Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 2 - Chained Heat

Welcome Revolutionaries (Revolutioneers?  Revolutioners?) to our 2nd recap of the power outage show!  So, what's the verdict 2 weeks in?  Well, I'm still interested by the premise.  I still like where they're going with it.  But, the same issues I had last week are still there.  There are some pretty weak cast members that are playing major roles in the show.  It might end up being a drag on the show.  Some of the lines we are getting are skating along "Terra Nova cheese" level.  I may have to reinstitute the "cheesy lines" segment at the end of the recap again.  So, it's a mixed bag but it's still entertaining for now.  So, we'll stick with it!

I keep thinking I'm going to stick to a quick recap, but it doesn't look like I really know how to do that! I'm going to keep trying though.   I think all we really need to do is highlight the key things to remember from each episode.  So, when time is short for me that's what I'll do.  But for now, another wordy recap.  So, let's jump right into this!


So our hero squad started off together and with Miles facing another fencing match in the middle of nowhere.  A bounty hunter was after him due to the price he has on his head.  (Seriously, we get it.  He's Han Solo!!)  Charlie has a conscience and won't let him kill the guy which only ends up causing them headaches 2 minutes later when they go to the Pontiac Market looking for some girl named Norah.  Naturally, Miles finds a way to surrender himself and cause a huge ruckus and kill Greedo, err the bounty hunter without too much trouble.

Miles finds out that Norah got captured by militia but is absolutely certain they need her for their mission to save Danny.  So, he said he'd meet them in Lowell, Indiana in 2 weeks.  Charlie obviously flips out and sneaks off in the middle of the night to follow him.

Charlie falls down a hill and Nate just happens to be there to help her out.  But she gets the upper hand and cuffs him to a pole.  Excellent quotes happen here but you're just going to have to wait until the end.  Nate is clearly conflicted in following his orders and his feelings for Charlie (who is obviously such a big catch with all of her whining and personal issues and dynamic persona...oh wait).  Charlie asks Nate why he helped her and the camera cut to another scene. Score.

Miles stumbles upon Charlie and flips out.  Charlie blames herself for Danny getting captured.  We get help from flashbacks to show how her mom, Rachel (JULIET!!) asked Charlie to never leave Danny's side.  It's something she's stuck by since the blackout and especially since Rachel "died".  But, she got all mopey staring at postcards and Return of the Jedi lunchboxes which allowed Ben to be killed and Danny to be captured.  Smooth move Charlie!  So, this convinces Miles that she should come along.  You know, because she's so reliable!

So, eventually we meet Norah (who looks super familiar, and after IMDB'ing her it seems like it's because she was on Friday Night Lights but I don't remember her from that).  She is a prisoner on the chain gang helping transport a helicopter for Monroe.  Miles has a brilliant plan to rescue her at night.  And we find out Norah had no intentions of being rescued.  She got captured on purpose to steal a sniper rifle.  Arguing ensues, and then they all agree to get the sniper rifle before going to save Danny.  They totally MacGyver up a wrist pistol with one bullet.  Charlie volunteers to take out the Warden because she can free the prisoners in the process.  Miles, obviously doesn't think she'll pull it off.

Cue flashback to a creepy guy trying to steal Rachel, Ben and the kids' food.  He threatens to snap Charlie's neck.  When Ben comes out he pulls a gun on him but can't shoot.  But guess who can?  Oh yeaaah, Rachel!  She took down creepy guy just like she did Pickett on Hydra Island! BOOM!

So, Charlie knows she has the strength to do it.  She cues up her "lost girl in the woods" face (by the way, it looks just like her other faces) and gets close to the Warden and takes him out! Sniper guy then goes for her and the scuffle on the ground for a bit.  Meanwhile, Nora and Miles are just fighting away with their swords.  And I know the whole sword fighting thing is supposed to be cool but does anyone else laugh when this is going on?

Anyway, Charlie gets the but of the rifle and whacks sniper dude, takes the gun and shoots him.  2 dead a la Charlie.  She mopes about it for awhile.  She provides a mini-monologue that announces her as the "hope for the future" of civilization.  "We shouldn't have to do this!!!"  

Meanwhile, Hannibal Smith walks on set with his cigar and says, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Meanwhile Maggie and Aaron have some bonding time when Charlie skips town.  Maggie is found to be holding onto an iPhone from back in the day.  (She clearly didn't upgrade to the 5 before the power went out)  She tells Aaron that it has pictures of her kids on it.  All of the pictures from birth until the blackout.  She didn't have one physical photo.  And she knows that somehow in that phone she can see her kids again.  (Who I am guessing are alive but in England or something)   So, this is a lesson for all of you digital picture people out there.  Print photos in case there is an apocalyptic blackout in our future!  Yep, I'm one of them too.

Aaron shares his own secret with Maggie that he has Ben's magic necklace.  He thinks it's a key to the whole blackout.  He thinks the blackout might be manmade, which Maggie never seemed to think was a viable thing.   This goes to show there are various theories about what caused the blackout.  Ben apparently instructed Aaron to take that gizmo to Grace, who we can assume is the lady that turned on the Swan Hatch computer last week.  He thinks she may hold the key to turning the power back on.  This gives Maggie hope that she can see her kids again.  Of course, they really wouldn't be kids 15 years later!

