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Fringe: Season 4 Episode 3 - Alone in the World

Hello Fringe freaks and welcome back!  We got another solid episode last night, but I'll admit that it was a little weirder than usual.  I know, calling a Fringe episode "weird" is actually a compliment, right?  The mythology advancing material was great and we got a nice tidbit of information of what caused Peter to not exist in this world, but the case of the week was just flat out bizarre!  I can see where they were trying to tie this to the current themes running through the show, but it was still weird!  That all being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself and I'm going to enjoy every moment of Fringe while I can.  I'm just not sure how FOX is going to respond to the ratings it's getting.  The ratings did increase 8% this week, but had dropped 20% the week before, so we're still down.  The 2 things it has going for it is that it's not alone with suffering in the ratings (they're down across the board) and the show is still a critical/cult favorite with strong DVR numbers.  (So maybe that's 4 things??)  I think most of us would agree, it's time to get Peter back on the show.  Based on the final moment of this episode, they seem to be promising that it's going to be in the imminent future!  So with all of that said, let's get on with the recap!

Fringe Case of the Week

Okay, so the case of the week.   It was the story of a boy, Aaron, who is "all alone in the world".  No family, no friends who became close with some weird creature that would attack people in defense of the boy and decompose their bodies in minutes.  The creature was named, Gus, by Walter (if you ask EW's Doc Jensen, it's a reference to the brilliant villain on Breaking Bad).  The creature would continuously grow by spreading spores from the decomposed bodies.  It was fairly disgusting!  The spores would try to work their way back to Gus to continue growing.  The potential threat to the city's population, let alone eventually the world was enough for Broyles to disregard the attachment to the boy (whenever Gus was attacked, Aaron would feel it).  

During the episode, Aaron and Walter formed a bond giving each other what they both had been missing in their lives.  Walter has a huge hole in his life left by Peter not being alive and the boy has no friends besides Gus.  Things reached a climactic point when Olivia and Lincoln were ordered to destroy Gus with some crazy injection.  Walter had to act quickly and realized that the ties between Gus and Aaron were the opposite of what he originally thought.  Aaron is the one holding on to Gus.  As long as he lets him go, the giant brain could be destroyed.   Walter succeeds in doing so by telling Aaron that he does have a friend in him and he's not "alone in the world".   Awwww!   Walter saves the day and finds a friend in the unlikliest of places.  And right now, Peter is scared and alone in the world in a non-existent sort of way.  And he needs Walter's help.  But we'll get to that in the next section! 

So, that's really all I could get out of this case.  Maybe I missed something obvious, so feel free to add commentary below if you'd like!  Moving on! 

Mythology Advancement
Olivia and Lincoln
You can see the relationship of Olivia and Lincoln slowly progressing in each episode.  Per Astrid's advice in last week's episode, Olivia attempted to reach out to Lincoln.  
  • She mentioned if he's freaking out over the world not being what he once thought it was, he could come to her.  Of course, Lincoln denied that he was freaking out. 

  • By the end of the episode, Lincoln had found himself entwined with Gus on the verge of being decomposed.  Walter's interaction with Aaron ended up saving Lincoln, but he did mention to Olivia that he was freaking out and asked if she wanted to talk! 

  • There is sure to be fireworks when Peter returns.  Will these people even want to accept him into their world where he never existed?  I'm guessing over time that's an inevitability, but probably not initially.  

