Monday, October 24, 2011

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2 - Bloodletters

Greetings Walkers!  We had yet another entertaining hour of the end of days drama's second season!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself as always.  Maybe there will be a few complainers about the slow pace that they are deciding to take this season plot-wise, but I'm loving it!  For me, it just builds the suspense even more and adds to how the characters will respond in these tense situations.  We're already seeing hints that the group is getting antsy to get moving.  But for now, we have an injured Carl and still a missing Sophia and the drama is consuming the group as well as splitting them up from each other.  Let's discuss what went down in this light recap!

We started off the episode with a flashback of Lori talking to another parent about her marital issues. The scene pretty much mirrors the scene from the pilot episode where Shane and Rick were talking about the same marital issues. And they both take place on the same day and show the fallout on both ends of a huge argument they had.

  • Lori made comments wishing that Rick would fight harder and let her have it sometimes to show that he is still in love with her. Lori is questioned by the mother on if she still loves Rick. She did hesitate a minute but said that she “thinks” she still loves him, but that the main problem is that they got married too young.
  • At this point Shane shows up to deliver the news that Rick is in the hospital after their altercation with the crazy gun toting peeps (the one that put Rick in the hospital missing the start of the Zombie takeover). We then see Carl coming out of the school and Lori has to deliver the news to him. We see Shane watching on and see how much this is affecting him as well. (keep in mind this is PRE-relationship with Lori) And of course, we get another scene of Carl crying. In fact, I don’t think I remember many scenes where he isn’t crying. I think they hired this kid because of his excellent “crying face”.
  • Anyway, it was a nice added touch to see how Lori felt about the big argument/their relationship before the whole Rick coma/Zombie/Shane relationship thing. Let’s move to the present!

Sophia Search Party 
So last episode, I thought the rest of the search party was trying to make their way back to the RV. It seems that they are still searching for Sophia.
  • There’s more scenes with Carol getting all upset about her daughter being missing. Yeah, we’re sick of it but I guess we really can’t expect her to be contributing any other way right now! Andrea tries to relate with her since she lost her sister Amy. And Carol goes and throws it right in her face, “I don’t want my daughter to end up like Amy!!”
  • Thank God we have Daryl to keep things real. “Hope ain’t worth a damn thing. We’ll find her and she’ll be fine. Am I the only one Zen around here?” Classic!
  • We also have Lori wondering what that 1 gunshot was all about. She knows that Shane and Rick would not have fired guns. And why only one gunshot? But their resolve was to keep moving.
  • Later on, it is getting dark and they’re going to call it a night and continue the Sophia search the next day. They’re getting close to the RV and Andrea gets a little split up from the group only to find herself head to head with a walker!! Cue horror movie screaming…. She gets out her knife and tries to stab the thing but to no success.
  • Before the group can get to her there is a woman on a horse that clubs the walker with a baseball bat! She’s here for Lori to bring her to Carl and Rick (we’ll get to that story) and tell the rest of them to meet up with the RV crew and come to the farm.
  • There is initial distrust with this woman but Lori heard about her family and does not even hesitate to go with her.
  • The rest of the crew continue to move onward to the RV, but not before Daryl makes a classic zombie kill. The walker started getting up from its baseball bat beating and Daryl aims his crossbow, yells “shut up” and fires away at the walker’s eye. Awesome!

Hershel's Farm
We join Rick, Shane and Carl a few moments after we left them last time with Carl shot through a deer. No introductions necessary for Otis who is running right with them. He is obviously the guy who shot Carl and it doesn’t take long to like the guy. We all know it was an accident! (granted, that didn’t stop us from hating Ana Lucia, right?)

