Monday, October 31, 2011

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 3 - Save the Last One

Greetings fellow Walkers!  WOW, another intense episode with a shocker of a final moment.  It was another slow burn of an episode on the farm and RV campuses accompanied by a stressful escape from the High School for Shane and Otis.  This show has definitely found a nice balance between deep character moments, comedy and goretasic scenery!  3 episodes in and I'm loving this season just as much as the last.  No reason to delay this any further.  Let's get into the quick recap!

RV and Sophia Search
So, 4 remain with the RV on the highway.  Dale, Carol, Daryl and Andrea remain to search for Sophia.  Carol is crying, Dale is on his usual outpost on top of the RV, Daryl is restless because of the crying and Andrea is loading a gun.  Daryl decides that it's time to go on another Sophia search to which Andrea decides to go with.

  • Naturally, Dale is not on board with the idea of sending 2 people into the woods in the middle of the night, but there is no stopping them.  Plus, Carol stopped crying so I think the rest of us were rooting for this idea! 
  • There's lots of moments spent with Carol not being able to rest until they get back and Dale being overly worried for Andrea.  He even goes on a random walk looking for them as they're gone for awhile.  But alas, nothing really happens to them this episode. 

  • Meanwhile, Daryl and Andrea have some great moments on their failed search for Sophia.  Daryl, continuing his positivity from last week, is the only optimistic one of the bunch that thinks they'll find Sophia.  He goes further into his reasoning in this episode. "This ain't the mountains of Tibet.  It's Georgia!" Apparently, he got lost in the woods for 9 days as a child when his father was on some bender with a random woman and Merle was in juvie "AGAIN".  He stayed alive eating berries and wiping his, going PG-13 on you guys, "ass" with poison oak.  Daryl went on to say he got on fine except for his itchy rear.  And alas, we see Andre smile for the first time since her sister went to the dark place.  

  • If that back and forth wasn't enough, they just had to stumble upon another camping walker who tried to hang himself to end his misery.  Pretty dumb since now he's just a hanging zombie!  But the suicide note was classic.  (Again, cover your eyes if mild profanity upset you!)

    Got bit
    Fever hit
    Word gone to Shit
    Might as well quit

    Followed by Daryl's ad lib, "Dumbass didn't know enough to shoot himself in the head."   Comedy gold! 

  • Meanwhile while Daryl is explaining how the walkers came by and chewed at his legs, Andrea is having a hard time keeping her last dinner down.  And, she feels a bit of sympathy for the poor walker.  She begs Daryl to put an arrow in his head.  Daryl thinks it's a waste and he was dumb enough to get in that predicament.   She offers to trade an answer to his question on if she feels like living for an arrow.   She kind of avoided the answer by saying she doesn't know if she wants to live or has a habit of living.  Daryl's next 3 moves were fantastic again.  "Not much of an answer."  Fires arrow at the walker killing him and then says, "Waste of an arrow."   And they move on to no more success finding Sophia. 

  • When they return, Dale finally decides to give in to Andrea's desire for a gun saying that it wasn't his call to make.  He tells her to not make him regret it and asks if she has forgiven him.  All Andrea said in response was, "I'm trying."  I guess right now that's about all you can ask for!  

So the Sophia search carries on for another episode!  At this point, we have to guess she is alive, right?  They wouldn't drag this search on only for us to find her dead I wouldn't think.  Then again, I really didn't see the end moment coming (probably should have) either so who knows? 

High School Escape
So when we last left Otis and Shane they were locked in the High School they were trying to get medical supplies from.  They have been running for their lives in the school to find themselves trapped at the top of the bleachers in the gymnasium.

  • Shane offers an escape plan with going through the tiny windows at the top of the gym.  Otis, being a little larger, is not game for that!  But they decide to create a few diversions to give each of them a fighting chance.  I think we saw more gunshots in this one episode than in the entire 9 episode run of Walking Dead so far!   For a minute, I didn't think Otis was going to get off of that floor after jumping, but Shane made a few shots to clear the way.  