Peter and Peter's Death
Some of the plot devices to get these stories told are a little heavily handed to us this season.  This one reminded me of when Anakin asked Qui Gon Jin what midichlorians are.  ("Master Qui Gon, sir?  I've been wondering.  What ARE Midichlorians?  YIPPEEEEE!!!!")  But Aaron decided to ask Walter how his son died.   
  • So, I guess the producers/writers may have thought about this a little more since the finale last season or they just were misleading us by throwing out lots of speculation of what COULD happen.  But it would seem that Walter's trip to the other side was for the same purpose and not motivated by any other reasons.  
  • I didn't bring this up from the season 4 premiere but Walter made a subtle comment "People die, sometimes even twice."  I knew it had to be a reference to Peter then, but I forgot to bring it up.  It is important to remember now. 
  • Basically, the story played out ALMOST the same way as it did last time with some key differences.  Peter of our world died as a boy due to a sickness.  Walter said that HE found the cure too late.  Now, I'm not sure if that means that he saw Walternate develop the cure and that he saw it when Walternate didn't.  But, I'm guessing that is NOT the case.  The reason Walternate missed it last time is because the OBSERVER distracted him from discovering it (or got caught "observing" messing up the entire timeline).  This time it seems that Walter found the cure and wanted to save Peter on the other side (the Peter we know).  He crossed over and attempted to bring him back here but then they fell through the ice.  If you recall, September saved them both last time.   It would appear that he did not interfere this time because things must have played out the way they were "supposed to" in the observers' eyes.  Thus, Peter of both worlds died.  I would love to see the "Peter" flashback episode again but with these alterations to see the differences.  But we'll see! 

  • So this brings to light Astrid's comments to Walter from this season where she said that Walternate has a right to not trust Walter also.  Walter caused the death of both of their sons.  Yes, it was an accident and yes Peter may have died anyway but Walternate probably wouldn't see it that way.  I guess one question would be if Walternate would have been able to cure Peter or if he still had not discovered the cure.  
In any case, the catalyst for the war between worlds seems to be the same.  It still revolves around Walter taking Peter from the other world.  Just, in this case, Peter has died.  Of course, he still exists in a non-existent way so I'm not sure how they're going to explain that!  But I'm sure we'll get a couple sentence fringe sciencey explanation from Walter and we'll just have to accept it!  And with this show, I usually do without much hesitation!  

Peter's Appearances
Peter has still been making himself known now for 3 episodes.  But things definitely advanced a little more this time around. 
  • Walter had an evaluation with Dr. Bruce Sumner from St. Claire's.  Nice that they were able to bring him back as we haven't seen him since season 1.  Dr. Sumner asked Walter about his current "decorating" habits of covering all reflective surfaces and about the haunted lab.  Walter chalks it up to hallucinations from his "self-medication" but then we catch a glimpse of Peter in the reflection of Dr. Sumner's clipboard.  

  • Later on when Broyles asks Walter how the evaluation went and for information on the Aaron/Gus case Walter starts hearing Peter again.  He tries to talk over him explaining how he needs the 2nd corpse to investigate their mysterious deaths.  But Peter keeps at it, "Walter, can you see me? I can hear you.  Where are you?  I'm scared Walter!  I'm right here.  I want to come home!"   awwww poor Peter!   Walter still refuses to accept what he's hearing. 

  • He even thinks he's going crazy and attempts to give himself a lobotomy.  I'm not sure if we were supposed to laugh at that or feel incredibly sorry for the poor guy.  I guess I kinda felt both!  I mean, who gives themselves a lobotomy!?!? 

  • Olivia comes in at the opportune time to stop Walter from hurting himself.  And then Walter confesses to seeing and hearing Peter.  But, in a twist, Olivia doesn't think Walter is crazy at all.  In fact, Olivia's been keeping a secret of her own.  She has been seeing Peter in her dreams!  (As we saw in the first episode this season, Peter has been trying to connect to Olivia too)   She sketched a picture of him from her photographic memory, which we saw her searching for a match in the facial recognition databases at the beginning of the episode.  Now that they both sharing a vision of this strange man, they know that they're not going crazy.  Walter acknowledges that he must be real and that they have to find him!   FINALLY!! 

So, it looks like we're advancing to the next phase of the "No Peter" experiment.  They're going to try and bring him back.  If anyone can do it, it would be that crazy (excuse me...100% sane) Walter!  I'm looking forward to seeing how they're going to do it, and I would guess that some of the words that have been coming up in the opening credits will come into play (see screenshots in the premiere recap).  But for now, let's jump into the fun stuff! 

  • Glyph Code: REBORN - Definitely ties into this episode and what probably needs to happen to get Peter back.  The relationship between the boy and Walter in this episode showed what Walter was missing in his life.  It's a stretch but it was almost like "Peter" reborn.  And well, Peter needs to be 'reborn' in a sense to come back to the world.  Very interested to see how Walter is going to pull this off!  Thanks as always to Fringepedia for the screencap. 