  • Apparently, Otis had told them that Carl’s only hope was to get them to the farm and that’s where they are running towards. Rick has distanced himself a bit from Otis and Shane and comes up on ol’ Hershel’s Farm. I have not read the graphic novel, but from what I’ve read ABOUT it, we are veering back on track with the plot of the novel as the farm is a major setting for the books. And brace yourselves, because I believe the majority, if not all, of season 2 will be taking place here as well!
  • Old man Hershel has come out to greet his new guests along with his daughters and some other dude (son/son-in-law? I’m sure we’ll learn about all of them). He immediately asks if the boy has been bitten and Rick responds that he has been shot. They bring him in and begin to work on him immediately.
  • Rick is a blabbering mess and does not know what to do. Any faith that he might have gotten in the church has been stripped away from him. He starts questioning to Shane why he didn’t let them all come with them. Shane, thinking of the situation where he left Rick behind and took his wife for his own, warned Rick to avoid getting that monkey on his back. Rick starts questioning if this is how his journey ends. He gets out of the hospital, finds his family, a little girl goes missing, now his son. It’s like some sick joke. He still is trying to justify his action for going after her. That’s just what you do.
  • But Rick has other matters to tend to and it involves giving his blood to his son. They are both B+ so Hershel is not going to let Rick wander far. There are 6 fragments of a bullet to get out of Carl. Carl did not respond well to getting fragment number 1 out. And Rick starts screaming bloody murder.
  • Rick also is conflicted that Lori is not here. He wants to go get her. Shane promises that he’ll handle it. He said that he would break Rick’s legs if he tried to leave. If Carl slipped away and Rick wasn’t here he knows Rick would never forgive himself. Lori would not either. He told Rick to do the hard part of staying here, and let him do the rest.
  • Hershel returns to let them know that Carl is out of danger for the moment. But the fragment they got was the shallowest one. There is internal bleeding and there is no way to get them without putting Carl under. He needs surgical supplies. Apparently, a high school close by was used as a FEMA shelter but was overrun. Shane is starting to regret that he promised to take care of “the rest”. But no fear, Otis has volunteered to go with him as he knows what supplies to get. He is feeling all kinds of guilt for shooting the boy.
  • I’m really surprised at the restraint that Rick is showing towards Otis. Accident or not, I’d be furious! But Rick sees the gesture of good will from Otis and is ready to thank him, but Otis insists that he holds off until they save the boy. He says his goodbyes to his wife (I’m guessing one of Hershel’s daughters) and makes his way with Shane. Shane comments on what the rest of us are thinking about how strange this day has gotten!
  • Rick and Hershel take a moment of peace and take in the view of the farm. It has been in their family (The Greene family) for 160 years. It looks untouched but Hershel insists that they have lost friends, neighbors and even family. He lost his wife and step son to the plague. His daughters were both spared.
  • Hershel is convinced that they can ride out this plague and wait for a cure. Man has always fought back and overcome diseases. He refers to AIDS as the most recent example. We always say “this one is different” but mankind always fights back and restores balance.
  • Rick can do nothing but disagree with the man as they have seen the CDC burst into flames with their own eyes. There is no hope left, no cure. He wishes he could believe Hershel but he can’t.
  • It will be interesting to see how the show distances itself from the ongoing graphic novel. Rob Kirkman designed the novel as a story with NO end. But as we all know, television shows are finite. They’re going to have to plan an endgame eventually for the show. Will there be a cure? Will there be some utopian civilization immune from the rest of the world’s zombie plague where mankind can rebuild? Will everyone just become walkers and that’ll be the end of it? They will have to address those questions eventually, but for now we are only 8 episodes into this show!
  • Lori arrives via horseback and has her moment with Rick and then with Carl. Obviously, they are all an emotional mess.
  • Rick gives more blood to Carl. Apparently, Carl wanted to give his blood to Rick when he was in a coma but Lori had to talk him out of it.
  • Oh right, and the best part of the whole episode. We find out Hershel is a veteranarian not a human doctor!  I love when he said he was a "Vet" and Lori asked if he meant a retired military doctor or something like that.  Then she asks if he has done this surgical procedure on pigs and cows before.  Classic.  Should be an entertaining surgery if Shane and Otis get back with the supplies!
  • Some time passes and Rick is beginning to get restless and wants to go after Shane and Otis. But, he is far too weak from giving 2 blood transfusions. Lori screams at him and tells him that she will not go through this one alone. She has already been through that with Rick and will not do it again. And that’s where we leave them for this episode.

So Dale and T-Dog are still hanging out by the RV. It’s not long before T-Dog starts going a bit delirious. And they see his wound is infected. They start pillaging the cars for more supplies, looking for anti-biotics.
  • Dale finds batteries, pink water and a guitar for Glenn (they’re not even sure he can play) but no drugs. T-Dog found cigarettes and ibuprofen.
  • He starts blabbing on that they all left the 2 of them there because they are the weakest. A 64 year old man and an injured “guy” (he tries to make it a racial thing, I’ll just say guy for now). T-Dog suggests that they just take the RV and leave.
  • Dale thinks the man has officially lost it and defends the group of cowboys and rednecks. He feels T-Dog for a fever. The dude is burning up. He takes the ibuprofen but that will only temporarily resolve the issue.
  • Hmm, isn’t fever one of the first signs of “walker conversion” for lack of a better phrase? He was never bit, but it is interesting to take note I would think!
  • The rest of the crew return (minus Shane, Lori, Rick, Carl and Sophia) and catch Dale and T-Dog up on the situation. Andrea gives Dale a very intense look of anger as she almost was killed by a walker, the exact fate she was hoping to avoid.
  • Carol obviously doesn’t want to leave the RV as it could be where Sophia comes back if she finds her way. Dale will not leave his RV unattended. They end up all volunteering to stick around, but Dale orders Glenn to go to the farm and take T-Dog. The man needs anti-biotics.

  • This leads to a classic scene of Daryl pulling out some drugs he got from Merle’s stash. He finds some strong stuff and said that Merle got the Clap on occasion. Hysterical!
  • That’s the last we see of this group but I would assume Glenn and T-Dog will still be heading to the farm. And still no Sophia?? Where on earth is she!? I’m guessing that if she was dead we would have run into her by now. So, I’m sure it will be interesting to see when and how she resurfaces.

Supplies Raid

Shane and Otis arrive at their destination and we find out that the walkers have not really migrated since the last time the Greene’s checked out the high school. There are loads of them!

  • Shane found a cop car and quietly opened the door and popped the trunk. They found flares that they could use as a diversion. “Oooh pretty lights!” grunted the walkers in their brain-dead minds.

