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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 1 - What Lies Ahead

Welcome Dead Heads after a looooong hiatus BACK to The Walking Dead: Season 2!  And WOW, what a way to start off the season.  The show has returned and has not missed a beat!  At every turn, there is that constant fear that these Zombie Apocalypse survivors will run into trouble.  And trouble they did find not too long into the episode!  The show continues to do what it did best in the 6 episode 1st season.  Using the zombies and constant tension as a backdrop to drive some deeply personal character stories.  And, they even found a way to throw some religion in there with a very clear message from the Almighty!  But we'll get there in due time. 

Now folks, last year this "recap" started as just a quick commentary because I couldn't keep the show to myself.  I needed an outlet to discuss.  It did evolve a bit as the 6 episodes went along.  But, I can't promise you the in-depth recaps you may have come to associate me with for this show.  Sunday is a busy night of television and I have to find a way on Monday to throw some commentary down for this whilst keeping other obligations (namely obligations that get me a direct deposit to my bank every 2 weeks!).  So, I'll do my best to get my thoughts down and start the discussion on a weekly basis.   On another note, I believe this season is getting chopped (pun slightly intended) into 2 halves due to the holidays.   So we'll get half of the 13 eps before the December holiday period and then the rest of them afterwards (all to be wrapped up, I'm sure before Mad men starts in March).  But hey, that works for me.  It's better than 6 episodes and then almost a 1 year wait for the next season! 

With all of that said, let's get into the "gory" details of this episode! 

Note: Some of the pictures in this recap may not be suited for a family audience or those who are squeemish.  But, you probably aren't watching this show if you fall into one of those categories!  

Departure from Atlanta
When we last left our band of survivors, they were fleeing the scene of the CDC destruction. They had lost one of their own by her own will, but Dale had saved Andrea who just wanted to be put out of her misery. And of course, the whisper heard around the world occurred when Jenner warned Rick of some impending doom (maybe??). This episode continues right where we left off. But apparently, they had enough time to let Rick climb on top of a building in the Zombie Capital so he could contact Morgan one last time. It was a nice way to open up the season. A bit of a refresher of where we left off and a bit of a setup on what’s to come.

  • Rick warned Morgan to not come to Atlanta as it is overrun.
  • He said they were going to head to Fort Benning. He has to believe that there is a reason to keep hope.
  • And of course, he also was about to reveal what Jenner whispered to him right before the CDC demise. The camera stayed on Rick as he paused for what seemed like an eternity. I sat there with my mouth open, my hand reaching to the TV trying to pull the words out of Rick’s mouth, and my breath held. And of course, Rick says, “It doesn’t matter.” ARGGGH!!!!! I really thought they were going to unveil the secret. Here’s one idea we can probably dismiss. I don’t think Jenner would have revealed that Lori is pregnant and Rick would have made such a big deal on the walkie to Morgan. That’s just my thought anyway!
  • And so Rick signed off from his regular message to Morgan. He hopes that one day they’ll meet at Fort Benning. Surely, we’ll see Morgan and his boy again, right? His return is ALMOST as anticipated as Merle’s. (who, according to speculation, may end up being the be the famed one-handed “Governor” character from the graphic novels). Okay, I think we’d be a fool to say that seeing Merle return wouldn’t be a juicier jolt to the story!
  • We see the caravan leaving Atlanta and spend some time in the vehicles with each set of characters. Daryl is riding his chopper. Shane is in the RV with Andrea and Dale. Rick, Lori, and Carl are traveling with Carol and Sophia. And T-Dogg and Glenn must be in the RV too, but I could be remembering that wrong.
  • We check in on the Grimes family as they talk about their trip to the Grand Canyon with baby Carl. They never made it there as Carl got sick but it ended up being a great trip anyway. Sophia and Carl now want to go to the Grand Canyon and Rick promises them that if they ever do go they’ll bring Carol and Sophia. Awww.
  • Shane is cleaning his gun and Andrea is watching with awe. We find out that Andrea’s gun was given to her by her father. Shane decides he’s going to show her how to clean it. And Dale is watching/listening with a concerned look.
  • But a bigger concern trumped Andrea’s desire for a clean gun. The road ahead is not very clear. In fact, it turns out to be an auto-graveyard of hundreds of abandoned vehicles. Well, not so much abandoned as we’d find out. Lots of cars had some decomposed bodies in them as well. Not sure how these people would have just died without becoming walkers. But, whatever!!
  • The RV conveniently breaks down “AGAIN” and our survivors decide now is as good a time as any to start looting for supplies. Did anyone get the Sawyer vibe when he looted the Oceanic 815 fuselage (we’re in the wild now!)? Lori was the only one who thought it wasn’t right to disturb the dead.
  • We already sense Carl’s urge for adventure as Rick and Lori have to constantly tell him to keep within their eyesight.
  • Shane finds a truck full of bottled water and takes a little bath in it. Glenn just laughs happily as he works on the broken down RV instead of running over to the water.
Of course, staying out in the open for this long just had as all wondering when trouble was going to arrive. And it didn’t take too long!