  • Observer Spotted! - You had to look closely this week if you wanted any chance of seeing him.  He was strolling by the Harvard building between scenes.  (Under the "UN" of University.  You may need to click to enlarge)

  • Walterisms of the Week: 
    • Had to be the popsicle scene.  When he's has Aaron in ice he mentions they can't keep him in there too long or he'll end up being a popsicle, triggering his craving for one.   Hysterical as always!  
    • Of course, when Walter realized he wasn't totally crazy for seeing/hearing Peter he did say, "I'm sane!!"  Which we all know is far from an accurate statement!  Endearing?  Of course.  Sane?  No no no!

    • The whole concept of Walter not being able to leave the lab and communicate to Astrid via that audio/video device provides loads of fun for the audience.  He rambled on and on about not being able to figure anything out until he examined the bodies not giving Astrid a chance to update Broyles.   
    • Olivia to Aaron, "You'll like Walter, there's nothing scary about him."   Walter, "Alright young man, take off your shirt and hop on the table."   Totally LOL worthy.  

  • Food of the Week: Milkshakes with the boy and Walter's desire for Popsicles!  Both introduced in high comedy fashion. 

  • Differences in a Peter-less existence:
    • The only one I caught was the one we already discussed and it was a big one!  The observer's lack of interference in saving Peter.  
    • I guess we can bring this one up again.  Olivia is still acting very differently in this world without Peter.  She and Walter both seem to be the ones affected the most by Peter not being around and we have discussed it before but it continuously seems to be worth mentioning.  For Olivia, it would seem that her meeting with Peter as children had a profound effect on her life going forward.  Of course, without Walter trying to send Peter back to the other side, Walter may not have developed as much of a bond with Walter.  Walter may not have told her stepfather to stop abusing her which may have led to Olivia killing him, thus changing her life from the one we know forever.   That, my friends would be what we call a butterfly effect! 
  • Similarities in a Peter-less existence: 
    • Massive Dynamic - We finally got word that both Nina Sharp and Massive Dynamic are still in existence.  Broyles made reference to them as they used supplies from MD to fight Gus.  I think there is just so much going on with addressing no Peter and advancing our Lincoln's character that there has been no time for scenes at Massive Dynamic.  I'm sure they're coming!
    • We saw the Doctor from St. Claire's as mentioned above. 
    • And also as mentioned above but was previously questioned, Walter crossed to the other side for the same purpose, causing the deterioration of the Red-verse and starting a war between worlds. 
  • By the way, nice G.I. Joe figure reference in the show!  Our world's Peter was obviously a fan as we all were back in the 80's.  Walter kept the toy around to remind him of his son that he lost, but he ended up giving it to Aaron.  He said that toys were meant to be played with and then made a reference to the Toy Story franchise.  Classic! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping Fringe, Terra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz.  If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly.  This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!  
  • The Walking Dead season 1 is a quick 6 episode watch before the season 2 premiere on Sunday 10/16 (AMC).  It is now available on Netflix streaming, at Redbox and will be airing as a marathon on AMC prior to the premiere.  I highly recommend the view! 
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Alcatraz, Awake and Touch.   I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.  


ronn said...

i believe this another great, solid storytelling and brilliant performance of John Noble(screw EMMY's).

Every detail from the start of the ep up to the last scene had connections. It's like a semi-re-enactment of how he lost Peter back then.

Okay, here's another question bugging me, last season, Peter used the machine to create the bridge to both universes thus erasing himself from the timeline, right? OR, did he used the machine to erase himself from the timeline thus creating the bridge?

So if it's the latter, then we are in this NEW timeline where he didn't exist, and now, he's asking Walter/Olivia to help him back on this NEW timeline.

So then the case when he returned would be:

a) he'll be back(prob next ep)on this NEW timeline
b) when he comesa back, we'll be right back on the last timeline, the same scene where he's talking to the two Walters.

Wow! Weird(as you say, yes it's a compliment)

will wait for your replies.

