Monday, December 12, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episode 11 - Within

Hello Terra Novians and welcome back for more recapping!  This season is building up to one climactic showdown as we close in on the 2 hour season/series finale next week.  Mostly what I read seems to indicate that we'll at LEAST see a season 2 of this show to help justify all of the work that went into producing the show (location, effects, various rewrites, etc...).  And based on how the series has evolved over this half order, I wouldn't be upset to see it return.  Of course, I wouldn't be jumping in my boots either (no, I don't own any boots so that could be tough anyway).  I think a 12-13 episode season order suits this show well.  Not sure how it would fare over a 22-24 episode full season.  I could envision lots more cheese than we ever witnessed in those middle episodes this season!  Anyway, those little seeds of mythology that have been planted from episode to episode are finally taking front and center stage in these final episodes.  And they have to be the strongest that the show has produced yet.  Don't worry, I still found some hidden cheese gems in there.  But, on the other hand with Zoe getting absolutely no lines and maybe 10 seconds of screen time it's tough to find a lot of cheese!  Fortunately, Josh and Maddie are still up to no good!

So enough of me rambling about anything under the sun, let's get recapping!

So, I don't think we need to get into too many details here.  It was mostly setup for the finale and characters discovering secrets that we mostly already knew.  And some obvious plot points playing out (i.e. Skye's exposure and semi-forgiveness).  But I'll point out the highlights from each sub-plot.

Operation: Find The Rat
So we had narrowed down the rat to a woman who has access to the medical facilities in Terra Nova.  We see Jim questioning some random girls and then eventually Skye. 

  • Skye lied to Jim and said she was teaching Josh chess.  She then had to build on that and tell Josh to lie to his father.  

  • Meanwhile Wash found a potential hole in their security perimeter so they planted a camera on it.  Sure enough Skye is seen leaving and Josh gets grounded for lying.  awwww
  • Naturally, Taylor is devastated that Skye would do this to him and their community.  But eventually, they set up a fake convoy to try and draw out the Sixers and end the conflict for good.   Only problem is the Sixers didn't show?  Jim pieced it together.  While Skye was a rat, she wasn't giving them good intel, so obviously they must have leverage over her.   Wow, that Jim sure is smart!  It's like someone is writing down his thoughts to paper and making him say them to a camera or something! 

  • Meanwhile, Lucas has taken an interest in Skye this episode and gives her an important mission to help process and reconcile his calculations.  He needs access to the Eye in Terra Nova.  The dude is clearly off his rocker and threatens to kill her mother if he doesn't comply.  

  • So, while Skye has given some bad information to the Sixers, she also did the most damage possible by helping Lucas with his reverse portal back to the future. 
  • Once she learns that the people who employed the Sixers would be coming to Terra Nova to pillage the lands of all of their resources and end Taylor's reign, she was absolutely devastated and told her mother the truth of what's been going on.   Her mother cold not stand the thought of her doing this anymore and accepted her fate to die so that Skye would be free of this conflict.  

  • Skye returned to an outpost which Taylor and Jim had tracked her to and there was a mini-showdown.  She promises to be done with lying and Taylor is having a hard time believing it.  But, she brought up Somalia, August 2138 as proof that she met with Taylor's son and that he has solved the reverse portal issue and all hell is about to break loose.  Taylor had no choice but to go after Lucas at Hope Plaza.  

  • In the end of the Rat story, Curren (the exiled Terra Novian) was given a 2nd chance by saving Skye's mother in the Sixer camp.  Her mother is now at Terra Nova and under the care of Elizabeth who thinks she can synthesize the treatment that the Sixers were giving her.  Sweet! 

  • Taylor and Skye's reconciliation?  That will have to come another day. 

