Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Event: Season 1 Episode 21 - The Beginning of the End (discussion + Preview of next season TV shows)

Hello Eventers!  Yes, as previously promised, I was not home in time last night to watch The Event yet.  So, I apologize, but there will not be a recap this week.  I hope to watch later today and then share my thoughts in the comments here.  And I encourage you all to discuss your observations from the episode as well.  BUT, I still have some announcements to make about The Event as well as upcoming Fall TV shows with blogging potential.  So if you're intrigued by that then please click on to continue reading.  And please share your thoughts on this episode to make up for my slacking!   Thanks everyone for your understanding!

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  • If you haven't heard yet, the show has been officially cancelled by NBC.  I know, we all saw it coming.  BUT, the producers are working tirelessly to find another venue to keep telling stories.  One of the most popular theories I have heard is that they may stream season 2 directly to Netflix.  This wouldn't be unprecedented as Netflix picked up their 1st original series (with Kevin Spacey attached) several months ago.  It's the future of television folks! 
  • I have heard that this season will provide a lot of closure but not total closure on the show.  i.e. There will be a cliffhanger.  So, I guess we'll just have to see what happens. 
  • Anyone notice the title of this episode resembles a LOST season 4 episode title?   It also signifies probably what we all had been thinking since the fall hiatus and probably should have been the name of the PILOT episode!  But, we can hold onto hope that someone will pick up the show.  I'm sure if a TV Network/Streaming service doesn't pick up the show, they're considering continuing in COMIC form or something like that.   That seems to be the popular avenue of prematurely cancelled shows these days.  
The Networks have started announcing their Fall/Mid-Season TV lineups and started previewing them at the UPFRONTS this week for television critics.  The shows I have been looking forward to are looking promising as well as some others.   Being out of town, I haven't been able to watch all of the previews yet so I probably will join all of you in checking them out too.  

  • ALCATRAZ - The JJ Abrams show I have been anticipating will premiere on Mondays starting in January on FOX.  I did get a chance to watch this preview and it looks fantastic!  The show features Jorge Garcia (WOO!), Sam Neil, and Sarah Jones in one heck of a thriller.  I could try to explain the premise, but this trailer does the trick! 

  • AWAKE - Starring Jason Isaacs and is loosely based on INCEPTION.  I haven't checked out the trailer yet but everyone says it looks amazing.   I believe this is slated for Fall 2011.   All of the NBC Pilot previews are available through this link. 
  • GRIMM - Don't know much about this one except that I thought it was the ABC Show by former LOST writers with a fairy tale (but cooler) theme.  But it could be good.  Again, another NBC show.  All of the NBC Pilot previews are available through this link. 
  • Once Upon a Time - This is the ABC show I was referring to.  No preview available yet but it is by former LOST writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.  They have written some of the best LOST episodes and also went on to get their shot at writing the TRON sequel.  I can't speak for TRON LEGACY as I haven't seen it.  But, apparently they have a great concept for this fairytale based drama and I'm up for any show that is willing to take some chances!
  • Terra Nova - This is the FOX Dinosaur/Time Travel/Repopulate the species in the past show (Steven Speilberg produced) that just can't seem to get on a schedule.  It was supposed to be part of the 2010/2011 season but now has the Monday slot in the Fall 2011 season.  I'm not sure if both this and Alcatraz will have half seasons or if one gets picked up for a full season it may bump the other.   Because there isn't enough real estate for both of them!   (FYI - Fringe will still be on Fridays.  Catch up if you haven't watched yet.  AWESOME SHOW!)  

I anticipate there will be more potential shows after the up fronts for other networks are complete.   At the end of the season I'll post a blog posting with this information above as well as other shows to stay tuned to in the fall.   And please, keep following this blog as I hope to cover as much as I can!

Again, thanks for your understanding about THE EVENT.  I will be back to recap the finale next week and will definitely share my comments on this episode once I watch.  Thanks!  Hope you enjoyed my mini-ramblings and I'll see you in the comments (probably on Wednesday)!


MJ said...

