Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  Welcome to the new likely failed experiment known as the "Revolution Recap"!  No, I'm not saying the show wasn't enjoyable, because it was.  But, we've been down this road before since LOST has left the airwaves.  Flashforward (while LOST was still airing), The Event, Terra Nova, Alcatraz have all come and gone leaving us with 1 season each.  While LOST did bring us 6 seasons of great storytelling (and yes, some will still debate that final season), it tested the patience of viewers.  Many shows have tried to crack the impossible code that LOST cracked in achieving mass recognition by the world and earned much discussion on the internet.  (Obviously, or we wouldn't be reading this right now)  In this day and age, viewers are very likely to tune in and watch a pilot episode, see if they like the premise and then start bailing in droves in the coming weeks.  The problem with shows like this, is that it takes way more than 1 week to figure out if it has any legs.   I always argue that, while the LOST pilot was pretty darn amazing, we didn't start seeing the potential of the show until Locke stood up, and Charlie and Claire got kidnapped by The Others.  So, patience is the key folks!

Now, REVOLUTION!  I thought the pilot did its job.  It set up the premise of the show and introduced us to the characters we'll be following.  I do wish that they could have gotten some better acting jobs, and maybe even some better dialogue for the actors to work with.  But, the cast needs time to gel and figure out the characters themselves.  It also felt a bit rushed.  A lot had to happen in these 40 something minutes of television.  I would imagine the pace will slow down in the coming weeks (some people may not agree that this would be a good thing).   Okay, so I've mentioned in my Fall Kickoff post that my time is limited these days.  So, I'm not going to go into incredible detail in this recap.  If one day it earns the right to get LOST-level analysis (or even Fringe-level analysis) we'll reassess my time management skills at that time!

So without further adieu, let's dive into the brief recap of Revolution's pilot episode!

The Beginning

A world without power, where new powers/authorities surface from the rubble.  That's pretty much what we're dealing with.  Those first 5 minutes of watching all of the iPads, iPhones, Android phones (trying to keep the peace between fanboys), airplanes, cars, homes, and basically everything lose all power was a pretty depressing thing to watch!  Yes, it was definitely a tragic event where many people lost their lives.  But, losing touch with technology?!  Yikes, I don't know if I'd make it in that world.  I told my wife that I would most certainly take up fencing in the post-power world.  She told me I wouldn't last one day without Apple products.  Considering my iPhone 5 will be arriving on Friday, yeah that pretty much sounds right!

So, right at the center of this mysterious power loss is the Chicago-residing Matheson family.  We start off 15 years ago in the closer to present day.  Ben Matheson comes home to his wife (JULIET!!!) and 2 kids Charlie (a girl, just to be clear) and Danny with a sense of urgency about him.  He seems very knowing that the world is about to change forever and looks at his weird looking glowing keychain/locket/thingamabobber, but not before he calls his brother Miles in North Carolina to warn him of the blackout.

Fast forward to 15 years later and the cities are overgrown with foliage (I'm not even sure that's the right word but how often do you get to say foliage?).  We get some pretty fabulous shots of abandoned, flooded, green cityscapes that we have been seeing all summer during the Olympics, Sunday night Football games and such.  Most people have abandoned the cities because they are too dangerous to live in.  We get a glimpse of this with a ridiculously impromptu beating of someone in the background when Charlie and crew enter Chicago later in the episode.

The Matheson family is residing closer to where they lived in the power days and have taken up camp with a small community there.  Rachel, the mother, did not survive long after the blackout or at least she's not alive 15 years later.  Since Elizabeth Mitchell is a series regular, I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of flashbacks of her.  Ben has shacked up with Maggie and we immediately see that there is tension between Maggie and grown up Charlie.

There is the new Hurley or comic-relief in Aaron.  He is introduced by trying to educate children of the blackout.  Since they've never experienced electronics, they don't miss them.  You almost think like there's some hidden message here.  And, I'm sure I've already read about it in certain short stories and even witnessed it in Wall-E.  (4 days until iPhone 5!!! See what I did there?)

