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The Event: Season 1 Episode 22 - Arrival

Hello Eventers!  Well, it's over...we think.  Not a bad way to go out though, right?  Yes, there is a chance that the show may be renewed by some other venue but for now we have to assume that this was the last hour of The Event we will see.  They definitely set up for a very interesting season 2.  And, the final line of the episode!  NIIIICE.   We pretty much knew the result but the way they delivered it DID surprise me even though I said it wouldn't!  I even laughed as the STARK Productions logo hit the screen.  Good stuff.  Anyway, we'll get to do one last entertaining recap where ZUCKERGUY becomes the star attraction for a bit!

Before we dive in, HAPPY LOST FINALE ANNIVERSARY!  For all of you LOSTIES that transported over with me to the new blog, please go stop in for a visit at our old stomping grounds.  I did a little reminiscing and looking towards the future in the Anniversary LOST Blog Post.  Around these parts, we did some looking forward to the future in last week's VACANT recap, but perhaps we'll revisit at the end of this blog too.

For now, let's revisit The Event AT LEAST one more time.

The final episode was one non-stop suspense thriller from start to finish with a dash of mythology sprinkled into the final moments.  It was a counter-terrorism thriller with some political happenings in the background, in other words, a typical 24 Episode.  And while we kind of knew what was going to happen, for the most part, it was still fun to watch! 

Reinstating the President
So Martinez knew he needed to get Jarvis out of power.  Jarvis wasn't going down without a fight.  Of course, we know he'll lose in the end because he's just so darn idiotic!  

  • Martinez gets the call from Sterling about the Biological attacks, but since he's not in power he can't do anything to stop them.  But, they find ways to send forces to 2 of the 3 attack sites.  But shutting down the airport?  That ain't gonna fly! (pun sadly intended) 

  • Martinez still is not in good shape and it's not looking good to get a vote of confidence from his cabinet.  So, he decides to take a 1 on 1 approach to talking to Jarvis.  Martinez talks about the biological threat and Sophia's true goals.  Jarvis doesn't believe him, of course.  Or he does believe him, but he's "too proud" to admit that he's wrong.  Anyway, as soon as we see Jarvis fully admit what he's done to Martinez and say "you have no proof," we kind of assume this is one of those "tape recorded sessions" that I feel like we've seen a dozen times on The Event this season.  But truthfully, I'm not sure it has even happened once.  But, it's a typical TV Show/Movie technique of catching the bad guy when all hope seems gone.  What bugs me is that Sterling DID have proof on his shirt and the video.  They could prove the President was poisoned by the coffee stain.  And they had video of Jarvis messing with the coffee before everyone got there.  Even if it wasn't 100% certain, they could still sack Jarvis on probable cause!  Anyway, this works too. 

  • Naturally, Jarvis runs right to the Oval Office and asks Sophia if she has been lying to him and if the attack on American soil has any validity to it.  Duh, Jarvis.  Sophia will just come out and tell you the truth!!  Nope, she didn't!  

  • So, it eventually is time for Martinez and Jarvis to duke it out.  Martinez collapses on his way into the conference room.  He clearly is trying to return to power too soon but has no choice. 

  • We're meant to think for a second that he will not show and Jarvis tries to whisper in the Speaker's ear convincing her to call this meeting off.  But, alas, Martinez does show!  Jarvis gives his convincing and confident speech to the uneducated (on the real happenings) officials.
  • Then Martinez speaks his defense.  He says he knows he's not ready but Jarvis is a TOOL!!!  Well, he didn't quite say that but he pretty much said everything he needed to.  Jarvis is working with Sophia and behind the Government's back to aide a terrorist movement against US Soil.  And everyone cannot believe what they're hearing.  Elias has gone loco!  And then Peel screams!  Everyone is silenced and Martinez produces the tape recorder (from 1992...seriously, don't people just use iPhones for this now?) 

The rest is history.  Everyone is reinstated, and Martinez makes the call to help out at the airport.  But we'll discuss that from another point of view!    

Eliminating the Biological Threat
The Warehouse
Our favorite 4-some were still hanging out in the warehouse at the beginning of this episode.  That would be Sean, Vicky, Sterling and Simon.  Oh yeah, Leila is still there and still sick with Spanish Flu.  
  • Sean just knows that the CDC is going to be able to cure Leila!  And our luck, they would/will find a way in season 2.  We find out Sean still loves her soooooo much.  And hey, for where they started in the pilot episode, it would be kind of crazy for them just to eliminate that part of the story.  But yeah, the chemistry between him and Vicky was much more interesting.  And, it continues to be even in this final episode. 

  • Using a computer conveniently left behind by these crazy aliens, Sterling is able to figure out what, why, when and where this terrorist threat is happening.  Money, Food and Travel.  The virus will spread throughout the world in very short period of time.   They contact the President and are able to get help at the Food Establishment and Mint.  

  • But the Airport?  That's on this band 4 rebels that have all defeated the insurmountable odds against them this season.  It's very fitting that they are faced with a complicated final task! 

Taking out the Bad Guys
We get 2 quick scenes of the canisters being prepped at the Mint and the Food Warehouse.  But the Secret Military Task forces are there to ruin the day!  Not much else to say so look at some pictures! 

The Airport
And here we are.  The virus has arrived Sophia and the ZuckerMAN are going to take this war to the next level!  

  • But wait, prior to their arrival at the airport there's an earthquake up and down the east coast.  Sophia explains that the opening of the portal array would cause shocks to the planet.  She tried to explain it in a little more detail but it all sounded like mumbo jumbo made up stuff.  So, I just said "okay whatever!"   They arrive at the airport a little after knowing they might have a problem as someone in the US Government knows about the bio threat.  

  • They pass the baton (canister) to their TSA Alien Employee.  He goes through security but manages to have an uncomfortable discussion with the kinky guard who has a handcuff fetish.  

  • Sophia and the Zucks go through security as well but Sophia gets stopped to get wanded.  A phone call comes in from one of the failed missions.  She manages to get it in time to know that the other 2 threats have been thwarted and the airport is their last chance.   

  • Let's pause here a second.  So, these military forces have stopped 2 biological threats on our nation PRIOR to Martinez and Jarvis having their debate in front of the Who's Who of important US Government dudes.  SURELY SOMEONE in that group would know that these take downs happened.  Maybe not I don't know.  They did say they were going to fly it under the radar.  But you'd think once they confirmed there were deadly viruses in those locations, they would alert the higher ups in the government.  Suspension of disbelief....it's a wonderful thing! 
  • Team Good Guys show up at the airport.  They split into 2 obvious teams.  Sterling/Lee, Sean/Vicky.   Team Sterling goes to the TSA Security gate and question Guard Kinky. Without the badge the CIA Director doesn't have much pull, until he brings out the gun.  Is that all it takes?  Meanwhile Vicky and Sean head to the International terminal to look for Sophia where the canister guy is supposed to meet her.  But Sophia and the Zuckerfile are already through a secure door in that terminal.