The Portal 
So we learned a few more things about the portal in this episode.  Minor things though as Taylor doesn't understand how it works either.  And we also saw Lucas work his magic to change the portal's function forever. 
  • Basically, Hope Plaza was built over several pilgrimages with the supplies brought on each trip to Terra Nova.  Before it was built, people were ending up all over the place.  But now, Hope Plaza is the ONLY place that people can arrive to the past.  An important tidbit with the conflict that is coming.  

  • The 11th Pilgrimage is coming in a few days and with it a conflict that will surely take place in this season's finale. 
  • After Lucas's calculations were complete, he set course for the portal and used it as a weapon (with that crazy key the Sixers stole from Terra Nova) to clear away the Terra Nova battalion stationed around there.  Hmm, that was pretty crazy.  

  • Crazy Lucas was actually happy to see Taylor and Shannon show up.  The only thing keeping him alive in exile was the thought of Taylor being there to see him win.    

  • He pretty much brings up the same speech that he already told Skye.  He can't wait to see him dethroned and Terra Nova pillaged.  He doesn't care about the innocent people that will be affected.  He promises that he won't be alone when he returns and vanishes through the portal.  And alas, we have a 2-sided portal! 

  • Of course, Jim tried to follow Lucas through the portal but it stopped working the second Lucas stepped through.  So maybe only Lucas will have the ability to go back and forth for now.

  • In the end, Taylor finally (kinda) fessed up to what happened in Somalia, August 2138.  As we all assumed, it has to do with his wife/Lucas's mother.  Apparently, he wasn't able to save her.  Save her from what?  Who knows, but he sometimes cannot blame Lucas for not being able to forgive him.   I guess the story of what happened to her will be saved for another time.  

  • The episode ends with Taylor giving a speech to Terra Nova.  Families that should have been away from harm and conflict are now being thrust into a war with the future.  But Taylor says they will prevail!  And there's no doubt that we should believe him, but only to a certain degree.  There has to be a cliffhanger after all!  

The Cheese
  • Notice I didn't even think telling Maddie's story of finding a core to power her plex was recap worthy?  The entire thing belongs in the cheese list!   She hasn't done homework in over 24 hours!  Reynolds teasing her about it.  The whole "you're amazing"/"right back atcha" dialogue between those crazy 2.   Josh helping her try and find a core by taking her to shady no legs guy who needs a wheel.  Boylan having a wheel, but being scared of Maddie's dad and giving her a core for the hell of it to get in Jim's good graces.  CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE! 

  • Skye's nickname is Bucket???  I don't care how endearing it is that she got the name for wanting to be like her dad.  It's still silly!   Sillier that Lucas kept calling her it. 
  • Josh: "I've been grounded since the day I came through that portal!"  (but I was going to Tosche station to pick up some power converters!!)  

  • Taylor reminiscing on giving Skye a sonic gun for her birthday.  Ahhh he sure knows the way to a little girl's heart! 

  • Jim reporting on who he thought was the sixers but it was Plant-o-saurs that were "50 feet tall, grey and very very hungry."  Whew...

Well, I'm struggling to find more as there was definitely much less in the episode!  It was a pretty decent showing for Terra Nova.  I will cover the 2 hour finale next week and then we'll see what happens if there's a season 2.  This was, after all, only meant to be something to keep me occupied until Alcatraz finally came to our TVs!  (January 16th!!)  As I have mentioned various times and this probably won't be the last,  my world is about to get rocked in the next few weeks with a new addition to the family.  So, there's no telling how this will affect my TV watching/ recapping (ESPECIALLY in January but not excluding the rest of the year/ my life!).   So, I just ask everyone to please be patient if things slow down around here.  I will try to post as often as I can!  But I don't know if I'll be as religious as I've been the past few years with LOST, FlashForward and everything that has followed on this blog.  We'll take it day by day!  

So with that said, we still have one more 2 hour episode of Terra Nova to go before any of this should be an issue.  So, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Dexter, Chuck, among others.  Feel free to join in!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: AlcatrazAwake and Touch.   I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


Kelly said...