  • Of course, Shane had a 20 foot drop to look forward to from his exit plan.  And a walker didn't make life easy scaring the bejeezus out of him and us and poking his head out the window.  Shane had no choice but to make that fall, and shot the walker in the head in the process.  He's lucky he only has that limp as an issue following that fall! 

  • Shane then finds himself cornered at a fence reloading his rifle.  Lots of walkers behind the fence, and a few coming towards him the other way.  But there Otis is to save him!  What a guy!!  I mean, it's been 2 episodes with Otis and I already love this character, even if he shot Carl.   He has done everything to make amends for that and now he's saving Shane's neck!  Just thought I'd have that little aside for no reason in particular! 

  • Then there was a moment where Shane was done for.  He had a bad leg and told Otis to go on without him.  But Otis refused.  He said they both have to fight to make it.  Interesting to take note of this for a future moment. 
  • So now, Shane and Otis are out of rifle rounds and have only 10 bullets between the 2 of them in their pistols.  They start limping their way to the truck with hundreds of walkers following them.  A couple gun shots go off and that's the last we see of them for now. 

Hershel's Farm
Back on the farm, times are getting desperate as Carl struggles to live while waiting for supplies.  Plus, a couple of new guests in Glenn and T-Dog are arriving as well.

  • We'll start with our brief aside about Glenn and T-Dog's arrival.  Basically, T-Dog still needed to be examined for his bad cut.  They introduce themselves to Maggie.  I don't think her name has been mentioned in the show yet but she is a big character in the books I hear.  They also offer their help to Rick and Lori in their time of desperation. 

  • We see hints of a budding romance between Glenn and Maggie as she catches him trying to pray for his friends' well being.  She tells him that he is going to have to make it okay somehow no matter what happens. 

  • Some good comedy around how Merle's antibiotics for VD are what saved T-Dog's life, much to his displeasure. 

  • At the beginning of the episode, Rick starts off with a story about Shane, essentially to provide hope of his return to Lori.  Shane apparently pulled a prank once stealing the principal's car back in high school.  Lori just wants Rick to keep his strength by eating.  

  • But then there is the dilemma that only people of this zombie-infested world have to face.  What is better for their child?  To die by a bullet or to keep going and face the chance of becoming a walker himself?  And if not, becoming hardened by this impossibly cruel world they have to live in?   Lori is losing hope and starting to think that Carl is better off dying.  Rick remains optimistic but can't provide Lori a good reason why Carl should live.  He resorts to arguing with Lori about why she has changed her mind now after the CDC when Jenner offered them all a way out.  Lori remembered Jackie who decided to stay behind with Jenner.  She didn't have to endure everything they've gone through since escaping the CDC.  And maybe that is for the best.  

  • Later on Carl briefly wakes up coughing and in pain.  But mostly all he is talking about is telling his mother how beautiful the deer was.  So pretty, so close.  And then he went into seizures.  Herschel said that the brain is not getting enough blood.  He was reluctant to take more blood from Rick fearing cardiac arrest, but Rick insisted.  

  • Rick also found his reason for keeping Carl alive.  Carl had yet to be darkened by this new world.  He found something beautiful in that deer.  He didn't wake up complaining about getting shot.  All he remembered was the deer.  Something alive, something worth living for.   Rick remains hopeful that there is a place for them out there.  Maybe it's on this farm, or maybe it's somewhere else.  But his argument was strong enough that when they had to make the choice to begin operating without the surgical supplies, Lori agreed that they should try. 

  • Fortunately for them, Shane arrived with the supplies just in time.  But he also had the look of a man who had been broken.  He informed the outside crew (which excluded Patricia, Otis's wife) that Otis did not make it.  OH MAN!!  Shane is clearly beside himself on what happened.  He told a story of how Otis said to keep running and so that's what he did.  (How's that limp Shane?!)   