Guess you have not watched HIMYM or Chuck then ! They were great.

Mike V. said...

Took a gamble that this wasn't an EVENT spoiler and checked out the comment LOL Chuck - No I didn't see it (can't believe it's getting moved to FRIDAY too for its final 13 ep run! Well...i can believe it. Fridays are the new day to stay home! LOL) HIMYM, well...you know when you get home from a long trip and you just can't seem to fall asleep? lol We watched HIMYM and then went to sleep. So yes awesome stuff! The end, I kinda saw coming from even the beginning of this season...but I guess it's still a bold move to put that character into. And we still don't know who the bride is! And totally saw the Lily/Marshall arc and where that was going but it was still hysterical. When Bob Sagat said "and kids, that's how I met your mother"...my wife and I just looked at each other and were like SERIOUSLY!?!?! Then he took it back. lol I was kinda P.O.'d at him! LOL

Seriously guys, talk about THE EVENT!! Or any of the new shows coming up. ABC Up Fronts are today, so if I find a preview of Once Upon a Time, I'll add it to the post. Considering it's going to be airing on Sundays before Desperate Housewives, that kinda scares me at the type of show this might be. I hope I'm not overly hyping a chick show! :-) (don't get me wrong, I watch them too lol)

AUStarwars said...

Alcatraz looks good, but like most Abrahms things, it seems like he had one good idea but taking it an entire series seems challenging..though it seems like each of the prisoners will be "Monster of the Week" episodes with an overarching mystery to solve..it seems very conspiracy based (cough:X-Files:cough) that I am sure will branch off into human experimentation/"Mutant Powers"/what we call monsters/etc. I will def watch it, just worried for the long term potential of not degenerating into too many MOTW eps (think Season 1 of Fringe compared to 2 and 3)...I am also worried that it is on Mondays..although if we dont have Football it may not matter lol..

Shows on NBC that are not Cop Dramas or Sunday Night Football? We all KNOW they ruin these,DO NOT GET SUCKED IN THEY WILL SIMPLY RUIN IT SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY!

You see I have been very jaded by this whole "end of The Event" thing and frankly since the end of Flash Forward, since I thought that show was actually very good and should not have been cancelled..NBC is an awful awful network

I once fleshed out a story very similar to Terra Nova so I'm looking forward to it..again it seems very "movie like" to me and not "TV Show" but we'll see..

Mike V. said...

AUSW - Yeah, I get a Fringe/X-Filesy vibe to Alcatraz...but obviously a LOSTian vibe too. lol I feel like they're going to tell 2 stories...the present day story of investigating these crimes/MOTW whatever you want to call it...but then these weekly characters (possibly recurring characters) will probably have flashback stories and we'll slowly see an interweaving tale in those flashbacks of what's going on. I'm guessing season 1 would probably rely more on the Crime of the Week type stuff...but it might morph into something once we have more information....a la the Fringe model. Or maybe it will be more serialized right from the start. We'll see I guess.

I hear you on NBC shows...but they really are trying to reinvent themselves this fall more than usual...they're already highly promoting the fall season on their website and on ew.com (linking to their website).....networks have to start somewhere. But, I hear you on being pessimistic.

You do realize FlashForward was ABC, right? It's all about ratings...the shows need to pull them in or else the network can't afford to continue producing it. FOX is showing immense faith in Fringe to keep pulling in steady Friday numbers. But FF on Thursday wasn't cutting it...The Event on Monday wasn't cutting it. Yes, the networks can be at fault...but these shows need to deliver some solid stuff too. It's a shame, it takes these shows pretty much a season to find their footing and find what works....it's rare that a show comes out blazing out of the gate. And people lose interest quickly. I'm not sure how to recitfy that but I can see why the networks are bailing on them. all hope isn't lost for THE EVENT yet...but I just don't know if Netflix is going to want to take a chance on it either.

