency! i wound up watching this episode.
it's not a horrible show, but if there was anything else on tv on mondays at 8 i'd definitely watch it. you're right about the cheesiness (and i love the new "cheesy lines of the week" feature!). I am not invested in any of these characters at all. the show hasn't grabbed me and made me think "yeah, i'm totally watching this next week". but that said, it was an ok way to pass the time. these sixer people seem to be a bit dramatic for my taste- i hate it when i'm taken out of the scene by bad actors. taylor's badassery was quite enjoyable, but i'm wondering what's going on under his facade. though i don't know much about the mythology of the show, i feel like it has a lot of potential. it's a HELL of a lot better than the event, and i sat through that show for a whole season! *sigh* though i do miss lord zucks of zuckerman :D
i don't know if anyone else watches hawaii 5-0, but i'm just loving that it features 2 of my favorite lost actors (and daniel dae kim's name is "chin" in this one.. which sounds suspiciously like "jin" and i keep getting flashback moments). however, last night's episode gave us a total gross moment where the medical examiner guy from heroes took the skin off of a water-logged hand, put it on like a glove, and took fingerprints! GROSS!! i mean, i know that it's done because i took forensic science in high school, but DID THEY HAVE TO SHOW IT??
sorry, that was the moment in all of last night's tv viewing that stuck out in my mind, and i can't get it out!
anyway, great recap as usual- sometimes it seems that taking a more sarcastic approach to a show is much more fun than being serious about it, and i love when we can do that!

Mike V. said...

Hi Kelly, way to go on getting through your "to do" list to "reward" yourself with Terra Nova :-) lol I definitely enjoy the sarcastic approach to recapping myself which is why I don't mind taking chances on shows like this. I do have this internal need to poke fun at things, hence why I write about American Idol too. Anyway...yeah, I'm not terribly drawn to the show either but if it entertains me I'm happy. I watch a lot of television and not all of it is Emmy material. (though, a lot of it is LOL) So, if they're having fun and we somehow have the ability to have fun with them? Then yes sign me up. I will commend them on taking a light-hearted approach to the characters with the humor. Not all of the jokes fly, but compared to The Event which was so super serious all of the time, it's a nice change of pace. LOST (not that I'm even going to try and compare too much) was able to find a happy medium between serious drama and humor which makes the show untouchable. Don't worry, you didn't miss too much on the mythology of the show if you decide to watch on a weekly basis. We're all still wondering what's up with Taylor and the Sixers.

I don't make a habit out of watching H50, but I did watch the season premiere because of Terry O'Quinn. He seemed to be doing a good job for the role he was in, but he'll forever be John Locke (and maybe smokey) to me! I just can't get into the show on a weekly basis. Person of Interest, I'm still lagging behind. I've seen the first 2 eps but have been waiting for my wife to get home from her trip to watch the 3rd. But I've heard it's still a solid show. Procedural, but still good. I've also heard great things about Homeland on Showtime. I'm tivo'ing it but haven't had a chance to watch yet. And surprisingly, I've heard REVENGE on ABC is pretty good too. I'm gonna try and catch up on that as well.

How's that for random information that you didn't ask for? :-) Anyway, thanks for the props on the recap and thank YOU for commenting as always!

Kelly said...

OMG when Terry O'Quinn says, "the island" I instantly get taken back to the good old days! He will always be Locke, Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) will always be Jin, and Kono (Grace Park) will always be Boomer/Athena/etc! Right now Kono is being shady, so I'm like, "of COURSE she's shady, she's a frakking Cylon!!" lol.. ANYWAY, yeah- Person of Interest is good, at the beginning of every episode I'm like, "eh, I don't think I'll watch it"... and then I get sucked in! It's DEFINITELY procedural, so if I miss an episode I won't cry about it. I'll probably pick up Terra Nova since there's really nothing else on otherwise. I LOVE Revenge! Totally soapy drama, but it satisfies my guilty pleasure zone! Ringer is also becoming a "soapy drama" fave since I'm a huge SMG fan.. and it's getting pretty darn good, IMO. Sons of Anarchy NEVER disappoints, Kurt Sutter friggin' rocks!
So now we have Once Upon a Time and Grimm coming up in the next couple weeks.. I don't have high hopes for Once Upon a Time, but we'll see. Can't wait for Grimm, I really hope they don't screw it up. It's on Fridays.. that's when you know a network doesn't care about a show!
So I guess I'll be back next week for Terra Nova.. twist my arm, why dontcha!