Walker Herd
Rick is keeping watch during the looting and happens to spot a lone walker in his gun’s sight. But it turns out that the walker is not alone, not by a long shot. The indeed is our first HERD of Walkers we have stumbled upon!!
  • According to the live midnight show “TALKING DEAD” that will discuss the episodes after they air, the walkers are in search of flesh anywhere they can find it. And when walkers run into others they end up just following each other towards that end. Thus, we get a herd and we get some intense dramatic stakes!
  • Rick quietly but urgently gives orders to everyone to take cover under the cars. This keeps most of the folks out of danger as the herd just moves on through. But T-Dog was way out into the roadblock of cars looking for supplies. When he spots the walkers, his arm catches a piece of sharp metal and blood starts spurting all over the place. I just start thinking of JAWS with the whole blood in the water thing. It was not looking good for ol’ T-Dog but Daryl was able to come to his aid with a nifty screwdriver to the eye of a threatening Walker. And then saved the man who left his brother on a rooftop a 2nd time by throwing a dead body on top of T-Dog and himself to throw the Walkers off of their scent. Looks like Daryl is actually a decent human being underneath that tough exterior (as we all assumed). I swear that James “Sawyer” Ford was the prototype for Daryl’s character. They both have very similar qualities. Just no love triangle with the leader of the pack, yet.
  • Meanwhile, Andrea gets a visit from a Walker in the RV and she’s pretty terrified about the idea. How about this Walker and how “human” he acted looking around the RV for something? I’m sure we’re not meant to look into it too much and it just worked for the scene. But it just seemed like a “smarter” zombie than the rest who kind of just stumble about towards the smell of human flesh.
  • In any case, RV Walker found Andrea and tried to get through the bathroom door. Good ol’ Dale was on top of the RV and dropped a screwdriver through the opening. And we get ANOTHER screwdriver to the eye! Walker threat thwarted, right!?!

Save Sophia
WRONG! Everyone thought that we were in the clear, but there was one straggler of a Walker that found Sophia hiding under the car! Sophia made a break for it into the woods. Rick saw the whole thing take place and, without hesitation ran after her!
  • Rick runs and stumbles but eventually catches up to Sophia before the walkers get to her. He hides her in a little sheltered area near a creek. He gives her instructions to follow a path with the sunlight hitting her left shoulder to make it back to the group, if anything were to happen to Rick. Rick diverts the walkers to him and the bashes their faces in with a giant rock! Yeah Rick!!
  • Of course, Sophia couldn’t stay put and just walked off, thus launching us into an entire episode of searching for her!
  • Daryl, Shane and Glenn come after Rick to help him. And what do you know it turns out that Daryl has some tracking skills! (ahhh, I love some good LOST reminiscing!) They follow the trail for awhile but don’t come across Sophia. Rick sends Shane and Glenn back to the caravan to keep everyone busy and their minds off of Sophia being missing.

  • Meanwhile Jack and Sawyer (errr Rick and Daryl!) head out together to find Sophia. They stumble upon a Walker and Daryl gets his crossbow out. Another shot to the head and the geek is toast!
  • But what came next was the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen and not seen all at the same time. For leaving the gutting of the walker mostly to the imagination and just watching Rick’s face was comically disturbing! (apparently, they originally planned on showing the whole thing but thought this was better in the end)  But, they had to see what the walker had for dinner, didn’t they? They had to make sure it wasn’t Sophia. That was nice of Rick to volunteer to slit open the walker’s stomach after Daryl retrieved it from all of the guts. Yummy. Alas, Sophia is in the clear for now. The walker ate a woodchuck. Was I the only one laughing throughout this whole scene? Great stuff. I’m sure they’ll only top themselves on the gore factor next week.