  • Shane and Otis head for the medical trailer and get all of the supplies they need. Ahh, but they made too much noise on their way out. Thus, the WALKER ALERT was sounded! They make a run for it but the Walking Dead have once again become the Running Dead! They get cornered at a couple of glass doors into the high school (I’m guessing). Shane has no choice but to fire 2 shots to shatter the windows and give them a chance to survive. There was a metal gate that they could close in place of the glass doors. And they found one screw to put into the gate to lock it. But, it would seem that they are very much cornered with a gate that is about to tumble down.

To Be Continued

Quite the intense episode as always! What did everyone think? Too slow or what you’ve come to expect from The Walking Dead? Just another day in the life of these survivors? I love it and can’t wait to spend more time with them all. It would be hysterical if they only pick one bullet fragment out of Carl per episode. But, I don’t think they’ll drag it out that long!

I’m very curious to know what else is going to go down at the farm. I guess there is more history to what has happened there than what is initially presented to us. If Hershel lost his wife, there has to be a story there. Maybe there are walkers around somewhere, just hidden? I guess we’ll find out!

But for now, that’s all I have! Fringe returns this Friday for a HUGE episode! I suggest everyone tune in if you can and then of course, check out the blog over the wknd. Terra Nova will be back next Monday. Oh, and I checked out Once Upon a Time by former LOST writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. I have to say I was fairly impressed with the episode. Definitely lots of potential and I recommend checking out the pilot episode ( maybe?) and then weekly from there. I’d love to recap but my hands are tied up already with a Sunday show. We’ll see how things go, but I’d love to discuss it if anyone else is watching!

So until the next recap, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you next week!
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  • This season I will be recapping Fringe, Terra Nova, The Walking Dead and Alcatraz. If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly. This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!
  • The Walking Dead season 1 is a quick 6 episode watch. It is now available on Netflix streaming, at Redbox. I highly recommend the view!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Alcatraz, Awake and Touch. I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


MJ said...

I enjoyed the ep. I'm not feeling that they are slow, I like that each day is an ep.

At least the actress that plays Lori got to dress nice and be clean with makeup and nice hair for a change. LOL

Woman on the horse was from Vampire Diaries and Otis was on Mentalist for awhile.

Not ALL of us hated Ana Lucia - they could have done some much more with her ! Surprised you didn't take the obvious comparison with Daryl's stash and Sawyer Mike.

Shane really is a good friend to Rick, really cares about him. As much as I am over his weekly angst, this ep really showed how much he cares for his partner and friend. I do believe he would give anything to go back in time and not have the affair with Lori.

I can't believe that Andrea did not let Dale have it !!

I thoroughly enjoyed Once Upon Time - more than I even thought I would for a premier.

Didn't realize Terra Nova was off tonight yet, so thanks for the heads up. It could be a real gauge for the show - a week off and how many come back after.

Quite a few things in repeats this week so some breathing room with catching up on things. And of course Chuck and Grimm friday too !

Per out conversation last week - 7 season of Supernatural is sure alot. But a great show.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I'm glad you're enjoying the pace too. Just after the backlash I heard from episode 1, I didn't think this episode would make any more fans from that audience! lol

Touche' on Sara Wayne Callies (Lori) dressing nice for the flashback! I only remember her name because of all of the drama with her casting during Prison Break's tenure. She had a baby off-screen and they wrote her out of the script and found a way to bring her back in lol

Didn't even recognize the woman from TVD. Who did she play? I haven't seen the Mentalist but I've definitely seen Otis on another show before! Just don't know where. I'll look him up eventually. lol

I didn't HATE Ana Lucia, but she was a tough pill to swallow during those initial tailies episodes! And they don't do well in repeat viewings either! lol But she had her moments on the show. I did mean to compare Daryl's stash to Sawyer's....these morning recaps are tough...I'm just trying to get through them! :) But I appreciate when other people bring up the stuff too!

Totally agree with Shane. He definitely stepped up in this episode and I think his ties to Lori, Rick and Carl are too strong for him to just up and leave. But yeah...that news is gonna have to come out at some point!

Totally agree about Andrea. She looked so P.O.'d!!

I loved Once Upon a Time and just reading interviews about what Eddie/Adam have planned for the episode already has me thinking about the glory days of LOST. I figured they'd be doing flashbacks to the fairy tale land....and I love how they've been doing it. It's not an obvious rip-off of LOST's style or anything. They're finding interesting ways of going back and forth with the stories. I'm sure you noticed the LOST easter eggs but in case not: There was the close-up shot of an eye, the clock in storybrooke was stuck on 8:15, there was a geronimo jackson bumper sticker on Emma's cab, and the queen's address is 108. I think after a few episodes, I'm really going to regret not recapping this one. But we'll see how things go!

Good point with Terra Nova. (I think World Series is tonight but I could be's also the whole pre-November sweeps thing again too...same as with Fringe) Terra Nova actually went up in the ratings last Monday. It may have something to do with the MLB playoffs delaying the episode before but it's a good sign either way!

Woo hoo on Chuck for Friday! DVR will be set for Grimm! I think a lot of things are in repeats for the same reason...November Sweeps starts Thursday so all of the thursday shows will be new. And friday, etc... That's probably why they bumped Chuck and Grimm for this friday instead of last week.