We had a little Hunger Games scene with Charlie and Danny hunting for food for the group.  Though Charlie was collecting her postcards which I'm sure is some character thing of hers to make her identifiable.
No LOST references in this episode, but a classic Star Wars reference

Anyway, long story short, things kick into gear when Gus Fring shows up to cause all sorts of hell.  No, he's not REALLY Gus Fring but it's going to be hard to call him anything else after his role on Breaking Bad (and if you have not watched that show, stop reading now, watch all 4.5 seasons and then resume reading this recap!).   Anyway, he has the much more boring name of Captain Tom Neville on this show.  And, I can already tell you his story arc.  He will seem like a villain at first and will be a point of conflict for the main hero group.  But, he is really looking out for the greater good and his bad deeds are serving that greater good.  (Ben Linus, anyone?)   I could be totally wrong in this and we may indeed just have a classic case of Good vs. Evil.   Because we certainly have our Han Solo archetype in Miles.  But we're not there yet.

Gus/Tom shows up with his militia and his boss, General Monroe wants Ben to come with them.  They know that he may have inside information on the blackout and that he is Miles's brother (whom he seems to think has more information).  Once Ben hands Aaron the keychain thing and tells him to guard it with his life we immediately know that Ben is a goner.  Sure, Danny brings out his crossbow to try and take on the whole militia and then some crazy dude has a forbidden shotgun.   But, in the end, Ben gets shot and Tom goes on a shooting spree taking out several people.  Danny is taken for ransom instead and Charlie returns from her postcard sweepstakes to mourn for her dad for maybe 15 seconds.   Oh wait, Ben gives her a mission to get Miles and save Danny before he expires!  Can't forget that tidbit since it's the whole catalyst that sets our story in motion!

We'll probably be seeing a lot of this crazy gizmo.

Danny's Captivity
Long story short here.  Danny has asthma and already had an attack in the beginning that was calmed by Maggie's doctor skills.  Danny was able to loosen a screw on the pipe that he was cuffed to and knock out a guard in order to run away.  Danny had another asthma attack.  He was saved by a woman who seemed unimportant at the start.  She had an inhaler to calm Danny down and then let him stay until he was able to get back up on his feet.   The problem is, ol' Gus/Tom has some tracking skills from his insurance adjuster days. (yes, maybe a stretch)   Well, he did say he was able to weed out liars and the skill has not gone out of fashion.  The lady and her algebra teaching skills didn't have a chance to fight Tom and his militia men.  So, she let them take Danny back.  So, Danny's whole escape seemed pretty much "busy work" for the episode and pointless in the end.  But, it did introduce us to this lady who seems to have some kind of significance to the whole "power" conspiracy.  We'll get there.  

Team Charlie
Charlie ends up assembling a crew of Maggie and Aaron, both of which she would sooner go by herself.  But, Aaron is the "keymaster" and was a friend to Ben so he is on board.  And Maggie, who despises Charlie too is going along as well.  I'm guessing she's some secret part of this power conspiracy as well.  But, we'll see.  So, they go on a trek to Chicago to find Uncle Miles.  Of course, Charlie has to stumble upon a love interest along the way in Nate.  We'll find out that Nate has a bit of ambiguity to which side he is truly on.  But, he does save Charlie in a non-Oceanic airplane where they were catching some zzz's after gathering supplies.  (Yes, Aaron worked for Google and owned a plane, so he knew there would be supplies on there.)   Anyway, the plane almost turned into the rape plane.  Fortunately, Maggie had a whiskey bottle filled with poison and Nate showed up to shoot a guy through the chest.  

Immediately, Nate earns Charlie's trust but not Maggie's.  They continue on their journey past Wrigley Field and through the wilderness of Chicago, IL on their way to a hotel where Aaron got married.  Inside there was a bar that after some initial denials, contained one Miles Matheson.  You've seen Star Wars so you know how this goes.  Miles is reluctant to get involved but will find it is impossible to resist.  And if he doesn't pay off Jabba soon, he's going to get all frozen up in carbonite and hung on a wall.  Charlie keeps irritatingly saying "But we're family! You're my Uncle Miles! I have an uncle! We're family!  You must help your family!!  FAMILY!!!!!"   Miles keeps calling Charlie, KID and being all rugged and stuff trying to make us forget that he's Bella Swan's dad.  

Of course, we find out that Nate is a Militia Man and then the stuff hits the fan!  (Obviously, the non-moving fan.  No power, you know.)   Charlie led the militia right to where they were trying to get in the first place.  Miles tells everyone to leave so that he can show off his display of fabulous fencing skills and kill a bunch of musket holding militia with his single sword.  It works well for awhile, even with "weird guy with obviously extra special ninja skills" just staring and waiting his turn.  But, he was eventually outnumbered.  No fear, Team Charlie to the rescue!  You know crossbows work.  They're great for one shot but if Yoren on Game of Thrones taught us anything, they take way too long to reload!   Fortunately, Nate was still around to knock out one of his own militia people in order to save Charlie and then run away again.   Ahhh the conflict!  So, is Nate truly a good guy working for the bad guys?  Or does he just have a soft spot for Charlie?  or both?  Guess we'll find out! 