  • Simon/Sterling are into the baggage area and spot the TSA Baddie.  Time for a gun battle!  Things are all kinds of hectic and Simon gets shot in the leg and the chest! OH NO!!  My immediate though is "bullet proof vest - they wouldn't kill off one of the better characters!"   Sure enough, that was his saving grace.  I'm a little concerned that Sterling didn't chase the guy into the elevator instead of staying back with Simon.  The fate of the world's population was at stake here and he's going to check and see if Simon is okay?   Well, I guess he knew he had team 2 in place! 

  • Sean gets the call and knows they need to get into the secured side of the terminal.  Vicky spots a security guy going through a door.  WHAT TIMING!  I love how she just plows the guy over and they're suddenly where they need to be.  ONLY ON TV, FOLKS!! 

  • TSA Guy meets up with Sophia and Zucker Shaloub (that was for you LOST Family!) and he tells them they're being followed.  Sophia passes off canisters to each of them and they're still planning to go through with the maximum distribution plan.  But here comes Sean and Vicky!  ANOTHER GUN FIGHT!! 

  • Vicky takes out TSA Baddie.  And then Zuckerman becomes the ZUCKERNATOR! (probably without fathering his maid's child though)  He spins a metal cabinet around to block the oncoming fire and takes on Vicky and Sean all by himself.   This allows Sophia to make a run for it with a canister.   Vicky volunteers to take on ZUCK while Sean goes after Sophia.   She nicks him with a bullet but it doesn't stop him from trying to open a canister right there to not go out without a minor victory.  But he didn't even see Sterling coming up behind him and then POOF.....he's gone.   RIP Carlos Andrea Zuckerman - you provided us with much laughs and many names in your brief stint on this show.  We hope that one day we can see your wife again outside of 90210 reruns.  

  • Sterling and Vicky run to join Sean in his crusade to stop Sophia!  And then they split up.

Says Janitor 1 "Man this mop sure sounds like gunshots today"  Says Janitor 2 "What are you smoking dude? I didn't hear anything nor see people running around back here with guns! 
  • Sean chases Sophia through the airport, down an escalator and sees her go into an Avias Air Lounge and lock the door.  Nice for them to come full circle on the AVIAS brand from the pilot episode (kind of like Oceanic in the premiere and finale of season 1 of LOST.  Okay, never mind.  That was constant throughout 6 seasons!) 

  • Sophia still figured she could cause some major virus exposure by releasing the virus in that lounge.  Vicky, however sees that the flights are suddenly being cancelled across the board.  Martinez did it!!!  She informs Sean.  The military strike team is arriving.  But, the threat is not over.  Enter sweet talking Sean Walker. 

  • Just thought of something, isn't Sean Walker a wanted man still?  It's not like they got on a private jet like they did to France or anything.  They went through airport security where Sean Walker probably would be stopped on sight!  But, eh whatever!  I'm sure he'd sweet talk his way out of that too! 
  • Sean told Sophia that the jig was up.  He knew that there was a softer side to the woman.  She retorted with that has changed since her son was killed and her people on the buses were killed.  Hmmm, I probably would have retorted with "Umm, maybe you shouldn't have destroyed the Washington Monument and killed all of THOSE people!"   But Sean plays the negotiating game and said that it wasn't right.  But, the flights have been cancelled and the only people that would die in this attack were the people in the airport.  What she would be doing is MURDER without a cause.  It wouldn't make room for her people.  Eventually, Sophia emerged from the doors and turned herself in.  

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!  No Biological threat!  But wait.  Aren't 2.5 Billion people still coming!!?  Oh boy.  Let's keep going. 

One of the 2 mythological moments of the night happened with a conversation between Simon and Sean.  Of course, most of this conversation we had already seen in the preview for this episode.  Simon tells Sean that this isn't over yet. 

  • He explains that his people were on Earth first before the humans.  This could go to support AUStarWars's Angel theory. (reknowned commenter around these parts)   I did some quick googling on the subject and there are some blogs and whatnots out there saying that God originally created Earth for the angels.  Or that the angels preceded man but failed their tests with God or wanted to dethrone God.  I dunno, I didn't read TOO much on it!  But, it was the first thing that came to mind based on what he was saying.  And if you factor in that cave with the "Guardian Angels" and Dempsey not telling EVERYTHING that he knew.  
  • Anyway, Simon said that their people believe something is going to happen.  That they're going to evolve into a higher being.  But, the humans will not survive this EVENT.   This goes in line with what Thomas and Simon had discussed earlier in the season about humans are going to die anyway.  
  • Naturally, this is the only tidbit of information we get on THE EVENT as the show counted on returning next season.  We found out that THE EVENT is detailed on that Scroll that Dempsey uncovered in the French caves.  Someone just needs to translate it!   But I'm sure what we heard will be enough to get some people talking in the comments.    

Leila's "Condition"
So the CDC Doctor went to Leila to give her an update on the terrorist threat being thwarted and Sean Walker being a national hero and all.  That gave Leila a little smile.  They were still working on curing her but they found something else in her lab reports.  Naturally, we all knew what was coming next (crazy Fringe copycats!) 

Sean and Vicky show up at the hospital and the doc tells him that he can go see Leila.  Vicky makes one last ditch effort to express her feelings to Sean.  She said that because of him her family is safe.   And she feels like a better person making up for the bad she has done.  She thanked him and gave him a big meaningful embrace.   Sean, seems a bit conflicted but not nearly conflicted enough!  He wants Leila!  But, if there was a season 2, I think this wouldn't quite be over yet. 

Then Sean goes in to see Leila.  He reassures her that they will fix her and then she drops the bombshell.  She's pregnant!!!  Oh goodie, a 75% Human baby!  Sean's face pretty much erased any feelings he may have felt for Vicky and he assures Leila that both of them (baby and her) will be just fine!  Oh GOODY!!!  


President Martinez, Sterling and Simon meet up in the Oval Office for a job well done.  They get debriefed on the portal array and the moving of 2.5 Billion people here.  They find the portal array but do not know where Sophia plans on putting all of these people.  Oh yeah, and Earthquakes are happening all over the world causing destruction and chaos! 

Sophia is brought directly to Martinez.  They share a mutual distasteful look at each other.   Sophia said that her plan for destroying the world's population was an act of mercy.   Because her people were still coming and it's not going to be pretty!  Maybe she was referring to THE EVENT.  Maybe she was referring to Alien vs. Human war (in which they would supposedly be victorious).    In any case, the the season ends just as it begins.  The whole place starts shaking.  Martinez's son shows up out of nowhere and runs to Christina.  (Welcome back kiddo!)   Vicky gets out of her car to see what's going on.    The entire planet is shaking.   The portal array is opening up.   And yes folks, the entire PLANET has been transported to our galaxy, RIGHT next to Planet Earth.  Closer than the moon.    Child Martinez asks his mother, what is that!??! 