Mike V. said...

The good thing also about Terra Nova is that it's only a 12 episode commitment for season 1. So, it's not too bad! Basically, for me, it's just an appetizer for Alcatraz which will replace it in January!

Totally hear you on the old LOST and BSG characters. Tough to see them in new roles. Though, I did like Josh Holloway's quick stint on Community. And now, Omar (The Wire) is a professor on the show. He's fantastic! lol

I'm watching Ringer too but am now 2 episodes behind on it. I do enjoy the guilty pleasure shows as well so I'm sure I'll catch up. But I really am eager to watch Homeland. There's just too many shows on TV that I regularly watch to try and integrate new ones into the equation!

Definitely eager to see Once Upon a Time (since Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz from the LOST writing team will be the showrunners). TV Guide's Matt Roush said he has done a full 180 on the show after seeing the 3rd episode. He thought the pilot was a mess but now is totally commited to the format after 3 episodes. AWESOME! Grimm, I'm hearing positive things about as well. I will plan on recording that but since it's on a Friday....I think it'll just be Chuck and Fringe for me that night (if I'm home). And OMG....SOA was fantastic last night!!! Crazy Juice! Crazy Jax!! Love it!

BTW...I think NBC is trying to help Friday return to what it used to be...a playground for Cult TV. Fringe and Supernatural are hanging out there and throwing Grimm into the equation I would think helps everyone. It makes the night more competitive. I could be totally wrong on this. But I really thing Networks are trying to change the perception of Fridays being the "DEATH SLOT".... Dallas, X-Files, TGIF....they all used to do really well on Friday Nights. I even remember Quantum Leap being there...but that could have been a death slot move for them lol

BTW - if you haven't yet and don't mind gore...I highly recommend The Walking Dead which resumes this Sunday. the 6 episode first season is streaming on Netflix and there will also be a marathon airing before the premiere. I'll be resuming brief recaps on that one as well!

David S said...

I was also happily surprised at how enjoyable this episode was compared to last week. (And your recap made it even more fun.)

So far, the only characters I am interested in is Taylor, and Skye -I like how Skye gives off this really shady vibe - it would probably be best if Josh would steer clear of her. It's interesting that Josh's parents sort of ignore her - maybe they're hoping she'll go away.

It's too bad the actress who plays Maddy is not very convincing - I like that she is sort of a geek, but she's way too pretty for it to be believable. It's sort of a common fault I find with casting of young people - they focus on what they think will sell instead of presence or talent. The Event suffered from that, too.

I still don't like Jim and think he's a jerk.

The rivalry between Jim and Wallace(? I thought his name was Malcolm - is Wallace his last name?) was kid of fun this week, too.

Also bit of a yuck! factor in necking with someone with a cold.

Thanks again for what you do - definitely makes things more fun.

David S said...

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention how I really enjoyed the all scary bits with dinosaurs this week - I thought they were very effective, and quite a contrast with the not-scary-at-all bird dinos from last week.

Kelly said...