  • Hershel makes the decision to keep the news from Patricia until after they perform the surgery on Carl.  I know time was of the essence, but you'd think she'd run out to hug her husband right when they got back, right?!   Oh well. 
  • Thankfully, the surgery happened off camera and we simply find out that Carl seems to be recovering.  Yay!  He lives on to cry one more day!   Rick and Lori are expectedly beside themselves.  Lori goes to Carl as Rick helps Hershel give the news to Patricia about poor Otis.   Shane, meanwhile is still looking very shell shocked.  Lori, thankful for him saving their son, asks Shane to stay.  And we assume she means for the long haul, not just in that room with Carl. 

  • Glenn and Maggie have another moment where he tries to help her cope with the lost of father-figure Otis.  He repeats the advice she gave him earlier asking her somehow to make everything okay.  They walk through photos on the wall of all the people she has lost.

Game Changer
The episode began with a shot of a shell-shocked Shane shaving his head in a bathroom.  We had no idea the context for the scene, whether it was a flash-back or a flash-forward.  It turns out it was a flash FORWARD, but when we see the scene at the end, they provided us with a flash BACK to accompany the scene!  It actually was much easier to understand than to try and explain in writing!

  • Maggie offered Shane a change of clothes and they just happened to be Otis's.  

  • He went upstairs, he examined a bruise on his shoulder and what looked like some hair missing on his head.  He took a good hard look at himself in the mirror and began looking for clippers and cutting the hair off his head. 

  • We flashed back to the moment where Shane and Otis and limping for their lives.   There was only 1 round left in each of their guns.  They were done for.  Shane had to act quickly.  He looked the oncoming walkers and knew what he had to do to get those supplies for Carl and for HIS people.  He said, "I'm sorry" shot Otis and tried to get away.   WHAAAT!?!?!?   Otis grabbed Shane trying to cling to the remainder of his life.  He grabbed at his hair and must've got a shot on his shoulder too.   An extra gunshot was fired from Otis's gun but I'm not sure if Shane took it or Otis did.  But Shane definitely lost a bit of hair in the transaction.  Eventually Shane was able to cling loose with ALL of the supplies and made a limp for it as the hundreds of zombies munched on their large dinner. 

RIP Otis.  We knew you for 2 days, but it was enough to become attached!  You selflessly went to that high school to make up for what you accidentally did to Carl.  You selflessly would not leave without bringing Shane with you when he was down for the count.  And, because you weren't a bit selfish, you ended up biting it in the long run.   There are 2 ways to look at this for Shane.  Self-preservation or doing what needed to be done to save Carl.  He did that for his best friend, his former lover and Carl who is like a son to him as well.   He made the hard decision.   It seems like that's what he did more than just trying to stay alive.  If he was trying to stay alive, why would he try to send Otis off without him?  

It's definitely a game changer though.  Shane is willing to do whatever he needs to do to keep the group alive.  It's going to be a "needs of the many" mentality that Dale alluded to earlier.  He's adjusting to a new way of life.  And I'm sure it's going to be directly conflicting with Rick's current leadership style.  Pretty crazy though, right?  Just when we're starting to feel sympathy for Shane last week and most of this week, we see that final moment and make us wonder what dark path he is headed down.   Love this show! 

That's about all I have for this week.  Just a heads up, I will be recapping next week's episode but I'll be out of town on "baby business" the weekend after.  I did warn you all that this was coming!  Anyway, there's a chance I may miss out on ALL recaps for the 11/11-11/14 timeframe (Fringe, Terra Nova, Walking Dead).  Maybe I'll try to post something quick about all 3 episodes in one post when I return. But, I'm sure this is just one of many roadblocks I'll soon be facing.   I'll try my best to keep the commentary going though!

But we do have 2 Recaps of Terra Nova, 1 of Fringe and 1 of Walking Dead to look forward to before then!  So, I look forward to any comments you have on TWD or any other shows, hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!  