Good episode, though I think it was cheesy that Skye's mom lived. Not that I WANT her to die, but I hate how happy these endings seem to be! Follow through on something, huh?? Like, when Josh stole those meds did he get in trouble at all? Not even a slap on the wrist. Maybe he got grounded or something, whoopdee doo. Unless Skye's mother is going to turn out to be really important, then she could be the sacrifical lamb.
Lucas is nuts, FINALLY someone that is just a bad guy- not someone who's actions are justified.. yet. lol, I'm sure there will be a "good reason" for what he's done... if they don't get to it next week, then they'll get to it next season (if it gets renewed).
I agree about the 13-episode season. Sometimes less is more.. like, while I LOVE Sons of Anarchy, I'm glad they only usually have 13 episodes per season. It gives a quality to the episodes so that there isn't as much useless filler.
The return of the wheelchair guy! Yeah, that whole side story was pure Gouda. Or maybe Cheddar. Can't decide, lol. Not sure what the point of it all was, except filler. Unless Maddie's whatever-it-is will factor in with next week's episode. Even if it is, it seemed like a long way to go for something that pointless.
I still love Taylor, and I keep picturing Hank Scorpio from the Simpsons and loving him even more! I couldn't find any good vids of Scorpio, unfortunately. Most of them were in Spanish, lol.
Definitely looking forward to next week's finale, and I do hope there's a season 2.. 75% of me wants a season 2, lol.
In other news, seems like things will be quiet for a bit since there's not much new TV for a little while, huh? Like, is every show on hiatus now? Or at least starting next week? Revenge and Once didn't say that the next episodes will be new.. but ME WANTEE!! lol..
Speaking of Once, did you see the # of Regina's house? 108! Woo! If you didn't see the episode, I won't spoil it for anyone!
And Mike, you're from Philly, right? I went there with a friend on Saturday, and we fell in love with it! Went to Eastern State Penitentiary (been wanting to go for years) and took a ton of cool pics.. Went to the Mutter Museum and got totally weirded out, lol. Had a cheesesteak at Jim's Steaks and checked out that whole area over there. I want to move there! Seriously!

Mike V. said...

LOL on wanting Skye's mom to die. That's a good time! That's funny that you think Lucas is just a bad guy! Right now he's a villain, but I'm just assuming somehow he and Daddy will mend fences. lol Yep, totally agree with shorter seasons. I'm getting kind of tired of FULL season shows. It's just too much to keep up with! Even with Fringe! But that's still how network tv works except in special circumstances (a la LOST). But this season it looks like FOX did a lot of half season orders. And we're going to see that with TOUCH and Alcatraz trading off on Mondays.

I'd totally go ricotta with the side story. :-) Good point on Maddie's PLEX factoring into next week. you could be right.

It's December Kelly! Where is your Holiday Spirit, Scrooge!? lol Of course things are on Winter hiatus! MY wife and I are actually shocked that things are still airing this week. Last year this time we were in Disney world and weren't missing much TV! lol So yes, that was ONCE's fall finale. It'll be back in January.

As far as ONCE go to the SOA post. MJ and I have been discussing. And yes I saw the 108 and the flash sideways revelations lol

And I believe I brought up your whole Philly visit somewhere in that SOA discussion too! Yes, I grew up in South Jersey, just outside of Philly....and now I'm on the West side of "outside" of Philly. You may be the first person I hear that has come to the area and LOVED it! Don't get me wrong, I totally love Philly, but outsiders have such a negative view of the birthplace of our nation it's crazy! you were right near my brother's house when you were at the "MUMMERS" museum. lol The parade goes right down their street on New Years! I've actually never been to Eastern State Penitentiary but I've heard good things. Jim's has some excellent steaks...unfortunately, I should have recommended that you check out Pat's and Geno's too! Pat's is my favorite of the "TOURIST" Cheesesteaks (nothing like a drunken trip to Pat's at 2am but those days are pretty much behind me now lol). There are plenty of other great places that make them too.