Darn, I thought my role was going to be bigger in this show. 

So, the good guys win the small battle, but there is a larger conflict ahead.  And Danny is still missing.  No fear, Miles is on board as long as Charlie stops blabbing on about family.  And, we immediately forget about his other role as Bella's dad and are happy he's on board for this ride! 

Final Scenes
There were 2 relatively big twists at the end of the episode.  One dealt with the day of the blackout.  We follow Miles and his driving buddy to a military base finding out that Miles had clearance to get through.  But the other guy ended up introducing himself as Captain Monroe and even showed the tattoo on his arm (eventually the sign of the Militia).  Well, what do you know!  Miles knows General Monroe!  And this might be an indication of why Monroe thinks Miles knows something about why the lights went off.  Stay tuned! 

Then there was the lady that helped Danny.  She unlocked the door to the attic and we found out that she is a "keymaster" as well!  She has one of those crazy gizmos.  What does the gizmo do?  It turns on the lights!!  TWIIIIIIST!!!  So, some people do have access to power.  Very interesting.  So, she turned on the swan hatch computer and provided a message to "someone" that I'm sure we'll be meeting later.  Maybe, it's Walt, maybe it isn't.  But the message is:  "Militia was here."  "Did they find it?"  "No."  "So what now?"  


So, there you have it!  Our introduction to Revolution!  Looks like there will be one big mystery to figure out.  Why did the power go out and how do we turn it back on?  Of course, the big debate may be even IF the power should ever be turned back on.  There are lots of characters involved in the conspiracy which I'm sure we'll meet along the way.  Yes, the acting and delivery in this pilot episode weren't top notch, but the premise is there.  And I'll cross my fingers and hope for the dialogue/acting to improve.  As long as no one breaks out into song singing to kids about creepy spiders, I think we'll be alright.  (I hate explaining jokes, but you may recall this was an actual sequence in Terra Nova)

Well, that's it for now.  I wrote a little more than I expected to and I don't intend to keep doing that!  I just don't have the time that I used to.  This was special since it was the Pilot ep!  But, I will be getting back into Fringe and The Walking Dead in the coming weeks!   And of course, there are tons of shows that we will be discussing in the comments.  Feel free to check out a sampling of the list in the fall kickoff post!   Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

First - they/we need to stop looking for the next Lost then maybe these shows will get a fair shake. Just saying.

The hour went incredibly fast. Nothing surprising since they gave us alot in the coming
attractions over the last few months - except for that great ending. Was surprised both by
the lady getting some power to come on and contacting someone, and that Monroe was now a
general in the Militia. I'm guessing that we will see a flashback to shortly after the blackout
and all these groups start forming - Miles and his buddy Sebastian will not see eye to eye and
part ways. That would make sense with Monroe seeming to know what Miles knows.

Agree on the flashbacks with Rachael/Elizabeth Mitchell. Or she's not dead ! the hubby was acting weird
when he reminded Charley about moms death.

Loved that they were so subtle in saying that Aaron worked for Google - why not just hang a sign
around his neck that says 'for future eps this is the tech geek'

Don't know that I trust Maggie yet. Time will tell.

LOL - Wrigley said the Cubs were the 2012 champs.

Agree -I think it will be more then how the power was lost and how to get it back on. They seemed to heavily intimate
whether they SHOULD turn it back on being an issue.

I enjoyed the ep alot. For me Kripke has a great track record with Supernatural and moving a mystery along, giving answers while finding new stuff. So I'm optimistic about this one.

Mike V. said...

@MJ -

Agreed, we should never be looking for the next LOST, because it's never going to happen. But, it's hard not to compare a little especially with the JJ Abrams Bad Robot crew involved.

Oh yeah, I absolutely agree that flashbacks will be a big part of this show. That won't help with the LOST comparisons but I still argue that it's a great device in developing a story and character development. Why not reuse it in other shows!? It's not like LOST "invented" flashbacks. They just used them for every character. lol

I did ponder that maybe Rachel/Elizabeth Mitchell may not be dead. They definitely left that wide open. Since there's already a large secret out there, she could be part of that secret and it was better for her to appear dead. We only have to look as recently as Grimm for that kind of story! lol

LOL on Aaron. Yes, it was not subtle at all. I didn't get into it, but I am curious to how he got to Chicago if he was working for Google. Unless, he wasn't the stereotypical California Google employee. lol And how did Miles get back to Chicago from N.C.? Do people walk or ride horses to their destinations now? I'm sure there could be explanations to this in flashbacks or it may not even be a large concern.