Looking forward to diving into Supernatural eventually! :)

MJ said...

Before Supernatural you've def got to hit Firefly ! One little season.

Did't catch the eye actually - but yes on the others.

Ah yes - sweeps. I was thinking it was baseball. Sweeps makes better sense. Think I am in denial that November is next tuesday.

Mike V. said...

I'll think about Firefly! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good episode. I just couldn't figure out why, when Shane and Otis were running from the zombies near the school, and had them going down an alleyway, why didn't they just start shooting them> They would have had a major traffic jam of zombie bodies! I guess first instinct is to just keep running! They really need to get better at outsmarting these zombies! They sure seem to move fast! LOL :) Cajun

P.S., I recorded Once Upon a Time, going to watch it now. AND DID YOU GET TO WATCH DEXTER???? Awesome episode!!!!

Mike V. said...

Hey Cajun! It's a good question about shooting the zombies. I guess they were figuring they might make a bad situation worse. If they fire a gun, walkers from all over the place would hear it and be drawn towards it. We saw what happened to Rick in Atlanta when he got stuck in the tank. I would guess they'd probably resolve the ones chasing them at the moment, but they might have a whole slew of others waiting for them!

So, there's a show that airs late night after every episode now called "Talking Dead" actual talk show that is dedicated to TWD. Hysterical. Anyway, they had Robert Kirkman on (exec producer AND graphic novel author of TWD) Anyway....he brought up an interesting point about the show and the reason they are called WALKERS and not Zombies. This is a show/comic where the concept of "zombies" isn't public knowledge. All of the previous zombie films that have actually come out do not exist for this universe within the TV show. So, they have no idea how to deal with zombies and how other people have fictionally dealt with them. So the whole thing is a learning experience....and it is why they specifically never use the word Zombie. Apparently, the word has eventually come up in the comics, but Robert blamed spell check/auto-correct features. lol

Anyway, I thought that was an interesting tidbit to keep in mind.

Hope you enjoyed Once Upon a Time! Excited to discuss!

Dexter, I did watch last night (actually was able to watch all 3 shows! TWD, Once, Dex) ....another great episode. Deb's slip on camera and the chief's reaction were both hysterical! And that final scene with the trip-wire death.....OMG...insane!!! Tons more to discuss I'm sure. But I'll leave it at that for now!

Mike V. said...

btw...watched 2 eps of Ringer tonight. So maybe we'll be able to watch last week's ep tomorrow and then catch the new one tomorrow as well. It's definitely getting pretty good though!

HIMYM was a good time again - tons of guest stars tonight! I'll withhold comments for now.

MJ said...

I'm not caught up on Dexter so I avoided reading whatever you guys said.

HIMYM was awesome. Too too funny that Lily was like his dad, But Nora like mom was even better.

MJ said...

Wow - a pretty big Fringe spoiler out there folks. Be careful if you don't want to be spoiled.

Mike V. said...

Sorry MJ, should have put a spoiler warning out there. But I don't think I said anything "TOO" bad about Dex. Enjoy whenever you see it!

HIMYM - yeah...the whole significant others like parents thing was a great idea. Yeah Nora starting to sing and Barney realizing it was fantastic. lol The guy jumping off the building "goodbye cruel world!!" was as hysterical as a suicide could be due to the timing. lol

BTW - I'm all caught up on Ringer. We ended up watching all 3 eps yesterday! I checked your guys comments and totally agree that it's too obvious for Gemma to be dead. We haven't seen a body! But we'll see. I'll try to watch tonight, but with that crazy 2.5 hour X-Factor episode, I'm sure that will be taking up most of our Non-SOA time! Why do I get sucked into these shows!?!?!

Hmmm....if the Fringe spoiler is the "CASTING" announcement that was on ... I kinda assumed that person was coming back this year based on a comment Lance Reddick made when the season started. And it kinda makes sense due to the Peter-less world causing certain things to play out differently. That person never would have died! If it's something're probably right. I don't want to know about it! :-) So, thanks for the warning!

Mike V. said...

Not a shocker but The Walking Dead has been renewed for a 3rd season!

MJ said...

Yes - that was the Fringe spoiler.

You didin't spoil Dexter - I was able to bypass your's and Cajun comments very easily.

But now I have watched Dex - holy moley ! That wire thing was unbelievable. And how could Colin hanks NOT know that he'd get that girl killed. Interestig that she deserves to die for having sex, but not him.

Seemed alsmost a new side to Dex - very loving and concerned. He really kinda faked all that with the wife - but this seemed genuine. Wonder what he will give up to honor his deal with god ?!?

Hey Mike - Keep up the good F*****g work ! LOL

Have you watched SOA ? Very powerful, not totally surprising but very powerful. Don't eat the chili - that's all I'll say for now til I know you watched, which I think you did.

Excellent news on S3 for TWD ! I had not heard.

I know there are some Chuck trailers for the first ep out - but I'm not watching. I want to see it all as new on Friday.

Mike V. said...

Ahh - yeah, I guess it could be considered a spoiler but it was one I just figured was coming based on another comments I had read. I'm guessing that "casting announcement" is the person responsible for the 2.0 Shifters.