Glad you liked the town! Spread the word. We need more of that spirit about the town outside of Philly!

Mike V. said...

And please tell me you went to the art museum to pay homage to Rocky's statue!? lol (The art museum snobs hate that thing since there's actually REAL art there, but everyone goes there to get their picture by it. It's a must!)

Kelly said...

I have Christmas spirit, I just want my shows, too! Lol, just kidding. I'm actually looking forward to not having to watch TV for a while!
I'll check out the other comments for the other discussions.
I'm big into architecture, especially if it's falling apart. So Eastern State was really exciting for me. I'm also into haunted stuff- I've done overnights at a prison and an insane asylum- so ESP is right up my alley!
We really wanted to go to the Rocky stairs, but we didn't have enough time. It was only a day trip, but we both keep saying that we really want to go back soon.
We saw the Magic Gardens from outside, but it was nighttime so we figured that we'd go inside next time.
I don't know how other people have such a bad reaction to Philly.. it just seemed like we fit right in. And man, is it cheap! I'm used to much more expensive living, and yet I don't get compensated enough, so it's a major struggle for all of us here.
My friend's husband suggested Jim's, I definitely know of Pat's and Geno's and that whole rivalry they have going on. Definitely next time (because there will be a next time!).
I did a quick job search when I got home Sunday, and I instantly found a job that pays $5k more per year than what I make now, and the rent there is about $200/month less, and gas is $3.01 in jersey (it's $3.60 here on LI). Right there are enough financial smiley faces that I really think I may move out there within a year. And then I could run up those Rocky steps and bask in victory! lol

Mike V. said...

That's my thought with the hiatus! Sometimes I need a break from TV shows, as much as I love them. It's only magnified when there are recap expectations to meet! :-) (and yes, it's an expectation that I thrust upon myself. lol)

Interesting on the overnights in prisons/aslyums! lol That's cool that you want to go back, plenty to see! And if you do, you might want to see if you can sneak past the guards and lick the Liberty Bell! (How I Met Your Mother Season 1 reference lol)

That's hysterical that you think of Philly as CHEAP! You should go to my wife's hometown in Tennessee, you'll see cheap! lol But yeah, Philly vs. New york it's definitely a difference. My dad works in Manhattan but lives in Jersey so he gets the best of both worlds. Higher Salary, cheaper living. But what an awful commute! You can't go wrong with a Jim's steak so you did good, plus then you got to check out South Street (even though there are other Jim's locations AND you can order them online to be shipped to your house!) But my love for Pat's is that they put the cheese on TOP of the steak so it's ooey and gooey and wonderful (if you get the cheez wiz that is lol) ....also the cheese fries can't be missed either! Ginos butters their bread with the cheese and it's just not the same. But many swear by them.

Good luck if you do indeed look to move to the area! But yeah..definitely visit again. lol

Kelly said...

OMG cheese fries?? I am a total sucker for cheese fries!
South Street was definitely cool.. we got a beer in a dog-friendly bar. My friend got a Guinness for $3.50, I got a Yuengling for $4.. only I know all about how to order a Yuengling in PA (it's called a LAGER, lol).
I worked in NYC for 2 years, the commute was horrible. An hour and a half from door to door each way if I was lucky! I took the train in, which is completely unreliable. I sure do miss that salary, but the cost to my mental health wasn't worth it!
I'll let you know when I go back, you can give me the skinny on what to do :)

Mike V. said...

Yes cheese fries with Cheez Wiz poured all over them. It's delicious! And definitely 3 heart attacks in a cup. lol
You're absolutely right about just ordering a LAGER. I love yuengling. You're right, you fit right in here!

I hear you on the salary vs. mental health. I don't know if I could handle it! lol

Definitely keep me posted, I'll think of some stuff.

Leslie said...