Captain Tom Neville/Danny
Tom stumbles upon a man with firearms on their way back to General Monroe.  He gaves a dynamic performance (clearly the cream of the crop of acting on this show) in weeding out the truth from the rebel.  Of course, the man still tried to keep one of his guns and ended up shooting a militia before losing his own life in the process.  Tom ends up making the shot militia man kill himself via a red death drink.  He seemed very sympathetic and talked the man through it as he went to a better place than where they would remain.

He gives a big religious speech at the man's funeral, and Danny scoffs.  And it seemed like his hair kept growing longer the more he stared at people too!  Danny makes the mistake of calling Tom a psychopath who loves killing and uses the reasoning for the militia's existence as his excuse to do it.  Tom says that the militia is the one thing standing between mankind and total anarchy.   Anyway, Tom didn't take too kindly to the accusations and gave a little Vader Choke to Danny thanking him for the honesty.

We think we see Aaron and Maggie approaching Grace's house, but it turns out it's some other power necklace dweller named Randall.  They clearly don't show us his face for now.  Grace seemed to be trying to get some messages off before getting caught.   We also spot a book with the "power" symbol on it.  Randall has some kind of taser device and that's the last we see for now!

Monroe gets a bigger introduction in this episode.  He interrupts an interrogation claiming to be a calm individual.  But all he wants is information from the rebels.  (For some reason, he didn't just tell people "I'm The Cape!"  Guess that doesn't get you very far, even on NBC.)   He ends up killing the guy that he saved from a violent interrogation.  He claimed to not be scared of Monroe and that was his death sentence.

At the end of the episode, we see him show up at an "Independence Hall" type place, which it clearly wasn't since they're in the Chicago area.  And who do we see as a 1st class captive but RACHEL Mathesson!  Yes, the biggest theory from last week was that she was still alive and this turned out to be very true!  Of course, I thought they'd at least keep it a secret a little longer than a week.   Monroe breaks the news of Ben's death which hits Rachel pretty hard.  But, then he goes one step further saying that he has Danny.  Rachel tries to take a swing at Monroe with a knife or letter opener or something.  But Monroe was ready for it.  He wants information and he wants Rachel to give it to him.   He wants to know about "THE POWER".  EVERYTHING!  Dun dun dunnnnnnn!!!

Points of Interest
  • The "Rebels" are US Patriots.  People looking to restore the United States of America.  Or they could be the members of the Old Republic trying to overthrow the Empire and restore peace to the Galaxy. 
  • Ben's place of employment was The University of Chicago - Computer Science Department.  He clearly has some kind of knowledge or involvement in the blackout. 
  • As I mentioned earlier, Grace had a "POWER BOOK" which seems like it will come into play later on.  Maybe even this Randall will get his hands on it.  Does it contain the information for turning off/restoring power?  Guess we'll see.  But, if it was that easy, it would be a pretty lame show! 
  • Nora apparently is an explosives expert.  She also has become a Patriot since she last saw Miles.  The tattoo on her back of the american flag seemed to symbolize that. 

  • Miles and Nora clearly have some history that we'll be learning about.  Miles said that she owes him one and it seems to be something significant.  There's probably a romantic past there too if I were guessing.  And there was definitely a fallout as she did not expect to see him again any time soon.
  • So, Monroe wants a helicopter and definitely has intentions of getting power back for himself.  Surely, someone of importance will end up with one of those magical necklaces at some point this season. 
  • I think everything else was covered above! 
Cheesy Lines
  • "Careful, Monroe wants me alive, doesn't he?" says Miles.  Bounty hunter retorts, "That's true, but he didn't say how many limbs!"  There has to be a Monty Python joke in here somewhere. 
  • Miles trying to be Sawyer and calling Aaron, "Chuckles".  He just hasn't earned it yet! 
  • Charlie asks Miles where he's going.  He answers, "Uh, this little place called shut up and stay here."  Ouch. 
  • When Miles was captured, he claimed to not know the other people but then said he was trying to "bang' the British chick.  Wow. 
  • Charlie to Nate when calling him out on being used to get to Miles.  "You're a son of a bitch!"  Hmmmm.  I mean, you can say "You used me you S.O.B.!"  And that works but you don't just announce that they are one.  And the delivery of the line didn't help either. 
  • While this should be a point of interest, it's interesting to no one.  Nate is not his real name!! Woaaaa mind blown! 

And that's what I have for this week!  I'm really going to try and just expand on the "Points of Interest" area in coming weeks and shorten the recap area.  A lot of this show seems to be just a lot of banter and getting from point A to point B.  I don't think you need me to detail out every step!  Anyway, Fringe returns on Friday and The Walking Dead returns October 14th!  So, stay tuned for those recaps.  Feel free to discuss this show and other shows in the comments below.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!   


MJ said...

I did not get to Revolution last night - but will tonight.

Came to talk HIMYM ! Won't say anything until I know you've seen it. Here's a link talking about the season and ending to come.


MJ said...

Met the husband before most of those shows were on so could not use them as a yardstick. LOL But I hear ya - how can you hate Seinfeld AND Friends !!

Just now saw the prev comments section that said you watched HIMYM !

Only Ted would be so sweet as to take back Victoria's note once he knows that Klaus is also running - just so she is off the hook for running herself.

Marshall and Lily were funny. And funny with the same window.

I'm actually hoping this is the final year and that they don't drag it to next year. The time feels right to me.

Leslie said...

I like the actor who plays Miles (he was just in a good role on The Closer), but this girl playing Charlie is pretty irritating already…..”it looks just like her other faces”! lol That kinda says it all! I hope the episodes aren’t always filled with all this sword fighting either. I’d like to see some character development. I realize it’s only the second show, but they need to bring us in so we can care about the characters. One good line from Aaron was when he and Maggie are walking through that building, and he goes, “Great, they’re having a sale on heroin.”