Cool on Dex!'d think Colin would know that girl would die once he wanted to see more of her. So, someone on TVLINE had a theory and asked Ausiello what he thought that maybe the Colin Hanks character is really the only "REAL" person and that Olmos is a figment of his imagination. (not unlike a certain movie out there that I won't mention the name in case I spoil it! lol) I thought that was actually pretty interesting. Probably absolutely false, but interesting! Dex being concerned for Harrison was pretty intense. He definitely faked it (initially) with Rita. He seems to have evolved over the show and is capable of emotions now. And now capable of believing in a higher power? Perhaps....but yeah...I can't imagine he'll quit killing people cold turkey. But you would think something would have to change! And yeah the whole Deb/Chief thing was fantastic. Anything to make Laguerta look like an idiot is alright by me! I like the new detective so far also.

Totally watched SOA - Looks like a couple of us were right about that tree branch breaking! lol I don't think Juice is out of the woods just yet though. And Irish dude from Gladiator with scar on his face (still don't know his name on the show) has to think something is up with him. Yeah, the Piney thing....I guess we had to see it coming at some point this season. And at one point I thought he was one of the headless people in the truck since there was a Sons of Anarchy denim cut in there. But once I saw it said "Men of Mayhem" I knew it wasn't Piney. I wonder if TIG and Gemma are gonna get it on after their flirtation with it in season 2. Both she and Clay lied about there whereabouts on the phone. Very interesting. But Clay killing Piney to preserve this lie? UGH....I can't imagine Clay will die this season but you'd think at the rate he's going he'd have to! If the group finds out about this, it's all over for him! Now I can see why Sutter is all up in a tizzy about DirecTV cutting off FX as of November 1st. He said the last 5 episodes of the season are pivotal to the entire SOA series. I believe it! And yes, the Chili and the Thumbs guy (crap, I forget his name too. but i love his character!) All fantastic. Loved when Gemma told him to get it to the fundraiser and he said his trademark line, "I respect that" lol Classic. The cops eating the chili was great too. Tara leaving town? Probably not now....but damn things are tense! Loving this season! So glad I caught up on the show!

AHS tonight, maybe I can convince my wife to watch it at night lol. Halloween ep part 1 of 2. Supposed to be really good!

TWD Renewal definitely good news! I'm excited. Maybe I'll get around to reading those graphic novels if I ever get an iPad or Kindle Fire. lol Not sure why that matters. :)

I did cave and watch the Chuck clips on TV Line. You won't be disappointed. New season looks as good as they all have. Can't wait! (not sure when I'll watch but hopefully Friday)

BTW - Ringer was a rerun last night. My wife and I figured it out. That started a week earlier than other CW shows so it probably took the week before sweeps off.

MJ said...

Yeah - the new guy giving Deb fashion tips was god fun. Hoe down indeed.

I never remember the Irish guys name either - though they said it a bizillion times last year. I meant to ask last week who was Alomar they were looking for - but doesn't matter now that they found his head. I often have trouble with the chars names on this show. Swear I never realized Juice's name til this season.

Ugh - I hope Tigh and Gemma don't get together - he's creepy to me LOL. Gemma will totally know it was Clay once Piney is found due to him lying about where he was.

Logically I'd say that Tara would def leave now, but I don't think they wil remove her from these last eps. I had also read what Sutter said.

I hope they don't kill Clay cause I do't want him to leave the show, but they do have to oust him at a minimum of course.

Yeah - Modern Family is a repeat too. I also think Ringer is a reapeat cause they have been re-runnin all the eps on various nights and they are trying to increase the viewership so are giving people a chance to catch up.

I am def watching Chuck, supernatural and Fringe friday as I will be away sat mornign til sunday night. So have to watch them or Ill never catch up.

Mike V. said...

Agreed on the Deb Fashion tips!

Ahhh...yeah I didn't know who Alomar was either. Even when they mentioned his head tonight...I was like, WHO? lol I don't think I knew Juice's name until this season either. It probably doesn't sink in until they have a pretty central plot line. That didn't help me with scarface's name. :-) lol The names are definitely tough to remember for some reason. Tig/Tigh...definitely creepy but I love his character! lol Yeah, Gemma will definitely know it was Clay who offed Piney. I'm sure others will speculate too. There has to be retribution for this! But totally agree, they can't kill off least not until the end of the show. Just don't know how they get out of this one. Maybe they could oust him...or he could go nomad or whatever. I dunno.

Yep, I saw MF is a repeat...I think that is because they have their halloween ep from last year and didn't want to repeat it. That was Mittovich's speculation on TVLINE as well. lol Good point with Ringer...that could be. of now I don't think I have Friday plans so I'd love to stay home and watch Chuck/Fringe....and maybe Grimm over the wknd. The next 2 weeks though? are going to be blogging nightmares. Baby shower up here next wknd with in-laws in town, baby shower in TN the wknd after! There may be a chance of no Fringe, Walking Dead or Terra Nova Recaps for that 11/11-11/14 grouping of episodes. Unless, someone wants to fill in for me! lol I just don't think I'm gonna have time to write about them...or a computer to write about them with! I may be able to watch the episodes over the wknd but that could be pushing it too. And so it begins! :-)

MJ said...