Terra Nova - I'm on the fence on this one. Sure, it's in my wheelhouse so I have to watch....but there already are issues with the premise that network execs couldn't even answer when questioned last year lol So they're going to rebuild this population in prehistoric earth. Well, are they going to factor in the fact that the dinos went through an extinction period? Something humans probably couldn't survive either? Oh and...what about the original humans? Are they just going to co-habitate with them eventually? How does traveling to the past on the same planet to repopulate the species really SAVE the species? lol Or are we going to find out that it's one endless loop and that our ancestors (i.e. Adam and Eve) are actually from the future??? LOL Yikes....

AUStarwars said...

My bad on Flash Forward, well count Heroes then as another show NBC screwed up royally..hows that? lol

it was all about the mid season breaks for both shows, period..you cant order 6 eps of a show and not allow the staff to go in and rewrite..if as an executive you like the show and think it will do well, then stake your claim and allow it to succeed...you are losing ground to all the "semi reality shows" on HGTV/Bravo/E/etc anyway..i wish a network would hire me i swear..

Mike V. said...

I blame Tim Kring entirely on Heroes! What did NBC do to screw that up? They gave the Heroes crew 4 seasons to right that ship and they just couldn't! lol (that reminds me...TOUCH with Kiefer Sutherland will premiere on FOX this fall. Another Tim Kring show that I'll reluctantly get sucked into lol)

They order 12 or 13 episodes of a show btw lol They also have to figure out a way to air 22-24 hours of television from September to May. And now they have to combat fans' expectations for "no-reruns" in between new episodes. So their strategy has been for a "long hiatus" between long runs of episodes. No, it definitely isn't working. But, I think they know that.

I'm not sure if you noticed though...The Event dropped like a million viewers a week for those first few weeks...until they were averaging about 5 million before the hiatus. Those weren't the numbers that NBC was hoping for and I'm sure that helped them decide on the long hiatus. They already knew the show was not the "NEXT LOST or 24" that they hoped it would be. We could have told them that in September...but they had to see it happen for themselves.

As for hiring you....you and me both!! I'd love to be making decisions about what content to air! lol

Anonymous said...

1. Sophia being upset about killing all those humans, but forgetting she has an antidote is a little crazy.
2. Leila dieing is along those same lines, we KNOW there's an antidote.
3. Loved when the VP/Pres wouldn't just roll over. His character is so poorly written to me, a real hardnosed fighter sometimes and yet a wimp.
5. Loved when Prez's wife slapped Jarvis and called him out.
6. Green Hornet has Taylor Cole in it. But not for long.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for commenting Richard! I'll respond tomorrow after I watch (hopefully tonight!)

Kelly said...

I must admit, that opening scene with the little girl and Sophia was creepy to me. I enjoyed it :) and it showed that Sophia wasn't a TOTAL hardnosed jerk.. though it didn't stop her from going ahead with the plan.
Just a little dumb note- they showed the sleeper agent guy that Sean killed on the mall rooftop on TV.. like, his dead face. Don't they NOT show that sort of stuff on TV? But that's a very small thing, just wanted to touch on that.
I LOVE STERLING. Please tell me he has another job lined up somewhere!
I feel more and more sorry for Jarvis every week. Don't ask me why, I guess I have a soft spot for stupid guys that get in way over their heads and can't see that they're being completely duped. I mean, first Dempsey uses him, now Sophia. Idiot!
I did actually like this episode though. I liked how they brought Blake/Simon (Blimon?) and Sean/Vicky together. I like how they are setting things up for the (series) finale. And Zucky Zuckerman/Lord Zucks of Zuckington is still there, giving us more reasons to think of variations on his name.. even if I am overdoing it!

Onto the shows that aren’t dead (yet):
Yay Alcatraz!! I obviously love Jorge Garcia, and it'll be interesting to see Sarah Jones playing what seems to be a "good guy". I'm used to her being a total BIZ-NATCH in Sons of Anarchy! And Sam Neil? He was the only interesting thing about Happytown (yes, I watched it and want my time back!). Sam Neil always adds a creepiness that intrigues me.

Grimm- from the executive producers of Buffy and Angel? I'M IN! Watching the preview at first I was thinking, "nice premise, but looks poorly executed". Then in the second minute it got way more interesting, so I'm definitely down for this one!