Mike V. said...

Ronn, couldn't agree with you more with John Noble. He brings it every week and totally deserves an Emmy win let alone a nomination.

That is the million dollar question that you're asking. I don't think any of us know how it's really going to play out. But in the short-term I think Peter will be inserted into this timeline where he "didn't" exist. I feel like he's going to have his memories of the past AND the future that he visited....but the others will not "regain" their memories of Peter. It would make for some interesting storylines and tension for the season.

But, I do believe that Peter did not intend to erase himself from existence....his only plan was to create the bridge and get both sides to work together. He didn't intend on disappearing, let alone...having threads of him still exist and need help to come back. He may not really realize at this point that they don't remember him.

As for returning to the original timeline....I just don't know if it's going to happen or not. The show is always advancing the story, so maybe seasons 1-3 were part of the story that needed to be told to get us to this point. Maybe Walter and Olivia need to RE-realize their need for Peter in their life. Maybe Peter will share with them the memories that they did share in the original timeline and that will be enough to move forward. I just don't know! gotta think that Peter needs to find out at some point that he was a father to Fauxlivia's child, right?? I mean, surely that wasn't just a means to an end of season 3, right? Perhaps it was. The producers did promise us that it wasn't a traditional tale of "I impregnated a woman from another dimension that looks just like my true love." So maybe that's what they meant by it.

Lots of questions of how this is all going to play out. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this machine and bridge exists but none of them will acknowledge how it got there!

Thanks for your comments ronn!

Ronn said...

the writers have to make sure that Peter did not intend to erase himself through the timeline or else, it would be obvious that we're going to see this NEW timeline where he didn't exist forever, right?

although i think i remember from last season, where walter and peter talks about him letting go of his son, referring to the use of BBM right?

im having these thoughts because i don't want the story to go like: Peter erased himself from the timeline and now he wants to come back.

maybe all we could do now is continue watching really and expect those to be answered.

do i make sense? lol

Mike V. said...

Ugh, I typed a comment out on my phone and it didn't take! Couldn't even copy/paste to ensure it would work. lol

Anyway, you're making perfect sense. But, I'm 99.9% sure that Peter did not intend to make himself not exist. His cries for help and fear would pretty much indicate that he wants to get back to reality. And being cut off in mid-sentence when "time caught up to him" and vanishing would also indicate that it was not his plan. His only plan was to bring the 2 worlds together to work together to save BOTH worlds.

Walter did talk about having to let his son go but it was only because the observer told him that too. He knew in 1985 when September saved them out of the lake that a time would come where he'd have to give Peter up. And then the observer reminded him with the whole "give me the keys and save the girl" thing. But, the whole time Walter thought that it would be the machine that might KILL Peter, not remove him from existence!

So I'm pretty certain that no one intended for this to happen except the observers. And the observers didn't intend for threads of Peter to still remain. And the only reason they do remain is, I'm guessing, because of the comment Broyles made last week. Some people leave an indelible mark on others. The emotional ties between Peter and Walter and Peter and Olivia are so strong that they couldn't be outright removed. That's at least where it seems to be headed.

As for how things will play out when Peter returns...we all have our theories, but we definitely are just going to have to wait and see on that one!

Anonymous said...

Funny how there has been no mention of the tears or the breakdown between universes this season. Both worlds were going to hell in a handbasket at the end of season three, the bridge was formed by Peter to repair the damage, but now everything seems back to normal. Why aren't vortexes still forming or lightning storms? And, there has been little or no mention of anything being done to repair the damage between universes, which, was the main purpose of the bridge to begin with. So, what is the status of the two universes? Are they stable for the moment? Who is working on repairing the damage? Isn't doesn't seem Walter has anything to do with it.

I was glad they mentioned Massive Dynamic. Now I can stop wondering about that.

I wonder if the lower ratings forced the writers to speed up Peter's return.