Yeah, Maggie seems a little sketchy. Agreed.

I missed the Cubs 2012 champs thing. Guess we definitely know this is fiction! lol But, then again....Back to the Future II predicted a Cubs World Series victory over "Miami" in 2015. Pretty funny that Florida recently changed their team name to Miami. lol Of course, they're both in the NL so it could never happen. But we have 3 years! lol

Definitely was an enjoyable hour. So, is Kripke definitely the showrunner moving forward? Or was he just involved in establishing the show like JJ? And of course, we can't forget Jon Favreau directed the pilot episode. I wish I could share your optimism, but I've been burned too many times in the recent past. lol Kripke had the advantage of WB/CW's lower expectations for Supernatural to keep an ongoing saga going. But, if any network would give a show a shot if the plot is advancing nicely...it's NBC. The problem with shows like this is that the ratings don't usually rise in the long run.

Leslie said...

Don't have much to add. You guys covered most of my thoughts. My first thought was that Elizabeth Mitchell's character isn't really dead. Also, it's one thing for the power to go out, but for the cars to stop in their tracks and the planes to fall out of the sky! Crazy!

I will say that I'm really glad I've never been in this situation or a zombie apocalypse or in a plane crash on a mysterious island. These people all seem to be good with guns, swords, knives and crossbows and all that. I mean, I guess you develop some skills when you're in survival mode, but I'm just not that tough! lol

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Yeah, seems like that will be a common theory with Elizabeth Mitchell's "Rachel" character. I guess the big question that I have been seeing asked (even before the ep aired) is why they can't get the power back on. There are tons of ways to generate electricity. Why can't they harness those? I'm sure there's a reason and maybe they'll dive into that in future episodes.

And yes, I definitely agree that I'm glad this stuff is on TV and not real life! lol And I think it's hysterical how greatly they've improved their fighting skills. I guess that's why it's 15 years later. It's long enough to believe that they developed these new survival skills. But, yeah...I wouldn't see me improving that much! Then again, I've never been forced into that situation yet! lol

Mike V. said...

Here we go again. Strong numbers for the premiere! 11.7 Million and a 4.0 in the key demographic. Let's see if it sticks.


MJ said...

Leslie - I agree with you ! WHy would the power going out stop your car dead? I can see that you can't start your car, but it should run til you shut off the engine at least. Planes too ! i said as much to the husband and he just said 'go with it'. LOL

SOA - I will hold off commenting on last nights ep - but I rewatched last weeks and you are not gonna believe this Mike & Co. They do reference the fake leg. It was very quick but when Jax is first introducing the new 3 he calls one Fred the Peg. Then the new 3 are commenting that they are glad to be there and one of them throws his leg up and puts his foot on one of the fat SOAs shoulder (who's name I never remember) and you do get a 3 second glance that his leg is fake. I do recall at the time thinking 'why is this guy sitting behind the guys at the table, and why would you throw your foot on someone's shoulder' but let it go with a shrug, not noticing metal in place of a leg.

Last night's ep was great by the way.

Mike V. said...

REVOLUTION: Regarding the "power" going out. I'm sure we'll find out the extent of why cars/planes/stuff with batteries died immediately too. Seems a big part of the show to ignore it. But, yeah it may be one of those "just go with it" type things. We'll see! lol

SOA: I definitely watched. I can't believe they referenced that foot thing last week either! That's nuts that it was so subtle on first watch. It seems like they were still keeping us in the dark this week of who attacked him. But didn't Pope's #1 guy even mention they have some folks "on the inside" of SAMCRO? I may have misheard him. But that would be nuts if they were working for Pope.

This week's episode WAS good. Still loving Jimmy Smits on the show. Love that he played chicken in the car chase saying something like he had nothing better to do. lol Poor TIG with his other daughter. Funny scene though when he came in thinking she was being abused or whatever. lol Somehow Jax and Tara's wedding ended up being really sweet even if it was in a brothel. Gemma providing the rings was a sweet touch too. Ope getting himself thrown into jail was almost teary eyes inducing! What a guy!! lol And then there was Clay who seemed to genuinely want to get Ope back into the club (but always gotta feel like he's up to something)

I wonder how long they're going to have the sons spending time in prison? In any case, looks like it's going to be a good time while they're there!