Awake- this show actually looks REALLY good. Two quick Lost references in this preview- it opens up on the main characters eye opening.. and is that guy’s son Jack’s son in the sideways world?? And it is kind of a sideways reality show too, isn’t it? Still, looks very good. And totally different from the standard cop drama/doctor drama/reality show competition B.S. that we’ve been force-fed for sooo long.

Once Upon a Time- when I thought it was actually Grimm, I was happy to hear that it came from some of the Lost peeps. But honestly, the preview makes the show look kinda dumb. Overacted and a little too much for me. I’ll give it a whirl to see how it goes, but we’ll see.

From the looks of all these previews, it definitely seems that we have really interesting stuff next season. A far cry from the drivel they gave us last season. Let's just hope these shows live up to their potential. We don't want another Flashforward (the cancellation's still ticking me off) or The Event, do we??

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - thanks for the comments! I'll definitely get to the Event stuff tomorrow after I watch.

On the new stuff. Unfortunately the only trailer I've seen so far is still Alcatraz but I've heard good stuff about Awake. I'll be sure to check it all out later when I have some time! That's sad to hear the Once Upon a Time show doesn't seem to live up to the hype. It would seem ABC went a crazy family/girly route for its programming next season. Such a shame that this is the network that brought us LOST and it has turned into this. I'll have to check out the preview though.

As for Alcatraz, I'll be watching SoA this summer so I'll get to see what you mean about Sarah Jones lol As for Sam Neil...he'll always be the guy from Jurassic Park to me! lol

so we had a dull season of new shows. It was tough to fill in that LOST void. (ironic because the ABC resurgence with LOST, DH and GA came in the year following the end of FRIENDS which ultimately killed NBC) But, it seems that people have had a year to think this stuff through and come up with some fun new ideas. And of course...the talent from the LOST crow is spreading out across the networks so that helps!

Mike V. said...

once upon a time trailer

still haven't watched it though! lol

Kelly said...

well the preview that made me think it was dumb is this one:

but I found another one that makes it look more interesting:

I dunno, I guess we'll see when it comes out, huh?

AUStarwars said...

Wow I just saw the preview for Grimm..it looks even worse than I assumed it was going to be..love it as a mockery of the genre..i give it 4 weeks tops..and i wont be watching it

Once Upon a Time looks like it should be staring Linda Hamilton and Hellboy..and be on the WB or SyFy...i guess it is attempting to jump on the "Tru Blood" bandwagon..im not surprised it is on ABC given the rest of their Estrogen fueled Fall Lineup (no offense)

man who makes this campy crap...

Mike V. said...

Okay, so I had to force it into my normal Tuesday lineup but I watched The Event last night! I thought it was really good actually. Not "WOW - LOST's Heir has arrived" good but for the show it is, it was entertaining and has me looking forward to the finale next week. The biggest thing I was excited about was the moment between Simon and Sean in the car when Simon saw the scrolls and got a bit concerned. "it explains what happened....why we're here" (or something like that) Cue AUSW and his "Angels" theories. So Dempsey wasn't completely honest about everything. Interesting and of course he wasn't! The biggest thing I took from it is that they still DO have a plan for unveiling what THE EVENT is. So they weren't going to go for some cop-out that the mass extermination of humans is THE EVENT because it wouldn't have tied into the rest of the show. No, they did have an underlying plan and were just taking all season to get there. I'm hoping they reveal what THE EVENT is in the finale and based on previews it looks like they might.

Things I liked about the episode:
- The meeting of minds: Vicky, Sean, Sterling, Simon. I always like when these storylines finally interesect and the people you like start working together. It always shocks me that they wait an entire season to do it (heroes). And in Heroes, they split them all back up in episode 1 of season 2! WHAAAT?! Loved that Blake was instantly impressed with Sean's capabilities and sorta offered him a Gov't job. Love that Sean said he wouldn't work for Jarvis. Loved seeing someone like Sterling rummaging through trash for clues.