I was surprised that Aaron confided in Maggie so fast about the magic necklace. I have a feeling she can’t be trusted. And, if the blackout happened in present day where there’s an iPhone, how come they have that old Swan Hatch-like computer?

Glad to see Rachel is alive like we suspected. At least we know she can act, so there’s hope there! :)

Mike V. said...

@MJ -

HIMYM I'll defininitely check out the link, thanks! Probably similar to the one I posted on the previous recap too. lol

Loved the Klaus was Thomas Lennon from The State and so many other things. lol I wouldn't mind if this is the final season either. For some reason, I really thought that camera was going to show a face this time, but laughed when I saw the Yellow umbrella instead. I actually got chills during that moment. We know where he's going to meet the mother!! Good stuff. They pretty much confirmed in the article I read (albeit, they were subtle) that we won't meet the mother until the series finale. So, we're working our way to Barney and Robin's wedding for the remainder of the series. I like it. I think it ties the whole series together nicely. Finishing it this season would be great, but I wouldn't be surprised for a 9th. As long as they can tie it all together without getting tired, I'm game. FRIENDS pushed it with the 9th season. If the 10th season happened as the 9th season, we wouldn't have missed much except an unfortunate Joey/Rachel pairing. lol


REVOLUTION: I like the actor who plays Miles too. I even like him in the movies that I very much hate. (The Twilight saga lol) Ironically, HIS name is Charlie in those. But, the lines they are giving Miles can be pretty darn awful. So, I had to call them out! lol Charlie is definitely the weakest link (GOOD BYE! lol)

Yeah, Aaron's heroin sale wasn't too bad. lol I hear you on character development. They seem to be trying with Charlie's character, but it's tough when the child actor portraying her is better than the adult actor! lol

I know the producers are referring to technology as "MAGIC" on this show. I read an interview somewhere. So, they found it very liberating to take power out of the equation. People can't just use a cell phone to get out of a jam. And then they went ahead and said, when people find a working Commodore 64, it's like magic. lol So, maybe Grace found a way to power up this ancient computer with the magic necklace and that is why they're using them. I dunno, it's a good question. We don't know the extent of the necklaces or any limits to their power. And there could be another legitimate reason they're using old technology. Guess we'll find out!

Yes, there are enough decent actors in the mix to make this show potentially more interesting! We'll see!

Mike V. said...

Wow, did not see this comin. Ratings were actually good enough to beat the competition in the key demo: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/09/25/monday-revolution-hawaii/

Leslie said...

REVOLUTION: Oh, I agree with you on the cheesy lines! Funny, but I thought the same thing about the child actor playing Charlie. She was much more expressive! lol

HIMYM: I've watched this from the beginning (and really like it), but usually not on the same night it airs, so I haven't joined in your discussion. But, I watched last night. Couldn't you see on Ted's face that he was thinking twice about Victoria when Klaus was explaining why he didn't marry her? And, Marshall and Lily were hysterical! I bet you could relate, Mike.

As much as I loved Friends, I agree with you that they pushed it in the end which is why I'm hoping they end HIMYM this year. I still enjoy it, but I'm ready for the payoff.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Absolutely could relate with Marhsall and Lily last night! They were cracking me up. Also Barney summing up the whole show in 52 seconds was fantastic. lol

Ted was definitely having 2nd thoughts at that train station. He didn't feel the "insert possibly made-up german phrase" with Victoria. lol But he will at that train station a little further down the road! lol This show only gets better with age. I rewatched last year on Netflix and the whole "Mother" part of the saga holds up really well. They have a ridiculous attention to detail. Loving the ride!

Yeah, I still loved parts of season 9 of Friends, but story-wise they were at the end after Emma was born. They just needed to get Ross and Rachel together along with tying up the other Friends' loose ends. And they stretched that sucker out! Season 10 righted the ship and made me forget about that one bad storyline in season 9. But it could've been avoided! lol

Mike V. said...

Well I read all of the HIMYM interviews and it seems like TV Guide was the most detailed. I guess they really didn't specify if meeting the mother is the series finale or not.

Actually, I wonder if their "season 9" idea would be for him still to meet the mother in season 8 but then for season 9 to be Her story of how she met him. Everyone says they would love to see that story, but I couldn't see it as another 8 season show. I mean, it could be but wouldn't need to be. And for a season it might be fun to see how close Ted and maybe the others came to meeting her beforehand in certain scenarios. But not entirely necessary to see. The could jokingly call the show within the show "How I ALMOST met your Mother" or "How I Met Your Father". lol

Oh well, I'm sure they have a good idea in any case. But, I like that knowing the fact that this is how they planned to launch the final season in any case. It definitely had that sense of importance when it happened. Like I said, I had chills!

MJ said...

Agree on the Joey/Rachael pairing. Loved Barney's recap of all the relationships. LOL Read he said Brazil instead of Argentina though.

Hmm - I agree Leslie that Ted had doubt written all over his face, but that wasn't at the train station Mike. The train station was when he came from Robin and Barneys wedding. And he def looked off then. Don't know if it was sad or thoughful or what it was - but not his usual self.

I actually forgot about Revolution - but glad the rest of america didn't and gave it good ratings

Mike V. said...

Huh? Ted was at the same train station with Klaus that he was when he was going to meet the mother. That was the whole significance of that conversation with Klaus happening in this episode. They zoomed in on the train station sign (longhampton? or whatevs) and then put the subtitle to "a little further down the road"...and then we see Ted was there at the wedding.