No one could fill your shoes Mike.

But what fun - you start to get all the new stuff now ! And you get to start putting so much of it together. LOL

Crap - forgot Grimm. I'll have to try to get that one in too.

Notice I had no comment about you X-Factor watching. ;-D I have many of my own guilty watchings of other stuff.

MJ said...

Chibs is the irish guy. It occurred to me when a co-worker was talking about chips.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the compliment, MJ. I appreciate it! Oh yes...can't wait to start assembling things! LOL I'm sure it will be equally fun and frustrating!

LOL on the guilty pleasures. Oh yes, there are plenty others I don't bring up. (Oh yes, I've watched all 4 seasons of the Jersey Shore. It's absolutely awful but I can't stop watching the train wreck!) And as for X Factor. Watching it is one thing...I actually felt compelled to write about it on my Idol blog today! Ugh....Why can't I just let some things go!?

Chibs, that's it!! And LOL on how you figured it out!

Mike V. said...

UGH...Fringe might get postponed because of the world series!!!!

MJ said...

Yeah - someone better win the stupid world series tonight ! i want my Fringe.

Mike V. said...

For real. GO TEXAS!! I'm not thrilled with the Cards for taking out Philly anyway. lol

Watched AHS last night....CRAAAZY!

MJ said...

Unfortunately I was not able to watch AHS. Probably not tonight either. ;-(

I feel ya about the Cards. I gave up baseball 2 strikes ago - somewhere around the mid 80s I think. I was an American League fan though - but the one time I routed for Philly was when they went to the series against the team that knocked my team out. So I get what you are saying.

Mike V. said...

That's cool on AHS. I really didn't think I'd be watching last night anyway. Ooh, and I watched Homeland's pilot! VERY GOOD! Can't wait to catch up on the rest.

Yeah, sometimes I'm all for the mentality of rooting for the team that beat you because then you know you got beat by the best. But, if the Cards win it all this year, that will be 3 straight years that the team that beat us won the world Series. 2008 - Phillies, 2009 - Damn Yankees (obviously played them IN the world series0, 2010 - Giants, 2011 -TBD! lol Enough is enough! That's like saying we could have won 4 straight if we could have just gotten past those teams. Just depressing!

Mike V. said...

Last night's WS game was pretty hysterical. I was following the 8-11th inning on Twitter. So many people rooting for Texas so they could see Fringe tonight. Unfortunately those Cards wouldn't quit. Made for an amazing game, but I still wish Texas would have pulled it off! Guess we're waiting a week for Fringe and who knows what will happen with the rest of their pre-holiday hiatus schedule. But I know I'll be out of town for the 2nd November sweeps episode. Which sucks for recapping purposes!

MJ said...

Got to watch AHS last night.

SO is Tate the rubber suit man ? Very interesting how Constance dragged the girl to the lawn before she could slip away.

WHAT on earth did that ultrasound show ?!? And loved seeing the dead lover at the end.

Felt sorry for Moira saying bye to mom

Man I can't seem to get any of the names on this one today.

I know it's a 2 parter - they sure left alot in the air !

Mike V. said...

AHS was definitely nuts. I read a Ryan Murphy interview after the episode on so I probably know TOO much. But I'll comment anyway! lol

- I don't think Tate is the rubber suited man. I think he was just wearing it to freak out the daughter. I think it's still a big mystery who that is but I'm starting to think he impregnanted Tami Taylor! (or whatever her name is in this show lol) Because I'm guessing that ultrasound showed some kind of demon baby!

- As for the dragging to the lawn would seem that these ghosts remain trapped in that house as long as they die on the premesis. Unfortunately for Addy, I don't think she quite made it in time. But maybe that's actually fortunate for her, unfortunate for her mother.

- Seeing the dead lover at the end was fantastic. I wonder if that was who called Connie/Tami/Whoever though? I guess if it was her cell phone, maybe she did?? I dunno

- Moira saying goodbye to Mom was definitely sad. So, I didn't realize it while I was watching (because it sometimes takes me awhile to catch on to obvious things)....but I didn't realize why she and Tate were able to leave the grounds of the house. It was Halloween when the dead can walk amongst the living freely. Pretty cAHS was definitely nuts. I read a Ryan Murphy interview after the episode on so I probably know TOO much. But I'll comment anyway! lol

- I don't think Tate is the rubber suited man. I think he was just wearing it to freak out the daughter. I think it's still a big mystery who that is but I'm starting to think he impregnanted Tami Taylor! (or whatever her name is in this show lol) Because I'm guessing that ultrasound showed some kind of demon baby!

- As for the dragging to the lawn would seem that these ghosts remain trapped in that house as long as they die on the premesis. Unfortunately for Addy, I don't think she quite made it in time. But maybe that's actually fortunate for her, unfortunate for her mother.

- Seeing the dead lover at the end was fantastic. I wonder if that was who called Connie/Tami/Whoever though? I guess if it was her cell phone, maybe she did?? I dunno

- Moira saying goodbye to Mom was definitely sad. So, I didn't realize it while I was watching (because it sometimes takes me awhile to catch on to obvious things)....but I didn't realize why she and Tate were able to leave the grounds of the house. It was Halloween when the dead can walk amongst the living freely. Pretty cool idea.