Christina responds, "HOME!" 


We just knew it!!!  We said it before the hiatus that Christina would be an alien, right?!   And then they had a whole 2 or 3 episodes dedicated to it so we thought that it would turn out to be false, but then she gave that look at the end of the episode where she "confessed" to Elias about being Dominican.   So, then we knew she probably WAS an alien.  But then she sat there crying over Martinez as he was facing death by Sophia's hand.  So, then we thought...maybe she isn't an alien!?   But sure enough, she is!  Making Martinez's son a half-breed.  And what does that make Christina??  Is she even on Sophia's side?  Or is she so deep under cover and the best actress in the world that she maintained her cover and knew everything that was going on the whole time?  

These things we may never know.  But how about that PLANET!?   I figured some mothership would come through the portal and then V and The Event would merge and become one show.  But no, I did not picture a planet coming through.  The planet looked half fried too, didn't it?   I guess, since it's not heading towards its sun anymore it might be temporarily safe?  I guess they still don't have a healthy planet as Simon did love the WATER here back in the 60s or whatever.  So, something tells me they're going to be flying some ships over to Earth to create some Havoc.   

It would have been a fun show kids!  And, hey, maybe it still will be.  But I'm not holding onto hope!   But what was fun was recapping it this season!  It did seem like a chore at times, but I hope people appreciated my light-hearted approach.  The show was entertaining, but provided plenty of things to joke about (intentionally or unintentionally)!   It just goes to show that any show can provide entertaining discussion even if the show is not up to snuff.  

Which brings us to WHAT IS NEXT for this blog?  As I mentioned in last week's post and on the LOST blog today, there are plenty of shows on the horizon to talk about.   FRINGE and The Walking Dead will continue and I'll be there for them.   Awake, Terra Nova, Alcatraz all seem to be in our wheelhouse.  I can't provide a recap for all of them but I will certainly like to discuss them all!    

This summer, plenty of TV that we can certainly discuss if you want.  Rescue Me, Breaking Bad, hell even True Blood (I know some don't like it.  And I don't find much point in discussing the guilty pleasure show!)  Entourage, Always Sunny in Philly.  All good stuff.   It was mentioned to me that TNT's Falling Skies looks to be a promising show too.  I would agree.  Of course, it seems to be right in that wheelhouse with The Event and V.  We'll see if Spielberg can bring something extra to it.  

Anyway, it's been a fun TV season.  Thanks to everyone who has joined in.  Hopefully, you'll all continue to visit during the summer and return for the Fall onslaught.  I'm not going anywhere!  I love television and will always want to discuss!  Bookmark me, follow me on twitter, and keep coming back! 

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you around!

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  • I also have taken up watching THE KILLING on AMC.  Fabulous murder mystery being played out over a 13 episode season.  I highly recommend tuning in! 
  • Game of Thrones has started and it's a phenomenal interpretation of the book.  I finished the first book and there are quite a dramatic turns that will be awesome to see played out on television.  Check it out on HBO Sundays at 9!  
  • Upcoming shows I'm looking forward to:
    Alcatraz - with Jorge Garcia in lead role
    Terra Nova  (FOX)
    Breaking Bad (AMC)
    Rescue Me (FX)
    17th Precinct
  • I know it's sometimes looked at as a blemish based on my other recapping habits, but I am still watching American Idol.  I have recently come out of retirement to do some quick recaps on the LIVE shows.  Just can't resist.  Come check it out if you dare!


Dario said...

Hi, very good work.
I'm italian, and i'm very upset for the end of this show after only one season. Last series I've seen was "Flashforward"... maybe I don't bring a lot of lucky... :(
I've followed your recap from 17th episode, and i liked them very much.
I'm also an ex-losties and I'm trying to find a good son of that show, with a lot of mithological and science story.
Help me to find another show that surely will not die in a season, I need american TV shows to improve my english language, that, as you can see, is not so perfect.
Thanks for your work.

Mike V. said...

Hi Dario!

Don't worry, your english is not bad! You can definitely speak more of it than I can speak Italian so don't worry, you're fine! And thanks for the compliments on the recap, I appreciate it.

If you like a show with a lot of science and a mythology, I'd recommend you to look no further than FRINGE. The show has already been on the air for 3 seasons and it has been renewed for a 4th. There is plenty for you to watch and help with your english too! :-) And we could use all of the viewers we can get. It's the best sci-fi show on television right now and it's the show that I would call the true successor to LOST. An engaging story with complex characters and lots of science to go with it. Season 1 might test your patience, but stick with it. I promise it gets really good!

Next season be sure to check out Terra Nova, Awake and Alcatraz among probably some others that I'll eventually recommend. Surely, one of those might stick! I put my money on Awake or Alcatraz, but we'll see.

Also, if you want to branch out a little from SCIENCE and go more into the Fantasy/Zombie realm, look no further than The Walking Dead. Another great show and only 6 episodes to catch up on before next season. Not sure if it's airing over in Italy or not though.

I recap Fringe and Walking dead and will look to probably start recapping one of the above shows I mentioned. And don't give up on The Event just yet. The producers are working hard to find another place to produce and air their episodes. I'll keep everyone posted here.

Thanks for commenting!

LostFamily said...

Christina phone home! Cool! Great way to end it. Thanks for the shout out for ZuckerMonk! :) I have to say it was cool when they planet appeared - that's one strong ass portal array! I do hope this show continues somehow because I really would like to get our questions answers (cue: squeaky, eerie LOST logo) - ha. You've done a great job Mike and I for one thank you for your efforts. We'll see where this one goes. I had the same thought - now that they've pulled their planet away from their super-novaing sun, can it hang out in Earth's orbit for a while? Looks like it's starting to self-destruct though. I will be checking out your LOST anniversary post - my daughter has been re-watching the entire series from the beginning - good times!

MJ said...

The shoot-out in luggage handling reminded me of Die Hard !

When martinez first went down we had already seen Xtina messing with his pills so I was sure that SHE was responsible for him going down, but apparently not.

I have to admit - the planet coming thru also surprised me. I expected a ship, and the husband pointed out that they probably wouldn't use a portal array for a ship so he exptected aliens to just walk on thru or just appear kinda like 4400 (if any one remembers that show).

Was even a little surprised by Xtina saying 'it's home' as I also thought it was a red herring.

Was great fun watching this show - and reading the recaps Mike. Great job as always.

MJ said...

Oh yeah - we will never know how long this dying plant can hang around but the fact that it is between us and the moon would def have caused some issues with gravity or some such thing is my guess.

AUStarwars said...