Like everyone else I am having a hard time envisioning what happens to the timeline when Peter returns.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Hey Bill!
It is interesting that the tears have not been mentioned....They are obviously still an issue OVER THERE since we saw a segment of the population encased in Amber last week. Also, once peter disappeared Walternate said to Walter "you shattered my universe" and Walter responded "That was your fault!" So there definitely are still issues....but the plan now is to work together. They shared case files in the opening scene of the season premiere so they are all "getting smarter" on the issues both worlds have been facing. So, it's happening behind the scenes. As for OUR world having some crazy natural disasters at the end of season 3....well...that was being caused by the machine which peter was able to turn off while creating the bridge. I would assume that OUR universe is stable once again. As for the Red world...I would assume it's in the same state that it has been since 1985. Tears opening in random places. We'll get back to that story....of course I think we'll be facing a larger threat this year since both universes are working together now. But the major story right now is PETER and getting him back.

As for the low ratings speeding up Peter's return, I don't think that has anything to do with it at all. The ratings are gonna be what they're going to be. And if Fringe is anything like LOST, it might take 5 weeks to produce 1 hour of television. They are working several episodes in advance of what we're seeing air.
As for when Peter returns what's going to happen....I enjoy it being difficult to decipher. Makes it kinda exciting!! Thanks for the comments!

BTW...whenever anyone is caught up on the finale of Breaking Bad...I am eager to discuss it!! I'm almost tempted to create a separate post entirely. But, probably not. lol

Anonymous said...

Yes Mike, they are working together on cases but I have yet to hear anyone from either side talk about any larger effort or plan to repair the damage. It seemed our universe was exponentially deteriorating at the end of season 3 and there was a real sense of urgency to do something. Now it seems to be a back-burner thing but nothing specifically really happened to change it or fix it (other than the bridge itself). I find that kind of insulting that in 3 episodes no one has mentioned the impending collapse of the universe.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Bill, as I mentioned in my last comment...I don't think there is an impending collapse anymore. That was the whole point of putting Peter in the machine in the first place. The minimized the impact of our world by moving the machine to liberty island in proximity to the machine on the other there was no more effect outside of NYC, if I recally my s3 knowledge correctly. But Peter still had to turn off the other machine, but before he turned it off...he created the bridge. Once the machine was turned more issues for Blue-verse. Red-Verse is probably deteriorating at the same rate as it was before the machines. If you recall...the red universe was not in danger PRIOR to Peter getting in the machine (well not in any more danger than they were). Peter destroyed the red world in the future that he visited...but that never happened when he returned to the present. So...I'm guessing both worlds are fine right now.

The problem is...we don't know what events really led to them being in the same room together since the key to operating both of those machines was Peter's DNA and now Peter AND Henry (Peter and Fauxlivia's son) do not exist. So in this revised timeline...the machine really shouldn't even exist....because it was Future Walter, motivated by the collapse of the blue-verse who built the machine with Peter's DNA in mind.

Basically, the whole thing is one giant time - paradox ( may have seen is a word featured on the new opening credits). There is a chance that both sides of the Fringe-verses don't even realize how they ended up there. I'm hoping when Peter returns, he's going to shed light on the situation and crazy Walter will fill in the scientific blanks.

I wouldn't find it insulting though....the impending collapse was resolved at the end of season 3....they still need to FIX the damage that has been done (since 1985), but that's going to happen over time. The problem with fringe is that it's a Serialized Show trapped in a Procedural show. There's always going to be a case of the week, and the other tidbits of information will be revealed to us over the season. Every once in a while we'll get a 100% mythology show and that's where we get some brain dumps of information about the other universe. Maybe they should have done one of these in episode 1 this season like they did with episode 1 of last season....but I'm perfectly fine with their approach. They're showing us right now what life is like without Peter in it and we are about to find out what happens when Peter is suddenly shoved into it! I'm going to guess that the first thing Peter will bring up is their shared experiences about saving the world....and he's going to be faced with a lot of confusion from the people closest to him.

We just have to be patient!

MJ said...

OMG on Breaking Bad. When gus walked out of that room, straightening his tie, I almost fell off the couch ! Then he turned his head. They got me good ! I was ready to be so mad that he survived the blast. LOL And you so called it - Walt poisoned the kid. What a dark dark turn he has taken this season. Sky actually looked a little frightened when he said he won. Great fun with Salamanca and the DEA office though.