- I'm right with you there on the names!! And yes, looking forward to part 2! Of course, with my mother-in-law in town...I don't know when I'll watch it. There's no way SHE's gonna want to watch this stuff! lol ool idea.

- I'm right with you there on the names!! And yes, looking forward to part 2! Of course, with my mother-in-law in town...I don't know when I'll watch it. There's no way SHE's gonna want to watch this stuff! lol

Kelly said...

Ok, so I read all of your comments but I'm probably forgetting exactly what you guys said.. SOOO here goes my two cents:

Yes, Ringer has been repeats all week- they are definitely trying to get more watchers for this show, which is great in my opinion. That means they want it to stick around! I think all of the repeats this week have less to do with sweeps amd more to do with the World Series.

Speaking of the World Series, I am SO MAD that there's a game 7 tonight! That means less of a showing for Grimm. I saw the first half of Grimm on NBC On Demand, and this is probably my favorite new show so far this season (besides AHS, which I am now LOVING). I'm really worried that it won't be successful, though. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but Grimm will have a lot of competition with sci-fi-ish nerdy types like us who like Fringe and Supernatural (even though I'm not into either show). But NBC is really putting a lot of advertising into it, so I'm crossing my fingers for this one.

SOA- YAY Juice is alive! I figured as much, but the price we have to pay for Juice being alive is Clay killing poor old Piney. I love Piney, but he wasn't really being showcased too much, so I am ok with him being the sacrificial lamb. Friggin' Clay, though. I, too, am wondering where Kurt Sutter is going with this. Clay can't keep getting away with this stuff, but he can't die! Not until the end of the series, at least! I LOVE Tig, he's one of my favorites on the show. But I definitely don't want anything to go on with him and Gemma. I don't think it will, though.. I recently read an article that made it seem like that little hookup was a one-time thing because both characters were lonely. I'm crossing my fingers for Tara, though. I hope that hit on her doesn't pan out! I love that Chibs (Chips? lol) has taken on a sort-of father role to Juice. I think that WHEN Juice's past comes out, Chibs will be a welcome ally in his corner. Let's just hope he can get those jerk authority figures off his back.

AHS- LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So much to think about/ponder on.. the show makes me think, and that's something that I had been missing since Lost went off the air. So much to ponder- I want to see more mythology, more backstory, more EVERYTHING! I want to see what that baby looks like, too! I love how the house takes on its own character, like the island was a character on Lost. Constance is such a bee-otch, but she's so compelling. Old Moira makes me sad, young Moira makes me angry, lol. I do feel bad for Ben, everyone that comes into that house comes onto him! Maybe it's the house testing him (or trying to break him) since he cheated on Vivien. Is the Rubber Man Viv's baby daddy? Yes, I think so. Who is the baby daddy? Not Tate. I think Constance's ex is Rubber Man. Or someone we haven't seen yet. So many thoughts, I can't even organize them in this hastened comment! Mike, I think you should cease and desist recaps of Terra Nova and take on AHS!

I enjoyed Once Upon a Time, which I didn't think I would. Emma's (is that her name?) cynicism cuts into the corniness that the show seems to get in Fairytale World, so it gives it a good balance. I'm interested to see how it progresses, but if I ever have to choose between this one and Grimm, I'd have to choose Grimm. It kinda sucks that these two shows are being compared in articles I read. I understand why- they are both modern takes on fairy tales- but they are so different that it doesn't seem fair. Grimm is a much darker show- not really kid-friendly. And it has a quick wit that I always appreciate.

ANYWAY, I have a crazy weekend ahead of me- Happy Halloween, everyone!

Mike V. said...

Hey Kelly!

Yeah, I think sweeps and the world series go hand in hand. The World Series is usually around the same time every year. It was a week earlier this year to avoid november. But other networks are still always dealing with scheduling around the MLB playoffs. I'm pretty annoyed with the Cardinals for multiple reasons. Offing the phillies and miraculously winning that game last night!! I was so ready for a Fringe fix. But alas, I'll be going to the bar instead now. lol (probably would've gone anyway, but I feel better about it now!) Chuck will be on my TiVo when I get back as will Grimm. Grimm will definitely be a different show than ONCE, more procedural based. I'll definitely check out the first few and the World Series isn't impacting my choice to catchup on DVR! I know a lot of people are worried about the Fringe/Supernatural/Grimm faceoff on Fridays.....but I still see this as a positive thing. Networks seem to be willing to take a chance on Fridays and if all of these networks split viewers on Fridays I would think that it would show that they're all being competitive. But maybe I'm wrong!!

SOA - Yeah, Piney always seemed like he was being kept around to be shockingly killed off one day! lol The implications will still surely be severe for the club. Can't wait to see how it plays out!'re probably right about Tig and Gemma...I just recently watched the whole series so it was fresh in my head when I saw this it made me think of it. I'm sure the aren't going that way. Yeah...I'm hoping Chibs will be in Juice's corner too...we'll see what happens!