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz. If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly. This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!
  • The Walking Dead season 1 is a quick 6 episode watch. It is now available on Netflix streaming, at Redbox. I highly recommend the view!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Alcatraz, Awake and Touch. I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


MJ said...

I did catch up to all yours and kelly's comments on last week's Walking Dead recap.

I did not lose power, but I was in North Jersey saturday overnight to sunday and a lot of them did. The drive north on saturday afternoon was not pretty. 17 accident on the NJ turnpike, Garden State, etc. Trip should have taken just over two hours took 3 1/2. I have relatives in Ct that still have no power.

I too started with Doc jensen and Lost - but I got over him and his craziness. That's how I found Lost Addicts though ;-) And then went back to Jensen for Totally Lost only. So I did read one of his AHS - but couldn't take it. LOL

So - Walking Dead. I just KNEW that Shane was not telling all - but I did not expect that. I figured that Otis just got gotten, not that Shane did it to him ! Oh Shane ! Good story though as this world shold become dog-eat-dog realisticly. Gotta take care of your own, and Shane considers Lori and the boy part of his family.

Mike V. said...

Sounds like a crazy trip MJ! We were supposed to meet up with friends 30 minutes away and I refused to take my car anywhere! lol Ironically, we got power back before them so it was the right call!

Ahhh, so you were a victim during my shameless self-promoting days? Throwing my link down on EW recaps comments sections. lol Oh yeah...I loved the Totally Lost segments with Dan and Doc. They were a great time. I still follow him on twitter and check out occassional recaps of his...and I like his magazine features usually. But yeah the recaps get a bit crazy still!

TWD - Yeah, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive and provide to the people you care about. We are meant to be upset with Shane, but at the same time...have to slightly understand his position! Compelling TV!!

BTW...all caught up on Dexter, ONCE and Homeland (great show!!)

MJ said...

I'm behind on Dexter - probably watch tonight. We'll talk HIMYM once you've watched.

Did you catch Chuck then ?

Once was another great ep, even better then the pilot I thought. Emma hacking up that tree was brilliant.

I wasn't really sure if she knew she was the evil queen til now. Love that the guy who was Rumplestiltskin found a way to best her.

Can't believe she killed her dad to get even. But what did I miss? Evil Queen kept talking about what Snow did to her ?!? I'm not that up on my fairy tales but can't remember what Snow did.

Mike V. said...

Sorry...I forgot to mention the other shows I watched! I'm caught up on HIMYM and Chuck as well! Also watched Grimm lol

HIMYM - The Empire Strikes Back ("That's not true...that's impossible!!!") and Rocky IV (Apollo Creed's intro with James Brown's "Living in America") references from Barney made it another instant classic for me! lol Pregnant Brain is also something the Mrs. and I can identify with right now too. lol So true!! Though, maybe a bit exaggerated in the show!

Chuck - I'll definitely miss the show when it's gone. It can be corny but it such a fun way! lol Morgan as the intersect is funny for now. Since they're talking about chuck taking the training wheels off I wonder if he'll NEVER get it back? And the whole ZOOM vs. FLASH? Classic. I did notice that there was no Awesome in the ep. I'm sure he'll get there eventually. Ironically, even knowing Mark Hamill was in the episode, I still didn't recognize him until I rewound and watched that opening scene! lol

ONCE - Yeah, I liked it better than the pilot in that I'm starting to see more how they can get a bigger story out of this. Of course, you'd think at some point...just like LOST, that the flashbacks will start to get old and they may need to twist things up a bit. I wonder if at one point in the series, they'll end up BACK in Fairytale with maybe flashbacks to Storybrooke and the real world?? I dunno...just throwing things out there. Basically, I wonder if this arc of Emma trying to SAVE the fairytale characters is a SERIES LONG arc or just a Season/Couple season type thing. Robert Carlyle is a great actor (Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold)....He was a villian in a Bond Flick and I remember him from The Full Monty too. lol I'm sure he's been in tons of other stuff, but definitely great in the role of the Rumpster (easier to spell lol) It's also interesting that his memories are seemingly intact.