Personally I thought it ended pretty badly..ever since the "real science" of ID4 came out a few years ago scientists already showed what happens when you bring GIANT objects into earths gravitational field: giant tidal waves and what not..so the world would just be destroyed as soon as the planet showed up

with the angels/aliens, it as I assumed it was:
according to some theories, Angels were G-ds first creations his "test race" if you will..they could not reproduce (they have parts that look like barbie dolls ie. not there) and such and were supposed to be perfect beings, also "created in his image"..until you know the whole "Satan thing" happened..then he created Man, who was mortal...

so yeah..basically the exact same thing as angels..again though, its just mans interpretation of it all

I did enjoy the show even with its holes and what not and several of the characters grew on me..if it goes to Syfy or Netflicks or whatever, i'll still be watching!

Kelly said...

Great recap as always!
I definitely thought about that whole screwing-with-the-gravitional-pull thing when the planet came into our orbit.. but chalk that up to the crazy non-scientific writing we've had all season :)
SOOOOO glad Christina wound up to be one of them after all.. Though predictable, I would've been very upset with an obvious show like this throwing in a red herring. I mean, we need CONSISTENCY in predictability, here, people! lol..
RIP Zucky Zuckerton.. we enjoyed your making fun of your Monkishness :)
Leila being pregant? UGH! I mean, I know they were writing the show as if it had a second season.. but just kill her off already!!
LOVE the caption under your picture of the janitors in the airport. I was thinking, "Ok, are people running through hallways of airports with guns normal to them? Or are they just THAT jaded with their jobs that they couldn't care less?" haha.. Maybe they were smoking some of the confiscated drugs or something ;)
So we went through the entire season without REALLY knowing what "The Event" is.. BOOOO! Sure, they were hoping for a second season so they could delve into it then.. but take a lesson from FlashForward- don't save too much for later years! You have to get through the first one first! So what's all this "evolving" stuff that humans can't survive? Eh, whatever.. doesn't really matter.. There are too many seemingly good shows to think about next season! HOORAY ALCATRAZ! AWAKE! GRIMM! RINGER!
BTW, I was going to post on the Lost blog but here I am.. Thanks for all of the encyclopedia info! I've been wanting to force my boyfriend to watch the entire series with me so I can relive it and watch it knowing what happens.. and when that happens, I'm sure I'll be commenting on specific things.. in random, inappropriate times on your blogs having nothing to do with Lost, haha..
BTW, useless Lost reference- I'm watching Firefly on Science, and last week's bad guy was- DA DA DUN! The air marshal form Lost! I won't spoil it in case you ever watch it, but *BIG SURPRISE* he plays a total jerkwad.
I think that's about it from my end.. I'm sure I'm forgetting things. (See "commenting on specific things in random inappropriate times" reference above!)
Thanks for posting, I look forward to spending the fall with you! MAYBE I'll finally get around to Fringe or the Walking Dead at some point.. and if you get around to Sons of Anarchy I'll be here to gush over that with you!

MJ said...

My all-time fave Babylon 5 had stuff with ascended creatures and ancients and such - and did it much better. But they had the 5 year plan and managed to get the five years done on tv (came close to cancellation many times though. And SG-1 was all about the ancient races.

Event was fun though, can't deny that.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty cool that they brought the whole planet over! Now it's just a quick shuttle ride to get the aliens moved to Earth! My favorite line of the night, spoken by the Prez, "Jarvis who?" LOL!!!! Funny how after he was made Prez again, he suddenly looked like he was back to normal. Leila pregnant? Soon as the doctor said something about her bloodwork we all knew where that was going!

The whole pregnancy thing has me wondering -- how many days have passed in the show since the beginning? Any idea?

Enjoyed the recap as always, and the fact that you keep us posted on upcoming events! Your faithful follower -- Cajun

MJ said...

Matt Mitovitch did a sweet little write up on the end of Lost on TVLine - it was sweet.

Still haven't found time to read all of yours MIke - but I will !

Mike V. said...

Hey guys, sorry! I've been swamped today but I finally have a second to breathe and check out these comments. Thanks for all of your comments and for keeping the discussion going. Here are my responses!

@LOST Family -

No problem on the Zucker reference! lol I know who the readers are of this one, may as well throw a few shout outs in there! I appreciate the props on the recaps and you're totally welcome! I wouldn't mind the show continuing, but if it does...I can't promise I'll keep up the intense recapping. Maybe I'll still throw blog posts out there for discussions with Mini-Recaps but I think I'll have my hands tied with the new fall shows that look a little more promising! Be sure to check em out!

I'm sure that planet of theirs is not in very good shape but it probably could last for a season's worth of stories lol We'll see! Nice to hear you're doing a LOST rewatch. Ironically, you just finished your initial watch!! Thanks for checking out the anniversary post!

@MJ -

Definitely agree on the Die hard imagery in the shoot-out. Good call! Hmm, didn't even catch Christina messing with his pills.
Yeah, I originally thought that people would just show up on the planet...I never saw 4400 (but know Nick Wauters did that show too)....then when I started thinking that the human race would survive (obviously we knew it would)...I was starting to think about a ship showing up. Never thought they'd bring the whole planet. I thought that was pretty comical and a good time...even if implausible!

Love that you're calling Chrstina X-tina lol Thanks for the props on the recaps. I had fun too! I'll just continue with your other posts.

Good point on the gravity issues, maybe we'll find out. Nick Wauters seems like the type of guy that will continue the story by any means necessary...even if it is via comics, twitter or something else. lol

Maybe one day I'll check out that Babylon 5. Doubtful, but maybe!! I'm sure it was a good show. But yes, Event was fun, even with all of its flaws.

I checked out TV Line yesterday and even commented saying it was refreshing to see so many positive comments there instead of the usual "LOST SUCKED, WASTED MY LIFE" crap I always see now.

Take your time with the LOST post, I'm sure it won't be any time soon that that I post there again!

AUSW, Kelly and Cajun up next!

Mike V. said...

When you talk about ID4, are you referring to Independence Day's abbreviation? LOL I'm guessing not. Definitely interesting information on the gravitational fields and stuff as I noted with MJ's response too. It's nice to see you questioning the LOGIC they use on this show though! lol
We discussed the angels/aliens stuff offline too and we pretty much were on the same page with what I briefly posted in the recap. It seems pretty plausible, especially if you do the whole "man's interpretation" angle. Especially factoring in Dempsey's comments. I think they could have thrown a little more mythology into this season instead of a non-stop suspense thriller with a dash of info. Then again...LOST really didn't start cooking up the mythology until season 2 which is when the blogging obsession REALLY started. But they also had an awesome survival story to tell in the first season. I dunno...just rambling.
I agree, I'll still be watching if it does get picked up by someone. It makes sense if Syfy picks it up since it's an NBC owned channel. Netflix would be intriguing and who's to say what they judge as a successful show to them? I guess the issue would be if it would come out Before orAFTER the Kevin Spacey show which is supposed to be the first. We'll see!