Oh fishsticks! I left a nice long response, and something happened- and I lost everything I said! Ugh.. here we go again:
Yay Alcatraz! I can't wait! Oh, and Awake, too :) Hooray for midseason!
I watched that episode of Community specifically for Josh Holloway! I hope we see more of him soon, my sister needs her Sawyer fix, lol!
I don't get premium channels, so I can't watch Homeland. But I've been a fan of Claire Danes since
My So-Called Life (aka "HolyCrap It's Like They're Looking At My High School Life And Showing It On TV"), and I hear good things about it, so I wish it good luck!
I definitely agree that it seems that they're trying to make Fridays a cult thing. I used to love Friday night TV when I was younger. And now that I'm a little older, I don't find myself wanting to party as much all weekend, every weekend! Besides, DVR is a beautiful thing! I can watch my Friday/Saturday TV on Sunday nights when I'm laying on my couch with my cat next to me and my PJ's on!
OMG while I'm glad Juice avoided getting killed this week, it seems like it's only a matter of time before he's found out. I don't know how this whole "black" thing is such a big deal. I feel like they'd bend the rules for Juice, seeing as how he's so committed to the club. And they'd be much more lenient on a guy for having a black father than for being a rat.. but whatevs, I hope Juice can get out of this whole thing alive because he's great!! And while I am normally opposed to men hitting women, Ima totally had it coming to her. What a ho! As for Clay, when he made arrangements for Tara to be "taken care of", I wanted to reach in and rip off his important parts. But it looks like Unser is taking steps to insure Tara's safety. I <3 Unser :) Let's hope it works!
I'm not totally into gore, but I keep hearing amazing things about The Walking Dead. Maybe I'll catch it, but I also didn't watch American Horro Story because I'm a wuss when it comes to all of that stuff!
BTW, I know you mentioned several times how busy you are and how you can't recap everything you want to because of understandable time constraints. Have you ever considered having help? Like, other people writing recaps of shows you don't have time for? Or is this blog YOUR baby and you want to be able to do it all yourself (which is also totally understandable)? Just wondering :)

Mike V. said...

@David - Seems like we're on the same page with our enjoyment level of this show! Thanks for the props on the recap too! I enjoy writing them when I have the time, so I'm glad you guys enjoy reading and discussing too. A few comments on your comments:

I don't think Jim is supposed to come off as a jerk....just a sarcastic guy who loves his family. lol But I could see how you'd think that.

Agreed on Taylor and Skye being interesting characters. I don't think we've seen enough of anyone else to be TOO interested in them. But I do like Jim even with his cheesy lines. Jason O'Mara seems like the kind of guy that deserves to have a hit show. Though, I didn't see Life on Mars.

As for Maddy - I hear you with the casting thing...but who knows? Maybe in the future you can be smart AND prety!? lol

Yes, the guy's name is Malcom Wallace. I just couldn't remember his first name so I was just referring to him by the name I remembered. Maybe I'll try to remember for the next recap. Agreed that their conflict is fun and they'd do well to keep that up in future episodes. Of course, we do call Taylor, 'Taylor" even though that's his last name too!

Agreed with the Dinos this week. They served their purpose well and looked good!

Thanks as always for your comments!

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - Sorry about losing your comment! As I always say, copy what you wrote before you click send! :-)

Alcatraz, Awake and Touch are the ones I'm looking forward to as well!

Not sure if you know but Josh Holloway plays a villain in Mission Impossible 4 coming out in December! (Your sister will love you for that if she didn't know lol)

Yeah, I like Claire Danes AND Damian Lewis from his role on Band of Brothers. Definitely looking forward to watching. I hear you on not having premium channels. It's costing me a fortune! But I need my HBO and Showtime fix! lol

Yeah, I'm definitely past the "party every friday" mentality. Unfortunately, my friends and my wife still like to be social on Fridays. All I want to do is stay home and watch Fringe! lol But, I guess that makes ME the dork, not them. :) The DVR is a miracle. I just hope advertisers find a new way to reach us without ruining the beauty of Free Television (well, semi-free. My cable bill is ridiculous lol)

SOA - I am glad Juice avoided getting killed...but poor Miles!! And the Russian Roullette??(SP) I don't care what show/movie it is...whenever that game is played, I need to turn away from the TV! I think they'd bend the rules for Juice too, but he is one paranoid dude. And now with Miles' innocent blood on his hands, he may never be able to come clean without suffering the consequences. We'll see! And totally on Ima. Even my wife was cheering for that one! lol Clay...there is no coming back from ordering that hit. If Jax finds out, there will be another rift between them. And one that I don't see ever getting resolved. Hopefully Unser will be able to save her!

I enjoyed the pilot of AHS and it wasn't really that scary. There were some disturbing scenes though, I will admit! lol TWD is VERY VERY gory. But I do love the character drama and the tale of survival. It works very well on TV!