I don't have anything to add to what you have already covered on this week's episode. Like Mike said, mostly setup for the finale. It'll be interesting to see how they end the season next week.

I finally watched all of the ONCE episodes mostly due to comments you guys made. I wasn't sure about it just by hearing the premise, but I've really enjoyed it. But, I have to ask, what's the significance of the 108? You all mentioned it, so there must be something I missed.

And, when I went to the SOA post (which I don't watch) to see the comments on ONCE this week, I saw I missed discussion on AHS last week. I feel left out! :) I never know where these comments will be! I hadn't heard the rumors about Violet, so I was surprised to learn she had died. Can't wait for tonight's episode called "Birth". What will they reveal to us this week?????

Mike V. said...


Glad to hear you checked out ONCE! 108 is a classic reference to LOST. It was the number of minutes on the HATCH clock in season 2 but also a sum of the infamous numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) which also were entered into the hatch computer to reset the clock every 108 minutes. lol Since Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (ONCE showrunners) were writers on LOST, they tend to throw a few Easter Eggs into the show every now and then. There's been at least 1 reference in the past 3 episodes with an Apollo Bar, MacCutcheon Whisky and now the 108. And of course the Pilot episode was full of references too. (Clock in Storybrooke was stuck at 8:15 until Emma got to town)

It's tough to figure out where we're talking about this stuff! lol Sorry for the confusion! I'd just check out the comments on any show and see what's being discussed. I usually try to break up each show's comments separately as follows:

AHS (lol) - Yeah, I felt like was pretty blatant in asking Ryan Murphy about that rumor so I assumed a lot of people read it! I guess I was the only one :-). But was still pretty shocking regardless. No idea what will be revealed but I'm sure seeing these 2 babies will be a bit of a shocking reveal! I'm sure it's just what my wife and I need to see as we're weeks away from bringing a child into the world! LOL

Leslie said...

Well, duh! I'm embarrassed! My mind immediately went to the LOST numbers, but it didn't make the connection with the 108 minutes! That's pretty pathetic on my part! You know what they say, it's the first thing to go! lol I caught the 8:15 and the whiskey...oh well.

Oh, and I agree that Dexter may not be the best thing to watch in labor. lol Great show, but maybe not right for that occasion! I watch it on Netflix, so I'm a season behind, and I try to avoid reading those comments.

By the way, do you plan to let us know when your happy day arrives? I think all your faithful readers would love to know.

Mike V. said...

Naaa...don't worry about it Leslie, it happens to the best of us! I dread the day I forget some lost knowledge though! lol

I didn't realize Dexter finally added seasons to Netflix. For awhile it was just seasons 1 and 2...that's how we got started! Definitely need to catch up on this season though.

As far as a birth announcement, I'll be sure to add something to the blog. I'm gonna have to to let people know that the posting habits may start changing! :-)

Leslie said...

Netflix hasn't added Dexter to streaming yet (passed Season 2), so I switched to the DVDs. After I got hooked, I couldn't wait for more streaming. :)

I'm glad to hear you plan to post a birth announcement. I wish you and your wife a smooth delivery and healthy baby!

Mike V. said...

Oh I think that's what we did too! (Streaming then Discs)

Thanks for the well wishes! I hope so too! :-)

Mike V. said...

Okay folks...AHS comments...go! There's an interview with a certain actor/actress on that will remain nameless until I know if people are ready to discuss! But go check it out! I'd put the direct link to the article but it spells out the person's name! lol

Leslie said...

AHS - Great episode! Guess we have to wait until next week to see what the baby looks like. I think we kinda figured Vivien would die in childbirth, but have we really seen the last of the first baby that was stillborn? It was funny how they all just seemed to accept that there was a doctor and nurses that magically appeared to help with the delivery. So, Ben is the last man standing, but I'm guessing not for long.

Mike V. said...

There's an interview with Ryan Murphy again on EW too that's pretty good.