Thanks for the props! You guys and your gravitational pull stuff! I never even thought once about that! lol Definitely good points though. As predictable as it was with Christina, I was glad they did it too. It gave me a nice chuckle for what could be the final moment of The Event we see. It was a good time!
Indeed on ZUCKY!
Yeah, I wasn't thrilled about the Leila turn of events at all, but I kinda figured they wouldn't kill her off!
Yeah, the janitor thing really cracked me and my wife up. They paid no attention to anything going on...I mean surely they heard gunshots!!
We kinda found out what The Event was. Some kind of transformation of these Alien Beings to a Higher Power that ends up killing humans in the process. And has something to do with them being on Earth for it. It still could be anything...but at least they provided some context!
Agreed on this next season. It looks very promising. I'm hoping to have an issue of not knowing WHICH show to really cover. That would be a good problem to have!
As for the LOST Blog stuf - You're totally welcome. LOST comments are always welcome everywhere! I'll talk about it anytime, with anyone! LOL I really hope I find time to watch it all again one of these days. But so much other stuff I still want to catch up on.
Nice on Firefly. Never watched the show and I know that I should have by now. Maybe one day!
Your comments were random yet perfectly fine! Definitely catch up on Fringe and TWD....great shows! SoA - I'm gonna try my best to catch up this summer. I have to figure out if I should watch that and The Wire at the same time...or do one at a time!
Thanks for the comments!

Good point on Martinez being totally fine after he was President again. Ahh good times. The Jarvis comment was great, agreed. Oh God, if you can tell me how many days have passed on this show with all of the cross-country driving they've done in 22 episodes, I'd be very impressed!! I don't think they ever really have specified a certain time frame. But, I'd guess a few weeks or more have gone by since Sean "planted his seed" and left Leila lol Who knows!?!
Glad you appreciate my efforts on recaps and upcoming events! I feel like I'd be failing if I didn't! It is a "TV" Addicts blog after all! Thanks for being a faithful follower and sticking around!!
And that goes to all of you. Thanks so much! These shows would not be half as entertaining to me without being able to discuss it with all of you. Truly ...GOOD TIMES!

Anonymous said...


gnni4 said...

I was shocked to see the whole planet come though, I really never expected that! It looked so cool! Leila pregnant...who cares, who didn't see that coming when they saw something with her bloodwork?

Thanks for the laughs about the show, always love to read your recaps.

Going to go check out your Lost Anniversary update now.
Thanks again for the recaps!

Mike V. said...

Unfortunately, shows like this aren't going to answer EVERYTHING in one season. And even worse, shows like this that aren't received well don't get a 2nd season to try and explain further. But I'll give your questions a shot!

1.) Sean knowing Michael was going to crash the plane -> Early on, I figured this would be something they'd revisit. But, that was when they were intensely doing flashbacks and their format was way too confusing for many. So, I think we were just meant to assume that he somehow got the information after running off from his vacation with Leila. We have found out he is very resourceful, so we can assume he knew that Leila and Samantha were kidnapped and Michael was being bribed to do something. I dunno...lol Even if there was a season 2, I don't think this would be revisited.
2.) Dempsey - That would have been an unveiling in season 2 based on translating those scrolls. Dempsey said he was a sentinel to defend the world from these crazy aliens. That could be true, but the part he left out was information on THE EVENT. And the fact that the "aliens" were here first.
3.) Christina being an alien -> obviously that was a setup for season 2. There would probably need to be a backstory to her mission. She might be like Simon in that she does not share the views of the other people and cares deeply for the human race. Or, she may have been planted there for a specific reason that has not been unveiled yet. Simon may know she's an alien, but there's a chance he doesn't. Maybe she didn't arrive on the ship that crashed. But, that would be stuff they would need to sort out in season 2 if it ever happens.
4.) The "KIDS" - I think they made it clear that Dempsey was "stealing their youth" to stay alive long enough to finish a job. That job seemed to be passing on his knowledge to the next "sentinel"...he found Sean to be a worthy candidate. Once he passed his information to Sean, there was no need for him to continue living, I guess. I dunno!
But, that's all just my speculation. They could have had more in store. And maybe they still will!

@Gnni - Oh yeah...the Leila thing wasn't a shocker at all after the bloodwork. And yep, no one cared at all! lol At least, I didn't. No problem on the laughs and the recaps! Thanks for joining us for the ride and I appreciate the props. Hope you enjoyed the LOST post too!

Mike V. said...

SyFy is in talks to ressurect THE EVENT!


Mike V. said...

Just an additional note...SyFy has gone ahead and declined on twitter that they have any current plans to pick up The Event. So it seems like everything is still up in the air.

MJ said...

I'm sure you already heard but Rescue Me is being moved to Wednesday now.


Too bad the Event miniseries on SYFy is false, a miniseries would have worked well for it.

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ, yeah I heard. I'm cool with that, I think it was on Wednesdays for a season before...but I forget. I know Tuesday was the norm. Should be a good summer for TV with Rescue Me, Breaking Bad, TB (purely guilty pleasure), Entourage final season, Falling Skies (if i watch) and THE WIRE/SOA Catchups!

We're 7 episodes into THE WIRE. Fantastic show so far, as expected. Only thing that sucks is that it was shot in standard def. Of course, can't blame the show for that since it started in 2002. Of course, when they had the ability to upgrade to high def, they didn't want to change the look of the show midway through the series so they stuck with it. The standard def doesn't bother me, I just wish it was filmed with widescreen in mind. I know the sopranos were ALWAYS widescreen to my recollection...but I could be wrong about that.

It doesn't bother me too much though...the content of the show is fantastic. A lot more comedy than I would have expected. Most most good dramas are able to strike that balance and provide some good laughs along the way. Not sure when I'll get to SOA, but since season 3 isn't available on DVD/Blu yet, we have time.

MJ said...

Man - GoT has been blowing me away ! I can't believe last weeks ep ! Great show.

Killing has been godd - but the pacing is a little slow. But I've been enjoying it.

Looking forward to Falling Skies. I think this will be what V should have become - more about humanity fighting against the aliens.

Glad to hear you're liking The Wire. By now you might even be on Season 2. I know that SOA seasons usually come out right before the new season starts.

Mike V. said...

Glad you're enjoying GoT!! It's been tough not to spill the beans on that episode that just aired. So good. So shocking. I think I had read a spoiler about it before I got to it in the book, but I still didn't know when it was going to happen. I really thought there would be some kind of resolution to the Joffrey situation beforehand....but little did I know Martin was setting up something much bigger. The show is all about the kiddies! My favorite thing are the people blaming HBO for this turn of events...that they were going for SHOCK value without considering the consequences of something like this. Do these people not know that the show is following the book like EXACTLY!?!?!? LOL So crazy. Wait until the finale on Sunday, there is still some good story to tell! I'm only 100 pages into book 2...it's really good just haven't had time to keep reading but can't wait.

I really stalled on watching The Killing...I'm like 9 episodes behind now I think. or 8 maybe. I think we watched the first 3. I heard about it being very slow. then again, so was Rubicon so maybe I'll enjoy it. Plus...the Killing got renewed so I'm sure we'll get around to it.