I don't think this fairytale is EXACTLY following the fairy tales we know. I'm guessing whatever Snow did to the Evil Queen is a twist that has yet to be revealed! Kind of like a Locke in the Wheelchair type moment. How did he get in it? Well, we'll find out in 2 seasons! lol But, it could be something far simpler than that, but I don't remember my Snow White plot much more than you. So, maybe we'll find out! Offing the father was pretty crazy though!

ronn said...

does amc's broadcast quality of the walking dead really have a grainy, uncalibrated and hissing sounds all over the place?

such a waste for a great series.

Mike V. said...

Ronn, I don't know for sure about the quality, but I know it's definitely a quicker transfer to my computer because it's half the size of other hour long dramas. lol But, I think the grainy look is intentional. It's probably the producers' choice for the gritty/gory/b-movie zombie type drama. It doesn't really bother me, but I could see how you might not like it. Though, I don't think AMC has anything to do with that call! Breaking Bad and Mad Men both look pretty great!

ronn said...

argh, thanks mike. im from the philippines and i only got to watch all our fave shows via torrent downloads in HD. so in comparison to others such as terranova, fringe, they had the best quality.

the uploaders on those torrent sites also noted about amc's broadcast quality, hissing audio was very noticeable. but since you mentioned mad men and breaking bad maintained good quality, then it sucks for The Walking Dead broadcast, such a great show. Sigh.

Might as well download the non-hd version.

I remember a quote from a LOST torrent commenter somewhere before, once you go HD, there's no going back. LOL.

SAD. Btw, Did the baseball already concluded? So there's no more blocking on the airing of Fringe this week?

Mike V. said...

Yeah, there's no doubt that Fringe, TN, LOST all strived for excellent HD picture. LOST and it's tropical setting was the perfect show to showcase some beautiful HD!! I think Walking Dead isn't striving for a pretty picture since the show is so downright disgusting and horrific! lol They probably wanted to dirty it up a bit. But just guessing! I'm sure Standard Def works just fine for it!

Yeah, Fringe got screwed because of a rain delay which caused Game 7 to air on Friday when Fringe was supposed to be. Alas, the World Series is over and Fringe shall return this Friday for a doozy of an episode!! Can't wait! (now, how to keep my in-laws busy while I watch and recap!?!?! lol)

MJ said...

Oh ok - so they haven't said what Snow did. I thought I missed it.

Loved that barney had the duck tie tied to his arm while in costume.

Not surprisingly the Slutty pumpkin was the least funny part of the show. The canadianisms were the best !

Rumple was awesome when he crossed the queen. And they finally confirmed that the Quenn does indeed remember the before time.

Loved Chuck - will so miss it when it is gone. I know though - mark Hamill was almost unrecognizable. Loved the 'zoom' as well. I do think Chuck will get it back though.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - Yeah, I don't think they did. at one point I thought she mentioned losing a child but I think I may have been hearing things. lol I'm pretty sure it's meant to keep us wondering what Snow supposedly did. think the queen DOES remember the before time? I didn't think it confirmed that at all. I just figured that part of the curse was that whenever he says please she has to when he said triggered something, but she may not have known what. I could be totally off on that!

HIMYM - That was fantastic with the Duck tie!! lol Yeah...the whole slutty pumpkin thing was kinda ridiculous, but whatever!! The canadianisms were fantastic. I thought in the end she would tell Barney that he's not really 1/4 Canadian but I guess it's gonna stick! Maybe more reason to bring those 2 lovebirds together eventually. who knows?? Loved that they brought up parents being on facebook now. lol

CHUCK - Yeah...Chuck HAS to have the interesect one more time! But I do get the whole "find the hero that has been there the whole time" type thing too. Isn't it weird how Morgan can just channel the intersect aka "zoon" whenever he wants yet Chuck had all of these issues at first until he learned to control his emotions? I guess it saves repetitive plots lol

MJ said...