Leslie said...

OK, got to the office this morning, and the power was out! I was worried it had to do with my comment about not being tough enough to handle these events! lol It came back on in about 45 minutes, so I'm relieved that I don't have to learn how to use a crossbow! lol

MJ said...

Leslie - too too funny !But see - you pioneered up and rode it out. LOL

SOA - SMits playing chicken and I think he said 'sorry, don't get out much' was hysterical. I thought the same with Opie - only a true friend gets themselves thrown in jail so he can watch over you. Loved him saying to Jax 'was this enough like you'?

I know Pope and his #2 said that they had cops on their payroll but not sure about inside Samcro.

jax keep bringing up that Otto was not the only snitch and that someone had to be talking though. And that makes me very nervous for whom we are assuming was the snitch - they guy who is half black who got blackmailed into talking last year. I think he's in trouble soon.

I don't think they will stay in jail long though - CIA will work something out for them. though that Plan B talk was not a good sign.

Is it me or is that Irish guys accent even harder to get this year? I have to keep rewinding to catch what he is saying ! LOL

Anyone catch Mob Doctor? Have it on my DVR but not watched it yet. I like the actress so hoping show is decent.

Leslie said...

MJ - Didn't watch Mob Doctor. Last night, I watched the special with the all-time greatest TV shows. Fun to see some classic TV moments.

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Hysterical on the POWER!

I heard about the all-time greatest shows thing too late and only recorded the 2nd hour. Watched some of it but didn't finish. So looking forward to seeing what made the lists. I knew Carson would top the best TV hosts. Dancing with the Stars being the best reality show? Come on, ABC, branch out a bit! lol I figured when Amazing Race was 5 and Idol was 2 that The Real World would be #1 since it was the original reality show. (I know we're on the wrong blog for this but I'm very put off by this new Idol judging panel. Keith Urban I don't mind. Mariah I don't mind. I don't think Randy is needed. And come on...NIKKI MINAJ!?!?!?!?!?! Oh well, I'm sure I'll still watch)

@MJ - SOA: Yep, that's the right quote, my bad! lol

I could've sworn I heard Pope/#2 say something about having people in SAMCRO, but that just seems like a stretch in the first place. So, I'm thinking I misheard.

Ahhh...you think Juice may not be in the clear yet? I don't know how I missed Jax making that comment. I really need to put down my electronic devices while I'm watching SOA! lol Blink and you might miss something important! Ahh, so much to learn from Revolution. lol

Chibs/Chips definitely is difficult to understand. I have no idea what he came up and said at Jax/Tara's wedding. lol

Mob Doctor - Sorry, I just can't do it. The whole concept of the show just seems hysterical to me. And it doesn't help that I listen to these TV critics podcasts that made fun of the show. It's like you can take one look at the name of the show and you know exactly what it's all about. lol And then you think about the logic that went into it. Sure, we have our crime procedural and we have our hospital procedural. Why not try to merge the 2 into one giant procedural show!? all that being said, let me know how it is! lol

MJ said...

Ah - but since I also missed the whole leg thing I don't know that I didn't miss that Pope has someone from the MC in his pocket. We shall see.

The thing with 'someone other than Otto, on the inside, has to also have been talking' has come up several times. Jax and the CIA, jax and the lawyer last night. It's quick each time - but basicly they feel there has to be another snitch besides Otto. Last night they even referenced that how could Otto have known about the gun sales so someone outside and in the club is spilling.

Yes - Juice ! Always want to call him Jinx. But yes - we know he did some ratting so I am worried for him, which is probably what they want. So maybe there is a whole different rat.

Meant to comment earlier - agreeed - whole scene when they go to get Fawn was hysterical. Thought Tig was gonna lose his mind. So dad when she was saying all that stuff to him too.

Tara/Gemma was great. You were commenting (I think it was you) that Tara is becoming Gemma - even changing her hair. Well now she is wearing her old wedding ring ! But that was nice.

Cracked me up when Clay is trying to help Uncer and they are both practically falling down.

Also - Uncer is on the case ! Sure he'll find out what's what about the invasions before the sherriff does though.

Mike V. said...

Yeah those conversations with CIA and Lawyers are when I sometimes check out mentally, so that's probably when I missed it! But, that makes sense that they'd be suspecting another snitch. Poor Juice! But yeah, maybe there is another rat. Hey, maybe it's some of these new sketchy additions to the crew! Not that that makes sense either.