Mike V. said...

Okay, time for Breaking Bad sidebar! (SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED!!)

I believe my exact expression (which was shared by my wife 1000 miles away visiting family) was "HOLY F*****G S**T!!!" when the camera panned to Gus's face. First of all, BRAVO on the special effects!! That one shot is probably the single reason AMC was trying shut down Breaking Bad with a 6 episode final season (or something like that LOL). The straightening of the tie was a perfect moment and I read the interviews with Giancarlo Esposito have how it came to be. Great stuff. (in addition, loved that he wore a clip-on tie earlier!)

I couldn't have been happier in the final moment when it zoomed in on the plant. I DID totally call it! lol There were others throwing around that theory on EW too, but I had thought of it before I read them. It just convinced me more that it could be the way the show is going. There are people on EW that are still saying it's ambiguous the way they left it. I 100% disagree. This is the direction the show is heading. Walt will do anything to "WIN"'s more than just protecting his family now. He's getting OFF on this way of life. Thinking about where he had come from in episode 1 with the 2 dead-end jobs that he was miserable in...and then getting cancer on top of caused a breakdown that started a downward spiral into what he is now. And, dare I say it, he actually seems HAPPY now. Happily Evil!! It is fantastic!!! I can only speculate at what will be coming in the final 16 episodes. Will Jesse find out about the poisoning? About Walt letting his girlfriend die in season 2? Will it push him over the edge and want to off his father figure? Will Hank finally connect the dots and figure out who Heisenberg is? There has to be some loose ends that were not tied up at the nursing home or the meth lab explosion, doesn't there??? Will Skyler finally break and, like you said, be frightened of Walt will do longer being able to deal with the monster he has become? Will Jr. find out what's been going on? Will Walt and Jesse continue to cook? Given Walt's sheer pleasure in being involved in this business, something tells me he'll want to keep at it. What's up with Mike now? Will he be out for justice? So many ways the final season(s) can go....I can't wait!!

And yes, Salamanca and the DEA stuff was fantastic. And him getting his revenge on Gus with ringing that crazy bell!! Just awesome closure to an awesome season. good!!

I'm almost not ready for Walking Dead to return in fear that it will pale in comparison to BB. But, I am rewatching the 6 episode season 1 and finding that I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Looking forward to seeing some more "GEEKS"! lol

MJ said...

I KNOW! This is the best ep ever - but this whole season was fab. I'm afraid they can't top it - but I said that last year.

I have had little or no time to read anything that any one else is saying - but i will. But I agree with you - nothing ambiguous about it - Walt poisoned that little boy.

I certainly hope Mike will be back. But can't decide if he will go to work for Walt or try to avenge Gus.

Walt Jr finding out eventually and despising his dad had to play a factor in the end I think. It might be the one thing that will really hurt Walt. ANd they better show Hank's face when he finds out he's been looking for Walt all this time. LOL

I'll def look for the article about the tie though.

I'm really swamped today at work -b ut could not wait to discuss last night's ep. ;-D Still haven't even read the Fringe recap where we are posting yet. But i will .

Mike V. said...

It really was a great episode and season. If there's any show that I think could ever top itself it would be the Breaking Bad crew. I will never doubt them until I'm disappointed!

I think there's just some people out there that don't understand the direction that this show is headed. They think that Walt is fundamentally a good person. But they're not observing that he is slowly devolving as the show progresses and it's built right into the title of the show. You should see some of these analyses they're putting through about every microscopic detail trying to prove that there's no way Walt could have done it. I's worse than LOST was when it was under the microscope. And Breaking Bad was never intended to be a show like LOST. Yes, they thrive in misdirection, which is great but there aren't fundamental MYSTERIES of the show that we're waiting for answers. Anyway, I digress. We both agree on what has happened as has the majority of the population that watches the show. lol

I'm sure Mike will be back but agreed, I'm not sure which he'll do either. But, I think he and Jesse were forming a bit of a bond so he might be the one to tell Jesse that Gus never would have poisoned a kid...etc....
Yeah...I agree...both of those things (Walt Jr and Hank) have to happen. What would be really ironic, but I don't think will happen, would be if Walt Jr. or Skyler are the ones who put Walt down. He got into the business to provide for his family when he was no longer around to provide, but his family is so despised with him that they end him anyway. Probably too severe. But maybe they'd rat him out to Hank. I just think Hank has to catch Walt in the act somehow. Or Walt coming clean to Hank in some desperate situation where Hank has no choice but to go along with Walt due to unforseen circumstances....that could be an interesting way to go. lol It's going to be fantastic!