AHS - Definitely some thought involved with the show similar to LOST. That's actually the initial reason I wanted to check in. I had heard comparisons to LOST in viewing experience. So any chance of getting that going again, I'm in! This show is of course on a whole different level of creepiness and gore than LOST was of course!! But yeah...the Island vs. House is definitely a similarity between the shows. Constance's EX as the Rubber Man definitely sounds like a direction the show might go. As for taking on AHS as a weekly recap just doesn't fit into my schedule very well! 10pm show vs. an 8pm show plus tons of other stuff on Wednesdays too? I just don't think I can swing it! But I love to keep talking about it. That's the best I can do right now! lol

There's going to obviously be comparisons between ONCE and GRIMM but as of now, they're not even in competition with each other. 2 different networks, 2 different nights. I think there could be room for both. I enjoy ONCE already because I can clearly see the LOST writers' style coming through on the screen. So, I definitely see potential in where this story may go. Unfortunately, even if I was going to eventually recap that's up against TWD too! Ugh....Too many shows!! lol

BTW...if there ever is a crazy AHS episode that deserves its own post, I'll consider just throwing something up there real quick. No pictures, no frills...something I might be able to swing during my day job. (shhh don't tell. lol)

Good luck with your crazy wknd! and Happy Halloween to you too!

Kelly said...

Totally understandable that you can't recap AHS- Doc Jensen writes his usual long (and sometimes overthought) recaps on, so I can get my fix there, lol. Though he can sometimes go overboard on it, he's passionate about his recaps! I used to love his Lost recaps :)
The only thing that OUAT and Grimm have in common is the fairy tale premise. Otherwise, people need to stop with the comparisons! Grimm did really well in ratings- I believe it got the highest non-World Series ratings for that timeslot! Of course, the fact that Fringe wasn't on definitely helped. I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps scoring high.
So my cable has been out since Saturday night. I'm sooo mad! No TV, no internet. Couldn't watch Once Upon a Time last night, I'm trying to watch it online at work today. Let's hope my boss stays out of the office for a while!

Mike V. said...

I used to love Doc Jensen's recaps too for LOST and do check out his AHS, Fringe and other commentary as well. Ironically, his first season of LOST recapping drove me crazy because he'd always miss key things that I picked up on. It was one of my inspirations for blogging in the first place! lol That and I was emailing friends, coworkers, family long emails why not just post them online to get them off of my work email? lol Never imagined that LOST blog taking off the way it did, but it was pretty cool while it lasted!

I ended up watching Grimm on Saturday morning before the power went out (for 9 hours!!).....I did enjoy it and am sure it will improve with each week. Cool concept. I saw the ratings as well...and yeah...the fact that fringe wasn't on probably impacted it. Poor Chuck didn't do so well, but it's ending this season anyway! The world series ratings were insane...I'm sure that partly had to do with it being on in BARS (where I was) so it was impossible to miss! 6 Million on a Friday is really good though. I really hope the FRINGE fans know where their loyalties should be on Friday nights. Fringe must be watched LIVE if they're on a Nielsen box! lol I seriously think our ratings system is so outdated. I know they factor in DVR ratings too but that's only for people that watch on their DVRs without fast forwarding. SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Who actually does that? I find it hard to believe that there are at least a million people that do that for Fringe, but whatever! lol

That sucks that you lost your cable....As I mentioned, I was without power but when the power did finally come back so did our cable and internet! ONCE was a good time....I've heard from critics that the 3rd episode is what convinced them that this show could work. I'm looking forward to it! Good luck checking it out at work!

Kelly said...

How could they expect people to watch something on their DVR without fastforwarding? That's ridiculous! You're right, the ratings system is totally outdated. Come on, Nielsen, get with the times!
I'm hoping my cable comes back tonight. Though it's a light night for TV for me, I'd still like to have my stuff back. Where do you live that you lost your power? I know some parts of CT still don't have their power back, that storm we got was a doozy. I'm on Long Island, our power only flickered, but it seems that my street got the short end of the cable stick. I'm the only person I know that doesn't have their cable back on yet! My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for being such a TV addict. Hey, there are much worse things to be addicted to! lol!
Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to comment on Terra Nova tomorrow.

Mike V. said...'s gonna be a long grueling process, but I think Nielsen is trying to get with the times. I think even networks are taking DVR numbers more seriously than ever when deciding to renew shows. But the whole commercials thing...they have to figure out a new way. I know they do a lot of product placement in shows now. I still think people may stop on ADS if they find them interesting enough when fast forwarding through. I know if i see a preview for a movie or a kindle fire or something i'm interested in, I rewind to catch it. lol I dunno...we'll see what happens!

I live like 40 minutes northwest of Philly. We were in the prime location to get dumped on with snow! And I guess because the trees haven't lost all of their leaves yet it caused the trees to topple over on power lines. Crazy...never have seen so much snow in October. And most of it melted yesterday! lol

There are definitely worse things to be addicted other than TV!! lol Good luck with the cable for tonight!

Kelly said...

NW of Philly, huh? Anywhere near Allentown? I have friends around there, I love visiting PA :)

Mike V. said...

Not TOO far from Allentown but closer to Philly. I'm in the Philly "burbs" lol I guess I'm about an hour from Allentown.