Sorry, but I'm totally right on this! lol

Mike V. said...

"at the wedding" ---> I mean after the wedding. lol

AUStarwars said...

The amount of Star Wars subtle references in this show is actually commical lol

Mike V. said...

Totally agree AUSW. lol And it doesn't help that I actually read an interview where they said all of these characters are modeled off of characters that have worked successfully in the past. And it's not until the show evolves when they become their own characters. But, it just seems so blatant in the show right now. lol

Or, maybe it just means we've watched Star Wars too much. :)

AUStarwars said...

i believe the "big bad" being named Randall is a clear reference to Randall Flagg from The Stand

MJ said...

'Farhampton' I believe. LOL - Of course you are right Mike, you are always right. ;-) The phrasing made it seem like you were confusing the 'when' at the train station is all. Or I misread it then.

Mike V. said...

@AUSW - I'll take your word for it since I'm not that familiar with The Stand. lol But that deals with some apocalyptic themes too, right? So, you're probably right.

@MJ - Maybe it sounded that way, but that's definitely not what I meant!

BTW, forgot to talk B.E. I only have the S2 finale to watch then I'll be in S3. Saw Jimmy's wife and "love interest" get shot by "MOB GUY". That was what my WOW was about in the previous recap. And then I watched the Princeton stuff. And of course that was SUPER WOW. Probably the best episode of B.E. I've seen. I totally saw where they were going with Jimmy's mother and him. But it is messed up stuff! So her actions are the catalyst for why he joined the army and messed up his whole life with Angela and his whole life in general. That's crazy. And then she made the comment that his son would be a grown man in no time!?!? WOAAAAA I laughed at that one, but yikes. lol And of course, the Commodore is dead! There are so many people that could take Jimmy out in this finale, I don't know who it will be. It could be MOB GUY (too easy), Half Face Guy (Still think it's probable), Nucky (my original thought), or his mom (my new thought). It could also be the dude with the goofy laugh. lol Maybe it'll be Nelson for all I know? or Chalky, he didn't seem too happy with him after their meeting. Nelson is on the run from the law. Should be interesting to see where he ends up next. And then all of the Nucky/Margaret/kids/and legal drama is pretty intense too. Definitely enjoying this season. Glad I'm finally catching up!

Mike V. said...

REVOLUTION: interview with Elizabeth Mitchell


Mike V. said...

B.E. - Finished Season 2! Great stuff! Looks like my original theory was right in the first place. lol If I didn't know before that episode what was going to happen I would have known during that episode. He had a scene with all of the characters he interacted with and gave them pointers for their lives and made amends. It was a pretty great scene though. Love how Nucky became an "honest man" for Margaret but really became even more dishonest in the process. It was a pretty crazy way to wrap up his legal process and then take out Jimmy. Margaret seemed to see right through his lie about Jimmy "being shipped back off". Love that she signed the deed over to the church. Is that for the AC Expressway? That's what it seemed to be. (Nucky called it the Harding Highway) Loved that they were celebrating in the fields while that was happening. Great season. Now, time to catch up on season 3.

SOA - WOW. I knew someone was going to bite it last night. (They weren't very secretive on all of the entertainment sites. lol I just read headlines and found that out) I cycled through the options, but once JAX came clean about EVERYTHING to Ope....I knew what was going to happen. See the similarity with Jimmy Darmady? (Sorta) There's a trend. I definitely watch way too much television. lol But still, what a way for Ope to go out. Sacrificed himself for his best friend. It's a bold move for SOA, but the critics cannot now say that stakes don't matter. They killed off a fan favorite and it's going to be a catalyst for this club, especially JAX. He has his motivation to take down Pope, that officer, and of course there's no love for TIG either. The Gemma/Tara/Adrianna (I still think sopranos when I see her) stuff was a good time. But the Gemma/Clay/High School Musical Girl (Ashley Tisdale) stuff was even better. lol Love that she was giving that girl a beatdown. I guess Clay got the answer he was looking for. And maybe Smits's character learned a little something too. Great episode!

MJ said...

BE - yeah - even though we knew Jimmy was killed it was still powerful. Agree - Margaret saw right thru him. All I can say is that I could not wait til S3 for Nucky to find out that she signed over all that land. I didn't think the expresswayw as that old - I've been assuming it's Route 9 or one of the Pikes (black or white).

So you must have seen the princton flashback now ! Ewwww! I 've always felt that Jimmy and his Mom had a weird relationship - the vibe was off. I remember being shocked in S1 when we first met her to find out she was his mom. Now I understand the vibe ! LOL

Season 3 started out slow, but has picked up already. Just read your prev comment where you talked about princeton - sorry - hadn't gone up far enough.

SOA - OMFreakinG ! RIP Opie. i hadn't read those site and kept thinking that Jax was going to find a way to avoid killing one of the crew - but i couldn't tell how.

Jax looks like he's goin dark side now. That guard should be very afraid, and he's totally gonna make Tig his bitch. Poor jax - her really took over at such a horrible time.

Gemma was on fire last night. She'd been good lately - almost makes you forget that she is a master manipulator. When i saw Adrianna's name in the credits i had a feeling what would go down.

But I can't believe she beat the hell out of the Ho ! LOL

This season seems much more dark and violent than most. But I'm loving it.

Mike V. said...

Mj - in a meeting so ill write more later but check my comments above. I talked about the Princeton stuff too!