I was just reading interviews on TV Guide, TV Line and EW. They all have interviews with Gus. But the EW Recap is where there are comments in defense of Walt not poisoning the kid. It's nuts!
I'm glad you had a chance to post comments. A friend of mine at work that watches BB fell asleep before it came on last night. I was so upset when we couldn't discuss it at lunch! lol I wanted to tell him that my theory about Walt was right! lol

Anyway, take your time on the Fringe recap. It's not going anywhere. I hope Terra Nova is better tonight...but with an amnesia virus story on the way...I just don't know! Terri Bauer, here we come!

Anonymous said...

...but I hate being patient. LOL

I guess I am just having a hard time reconciling what was and what is. And how the bridge could exist as a result of what Peter did yet the machine that allowed him to do that doesn't exist.... and without the machine the catastophic events aren't happening anymore. Yes, an awesome paradox.
Sometimes we viewers just have to go along for the ride and hope it all works out, I suppose. I'm certainly not disappointed in the show so far this season I just want them to get us up to speed.... but I hate being patient.
Bill B

Mike V. said...

Totally hear you Bill. And I'm in the same boat. I'm normally not a patient person either. But for some reason with these shows that I love, I just have faith that the writers will address these issues at a time that best serves the story. Now, that might not be the best approach to take to these shows, but it works for me! lol

But yeah, all the questions you have are circling around my head too. Here's hoping this Friday we'll get some more things addressed!

MJ said...

LOL to the Terry Bauer comment.

Frankly I probably won't read most of the comments from EW. Both Gus and Walt are wholly capable of poisoning this kid.

Walt has def changed since the beginning of this show. He is not longer down-trodden and he is no longer any body's fool. And He's become addicted to some power too.

But I think Sky will have a little comuppance herself. Her disgust and displeasure ended pretty quick once she found out what he was doing.

Very good point about the actual name of the show too !

God help their little girl but Marie the clepto will be raising her niece.

Mike V. said...

If there was any doubt before, I went back and watched the previous episode to the finale. Basically, just the scene where Walt was sitting by the pool contemplating his next move...desperate for any idea. He spun the gun around 2 times and it stopped on him. He spun the gun a third time and it pointed away from him....and the camera panned out and it was pointing right at that plant!!! That's some awesome subtle plotting!

I wouldn't bother reading the EW comments. People are ridiculous on they are with anything. lol Agreed...Sky may not be far from selling her soul as well. That would be awful if Marie ends up raising anyone!! lol

MJ said...

The case of the week - the kid and the plant has a symbiotic relationship. I think we are again highlighting the missing
pieces for Olivia and Walter with Peter gone. Also - Walter having a bonding moment with a child will probably help ground him here a bit, or eventually help him remember something when the time comes.

I don't know that I'd call some of the info being given as heavily-handed to us. I don't mind it - they are just giving us the background straight up rather then waste storytelling time on it.

I must have missed the 'sometimes they die twice' in the premier. Or just forgotten it. So thanks for mentioning it.

I like that Olivia and Walter have already shared their visions and that they are not dragging out the return of Peter.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Totally agree on the case representing Olivia and Walter's missing pieces. The bonding moment with the kid definitely may help!

Yeah, you're probably right on the "heavily handed" comment I made. Basically, I saw an opportunity to reference that awful Midi-Chlorian scene from The Phantom Menace and I just had to do it! :-) lol I wasn't really complaining about Fringe. It worked for the show!

No problem on the "die twice" comment. That's what the blog is here for!