It was interesting that the "stillborn" baby was given to the original owner of the house (forget her name). I don't think we've seen the last of either baby. But we'll see! It is interesting that Ben is in the same position that Larry was in when this show started. His entire family is now stuck in that house. Someone in the comments there speculated that season 1 may end with him in the nuthouse and in season 2 trying to get back into the house with his family (very much like Larry). Seems like it might be too clean to kill them all off! But, it wouldn't surprise me if they do. Pretty crazy show! I just don't know how they'll keep it interesting next year. We'll see!

Really the only person that needed to accept all the ghosts appearing was Ben...and it seemed like he was in that hypnosis state again. Remember when Rubber man was doing the deed with Vivien back in the pilot? Ben was sleepwalking or in that hypnosis state and about to do something with the oven (I think?? i forget)....and then Constance said "NOT NOW".....and in this episode he she looked at him and said "NOW". Hmm...maybe symbolic of getting the bun OUT of the oven? lol But when that happened, he seemed to realize that his daughter was dead and he was surrounded by dead people but the most important thing was getting those babies out of Vivien. I guess Vivien kinda knew what was going on too...since she welcomed death in the end. Really crazy episode, crazy show....but I do love it!

Leslie said...

Good interview. I'm starting to think the baby will look totally normal. I hadn't made the connection with Ben being in the same place as Larry was. And, after my embarrassing question on 108 yesterday, I have another because I've read conflicting recaps now. In the flashback at the beginning when Tate was a kid and went in the basement, Nora called that ghost Thaddeus, and I thought that was the infantata, but one recap I read sad it was a "new" ghost.

Mike V. said...

Thaddeus may just be the infantata's name. But Ryan Murphy seemed to be pretty firm that that was the infantata in his interview. And don't worry on asking embarrassing questions. I haven't even been keeping track of the infantata's story and had to look up how much I've let go right over my head! lol

Leslie said...

Thanks, that's what I thought, but then I read a recap on that said Thaddeus was new.

I'm definitely looking forward to the finale and this "most shocking scene" Ryan mentioned. I hope we do get a sense of where they plan to take things next season.

Kelly said...

I onced dated a guy from PA, so I was schooled in the ways of Lager. I once ordered a Yeungling and the bartender looked at me as if I had ordered a bottle of boogers, lol. And when "Lager" came to NY I was really really excited! It was weird being in Philly and not seeing Blue Point beer, though (a local brewery). Have you ever seen it around? Toasted Lager, Hoptical Illusion, Blueberry?
ANYWAY, AHS was great.. except for stupid Hayden- I really can't stand her! Thankfully she only came in for that one-liner though. I'm so interested to see what happens in the finale. Will Ben stay in the house? Will he live or die? If he dies, what will happen next season?
It's so crazy how the writers (and the actor) can still make Tate likeable, even after all of the horrible things he's done. When he was all upset and crying and yelling when Violet was giving him the smackdown, I really did feel bad for him! I know he'll be back, I wonder how they'll approach that, too.
There's more I wanted to say, but it's time to go home now, lol.

Mike V. said...

Eh, every once in awhile I'll order a "YUENGLING" and not a "LAGER" and I'm treated just fine! lol Depends on the place I order it. In a nice restaurant, I may say the name. a loud Bar, "lager!" But I can't say I've ever heard of Blue Point beer. Hoptical Illusion is a fantastic name though! I'm sure somewhere around here has it. There's a few places with lots of taps so I'll keep an eye out!

Yep, those are pretty much the questions right now! I'm pretty excited to see if Vivien goes after Tate in the afterlife for what he put her family through! Yeah, I guess Tate can still be looked at as a sympathetic character. But I don't understand how he knew he was dead the whole time but didn't know the details of what he did in the high school. He'll definitely be back. And I think the Harmons are going to have some words for him!

My feelings on next season is that it will have to be a new family moving in. But the beauty of the show is that Vivien and Violet can still remain part of the show forever. And MAYBE Ben. We'll have to see what happens to him! But I do like the idea that he becomes the new Larry next year.