- Leila being sick - No it didn't improve her acting skills but it helped reduce her dialogue and gave us the hope that she might be a goner by the end of the season/series.

- ZUCKERBOY! No, he didn't say much but you just gotta love when he talks about Portal Arrays!

- Just the overall suspense of the episode as in the past few weeks. It's leading to a great finish.

Mike V. said...

Things to complain about:
- Jarvis still trying to save his tail and martinez actually being fearful of a "VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE" or whatever. Come on, who would actually vote to keep Jarvis in power? Though, Martinez definitely looked like he was still in bad shape.

- That Alien Doctor woman still was an awful in her role (Acting-wise). How about before Simon started the drill near her head...her robotic "you're already too late......" The screaming was a bit more convincing but it was still pretty rough! At one point when she was talking to Sophia she was looking down at a covered table and I could have sworn she was reading dialogue right from a script. I mean...I could tell how the writers wanted these lines to be delivered and she just gave them all a single tone like a bad presenter reading power point slides word for word. I think I could have played a female alien doctor better!

- Agreed with Kelly...showing the dead guy's face on the news? Come on...that never happens!

- Showing Sophia's empathy for the humans was nice to see she hasn't done a complete 180 but then agreeing so quickly to eliminate 98% of the Earth's population? Come on!! That's kind of ridiculous. Cue alien doctor "beep boop boop.....if the shoes were reversed...boop beep peep....you know what they'd do....domo arigato" Ooh that dialogue was so well read, I'm convinced!! Let's kill 8 billion people!

But yeah...the things to complain about are just a part of the show that I enjoy now too. It just wouldn't be the same if I could take it all seriously! So, we did learn that Sean still has strong feelings for Leila. So, this probably means he hasn't really developed feelings for the Vickster yet. I guess we'll see if that changes in one episode or if it was meant to be a longer arc into season 2. I'm not convinced Leila will necessarily die though.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I'll respond to Richard and Kelly's remarks next!

Mike V. said...

1.) I think you're confused about the antidote. The antidote was to cure Martinez's condition...not the Spanish Flu!
2.) Same comment.
3.) Agreed.
5. (going by your numbers lol)) Yep, liked Christina giving Jarvis a nice slap in the face as well!
6.) lol...maybe I'll check it out.

I enjoyed the creepy opening too. That scene plus the one on the ship when examining the Spanish Flu body were the right amount of creepy that added a little more tension to this show, which I felt was lacking before.
Totally enjoy Zeiko (Sterling) in everything he does too. I'm sure he won't starve for work long.
I have no soft spot for Jarvis...it's a pretty rough character, I agree with Richard! But that's nice that he has you in his corner for sympathy lol
Love the ZUCK references!

BTW - Finally watched previews of Awake and Once Upon a Time (the youtube one you linked to). Awake looks good but yeah...could be a stretch to see big ratings stick around on that one. I'll definitely be watching though. Once Upon a Time...doesn't look AWFUL, but I'm not sold yet. One thing I've learned though...you can't judge a show by the Pilot episode alone. Shows need time to breathe and figure out where they're going. We just have to hope that viewers are intrigued enough by the premise, characters and initial story arcs to stick around and see where it's going. So, we'll just have to see!

MJ said...

The only trailer I have seen yet is Alcatraz - and I'm on board with that one. I too feel a sense of skepticism with any new genre shows and hesitate to watch - til I remind myself if I don't watch it when new then it never gets renewed cause no one is watching. Vicious circle !

Haven't watched Grimm or Once trailers - not sure I like the descriptions really - but we shall see. Too early to worry about it. But fell that Terra Nova is doomed - very expensive to make and it's been postponed 2 times.

On HIMYM - They are stating that we should not assume it's Nora or Robin at all. And ...Carter [Bays, co-creator] told TV Guide Magazine that the wedding is the beginning of Ted’s love story and the end of somebody else’s. Is there anything you’d like to add to that?
All I’ll say is that when we eventually get to that future wedding day, it is definitely not what everyone would expect. It’s not a wedding day that will go completely smoothly, but it will end with Barney being married. It’s not a fake-out. It’s not going to be something where he runs away from it. Barney Stinson will get married that day, and we will show to whom and exactly how it goes down.