MJ said...

yeah - I hasn't read that one - only that you had finished before I wrote. LOL

Tig 'who said that, all I can see is teeth'.

Gemma 'whore friday'

Who knew that Clay could play pathetic so well and get Juice (I
remembered his name for once) to take him to Nero's place.

When Jax started his tell-all with Opie I was actually afraid he might sacrifice himself.

It soooo had to be Clay that had Nero's place raided. Gemma getting
picked up for prostitution is just icing on cake for him

I did watch Revolution last night - will have to read the recap and get back to ya. Just so blown away by SOA!

Off topic: Conan on the replacement refs

Anonymous said...

off topic and perhaps someone has already posted this link but...

Here is a picture of Evangline Lilly (Kate from Lost) from the forthcoming Hobbit movie...


2 days 'til FRINGE!!!!!

Bill B

Mike V. said...

B.E. - Looks like you're right about the AC Expressway. It was planned in the 30s but not created until 62-62. Nuts! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_City_Expressway

Maybe you're right about the pikes or Route 9. When they showed what the deed covered it looked exactly like where the ac expressway was built. lol

Yeah the Princeton stuff was nice. And I always felt that way about Jimmy and Mom too ever since the first episode when she jumped up on him. I asked myself "Did he really just call her mom?" lol But, it definitely explains his tragic life. Pretty crazy that he was going through that whole day knowing it was his last day alive. So his goodbyes weren't just for writing convenience! I can't imagine B.E. without Jimmy, but this Irish henchman of Nucky's is a pretty interesting character too.

Ahhh...my bad, I see now that you read my princeton stuff from before so I commented too quickly myself! lol

SOA - I just kept reading that someone BIG was going to die this season, then it turned into THIS WEEK. lol But yeah, I kept hoping Jax would find a way to save them all, but I knew SOMEONE had to die. So if it wasn't any of them, then I figured it would be something random that happened. But yeah, once Jax start coming clean, I just said "uh oh" lol

That guard should definitely be afraid. And yes, Jax is going to probably start identifying with Clay more by the end of this season. He'll probably be forced into some crazy decisions. Actually, it wouldn't be surprising if Tara convinces Jax to off Gemma or something crazy like that. Just like Gemma probably convinced Clay to sabatoge J.T.'s bike. Tara even mentioned something to Gemma about Jax taking down Gemma. Then again, it probably wouldn't take much convincing if he found out J.T.'s death was her fault. And Tara read the letters! (I'm talking in circles I know)

Yeah, I saw Drea's name in the credits too and figured there would be some kind of custody fun in store. lol

The beating up of the "Ho" was nuts! But the fact that it was Ashley Tisdale is very bizarre. She actually was on this 1 season wonder HELLCATS on the CW (the wife made me watch, but she'd tell you that she didn't make me do anything! lol) She's probably a bigger casting than just that walk-on scene. Unless she's just a big fan of the show and wanted to do that really quick scene. lol

The quotes you mentioned in your second comment were fantastic! lol Yep, Clay did a good job getting to Juice. And I totally agree that he called in the raid on Nero's place.

As for REV - yeah, it's tough to think about that after watching SOA! lol

I'll check out the Conan link later. I'm sure it's hysterical. How could it not be? These refs are hysterical!

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link Bill! I actually hadn't seen it yet. She basically looks like Liv Tyler as an elf. lol Looking forward to the movie, maybe not 3 of them but I'm sure Jackson will sell me on it after 1!

Can't wait for Fringe!!

MJ said...

Maybe 'welcome to the revolution' ? I think that's from a movie or something.

I'm sticking with it - enjoying it so far. Knew our Juliet would be alive ! LOL Nora did seem familiar - and I didn't watch FNL.

'MacGuyver up' - good one. LOL Was i the only one saying ' take that necklace back from Maggie !?!' Funny how maggie was sooo determined to follow Charlie til Aaron showed her the bling.

If you were this rebel and you are going to open fire on the militia, wouldn't you take out the lead guy Tom ? Just saying. Glad they didn't keep the 'is Rachael alive' going too long - would have been lame. they promised we'd get answers as we went ! Very Kripke-esque.

LOL on 'the cape'. I totally forgot that one ! Did randall's necklace look different ? How as - our flag is outlawed and is a rebel symbol now.

Aaron wants the lights on, Maggie wants the light on, Monroe wants the lights on ! Who doesn't want the power back ??

Leslie - I remember the Miles actor on Closer - he was awesome.

Cracking me up with all the Star wars comparisons - but let's face it, Star Wars didn't make up these character types either. Nothing is truly new any more - or very little is.

Thanks Bill for the Hobbit link, and Mike for the interview with Mitchell - I shall check them both out.

Mike V. said...

Welcome to the Revolution, hmmm I may like that! lol

Oh yeah, I'm definitely sticking with it for now too. Wait, did Maggie take the neclace from Aaron? Totally missed that. But yeah, she definitely forgot all about Charlie once they started talking "power". She may be a shady character indeed.

Touche' on taking out Tom. Maybe he just had bad aim! lol These red shirts never shoot the right people, and stormtroopers have bad aim! lol I'll have to get used to faster answers. Of course, that's kind of how Fringe is with most stuff too. Answers come as quickly as you can try to theorize on them so theorizing becomes ultimately pointless. lol

Randall's necklace may have looked a bit different. Not sure what that has to do with the Rebel Flag symbol.

I think Aaron and maybe Maggie want ALL of the lights on. I think Monroe wants "CONTROL" of which lights go on. See the difference? lol But yeah, there could be people that don't want power at all. I'm sure we'll come across all types on the show.