Yeah - I think you're right on the repetative plits - but also I think Morgan is a little more superficial than Chuck and less emotional.

Great seeing Gus on Once though.

Never did get to Dex last night - corrupted file. Didn't get to Ringer either.

OMG - did we talk SOA yet ?

Mike V. said...

Agreed on ONCE and CHUCK comments!
That sucks with Dex. I did see Ringer...was decent.

We did not talk SOA yet.

Fantastic episode last night. I'm really loving this season! I'll admit it, the whole cartel business storyline is totally confusing me outside of the fact that it's bad news for the club. There's drug and weapons deals going on left and right and shootouts galore...and I'm all for that. But I am not following it at all! lol Was cool to see Jax calm the situation down. But the meat of the story is in the Clay drama right now. Gemma did some major damage control last night and it was awesome. But of course, it's too late because Clay already put the hit out! Hopefully Jax is up to the task to save his woman! I have a feeling this is going to go to an unpleasant place but I just don't know where.

And poor Juice...they really got him by the b**ls lol Now trying to turn Otto (aka Sutter??) just seems like this is all building up to a series finale or something. Like they're throwing everything and the kitchen sink into this season and leaving no story left to be told afterwards. Of course, I know that's not the case but I just have no idea how they'd possibly top themselves after this season. It's fantastic!

Probably won't see AHS tonight with the my mother-in-law in town! But I'm sure we'll all sit down like a happy family for win/win, right?? lol

MJ said...

You mean lose/lose ? LOL j/k

AHS was an OMGer. We'll talk when you catch up.

SOA - But Clay put the call in to have the hit on Tara AFTER he told Gemma he wouldn't kill her. So baaaad ! Technically he's NOT going to kill her, just have her killed.

Agree 100% about Juice.

I know what you mean about it getting confusing, I've had that issue in the past, especially the irish season. THere have always beent he Lobos and 9ers (spanish and black respectively) and over time they have all been frenemies. Plus we've seen other SOA charters in Oakland and somewhere north. ut they have a euphamism for Oakland, Oakxxx that I never remember.

So - who has the original letters any more ? LOL I can't remember.

It really does feel like a season ending run, but it isn't. I agree - can't see where they are going unless Jax takes over as boss and starts over with the point of making it better and then comes to find out how easily power corrupts ??

Jax yelling at Bobby was intense, then Clay throwing it in his face that he's now saying what Bobby said.

Obviously someone will get hurt, and I feel someone will die too - but not sure who. But Jax suddenly being on the road trip will have big impacts.

Sutter wasn't kidding when he said the Nov eps would be huge.

MJ said...

TV Guide link on AHS - do NOT read until you have watched.

They make a point that I was going to make today.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Yes I did mean LOSE/LOSE. :-) lol Sarcasm doesn't always come through in comments!

Ugh...I really wanted to squeeze AHS in last night, but it just wasn't possible. My house is no longer in my control until next week! lol Not sure when I'll get to watch it.

SOA - I thought Clay was making that call at the end to put a STOP to the Tara hit. He had already implied earlier in the episode that it had to be done and it can't get back to his family or the club. I think the call was already made. But you could be right about that call at the end.
Original letters... I have no idea who has them! I guess Piney knew but he's dead now. Maybe he hid them somewhere. Maybe he left them for Ope somewhere!

Yeah...that would be the next logical step. Remove Clay from power and put Jax in charge to see what happens. I guess we'll find out! Agreed on the intense conversations between Jax/Bobby, Clay/Jax! Agreed that someone else is probably going to die by the end of this season. My money is still on Unser. But we'll see! And yes, these eps are crazy!!

Thanks for the AHS link. I'll check it out eventually!! I might just have to watch that one on my own given the opportunity. But, I'm not sure when that opportunity will come! lol

MJ said...

Oh - I def think Unser will die, whether it be the cancer or not time will tell. But I don't think he'll be the only one. Not that I have any scoop or anything - but I think the blow out from all this with the club will be some deaths.