Andrea Get Your Gun
Back at the caravan, there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on.
  • Carl is getting adventurous again. I was so nervous as he was trying to grab those knives from that dead body. I kept thinking the body was going to “wake up” and snatch him. But he did get them and brought them right to Shane.

  • Shane meanwhile is preoccupied with fixing up a car to run off in. He can’t be around Lori and Rick anymore. He has a lot of internal conflicts. He feels betrayal towards his friend whom he thought was dead. He still loves Lori and just can’t stand to be around her anymore. And, he’s trying to create distance between him and Carl whom he also loves. So he commanded Carl to take his newfound knives to Dale pronto.
  • And then there’s Andrea. The girl wants her gun and Dale will not give it up. Shane sided with Dale but definitely didn’t understand. Apparently, Andrea is not thankful to Dale for saving her life at the CDC. She was content and ready to die on her own terms. And she viewed the escape as her saving Dale who refused to leave without her. She didn’t want that on her conscience. So, Dale is afraid Andrea is going to off herself, but that is not her plan. But she also doesn’t feel like she fits in here anymore. And all she wants is that crazy gun! She said some cold words to Dale about not being his daughter, his wife or his problem.

  • And let’s not forget Carol who is beside herself for her daughter being missing. And she blames Rick for leaving her alone. Rick is beside HIMSELF with the guilt of losing her out there but he really had no choice. Lori, Shane and most of the group agree with that fact. But they don’t agree with everything Rick will eventually do. But we’ll get to that.
Search Party
So, Rick and Daryl return with no Sophia. It was getting too dark and it would be impossible to find her. They agreed to have a search party go out at first light. Carl’s bag of Dexter knives comes in handy as each of them get a weapon to bring with them. Once again, no gun for Andrea causing her big outburst to Dale.

  • The group came across a tent. They think maybe Sophia sought shelter in it. But we know better than that! They find a dead body in there of someone who “opted out” in the words of Jenner. Daryl snagged a gun in there which he later handed to Lori causing major eye rolls from Andrea yet again.

  • Then we hear the church bells. The group tries to hone in on the sound and go towards the loud noise that surely would attract no walkers! They find a church with no steeple and try to tell Rick that it is not the place. The first thing I thought was that it was a timed speaker system but what do I know? Yes, that is what it ended up being. But they didn’t know that until after their gorification of the church! 3 Walkers, 3 bloody deaths with J.C. watching the whole thing from the cross. Daryl got a classic line, “J.C. you taking any requests?”
  • I did want to point out that the Church Sign stated Revelation 16:17. I looked it up and this quote from the END OF DAYS Book was our Easter Egg for the week. “The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, ‘It is done!’”
  • Carol takes some time to pray for her daughter and to spare her taking her instead.  She also prays for forgiveness for wanting her husband Ed taken out of the picture.  I think we all can agree that this was a good prayer! 
  • Shane and Lori have it out outside of the church. There are clearly some lingering feelings there on both sides. But Shane tries to apologize in his own way once again for what has gone down. “This was not intentional, I hope you realize that.” Lori tries to stop Shane from leaving for the benefit of the group (maybe herself too). But, there is one more person “in the know” on this whole love triangle now. Andrea happened to catch the entire conversation!

  • Andrea then begs Shane to get her a gun and then they can split this party. She mentioned that the 2 of them make a great “3rd wheel” to the group. You know…I can’t even remember if Shane agreed to them splitting together from the group. But, in the end, it didn’t matter because other circumstances came afoot!

  • Rick decides to stay out there a little longer looking for Sophia. While Shane initially disagrees he agrees to stay with him and send the rest of the group back. Carl, insanely, wants to stay with both of them and Lori for the 2nd time allows it! (not wanting to be the bad cop. Really!?!?!)

Dale's Trickery
So Dale is spending less time trying to fix the RV and just on the look-out for walkers. T-Dogg asks him what’s going on.