Definitely sad with Fawn/Tig's conversation (or really Fawn's conversation with Tig. He didn't say much back and didn't have to.)

Yep, I was commenting about Tara becoming Gemma. Good call with the ring!

Good call on the Clay/Unser scene. Forgot about that, but it was hysterical. lol And agreed that he'll figure out the case before the sheriff!

Kelly said...

Hello all! So I watched Revolution and I liked it, I'll keep watching it. Not as cheesy as Terra Nova, thankfully (btw, love the spider song reference, haha!).. I agree that the acting had much to be desired- especially Charlie.. and do ALL of these people have to be so pretty? Sheesh! But all in all I enjoyed it. Looking forward to finding out more about the blackout and Monroe. Total Michael/Walt computer moment there, I definitely was taken back to that WTF moment on Lost and became a little nostalgic for the past, haha! Btw, a little tangent here- ever wish you could erase your memory of watching a show just so you can watch it for the first time again? LOL!
AAAANYWAY, your rape plane comment had me LMAOing all over- thank you for that one! hahaha! Love Giancarlo Esposito as the bad sheriff guy (and yes, I agree that he'll have some sort of Ben Linus vibe going with him.. bad guys are always complex, you know!). Nate is waaaaay too pretty and is totally reminiscent of that Jacob guy from Twilight, but then again it's a TV show and you have to reel the young ladies in with something!
Lotta killing in this show, amirite? Sheesh! Not that I'm opposed to such things, haha! It kinda gives the show a little street cred.. again, not going down the Terra Nova road.
I gotta say, I like apocalypse type shows. Something about overgrown cities and people on dangerous journeys makes me want to keep watching! And yes yes yes, that scene in Chicago with the two guys having the obligatory fight to show us how unsafe it is? HAHAHA hilarious!
All in all, I like it and will keep watching. Let's hope it keeps improving and keeps some numbers so it can find it's footing!
As for SOA, thanks for clearing up the peglegged guy.. can't wait to peel back more layers to find out what these people are doing! And I love how Clay is turning into Piney- with the oxygen mask and how he can't ride his bike. $10 says he buys Piney's old trike to ride, haha! Not much else to say that y'all haven't already said. So I think I'll get back to watching Friends reruns on my DVR haha!

MJ said...

Once scoop/hints

HIMYM - just rewatched the finale from last season - can't wait for new ones.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Thanks for the ONCE link, I'll check it out. Can't wait for HIMYM either! I also saw a TV Guide tweet that some Supernatural peeps are getting cast in Revolution. Didn't read it yet, but figured you'd want to know!


REVOLUTION - Charlie was pretty much the one that was causing me to cringe during the show. I want to like her, but her pilot performance was a little sub-par. We'll see if it improves! They do have some quality cast members to work with so I'm not too worried. As for people being pretty....I'm all for suspension of disbelief. LOST had a bunch of pretty people too! lol And if we want to talk about straightened hair and clean shaven folks, I go with the 7th Game of the Stanley Cup analogy. It's TV, we don't want people to look like they've been through a war and have grown out beards for 3 months (let alone 15 years). But, still a little realism would be nice! I do think that they may have found ways to shave though in this non-powered world. They certainly haven't run out of mass produced candles! lol

Yeah, the killing isn't too bad, but a little less of the "street brawls" on sound stages would be nice! lol

SOA - That would be hysterical if Clay buys Piney's bike. lol

FRIENDS - Nice!! I love my reruns. If you didn't know yet...the series is coming out on Blu-Ray in November with some nice extra features. (including the original cut of the Season 8 episode that got edited because of 9/11). Since Friends was filmed on actual FILM, they were able to recut the original masters for a pristine HD masterpiece! Only downside is that the extra scenes added to the DVDs will not be in there (they are supposedly lost or something). So, we'll be getting the original broadcast versions. I'm still buying!! lol

Mike V. said...