So now I'm thinking the 'end' of someones love story could be Robin/Barney ending ! Loved seeing Ranjit the taxi guy too. I was surprised by the pregnancy - morning sickness does not usually involve both north and sout - if ya know what I mean. Loved this quote "In typical HIMYM fashion, the last moments of tonight’s episode answered one
question while raising several others. (This really is the Lost of sitcoms,
isn’t it?) "

Wait til you see Chuck ! I was floored !

And wow ! Was GoT bloody or what !

Mike V. said...

MJ - I did watch Chuck and loved it!! I'll comment more after a meeting. (on all your comments lol)

Mike V. said...

@MJ -

I think I read the same interview as you on HIMYM. Very intriguing stuff! It's crazy how open they are with the plot of this show. I'm not sure if it's good or bad. But they said that the month of November will be all about Barney and Robin. It's also crazy that they have mapped out and are writing the next season already. It must be really great to get that 2 year renewal and be able to plan like that. Kinda like LOST with their 3 season deal to end the show (love or hate what they did, it's still great as a writer to have that guarantee). It would just be better to know if after that 2 years that it's the end or they're gonna keep going.

As for new shows - yeah, I'm always on board. You just never know what's going to work and what doesn't until you give them a chance. Committing to one for recapping is a different story! Hence, why I created this site instead of another stand-alone site for THE EVENT lol But ironically, it's probably the shows that we'd least expect that are gonna be the big/successful ones. I also agree that I think Terra Nova is a doomed show.

AWESOME! Even though I had already seen Sarah in the wedding dress in the preview it didn't stop the episode from being emotionally compelling. The episode was great....and the setup for the next and final season is fantastic. Rogue Team and Morgan is the intersect LOL good times. Once I saw the sunglasses I knew where it was going. I'm sure it will be something that is corrected after an episode or 2. But it will be fun to see Morgan with some crazy abilities. Totally knew he was going to say "guys, I know Kung Fu!" I actually would have been upset if he didn't! And great way to keep the Buy More involved by making Chuck and Sarah the owners. I like how they're going to try to link Fulcrum, The Ring, Volkov etc...together into a giant conspiracy.

Yeah, that was the best episode yet and for the most part totally going with the books. Have you figured anything out yet with what's going on!? I never did until they revealed it in the book...but based on some comments I read it seems people have figured it out (unless they're lying and have read the books). If you want to guess I won't tell you if you're right or wrong. lol As for plots that were not detailed in the book? The King's brother Renly having a male/male affair with the Knight of Flowers. Not one minute of that was in the book but George R.R. Martin suggests that it was implied somehow. lol The scene between the King and his wife Cercei was also not in the book...but I loved it. The thing with the book is that the chapters were told by 8 characters in the books and from their perspective...so if they weren't present for some events, we didn't see it. There were no perspectives told from the King or Cercei's point of view...so we never would have seen that scene. But surely it could have happened. I am starting to see where the show can branch out from the books a bit which is great. I don't like the idea of going chapter by chapter and seeing literally what was in the book. I like it to be spiced up a bit! LOL
One other difference....I don't think that sword fight between Ned and Jaime was as choreographed in the books. It was just flat out mayhem and I think a horse fell on Ned's leg...that other guy didn't shoot an arrow into it. But same result I guess lol

Good stuff! I'm making my way into book 2 and it's great stuff also...can't wait for season 2!

Mike V. said...

JJ Abrams talks "Alcatraz"


MJ said...

I saw the glasses but I STILL did not see Morgan putting them on! You might be right about it only lasting a few eps but I think it could be fun to leave it for a bit. Chuck was a reluctant intersect inthe beginning and wanted to get rid of it - I see Morgan as thinking this is the coolest thing ever. Loved their pre-wedding practice, but I'm a sucker for those things. "Russians, so many Russions" just cracked me up. Poor Casey - he promised Alex to keep Morgan safe - now he's the intersect.