  • Dale comically says that the RV has been fixed for a day. He basically was buying Rick some time to find Sophia. He didn’t want people getting all antsy and quoting Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn with all of the “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” mumbo jumbo.
  • T-Dogg agreeing with this approach played along saying, “that’s one tricky hose!” Great stuff! 
Lori flips out
Meanwhile, the minions start rumbling about how Rick is setting them up all to die with their knives, going back in smaller groups and Carol is still complaining that they haven’t found Sophia.

  • Andrea makes a comment about Lori having the gun from the tent. Lori finally loses it, hands the gun to Andrea saying that she’s sick of the looks she’s been giving her.
  • She then tells everyone to stop blaming Rick. He was the only one who ran after Sophia while everyone else hid in fear. Everyone looks up to him but blame him when he isn’t perfect.
  • Apparently, this resonates with everyone as Andrea hands the gun back and says they should keep moving. Does this mean Andrea has fallen into place and will not run off? Can life go on after the death of her sister? We’ll see!
One last Search for Sophia
Back at the church, Rick prays to God asking for a little sign. He’s not much of a believer and has always put his faith in his family and friends. (hmmm, maybe not a good idea there with your wife and best friend!) But all he wants is some indication that he’s doing the right thing. He doesn’t need all of the answers, just a little nudge, a sign.

  • I love when he came out and Shane asked if he got what he needed, Rick just said, “I guess we’ll find out.”
  • So the trio move on and spot something in the distance. It’s a deer! Wait, it has antlers. Is it a reindeer? Did God send Santa Claus as a sign? In any case, Carl was enamored with this deer. Shane was about to shoot the thing, but Rick stopped him. And they both looked on as Carl and Deer locked each other in a trance. Carl moved closer and closer. Shane and Rick look on as if they’re both happy fathers delighted in their kid’s delight. The music is all happy and magical.

  •  And then, out of nowhere, a gunshot drives straight through the deer and into Carl’s stomach! WHAAAT!!?!?!?! We leave our survivors with Rick huddled over Carl in astonishment as Shane moves on to see who shot a little boy whilst hunting for dinner.

They shot Carl!?!? Really? WOW. That is just crazy. Granted, Carl had a death wish the whole episode so we really should have seen it coming. And, maybe I sorta did. But, I did not see him getting shot through a deer! Carl may survive this though as the gunshot may have avoided major organs like his heart and stuff. (it was low and to the right….someone who paid attention in anatomy class might be able to tell me what hangs out over there!) If anything, this moment should keep Shane around for a bit longer too. The dysfunctional family will live to fight another day!
I loved this episode folks. It lived up to every expectation I’ve built up for the show and I hope it continues all the way through season 2 even without Frank Darabount leading the charge. (He was “let go” in the middle of producing this season due to some off-season financial turmoil with ALL AMC shows). I’m looking forward to next week’s episode and every one that follows! And I know I said I wouldn’t get all detailed in this recap and ended up with a play by play. I just wouldn’t count on it every week!

Anyway, don’t forget to check my Fringe and Terra Nova recaps as well this fall. And see the End Credits for other shows I’m looking forward to. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you next week!

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping Fringe, Terra Nova, The Walking Dead and Alcatraz. If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly. This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!
  • The Walking Dead season 1 is a quick 6 episode watch.  It is now available on Netflix streaming, at Redbox. I highly recommend the view!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Alcatraz, Awake and Touch. I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


AUStarwars said...

overall felt the episode was kinda weak personally..but it will drive them to the farm, which in turn adds characters to the show (since trust me, no one is safe no matter how much you like or hate them..)

i just felt that the premise that they would drop everything to find one girl kinda unrealistic given the current predicament, but i did like how they did discuss it..i also felt that the seasons didnt connect all that well and the pacing was glacially slow compared again to last season

overall i still love the show, but just thought it was a weak first episode

Mike V. said...