4 episodes left of BE season 2. Nucky's father died, he seemingly has retired but sounds like he has a bigger agenda. I noticed a "gun" surplus at the armory. They certainly look like the guns that gangsters were using in the 20s/30s (a la Al Capone). Irish dude got with Margaret one time (so far). Margaret's daughter's fever returned at the end of the episode. I'm guessing that is more serious than a "cold fever" lol. Jimmy threw a dude over the balcony when celebrating Nucky's retirement. It may have been frustration from Eli's comments that Nucky is smarter than him. All in all, an interesting watch. Looking forward to closing it up and starting season 3 (which I'm hearing from critics is more of the same. A very good looking show but something just seems lacking from making it a GREAT show. i.e. Does all the right things, but something just seems to be missing. i.e. It looks like the Sopranos, but it isn't. lol)

LAST RESORT is on EW's "Must List" this week. Someone (I'm guessing Jensen) compared it to LOST with Subs. (of course, LOST had subs) lol And yes, we shouldn't be comparing any show to LOST. But, since it's filming in Hawaii, I guess there's a chance for production value comparisons. We'll see. With it being on Thursday, I highly doubt I'll be able to recap this one even if it is great. lol

Mike V. said...

BE - 3 episodes of season 2 left now. There's a chance I'll be into season 3 by the end of the week. Lots of drama involved but Nucky arranged a deal for the guns in belfast. (what is this Sons of anarchy or something? lol) Margaret's daughter has polio, ouch! Jimmy is a big hot shot boss man and taking advantage of the benefits (a la girls at the boxing radio listening). He's definitely making some enemies along the way so I'm wondering who will eventually take him down. Before I knew anything about season 2 (but was spoiled), I assumed it would've been Nucky that did it. Now, I see a few different candidates. Mob guy (the same guy that's in MOB DOCTOR even though I'm not watching. lol Of course, the fact that he's in Mob Doctor may mean that he doesn't make it out of season 2. Some guy just came to try and kill him but he stuck a butcher's knife in his head lol), One of these New York guys maybe. I'm putting my money on the half face guy which I can never remember his name. He seems to be going through some serious reflections this season. He even asked Jimmy if they were friends in this episode. Of course, Jimmy got him a girl too. So who knows?? Enjoying the season though.

EMMYs - Not a huge shocker that Homeland took home the big prize. I kinda figured it might happen, even though I really wanted season 4 of BB to get the recognition it deserved. Damien Lewis beating Cranston for Actor was a bigger surprise. And Aaron Paul beating Giancarlo and Peter Dinklage. They're all deserving actors for their work though! Aaron gave a great speech too. Modern Family won big as well which isn't a huge shocker. And we need some new blood for Lead comedy actor/actress. Jon Cryer should not be winning every year! It's embarrassing, even he was embarrassed! And Dreyfus is good, and VEEP was funny from what I've watched but it's all been there done that. Amy Poehler (sp) should've been nominated for Parks and would have been a viable winner. Oh well! lol

New Revolution tonight! Fringe Friday! And then a Sunday of impossible choices!

Mike V. said...

And duh...HIMYM returns tonight! Of course, I think I already knew of what the plot for the premiere would be since the finale last year. The producers are very open about discussing that stuff. lol

MJ said...

BE - yeah - nice shout out to the AC armory. I was surprised they went there with Margaret and the IRA guy. No comment on daughter. Yeah - pressure ratcheting on Jimmy. No Princeton flashback yet ? Must be soon. I liked S2 better than S1, so far S3 is ok.

Didn't watch the emmys (did Pats v Ravens which was soooo good) but read up this am. I was surprised Homeland did so well - not because it wasn't goo - I love that show - but since it was on so long ago I thought some of it's patina would have worn off.

Yay for HIMYM ! And Fringe. have the final 2 fr last season to watch as a primer.

Last Resort - heard a tidbit that at least makes it seem more sensible. I'll check it out - love Andre Braugher. Have NOT heard its the next lost though lol. Doubt it's 'recap worthy', just discussion good. Grimm returns friday too.

Sundays - I don't know what I'll watch yet. last year Revenge always got held over to the next night, and it probably will again. BE will def wait. Will watch Once, Dexter and Homeland probably.

Leslie said...

Emmys - Glad Modern Family won and especially Eric Stonestreet. Loved the bit they did with Lily on the set pulling pranks on the other actors. I think Jon Cryer was surprised because this was the first year he was in the leading actor category. He has always been in the supporting category.

Mike V. said...


BE - S2 definitely better than 1 so far. No princeton flashback yet, but there's only 3 eps left so yeah probably soon!