I read exactly what you said about Falling Skies in a Matt Roush comment on TV Guide lol That is kinda where V went wrong so I'm looking forward to it.

The Wire season 1 was phenomenal! We are 4 episodes into season 2 but it might start going a little slower. I have this whole thing rigged where I have my Mac connected to the TV via an HDMI cable (needed like a 30 foot cable lol) ....and I can stream through HBO GO. Pretty good stuff...but we just need time to watch it. The summer has gotten surprisingly busy. And hopefully we can get to some SOA too. So much to watch...so many other things to do!! lol

And of course True Blood is coming back right after GoT ends, Rescue Me and Breaking Bad next month (i may post some "Discussion" threads for those shows on the blog. Not full-fledged recaps), and the final season of Entourage (i know...way past its prime) There will be lots to watch!

MJ said...

Yeah - but I've alreday heard that we will still see Sean Bean in the finale ! Apparently he'll be appearing to people. Good stuff.

Was season 2 of Wire the one on the docks ? It's been along time for me.

Cnn is taking video questions for the cast of Walking Dead. You know you want to ! http://ireport.cnn.com/ir-topic-stories.jspa?topicId=623017&hpt=hp_c2

Yes - I've been busy too. Can't wait for True Blood - though I'll be a day behind on that too.

Love to have some discussion on Rescue or Breaking Bad. Heard BB will be pretty dark this season. Unfortunately I gave up Entourage a few years ago. I think right after Aquaman was made. LOL

Have a great weekend !

Mike V. said...

I'll try not to spoil you on GoT, but yes I read that too and yes there a couple more appearances in the book to look forward to. But I won't say how! And so far into book 2 (still around 100 pages...I've been so busy!)...no appearances so I'm not sure if it's an ongoing thing. That's as spoilish as I get. If too much, sorry!!

Season 2 was on the docks with the cop dude from true Blood (and I think he was in a Fringe episode once too among other things). We watched episode 5 last night. I really gotta get more episodes out of the mrs. or we'll never finish! lol It's rough when they're an hour each instead of 45 minutes. I will say this though...that kid (I wanna say his name is Johnny but I'm probably wrong)...the one with the leather jacket and the red sports car he calls princess.....may be the Jar Jar Binks of The Wire. I can't stand him!! lol At least he got beat up by some hoodlums in the last episode..good stuff!

Hmmm....Walking Dead questions? I don't even know what i'd ask! There's another series of books (graphic novels) i'd like to read. I heard the newest edition is coming out this summer! I'll check out the cnn link but if i have to do a video question, I highly doubt I'll submit myself to that!! We've all seen my LOST interview! lol (even though I turned out to be 100% accurate in my predictions!! or maybe 95%)

True Blood..at least Game of thrones will be over when that starts...that's the beauty of shows on AMC and HBO and Showtime...they can't show them all at once!

I can't imagine how much darker BB can get...but each season seems to go that way. And he keeps getting himself deeper and deeper into that world, so I guess it's possible! As for Entourage, I don't blame you...season 2 was probably the last and only REALLY good season. But it's had its moments since then!

You see the new Potter trailer (it's on ew. and youtube obviously lol). Can't wait!! Already booked my tix for 7/15 3D IMAX (wish it wasn't 3D though). And I'm also very interested to see what www.pottermore.com is all about. Already depressed that it won't be a new book.
You have a good weekend too!

MJ said...

Yup - seent he Potter trailer. I always wait til it's out a week or two for a smaller audience so have not bought tickets.

BB has a trailer out now.

OMG - can't believe GoT finale ! Don't read below if not watched.

I read that Ned would be a ghost so don't know what that was about. Can't believe Drogo is dead - or is he ?!? Loved the end with the dragons. ANd now she's stooping her cousin - that woman is out of control. LOL Love that Tyrion is being sent to be Joffrey's hand so that he can control him. As if ! I think something is up with Tyrions 'girl' Shae. She's foreign but would not say from where and during their drinking game she was adamant that her parents were not peasants. Hmmmm. I didn't realize the blacksmith that helped Anya was Roberts bastard. Totatlly missed that. I'm sure we all wished Sansa pushed Joffrey over the edge when she had the chance.

Mike V. said...

Probably not a bad idea for Potter....but I just get so excited I can't wait that long!
BB - I saw one with no new footage...is that the one?

GoT - Oh I watched that live! So I'm ready to comment!!

- Ned as a Ghost. Well, they didn't show it but in the book I think we had a detailed depiction of Bran's dream. These kids have dreams that end up coming true. It's pretty crazy. I think it might be more of the mystical element of the show that hasn't been explored thus far. But maybe not...they never explained dreams on LOST so who knows? lol But yeah, I think Ned was in the catacombs in Bran's dream. So that was probably the "Ghostly" prediction. And I had mentioned above that there would be a COUPLE surprise appearances by ned. The other one was his head on the spike lol - Yeah, the dragons thing was definitely cool. I think it was more descriptive in the book and if you look closely you might be able to see that the dragons were "feeding" off of their "mother". But I thought they were all flying around her in the end of the book. It was a pretty crazy way to end that book! I got started right away on Clash of Kings. I'm 100 pages in and still stuck but can't wait to keep reading!
- Cersei with the cousin - yeah....that was NOT mentioned in book 1. So they may have taken that from a future book or took some liberties on that one. But it certainly makes her even more crazy! lol
- Tyrion being Hand is an awesome twist. I've read a little bit about it so far but looking forward to more!
- As for Shae - yeah there could be something shady about her. That drinking game was ADDED to the TV Show, but the story that Tyrion told about his first love was in the book...just in a different context. I don't know if Shae's story was there. I can't remember. But yeah...it's tough to know if she really loves Tyrion or it's the money that's keeping her around...or possibly something else.
- Yeah...i totally missed out on the fact that the kid with Arya was Rob's bastard! I've been reading this 2nd book and STILL hadn't made the connection. I think I read it in the EW recap (which James Hibberd has done a fantastic job with btw!)
- Drogo??? Yeah I think he's dead. What we pretty much found out this season is that HONOR gets you nowhere (Ned tried to do the right thing, Dany tried to do the right thing and both got punished for it) and that this story is about these KIDS. The Stark Kids, Joffrey and Dany (she's 13 at the start of the first book. I think they made her older on the show to be less creepy). How will the Stark Kids avenge their father? Who is the rightful heir to the throne? Is it really Stannis Baratheon? Did Robert really deserve the throne in the first place? All this crazy stuff. I think it drives the whole story and not just the first season. And of course...in the scheme of things...does it even matter? Because WINTER IS COMING y'all!!! And those creatures from the North may be able to get beyond that wall. So perhaps Jon Snow is the protagonist of the whole story. Just writing this stuff makes me want to read some more. I need more time!!
- And hell yeah I wish Sansa pushed Joffrey over that edge!!! He is one kid that we're all going to love to hate!