Very true that Star Wars did not create these character types. But, the show made a blatant reference to star wars in the pilot, so you can see where their mindset is! lol Plus, in interviews I read they intentionally borrowed from the best to create these characters and will mold them from that into their own characters. Obviously, I can make lots of LOST references in any show too. I could probably point out moments an entire episode of Revolution and tell you how it was covered in a Friends episode if I was dared to. Let's just start with "The One With The Blackout" in season 1! :-)

MJ said...

BE - I knew that the parkway wound up surplanting rte 9 - so that was old. And my father-in-law was born and raised in McKee City always talked about how old the pikes were - and supposedly called white and black due to who could use them. Don't know if that last part is true though.

I miss Jimmy - but it hasn't change the show much. I will say without spoiling that they haven't really even touched on it or Jillian the mom. But the messed up face guy is still around - I like him and was worried that character would be gone.

So I read the EW recap since we have been posting - i get that people don't like Tara being called the new Gemma - but i think that is the point of the season. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's easy from the cheap seats to complain what people in power do - but then once you have the power and responsibility you too become what you once didn't like in others. It's inevitable.

Clay only wanted to protect the MC, Gemma only wanted to protect her family - and yes they both have had power trips and both did things they should not, and still are. Jax has now started down a very bad path - and why? To save the club from Rico. And Tara is getting all balsy and sneaky to save/protect her family. yes - Tara IS the new Gemma. Right now Jax and Tara are not as morally bankrupt and Clay and Gemma - but give them time. and that will be telling for the season - can they pull back and NOT fully become them, or will they go so far they can't come back. Just my thoughts.

I thought that Tara was going to throw it in Gemma's face that she read those letters and knows what she did to JT too !

I've heard of Tsidale - though don't know why. never seen her. And sure MIke - she MADE you watch. LOL

Leslie said...

Revolution - Yes, Maggie had the necklace. I think Aaron was too quick to give up that secret.

Friends - "I'm locked in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre." "Gum is perfection!" lol

Mike V. said...

@B.E. - Interesting on the urban legends of Black and White Pikes. Kinda makes sense! And would be interesting for the show to cover if it was. I may have to google/wiki that one. lol

I finally know messed up face's name! It's Richard Harrow. lol But yeah...I guess with Jimmy and the Commodore out of the picture, there isn't TOO much to cover there. Surely Jillian will show up though. Hopefully, she doesn't start putting the moves on her grandchild anytime soon like she suggested. lol

SOA - I totally agree Tara is supposed to be compared to Gemma. I didn't realize people were against it. And totally agree about Jax. It starts off with simple intentions, but you find yourself doing the stuff you swore not to do anyway. Even Opie hinted at that with Jax in the first ep this season. Totally agree with all of your thoughts.

Well, I kept watching FOR her, but I thought the show was pretty darn bad! lol But yeah, Tisdale got her claim to fame on Disney with High School Musical (which i definitely never saw!! lol)...So, it was crazy to see her playing a "ho" in SOA. lol


REV - Thanks for the confirmation!

Friends - LOL

I had this written out from memory, but then I just had to google it to get it all! lol

"Jill: Would you like some gum?
Chandler: Um, is it sugarless?
Jill: Sorry, it’s not.
Chandler: Oh, then no thanks. [to himself] What the hell was that? Mental note: If Jill Goodacre offers you gum, you take it. If she offers you mangled animal carcass, you take it!
Chandler: You know, on second thought, gum would be perfection. [to himself] ‘Gum would be perfection’? ‘Gum would be perfection.’ Could have said ‘gum would be nice,’ or ‘I’ll have a stick,’ but no, no, no, no. For me, gum is perfection! I loathe myself.

Leslie said...

Friends - LOL!! Love that exchange! Classic Chandler! Then, they do the swirling pen on the chain...well, Jill does...it was a challenge for Chandler, of course! And, Ugly Naked Guy lit a bunch of candles. Can't forget him! :)

Revenge - I'm sure y'all know there is a recap of the first season on tonight. I'm sure I'll watch before Sunday just to refresh my memory. They are also doing a recap just before ONCE on Sunday.

MJ said...

BE - Don't want to spoil for you but Harrow (don't know why I never remember that) we've seen once or twice and very little Jillian. But I'm sure more Jillian will be coming. And Ew! - I really really hope she they do not go there with her grand kid. I think not - but won't say why as it is a tiny bit spoilery.

SOA - I didn't realize people were against the Tara/Gemma compare either til I read this weeks recap and the auther said so. but those commenters over there are sometimes idiots and just like to argue.

Friends - I always loved that whole Chandler scene - and I've only seen it once. LOL

Revenge/Once - knew about revenge but not Once - thanks Leslie.

Mike V. said...

Friends - Ugly naked guy has a naked friend! Wait, that's OUR Friend! LOL (TOW Everybody Finds Out - season 5) Ahh Ross, I know a lot of people hated him, but I just couldn't get enough. Dude cracked me up! Ironically, the only time he got on my nerves was the "Mental Gellar" phase during the beginning of season 5. (the Emily divorce period) lol But yes, can't forget Ugly Naked Guy!

Revenge - Didn't know about the recap. It would probably be helpful, But i have no idea when I'd have time to watch it! I'm already behind this week. Didn't watch New Girl yet, have to rewatch HIMYM with the Mrs who wasn't home to see it, all the other fox comedies that were on yesterday. PLUS MF tonight and yes, X-Factor (I already gave up on the voice. lol May have to have x-factor take a backseat too. Just no time!)