Homeland/Emmy - 24 did well at the Emmys in its heyday and the same people are involved with this new show. Might be an easier show for the academy to digest than Breaking Bad. But, man Best Drama is a tough category these days. All of these cable dramas are done so well these days. (well a LOT of them lol)

Last Resort - I secretly hope it's not LOST-recap worthy, but I also would love it if it was. lol But with TVD, as long as the wife is on board with that our 8:00 hour is spoken for on Thursdays! lol

Yep, Grimm Friday! Good thing I'm wrapping up BE this week, because it sounds like I'm going to have a lot of shows to catch up on during my morning workout. lol

Sundays - I'm guessing I'm watching ONCE, Walking Dead and Homeland. Maybe Revenge until Walking Dead Starts. (I doubt I'll be able to win the Dexter vs. Revenge battle with the Mrs. lol) Of course, there is a big if that we'll be able to watch 3 shows in one night with the baby! lol We have barely been able to watch 2 lately.

@Leslie - I am glad Stonestreet won. I only wish they went for different cast members this time. Eric has won it twice now. Sofia still hasn't won. And Ed O'Neil needs to be recognized too! The Lily bit was hysterical. lol Good point with Cryer. I didn't realize he was in a different category. He's definitely not as funny as Jim Parsons on BBT or Baldwin on 30 Rock. But whatever!

I wish Parks or Community would get some recognition too (even a nomination), but no such luck this year!

MJ said...

OMG! Forgot TWD ! Will def watch that. I stay up later than most so will probably just add it to the 3 already mentioned.

I have a feeling 2 1/2 men is on it's last leg. It's always been a one joke show - but I've enjoyed it. But not as much with Kutcher's character. They have made him just a little too dumb for my taste. It did get a little better with time so maybe this season will be better still.

I'm not caught up with New Normal yet but liked the first 2 I saw. Looking fwd to checking out Partners. It looks like a cliche (which most sitcoms are) and kinda a rip-off of Will and Grace - but the promos looked good.

I like to have 1/2 hr shows on the DVR for when I just want to watch something quick before going somewhere or going to bed.

Mike V. said...

In my glory days (pre-married, pre kids) I was watching EVERYTHING that aired on one night even if I was up until 1-1:30am. lol But, I guess those days are in the past for now.

Probably by the time I'm able to do it again, a regular broadcast schedule will be a thing of the past anyway! lol

Yeah, I know people that have enjoyed 2.5 Men. And I'm sure I'd laugh when I'm trying not to if I ever decided to watch a rerun. But, I just can't do it! lol

I'm not caught up on New Normal either. I watched the 2 eps. I think I'm totally skipping Partners and Guys with Kids and all of that stuff. I was going to skip Ben and Kate but some critics rewatched the pilot and liked it better the 2nd time around. Maybe it's worth checking out for a few weeks. (haven't seen any promos for Partners though)

I hear you on the 1/2 hour shows. Of course, in the bedroom, I think we have at least 50 episodes of FRIENDS on the TiVo at all times. And we STILL want the blu-rays in November! lol

MJ said...

Those days def on hiatus for you ! LOL

Just saw pic of Jeremy Davies from Emmys - what the what ?!? he looks like he's wearing some weird suit from Justified ! LOL

Ben and Kate was very sweet. VERY sweet. Guys with kids - nothing noew or exciting.

I never get to rewatch Friends. married a guy who HATED Seinfeld, Friends, and HIMYM. Yet he loved Modern Family, Suburgatory and a few others. We like almost all the same dramas but def not all comedies.

Leslie said...

MJ - You married a guy who hated Seinfeld, Friends and HIMYM??? That might have been a deal breaker for me! At least he likes Modern Family! lol I like HIMYM, but I'm in the camp where I'm ready for them to get on with this meeting already! lol

I liked 2.5 Men in the beginning, but it got stale as the kid grew up. He was the funniest to me. Only watched the first couple of episodes with Kutcher out of curiosity.

The new comedies this year aren't looking that promising to me. Aliens are gonna follow Modern Family??? Come on! I'm still an episode behind on Go On and The New Normal. Will check out Partners and Ben and Kate.

Saw some previews this weekend for American Horror Story. Definitely looking forward to that and TWD in October.

Mike V. said...

Just watched HIMYM. Can discuss in rev recap tomorrow but wanted to share link!


Mike V. said...

Funny stuff with the other commentary! lol Crazy about the Seinfeld/Friends/HIMYM thing. I didn't know there was anyone that hated Seinfeld. lol I know there are people that loved Seinfeld and hated Friends, but never knew there were people that hated both! good times.

We can continue this discussion in the new recap. Wife/Parker were away for a long wknd, so I was able to write this thing up tonight. lol (Not gonna get used to that nor do I want to!)

Watched another B.E. tonight and will watch another in the morning...but WOW. I'll write more tomorrow.

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