So, you think you're gonna pick up the books or just wait until next season? It's a tough call. But as I learned with Potter, I just am not patient enough to wait for the films/shows...and the books are usually better anyway lol

Falling Skies - I started watching but it was late and fell asleep. Not sure if that one is gonna be for me or not. But I'll give it another shot!

MJ said...

I know I should read the books - but I've just started the Potter books. LOL Swear it ! I always like to see the movie first then read the book - never disappointed that way - but never seem to have the time to read anything - too much tv watching going on.

There was some new stuff on the BB trailer - but not alot.

Def right - GoT is all about the kiddies. I know before it was on they def said they made some characters older. The books are accurate that 13 year olds in ancient times were treated like women and people were dying in their 30's as a whole - but showing a kid that young having sex would NOT have worked.

Am actually marathoning BSG now - haven't seen it since it aired weekly. Amazing how much you forget. And my husband and I are already doing our debate about Starbuck - at least what we remember. She's not a cylon but she did come back from the dead, etc etc. LOL Forgot how darned funny S1 and S2 were with Baltar getting caught in compromising positions with the 6 in his head.

Mike V. said...

WOW, just got to Potter eh??? I definitely started as a movie watcher for Potter. I read the 1st book after the first movie but never made it to the 2nd book. And then after the 3rd movie...the 6th book was coming out and I just had to catch up....so i read 3-6 straight through...then waited 2 years for 7....it was pretty cool to be able to discuss/speculate how it would all end with people. Of course, ever since then...every movie I've seen has not really lived up to expectations. Visually they portray things exactly as I pictured them in the books...but there are big scenes cut (usually big emotional dialogue scenes after the climactic moment of the book)....and big storylines cut out. But i do still get excited for each film and I don't think they could have cast a better trio for the core 3. Actually...all of their casting has been pretty spot on....unfortuntately Richard Harris couldn't see Dumbledore through to the end, but Gambon did a fine job. Anyway....I'm not sure if I would have had the same enjoyment of the books after already seeing the film. Tough to say since I did it the other way. Not sure with GoT either...after seeing the show, I may have just figured I wouldn't read the book! since there's a film version and that's quicker! lol anyway, I'm rambling! Everyone has their own preferences.

I'll have to check out the BB trailer. Thanks!
Agreed on aging the characters a little bit more for TV. I didn't think they would have been able to get away with Dany as 13...especially portraying that one scene as a "rape"....in the book it was fully consented on both sides! Maybe not at first. Anyway...man those books get detailed! LOL

Ahhh gotta love the summer to be able to watch marathons of shows!! I've been flying through Fringe for my morning treadmill routine. I'm back into season 3....and still loving the eps the 2nd time around. Agreed...it is amazing how much you forget...or sometimes things that aren't apparant the 1st time around. Agreed on S1 and S2 of BSG....there were some really funny moments there. I'd love to rewatch them but that will fall low on the priority list...unless I stream them on the treadmill once i'm finished fringe again! But I was considering a LOST rewatch :-) (again) As far as Starbuck...enjoy that debate! Unfortunately, I don't think you're going to come to a satisfying conclusion. I think that was the biggest part of the finale that I (and many) were upset with....and while I appreciated Ron Moore's candor in saying it was a creative decision to leave it open-ended without explanation....i just think they should have explained it. His wife, on the podcast, agreed with that too!! Oh well lol (BTW....I think Ron Moore's episode commentaries are still on itunes if you want to listen to them. I listened to it for the entire series finale...after watching of course...it was a pretty cool idea and i think he did it for a lot more episodes)

Anyway...enjoy!! (almost done season 2 of the wire...3 more episodes left I think. It's been fantastic...but I still can't stand ZIGGY!)

MJ said...

Yeah - books are always better so I watch the movie then read the books cause that way the books enhance the known story for me. And cause I was just too lazy to read them as they came out. LOL I'm too impatient to play that wait-for-it game.

Hear about the theater airing of all Potters ? It would be cool - but I won't do it.

I can't place Ziggy ! But I watched it sooo long ago.

Mike said...

Yeah...it's a good strategy! But like you said, I'm too impatient too so I need to read it. But I'm lazy also hence why it's taking me so long to read Clash of Kings! I'd rather watch The Wire! lol

Heard about the potters...if anything i'd marathon at home, but I just did that before the part 1 movie...i watched movies 1-6, read book 7 again and then went to see it! It was a good time!

Ahh Zig...he's the little punk son of the Dock Boss (wow his name is escaping me too...some polish last name..the cop on true blood)....he had a duck with a gold bracelet around his neck...and the duck died from drinking whisky. Anyway THAT kid is awful. I said it once will say it again....The Jar Jar Binks of The Wire!!! LOL We'll see if anyone tops that in season 3-5 lol

MJ said...

Ah ! I remember him now. LOL

Read about Fringe plans for next season ? Not too spoilery - but hinty. http://blastr.com/2011/06/confused-by-fringe-dont-b.php

Oh - meant to ask - did you ever bother to catch up on The Killing ? They totally blew the finale !

Mike V. said...

Finished Season 2 of The Wire! Good stuff. Can't wait for more!

I'll check out Fringe's plans now but no I haven't read it. Thanks for the link. I did hear they won a few Saturn Awards (best network sci-fi show, best actress (torv), best actor (noble)) And I think things sound very promising for some Emmy noms this year. IT really deserves it!

I'm 9 eps behind on The Killing, but it's hard to escape all of the negativity surrounding the season finale! So, I've definitely heard things and it sounds like I would have been equally annoyed! lol

MJ said...

Dang ! I just finished a post and the power went off/on and now it's gone ! LOL

True Blood has been great. Pam's lines alone would have me watching. Found this great video

Ausiello is looking at all the new shows and i wasn't planning on watching the new one about fairy tales - til I read it will have lots of Lost references.

Yeah - it's not that the Kiling's finale was bad or anything The uproar was that we were all lead to belive that their would be no mystery left at the end - but they did give us a cliffhanger.

Mike V. said...

I hate when that happens! Sorry you lost your post!

I've been enjoying True Blood as well. I'll check the video out later when I'm home!

I read about "Once Upon a Time" too...I actually was sad when I heard so many negative things about it originally. Once I heard Eddie and Adam were on board as Showrunners I wanted it to be a success and I knew they had the writing chops to do something crazy good. So hopefully, it will be! And LOST references are always a good thing!

Yeah...I guess the British version of the show had mysteries that lasted a season, right? So I think all the critics believed that was how it would work too. I'm sure we'll watch eventually but we've been too roped into THE WIRE right now to catch up. Actually, we're also squeezing in Boardwalk Empire (fell behind during the Walking Dead) and Sons of Anarchy too...so we're halfway through season 3 of The Wire. (which means we're halfway through the series!) Favorite scene so far this season had to be the Dead Cop's Wake at the bar. Anytime "McNutty" and Bunk get wasted, it's a good time lol

Big week next week! Rescue Me Wednesday, Harry Potter Friday, Breaking Bad the following Sunday! WOO! I think that will be a good excuse for some kind of new post(s) on this blog!