I actually have pondered recruiting help for other show Recaps. I'm just not really sure who'd be up for the job! lol It is kinda my baby too....but if people were ready and willing to write stuff, I might not be opposed! Things are only going to get busier when the baby arrives. I'd hate to have to shut down the blog or for the new posts to dry up if I become incredibly busy. It's definitely an option worth exploring!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I usually copy before I post, but I accidentally hit a button before that happened.. and all was lost! But no matter, I'm nored at work anyway and was able to remember what I wrote :)
I'll be more than willing to help out if you need the help! Just say the word :)

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the offer Kelly! I'll definitely keep it in mind. :-)

MJ said...

I think they are giving us these little tidbits in hopes that we care enough to be building the timeline. LOL

Loved what that 'magical root' was made of. Also how quickly this guy caught the cold from his daughter. Only in tv world.

I didn't get your 'Coughlin errrr Boylan' joke.

Love the Cheesy Lines segment Mike.

Wow - you went all the way back to Qleap ! Let us not forget Chuck will be fridays this year. I'm still waiting for a date for Touch to start. Just read that the american version of Being Human starts Jan 2012.

Revenge truly has been a fun ride so far. Don't even care how easy she makes it seem. Haven't tried Homeland yet - but I intend to.

Dexter was great this week. Lt. Deb ? This is gonna be good! And Ewww to Adama for what he did. Yikes. But he sure has his little follower totally on board now. Can't wait to find out what his sister supposedly did. Assumed Adama and friend were going after bad guys - but this weeks victim just seemed to be jogging by.

By November Burn Notice and Closer will be back for 1 month - it's gonna get crazy. Can't remember if WHite Collar and the other one do too. My twice a week class will be over by mid-november too though - so that should give me more free time.

Mike V. said...

I guess you're referring to my Detroit snow storm comment with the timeline? lol Yeah....I'm sure they definitely hope we care that much too!

Touche' on Jim catching the cold so quickly!

I didn't figure everyone would get the Coughlin joke. I was calling the bar Cocktails and Dreams and it made me think of Tom Cruise's mentor (Coughlin) in that movie and all of his Coughlin's Law comments. lol I couldn't even figure out how to spell his name so I had to IMDB Cocktail to get the joke right. See how much work I put into these blogs for 100% credibility!? lol

Thanks for appreciating the Cheesy Lines segment. The show was begging for it!

I mentioned that I'll be watching Chuck on Fridays if that counts. :-) Ironically, it IS the final season, so you could say they put it in a "death slot" so to speak. lol I have no idea when Touch starts either or what day it's going to be on. Come to think of it, I don't think we know what day Awake is gonna be on either. I'm sure it'll conflict with something. Probably alcatraz. That would really annoy me! Being Human - still haven't watched either version of that show. There's too much television!!

Revenge - I'm working on it. Set the TiVo for future episodes and will watch the ones I missed online. Just don't know when!

Dexter- I'm loving the season. I understand that the show is past its prime now and some stuff is a little repetitive....but that doesn't take away how much I enjoy these characters! Lt. Deb is a big deal. I think they are really moving towards the possibility of her finding out about Dex. But being in a position of power is going to cause her even more stress about what to do with the information. I hope it's this season she finds out, but I feel like I say that EVERY season! Hmm...I can't remember what Adama did. lol Oooh .....didn't he burn himself or something? Riiiight....yeah that was nuts! Definitely liking the direction of this season so far.

Yeah, I never got into the TNT dramas so I'm in the clear there! Of course, I've heard good things about them.

MJ said...

Yeah - he burned his arm with hot rebar. I didn't want to state it in case you had not seen it yet.

Are you going to check out Hell on Wheels ? I've been seeing the ads for it during BB. It's not a subject i would normally be that interested in - but I said that before SOA and was glad I checked it out. And AMC has a good track record going - so I will probably look at it.

Mike V. said...

Ahh gotcha on the Dexter thing lol

Hell on Wheels - I really hadn't planned on watching. I know AMC has a great reputation...but I just need a little relief from TV. When is that starting? Is that going to run on the same nights as TWD? I know Walking Dead is at 9 this week...but I figured it was a 1 week thing. I wonder if that's going to be every week. hmmm

MJ said...

I think it starts 11/9 and is taking the place of Breaking Bad. Far as I know TWS is 9pm for the season.

Mike V. said...

Interesting on TWD being at 9. It's actually helpful because we can get done shows earlier...but not too much with there being so many shows airing AT 9. lol

Unknown said...

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