MJ said...

I thought the Rocky statue was moved to near the stadiums ? At least it was like 3 years ago cause I had an out of towner and we had to go and it was across from the stadium on the street. Thenw e had to go to the art museum jsut so he could run the steps.

AHS - OMG ! I was a day late in watching so I avoided coming here.

Do we really think that the first baby was stillborn ?

I was surprised Viv died - I thought that Viv and Ben would stay willingly to be with Violet.

This show was like a truth bomb went off ! Ben finally has a clue and Violet too. And even Tate.

Keeping it interesting next year is what frightenes me. This same guy did Nip/Tuck which was fab and fresh and outrageous when it first came out. Then every following year became more ridiculous with him trying to top himslef and it became a caricature. I'm sooo hoping this does not occur with this show.

I totally did not catch anything with Now or Not Now.

I'm wanting some answers from Constance! And how has Constance not yet figured out that Violet is dead? Clever how the medium played along with Violet though. And bringing in the famous 'Cracatoa' story was fun.

yeah - a Vivian/tate smackdown would be great fun.

Mike V. said...

MJ -
The Rocky statue has been back and forth. For a long time it was at the Spectrum (which is gone now) and I think they always moved it back if they were filming a Rocky movie that was utilizing it. lol But at some point (don't remember when) it was agreed to move it to the bottom of the steps. It's kind of hidden and, like I mentioned, Art Museum snobs don't like to admit it's there and a more popular attraction than the museum itself! lol But it's definitely there. Unless there are 2 versions of the statue and one is still near the stadiums but I'm pretty sure it's just at the art museum now.

No idea if the first baby is really a still born. I wouldn't doubt Constance or the Doctor (forget who said it) lying about it.

I just assumed, again based on lots of people's speculation, that the whole family would die by the end and bring in a new family next year. But now I'm liking the theory that Ben survives and takes over the Larry role. We'll see!

Yep, I don't know if I mentioned it here or somewhere else...but Ryan Murphy doesn't have a good repuation after 1 or 2 seasons with a show. Glee came out swinging in season 1 and so did Nip/Tuck...but then they just went down the toilet. (though I heard people were all excited about that "CARVER" season on Nip/Tuck...not sure when that was. lol)

Good question how Constance hasn't figured out about Violet yet. You'd think after Violet kept apologizing to Vivien and telling her to let go at the end she would have figured it out. But Constance may have been out of the room by then. Actually, she definitely was so nevermind! Not sure I know what the Cracatoa story is!! lol

MJ said...

I actually quit during Carver season. I hated it, but was just over the whole show by then.

You never heard of Cracatoa ? I'm sure I spelled it wrong but that story they told about a whole village disappearing and only that word left behind is an old urban legend. Think it's a true one.

MJ said...

Oh - and I loved the bitch-fest with Constance and the Quinto character. Too, too funny. And Qunito's conversation with Tate was classic.

I'm sure it's not considered important in the story but I'd love to know how the death of his wife givig birth at home with no midwife or professionals at all will be explained to the police.

That interview certainly is talking up that finale ! Interesting what he is saying about what the medium is saying is not always true/accutate.

Mike V. said...

Ahhhhh the story the medium told lol Naaa never heard of it, but now at least I know what you're talking about. :-)

Yeah the Quinto/Constance scene was great. Apparently both actors asked Ryan Murphy if they could have a scene together...and it spawned from that. Murphy said it turned out to be a really good scene. Quinto/Tate conversation was great too. Agreed!

Good point about reporting to the police....of course, there have been many deaths this season where bodies just seem to disappear. So, there's a chance they may cover up her death too.

Definitely interesting that the medium could be a fraud. He had said awhile ago not to necessarily believe the whole "anti-christ" thing. He thought it was a fun discussion to bring up in the show but that's not necessarily what the baby is. lol