I do like that they're going to start moving towards getting Peter back. I read a brief synopsis for this week's episode and it sounds like it's going to be fantastic....possibly even a total mythology episode! I may be looking into it too much, but maybe even some "altered" flashback scenes!! can't wait!

MJ said...

Hmm - I am intrigued then as I don't know anything about tonights ep.

SO - SOA. Holy crap. I can't believe Juicy did that. I kept thinking he was gonna fess up when they were threatening those guys. And I swear for just 1 second I thought Jax was really gonna be with that girl and I was so mad!

So what do you think Uncer's reason for that note is ? To shut her up or stop Tara ? Cause Clay made it quite clear that if Tara talks Uncer would pay the price as well. But I can't believe Clay did what he did ! Holy crap.

Purposely being vague just in case you haven't watched SOA yet.

4 weeks left of the classes I am taking - so I shouldn't be so behind on watching after that.

Thank god I got new Fios DVR's right before the season started - it hold double the amount of HD then the old ones. LOL

Mike V. said...

I won't say anything else about tonight's Fringe until the recap...and I could be totally wrong with my assumptions based on the synopsis! lol

SOA - I really thought he was going to fess up too. I don't know for sure, but I think the club would have been accepting of him if he didn't start cooperating with the po po! Yeah, they really pulled a fast one with the JAX thing. I had remembered what Peggy/Helen (Gemma) had said to him earlier. "Make sure it doesn't happen again" I figured SOMETHING was going to happen...but then they kept it going long enough to fool me too! lol

Yeah...I really don't know about Unser. Immediately after the episode I was thinking he did it to cover his on A** too but then the more I read it sounds like people think he was trying to get a warning out to Tara and Jax. Definitely crazy with Clay. I totally watched SOA! I was talking about it on one of these blog posts. Maybe it was the Terra Nova looks like you commented there too so you may already know that. lol

I'm still behind on TV and no classes here! I'm now 2 eps behind on Person of Interest, 1 ep behind on American Horror Story, 2 eps on Homeland, 4 on Revenge...I can't keep up! But I'm totally psyched for Walking Dead on Sunday!

Yeah...I have expanders on both of my TiVos too. I can hold entire seasons of shows on one of them! lol But I still find myself deleting to make room. That's a sign that we watch WAYYY too much TV in my house! lol

MJ said...

My house too! ;-D

But warn Tara of what - he don't know that Clay put the hit out. Unless he's asuming he will.

Funny on the Peg/Gemma - I almost said Beast/Clay earlier.

Can't wait for THD ! Very excited.

Ep 2 of AHS was actually pretty good - scarier than the pilot even. Puzzling ending is all I will say.

I have 2 Homeland also - and 2 Luther and 2 Bedlam (both BBC shows) Hoping to get some serious watching this weekend

MJ said...

Ugh! Read Doc Jensen's recap of AHS - remmeber now why I stopped reading him during Lost. I'll wait to say more until you have watched the show though

have a great weekend - lots to talk about Monday now that TWD wll be back !

Mike V. said...

Yeah...good point on Tara. I guess he could be assuming Clay will do whatever it takes to cover it up!

Nice on Beast/Clay. lol I had no idea he was the Beast in B&B back in the day. Not that I really watched. If anything I would've said Hellboy but I never have even seen that!

I'm guessing you meant TWD...because I have no idea what THD is! :-) lol

I'll try to get to AHS over the's tough because I'm not sure if my wife is going to watch the show I don't want to get too far ahead! lol

Yeah...Doc Jensen can be a little intense. After awhile I had to stop reading his LOST ones too. He gets way TOO into it. I remember his season 1 recaps of LOST when he didn't get into it enough and I would always comment ripping him a new one. It actually inspired me to start writing stuff myself to tie things from each episode together! lol Now it's like he has been overcompensating for that first season ever since. I still enjoy his writings but sometimes I can't handle it! lol

You have a good wknd too! Definitely big Monday discussion. I'll probably stick to the way i recapped TWD last year....i.e. i'll write up a quick blurb Monday morning instead of trying to stay awake Sunday night. So it might be up a little later than other posts. But it'll get there!