Didn't eve reaize that otto's orig sentence was 6 years til the club kept piling on more for him.

Mike V. said...

I didn't realize Otto's sentence was 6 years either. Pretty nuts!

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if some club members got killed either, but they have normally avoided killing club members in the past with some crazy twists. I just don't know who the weak link would be that they could do without! Piney definitely was and they offed him. I just think Unser is the next logical to go for the reasons you stated too. But yeah, thy are definitely building stuff up for a major fallout. And if Sutter is saying it's a pivotal series of episodes, then you could be absolutely right! I still don't know who would go. Maybe Juice, Chips, of them. I don't see Clay or Jax getting offed. Or ope or tig. We'll see!

Remember kids...SPOILER ALERTS FOR AHS! lol

Kelly said...

LOL I know what you mean about not totally understanding what's going on. It reminds me of this exhange in Futurama:

Fry: Usually on the show, they came up with a complicated plan, then explained it with a simple analogy.
Leela: Hmmm... If we can re-route engine power through the primary weapons and configure them to Melllvar's frequency, that should overload his electro-quantum structure.
Bender: Like putting too much air in a balloon!
Fry: Of course! It's all so simple!

They talk a bunch of motorcycle gang talk, then put it into action, then all is well, haha! But it's ok, the rest of the storytelling is amazing. Kurt Sutter knows what he's doing!

I feel for Juice- I think by season's end that Juice and Unser will be dead. Which SUCKS! I am on the fence about Tara- will she be killed off or no? She better not!! The fact that Jax will be with her makes me think that he'll save her somehow. I agree with the notion that "where do we go from here?" after this season. But Sutter says he has a long-term 7-season plan. So I guess let's buckle up, cuz there's a lot more coming!

AHS- I won't spoil it for you, Mike.. but man, that show is INTENSE! It's the reason I watch vapid shows like 90210.. because it's just so much! lol.. some crazy revelations going on. You know what I like about Ryan Murphy that I couldn't STAND about Damon and Carlton? He actually clarifies things! Darlton always dodged questions, but Murphy's like, "Hey, I'm gonna throw you a bone and spell this out for ya. Now run off and have fun with that, you little scamp!" But again, I will not spoil it for you. Just let us know when you've seen it :) Thanks for the link, MJ, I'll take a look at it after I finish posting. did you see the interview with Ryan Murphy today?

Did anyone watch Revenge last night? (MJ, I think you said you watch it, right?)

Kelly said...

and Mike, don't read that link I posted!

MJ said...

Well - Juice has to pay some sort of price just for allowing himself to get caught up with the cops alone. Bobby could be offed as well, maybe even Otto. This season feels like it's about paying the piper though, so maybe Juice and Bobby die, Clay goes rogue after they spare his life. I dunno - but I can't see Clay dying.

I do watch Revenge, but have not watched it yet Kelly.

Yeah - won't spoil AHS but WOW that was a hell of an ep. thanks for the link Kelly.

TGIF everyone.

Mike V. said...

Yeah... I think Clay and Jax make it to the end of the show. But I could see leaving this season with the club in shambles, people dead, people going their separate ways, etc.... Which is a shame since the end of the last season was all about solidarity. But, it just seems unavoidable!!

Sorry, it could be a long long time until I see AHS. I can't believe how much my TV viewing gets interrupted with a couple guests in the house! Even if I have the TV on, the talking never stops! lol The only peace I get is watching the TiVo in my bedroom...but then I'm just too tired! lol My Fringe viewing should be interesting. I'm guessing it will be after midnight with possibly a little alcohol in me. Should make for a fun recap in the morning!! lol (lots of fringe interviews on the main sites out there. Can't wait!)

TGIF indeed! Have a great weekend!

Mike V. said...

And when I say Clay and Jax make it to the end...I don't mean they might not die...i just meant I don't see them being killed off before the last season!