WHEW - who knew parenting was so time consuming!? :-) Yes yes, I know the answer. lol

Mike V. said...

B.E. - Yes, I'll be caught up soon enough..no need to say anything else! :-)

SOA - Ahh, yeah I went straight to the comments and skipped the recap. lol Just wanted to see people's reactions to OPE getting killed. Some people vowed to never watch the show again. That always gets a good eyeroll from me. One person said they'll only tune back in for the episode when they get their vengence. Here's the thing, genius, how are you gonna know when that is!? lol

MJ said...

SOA - LOL - I never read the comments and only the recap. The last time I read comments on EW was when I learned of some little Lost blog, and i never went back ROFLMAO. Even sometimes skip the recap.

Sutter talks this weeks ep - sure the interview is everywhere though.

OMG - so last night I was talking with the hubby about all the crap coming back sunday. Blithely planning when the best time is to watch my final 2 Fringes. Once finale, Revenge finale, deciding what exactly to watch sunday itself - and he's just looking at me. Finally he goes - Houston, we have a problem. Pops up the guide on the tv, goes to sunday night NBC at 8:30 ! Nooooooo! Giants v Eagles. I am SO screwed. LOL Don't know how I forgot it was a night game this week. So I will be waaaay behind on Sunday shows. Can't miss my Giants. Damn !

Mike V. said...

EW Comments - LOL, yep that's how I started developing an audience on the LOST blog. Never thought it would work, but I'd always shamelessly self-promote on the EW site. Pretty funny that you never went back to comments after that! But, I still can't resist reading comments on stuff (ANY stuff). The things that people sometimes say just amazes me. Comments Sections (excluding sophisticated ones that you find on these blogs :-)) may end up being the downfall of the civilized world! lol

I'll check out the sutter link, always love reading his stuff!

GIANTS/EAGLES/PREMIERE SUNDAY - Oh yes, that's probably a game that I should be required to watch as a Philly Home Team supporter (but hardcore Niners fan still! lol) But, there's just way too much TV and I can't fall behind! It's a sickness, I know! lol Plus, I know my wife would watch the game, but she would not be into it at all. lol It's bad enough I make her watch during the day!

B.E. - Watched the season premiere. I thought it was pretty good! Like how things were kinda kept secret with Nucky/Margaret until the end. They're not living together and they're pretty furious with each other. So the big fallout over the deed happened off-screen and we're seeing the after effects. We're heading into 1923, I think we started in 1920. Gillian (found out on imdb her name is with a G) is trying to brainwash little Jimmy (I think he's a jr. lol) into thinking she's his mom. yikes. And, I guess Richard is going around killing anyone that was involved with Jimmy's death? Should be interesting when he gets to Eli (absent from ep) and Nucky! But Manny (Aka, MOB DOCTOR guy and actually just realized it's William Forsythe who has been in tons of stuff)...what a rough way to go out! lol I was surprised he made it to this season having seen him in the Mob Doctor promos. Now, I know why! lol Overall, good start to the season. Maybe a little slow but not too bad. Loved that Gillian turned the Commodore's estate into a home for "ladies of the night" lol

MF - Hysterical and touching as always! Loved that Jay's reaction was of pure joy that he's having a baby. I think I might be getting a little tired of Manny. He seemed so fake in this episode. Loved the Ape/Elephant on the van stuff (yes, I there is still a 15 year old hiding somewhere in me. lol). Julie Bowen (Claire) was proving why she earned a consecutive Emmy last night. She was on fire. And Phil, man I love that Phil. lol Liked how they showed the passing of time too. That was cool. And Halle's boyfriend living with them...good times! (forget his name for some reason)

FRINGE - I caught a clip from the premiere that was advertised on Facebook. Just found the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtd_jgYmvHk&list=UUDiPds0v60wueil5B8w3fPQ&index=8&feature=plcp Looks entertaining! There's more clips there too. Didn't watch them yet. But, maybe I shouldn't or else I'll have seen 25% of the episode already! lol


MJ said...

BE - I was SO mad that they did not show Nucky finding out about that land. I was dying to see that scene. Eli is in jail still.

oh - and forgot once you had finished S2 - couldn't believe that Jimmy let himself get goaded into putting a hit out on Nucky !

Yeah - was careful yst when you were talking about Gillian (my niece is a J so I automaticlly do that) and her grand kid not to spill for you. Creepy that whole 'mom thing'. Love that now she's a madam. Was sorry to see Manny go - but hey - gotta go be a mobster on another show! Ep 2 was also a little slow - though New years eve starts to get interesting, but last weeks ep thinks are now in place for some stuff to start going on I think.

MF - stuffy porn ! Who thinks this stuff up ? Very funny. Did you catch that Dylan was playing that he could go live with his cousin Dylan ? At first I thought it was dumb that they kidnap jay for a 65th bday - but it enabled him to be so happy about the baby. Claire 'Gloria will get fat' had me rolling.

Other sitcoms: Ben and Kate - predictable and sweet. neighbors - like a B or C movie - sadly the husband seemed to like it - I'm saying no more. LOL Mindy Project - heard ratings not great - I liked it. Quirky, liked that she's not the picture perfect replica of Barbie truthfully.

SOA - read that an actor from the show has died. Didn't recognize the pic though remember the char.

Mike V. said...