AUSW, we have discussed this offline. Between that and my commentary on the episode, obviously I disagree with you! lol But you have to keep in mind that Season 1 was 6 episodes vs. a 13 episode season 2. The story arc for season 1 forced it to keep moving, even though they still found time for character moments. With a 13 episode season, I'd expect we'd have even more character moments but still keep up the suspense/gore factor. Apparently, the writers may have agreed with your concern. This premiere was originally supposed to be 2 episodes and they merged it into a 1.5 hour episode. The original first episode had a run-in with Walkers as they were leaving Atlanta...which might explain how Rick ended up on the roof of a building when they were already leaving the city at the end of last season. lol

Anyway, I'm guessing the 2nd episode would have been entirely about finding Sophia. So...maybe it was better this way.

I think that Dale's whole lying about the RV issue is why they were able to spend so much time looking for Sophia. And including the Star Trek II reference was a nice touch as well. And I know you mentioned that they did discuss this.

I'm absolutely positive no characters are safe. But, I think it will play out differently than the graphic novels...just as season 1 did. (in comparison to Game of Thrones which is 95% identical to the novels)

I would think at least one character is safe right now and that would be Rick Grimes. And I sure hope Daryl is safe because his character is fantastic! But keeping Game of Thrones in mind, my theory above is already flawed. lol

Thanks for the comments AUSW, always nice to hear a different perspective. And clearly from the comments I've read elsewhere, you're not alone.

Mike V. said...

BTW...ratings are in and they were HUGE!! 7.3 Million viewers for initial airing and over 11 million total with encore performance. That's outstanding for AMC. It really is a shame that that many people don't tune in for Mad Men and Breaking Bad also. But big ratings for TWD could have a trickle down effect to the other shows.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great episode, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!
I did think it odd that there were dead bodies in the cars. And I also thought the same as you when Rick was in the church saying he always looks to his family and friends -- poor guy doesn't know yet that they betrayed him. I definitely think it would hurt the story if Shane leaves, unless some new characters come in to add some additional drama to the ensemble.
Did anyone but me think it was odd that the guy who killed himself had a huge button on, like an old-fashioned campaign button? I tried to read what it said on the screen print, but couldn't make it out. It just seemed so out of place when I saw it on the guy.
Anyway, thanks, as always, for the recap! (oh yeah, that guy reminds me of a combination of John Lock/Sawyer, but no where near as good looking :) !!!! Cajun

Mike V. said...

Glad I wasn't the only one Cajun!

Apparently, in the graphic novel, the virus affects ALL dead people not just the bitten ones. But we have yet to see that in the TV show...and they may just stick to the "bitten" rule. I had just read that on the EW recap today about the novel.

I doubt Shane will leave and if he does, their paths will cross again...but as AUSW says...we never know what characters will meet their end and when! lol

The button on the dead guy was apparently a prop decision. Robert Kirkman said in his weekly EW interview that he had no idea about the button. LOL It said something about Domestic Violence or something like that. I forget. Maybe i'll look it up again tomorrow. (too tired right now!!)

Interesting with the Locke thing...must be the tracking skills that Daryl has. lol I won't comment on the looks but his wit his off the charts! And he shoots a mean arrow. lol

No problem for the recap. I enjoy doing them. Thank you for reading and the comments!

MJ said...

I was so mad that they fooled me into thinking he was revealing the secret. LOL
Good for them !

Somebody drove a jeep from CDC - cause I always think how useless it is since it's so open.
Thought it was Shane, but but they dumped it later I guess since Shane was later
in the RV with Andrea.

Didn't think the people in the cars died without becoming walkers. Just assumed
that they never got out of their cars and fed so starved to death. And they do say that
one guy killed himself.

Agree the zombie in the RC was super smart and I didn't buy that starving zombies
would not smell the blood on t-dog just because a dead zombie was on top of
him - but I'll go with it for now. LOL

Loved Rick's 'they don't get winded, but I do'. But that was one nasty-a** autopsy.
And yes - laughed all through it.

I knew something big was coming when they were showing the deer and the kid in a
lock-eyed trance - which is very unrealistic. At first I was afraid they were
gonna have this kid kill the deer, but I never thought he'd be shot.

Television Without Pity was really scathing about the ep - which I totally disagreed
with. It carried on where we left off (loved Andrea telling Dale off), if moved
the story forward if as we assume they will now find the farm, and we had good
gore, and they have shown the future with the undead now herding. Great premier
in my opinion.