MJ said...

Yeah - I watch or will see (Potter) all of those - plus I watch Eureka, Warehouse 14 and the Closer which all come back this week.

We're on BSG S3 now. SOA is an awesome show. Each season very different - kinda like Wire. This last one (3 I think) at first was not my fave - all I will say is I have problems with accents so had a hard time - but it has some killer stuff by the end.

Mike V. said...

Been marathoning the Potter movies over the weekend and yesterday. Have 2 more to go before Friday! I'm a dork and I just don't care!! lol
Don't watch any of those...I had heard Warehouse (13??) was really good but just haven't had a chance to catch up. I decided to try out Torchwood: Miracle Day last night on Starz. I had no idea that this was actually considered Season 4 of the BBC series...but Starz is floating a lot of the bill now and they're "americanizing" it. I never saw seasons 1-3 but I read enough online while I was watching to catch up. Wasn't awful, wasn't awesome...we'll see if I get into it lol

At a stand-still on The Wire, but should be resuming soon. It's gonna get tougher with all these summer shows coming on. I'm super excited for Breaking Bad! Looking forward to getting more into SOA, but one thing at a time! lol That's great that you're trucking through BSG again. Enjoy!

Mike V. said...

Sounds like there's going to be a Walking Dead season 2 sneak preview during the Breaking Bad premiere on Sunday! That just made the weekend even MORE exciting!!

MJ said...

Yeah - I heard about the BB promo ! I'll be away sunday but will tape it.

Torchwood is an acquired taste. Season 1 and 2 were decent - but season 3 which was really like a miniseries - was absolutley awesome. Miracle Day starts off with the personal repurcussions from S3 - but def could be stand alone as well. I highly recommend Season 3. Netflix has it on demand and at aonly 5 or 6 eps (5 I think) is a qiick watch.

True Boold continues to be awesome. Eric calling Sookie Snooki was hysterical.

Mike V. said...

Totally psyched for BB on Sunday! But more psyched for HP in 5 hours!! Can't wait. Everyone that I've talked to that have already seen it plus reviews are all saying it's great. I hate knowing people's thoughts before a movie but it's tough not to get excited!

Maybe I will check out season 3 of torchwood. I'm almost wrapped up on my Fringe rewatch...just have to watch the s3 finale again (btw...I posted a couple comments in the fringe finale blog post with some theories on what might happen with Peter...just based on the episodes I rewatched)

I've been enjoying True Blood as well. I just watched Sunday's episode last night but it was a good time! And I just watched Rescue Me last night too. Great to have that show back in my life, if only for 10 more final episodes. Still great! Eric calling Sookie Snooki was fabulous. Even funnier because my wife and I slipped up on it too right before we started the episode. Jersey Shore has ruined my TB experience! (or enhanced, take your pick lol)

Mike V. said...

Well I'm not going to be able to write anything about Breaking Bad as I had hoped (busy day) but man it was good to have it back!! Great episode as always. The suspense on that show is just crazy. I kinda saw where the "big scene" was going but it was still great to see it flush out. Anyway, if anyone wants to discuss it...I'm willing to!

Same goes for Rescue Me, True Blood.... I tivo'd Torchwood so I'll check it out later this week if not tonight.

Finally finished my Fringe Rewatch (still awesome!) So, now I need to figure out a new Treadmill show!! lol Hmmm...LOST rewatch time or should I try something new? Tough call!

MJ said...

Ugh ! Was away all weekend and finally caught up. True Blood is on fire this year. That doll is the creepiest thing on tv. Breaking Bad was freaking awesome. Gus ain't messing around now. They need to move Hanks story along quickly though. Still haven't seen Rescue yet though.

Watch last season of Torchwood on your treadmill ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I'm enjoying True Blood this year. Last year was all over the place so it's nice to see them get back on track. The whole Jason/Panther stuff is bizarre though so I'm glad he's out of there. But I'm sure it's not over yet though. If he becomes a panther though...I just don't know if I can get on board with that! LOL

Yeah Breaking Bad was fantastic! Great setup for this season's tension. I swear it has to be one of the most suspenseful dramas out there. They just take their time with these scenes. I'm surprised I have any fingernails left! Good stuff. Rescue Me is doing a great job with its final episodes as well but I won't comment yet until you see.

Per your suggestion I "WILL" watch season 3 of Torchwood! One issue, the whole series is on Netflix so I'm starting at episode 1! lol I'm already 3 in. It's not actually that bad! But I see on IMDB's episode ratings that the 3rd season got spectactular reviews so I'm looking forward to it! This first season definitely has that "BBC FEEL" to it though in the filming style and low budgetness of it lol I'm enjoying it though! Perfect for a morning run!

Getting close to the end of season 3 of The Wire. This latest episode was nuts. Prez shot a cop, Stringer authorized trying to take out Omar on a Sunday morning when he was with his Grandmother. YIKES!! Great stuff. And the last episode when Stringer came clean to Avon? Whew...craziness. I'm sure I haven't seen anything yet but I'm loving this show!

Btw: some early reactions to the pilot of Alcatraz on ew.com. You can probably see my comments all over the place discussing that and LOST lol http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/07/21/comic-con-reaction-alcatraz/

MJ said...

Yeah - Jason and those hillbilly girls was a little gross.

Oh man ! Stringer coming clean to Avon was unbelievable !! Was such a great show.

I read just a few early comments on Alcatraz after it aired at con and was getting annoyed by people already saying it was hard to follow. People frighten me! LOL Reminds me of lost when people were afraid to get invested in something they had to think about as opposed to the reality drivel they all watch. Any hoo - I'm excited about Alcatraz and will be watching.

Mike V. said...

Yeah...The Wire is definitely awesome..these last few eps of season 3 have been great. Just spotted Rawls in an "interesting" place!! lol (I don't know who is reading this stuff so I don't want to say too much to spoil! lol) I think we have 2 more eps in season 3. Then we'll get to what I heard is the best season, right??
Yeah...I definitely went on a big LOST defense on ew's article. Surprisingly, I found a lot of people agreeing with me. Maybe this whole LOST hatred is starting to "get old" for people!? I hope so, because the show deserves a better legacy than people are giving it credit for. I'm psyched for Alcatraz and I will judge the show separately from any other JJ Abrams creations!
Was just reading some stuff on Walking dead (more EW comic-con coverage). Super psyched for that to return too!
1 more episode into Torchwood too lol I'll get there slowly but surely!

Mike V. said...

Walking Dead 4 minute Season 2 Trailer (Oct 16 premiere) and Comic-Con panel quotes. LOOKS OUTSTANDING!!!


Mike V. said...

Posted a link from the totally lost Comic-con panel on the lost blog. For some reason I'm having problems using copy paste from my phone on this blog! Lol it's a good time and I recommend checking it out!