BE - Yeah, Jimmy never wanted to do the hit. And it totally was Eli's idea (out of his anger from their big fight). I guess Nucky really does believe in the "blood is thicker than water" philosophy by having Eli be involved in the Jimmy hit too. But yes, I forgot he was in jail.

I think there's only been 2 episodes. New Year's Eve was the premiere. And then last week was ep 2 which is apparently slow and when things get going! lol Good times. Definitely creepy with the Mom thing. Still creepy how young she is where she could pass as her grandchild's mother. lol

MF - Ahh DYLAN, that's his name. lol I didn't catch that he said he had a cousin named Dylan. That's pretty funny. lol Yeah, Claire was on fire last night. lol "I'm pregnant" "You're gonna get fat!" lol But it looks like that's not working out for her. lol

I caught up on New Girl last night and rewatched HIMYM for the mrs. (still great!) New Girl was awesome too. Have Ben and Kate and Mindy on the TiVo. Heard about Mindy's ratings. I REFUSE to watch The Neighbors. The concept alone is enough to stay away, but then I heard the critics talking about it and it sounded worse. lol The fact that they named a kid Dick Butkis (sp) seals the deal. lol

SOA - I recognized him immediately from the pic. Wasn't he the original prospect?? (Just read further...yep "Half sack". Forgot he was on the OC too) Wow, that's crazy. And a very confusing cause of death/details surrounding it. That's really nuts.

Leslie said...

MF - Loved it! I guess I have that 15 year old still inside me too because the gorilla and elephant bit was my biggest laugh! I didn't catch Dylan mentioning his cousin Dylan either.

Neighbors - I admit that I watched the first episode, but it was painful! Haven't watched Ben and Kate yet.

MJ said...

Yeah - stay away from Neighbors. The husband who hated friends and Seinfeld liked it. He even LOL during it. But - he was cracking up during MF too. He likes goofy )no cracks on why he married me either !) ;-D

Leslie said...

MJ - I was staying away from commenting about your husband liking Neighbors. But, he redeems himself laughing at Modern Family! lol

Mike V. said...

LOL, I didn't catch that on the first read about your husband liking The Neighbors. Pretty funny! Of course, he's not alone. It did okay in the ratings. UGH, who are these people!?!? (no offense! LOL)

Granted, I talked to a lot of people that watched it (most hated it). So, maybe just the fact that it was on after MF it got the viewers. I would hope to see it drop dramatically next week. We'll see!

MJ said...

I'm sure you are right - it got eyes due to it being after MF - and also it had a rep for being bad B4 it aired - so people like a train rec. LOL I taped it cause I like to try all new comedies, proablably alot of others did too. But what a waste of a good time slot.

Watched Elementary and Last Resort. Both were pretty good - though nothing exciting.

Mike V. said...

Seriously, on the train wreck! I had heard lots of bad stuff before it aired. lol

My wife and I came up with a new philosophy for all of these new shows airing. We'll record them for a few weeks and see what people are saying about it. Then, we'll catch up on them later. We have the DVR space so why not? lol It's the first sane TV decision we've made as new parents! lol

That being said, I did watch LAST RESORT. I liked it too, but yeah nothing to write home about just yet. Definitely felt "LOST-ish" with the hawaii filming. But that's where the comparisons should stop. lol Totally different show, but could be an enjoyable one if they do it right.

Probably won't watch Elementary even if it is good. Just don't have time for procedurals! lol

B.E. - All caught up! I'm liking the new NY Italian Villain guy. lol After what they showed in the first episode, you just have this feeling that anyone he talks to he's going to overreact and kill them. They set the tone really well with it. Liked his method of figuring out how to stop the alcohol transport. And then Nucky's shenanigans in new york with that girl and missing the phone call. The whole margaret/hospital storyline I could do without but i get it. Then I like that we're diving into Chalky's family life. (OMAR!!!) All good stuff.

Office - Still good 2 episodes in with the return of Greg Daniels (Guy who adapted it for US and original showrunner) for the final season. Just seems to have the right focus again. Liking the new cast members too (New Jim and New Dwight lol). I may be the only one that watches but thought I'd share.

Parks - didn't watch yet :-(

And of course, HAPPY FRINGE FRIDAY!!!!

Mike V. said...

BTW, bunch of interviews with J.H. Wyman (sole showrunner of Fringe's final season) on the various sites. I'd post the links but a little busy this morning! (TV Guide, EW, TVline, the usual!)

Leslie said...

I watched Last Resort and Elementary, too. Agree that both were OK, but nothing exciting. Also watched Ben and Kate. Worth watching again. Love the little girl who was in We Bought a Zoo.

One of the things I love about a DVR is having the ability to record a lot of the new shows just to check them out and see if anything is worth that "series record" option. Kinda like Elaine deciding if someone was "sponge worthy". Yes, I went there! It's been a long week! lol

Mike V. said...

Nice Seinfeld reference Leslie! lol Totally agree.

Ratings are in for Thursday shows. Last Resort didn't do well in the key demographic. I don't think 9 mill is considered a good number for ABC either. NBC would kill for it, though this year they're getting decent numbers. Guess we'll see what happens. But I certainly can't make room on Thursdays to watch it live!


MJ said...

I was off campus most of my workday friday so not online past early in the am.

I doubt Leslie will be back here - but loved the 'sponge worthy' line.

Glad you are caught up to BE - that guy from NY is out of control - he should be fun. i didn't watch this weeks yet though

Mike V. said...

No BE for me yet either. I'm guessing I'll hit that on Tuesday mornings since I'll usually do Grimm on Mondays. lol