I did not find it unrealistic that they drop everything for 1 girl - there are only what - 9 or 10 of them. For all they know they won't find too many more people, so yes - you hold onto all that you can. And for a parent you never just give up on a child. SO this was totally believeable to me.

I don't want Shane to leave - but I'm sick of the Lori/Shane thing already. Too many shows have that same tension and I want better for this show. He needs to move on, and yes I know one day Rick will find out his friends betrayal and that's fine, but enough already.

Mike V. said...

MJ -
They fooled me too with the "secret" lol At least Robert Kirkman has admitted that it will be revealed this season. Good to know!

Good point with the Jeep. I thought about that too...and where did Daryl get the Cycle? He might have been towing it on his truck or something. But, I'm guessing all of the vehicle changing had to do with the "Escape from Atlanta" that we didn't get to see. Oh well! walkers can die if they don't feed??? Did we ever learn that tidbit? I guess it makes sense...but I just figured they were dead anyway so they're just wandering around endlessly with an unending hunger. lol Yes, the one guy "opted out" in the tent. I don't think anyone in their cars did.

I hear you on the "not smelling the blood"....I'm just going with it too. lol

I think I missed the "they don't get winded" line. I'll have to double check for it!

Yeah...I did think in the back of my mind that maybe Carl was going in for the kill with one of those knives. And I knew Carl had it coming the whole episode with his ridiculous thrill of the chase and his parents being okay with it. But, I never saw him getting shot through a deer! lol

Yeah...I'm guessing the guy that shot the deer/Carl is from the farm. So maybe he'll get off easier than Ana Lucia did. lol I totally agree that it was a great premiere. I've never minded the slow pace of any episodes. It allows for more suspension and dramatic stakes and eventual payoffs. A lot happens on Breaking Bad, but it really is a slow burn throughout the season. But there isn't a show where I bite my fingernails more. I don't think Walking Dead's suspense is too far off from that. 2 different shows...but both thrilling. At least the ratings are good so hopefully they don't try to fix it to appease disappointed fans! I'm sure everyone will get what they want over the 13 episodes.

I think them dropping everything to save a girl makes them more human than anything. The only survivalist of the bunch is probably Daryl and even he is showing a human side. They are clearly supporting the "No Child Left Behind Clause" and not the "Spock Clause" for now. lol

Maybe it was just me, but I sensed a little hint of flirtation between Shane and Andrea. You know...starts off as a simple "let's run off together and start fresh from the rest of this group" and evolves into something more. There could be more females at this farm too. But I don't think the Lori/Shane thing is going to go away just yet.
Surely, Rick has to find out about it right??? And then Rick will be so disgusted and beside himself but then they'll be faced with some Walker issue that only he and Shane can work together to resolve. I can see something like that happening. (ahh...just read your last sentence lol you said the same thing)

Plenty of stuff coming up this season and I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for the comments as always!

MJ said...

I don't know but i thought i remember them coming upon a zombie that was extremely weak cause it had not fed in a long time and it was more emaciated than most at that time. So maybe I just leaped to the 'can die' thing. But they need to feed and if they don't ...who knows then.

Thought it was a little amusing with the 3 in the church just hanging in there and not out hunting - like they were praying or something.

The 'winded' line is when Rick is telling her to hide and she says she doesn't want to. He says that as part of the explanation of why he is leaving her there to later come back for her.

Mike V. said...

There was that zombie that was chopped in half and crawling but that was more of the condition that she was left in when she became a walker. (and also the inspiration for the webisodes) Agreed, they definitely need to feed (or have the desire to eat human flesh)....but I don't know if they need to to "survive" in their current state. You have to wonder how long those walkers in church were sitting there too...right? They could have been there for weeks and since there were no humans they kind of just stayed there seated....(returning to what they normally did as humans perhaps? Like Morgan said in season 1). eh...probably best not to look into it too much. Maybe we'll get more explanations into these walkers!

So funny...I didn't read your line about the church before commenting above about it. Regardless of why they were definitely was funny that they were. lol

Ahhh....right! That makes sense on the winded comment now. I probably was typing some notes on my phone for the blog and missed it. Thanks!

Mike V. said...

Podcast interview with producers. I downloaded on iTunes and will listen on my way home lol