Agree about HIMYM - it's great that they have the time and knowledge to map out 2 years ahead. Just like Chuck now being able to write their ending just right.

Yikes - I didn't even know that I should be looking for something in GoT ! So no, I have not yet caught on, just been enjoying the show. Except that they seem to be making a bigger deal about the King's bastard children. When that guy cut off that horses head I about fell of my couch. And Lady Starks wife's sister - nursing that 10 year old kid. Holy smokes. I also loved that scene betw the king and queen

Mike V. said...

Chuck: Yeah it could be fun to see Morgan have fun with being the intersect for awhile....but how long can we have Chuck just being normal?? unless he starts to learn how to become a spy without the powers or realize he never needed them. lol The Russians comment was hysterical. And the references to Ronald Reagan were great too! Touche' on Casey keeping Morgan safe. (or not lol)

Exactly with HIMYM and Chuck.

As for GoT - It's not like it's a mystery or anything...things just unfold throughout the book. I definitely didn't try to figure out anything when reading. I just thought it was interesting to see comments of people piecing it together! We know that Ned is investigating the murder of John Arryn...it's the whole reason he took on the position of Hand of the King (at least it's clear in the book maybe not in the show lol). And there's the whole business with Bran "falling" off the walls and then someone trying to kill him. There is definitely some kind of scheming going on. But yes...Ned definitely has been finding quite a few bastard children of the King hasn't he?
The horse decapitation....it's probably also not clear in the show (without having read the book)....that the knight of flowers was fighting sandor clegane who is the hound's brother (the hound is Joffrey's bodyguard of sorts)....the brothers hate each other....so when Sandor was going to kill Flowers....Hound jumped in and started fighting his brother. Have I mentioned the book is really good!? lol
And yeah...the Lisa Arryn (Catelyn's sister) nursing the boy....definitely from the book but I never thought they'd show that on tv. That kid is such a wuss in the book and they seemed to have captured him perfectly! But, of course, the reason he is like that is because his mother is crazy and over-protective!

It's all good stuff!

Mike V. said...

my bad..."GREGOR" Clegane not "SANDOR".....Hound is Sandor....Mountain is Gregor. Impossible to keep up with all of this stuff! lol

LostFamily said...

Doesn't anyone else think Mr. Zuckerman looks like Tony Shaloub? I've been calling him Monk when watching the show. I enjoyed this episode. Don't think Leila is going to die, but not sure how they'll explain it except to say she's semi-immune - maybe she'll need to live in a bubble so Sean can't ever be with her. Loved the slap also- good times with the First Lady. I'm bummed the series is canceled but hope they find a way to continue the story- we need to know about the "we were here first" comment.

Mike V. said...

@LOST Family - Tony Shaloub is an excellent observation! I hadn't noticed it before but now that you mention it, they are very similar looking. Good stuff! Leila, yeah probably too easy for her to die but we'll see tomorrow. As for the "we were here first" comment, I believe that was in the previews for this finale episode. So, maybe we'll get an explanation on that anyway!

By the way to everyone, I have written a new LOST Blog posting for the 1 year anniversary of the finale and it will be going live at midnight! Go check it out then! http://www.lostaddictsblog.com Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!

MJ said...

Haven't seen last night's GoT's yet.

Looking forward to tonights finale of Event though.

No mention of Falling Skies ? Looking forward to that next month and the eventual return of Breaking Bad and SoA.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, it wasn't on my priority list (Falling Skies) but every time I see a preview...I think that it's probably something I'd like to watch! lol

I never have gotten into those TNT dramas but this one might get me.

Enjoy GoT! I'm still trying to watch ep 7 via HBO Go. Lots of technical issues with a lot of traffic after last night's episode so I only watched 20 minutes before turning in for the night. I'll try to watch the rest tonight.

But...this stuff is going down exactly like the books and they're doing a really good job with it all! But at the same time, it feels more fluid than the first few episodes where I felt like we were reading the book word for word on screen. Good stuff!